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The Climate of the Mediterranean Region - From the Past to the Future (Hardcover): P. Lionello The Climate of the Mediterranean Region - From the Past to the Future (Hardcover)
P. Lionello
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The Mediterranean region contains a diverse and interesting climate ranging from areas with permanent glaciers to areas of subtropical, semiarid regions. The region is potentially sensitive to climate change and its progress has environmental, social, and economic implications within and beyond the region. Produced by the Mediterranean Climate Variability and Predictability Research Networking Project, this book reviews the evolution of the Mediterranean climate over the past two millennia with projections further into the twenty-first century as well as examining in detail various aspects of the Mediterranean region s climate including evolution, atmospheric variables, and oceanic and land elements. Integrated with this, the book also considers the social and economic problems or vulnerabilities associated with the region. Written and reviewed by multiple researchers to ensure a high level of information presented clearly, Mediterranean Climate Variables will be an invaluable source of information for geologists, oceanographers, and anyone interested in learning more about the Mediterranean climate.
Written by leading experts in the fieldPresents clear, compelling, and concise evidenceIncludes the latest thinking in Mediterranean climate research"

Wave Fields in Real Media - Wave Propagation in Anisotropic, Anelastic Porous and Electromagnetic Media (Hardcover, 2nd Revised... Wave Fields in Real Media - Wave Propagation in Anisotropic, Anelastic Porous and Electromagnetic Media (Hardcover, 2nd Revised edition)
Jose M. Carcione; Edited by Jose M. Carcione
R4,014 Discovery Miles 40 140 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This book examines the differences between an ideal and a real description of wave propagation, where ideal means an elastic (lossless), isotropic and single-phase medium, and real means an anelastic, anisotropic and multi-phase medium. The analysis starts by introducing the relevant stress-strain relation. This relation and the equations of momentum conservation are combined to give the equation of motion. The differential formulation is written in terms of memory variables, and Biot's theory is used to describe wave propagation in porous media. For each rheology, a plane-wave analysis is performed in order to understand the physics of wave propagation. The book contains a review of the main direct numerical methods for solving the equation of motion in the time and space domains. The emphasis is on geophysical applications for seismic exploration, but researchers in the fields of earthquake seismology, rock acoustics, and material science - including many branches of acoustics of fluids and solids - may also find this text useful. The key features include: presents the fundamentals of wave propagation in anisotropic, anelastic and porus media; contains a new chapter on the analogy between acoustic and electromagnetic waves, incorporating the subject of electromagnetic waves; and emphasizes geophysics, particularly, seismic exploration for hydrocarbon reservoirs, which is essential for exploration and production of oil.

The Geologic Time Scale 2012 (Paperback, New): F.M. Gradstein, James G. Ogg, Mark Schmitz, Gabi Ogg The Geologic Time Scale 2012 (Paperback, New)
F.M. Gradstein, James G. Ogg, Mark Schmitz, Gabi Ogg
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"The Geologic Time Scale 2012," winner of a 2012 PROSE Award Honorable Mention for Best Multi-volume Reference in Science from the Association of American Publishers, is the framework for deciphering the history of our planet Earth. The authors have been at the forefront of chronostratigraphic research and initiatives to create an international geologic time scale for many years, and the charts in this book present the most up-to-date, international standard, as ratified by the International Commission on Stratigraphy and the International Union of Geological Sciences. This 2012 geologic time scale is an enhanced, improved and expanded version of the GTS2004, including chapters on planetary scales, the Cryogenian-Ediacaran periods/systems, a prehistory scale of human development, a survey of sequence stratigraphy, and an extensive compilation of stable-isotope chemostratigraphy.

This book is an essential reference for all geoscientists, including researchers, students, and petroleum and mining professionals. The presentation is non-technical and illustrated with numerous colour charts, maps and photographs. The book also includes a detachable wall chart of the complete time scale for use as a handy reference in the office, laboratory or field.

The most detailed international geologic time scale available that contextualizes information in one single reference for quick desktop access. Gives insights in the construction, strengths, and limitations of the geological time scale that greatly enhances its function and its utility. Aids understanding by combining with the mathematical and statistical methods to scaled composites of global succession of events. Meets the needs of a range of users at various points in the workflow (researchers extracting linear time from rock records, students recognizing the geologic stage by their content).

Encyclopedia of Caves (Hardcover, 2nd edition): Encyclopedia of Caves (Hardcover, 2nd edition)
R2,121 R1,805 Discovery Miles 18 050 Save R316 (15%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Encyclopedia of Caves is a self-contained, beautifully illustrated work dedicated to caves and their unique environments. It includes more than 100 comprehensive articles from leading scholars and explorers in 15 different countries. Each entry is detailed and scientifically sound, yet accessible for students and non-scientists. This large-format reference is enchanced with hundreds of full-color photographs, maps, and drawings from the authors' own work, which provide unique images of the underground environment.
Global in reach--authors are an international team of experts covering caves from around the worldIncludes 24 new articles commissioned especially for this 2nd edition Articles contain extensive bibliographies cross-referencing related essaysHundreds of color photographs, maps, charts and illustrations of cave features and biotaA-Z sequence and a comprehensive index allow for easy location of topics Glossary presents definitions of all key vocabulary items

MARGO - Multiproxy Approach for the Reconstruction of the Glacial Ocean surface (Hardcover): M. Kucera, R Schneider, M. Weinelt MARGO - Multiproxy Approach for the Reconstruction of the Glacial Ocean surface (Hardcover)
M. Kucera, R Schneider, M. Weinelt
R1,701 R395 Discovery Miles 3 950 Save R1,306 (77%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

This volume summarizes the results of the MARGO international working group, with the aim to develop an updated and harmonised reconstruction of sea surface temperatures and sea-ice extent of the Last Glacial Maximum oceans. The MARGO approach differs from previous efforts by developing and consistently applying measures of various aspects of reconstruction reliability, and by combining faunal and geochemical proxies.

In 14 papers, the volume provides a comprehensive review of earlier work and a series of new, proxy-specific reconstructions based on census counts of planktonic foraminifera, diatoms, radiolaria and dinoflagellate cysts as well as on Mg/Ca measurements in planktonic foraminifera. The approach of harmonising the calibration and application of different proxies is described in detail, various paleothermometry techniques and their results are compared and the challenge of treating sparsely sampled data as the basis for ocean circulation models is addressed. The use of stable oxygen isotope composition of foraminiferal shells as a proxy for past sea water composition is comprehensively reassessed, and a new approach to the transfer function paleothermometer is presented.

This volume represents a landmark contribution to the understanding of ice-age oceanography as well as the proxies used to reconstruct past ocean states. The results will form the basis for forcing and validation of ocean circulation models.
* New regional reconstructions of Last Glacial Maximum ocean temperatures and sea ice cover
* Compilation of new calibration and fossil datasets as well as documentation of techniques and approaches to paleoenvironmental reconstructions.
* Comparison of techniques, proxies and modelling approaches

Principles of Sequence Stratigraphy (Hardcover): Octavian Catuneanu Principles of Sequence Stratigraphy (Hardcover)
Octavian Catuneanu
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Principles of Sequence Stratigraphy provides an in-depth coverage and impartial assessment of all current ideas and models in the field of sequence stratigraphy. Even though widely popular among all groups interested in the analysis of sedimentary basin fills, both in academia and in the industry, sequence stratigraphy is yet a difficult undertaking due to an overwhelming jargon and the persistence of conflicting approaches as to how the sequence stratigraphic method should be applied to the rock record. This textbook examines the relationship between such conflicting approaches from the perspective of a unifying platform, demonstrating that sufficient common ground exists to eliminate terminology barriers and to facilitate communication between all practitioners of sequence stratigraphy.

This work is not only a review of past and current literature, but also includes key original viewpoints and is illustrated with new graphic material and numerous field examples of outcrop, core, well log and 3D seismic data in full colour. The book is addressed to anyone interested in understanding and applying the method of sequence stratigraphic analysis, from students to geologists, geophysicists and reservoir engineers. Sequence stratigraphy remains the most recent paradigm in the broad field of sedimentary geology, with tremendous potential to deciphering the record of global change and to improving the success of economic exploration.
* Offers theoretical guidelines of how the facies and time relationships are expected to be under specific circumstances such as subsidence patterns, sediment supply, topographic gradients, etc.
* Contains numerous high-quality and full-color diagrams, photographs and illustrations, virtually on every aid in comprehension of the subject
* Features a dedicated chapter on discussions and conclusions incorporating all previous chapters with references, basic principles and strategies
* Provides an extensive list of references for further reading, as well as an author and subject index for quick information access

Regional Geology and Tectonics: Phanerozoic Rift Systems and Sedimentary Basins (Hardcover, New): David G. Roberts, A.W. Bally Regional Geology and Tectonics: Phanerozoic Rift Systems and Sedimentary Basins (Hardcover, New)
David G. Roberts, A.W. Bally
R2,330 R1,891 Discovery Miles 18 910 Save R439 (19%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Expert petroleum geologists David Roberts and Albert Bally bring you "Regional Geology and Tectonics: Phanerozoic Rift Systems and Sedimentary Basins," volume two in a three-volume series covering Phanerozoic regional geology and tectonics. Experience in analyzing and assessing rifts-locations where the Earth s outer shell and crust have been stretched over time by seismic activity-is critical for you as an exploration geologist in identifying Earth s most lucrative hydrocarbon locations in which extraction is both efficient and safe. Vast compilations of related industry data present regional seismic lines and cross sections, and summaries of analogue and theoretical models are provided as an essential backdrop to the structure and stratigraphy of various geological settings.
Named a 2013 Outstanding Academic Title by the American Library Association's "Choice "publicationA practical reference for petroleum geologists that discusses the importance of rift systems and the structural evolution of the Earth Analyses of active rifts in East Africa, China, Siberia, the Gulf of Suez, and the Russian Arctic provide immediately implementable petroleum exploration applications in regions heavily targeted by oil & gas companies Presents overviews of sequence stratigraphy in rifts and structural controls on clastic and carbonate sedimentation-critical to the exact mapping of the most lucrative hydrocarbon locations by exploration geologists"

Introduction to Volcanic Seismology, Volume 6 (Paperback, 2nd edition): Vyacheslav M. Zobin Introduction to Volcanic Seismology, Volume 6 (Paperback, 2nd edition)
Vyacheslav M. Zobin
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Volcanic seismology represents the main, and often the only, tool to forecast volcanic eruptions and to monitor the eruption process. This book describes the main types of seismic signals at volcanoes, their nature and spatial and temporal distributions at different stages of eruptive activity. Following from the success of the first edition, published in 2003, the second edition consists of 19 chapters including significant revision and five new chapters. Organized into four sections, the book begins with an introduction to the history and topic of volcanic seismology, discussing the theoretical and experimental models that were developed for the study of the origin of volcanic earthquakes. The second section is devoted to the study of volcano-tectonic earthquakes, giving the theoretical basis for their occurrence and swarms as well as case stories of volcano-tectonic activity associated with the eruptions at basaltic, andesitic, and dacitic volcanoes. There were 40 cases of volcanic eruptions at 20 volcanoes that occurred all over the world from 1910 to 2005, which are discussed. General regularities of volcano-tectonic earthquake swarms, their participation in the eruptive process, their source properties, and the hazard of strong volcano-tectonic earthquakes are also described. The third section describes the theoretical basis for the occurrence of eruption earthquakes together with the description of volcanic tremor, the seismic signals associated with pyroclastic flows, rockfalls and lahars, and volcanic explosions, long-period and very-long-period seismic signals at volcanoes, micro-earthquake swarms, and acoustic events. The final section discuss the mitigation of volcanic hazard and include the methodology of seismic monitoring of volcanic activity, the examples of forecasting of volcanic eruptions by seismic methods, and the description of seismic activity in the regions of dormant volcanoes.

This book will be essential for students and practitioners of volcanic seismology to understand the essential elements of volcanic eruptions.
Provides a comprehensive overview of seismic signals at different stages of volcano eruption.Discusses dozens of case histories from around the world to provide real-world applications.Illustrations accompany detailed descriptions of volcano eruptions alongside the theories involved.

Ultrahigh-Pressure Metamorphism - 25 Years After The Discovery Of Coesite And Diamond (Hardcover): Larissa Dobrzhinetskaya,... Ultrahigh-Pressure Metamorphism - 25 Years After The Discovery Of Coesite And Diamond (Hardcover)
Larissa Dobrzhinetskaya, Shah Wali Faryad, Simon Wallis, Simon Cuthbert
R2,696 R2,179 Discovery Miles 21 790 Save R517 (19%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Ultrahigh Pressure Metamorphism (UHPM) is a fast growing discipline that was established 25 years ago after discoveries of high pressure minerals, coesite and diamonds. The current explosion of research on UHMP terranes reflects their significance for understanding large scale mantle dynamics, major elements of plate tectonics such as continental collisions, deep subduction and exhumation, mountains building, geochemical recycling 'from surface to the core', and a deep storage of light elements participating in green-house effects in the atmosphere. This book provides insights into the formation of diamond and coesite at very high pressures and explores new ideas regarding the tectonic setting of this style of metamorphism.
Important, authoritative and comprehensive one-stop resource for the growing ultrahigh pressure metamorphism UHPM research communityA forward-looking approach founded upon a detailed historical perspective on UHPM presents the trends in discovery, methodology and theory over the last 25 years, allowing readers to gain a clear understanding of the current trends and the approaches that will shape the science in the futureA highly diverse set of articles, covering a wide range of methods and sub-disciplines

Silicate Glasses and Melts, Volume 10 - Properties and Structure (Paperback, New): Bjorn O Mysen, Pascal Richet Silicate Glasses and Melts, Volume 10 - Properties and Structure (Paperback, New)
Bjorn O Mysen, Pascal Richet
R4,068 Discovery Miles 40 680 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

This book describes the structure-property-composition relationships for silicate glasses and melts of industrial and geological interest. From Antiquity to the 20th century, an introductory chapter presents this subject in a historical perspective. Basic concepts are then discussed in three chapters where attention is paid to the glass transition and its various consequences on melt and glass properties, to the structural and physical differences between amorphous and crystalline silicates, and to the mutual relationships between local order, energetics and physical properties.

With pure SiO2 as a starting point, compositions of increasing chemical complexity are successively dealt with in a dozen chapters. The effects of network-modifying cations on structure and properties are first exemplified by alkali and alkaline earth elements. The specific influence of aluminum, iron, titanium, and phosphorus are then reviewed. With water, volatiles in the system COHS, noble gases, and halogens, the effects of volatile components are also described. The last chapter explains how the results obtained on simpler melts can be applied to chemically complex systems. In each chapter, physical and chemical properties are described first and followed by a review of glass and melt structure. When possible, pressure effects are also considered.
*From SiO2 to complex silicate compositions, the physical and chemical properties of melts and glasses of geological and industrial interest
*Structural characterization of melts and glasses, from ambient to high pressure and temperature
*From basic concepts to an advanced level, a consistent description of the structure-property-composition relationships in glasses and melts

Groundwater Science (Hardcover, 2nd edition): Charles R. Fitts Groundwater Science (Hardcover, 2nd edition)
Charles R. Fitts
R1,767 Discovery Miles 17 670 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

"Groundwater Science, Second Edition"-winner of a 2014 Textbook Excellence Award (Texty) from The Text and Academic Authors Association-covers groundwater's role in the hydrologic cycle and in water supply, contamination, and construction issues. It is a valuable resource for students and instructors in the geosciences (with focuses in hydrology, hydrogeology, and environmental science), and as a reference work for professional researchers. This interdisciplinary text weaves important methods and applications from the disciplines of physics, chemistry, mathematics, geology, biology, and environmental science, introducing you to the mathematical modeling and contaminant flow of groundwater.

New to the Second Edition: New chapter on subsurface heat flow and geothermal systemsExpanded content on well construction and design, surface water hydrology, groundwater/ surface water interaction, slug tests, pumping tests, and mounding analysis.Updated discussions of groundwater modeling, calibration, parameter estimation, and uncertaintyFree software tools for slug test analysis, pumping test analysis, and aquifer modelingLists of key terms and chapter contents at the start of each chapterExpanded end-of-chapter problems, including more conceptual questions
Winner of a 2014 Texty Award from the Text and Academic Authors AssociationFeatures two-color figures Includes homework problems at the end of each chapter and worked examples throughoutProvides a companion website with videos of field exploration and contaminant migration experiments, PDF files of USGS reports, and data files for homework problemsOffers PowerPoint slides and solution manual for adopting faculty

Fractal Models in Exploration Geophysics, Volume 41 - Applications to Hydrocarbon Reservoirs (Hardcover): Vijay P. Dimri, R.P.... Fractal Models in Exploration Geophysics, Volume 41 - Applications to Hydrocarbon Reservoirs (Hardcover)
Vijay P. Dimri, R.P. Srivastava, Nimisha Vedanti, N.M Banerjee
R2,527 R2,022 Discovery Miles 20 220 Save R505 (20%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Researchers in the field of exploration geophysics have developed new methods for the acquisition, processing and interpretation of gravity and magnetic data, based on detailed investigations of bore wells around the globe. "Fractal Models in Exploration Geophysics" describes fractal-based models for characterizing these complex subsurface geological structures.

The authors introduce the inverse problem using a fractal approach which they then develop with the implementation of a global optimization algorithm for seismic data: very fast simulated annealing (VFSA). This approach provides high-resolution inverse modeling results-particularly useful for reservoir characterization.

* Serves as a valuable resource for researchers studying the application of fractals in exploration, and for practitioners directly applying field data for geo-modeling * Discusses the basic principles and practical applications of time-lapse seismic reservoir monitoring technology-application rapidly advancing topic * Provides the fundamentals for those interested in reservoir geophysics and reservoir simulation study * Demonstrates an example of reservoir simulation for enhanced oil recovery using CO2 injection

Advanced Remote Sensing - Terrestrial Information Extraction and Applications (Hardcover): Shunlin Liang, Xiaowen Li, Jindi Wang Advanced Remote Sensing - Terrestrial Information Extraction and Applications (Hardcover)
Shunlin Liang, Xiaowen Li, Jindi Wang
R2,492 R2,040 Discovery Miles 20 400 Save R452 (18%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

"Advanced Remote Sensing" is an application-based reference that provides a single source of mathematical concepts necessary for remote sensing data gathering and assimilation. It presents state-of-the-art techniques for estimating land surface variables from a variety of data types, including optical sensors such as RADAR and LIDAR. Scientists in a number of different fields including geography, geology, atmospheric science, environmental science, planetary science and ecology will have access to critically-important data extraction techniques and their virtually unlimited applications. While rigorous enough for the most experienced of scientists, the techniques are well designed and integrated, making the book s content intuitive, clearly presented, and practical in its implementation.

* Comprehensive overview of various practical methods and algorithms * Detailed description of the principles and procedures of the state-of-the-art algorithms * Real-world case studies open several chapters * More than 500 full-color figures and tables * Edited by top remote sensing experts with contributions from authors across the geosciences"

Coding and Decoding: Seismic Data, Volume 39 - The Concept of Multishooting (Hardcover): Luc T. Ikelle Coding and Decoding: Seismic Data, Volume 39 - The Concept of Multishooting (Hardcover)
Luc T. Ikelle
R2,691 R2,172 Discovery Miles 21 720 Save R519 (19%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Currently, the acquisition of seismic surveys is performed as a sequential operation in which shots are computed separately, one after the other. The concept of the multishooting approach illustrates that several shots can be generated from several locations and at different time intervals simultaneously. This approach is similar to that of multiple-access technology, which is widely used in cellular communications to allow several subscribers to share the same telephone line.
The cost of performing various shots simultaneously is almost identical to that of one shot; thus, the savings in time and money expected from using the multishooting approach for computing seismic surveys compared to the current approach are enormous. By using this approach, the long-standing problem of simulating a three-dimensional seismic survey can be reduced to a matter of weeks and not years, as is currently the case.
This book investigates how to collect, stimulate, and process multishooting data, as well as address what improvements in seismic characterization and resolution one can expect.
* Investigates how to collect, stimulate, and process multishooting data
* Addresses the improvements in seismic characterization and resolution one can expect from multishooting data
* Aims to educate the oil and gas exploration and production business of the benefits of multishooting data, and to influence their day-to-day surveying techniques

Environmentally Benign Approaches for Pulp Bleaching (Hardcover, 2nd edition): Pratima Bajpai Environmentally Benign Approaches for Pulp Bleaching (Hardcover, 2nd edition)
Pratima Bajpai
R2,550 R2,108 Discovery Miles 21 080 Save R442 (17%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Pulp and paper production has increased globally and will continue to increase in the near future. Approximately 155 million tons of wood pulp is produced worldwide and about 260 million is projected for 2010. To cope with the increasing demand, an increase in production and improved environmental performance is needed as the industry is under constant pressure to reduce environmental emissions to air and water. This book gives updated information on environmentally benign approaches for pulp bleaching, which can help solve the problems associated with conventional bleaching technologies.
Main focus is on the environmentally-friendly technologies that can help solve some of the problems associated with conventional bleaching technologiesInformation given is up-to-date, authoritative, and cites the experiences of many mills and pertinent research, which is of interest to those working in the industry or intending to do soCovers in great depth all the aspects of various bleaching processes including environmental issues

Geology and Sedimentology of the Korean Peninsula (Hardcover, New): Sung Kwun Chough Geology and Sedimentology of the Korean Peninsula (Hardcover, New)
Sung Kwun Chough
R3,818 Discovery Miles 38 180 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Written by one of Korea's most respected earth scientists, "Geology and Sedimentology of the Korean Peninsula" analyzes sedimentary facies, basin evolution, and sequence stratigraphy to provide answers to depositional processes and environmental changes through the Earth's history, including tectonic events, climate changes, and sea-level fluctuations. This is one of the first books covering the geology of the Korean peninsula. It offers an in-depth exploration of this region, which also allows comparison with sedimentary basins around the world. This is an important book for students, researchers, and professionals working in the geography of East Asia.

The study of sedimentary basins can help advance basic understanding of how the Earth's crust developed, as well as offer insights into the influence of environmental and climate change. Sedimentary basins are also of interest due to their importance in the exploration and recovery of natural resources, including oil and gas, water, and industrial minerals.
Provides fundamental information on the geology of East Asia Serves as a guide for integrated sedimentary basin analysis, providing a detailed aid for comparative researchContains over 200 figures to illustrate the analysis

The Physics of Glaciers (Hardcover, 4th edition): Kurt M. Cuffey, W.S.B. Paterson The Physics of Glaciers (Hardcover, 4th edition)
Kurt M. Cuffey, W.S.B. Paterson
R2,053 R1,715 Discovery Miles 17 150 Save R338 (16%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The Physics of Glaciers, Fourth Edition, discusses the physical principles that underlie the behavior and characteristics of glaciers. The term glacier refers to all bodies of ice created by the accumulation of snowfall, e.g., mountain glaciers, ice caps, continental ice sheets, and ice shelves. Glaciology-the study of all forms of ice-is an interdisciplinary field encompassing physics, geology, atmospheric science, mathematics, and others. This book covers various aspects of glacier studies, including the transformation of snow to ice, grain-scale structures and ice deformation, mass exchange processes, glacial hydrology, glacier flow, and the impact of climate change. The present edition features two new chapters: "Ice Sheets and the Earth System" and "Ice, Sea Level, and Contemporary Climate Change." The chapter on ice core studies has been updated from the previous version with new material. The materials on the flow of mountain glaciers, ice sheets, ice streams, and ice shelves have been combined into a single chapter entitled "The Flow of Ice Masses."

Principles of the Magnetic Methods in Geophysics (Hardcover, 42nd edition): Principles of the Magnetic Methods in Geophysics (Hardcover, 42nd edition)
R3,718 Discovery Miles 37 180 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Magnetic methods are widely used in exploration, engineering, borehole and global geophysics, and the subjects of this book are the physical and mathematical principles of these methods regardless of the area of application.
Beginning with Ampere's law, the force of interaction between currents is analyzed, and then the concept of the magnetic field is introduced and the fundamental features are discussed.
Special attention is paid to measurements of relaxation processes, including topics as the spin echoes or refocusing. Also the special role of the magnetic method in the development of the plate tectonic theory is described.
* covers all the physical and mathematical principles of magnetic methods regardless of the area of application.
* presents thorough developments of magnetic methods.

Treatise on Geophysics, Volume 2 - Mineral Physics (Paperback, New): G David Price Treatise on Geophysics, Volume 2 - Mineral Physics (Paperback, New)
G David Price
R1,663 R1,377 Discovery Miles 13 770 Save R286 (17%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Treatise on Geophysics: Mineral Physics, Volume 2, provides a comprehensive review of the current state of understanding of mineral physics. Each chapter demonstrates the significant progress that has been made in the understanding of the physics and chemistry of minerals, and also highlights a number of issues which are still outstanding or that need further work to resolve current contradictions. The book first reviews the current status of our understanding of the nature of the deep Earth. These include the seismic properties of rocks and minerals; problems of the lower mantle and the core-mantle boundary; and the state of knowledge on mantle chemistry and the nature and evolution of the core. The discussions then turn to the theory underlying high-pressure, high-temperature physics, and the major experimental methods being developed to probe this parameter space. The remaining chapters explain the specific techniques for measuring elastic and acoustic properties, electronic and magnetic properties, and rheological properties; the nature and origin of anisotropy in the Earth; the properties of melt; and the magnetic and electrical properties of mantle phases.

Geological Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide, Volume 11 - Thermodynamics, Kinetics, and Reaction Path Modeling (Hardcover, New):... Geological Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide, Volume 11 - Thermodynamics, Kinetics, and Reaction Path Modeling (Hardcover, New)
Luigi Marini
R3,629 Discovery Miles 36 290 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

The contents of this monograph are two-scope. First, it intends to provide a synthetic but complete account of the thermodynamic and kinetic foundations on which the reaction path modeling of geological CO2 sequestration is based. In particular, a great effort is devoted to review the thermodynamic properties of CO2 and of the CO2-H2O system and the interactions in the aqueous solution, the thermodynamic stability of solid product phases (by means of several stability plots and activity plots), the volumes of carbonation reactions, and especially the kinetics of dissolution/precipitation reactions of silicates, oxides, hydroxides, and carbonates.
Second, it intends to show the reader how reaction path modeling of geological CO2 sequestration is carried out. To this purpose the well-known high-quality EQ3/6 software package is used. Setting up of computer simulations and obtained results are described in detail and used EQ3/6 input files are given to guide the reader step-by-step from the beginning to the end of these exercises.
Finally, some examples of reaction-path- and reaction-transport-modeling taken from the available literature are presented. The results of these simulations are of fundamental importance to evaluate the amounts of potentially sequestered CO2, and their evolution with time, as well as the time changes of all the other relevant geochemical parameters (e.g., amounts of solid reactants and products, composition of the aqueous phase, pH, redox potential, effects on aquifer porosity). In other words, in this way we are able to predict what occurs when CO2 is injected into a deep aquifer.
* Provides applications for investigating and predicting geological carbon dioxide sequestration
* Reviews the geochemical literature in the field
* Discusses the importance of geochemists in the multidisciplinary study of geological carbon dioxide sequestration

The Institutional Economics of Market-Based Climate Policy, Volume 7 (Hardcover, New): E. Woerdman The Institutional Economics of Market-Based Climate Policy, Volume 7 (Hardcover, New)
E. Woerdman
R4,765 Discovery Miles 47 650 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

The objective of this book is to analyze the institutional barriers to implementing market-based climate policy, as well as to provide some opportunities to overcome them. The approach is that of institutional economics, with special emphasis on political transaction costs and path dependence.

Instead of rejecting the neoclassical approach, this book uses it where fruitful and shows when and why it is necessary to employ a new or neo-institutionalist approach. The result is that equity is considered next to efficiency, that the evolution and possible lock-in of both formal and informal climate institutions are studied, and that attention is paid to the politics and law of economic instruments for climate policy, including some new empirical analyses.

The research topics of this book include the set-up costs of a permit trading system, the risk that credit trading becomes locked-in, the potential legal problem of grandfathering in terms of actional subsidies under WTO law or state aid under EC law, and the changing attitudes of various European officials towards restricting the use of the Kyoto Mechanisms.

Quantitative Borehole Acoustic Methods, Volume 24 (Hardcover, New): X.-M. Tang, A. Cheng Quantitative Borehole Acoustic Methods, Volume 24 (Hardcover, New)
X.-M. Tang, A. Cheng
R3,126 Discovery Miles 31 260 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Acoustic logging is a multidisciplinary technology involving basic theory, instrumentation, and data processing/interpretation methodologies. The advancement of the technology now allows for a broad range of measurements to obtain formation properties such as elastic wave velocity and attenuation, formation permeability, and seismic anisotropy that are important for petroleum reservoir exploration. With these advances, it is easier to detect and characterize formation fractures, estimate formation stress field, and locate/estimate petroleum reserves. The technology has evolved from the monopole acoustic logging into the multipole, including dipole, cross-dipole, and even quadrupole, acoustic logging measurements. The measurement process has developed from the conventional wireline logging into the logging-while-drilling stage.

For such a fast developing technology with applications that are interesting to readers of different backgrounds, it is necessary to have systematic documentation of the discipline, including the theory, methods, and applications, as well as the technology's past, present, and near future development trends. "Quantitative Borehole Acoustic Methods" provides such documentation, with emphasis on the development over the past decade. Although considerable effort has been made to provide a thorough basis for the theory and methodology development, emphasis is placed on the applications of the developed methods. The applications are illustrated with field data examples. Many of the acoustic waveform analysis/processing methods described in the book are now widely used in the well logging industry.

Geosciences, Environment and Man, Volume 1 (Hardcover): Herve Chamley Geosciences, Environment and Man, Volume 1 (Hardcover)
Herve Chamley
R4,111 Discovery Miles 41 110 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

"Geosciences, Environment and Man" has three major objectives, which determine the division in three parts of this volume: I. To consider the main natural geological processes interfering with and therefore threatening the activities of man: earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, land movements, floods, wind and coastal risks; main prevention and mitigation measures against these natural hazards are presented. II. To examine the exploitation of earth's natural resources such as materials, ores and minerals, fossil fuels, water, radioactivity, and the resulting consequences on solid Earth balance and future. III. To assess the hold level reached by the activities of man on planet surface envelopes through agriculture, urbanization, industrialization, and communication; the local to global effects of human influence triggered by recent demographic growth on underground, soils, water and air characters are taken into account. Both deteriorating and beneficial aspects of Earth - the interactions of man are emphasized, as well as mitigation or restoration measures and perspectives.

Earth'S Magnetosphere (Hardcover): Walter J. Heikkila Earth'S Magnetosphere (Hardcover)
Walter J. Heikkila
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The author argues that, after four decades of debate about the interactive of solar wind with the magnetosphere, it is time to get back to basics. Starting with Newton's law, this book also examines Maxwell's equations and subsidiary equations such as continuity, constitutive relations and the Lorentz transformation; Helmholtz' theorem, and Poynting's theorem, among other methods for understanding this interaction.

Includes chapters on prompt particle acceleration to high energies, plasma transfer event, and the low latitude boundary layer
More than 200 figures illustrate the text
Includes a color insert

Acoustic and Elastic Wave Fields in Geophysics, III, Volume 39 (Hardcover): Alex A. Kaufman, Anatoli L Levshin Acoustic and Elastic Wave Fields in Geophysics, III, Volume 39 (Hardcover)
Alex A. Kaufman, Anatoli L Levshin
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This monograph is the last volume in the series 'Acoustic and Elastic
Wave Fields in Geophysics'. The previous two volumes published by Elsevier (2000, 2002) dealt mostly with wave propagation in liquid media.

The third volume is dedicated to propagation of plane, spherical and cylindrical elastic waves in different media including isotropic and transversely isotropic solids, liquid-solid models, and media with cylindrical inclusions (boreholes).
* Prevalence of physical reasoning on formal mathematical derivations
* Readers do not need to have a strong background in mathematics and mathematical physics
* Detailed analysis of wave phenomena in various types of elastic and liquid-elastic media

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