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Brave Lotus Flower Rides The Dragon (Paperback): Tracy Todd Brave Lotus Flower Rides The Dragon (Paperback)
Tracy Todd 4
R250 R200 Discovery Miles 2 000 Save R50 (20%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

"Why walk when you can soar..."

These are the opening words on Tracy Todd’s website and they are a powerful affirmation of the person Tracy is today – a sought-after inspirational speaker whose uplifting presentations have inspired and given hope to many people. But it is difficult to imagine what she has overcome in a tough and often lonely journey.

At the age of twenty-eight her life was turned upside down when a horrific road accident left her a quadriplegic, paralysed from the neck down. Her life as an athletic, marathon-running young mother and teacher was abruptly shattered. Despite months of rehabilitation, Tracy often found herself wondering if her life was worth living. Everything she had taken for granted was now beyond her reach and frustration at her helplessness threatened to overwhelm her. Against the odds, Tracy chose to live.

Her strength of character and determination prevailed and, sustained by the support of her son, family and friends, her care assistants, and an unbelievably caring community, she set about gaining the independence to rebuild her life and reclaim her identity – which she has done, with dignity and grace. Brave Lotus Flower Rides The Dragon is an honest, inspiring and engaging memoir in which Tracy’s natural warmth and humour are tangible and, most importantly, she embodies what the human spirit can achieve.

Pilates a Teachers' Manual - Exercises with MATS and Equipement for Prevention and Rehabilitation (Hardcover, 2014):... Pilates a Teachers' Manual - Exercises with MATS and Equipement for Prevention and Rehabilitation (Hardcover, 2014)
Verena Geweniger, Alexander Bohlander
R1,387 Discovery Miles 13 870 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The Pilates book for professionals: Background information and extensive practical knowledge on using the Pilates approach in prevention and therapy. The foundations include, among others, the "Pilates Principles" (Breathing, Centering, Flow, Precision, Concentration, Control and Coordination). The extensive praxis part presents all techniques and exercises (mat and equipment training) with detailed photos of movement sequences and with precise instructions and explanations of each exercise. Class plans provide concrete suggestions for the design of course units with prevention orientation and patient examples illustrate treatment procedures and therapeutic effects of the Pilates approach for different symptoms. - A must-have for all Pilates professionals: teachers, trainers, physiotherapists.

Sports-Specific Rehabilitation (Paperback, New): Robert A. Donatelli Sports-Specific Rehabilitation (Paperback, New)
Robert A. Donatelli
R1,989 Discovery Miles 19 890 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

A comprehensive resource for focusing on returning injured athletes to their optimal performance! This book discusses exercise principles; muscle fatigue, muscle damage, and overtraining concepts; pathophysiology of overuse injuries; core evaluation in sports-specific testing; physiological basis of exercise specific to sport; and special considerations for the athlete. Secial features such as evidence-based clinical application boxes provide the reader with a solid body of research upon which to base their practice. Aligned to the Guide to Physical Therapy Practice to help learn how to work with athletes' injuries and help them make a physical comeback while following best practices. Incorporation of muscle physiology demonstrates it as the basis for athlete's exercise prescription. Coverage of pathophysiology of overuse injuries illustrates the damage to the musculoskeletal system. Inclusion of treatment and training approaches for athletic rehabilitation shows how to restore the musculoskeletal system back to full flexibility, strength, power, and endurance. Evidence-based clinical application boxes found throughout the book cite key studies and provide real-world application to a clinical setting. Extensive photographs show hands-on demonstrations of important rehabilitation techniques, helping the cinician to accurately apply them during treatment.

Cancer Rehabilitation - A Concise and Portable Pocket Guide (Paperback, 1st ed. 2020): Jennifer Baima, Ashish Khanna Cancer Rehabilitation - A Concise and Portable Pocket Guide (Paperback, 1st ed. 2020)
Jennifer Baima, Ashish Khanna
R2,337 Discovery Miles 23 370 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Finally, a concise pocket guide designed as a quick reference for busy clinicians who seek to improve the care they provide to cancer patients and cancer survivors. It is a comprehensive text formatted for fast access to a wide range of clinical information. This compact compendium is conveniently organized by cancer type for rapid review. It describes the many issues that cancer patients may face throughout the chronologic spectrum of care, starting from cancer diagnosis, to treatment, and survivorship. Each chapter helpfully highlights common impairments and treatment options using succinct tables, helpful illustrations and clinical peals from experts in the field. In addition, each chapter contains a clinical case and questions on the material to enhance understanding. Evidence for exercise treatment, including pertinent exercise precautions, is included, as are innovative research topics and emerging treatments. This includes dedicated chapters covering cancers of the breast; digestive organs; brain, eye, and central nervous system; urinary tract and genital organs; lip, oral cavity, and pharynx; lymphoid, hematopoietic, and related tissues; bone, articular cartilage, and soft tissues; respiratory and intrathoracic organs; skin. Thankfully, advances in cancer care such as chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery mean that more people than ever before are surviving long after their cancer diagnosis. Unfortunately, a large fraction of them live with at least one serious impairment as a consequence of their treatments that seriously impacts their ability to function and quality of life. This concise and essential guide to cancer rehabilitation will help the clinician navigate the care of this often complex population.

Management of Fecal Incontinence - Current Treatment Approaches and Future Perspectives (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2016): Massimo... Management of Fecal Incontinence - Current Treatment Approaches and Future Perspectives (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2016)
Massimo Mongardini, Manuel Giofre
R3,113 Discovery Miles 31 130 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

This book presents state of the art knowledge regarding the pathophysiology and diagnosis of fecal incontinence and describes and illustrates all relevant treatment techniques. In addition to the approaches that have been the mainstay of treatment of fecal incontinence to date, it covers recent innovations and emerging options, including neurostimulation, pioneering techniques exploiting the potential of stem cells, biofeedback training, reconstructive surgery, and advances in biomedical engineering applicable to replacement surgery. Fecal incontinence is a common, socially debilitating disorder of multifactorial etiology that poses many management challenges. This book will assist all relevant medical specialists, including surgeons, neurologists, gastroenterologists, urogynecologists, and other clinicians, in achieving correct and timely diagnosis and delivering effective therapy that reflects the ongoing revolution in treatment.

Advances in Shoulder Surgery (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2016): Kazuya Tamai, Eiji Itoi, Kenji Takagishi Advances in Shoulder Surgery (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2016)
Kazuya Tamai, Eiji Itoi, Kenji Takagishi
R5,684 Discovery Miles 56 840 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

With critical insights into anatomy and the latest science and research underlying pathogenesis, this book serves as a practical and richly illustrated step-by-step comprehensive guide to successfully performing shoulder surgery, and other related procedures. Abundant diagnostic and treatment approaches including arthroscopy are provided, and are intended to assist beginning and experienced orthopedic surgeons to further develop their skills and facilitate the management of patients with both acute and chronic shoulder injuries. The book provides full-color photos and diagrams to clearly demonstrate operative techniques and tools for surgery. Edited and written by pioneering researcher and surgeons, Advances in Shoulder Surgery offers a valuable guide to recent advances in shoulder surgery and treatment.

Modern Stroke Rehabilitation through e-Health-based Entertainment (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2015): Emmanouela Vogiatzaki, Artur... Modern Stroke Rehabilitation through e-Health-based Entertainment (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2015)
Emmanouela Vogiatzaki, Artur Krukowski
R4,489 Discovery Miles 44 890 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

This book describes a new, "e-Health" approach to stroke rehabilitation. The authors propose an alternative approach that combines state of the art ICT technologies ranging from Augmented and Virtual Reality gaming environments to latest advances in immersive user interfaces for delivering a mixed-reality training platform, along with advanced embedded micro sensing and computing devices exhibiting enhanced power autonomy by using the latest Bluetooth Smart communication interfaces and energy saving approaches. These technologies are integrated under the umbrella of an online Personal Health Record (PHR) services allowing for delivery of personalized, patient-centric medical services whether at home, in a clinic or on the move. Describes innovative ways for achieving mixed-reality gaming environments; Enhances immersive experience by combining virtual projections with user interfaces based on body motion analysis; Offers cost-effective body motion capture by hybridizing wearable sensor data; Utilizes energy-efficient micro-embedded sensors for wearable physiological and sensing and activity monitoring applications; Includes innovative, power autonomous sensing using Body Area Networks; Describes the prototype of the portable, integrated rehabilitation training solution.

Prevention and Rehabilitation of Hamstring Injuries (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2020): Kristian Thorborg, David Opar, Anthony Shield Prevention and Rehabilitation of Hamstring Injuries (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2020)
Kristian Thorborg, David Opar, Anthony Shield
R3,258 Discovery Miles 32 580 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

This innovative book presents the latest insights into hamstring strain injuries (HSI), one of the most common problems in elite and recreational sport, with a unique focus on prevention and rehabilitation. The research within this area has evolved rapidly over the past 10 years and this text offers a comprehensive overview of the recent and most relevant advances. It fills a gap in the literature, since other books focus on muscle injuries in general and their surgical treatment.Structured around the current evidence in the field, it includes sections on functional anatomy and biomechanics; basic muscle physiology in relation to injury and repair; assessment of risk factors; and factors associated with hamstring strains. It also discusses considerations in relation to acute and chronic injuries and hamstring injury prevention, including pre-season and in-season interventions, as well as management strategies and rehabilitation protocols. The final chapter is devoted to additional interventions when conservative rehabilitation and injury prevention fail. Written by renowned experts in the field, this book will be of great interest to sports physiotherapists, sports physicians, physical trainers and coaches.

Life After Encephalitis - A Narrative Approach (Paperback): Ava Easton Life After Encephalitis - A Narrative Approach (Paperback)
Ava Easton
R634 Discovery Miles 6 340 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Encephalitis is a devastating condition whose impact upon people should not be underestimated. It robs people of abilities most of us take for granted, it leaves people without their loved ones, and even in those families where the person affected survives the person they once knew can be dramatically changed. Life After Encephalitis provides a unique insight into the experiences of those affected by encephalitis, sharing the rich, perceptive, and often powerful, narratives of survivors and family members. It shows how listening to patient and family narratives can help us to understand how they make sense of what has happened to them, and also help professionals better understand and engage with them in practice. The book will also be useful for considering narratives associated with brain injuries from other causes, for example traumatic brain injury. Life After Encephalitis will appeal to a wide range of professionals working in rehabilitation settings, and also to and survivors of encephalitis, their families, and carers.

Stroke (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition): Richard I. Lindley Stroke (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition)
Richard I. Lindley
R448 Discovery Miles 4 480 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Stroke care has been revolutionised by better prevention, treatment, and more widely available rehabilitation. Nonetheless, stroke remains the second most common cause of death worldwide. This fully-updated new edition provides clear facts and practical advice as to why strokes occur and how they can be prevented in the future. Concise in style but comprehensive in approach, Stroke: The Facts describes the myriad of symptoms, varied presentations, and longer-term consequences of this disabling condition. The journey from treatment through to rehabilitation and preventing a further stroke is made easy by the author, a stroke doctor and researcher involved in many of the studies that have advanced care. Supplemented with case studies, this guide concentrates on developments in treatment, providing an important update on the first edition. It is essential reading for those who have had a stroke or Transient Ischaemic Attack and their families, and will also be of interest to medical professionals working within stroke care.

Sports Concussions - A Complete Guide to Recovery and Management (Hardcover): Isabelle Gagnon, Alain Ptito Sports Concussions - A Complete Guide to Recovery and Management (Hardcover)
Isabelle Gagnon, Alain Ptito
R3,339 Discovery Miles 33 390 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Sport-related concussions have become an increasingly important topic as evidenced by recent media attention. Due in large part to the complex nature of concussive injuries, there is great discrepancy in the effect these injuries have on individual functioning and the type and nature of services that best facilitate recovery. This book is intended as a complete reference guide dealing with sports-related concussions.

Crises in the Psychotherapy Session - Transforming Critical Moments into Turning Points (Paperback): Julian D. Ford Crises in the Psychotherapy Session - Transforming Critical Moments into Turning Points (Paperback)
Julian D. Ford
R1,203 Discovery Miles 12 030 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

What do you do when your client flies into a rage or has a severe panic attack during a therapy session? Author Julian D. Ford explains how to harness such crises for breakthroughs. Crises that erupt in the midst of a psychotherapy session can be overwhelming not just for the client but also for the therapist. Yet every crisis also can be a therapeutic breakthrough. With this book, therapists learn how to transform such critical moments in psychotherapy into powerful and positive turning points. Drawing from trauma and attachment theory and the essential principles of psychotherapy and crisis management, Ford explains how crises can be understood as episodes of extreme emotional dysregulation. With a series of indepth case examples, Ford shows how therapists can utilize emotion regulation as a practical framework to deescalate crises. Each case study is a transcript of a psychotherapy session, complete with dialogue and commentary, featuring reallife expert clinicians who use a crisis as an opportunity to help clients face and resolve a sense of being damaged, betrayed, or abandoned. With wisdom, compassion, and a deep understanding of human emotions, this book teaches essential skills that all therapists will need.

Orthotics and Prosthetics in Rehabilitation (Hardcover, 4th Revised edition): Kevin C Chui, Milagros Jorge, Sheng-Che Yen,... Orthotics and Prosthetics in Rehabilitation (Hardcover, 4th Revised edition)
Kevin C Chui, Milagros Jorge, Sheng-Che Yen, Michelle M. Lusardi
R3,052 R2,550 Discovery Miles 25 500 Save R502 (16%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Gain a strong foundation in the field of orthotics and prosthetics! Orthotics and Prosthetics in Rehabilitation, 4th Edition is a clear, comprehensive, one-stop resource for clinically relevant rehabilitation information and application. Divided into three sections, this text gives you a foundation in orthotics and prosthetics, clinical applications when working with typical and special populations, and an overview of amputation and prosthetic limbs. This edition has been updated with coverage of the latest technology and materials in the field, new evidence on effectiveness and efficacy of interventions and cognitive workload associated usage along with enhanced color photographs and case studies - it's a great resource for students and rehabilitation professionals alike. Comprehensive coverage addresses rehabilitation in a variety of environments, including acute care, long-term care and home health care, and outpatient settings. Book organized into three parts corresponding with typical patient problems and clinical decision-making. The latest evidence-based research throughout text help you learn clinical-decision making skills. Case studies present real-life scenarios that demonstrate how key concepts apply to clinical decision-making and evidence-based practice. World Health Organization disablement model (ICF) incorporated to help you learn how to match patient's limitations with the best clinical treatment. Multidisciplinary approach in a variety of settings demonstrates how physical therapists can work with the rest of the healthcare team to provide high quality care in orthotic/prosthetic rehabilitation. The latest equipment and technology throughout text addresses the latest options in prosthetics and orthotics rehabilitation Authoritative information from the Guide to Physical Therapist Practice, 2nd Edition is incorporated throughout. A wealth of tables and boxes highlight vital information for quick reference and ease of use. NEW! Color photographs improve visual appeal and facilitates learning. NEW! Increased evidence-based content includes updated citations; coverage of new technology such as microprocessors, microcontrollers, and integrated load cells; new evidence on the effectiveness and efficacy of interventions; and new evidence on cognitive workload usage. NEW! Authors Kevin K Chui, PT, DPT, PhD, GCS, OCS, CEEAA, FAAOMPT and Sheng-Che (Steven) Yen, PT, PhD add their expertise to an already impressive list of contributors.

Topics in Cognitive Rehabilitation in the TBI Post-Hospital Phase (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2018): Renato Anghinah, Wellingson Paiva,... Topics in Cognitive Rehabilitation in the TBI Post-Hospital Phase (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2018)
Renato Anghinah, Wellingson Paiva, Linamara Rizzo Battistella, Robson Amorim
R4,657 Discovery Miles 46 570 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) refers to nondegenerative, noncongenital damage to the brain from an external mechanical force, which can lead to permanent or temporary impairment of cognitive, physical, and psychosocial functions, with an associated diminished or altered state of consciousness. Despite this broad definition, it is estimated that more than 1.500.000 people suffer TBI annually in US, with 20% afflicted with moderate or severe forms. Additionally, a high percentage of these patients are unable to return to their daily routine (approximately 50%). In this context, both motor and cognitive rehabilitation are extremely important for these individuals. The aim of cognitive and motor rehabilitation is to recover an individual's ability to process, interpret and respond to environmental inputs, as well as to create strategies and procedures to compensate for lost functions that are necessary in familial, social, educational and occupational settings. The purpose of this book is to review the basic concepts related to TBI, including mechanisms of injury, acute and post-acute care, severity levels, the most common findings in mild, moderate and severe TBI survivors, and the most frequent cognitive and motor impairments following TBI, as well as to discuss the strategies used to support post-TBI patients. The most important rehabilitation techniques, both from cognitive and motor perspectives, are addressed. Finally, information regarding work and community re-entry and familial and psychological support are discussed in detail. Topics in Cognitive Rehabilitation in the TBI Post-Hospital Phase is intended as a reference guide for all professionals who have contact with or are related to patients suffering from TBI. Any professionals who work with or are related to patients suffering from TBI will find here a broad and comprehensive overview of TBI, addressing all essential issues, from acute care to rehabilitation strategies, follow up and re-socialization.

Assistive Technology Assessment Handbook (Hardcover): Stefano Federici, Marcia Scherer Assistive Technology Assessment Handbook (Hardcover)
Stefano Federici, Marcia Scherer
R4,568 Discovery Miles 45 680 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The process of matching a person who has a disability with the most appropriate assistive technology requires a series of assessments, typically administered by multidisciplinary teams at specialized centers for technical aid. Assistive Technology Assessment Handbook fills the need for a reference that helps assistive technology experts perform assessments that more effectively connect the person and the technology. Emphasizing the well-being of the individual with a disability, the book proposes an ideal model of the assistive technology assessment process and outlines how this model can be applied in practice internationally. Organized into three parts, the handbook: Gives readers a toolkit for performing assessments Describes the roles of the assessment team members, among them the new profession of the psychotechnologist, who is skilled in understanding individuals and their psychosocial and technological needs and preferences Reviews cutting-edge technologies for rehabilitation and independent living, including brain-computer interfaces and microswitches The book synthesizes information scattered throughout the international literature, focusing on aspects that are particularly representative or innovative. It also addresses the challenges posed by the variety of health and social care systems and the different ways that individuals who need aid are defined-are they users, patients, clients, or consumers, and how does that affect the assessment? Edited by Stefano Federici and Marcia J. Scherer, internationally renowned leaders in the field of assistive technology assessment, this cross-cultural handbook includes contributions from leading experts across five continents. Guiding readers in matching the person and the appropriate assistive technology, it offers a framework for future practice and research. Listen to Stefano Federici talk about the handbook.

Osteoporosis Rehabilitation - A Practical Approach (Paperback, 1st ed. 2017): Christina V. Oleson Osteoporosis Rehabilitation - A Practical Approach (Paperback, 1st ed. 2017)
Christina V. Oleson
R5,203 Discovery Miles 52 030 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Taking an expansive perspective on osteoporosis and its ramifications, but with a central focus on the transition from diagnosis to treatment, rehabilitation and current management options, this practical guide discusses the most recent knowledge and literature on osteoporosis for the wide cross-section of professionals involved in treating this pervasive condition. It enables the physician or physician extender to develop a strategy for diagnosing osteoporosis, including detailed laboratory tests as well as imaging, interpreting findings, and determining options appropriate to the needs of individual patients. The material offers guidance on how to treat osteoporosis patients who are suffering from neurological conditions such as brain and spinal cord injuries, rheumatologic syndromes, peripheral neuropathies, gastrointestinal conditions, as well as cardiopulmonary, liver and kidney disorders, among others. Additional chapters address management of osteoporosis in men, patients with advanced medical illnesses including various forms of cancer, organ failure and organ transplantation, pediatric onset of primary and secondary osteoporosis, and the female athlete triad. Covering the gamut of considerations presented by osteoporosis patients, Osteoporosis Rehabilitation: A Practical Approach is a timely, interdisciplinary resource for orthopedists, rehabilitation specialists, primary care physicians, nurses and any other professionals who bring their expertise to bear on the management of this common condition.

The Ulnar Nerve - Sensory and Motor Conduction Studies (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2016): Giuliano Gentili, Mario Di Napoli The Ulnar Nerve - Sensory and Motor Conduction Studies (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2016)
Giuliano Gentili, Mario Di Napoli
R5,427 Discovery Miles 54 270 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

This book systematically reviews sensory and motor nerve conduction studies on the ulnar nerve, from pilot human studies of peripheral nerve conduction in the 1950s through to the most recent scientific evidence. Precise descriptions are provided of approx. 70 nerve conduction techniques that were reproduced in the laboratory, with organization of the techniques according to practical criteria for ease of reference. Particular attention is devoted to those techniques that have shown higher sensitivity and specificity in diagnosis of compressive mononeuropathies, such as ulnar neuropathy at the elbow or wrist. Normal and pathological values derived from the original articles and the subsequent literature are presented, and the wealth of illustrative material facilitates comprehension and reproduction of each technique. The volume is completed by a detailed, well-illustrated glossary explaining the more commonly used terms in electrodiagnostic medicine. This book will appeal to novice and experienced neurologists, students, clinical neurophysiology technicians, and rehabilitation physicians. It represents a logical extension of the volumes on the median nerve recently published by Springer.

Travell, Simons & Simons' Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction - The Trigger Point Manual (Hardcover, 3rd edition): Joseph M... Travell, Simons & Simons' Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction - The Trigger Point Manual (Hardcover, 3rd edition)
Joseph M Donnelly, Cesar Fernandez-De-Las-Penas, Michelle Finnegan, Jennifer L Freeman
R3,839 R2,995 Discovery Miles 29 950 Save R844 (22%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This new edition of Travell, Simons & Simons' groundbreaking work reflects the latest research and best practices associated with trigger points and updates the iconic pain point images that set the standard in the field. New lead editor Joseph M. Donnelly draws on his experience as both educator and physical therapy practitioner to integrate an evidence-based approach into this critical text. In addition, the new edition consolidates information to create a more intuitive user experience and features a completely new full color design to bring concepts to life. NEW! Consolidated: The previous edition's two volumes- Upper Extremities and Lower Extremities-have been consolidated into one accessible book. NEW! Updated research from around the world and coverage of the most current evidence-based treatments prepare readers for practice. UPDATED! More integrated presentation. Information on pain is now better integrated with information on pain treatment. UPDATED! In-text learning aids integrated throughout the text, including learning objectives, case studies, and Q&As, help students master the material and apply it to practice. eBook available for purchase. Fast, smart, and convenient, today's eBooks can transform learning. These interactive, fully searchable tools offer 24/7 access on multiple devices, the ability to highlight and share notes, and more

Diseases of the Brain, Head and Neck, Spine 2016-2019 - Diagnostic Imaging (Paperback, 1st ed. 2016): Jurg Hodler, Rahel A.... Diseases of the Brain, Head and Neck, Spine 2016-2019 - Diagnostic Imaging (Paperback, 1st ed. 2016)
Jurg Hodler, Rahel A. Kubik-Huch, Gustav K. Von Schulthess
R4,463 Discovery Miles 44 630 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

This book deals with neuroimaging of the brain, head, neck, and spine. During the last few years, there have been considerable advances in this subject, driven by clinical as well as technological developments. The authors, internationally renowned experts in their field, have contributed chapters that are disease-oriented and cover all relevant imaging modalities, including magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography, and positron emission tomography. As a result, this book offers a comprehensive review of the state of the art in neuroimaging. It is particularly relevant for general radiologists, radiology residents, neurologists, neurosurgeons, and other clinicians wishing to update their knowledge in this discipline.

Surgery of the Meniscus (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2016): Christophe Hulet, Helder Pereira, Giuseppe Peretti, Matteo Denti Surgery of the Meniscus (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2016)
Christophe Hulet, Helder Pereira, Giuseppe Peretti, Matteo Denti
R4,321 Discovery Miles 43 210 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

This book, published in cooperation with ESSKA, provides an exhaustive review of the meniscus and its pathology, covering all aspects from the basic science of the normal meniscus to clinical and imaging diagnosis, meniscus repair and meniscectomy, outcomes and complications, postoperative management, and emerging technologies. The book opens by examining in depth aspects such as anatomy, histology, physiology, biomechanics, and physiopathology. Clear guidance is offered on arthroscopy and the classification of meniscal lesions, with consideration of the full range of meniscal pathology, including traumatic lesions, degenerative lesions, root tears, meniscal cysts, and congenital lesions. Choice of treatment in different settings is explained, and the various surgical techniques - meniscectomy, meniscal repair, and reconstruction with allografts - are described in detail with the aid of accompanying videos and with presentation of long-term results. The concluding chapter takes a look into the future of meniscus reconstruction, for example through regeneration using mesenchymal stem cells.

Chronic Pelvic Pain and Pelvic Dysfunctions - Assessment and Multidisciplinary Approach (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2021): Alessandro... Chronic Pelvic Pain and Pelvic Dysfunctions - Assessment and Multidisciplinary Approach (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2021)
Alessandro Giammo, Antonella Biroli
R3,389 Discovery Miles 33 890 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

This book provides readers with a holistic approach to chronic pelvic pain which is an extremely complex condition with associated pelvic dysfunctions. This approach significantly facilitates and accelerates the clinical assessment and subsequent follow-up. The pathophysiologic mechanisms involving the nervous system, the pelvic organs and the pelvic floor are discussed, deepening the possible implications on mind, sexuality and pelvic dysfunctions. Evaluation and diagnosis are examined for different types of syndromes. Moreover, since the Bladder Pain Syndrome and the Interstitial Cystitis are main causes of pelvic pain, an original diagnostic approach is proposed specifically for these conditions. In order to deliver the best clinical outcomes, this new system provides a multidisciplinary approach, both in the diagnostic phase and in the therapeutic phase The most recent therapies for chronic pelvic pain following a multidisciplinary approach are described in detail. Due to its practice-oriented contents, the book will greatly benefit all professionals dealing with this debilitating disease, supporting them in their daily clinical routine.

The Psoas Solution - The Practitioner's Guide to Rehabilitation, Corrective Exercise, and Training for Improved Function... The Psoas Solution - The Practitioner's Guide to Rehabilitation, Corrective Exercise, and Training for Improved Function (Paperback)
Evan Osar
R412 R357 Discovery Miles 3 570 Save R55 (13%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The first book to comprehensively discuss the function of the psoas in posture, movement, and exercise, The Psoas Solution identifies the functional anatomy, biomechanics, and motor control of the psoas and its role in core and hip stabilization. Abundantly illustrated with full-colour images throughout, this book also provides most complete review on the relevant research on the psoas available. Integrating this research with clinical experience, Evan Osar identifies the psoas's role on the hip, pelvis, and low back and demonstrates how to incorporate the psoas into functional movement patterns including squatting, lunging, and bending. The Psoas Solution includes corrective and functional exercise progressions for integrating the psoas into daily activities such as standing and sitting. Health and fitness professionals will find this a valuable resource full of applicable strategies and exercises to incorporate into their current rehabilitation and training programs.

The Median Nerve - Motor Conduction Studies (Hardcover, 2015 ed.): Giuliano Gentili, Mario Di Napoli The Median Nerve - Motor Conduction Studies (Hardcover, 2015 ed.)
Giuliano Gentili, Mario Di Napoli
R6,109 Discovery Miles 61 090 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

This atlas systematically reviews motor conduction studies of the median nerve, from pilot human studies in peripheral nerve conduction during the 1950s through to the most recent scientific evidence. Descriptions are provided of a wealth of motor nerve conduction techniques that were reproduced in the laboratory, including both the originally proposed methods and variants. The techniques are organized according to practical criteria for ease of reference. Attention is focused especially on those techniques which have shown higher sensitivity and specificity in the diagnosis of compressive mononeuropathies like carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) and on the most widely accepted guidelines, recommendations, quality measures, and electrodiagnostic classifications. The volume is completed with a detailed, well-illustrated glossary explaining the more commonly used terms in electrodiagnostic medicine (EDX). The atlas is primarily intended for residents and professionals in Neurology, as well as rehabilitation physicians and clinical neurophysiologists. The detailed descriptions of techniques and their practical use will also make the book an invaluable tool for novices and clinical neurophysiology technicians.

Oxford Handbook of Rehabilitation Medicine (Paperback, 3rd Revised edition): Manoj Sivan, Margaret Phillips, Ian Baguley,... Oxford Handbook of Rehabilitation Medicine (Paperback, 3rd Revised edition)
Manoj Sivan, Margaret Phillips, Ian Baguley, Melissa Nott
R903 Discovery Miles 9 030 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The Oxford Handbook of Rehabilitation Medicine is designed to provide concise information on rehabilitation aspects of long-term medical conditions affecting adults. The book has two sections, one on clinical symptom-specific approaches and another on condition-specific approaches. The clinical approach section outlines the management of common symptoms encountered in rehabilitation settings. The section on specific conditions provides information that will enable the reader to put the symptoms in context with the condition and provide direct management in a comprehensive and holistic manner. As the practice in rehabilitation goes beyond dealing with condition specific symptoms and is more focused on problem solving, the handbook provides a solid grounding in managing common practical problems in functions such as mobility, cognition, sex, relationships and work productivity. The conditions covered include neurological, musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, cardiac, pulmonary, cancer, vascular, trauma and burns. The latest advances from the field of orthotics, prosthesis, wheelchairs, technical aids and rehabilitation technology are included. The content and layout within each chapter and handbook as a whole attempt to capture all the aspects of WHO ICF biopsychosocial model for health conditions. This Handbook, although aimed at medical doctors in the specialist area of Rehabilitation Medicine (also known as Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine in some countries), will prove useful to other members of the multidisciplinary rehabilitation team such as physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nurses, psychologists, speech and language therapists, dieticians, support workers and any other allied healthcare professionals working in rehabilitation of chronic conditions. The Handbook will also appeal to doctors in the related specialties like Neurology, Orthopaedics and Trauma, Palliative Medicine, Geriatrics, Pain Medicine and Sports and Exercise Medicine.

Sexuality and Disabilities - A Guide for Human Service Practitioners (Paperback): Deborah P Valentine, Romel W. Mackelprang Sexuality and Disabilities - A Guide for Human Service Practitioners (Paperback)
Deborah P Valentine, Romel W. Mackelprang
R1,226 Discovery Miles 12 260 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Individuals with disabilities are often "desexualized" in our society, yet they have the same need for intimacy, self-worth, and social belonging as people without disabilities. Sexuality and Disabilities addresses persons with physical, sensory, intellectual, and cognitive disabilities and their concerns in the areas of intimacy, family issues, sexuality, and sexual functioning. It offers suggestions for professionals who work with persons with these disabilities to help them work more competently with disabled persons in the sexuality arena. These concrete ideas are excellent for staff training and education and for enhancing professional development for those working with persons with physical disabilities.The contributing authors create an awareness that all people need individualized consideration and that the special needs of all individuals are important, especially for those who may have previously been left to discover things on their own--usually unsuccessfully. Sexuality and Disabilities focuses on a wide range of disabilities, including physical, developmental, and learning disabilities, mental retardation, and conditions that may have an impact on people later in life such as strokes, heart disease, or other chronic illness. Chapters discuss education and support issues for both practitioners and clients. Some of the topics examined include: components of a staff training program on sexuality and disability specific recommendations for sexuality education and counseling with people with spinal cord injuries and other acquired severe neurological disabilities a program model serving parents with mental retardation and their children specific ways educational programming, social work intervention, and policy efforts can address the special learning needs of people with cognitive impairments sources of support and stress for families caring for developmentally disabled children an analysis of special vulnerabilities and challenges relating to sexual victimization that confront people with disabilitiesAn extremely helpful tool for human service practitioners, Sexuality and Disabilities is also a valuable resource for graduate and undergraduate students who have an interest in working with people with physical, cognitive, or mental disabilities and helping them explore this basic facet of their lives.

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