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Brothers - The Hidden History of the Kennedy Years (Paperback, Ed): David Talbot Brothers - The Hidden History of the Kennedy Years (Paperback, Ed)
David Talbot 2
R306 R194 Discovery Miles 1 940 Save R112 (37%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Robert F. Kennedy was the first conspiracy theorist about his brother's murder. In this astonishingly compelling and convincing new account of the Kennedy years, acclaimed journalist David Talbot tells in a riveting, superbly researched narrative why, even on 22 November 1963, RFK had reason to believe that dark forces were at work in Dallas and reveals, for the first time, that he planned to open an investigation into the assassination had he become president in 1968. BROTHERSalso portrays a JFK administration more besieged by internal enemies than has previously been realised, from within the Pentagon, the CIA, the FBI and the mafia. This frightening portrait of sinister elements within and without the government serves as the background for the emotionally charged journey of Robert Kennedy. Reading it, you can absolutely believe any number of people would have been happy for both brothers to meet a sticky end. The tragedy, not just for America but for the world, is that since their murders no one has had the nerve to stand against the dark forces they challenged in quite the same way.

Michelle Obama - A Photographic Journey (Hardcover): Antonia Felix Michelle Obama - A Photographic Journey (Hardcover)
Antonia Felix 1
R512 R337 Discovery Miles 3 370 Save R175 (34%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

With 140 photographs, inspiring quotes and excerpts from five historic speeches, this gorgeous volume pays tribute to Michelle Obama. Although it primarily focuses on 2007 to 2016, this book also covers the pre-White House years: Michelle Obama's childhood; her time in college and law school; her work as a young professional; her marriage to Barack; and her experiences during his first campaign.

Alexander Hamilton (Hardcover, Special edition): Ron Chernow Alexander Hamilton (Hardcover, Special edition)
Ron Chernow 1
R720 R578 Discovery Miles 5 780 Save R142 (20%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Alexander Hamilton was an illegitimate, largely self-taught orphan from the Caribbean who overcame all the odds to become George Washington's aide-de-camp and the first Treasury Secretary of the United States. Few figures in American history are more controversial. In this masterful work, Chernow shows how the political and economic power of America today is the result of Hamilton's willingness to champion ideas that were often wildly disputed during his time. He charts his titanic feuds with Jefferson, Adams, Madison, Monroe and Burr; his highly public affair with Maria Reynolds; his loving marriage to his loyal wife Eliza; and the notorious duel with Aaron Burr that led to his death in July 1804. The book was adapted into a hugely successful Broadway musical - winner of 11 Tony awards - which opens at the Victoria Palace Theatre in London in November 2017.

Helen Suzman - Bright Star in a Dark Chamber (Hardcover, New): Robin Renwick Helen Suzman - Bright Star in a Dark Chamber (Hardcover, New)
Robin Renwick 1
R395 R285 Discovery Miles 2 850 Save R110 (28%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

'The task of all who believe in multiracialism in this country is to survive. Quite inevitably time is on our side...' Helen Suzman was the voice of South Africa's conscience during the darkest days of apartheid. She stood alone in parliament, confronted by a legion of highly chauvinist male politicians. Armed with the relentless determination and biting wit for which she became renowned, Suzman battled the racist regime and earned her reputation as a legendary anti-apartheid campaigner. Despite constant antagonism and the threat of violence, she forced into the global spotlight the injustices of the country's minority rule. Access to Suzman's papers, including her unpublished correspondence with Nelson Mandela, was granted by her family to the author, former British ambassador to South Africa Robin Renwick, who has penned a book rich with examples of her humour and political brilliance. This first full biography goes beyond her famous struggle against apartheid into her criticisms of the post-apartheid government. It is a fascinating insight into the life of a truly great South African and her role in one of the most important struggles in modern history.

George McGovern and the Democratic Insurgents - The Best Campaign and Political Posters of the Last Fifty Years (Paperback):... George McGovern and the Democratic Insurgents - The Best Campaign and Political Posters of the Last Fifty Years (Paperback)
Hal Elliott Wert; Foreword by Frank Mankiewicz
R631 R490 Discovery Miles 4 900 Save R141 (22%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

South Dakota senator George McGovern's 1972 presidential bid was one of the most memorable campaigns in American political history. Despite McGovern's landslide loss to the incumbent Richard Nixon, McGovern's campaign attracted widespread grassroots support, and his campaign posters represent a landmark in the history of U.S. campaign memorabilia in terms of the sheer number and quality of posters produced in support of the candidate. Like Barack Obama's run for the presidency in 2008, McGovern's campaign stoked the imagination of the artistic community. World-famous artists-including Andy Warhol, Alexander Calder, Larry Rivers, Sam Francis, Thomas W. Benton, Sister Corita, and Paul Davis-produced posters in support of McGovern that captured a generation's efforts to bring about major political change. George McGovern and the Democratic Insurgents, with nearly three hundred stunning images, provides an illustrated journey through the protest and psychedelic rock posters of the 1960s, the posters of Eugene McCarthy's 1968 presidential campaign, the poster explosion of George McGovern's 1972 campaign, and the best campaign posters from 1976 to 2012. A historical examination of the graphic precedents for this politicized art form, Hal Elliott Wert's collection offers readers a singular insight into artistic invention and activism in the United States.

To Obama - With Love, Joy, Anger, and Hope (Hardcover): Jeanne Marie Laskas To Obama - With Love, Joy, Anger, and Hope (Hardcover)
Jeanne Marie Laskas
R525 R418 Discovery Miles 4 180 Save R107 (20%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
Corbynism - A Critical Approach (Paperback): Matt Bolton, Frederick Harry Pitts Corbynism - A Critical Approach (Paperback)
Matt Bolton, Frederick Harry Pitts 1
R381 R326 Discovery Miles 3 260 Save R55 (14%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

From the moment Jeremy Corbyn was elected Labour leader, Corbynism has been dismissed, derided or romanticised, but rarely taken seriously as a set of ideas on its own terms. This book critically outlines the shared understanding of capitalism and its alternatives that unites the component parts of the Corbyn movement. It decodes the central tenets of the Corbynist worldview, showing their coherence with contemporary political-economic shifts and conspiratorial understandings of global capitalism as a `rigged system' common to populist nativism in an age of Trump and Brexit.

The Founders on the Founders - Word Portraits from the American Revolutionary Era (Hardcover): John P. Kaminski The Founders on the Founders - Word Portraits from the American Revolutionary Era (Hardcover)
John P. Kaminski
R558 R442 Discovery Miles 4 420 Save R116 (21%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

"I never indeed thought him an honest, frank-dealing man, but considered him as a crooked gun, or other perverted machine, whose aim or stroke you could never be sure of."--Thomas Jefferson on Aaron Burr

" A]lways an honest Man, often a wise one, but sometimes, and in some things, absolutely out of his senses."-- Benjamin Franklin on John Adams

"I do now know Jefferson] to be one of the most artful, intriguing, industrious and double-faced politicians in all America."-- John Nicholas to George Washington

"I shall really regret to leave Mr. Jefferson, he is one of the choice ones of the Earth."-- Abigail Adams

More than two centuries after the ground-breaking events of the American struggle for independence, its key figures strike us more as players in a myth than as people who lived, worked, and interacted with one another. To recover the human dimension of the founders, we need look no further than their own words. Through a series of revealing quotations, historian John P. Kaminski profiles thirty of the era's best-known individuals, including Benjamin Franklin, John Jay, Alexander Hamilton, John Hancock, Thomas Paine, and Patrick Henry ("all tongue without either head or heart," according to Thomas Jefferson), as well as the early presidents and their first ladies.

The discourse is unfailingly respectful, and yet this is no mutual admiration society. The subjects are not afraid to be sharp about one another, but this only makes their words of praise more convincing and poignant. One could hardly ask for a more clear-eyed, and touching, tribute than Thomas Jefferson's appraisal of George Washington: "He was incapable of fear, meeting personal dangers with the calmest unconcern.... His integrity was most pure, his justice the most inflexible I have ever known, no motives of interest or consanguinity, of friendship or hatred, being able to bias his decision. He was, indeed, in every sense of the words, a wise, a good, and a great man."

Beginning with an introductory essay that provides an overview of the relationships between the founders, the book then presents each individual, providing a biographical sketch and a chronologically arranged series of quotations, clarifying not only each person's place within the independence movement but the contours of their character. The authors strike us with their candor, their insight, and their eloquence as they make their subjects come alive for us. As this book reveals, greatness is not only a matter of responding to the times; the people themselves were remarkable.

5 Days in May - The Coalition and Beyond (Hardcover): Andrew Adonis 5 Days in May - The Coalition and Beyond (Hardcover)
Andrew Adonis 1
R302 R219 Discovery Miles 2 190 Save R83 (27%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

In the wake of the inconclusive May 2010 general election Lord Adonis and other senior Labour figures sat down for talks with the Liberal Democrat leadership to try to persuade them to govern Britain together in a Lib - Lab coalition. The talks ultimately resulted in failure for Labour amid recriminations on both sides and the accusation that the Lib Dems had conducted a dutch auction, inviting Labour to outbid the Tories on a shopping list of demands. Despite calls for him to give his own account of this historic sequence of events, Adonis has kept his own counsel until now. Published to coincide with the third anniversary of the general election that would eventually produce an historic first coalition government since the Second World War, 5 Days In May is a remarkable and important insider account of the dramatic negotiations that led to its formation. It also offers the author's views on what the future holds as the run-up to the next election begins. 5 Days in May presents a unique eyewitness account of a pivotal moment in political history.

Thomas Sankara speaks (Paperback): Thomas Sankara Thomas Sankara speaks (Paperback)
Thomas Sankara
R220 R189 Discovery Miles 1 890 Save R31 (14%) Shipped within 7 - 15 working days

When Thomas Sankara gained power he worked towards the expulsion of colonialism in Burkina Faso. His foreign policies were centred on anti-imperialism and rejecting foreign aid. Some of his domestic policies included preventing famine, prioritising education and public health and empowering women. In this collection of his speeches and interviews, from 1983 until before his assassination in 1987, his true revolutionary spirit is encapsulated - this is proven in his iconic ideas.

Lee Lockwood. Castro's Cuba. 1959-1969 (Hardcover): Lee Lockwood, Saul Landau Lee Lockwood. Castro's Cuba. 1959-1969 (Hardcover)
Lee Lockwood, Saul Landau
R1,290 R904 Discovery Miles 9 040 Save R386 (30%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

"Holds many surprises for the reader who has seen the Cuban reality . . . only through the distorting prism of propaganda." -The New York Times Book Review, 1967 On December 31, 1958, Lee Lockwood, then a young photojournalist, went to Cuba to cover what looked to be the end of Batista's regime. He arrived the day before Fidel Castro took power and spent a week canvassing the island before finding the victorious leader. Castro immediately took to Lockwood and over the next decade invited him back many times, granting him special access to his inner circle and free rein to explore the island without the usual restrictions imposed upon American journalists. In 1965, Castro granted Lockwood a rare, in-depth interview but then missed appointment after appointment. Days turned into weeks turned into three interminable months, as Lockwood, like many journalists before and since, waited for Castro. But it was worth the anticipation, climaxing in a marathon seven-day interview that covered everything from racial issues in America to the Cuban Missile Crisis. It remains to this day one of the most penetrating portraits of the Cuban leader. Originally published in 1967, Lockwood's interviews and observations are now republished by TASCHEN alongside hundreds of photographs covering both the weeks Lockwood spent traveling with Castro and the years he documented Cuba's transformation throughout the '60s. From military encampments in the Sierra Maestra mountains to Havana street life and political rallies, many of these color images have never been published before. A foreword and afterword by Latin America expert Saul Landau contextualize Lockwood's work at a moment in history when U.S.-Cuba relations once again take center stage.

John F. Kennedy - An Unfinished Life 1917-1963 (Paperback): Robert Dallek John F. Kennedy - An Unfinished Life 1917-1963 (Paperback)
Robert Dallek 1
R476 R325 Discovery Miles 3 250 Save R151 (32%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Updated edition of the authoritative single-volume biography of John F. Kennedy. Drawing upon first-hand sources and never-before-opened archives, prize-winning historian Robert Dallek reveals more than we ever knew about Jack Kennedy, forever changing the way we think about his life, his presidency and his legacy. Dallek also discloses that, while labouring to present an image of robust good health, Kennedy was secretly in and out of hospitals throughout his life, soill that he was administered last rites on several occasions. He never shies away from Kennedy's weaknesses, but also brilliantly explores his strengths. The result is a full portrait of a bold, brave and truly human John F. Kennedy.

Let My People Go (Paperback): Albert Luthuli Let My People Go (Paperback)
Albert Luthuli
R210 R181 Discovery Miles 1 810 Save R29 (14%) Shipped within 7 - 15 working days

Let My People Go is as much Albert Luthuli's extraordinary story as that of the African National Congress, which he led for fifteen years. He gives a first-hand account of the repression and resistance that were to shape the South African political landscape forever: the Defiance Campaign, which marked the first mass challenge to apartheid, the drafting of the Freedom Charter, the Treason Trial, the Alexandra bus boycott and the 1959 potato boycott, as well as the tragedies of Sharpeville, Langa and Nyanga.

Albert Luthuli was also the first black man to receive the Nobel Peace Prize and this book bears witness to Luthuli's unfailing humility, perseverance, and passionate commitment to the values of non-racialism and non-sexism. His vision, crucial to the shaping of the South Africa we live in today, continues to move and inspire.

Leadership for the North - The Influence and Impact of Arctic Council Chairs (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2019): Douglas C. Nord Leadership for the North - The Influence and Impact of Arctic Council Chairs (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2019)
Douglas C. Nord
R3,094 R2,370 Discovery Miles 23 700 Save R724 (23%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This book investigates multidimensional change in the Arctic and policy response to it. It focuses its attention on the need for effective leadership within the region. In so doing it considers the contribution made by the main international organization of the region, the Arctic Council. In particular, it examines the various leadership functions undertaken by the Chair of that body including that of convener, manager, promoter, representative and resolver of differences. It is argued that in performing these multiple roles the Chair is contributing to the necessary leadership required to address pressing Arctic concerns. The book highlights the activities of the four most recent Arctic Council Chairs, Sweden, Canada, the United States and Finland. It considers the programs for action that each of these countries promoted during their terms at the helm of this major circumpolar organization. It examines the particular approaches, methods and strategies that each used to advance its agenda and the consequences of such efforts. It focuses attention on the need for building consensus among a diverse membership including Arctic states, organizations representing northern indigenous peoples, non-Arctic countries and non-governmental bodies. Drawing upon the insights of scholars from several disciplines from across the circumpolar community, the collected essays in this volume seek to paint a picture of the real challenges and opportunities for international diplomacy in the contemporary North. It suggests that there are true "lessons to be learned" in advancing leadership within the region. The book provides a means for considering these and the most effective means of response.

Empire and Revolution - The Political Life of Edmund Burke (Hardcover): Richard Bourke Empire and Revolution - The Political Life of Edmund Burke (Hardcover)
Richard Bourke
R825 R702 Discovery Miles 7 020 Save R123 (15%) Shipped within 7 - 13 working days

Edmund Burke (1730-97) lived during one of the most extraordinary periods of world history. He grappled with the significance of the British Empire in India, fought for reconciliation with the American colonies, and was a vocal critic of national policy during three European wars. He also advocated reform in Britain and became a central protagonist in the great debate on the French Revolution. Drawing on the complete range of printed and manuscript sources, Empire and Revolution offers a vivid reconstruction of the major concerns of this outstanding statesman, orator, and philosopher. In restoring Burke to his original political and intellectual context, this book overturns the conventional picture of a partisan of tradition against progress and presents a multifaceted portrait of one of the most captivating figures in eighteenth-century life and thought. A boldly ambitious work of scholarship, this book challenges us to rethink the legacy of Burke and the turbulent era in which he played so pivotal a role.

Trigger Warnings - Political Correctness and the Rise of the Right (Paperback): Jeff Sparrow Trigger Warnings - Political Correctness and the Rise of the Right (Paperback)
Jeff Sparrow 1
R335 R274 Discovery Miles 2 740 Save R61 (18%) Shipped within 4 - 8 working days

A timely examination of progressive politics in the era of radical populism.

Since 2016, western democracies have experienced a series of political earthquakes, spectacularly upending conventional political wisdom. Everywhere, outsider politicians rail against ‘the elite’.

Yet, with a few notable exceptions, the populist mood has benefited reactionaries rather than reformers. The status quo might be in crisis, but the emerging voices are those of hate and violence. Where is the progressive alternative?

In Trigger Warnings, Jeff Sparrow sympathetically but critically examines key progressive ideas. How does a billionaire position himself as anti-elitist? Are the culture wars worth fighting? What's at stake in the battles over political correctness? Should progressives defend it ― and, if so, how?

Sparrow traces the evolution of the Left and Right to explain the origins of this strange evolution, untangling some of the thorniest controversies of our time and arguing that the future needn't only belong to nihilists and bigots.

Sh*t Trump Says - The Most Terrific, Very Beautiful, and Tremendous Tweets and Quotes from our 45th President (Hardcover):... Sh*t Trump Says - The Most Terrific, Very Beautiful, and Tremendous Tweets and Quotes from our 45th President (Hardcover)
Castle Point Publishing
R234 R147 Discovery Miles 1 470 Save R87 (37%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

"I have a very good brain and I've said a lot of things." Donald J. Trump, the 45th president of the United States of America, has the most beautiful, tremendous, and truly great things to say to the American people. His illustrious life has been full of brilliant words of wisdom - just try and imagine the American lexicon without phrases like "lock her up". Sh*t Trump Says is a collection of the Great Orange President's greatest hits, from his days as a real estate investor in the 1980s to his most interesting (or confounding) presidential utterances. Divided into chapters like "Losers!", "Drain the Swamp and Build a Yuge Wall", and "Nobody Has More Respect for Women. Nobody!", this fantastic book deserves a place of gilded honour in every home. Well, except the haters!

Ed (Paperback): Mehdi Hasan, James MacIntyre Ed (Paperback)
Mehdi Hasan, James MacIntyre
R307 R224 Discovery Miles 2 240 Save R83 (27%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

What makes a man put politics and ambition before family? Ed Miliband is perhaps the least understood political leader of modern times. This book reveals where he has come from and where he is going. It charts his unique upbringing, against the backdrop of tragedy and with a prominent Marxist thinker for a father. But Ed's story cannot be fully understood outside the context of his struggle to emerge from the shadow of his elder brother, David. Ed followed David to the same college at Oxford, into Parliament and into the Cabinet before, at the eleventh hour, snatching away David's dream of the leadership.

Corbyn - The Strange Rebirth of Radical Politics (Paperback): Richard Seymour Corbyn - The Strange Rebirth of Radical Politics (Paperback)
Richard Seymour
R260 R206 Discovery Miles 2 060 Save R54 (21%) Shipped within 4 - 10 working days

With a landslide in the first round, this unassuming antiwar socialist crushed the opposition, dealing a huge blow to the Blairite opposition. For the first time in decades, socialism is back on the agenda - and for the first time in Labour's history, it defines the leadership. This book tells the story of how Corbyn's rise was made possible by the long decline of Labour and a deep crisis in British democracy. It surveys the makeshift coalition of trade unionists, young and precarious workers, and students who rallied to Corbyn. It shows how a novel social media campaign turned the media's 'Project Fear' on its head, making a virtue of every accusation thrown at him. And finally it asks, with all the artillery that is still ranged against Corbyn, and given the crisis-ridden Labour Party that he has inherited, what it would mean for him to succeed.

How far we slaves have come (Paperback): Nelson Mandela, Fidel Castro How far we slaves have come (Paperback)
Nelson Mandela, Fidel Castro
R190 R164 Discovery Miles 1 640 Save R26 (14%) Shipped within 7 - 15 working days

Two world renowned revolutionary icons, Nelson Mandela and Fidel Castro, meet for the first time in Cuba 1991. This book is the collection of their speeches that day. Mandela credits Cuba’s military support in Angola, and comments on Cuba’s assistance to debilitate the US-backed South African army. Castro acknowledges the contribution of South Africans to the worldwide fight for justice. Mandela and Castro regarded each other as mentors -- and the world regards them as icons.

Clinton's Fatal Lie - Sudan and the US Terrorism List (Paperback): David Hoile Clinton's Fatal Lie - Sudan and the US Terrorism List (Paperback)
David Hoile
R379 R307 Discovery Miles 3 070 Save R72 (19%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days
The Assault on Reason - Our Information Ecosystem, from the Age of Print to the Age of Trump (Paperback): Al Gore The Assault on Reason - Our Information Ecosystem, from the Age of Print to the Age of Trump (Paperback)
Al Gore 1
R237 R186 Discovery Miles 1 860 Save R51 (22%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Now with a New Preface and Conclusion: 'Post-Truth: On Donald Trump and the 2016 Election' The United States of America is in the midst of a deepening crisis for their democracy. After the strangest election cycle in modern American history it is important that the grave threats to the American way of life that were glaringly revealed in this campaign are addressed. In The Assault on Reason, Nobel Peace Prize winner and former Vice President Al Gore examines how faith in the power of reason - the idea that citizens can govern themselves through rational debate - is in peril. Democracy depends on a well-informed citizenry and a two-way conversation about ideas, but the public sphere has been degraded by fake news and the politics of fear, partisanship and blind faith. Now updated to investigate the rise of Trump and post-truth politics, The Assault on Reason is a farsighted and powerful manifesto for clear thinking, crucial if the vitality of democracy is to be rebuilt and good decisions made once more.

The Soul of an American President - The Untold Story of Dwight D. Eisenhower's Faith (Hardcover): Alan Sears, Craig Osten,... The Soul of an American President - The Untold Story of Dwight D. Eisenhower's Faith (Hardcover)
Alan Sears, Craig Osten, Ryan Cole
R338 R263 Discovery Miles 2 630 Save R75 (22%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

While there have been many biographies of Dwight D. Eisenhower that focus on his military career or the time of his presidency, none clearly explores the important role faith played both in his personal life and in his public policy. This despite the fact that he is the only US president to be baptized as a Christian while in office. Alan Sears and Craig Osten invite you on a journey that is unique in American history and is essential to understanding one of the most consequential, admired, and complex Americans of the 20th Century. The story begins in abject poverty in rural Texas, then travels through Kansas, West Point, two World Wars, and down Pennsylvania Avenue. This is the untold story of a man whose growing faith sustained him through the loss of a young son, marital difficulties, depression, career disappointments, and being witness to some of the worst atrocities humankind has devised. A man whose faith was based in his own sincere personal conviction, not out of a sense of political expediency or social obligation. You've met Dwight Eisenhower the soldier and Dwight Eisenhower the president. Now meet Dwight Eisenhower the man of faith.

Che Guevara talks to young people (Paperback): Ernesto Guevara Che Guevara talks to young people (Paperback)
Ernesto Guevara 1
R210 R181 Discovery Miles 1 810 Save R29 (14%) Shipped within 7 - 15 working days

Between 1959 and 1964, freedom fighter Che Guevara delivered a number of speeches to youth groups and students to inspire and educate them about the revolution. This is a collection of these speeches – a collection of thought as iconic as Che Guevara’s image. He remains a hero to many, and represents a form of socialism that is hard to deny.

Bibi - The Turbulent Life and Times of Benjamin Netanyahu (Hardcover): Anshel Pfeffer Bibi - The Turbulent Life and Times of Benjamin Netanyahu (Hardcover)
Anshel Pfeffer
R435 R339 Discovery Miles 3 390 Save R96 (22%) Shipped within 4 - 10 working days

For many in Israel and elsewhere, Benjamin Netanyahu is anathema, an embarrassment; yet he continues to dominate Israeli public life. How can we explain his rise, his hold on Israeli politics, and his outsized role on the world's stage? In Bibi, Anshel Pfeffer reveals the formative influence of Netanyahu's father and grandfather, who bequeathed to him a once-marginal brand of Zionism combining Jewish nationalism with religious traditionalism. In the Zionist enterprise, Netanyahu embodies the triumph of the underdogs over the secular liberals who founded the nation. Netanyahu's Israel is a hybrid of ancient phobia and high-tech hope; of tribalism and globalism -- just like the man himself. We cannot understand Israel today without first understanding the man who leads it.

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