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Astounding Mushrooms (Hardcover): Alain Bellocq Astounding Mushrooms (Hardcover)
Alain Bellocq; Photographs by Jaroslav Maly
R489 Discovery Miles 4 890 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

A heartfelt appreciation of the beauty and diversity of fungi. Astounding Mushrooms features gorgeous full-colour photographs of more than 200 mushroom species in their wild habitat. The close-up images reveal every size of growth, every shade of colour, every shadow of silhouette, and every detail of texture. Chapter text sheds light on this unique living species, neither animal nor plant. Concise captions identify the mushrooms and provide further description of their biology. As Astounding Mushrooms reveals, mushrooms are astonishingly diverse. Shapes include buttons, nests, fans, feet, clubs, hooves, trumpets, mesh, tentacles, stars, tubes, and spines. Textures are smooth, shiny or pimpled. They can be dry or wet, edible or deadly. Nuanced colours and blushes include yellows, reds, blues, and greens. They may be speckled, stinky, slimy, hairy, or fuzzy. Some wear a hat, a 'skirt', or can even move. Wild mushrooms are enjoyed by an increasing number of locavores, vegans and wild food enthusiasts. Chefs everywhere are foraging wild foods, including mushrooms. Mushroom hunting tours have become popular, and mycolophiles are sharing their enthusiasm and identification tips online.Astounding Mushrooms invites readers into the extraordinary fungi universe.

Dordogne (Paperback): David Simpson, Frankc Jouandoudet Dordogne (Paperback)
David Simpson, Frankc Jouandoudet
R752 R567 Discovery Miles 5 670 Save R185 (25%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This new title in the Crossbill Guides covers the well-known region of Dordogne in southwestern France. Like all other Crossbill Guides, this title poses and answers two key questions: what makes this area so special and how you can experience this uniqueness for yourself. This book describes the flora and fauna, landscape and traditional land use of this region plus 21 detailed routes and around 50 sites with specific suggestions on where and how to find the birds, wildlife and flora. The Dordogne area in south-west France has a remarkable range of wild landscapes. The beautiful rivers include tidal sections, marshes, cliffs and upland tributary streams set amongst limestone-dominated hills. Elsewhere diverse woodlands, hay meadows, caves, heathlands, arable plateaux plus ancient vineyards and villages also offer visitors great wildlife experiences in what has been called 'the cradle of mankind'.

Fifty Plants That Changed the Course of History (Hardcover): Bill Laws Fifty Plants That Changed the Course of History (Hardcover)
Bill Laws 1
R448 R331 Discovery Miles 3 310 Save R117 (26%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Of course, we are entirely dependent on plants for our food and the air we breathe, but did you know that 5,000 mature English oak trees were used in the construction of Admiral Nelson's flagship HMS Victory, or that sweet peas were involved in the birth of the science of genetics? King Cotton was the driver of the slave trade, which was the first domino to fall in the American Revolution, and cotton was also the catalyst for the Industrial Revolution. These, and many other extraordinary facts in Fifty Plants that Changed the Course of History, highlight the dynamic ways in which plants have influenced human history. This beautifully designed and illustrated volume provides an engaging guide to the fifty key plants that have had the most impact on human history. Packed full of information, the book includes details about the habitat and characteristics of each plant, fact boxes, full colour photographs and lovely botanical illustrations. Weaving together strands of economic, political and agricultural history, each entry is a fascinating look at the most influential plants known to mankind.

Wild Flowers of Britain - Month by Month (Hardcover): Margaret Erskine Wilson Wild Flowers of Britain - Month by Month (Hardcover)
Margaret Erskine Wilson 1
R270 R225 Discovery Miles 2 250 Save R45 (17%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days
Hemp Bound - Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Next Agricultural Revolution (Paperback): Doug Fine Hemp Bound - Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Next Agricultural Revolution (Paperback)
Doug Fine
R334 R241 Discovery Miles 2 410 Save R93 (28%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The stat sheet on hemp sounds almost too good to be true: its fibers are among the planet's strongest, its seed oil the most nutritious, and its potential as an energy source vast and untapped. Its one downside? For nearly a century, it's been illegal to grow industrial cannabis in the United States-even though Betsy Ross wove the nation's first flag out of hemp fabric, Thomas Jefferson composed the Declaration of Independence on it, and colonists could pay their taxes with it. But as the prohibition on hemp's psychoactive cousin winds down, one of humanity's longest-utilized plants is about to be reincorporated into the American economy. Get ready for the newest billion-dollar industry. In Hemp Bound:Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Next Agricultural Revolution, bestselling author Doug Fine embarks on a humorous yet rigorous journey to meet the men and women who are testing, researching, and pioneering hemp's applications for the twenty-first century. From Denver, where Fine hitches a ride in a hemp-powered limo; to Asheville, North Carolina, where carbon-negative hempcrete-insulated houses are sparking a mini housing boom; to Manitoba where he raps his knuckles on the hood of a hemp tractor; and finally to the fields of east Colorado, where practical farmers are looking toward hemp to restore their agricultural economy-Fine learns how eminently possible it is for this misunderstood plant to help us end dependence on fossil fuels, heal farm soils damaged after a century of growing monocultures, and bring even more taxable revenue into the economy than its smokable relative. Fine's journey will not only leave you wondering why we ever stopped cultivating this miracle crop, it will fire you up to sow a field of it for yourself, for the nation's economy, and for the planet.

Redoute's Fabulous Flowers (Paperback): Pierre-Joseph Redoute Redoute's Fabulous Flowers (Paperback)
Pierre-Joseph Redoute
R521 R395 Discovery Miles 3 950 Save R126 (24%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days
The Complete Guide to Edible Wild Plants, Mushrooms, Fruits, and Nuts - Finding, Identifying, and Cooking (Paperback, 3rd... The Complete Guide to Edible Wild Plants, Mushrooms, Fruits, and Nuts - Finding, Identifying, and Cooking (Paperback, 3rd Edition)
Katie Letcher Lyle
R381 Discovery Miles 3 810 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Edible wild plants, mushrooms, fruits, and nuts grow along roadsides, amid country fields, and in urban parks. All manner of leafy greens, mushrooms, and herbs that command hefty prices at the market are bountiful outdoors and free for the taking. But to enjoy them, one must know when to harvest and how to recognize, prepare, and eat them. The Complete Guide to Edible Wild Plants, Mushrooms, Fruits, and Nuts provides everything one needs to know about the most commonly found wild foods-going beyond a field guide's basic description to provide folklore and mouth-watering recipes for each entry, such as wild asparagus pizza, fiddlehead soup, blackberry mousse, and elderberry pie. This fully illustrated guide is the perfect companion for hikers, campers, and anyone who enjoys eating the good food of the earth. With it in hand, nature lovers will never take another hike without casting their eyes about with dinner in mind.

Weeds of the South (Paperback): Charles T. Bryson, Michael S. DeFelice Weeds of the South (Paperback)
Charles T. Bryson, Michael S. DeFelice; Photographs by Arlyn W. Evans
R1,135 Discovery Miles 11 350 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

This title offers quick help for identifying and managing problem plants. Weeds threaten the safe, efficient, and sustainable production of food, feed, fiber, and biofuel throughout the world. Featuring more than fifteen hundred full-color photographs, this handy guide provides essential information on four hundred of the most troublesome weedy and invasive plants found in the southern United States. Drawing on the expertise of more than forty weed scientists and botanists, the guide identifies each plant at various stages of its life and offers useful details about its origin, habitat, morphology, biology, distribution, and toxic properties. The book also includes illustrations of the most common characteristics of plants and the terms used to describe them, a key to plant families, a glossary of frequently used terms, a bibliography, and indexes of scientific and common plant names. Each species account includes: Up to four full-color photographs showing seed, seedling, plant, flower, and other unique plant features; Distribution map; For grasses, a line drawing of the collar (where the leaf joins the stem), an important identifying characteristic; Scientific names, common names, and local synonyms of common names; Vegetative characteristics for seedlings and leaves; and special identifying characteristics, reproductive characteristics, and toxic properties. The States covered (species distribution maps also show occurrences across the United States and Canada) include: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and, West Virginia.

Tree Wisdom - The Definitive Guidebook to the Myth, Folklore and Healing Power of Trees (Paperback): Jacqueline Memory Paterson Tree Wisdom - The Definitive Guidebook to the Myth, Folklore and Healing Power of Trees (Paperback)
Jacqueline Memory Paterson
R298 R261 Discovery Miles 2 610 Save R37 (12%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

It has comprehensive information on all the main species of tree and written in an easy to use and accessible style by an Arch-druidess.This book contains all the practical information you need to identify each tree as it changes throughout the year and includes:comprehensive physical and descriptions and botanical informationthe legends and myths surrounding each treethe healing powers and magical properties of the individual tree

The Wild Book - Outdoor Activities to Unleash Your Inner Child (Hardcover): David Scarfe The Wild Book - Outdoor Activities to Unleash Your Inner Child (Hardcover)
David Scarfe 1
R504 R433 Discovery Miles 4 330 Save R71 (14%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Let a little wildness in. Adventure is closer than you think. A lavishly illustrated celebration of the wonders that await in the outside world; the perfect gift for fans of Norwegian Wood, The Dangerous Book for Boys and The Almanac.Fly through the air on your homemade tree swing, feel the rush of water as you speed down your slip 'n' slide, taste the delicious smokiness of your campfire-cooked meal and learn more about the natural world. Unleash your inner child as you run, jump, craft, cook and wander your way through THE WILD BOOK. Whether you want to add a dash of adventure to your daily life, take a break from screen time, sleep under the stars or simply make something by hand, this book will inspire you to rediscover the outdoors and feel truly alive. It's full of fun and easy practical activities that will reawaken your sense of wonder and open up the world around you.

Little Big Bend - Common, Uncommon, and Rare Plants of Big Bend National Park (Paperback, New): Roy Morey Little Big Bend - Common, Uncommon, and Rare Plants of Big Bend National Park (Paperback, New)
Roy Morey
R858 R679 Discovery Miles 6 790 Save R179 (21%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Plant life in Big Bend National Park is incredibly diverse. The wide range of habitats within the park - desert, foothills, mountains and moist woodlands, river canyons and floodplain - as well as the Big Bends three major blooming seasons of spring, summer, and fall - guarantee a stunning show of botanical variety throughout the year. ""Little Big Bend"" is not a traditional guide to the areas common plants. Although it features many species that are characteristic of the Chihuahuan Desert environment, species such as orchids are also included precisely because they are uncommon or rare and therefore a special thrill to find. Plants not seen in other wildflower guides, or those with a limited geographic range that the reader will less likely encounter elsewhere, are pictured here. This guide describes 109 species found in the United States only in Trans-Pecos Texas; 62 of these occur only in the Big Bend portion of the Trans-Pecos, and 24 of them only within Big Bend National Park. Of the 252 featured species, 71 are considered sensitive plants; in Texas, 28 are classified as critically imperiled, 18 as imperiled, and 25 as vulnerable. The emphasis of this book is on the little in the Big Bend, the overlooked small plants or inconspicuous tiny flowers of larger plants that so often go unnoticed. In a landscape so immense, these plants may be right before our eyes but seldom seen, or they may be tucked away and quite difficult to find. Here, in glowing photographs and insightful text, Roy Morey has brought them to light.

Problem Plants And Alien Weeds Of Southern Africa (Hardcover, 4th ed): Clive Bromilow, Bromilow, Clive Problem Plants And Alien Weeds Of Southern Africa (Hardcover, 4th ed)
Clive Bromilow, Bromilow, Clive
R480 R450 Discovery Miles 4 500 Save R30 (6%) Ships in 7 - 10 working days

Southern Africa has possibly the most beautiful and diverse floral kingdom in the world, but it is also the most polluted and threatened.
Agricultural production is under threat from both indigenous and alien weeds and our entire ecosystem is now being seriously threatened by these alien, invasive species.
Awareness of these weeds, the regulations involved and possible control measures have become critical factors. Things change in time, more weeds appear and the scope of this edition is extended up into more Central Africa. This then initiated the fourth revised and updated edition, titled Problem Plants and Alien Weeds of Southern Africa.
• The contents cover more than 800 problem plants of which 433 species are illustrated and their origin, environmental impact and control measures are described. Similar species are mentioned.
• More than 900 colour photographs assist with identification, create more awareness and illustrate the problematic nature of the plants.
• Up-to-date distribution maps show the range in Southern Africa.
• The existence of a herbicide registration (in South Africa) is indicated with “H” where applicable, and the latest government regulations (NEMBA categories: 1a, 1b, 2 and 3), as well as biological control, where applicable, are mentioned next to the distribution map.
• Introductory chapters cover biodiversity and the threat of alien species; problematic indigenous vegetation including bush encroachment; veld degradation; control and management techniques; biological control; chemical weed control; herbicide resistance, and the threat posed by ornamental garden plants.

Observers Notebook: Trees (Notebook / blank book): Princeton Architectural Press Observers Notebook: Trees (Notebook / blank book)
Princeton Architectural Press
R405 R260 Discovery Miles 2 600 Save R145 (36%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Whether you want to make a tree map of your yard, identify a tree by its leaves and bark, or create your own naturalist's notebook, the Observer's Notebook: Trees is the perfect tool. Filled with useful and beautiful charts of shapes, leaves, stems, and fruit to help you name a tree, this durable notebook also features ruled pages and blank maps to create your own tree census or simply reflect on the beauty of the planet's longestliving, grandest organisms.

A Modern Herbal (Hardcover): Alys Fowler A Modern Herbal (Hardcover)
Alys Fowler 1
R593 R480 Discovery Miles 4 800 Save R113 (19%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

THE BEST GARDENING BOOKS OF THE YEAR - GARDENS ILLUSTRATED 'Informative and enthusiastic' i Paper PLANT-BASED MEDICINE FOR A CALMER, HEALTHIER LIFE It's easy to turn to the pharmacy when we're stressed, sick or feeling under the weather, but what if you turned to your garden instead? In this accessible and easy to use manual, horticultural expert, former Gardener's World presenter and Guardian columnist, Alys Fowler, shows how to take control of your health by adopting a more natural lifestyle. For thousands of years, people who had no access to clinical medicine knew how to boost their well-being by using the ingredients they found in plants. Herbs are the people's medicine; often freely available and abundant, they are ready and waiting to be plucked from around you to soothe and heal your body and mind. With guides for how to use and grow over 100 herbs - for example how to use fennel for indigestion, camomile for anxiety and nettle for hayfever - you'll soon be heading into the garden, rather than opening the medicine cabinet. Offering a fusion of botanical, practical, cultural and historical information, A Modern Herbal reveals how common herbs are the simple, cleansing way to better health and happiness. 'An important and accessible herbal for the 21st century . . . For anyone delving into herbs for the first time or those who want to broaden their herbal repertoire in the garden and home, this book is much needed' Gardens Illustrated AS SEEN IN THE GUARDIAN

The Quick Guide to Wild Edible Plants - Easy to Pick, Easy to Prepare (Paperback): Lytton John Musselman, Harold J Wiggins The Quick Guide to Wild Edible Plants - Easy to Pick, Easy to Prepare (Paperback)
Lytton John Musselman, Harold J Wiggins
R309 R289 Discovery Miles 2 890 Save R20 (6%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

A recent rise in the popularity of urban farming, farmers' markets, and foraging from nature means more people are looking for information about plants. In The Quick Guide to Wild Edible Plants, botanists Lytton John Musselman and Harold J. Wiggins coach you on how to safely identify, gather, and prepare delicious dishes from readily available plants-and clearly indicate which ones to avoid. More than 200 color illustrations, accompanied by detailed descriptions, will help you recognize edible plants such as nettles, daylilies, river oats, and tearthumbs. For decades, Musselman and Wiggins have taught courses on how to prepare local plants, and their field-to-table recipes require only a few, easily found ingredients. They offer instructions for making garlic powder out of field garlic and turning acorns into flour for Rappahannock Acorn Cakes. To toast your new skill, they even include recipes for cordials. The Quick Guide to Wild Edible Plants is a great gift for the beginning naturalist and the perfect addition to every serious forager's library.

Common Edible and Poisonous Mushrooms of New York (Paperback): Alan E. Bessette Common Edible and Poisonous Mushrooms of New York (Paperback)
Alan E. Bessette
R571 R453 Discovery Miles 4 530 Save R118 (21%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Mycologists Alan and Arleen Bessette offer a complete guide to mushroom identification in New York State. Written for readers interested in the safe collection and consumption of a variety of mushrooms, the book includes identification keys for each species and detailed descriptions of poisonous species. In addition, the book is filled with vivid color photographs. Celebrating the culinary adventure of mushroom gathering, the authors include attractive recipes accompanied by photographs of the recipes' preparation. While the concise, accurate, and easy-to-follow descriptions provide the novice with a safe and reliable introduction to mushroom gathering, the book also serves as an essential reference guide for experienced mushroom enthusiasts. The compact paperback format with durable covers makes this guide an ideal book for use in the field.

Ancient Oaks - In the English landscape (Hardcover): Aljos Farjon Ancient Oaks - In the English landscape (Hardcover)
Aljos Farjon
R914 Discovery Miles 9 140 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

England has more ancient native oak trees than the rest of Europe combined. How did that come about? The reasons are all historical, and nothing to do with climate or soil factors. This story goes back to the Norman conquest of England in 1066. They created Royal Forests, chases and deer parks, where only the nobility could hunt or keep deer and it was forbidden to cut the trees. This was, if you like, an early form of nature conservation, but for the sake of privileged hunting. Preservation of these oaks further continued through a combination of private ownership of thousands of parks, conservatism of the landowners, overseas timber availability and the absence of ruining wars on the English landscape; the majority of which had been confined to the continent. Modernisation of forestry in England only took hold after 1920, and by that stage too late to destroy all of the old and worthless hollow trees. In contrast, modern forestry was introduced on the continent at least 200 years earlier, with devastating results for ancient trees. We owe the ancient oaks to all these circumstances which created a unique `population' of ancient oaks, highly important for biodiversity and an asset unique to England. In this book Aljos Farjon combines history with science and tells the story of how ancient oaks have shaped the English landscape over the past 1000 years. The two native species of oak, pedunculate oak (Quercus robur) and sessile oak (Q. petraea) are among the longest living trees in England. And using data made available by `citizen science' (data gathered by volunteers across the country) Aljos explains this remarkable situation by giving detailed evidence, enhanced with beautiful images of these stunning oaks as well as graphs and maps.

Pooleys trees of Eastern South Africa (Paperback, 2nd): Richard Boon Pooleys trees of Eastern South Africa (Paperback, 2nd)
Richard Boon
R355 R293 Discovery Miles 2 930 Save R62 (17%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

This exciting new tree book has been eagerly anticipated. It covers over 1 000 species of larger woody plants from the eastern region of South Africa - two thirds of South African tree species. It includes a great collection of over 3 000 photographs which offer a comprehensive view of each species, including the alien invaders. This book is a completely revised 2nd edition of the bestselling Trees of Natal, Zululand & Transkei by Elsa Pooley (1993). All the favourite aspects of the original book such as all the larger woody plants in the region (now expanded to include Swaziland) - generous photographs, detailed distribution maps, names in all local languages, general information on ecology, plant uses and gardening, as well as an easy to use text, are still in place. Added to this are a great new collection of photographs, updated scientific names, more user friendly keys, a new layout which includes family names and derivation of all scientific names and colour coded updated maps. The introductory chapter to vegetation types is greatly expanded and updated and includes a map of the biomes. This book will be a "must have" for all tree lovers, appealing equally to those looking to expand their knowledge and those with a passing interest in trees. It will appeal to professionals in the environmental field, to farmers, gardeners, students and educationalists.

Enduring Roots - Encounters with Trees, History, and the American Landscape (Paperback, New edition): Gayle Brandow Samuels Enduring Roots - Encounters with Trees, History, and the American Landscape (Paperback, New edition)
Gayle Brandow Samuels
R655 Discovery Miles 6 550 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Winner of the National Arbor Day Foundation's Media Award "Enduring Roots is beautifully written; always engaging, often lyrical. The research underlying the stories is impressive. . . . Samuels presents her stories in their historical roundness rather than spinning yarns from a few selected bits of evidence, as landscape history sometimes does. This is a competent and compelling work that encourages us to make moral choices about which stories we take to heart."-The Journal of American History Trees are the grandest and most beautiful plant creations on earth. From their shade-giving, arching branches and strikingly diverse bark to their complex root systems, trees represent shelter, stability, place, and community as few other living objects can. Enduring Roots tells the stories of historic American trees, including the oak, the apple, the cherry, and the oldest of the world's trees, the bristlecone pine. These stories speak of our attachment to the land, of our universal and eternal need to leave a legacy, and demonstrate that the landscape is a gift, to be both received and, sometimes, tragically, to be destroyed. Each chapter of this book focuses on a specific tree or group of trees and its relationship to both natural and human history, while exploring themes of community, memory, time, and place. Readers learn that colonial farmers planted marker trees near their homes to commemorate auspicious events like the birth of a child, a marriage, or the building of a house. They discover that Benjamin Franklin's Newtown Pippin apples were made into a pie aboard Captain Cook's Endeavour while the ship was sailing between Tahiti and New Zealand. They are told the little-known story of how the Japanese flowering cherry became the official tree of our nation's capital-a tale spanning many decades and involving an international cast of characters. Taken together, these and many other stories provide us with a new ways to interpret the American landscape. Gayle Brandow Samuels is an adjunct professor at the University of Pennsylvania, where she teaches in the Masters of Environmental Studies Program. She is the principal author of Women in the City of Brotherly Love . . . And Beyond.

Spring Wildflowers of West Virginia (Paperback, 3rd): Earl L Core Spring Wildflowers of West Virginia (Paperback, 3rd)
Earl L Core
R385 R358 Discovery Miles 3 580 Save R27 (7%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Back in print just in time for spring! Originally published in 1948, this is the germinal text on nearly 250 species of spring wildflowers found in West Virginia. Common or English names and scientific or Latin names are given for each species. The descriptions are in two sections: The first description includes the meaning of the name of the flower, uses, habitats, and ranges in West Virginia. Secondly, the plant itself is described in deep detail to help in identification. Each description is accompanied by a facing page detailed line drawing. This book is a must have for those interested in the beauty and science of West Virginia's spring flora.

Popoli (Hardcover): Sandro Glaettli Popoli (Hardcover)
Sandro Glaettli
R714 R454 Discovery Miles 4 540 Save R260 (36%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Sandro Glaettli has a proper sensitivity towards forests, photographing them with respect and gentleness. He has learned that the woods are made up of living things: the plants. They grow, talk and sing, develop in every direction and become similar enough to man for us to compare them, grouped together, to cities. "In spite of urbanisation forced on the land at the expense of generative nature, today the woods remain an important place for human life. Tiptoeing through them by day and by night, trying not to disturb anything, Sandro presents for us the images of its silent transformation, sometimes where human have intervened: piling cut timber, planting flowers for their dead, clearing leaves from the paths. He walks in the woods only when he feels like it and photographs them only when an image firmly fixed in his mind present itself to him. It is his hope that one day all will be restored to order and, as the final photograph in this book shows, everything will be set in motion again, restoring the notion of balance that nature observes in its plan, but man in his presumption and arrogance wants to destroy." -- Luca Patocchi

The Botanical World of Lesley Goren - California Native Flowers No. 2 (Miscellaneous printed matter): Lesley Goren The Botanical World of Lesley Goren - California Native Flowers No. 2 (Miscellaneous printed matter)
Lesley Goren
R480 R393 Discovery Miles 3 930 Save R87 (18%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
The Botanical World of Lesley Goren - California Native Flowers No. 1 (Miscellaneous printed matter): Lesley Goren The Botanical World of Lesley Goren - California Native Flowers No. 1 (Miscellaneous printed matter)
Lesley Goren
R480 R393 Discovery Miles 3 930 Save R87 (18%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Book of Wild Flowers - Color Plates of 250 Wild Flowers and Grasses (Paperback): 0 The National Geographic Society, Mary Eaton Book of Wild Flowers - Color Plates of 250 Wild Flowers and Grasses (Paperback)
0 The National Geographic Society, Mary Eaton
R510 R407 Discovery Miles 4 070 Save R103 (20%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days
Michigan Wildflowers in Color (Paperback, 3rd ed.): Harry C Lund Michigan Wildflowers in Color (Paperback, 3rd ed.)
Harry C Lund
R440 R408 Discovery Miles 4 080 Save R32 (7%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

This spectacular and informative guide features 278 wildflowers found in the meadows, woods, dunes, shores, and wetlands of Michigan. Each stunning photograph is coupled with a detailed plant description, including scientific and family names, habitat, growing season, and protected status. Michigan Wildflowers also features a wildflower quiz and a guide to eight of Michigan's most accessible and diverse wildflower trails, including Fernwood, Grass River Natural Area, and the Ninga Aki Pathway. Invaluable to nature lovers, this beautiful and practical book is essential for anyone who enjoys the wealth of wildflowers Michigan has to offer. At the beginning of Michigan Wildflowers in Color, the author has illustrated textual terms such as 'stipules' or 'basal leaves' with a collection of line drawings. The plant descriptions include location, seasonal display, height, and information on whether the flower is protected and should not be picked or moved. The flower photographs are grouped by color for ease of location and then listed in the order in which they appear during the growing season. There are generally six photographs to a page, with the text on the facing page. There is a quiz at the back of the book to test your 'flower power, plus an 'Observer's List' to keep track of the flowers you do find. Also, the author has also mapped out eight wildflower trails in various Michigan habitats, plus the seasonal species of flowers that can be found there.

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