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James Martin's Great British Adventure (Hardcover): James Martin James Martin's Great British Adventure (Hardcover)
James Martin 1
R621 R433 Discovery Miles 4 330 Save R188 (30%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Following on from his triumphant TV shows and books James Martin's American Adventure and James Martin's French Adventure, our food hero comes home and brings us what he does best in James Martin's Great British Adventure.

The book sees James travel from coast to coast, cooking and eating everywhere from Whitby to Snowdonia, Bristol to Belfast, and Orkney to Padstow. On the way he cooks classic British dishes alongside some more surprising recipes, all with the best ingredients this small island has to offer.

It's the culinary journey that's right on your doorstep and here are recipes from the series, along with exclusive photography from behind the scenes on James's extraordinary food trip.

Mexicana! - For the Love of Tacos, Nachos and All Things Fiesta (Hardcover, Edition): Esther Clark Mexicana! - For the Love of Tacos, Nachos and All Things Fiesta (Hardcover, Edition)
Esther Clark 1
R366 R262 Discovery Miles 2 620 Save R104 (28%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Over 70 tasty taco and moreish nacho recipes to indulge your cravings and bring the spirit of Mexicana into your home! Bring the spirit of Mexicana into your home with over 70 tasty taco and moreish nacho recipes to feed your fiesta cravings! Indulge in a bowl (or two) of nachos, make every day taco Tuesday, eat tostada for breakfast, start every meal with a margarita, and always use fingers! So, invest in a healthy supply of tortillas (and maybe a bottle of tequila) and solve all your dinner dilemmas with the only question worth asking: Tacos or Nachos? We recommend both. iSalud!

Sushi Master - An Expert Guide to Sourcing, Making and Enjoying Sushi at Home (Hardcover): Nick Sakagami Sushi Master - An Expert Guide to Sourcing, Making and Enjoying Sushi at Home (Hardcover)
Nick Sakagami 1
R417 R297 Discovery Miles 2 970 Save R120 (29%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Learn to make sushi at home with lessons from the masters. Nick Sakagami, the only person outside of Japan to earn the designation osakana meister, introduces the fundamentals of sushi, starting with the fish. Photography from Tokyo's Tsukiji fish market offers an inside look at where most of our tuna comes from, and a deep dive into the tools, techniques, and etiquette of sushi ensure you'll never look at a California roll the same way again. Expert recipes from Sakagami's favorite international sushi chefs and clients include variations of: Maki Sashimi Nigiri Onigiri (rice balls) Sushi Master also includes recipes for traditional Japanese soups, including two different types of miso, plus appetizers like tsukemono (Japanese pickles), shishito pepper, and spicy scallop carpaccio. Once you've mastered the staples, you can move on to advanced techniques, such as searing, marinating, aging, and adding garnishes. This comprehensive guide also includes tips on sourcing your ingredients and best practices for sustainability. Sushi Master is your definitive guide to mastering the art of sushi.

Victorian Recipes (Paperback): Pitkin Victorian Recipes (Paperback)
R119 R83 Discovery Miles 830 Save R36 (30%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This charming little book provides a feast of original recipes from Victorian times, which are still perfectly reliable today. How about spring soup or mayonnaise of chicken in shells to start? Followed by toad in the hole made with steak and kidney, maybe served with asparagus pudding? And for dessert there could be canary pudding with a sweet sauce, or perhaps the exotic pears a l'allemande? Interspersed with delightful illustrations, Victorian Recipes is sure to make a welcome addition to the recipe collection of any keen cook, and a nostalgic and thoughtful gift for those who love all things from the Victorian era.

My Little French Kitchen - Over 100 recipes from the mountains, market squares and shores of France (Hardcover): Rachel Khoo My Little French Kitchen - Over 100 recipes from the mountains, market squares and shores of France (Hardcover)
Rachel Khoo 1
R430 R332 Discovery Miles 3 320 Save R98 (23%) Shipped within 4 - 8 working days

Rachel Khoo follows The Little Paris Kitchen with The Little French Kitchen, bringing her modern twists to classic recipes from around the country. Rachel Khoo became an overnight sensation when her first book The Little Paris Kitchen and BBC2 television series launched last year. Coveting her Parisian lifestyle, fashion sense and, more importantly, her accessible, delicious recipes cooked up in her tiny kitchen, the nation took her to their hearts and now they can receive second helpings. Taking her 'Little Paris Kitchen' on tour in her second official book, Rachel is leaving the capital city to travel to the four corners of France in search of the very best recipes in the country. From the snow-topped mountains and Christmas markets of Alsace to the winemaking region of the Bordeaux, the dreamy vistas of Provence and the well-stocked larders of Brittany and Normandy, Rachel seeks inspiration in some of the best-known foodie places as well as uncovering hidden insights, all ready to share with you. Recipes include: pork and clams with cider and butter beans, spicy aubergine sticks with couscous, baked figs with walnuts, beer-glazed ham hock, caramelized apple bake and spiced almond biscuits. Join Rachel Khoo on her tour de France in The Little French Kitchen. Rachel is a graduate of Central Saint Martin's College of Art and Design in London. It was her passion for patisserie that lured her to Paris, where she obtained a pastry diploma. She then put her skills to use at the delightful Paris culinary bookstore and tea salon, La Cocotte, where she catered for book launches and hosted cookery classes. Working as a freelancer, she now travels the world working on a variety of projects, from workshops to catering for huge blue-chip client events to smaller, intimate pop-up restaurants. Her first book was The Little Paris Kitchen, accompanying her hit BBC2 television series. She writes a weekly recipe column for the Evening Standard.

Patisserie - A Step-by-step Guide to Baking French Pastries at Home (Paperback, Digital original): Murielle Valette Patisserie - A Step-by-step Guide to Baking French Pastries at Home (Paperback, Digital original)
Murielle Valette
R421 R352 Discovery Miles 3 520 Save R69 (16%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This book is a tribute to French Patisserie. It is also a manual to learn how to successfully and easily make traditional French desserts at home. It's written for all people who love to bake and want to do it like the professionals do. From beginners to more advanced, everyone can do it. The author is a professional French pastry chef who wants to share her passion and talent for baking. In this book you will discover: An easy way to make traditional French Patisserie at home. Richly illustrated and simplified step by step recipes and techniques. All the secrets you've always wanted to know about French baking. Professional tips that make baking easier. The classic recipes of French Patisserie. How to impress your friends with your skills at baking traditional French food.

Street Food: Vietnam - Noodles, salads, pho, spring rolls, banh mi & more (Hardcover): Jerry Mai Street Food: Vietnam - Noodles, salads, pho, spring rolls, banh mi & more (Hardcover)
Jerry Mai
R549 R356 Discovery Miles 3 560 Save R193 (35%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Author Michael Nguyen is a master of street food. He owns a restaurant specialising in flavours of Vietnamese hawker-markets. Throughout this book, Michael presents street food from the length of the country. There's bahn mi, rice paper rolls, Vietnamese-style omelets, lemongrass and fresh herb infused stir-frys, fresh noodle salads and so much more. Learn the subtle finesse that distinguishes a Hanoi-style pho from its southern relatives. If these dishes can be made on a cart, in the swarming streets of Da Nang, you can be confident in recreating them at home. With stunning photography of all 70 recipes, accompanied by gonzo imagery of the country itself, this is the perfect book for the armchair traveller or for those wishing to commemorate their trip. This book is the first installment of the Street Food series, with Turkey and Mexico next on the chopping block. As any visitor will tell you, travelling through Vietnam is a culinary awakening. From Hanoi - the country's capital, in the north - down to Ho Chi Minh, it's easy to find where the locals eat... Because it's right in middle of the street. Where the West might view street carts as specially reserved for the chronically intoxicated or intestinally masochistic, curbside vendors in Vietnam are the country's greatest chefs. Street Food: Vietnam is a glimpse into these compact kitchens-on-wheels, without any of the humidity.

Chinese Food Made Easy - 100 Simple, Healthy Recipes from Easy-to-Find Ingredients (Hardcover, TV tie-in edition): Ching-He... Chinese Food Made Easy - 100 Simple, Healthy Recipes from Easy-to-Find Ingredients (Hardcover, TV tie-in edition)
Ching-He Huang 2
R486 R340 Discovery Miles 3 400 Save R146 (30%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Ching-He Huang is one of the brightest stars in modern Chinese cooking in the UK. Each week in her new BBC2 series she re-invents the nation's favourite Chinese dishes, modernising them with fresh, easy to buy ingredients, and offering simple practical tips and techniques. These are brought together in this beautiful book to accompany the series. Drawing on the experiences of top chefs, her family and friends, growers and producers and celebrity enthusiasts Ching sets out to discover the best Chinese cooking in the UK today, introducing easy-to-make Chinese food to sometimes resistant Brits, and painting a picture of modern Anglo-Chinese life in the UK as she goes. Chinese Food Made Easy begins with some of the most familiar dishes from a Chinese takeaway menu - Sweet & Sour Prawns, Chicken with Cashew Nuts, Chop Suey and Cantonese Vegetable Stir Fry, each with Ching's special and imaginative twist. Later we explore spicy Szechuan food: Noodles, Dumplings and Dim sum; Seafood; Fast Food ; Desserts and finally Celebratory Food, where Ching presents a complete banquet of dishes to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Ching's knowledge, charm and enthusiasm shine through as she shares the 'basic principles' of Chinese cooking including some of the simple techniques and tips taught by her Grandparents for tasty results. Using ingredients from high-street supermarkets and some imaginative suggestions for alternative ingredients, these classic Chinese dishes are updated, fresh and healthily prepared so that anyone can make and enjoy them.

Poke Hawaii's Food (Hardcover): Sam Choy Poke Hawaii's Food (Hardcover)
Sam Choy
R380 R310 Discovery Miles 3 100 Save R70 (18%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
Levant - New Middle Eastern Flavours (Hardcover): Jumana Bishara, Rawia Bishara Levant - New Middle Eastern Flavours (Hardcover)
Jumana Bishara, Rawia Bishara 1
R553 R378 Discovery Miles 3 780 Save R175 (32%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

She believes one of the greatest assets of Middle Eastern cuisine is its inherent fluidity, its remarkable capacity to adapt and transform over time. In Levant, she offers more than 100 recipes that represent a new modern style. These are the very best of the dishes she has developed over the last twenty years in her New York City restaurant for the contemporary palate. Relying on a traditional pantry (including olive oil, tahini, za'atar, sumac), she updates classic flavour profiles to dazzling effect. The Mediterranean diet has always been a healthy one, with so many of what we now call `superfoods' at its base. But here Rawia takes it a step further by focusing on dishes that are naturally vegetarian or vegan and gluten-free, as well as meat dishes where vegetables take the leading role. These recipes represent the way more and more people eat and cook today. Among them are Cauliflower `Steak' with Pomegranate Molasses, Roasted Beetroot Hummus, Jerusalem Artichoke and Beef Stew, Peppers with Walnut Stuffing and Freekeh and Butternut Squash Salad. Levant explores the sensational cross-cultural possibilities of culinary exchange; it sets the path for the future of Middle Eastern cooking.

Salt & Time - Recipes from a Russian kitchen (Hardcover): Alissa Timoshkina Salt & Time - Recipes from a Russian kitchen (Hardcover)
Alissa Timoshkina 1
R699 R430 Discovery Miles 4 300 Save R269 (38%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Salt & Time will transform perceptions of the food of the former Soviet Union, and especially Siberia - the crossroads of Eastern European and Central Asian cuisine - with 100 inviting recipes adapted for modern tastes and Western kitchens, and evocative storytelling to explain and entice. Why not try the restorative Solyanka fish soup (a famous Russian hangover cure), savour the fragrant Chicken with prunes or treat yourself to some Napoleon cake. 'Often we need distance and time, both to see things better and to feel closer to them. This is certainly true of the food of my home country, Russia - or Siberia, to be exact. When I think of Siberia, I hear the sound of fresh snow crunching beneath my feet. Today, whenever I crush sea salt flakes between my fingers as I cook, I think of that sound. In this book I feature recipes that are authentic to Siberia, classic Russian flavour combinations and my modern interpretations. You will find dishes from the pre-revolutionary era and the Soviet days, as well as contemporary approaches - revealing a cuisine that is vibrant, nourishing, exciting and above all relevant no matter the time or the place.' - Alissa Timoshkina 'If anyone had to write a Russian cookbook now, it would have to be her, and her book will end up being a classic' - Olia Hercules, author of Mamushka and Kaukasis

Paladares - Recipes Inspired by the Private Restaurants of Cuba (Hardcover): Anya Von Bremzen Paladares - Recipes Inspired by the Private Restaurants of Cuba (Hardcover)
Anya Von Bremzen; Photographs by Megan Schlow
R768 R501 Discovery Miles 5 010 Save R267 (35%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Cuba is experiencing a cultural and culinary renaissance. With a recent influx of investment and tourism flooding the country, paladares (private restaurants) are on the forefront of change. Paladares is the first book to tell the story of Cuban cuisine through the lens of the restaurant owners, chefs, farmers, and patrons, while examining the implications of food shortages, tourism, and international influences and of a country experiencing a paradigm shift in cooking. Filled with 150 authentic and modern recipes adapted for the home cook, like Pork Empanadas with Avocado Relish and Pumpkin Flan with Spinach and Saffron, and 350 vivid colour photographs, Paladares brings the country's spirited cooking into your own kitchen.

We Are La Cocina - Recipes in Pursuit of the American Dream (Hardcover): Caleb Zigas, Laeticia Landa We Are La Cocina - Recipes in Pursuit of the American Dream (Hardcover)
Caleb Zigas, Laeticia Landa; Photographs by Eric Wolfinger
R537 R381 Discovery Miles 3 810 Save R156 (29%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Powerful stories. Beautifully evocative visuals. More than 100 recipes for all occasions, from many cultures. Here, in La Cocina's first cookbook, more than 50 successful La Cocina entrepreneurs share their inspiring narratives-and their delicious recipes! More than 200 photographs from award-winning photographer Eric Wolfinger capture the spirit of the people, the mouthwatering food, and the diversity of the immigrant experience. This is the book for cooks who love great global recipes and support organizations that make a big difference.

The Currabinny Cookbook (Hardcover): James Kavanagh, William Murray The Currabinny Cookbook (Hardcover)
James Kavanagh, William Murray 1
R430 R332 Discovery Miles 3 320 Save R98 (23%) Shipped within 4 - 8 working days

Cookbook of the Year, Irish Book Awards 2018 Cookbook of the Year, Listowel Food Fair 2018 Irish Times Best Cookbooks 2018 Top Cookbooks 2018, Sunday Times Best Books of 2018, Sunday Independent Books of the Year 2018, Irish Independent 'The book exudes a love of food ... there are lots of good things to explore inside' Darina Allen, Irish Examiner In five years selling at farmers' markets and hosting dining events and pop-ups, James Kavanagh and William Murray's food business, Currabinny, has grown a huge fan-base. James and William celebrate traditional ingredients (butter, cream, sea-salt and the best of fresh and local produce), give them a modern twist, and always produce indulgent delicious dishes. The Currabinny Cookbook includes their favourite recipes. From breakfast ideas (Macroom Oatmeal with Saturn Peaches, Pomegranate & Raw Honey) to sumptuous suppers (Rustic Rye Galette with Leeks, Fennel and Goats Cheese; Slow Roasted Salmon with Blood Orange, Lemon, Fennel & Dill; Ham in Juniper & Apple Juice with Mustard Parsnip Mash and Buttered Cabbage) and sweet treats (Apple, Rosemary & Buttermilk Cake; Fresh Blueberry Pie with Lemon Curd Cream) this book is a one-stop bible of delicious, comforting and irresistible recipes. 'Has set the foodie world on fire ... it's easy to see why. Easy to make but jam-packed with flavour. We're obsessed' WellFest blog 'A handsome collection of recipes using traditional, seasonal ingredients, given a contemporary slant' Irish Times 'A lovely book of recipes' Sunday Times 'The book is a beauty to behold, packed with the best of Irish seasonal products in recipes given a novel and contemporary touch' Irish Examiner 'It's a blast to come across this sweet book of delicious home cooking' Cookbooks of 2018, John & Sally McKenna, McKennas' Guides 'Their enthusiasm and irreverence leaps from the pages just as much as their flair in the kitchen ... the book is beautiful with delicate illustrations and tempting photographs' Sunday Independent 'A delicious fusion of traditional and modern food' Irish Country Magazine 'The pair have a serious love for food ... accessible for cooks of all levels and the images are absolutely gorgeous' Food & Wine Magazine 'They've thought of everything when it comes to the cookbook, beautiful images [and] good food' Image Magazine 'The prettiest Irish cookbook this autumn' Irish Independent 'Brilliant recipes ... really lovely ... I'm definitely going to be making a lot of stuff out of it' Roisin Ingle, Irish Times 'Delicious dishes and gorgeous recipes' Stellar 'A gorgeous contemporary cookbook - full of traditional recipes with a twist' Irish Examiner 'A complete winner!' Her.ie 'The bookshelves are heaving with culinary content but one stood out from the crowd ... The Currabinny Cookbook' Irish Farmers Journal, books of the year

The Comfort Food Diaries - My Quest for the Perfect Dish to Mend a Broken Heart (Hardcover): Emily Nunn The Comfort Food Diaries - My Quest for the Perfect Dish to Mend a Broken Heart (Hardcover)
Emily Nunn 1
R313 R258 Discovery Miles 2 580 Save R55 (18%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

NPR's Best Books of 2017 Best Books on Food of 2017, The Guardian Best Food-Focused Memoirs, Eater Top 10 Narrative Food & Drink Books, Booklist 20 Best Cookbooks, The Telegraph In the tradition of Elizabeth Gilbert and Ruth Reichl, former New Yorker editor Emily Nunn chronicles her journey to heal old wounds and find comfort in the face of loss through travel, home-cooked food, and the company of friends and family. One life-changing night, reeling from her beloved brother's sudden death, a devastating breakup with her handsome engineer fiance and eviction from the apartment they shared, Emily Nunn had lost all sense of family, home, and financial security. After a few glasses of wine, heartbroken and unmoored, Emily-an avid cook and professional food writer-poured her heart out on Facebook. The next morning she woke up with an awful hangover and a feeling she'd made a terrible mistake-only to discover she had more friends than she knew, many of whom invited her to come visit and cook with them while she put her life back together. Thus began the Comfort Food Tour. Searching for a way forward, Emily travels the country, cooking and staying with relatives and friends. She also travels back to revisit scenes from her dysfunctional Southern upbringing, dominated by her dramatic, unpredictable mother and her silent, disengaged father. Her wonderfully idiosyncratic aunts and uncles and cousins come to life in these pages, all part of the rich Southern story in which past and present are indistinguishable, food is a source of connection and identity, and a good story is often preferred to a not-so-pleasant truth. But truth, pleasant or not, is what Emily Nunn craves, and with it comes an acceptance of the losses she has endured, and a sense of hope for the future. In the salty snap of a single Virginia ham biscuit, in the sour tang of Grandmother's Lemon Cake, Nunn experiences the healing power of comfort food-and offers up dozens of recipes for the wonderful meals that saved her life. With the biting humor of David Sedaris and the emotional honesty of Cheryl Strayed, Nunn delivers a moving account of her descent into darkness and her gradual, hard-won return to the living.

My Asian Kitchen - Bao*Salad*Noodle*Curry*Sushi*Dumpling* (Hardcover): Jennifer Joyce My Asian Kitchen - Bao*Salad*Noodle*Curry*Sushi*Dumpling* (Hardcover)
Jennifer Joyce 1
R420 R337 Discovery Miles 3 370 Save R83 (20%) Shipped within 4 - 8 working days

Bao buns, pho, sushi, poke bowls, gyoza, ramen and kimchi have devotees on every high street - now Jennifer Joyce shows how easy it is to create these zingy, fresh, healthy flavours at home. From grilled sticky skewers and steak tacos, salads, rice bowls and dumplings, to prawn katsu bao and miso-glazed ribs, this is an adventure in the dazzling diversity of modern Asian cooking. Jennifer's exquisitely simple recipes, no-nonsense explanation of ingredients, hand-drawn diagrams and beautiful photographs are all you need to start cooking in your very own Asian Kitchen.

Shining: Ole Smoky Moonshine Family Cookbook (Hardcover): Jessi Baker Shining: Ole Smoky Moonshine Family Cookbook (Hardcover)
Jessi Baker
R460 R367 Discovery Miles 3 670 Save R93 (20%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

This new cookbook from internationally popular Ole Smoky Moonshine blends craft moonshine and Appalachia history with 65 family recipes in one delicious Southern package. In 2009, the Tennesse law changed and suddenly it was legal to make, distill, and sell the infamous bootlegger's hooch, moonshine. Steeped in rich family history, the Bakers started their business, which now retails globally and offers more than twenty creative flavors. But at the heart of Ole Smoky moonshine are the Appalachian Mountains and the food that goes with it. A mom who loves to cook at home, Jessi Baker shares her recipes (not all of them boozy) that have fed her family, from moonshine eggnog to cornbread cooked in a skillet to salads, soups, steaks, and more. Easy to follow and make, this cookbook is sure to add a bit of shine to your family's table.

The Greek Diet - Look and Feel like a Greek God or Goddess and Lose up to Ten Pounds in Two Weeks (Paperback): Maria Loi, Sarah... The Greek Diet - Look and Feel like a Greek God or Goddess and Lose up to Ten Pounds in Two Weeks (Paperback)
Maria Loi, Sarah Toland
R318 R228 Discovery Miles 2 280 Save R90 (28%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Science and sensuality meet in The Greek Diet, your guide to losing weight while looking and eating like a deity, from the "Martha Stewart of Greece," world-famous chef Maria Loi, and health journalist and former Olympic athlete Sarah Toland. Grounded in the Mediterranean lifestyle and developed by world-renowned Greek chef Maria Loi, The Greek Diet combines classic Mediterranean ingredients like olive oil, yogurt, and honey in delicious, healthy recipes that satisfy the soul and the palete. New research shows that the Mediterranean diet is the healthiest food plan in the world, and is especially noted for its positive effects on heart health. With The Greek Diet, you eat to enjoy yourself, just like the ancient Greek gods. There is no starving, no long, grueling hours at the gym, and no restrictive plans eliminating carbs, dairy, caffeine, or alcohol. Structured around the 12 food pillars of the traditional Greek diet, The Greek Diet includes 100 healthy, authentic, sensual Greek recipes that use delicious unprocessed ingredients, as well as tips for incorporating easy exercises and improved sleep-both metabolism boosters-into your Greek lifestyle. Sprinkled throughout the book are charming and insightful anecdotes from the authors that add flavor and fun. There are also several different meal plans to personalize your journey and help you lose the weight you need while enjoying the foods you love, including a kick-start plan to shed pounds quickly and safely and jumpstart your journey to a slimmer, healthier, happier you.

The Italian Vegetable Garden - A Complete Guide to Growing and Preparing Traditional Italian-Style Vegetables (Paperback):... The Italian Vegetable Garden - A Complete Guide to Growing and Preparing Traditional Italian-Style Vegetables (Paperback)
Rosalind Creasy
R197 R143 Discovery Miles 1 430 Save R54 (27%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Rosalind Creasy, the ingenue of edible landscaping, does it again with The Italian Vegetable Garden an invitation to grow and prepare some of the exceptional varieties of produce for which Italian cooking is so justly famous. This beautifully illustrated guide to growing Italian vegetables gives you tips for planting and preparing fantastic varieties of tomatoes, greens, beans, eggplants, artichokes, peppers, herbs and more! Readers will find suggestions on how to grow Italian vegetables in most North American climates, and how to prepare these fresh veggies with more than 25 recipes for antipasti, soups, sauces and sides from a delicious classic marinara to bread pudding with artichokes and even preserves. Mouthwatering photos throughout evoke the flavours of these delectable vegetables and dishes, and highlights Italian specialties, such as the greens that grow wild on Italy's hillsides. With a new preface by Creasy, as well as updated recommendations, this book continues to be a trusted resource.

French Appetizers (Hardcover): Marie Asselin French Appetizers (Hardcover)
Marie Asselin
R361 R257 Discovery Miles 2 570 Save R104 (29%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days
Chetna's Healthy Indian - Everyday family meals effortlessly good for you (Hardcover): Chetna Makan Chetna's Healthy Indian - Everyday family meals effortlessly good for you (Hardcover)
Chetna Makan 1
R435 R348 Discovery Miles 3 480 Save R87 (20%) Shipped within 4 - 8 working days

We all know there is more to Indian food than just curries; it can also be really healthy, fresh and super delicious. Chetna's Healthy Indian contains home cooking at its best - straightforward methods, very few ingredients, crowd pleasing flavours, nourishment and comfort. It draws upon inspiration from Chetna's family and friends, creating realistic recipes for midweek, after work, busy weekends or when you simply want to look after yourself with wholesome food. You'll find 80 delicious recipes that require minimum time and effort, including Onion & whole spice chicken curry, Tandoori pan-fried sea bream, Paneer & cavalo nero saag and Baked cardamom & pistachio yogurt pots. Inspired by Indian cuisine, Chetna's Healthy Indian is proof that healthy food does not need to be health food, and convenient meals can be good for you, too.

The Brexit Cookbook - British Food for British People (Paperback): Nigel Sewage The Brexit Cookbook - British Food for British People (Paperback)
Nigel Sewage; As told to James Harris, Marc Blakewill 1
R207 R131 Discovery Miles 1 310 Save R76 (37%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

On 23rd June 2016, Britain voted to take back its culinary sovereignty. For far too long this country had allowed itself to become swamped with foreign food. Britons raised on bread and dripping, Scotch eggs and trifle built the greatest Empire the world has ever known until the EU forced us to eat Danish pastries and pizza. But now the kitchen tables have been turned. We've taken back control and can cook what we blooming well like. So, put down your croissant, stop chomping on your ciabatta and cook something properly patriotic for a change with The Brexit Cookbook!

A Pinch of Spice - Indian Recipes from Home (Hardcover): Balwinder Kapila A Pinch of Spice - Indian Recipes from Home (Hardcover)
Balwinder Kapila
R629 R478 Discovery Miles 4 780 Save R151 (24%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

A wonderful collection of Indian recipes for both the novice and experienced cook. Each recipe is illustrated and has been tried and tested on multiple different occasions. Indian menu planning from simple everyday dishes to more elaborate occasions. What's the first thing that springs to mind when you think of Indian cooking? The flavours? The colours? The wonderful spices and aromas, perhaps? Or do you think, "I love the food, but I couldn't cook an Indian meal. It's too hard"? Trust me: it isn't - and in this book, I'll prove it! When Balwinder invites her friends round to eat, they jump at the chance: her impromptu lunches and dinner parties are a feast for the senses. Now she has written her amazing recipes down for everyone to try. From simple barbecued prawns to elaborate party dishes like chicken biryani, she takes you step by step through each recipe, including an outstanding range of vegetarian options, to help you create spicy, authentic and mouth-watering dishes. As Balwinder put this book together it became clear to her that recipes and ways of preparing food for your family and friends carry with them stories and histories which are just as important as the ingredients themselves. They are about cultures, individual family members and memories, both happy and sad; about the everyday, special celebrations and love. The recipes create a shared history that is constantly evolving. This celebration of Indian cuisine will give you great pleasure and is, as well as being an excellent recipe book, a fascinating social documentary of the daughter of Asian immigrants to England in the second half of the 20th century.

My Paris Market Cookbook - A Culinary Tour of French Flavors and Seasonal Recipes (Paperback): Emily Dilling My Paris Market Cookbook - A Culinary Tour of French Flavors and Seasonal Recipes (Paperback)
Emily Dilling; Photographs by Nicholas Ball
R336 R276 Discovery Miles 2 760 Save R60 (18%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

A Cookbook and Travel Guide That Will Teach You to Shop, Cook, and Eat Like a Parisian Based on Emily Dilling's popular blog, ParisPaysanne.com, this fully updated new edition of My Paris Market Cookbook takes readers on a tour of Paris's growing artisanal and craft food scene, including coverage of the latest developments and new generation of chefs and artisans who are indelibly changing the food climate. Visits to markets with local farmers, coffee roasters, and craft brewers offer insight into the exciting development of local food movements in the city of lights and its surrounding region. Complete with seasonal recipes inspired by local products, farmers, chefs, restaurants, and caf s, My Paris Market Cookbook brings the experience of shopping for, and cooking with fresh, locally grown food into readers' homes and kitchens. A guide for a new generation of culinary travelers, My Paris Market Cookbook provides curious cooks and avid Francophiles with a unique itinerary for rediscovering the city, including tips on how to find the best off-the-beaten-path natural wine bars, craft breweries, urban gardens, and farm-to-table caf s and restaurants. It's the perfect handbook for travelers, food lovers, or anyone visiting or living in France--and those of us who just want to cook and eat like a Parisian! Skyhorse Publishing, along with our Good Books and Arcade imprints, is proud to publish a broad range of cookbooks, including books on juicing, grilling, baking, frying, home brewing and winemaking, slow cookers, and cast iron cooking. We've been successful with books on gluten-free cooking, vegetarian and vegan cooking, paleo, raw foods, and more. Our list includes French cooking, Swedish cooking, Austrian and German cooking, Cajun cooking, as well as books on jerky, canning and preserving, peanut butter, meatballs, oil and vinegar, bone broth, and more. While not every title we publish becomes a New York Times bestseller or a national bestseller, we are committed to books on subjects that are sometimes overlooked and to authors whose work might not otherwise find a home.

Dining at Dusk - Tapas, Antipasti, Mezze, Ceviche and Aperitifs from Around the World (Hardcover): Stevan Paul Dining at Dusk - Tapas, Antipasti, Mezze, Ceviche and Aperitifs from Around the World (Hardcover)
Stevan Paul
R555 R386 Discovery Miles 3 860 Save R169 (30%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

At dusk, as afternoon relaxes into evening and the sun sinks towards the horizon, there is a magic moment. The work day is finally done, and it's time for food and drinks with friends. Dining at Dusk follows the golden hour around the globe - from Samoa, where the sun sets first, through Australia, Japan, India, Europe, Morocco and Brazil, to the USA and Mexico - celebrating the evening with Italian cicchetti, Spanish tapas, Greek mezzes, with tacos, yakitori, ceviche and more. Simple-to-prepare recipes with roots in local culinary and cultural traditions, each paired with the ideal drink and a thoughtfully curated playlist - this is the perfect cookbook for elegant, laid-back gatherings with friends. Dining at Dusk showcases a range of contemporary cuisine from around the world for this beautiful time of the day: relaxed, simple, comforting inspiration for food that is the ideal accompaniment to a modern lifestyle.

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Leozette Roode Paperback  (1)
R315 R271 Discovery Miles 2 710
Jamie Cooks Italy - From The Heart Of…
Jamie Oliver Hardcover  (1)
R430 R332 Discovery Miles 3 320
Beer Country's Beer. Food. Fire.
Greg Gilowey, Karl Tessendorf Paperback R290 R228 Discovery Miles 2 280
Anatoli - Authentic Turkish Cuisine
Tayfun Aras Paperback R390 R330 Discovery Miles 3 300
The Family Table - Recipes & Moments…
Jazz Smollett-Warwell, Jake Smollett, … Hardcover R586 R529 Discovery Miles 5 290
Spice Odyssey
Cariema Isaacs Paperback R350 R275 Discovery Miles 2 750
JAN: A Breath Of French Air
Jan Hendrik van Der Westhuizen Hardcover  (1)
R490 R375 Discovery Miles 3 750
Masterchef: Street Food Of The World
Genevieve Taylor Hardcover  (1)
R656 R505 Discovery Miles 5 050
The Classic South African Cookbook
Melinda Roodt Hardcover  (5)
R360 R282 Discovery Miles 2 820