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111 More Porsche Stories That You Should Know (Hardcover): Wilfried Muller 111 More Porsche Stories That You Should Know (Hardcover)
Wilfried Muller
R582 R485 Discovery Miles 4 850 Save R97 (17%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Here are 111 more gripping Porsche Stories that afficionados of the Stuttgart brand and sports car enthusiasts should know. Wilfried Muller tells the stories of very individual characters - no matter if in the race car cockpit or on the executive floors of the Stuttgart factory, the New York showroom or the Santa Ana racing headquarters in California. Meet Mark Donohue, Dan Gurney, Alwin Springer, Max Hoffman, Jackie Oliver, Brian Redman, Stefan Bellof, Bjoern Waldegard, Valentin Schaffer and many more. Enjoy the anecdotes of race cars dubbed Mickey Mouse or Kangaroo, Earl Rossi's 917 on the French Autoroute, tales from 10,000 mile rallies, Porsches that handled best when going 1.5 mph, and Porsches that were never built. Learn about the background to America's very own version of the legendary 962 racer, the story of the 356C SC Cabriolet, and the elusive America Roadster. Not to forget the chapter about magic Porsche words, which tell the stories of Porsche Design, "RS" or the "Schuttgut", the Porsche family's home base and retreat in the Austrian mountains. Also available: 111 Porsche Stories That You Should know ISBN: 9783740800352

Car - The History of the Automobile (Hardcover): Rod Green Car - The History of the Automobile (Hardcover)
Rod Green
R745 R486 Discovery Miles 4 860 Save R259 (35%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The Car: The History of the Automobile explores every aspect of the development of the automobile from the fragile engineering of the earliest models to the cutting edge technology of the vehicles of the future. Packed with anecdotes about the best-loved cars of all time and the men and women who created them, The Car also features a fascinating, unique collection of facsimile documents and memorabilia including everything from the most stylish advertising posters ever produced, to historic race event programmes, to road reports on important models and detailed technical drawings of groundbreaking mechanical innovations. The Car is an unmissable treat for every motoring enthusiast.

101 Performance Projects for Your BMW 3 Series 1982-2000 (Paperback): Wayne Dempsey 101 Performance Projects for Your BMW 3 Series 1982-2000 (Paperback)
Wayne Dempsey
R952 R847 Discovery Miles 8 470 Save R105 (11%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Since its introduction in 1975, the BMW 3-series has earned a reputation as one of the world's greatest sports sedans. Unfortunately, it has also proven one of the more expensive to service and maintain. This book is dedicated to the legion of BMW 3-series owners who adore their cars and enjoy restoring, modifying, and maintaining them to perfection; its format allows more of these enthusiasts to get out into the garage and work on their BMWs-and in the process, to save a fortune. Created with the weekend mechanic in mind, this extensively illustrated manual offers 101 projects that will help you modify, maintain, and enhance your BMW 3-series sports sedan. Focusing on the 1984-1999 E30 and E36 models, "101 Performance Projects for Your BMW 3-Series" presents all the necessary information, covers all the pitfalls, and assesses all the costs associated with performing an expansive array of weekend projects.

Leyland PD Titans in Service - The Late 1960s and 1970s (Paperback): David Christie Leyland PD Titans in Service - The Late 1960s and 1970s (Paperback)
David Christie
R419 R359 Discovery Miles 3 590 Save R60 (14%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This book covers many variants of the long-lived Leyland PD marque, photographed throughout Britain from 1967 into the seventies. Coming from the south, the author was more familiar with the AEC and the more throaty sound of a PD2, even from London's RTLs, was a touch exotic. The author documents buses from East Anglia down to the South Coast, before travelling up to the Midlands, then into true Leyland territory of Lancashire and Yorkshire, to finish up in Scotland. The author was born in Romford, Essex, in 1943 but relocated to Scotland in 1973. All photographs are in colour from the original slides, which have been digitally restored.

Shuttle Buses - Fleet History 1990-2020 (Paperback): David Granger Shuttle Buses - Fleet History 1990-2020 (Paperback)
David Granger
R411 R332 Discovery Miles 3 320 Save R79 (19%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Shuttle Buses, based in Kilwinning, Ayrshire, celebrates thirty years in business in 2020. During that time it has grown from running two Ford Transit minibuses to a modern fleet of fifty-five buses and coaches operating throughout south-west Scotland. Over 150 vehicles have been operated over three decades and twenty manufacturers have been represented in the fleet. Traditional suppliers like ADL, Leyland, Mercedes, Optare, Scania and Volvo are joined by less common buses from Bedford, CarInd, Fiat, KingLong and Talbot, in what must be one of the most diverse fleets operated in the UK in recent times. Almost every vehicle ever owned is pictured in this collection, at work and in less frequently photographed situations. Written by the co-founder and managing director, the informative captions give an operator's perspective of each type, detailing mistakes that have been made over the years and the company's many success stories.

Maximum Control - Mastering Your Heavyweight Bike (Paperback): Pat Hahn Maximum Control - Mastering Your Heavyweight Bike (Paperback)
Pat Hahn
R646 R587 Discovery Miles 5 870 Save R59 (9%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

As anyone who's been on one knows, big bikes--Harleys, dressers, tourers, cruisers--handle differently than smaller bikes.They have different centers of gravity; they steer more slowly; they put you in a different riding positions; and riding one--especially riding it well--requires different skills.This book is aimed at helping owners of such motorcycles--bikes with big engines, long wheelbases, and a lot of weight--get the best ride out of them.Maximum Control" addresses every aspect of riding--steering, positioning, braking, and carrying a passenger or heavy load.With clear information on differences in equipment--brakes, engine, drive system, even tires--this expert, accessible guide provides everything you need to know to handle your bike like a pro.The outcome will be, as promised, Maximum Control"--and the ride of your life.

Flying Across America (Hardcover): Daniel L Rust Flying Across America (Hardcover)
Daniel L Rust
R1,228 Discovery Miles 12 280 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Americans who now endure the inconveniences of crowded airports, packed airplanes, and missed connections might not realize that flying was once an elegant, exhilarating adventure. In this colorful history, Daniel L. Rust traces the evolution of commercial air travel from the first transcontinental expeditions of the 1920s, through the luxurious airline environments of the 1960s, to the more hectic, fatiguing experiences of flying in the post-9/11 era.

In the beginning, flying coast-to-coast was an exciting yet uncomfortable journey of nearly forty-eight hours that required numerous stops and overnight travel by train. With time and technical innovation, passengers became increasingly removed both physically and psychologically from the raw experience of flying. Faster planes, pressurized cabins, onboard amenities, and stronger safety precautions made flying more convenient and predictable--but also less evocative and sensational.

Prior to the 1980s, Americans dressed for air travel in their formal best and enjoyed such luxurious onboard amenities as delicious meals and ample cabin space. What made air travel glamorous, however, also made it more expensive. With deregulation in 1978, cost reductions reduced flying to a more tedious and, after 9/11, more regimented experience.

Rust's narrative brims with firsthand accounts from such celebrities as Will Rogers and from ordinary Americans. Enlivened by more than 100 illustrations, including vintage brochures, posters, and photographs, Flying Across America reminds today's airline passengers of what they have gained--and what they have lost--in the transcontinental flying experience.

Leanings - The Best of Peter Egan from Cycle World Magazine (Paperback): Peter Egan Leanings - The Best of Peter Egan from Cycle World Magazine (Paperback)
Peter Egan; Foreword by Allan Girdler
R549 R443 Discovery Miles 4 430 Save R106 (19%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Since his work first graced the pages of "Cycle World" magazine in 1977, Peter Egan has taken his readers on one unforgettable adventure after another. Whether riding along the Mississippi River to New Orleans for a tin of chicory coffee, or flying to Japan to test-ride new Yamahas, Egan's insight and gift with words makes every journey a unique and fascinating experience. Available in paperback for the first time, "Leanings "is a collection of Egan's favorite feature articles and columns from "Cycle World" magazine. Included among the 21 feature articles are Egan's first feature for the magazine, a story about he and his wife's cross-country trip on a British twin, his journey on abandoned Route 66, a history of the motorcycle jacket, and his visit to the fabled Tourist Trophy race on the Isle of Man. A selection of 27 columns are also reproduced here, covering a wide range of subjects, from the nearly lost art of the kick start, how to survive not being able to ride for an entire Wisconsin winter, and a look back at the motorcycle crash that nearly killed the great Bob Dylan. For added perspective, each feature article is preceded by commentary from the author. This is an unforgettable collection of the works of a master writer, whose simple adventures of life remind us all why we love to ride.

The Complete Book of Moto Guzzi - 100th Anniversary Edition Every Model Since 1921 (Hardcover): Ian Falloon The Complete Book of Moto Guzzi - 100th Anniversary Edition Every Model Since 1921 (Hardcover)
Ian Falloon
R1,257 R964 Discovery Miles 9 640 Save R293 (23%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days
Horseshoe Curve (Paperback): David W Seidel Horseshoe Curve (Paperback)
David W Seidel
R510 R411 Discovery Miles 4 110 Save R99 (19%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The Horseshoe Curve is known worldwide as an engineering achievement by the Pennsylvania Railroad. This landmark, located just west of Altoona, opened to traffic on February 15, 1854, and it enabled a railroad line to climb the Allegheny Mountains and the eastern continental divide. The Horseshoe Curve's construction impacted railroad design and development for mountainous terrain everywhere, enabling access to coal and other raw materials essential for the industrial age. J. Edgar Thomson, chief engineer of the Pennsylvania Railroad, is widely recognized for his engineering and design of the Horseshoe Curve, a concept never utilized previously. Today the curve is still in use and sees approximately 70 trains daily. Through vintage photographs, Horseshoe Curve chronicles how this marvel remains one of the vital transportation arteries linking the east and west coasts of the United States.

Steam on the Isle of Wight - The Postwar Years (Paperback): Adrian Kennedy Steam on the Isle of Wight - The Postwar Years (Paperback)
Adrian Kennedy
R279 R227 Discovery Miles 2 270 Save R52 (19%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days
Encyclopedia of Civil War Shipwrecks (Hardcover): W.Craig Gaines Encyclopedia of Civil War Shipwrecks (Hardcover)
W.Craig Gaines
R858 R673 Discovery Miles 6 730 Save R185 (22%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

On the evening of February 2, 1864, Confederate Commander John Taylor Wood led 250 sailors in two launches and twelve boats to capture the USS Underwriter, a side-wheel steam gunboat anchored on the Neuse River near New Bern, North Carolina. During the ensuing fifteen-minute battle, nine Union crewmen lost their lives, twenty were wounded, and twenty-six fell into enemy hands. Six Confederates were captured and several wounded as they stripped the vessel, set it ablaze, and blew it up while under fire from Union-held Fort Anderson. The thrilling story of USS Underwriter is one of many involving the numerous shipwrecks that occupy the waters of Civil War history. Many years in the making, W. Craig Gaines's Encyclopedia of Civil War Shipwrecks is the definitive account of more than 2,000 of these American Civil War--period sunken ships. From Alabama's USS Althea, a Union steam tug lost while removing a Confederate torpedo in the Blakely River, to Wisconsin's Berlin City, a Union side-wheel steamer stranded in Oshkosh, Gaines provides detailed information about each vessel, including its final location, type, dimensions, tonnage, crew size, armament, origin, registry (Union, Confederate, United States, or other country), casualties, circumstances of loss, salvage operations, and the sources of his findings. Organized alphabetically by geographical location (state, country, or body of water), the book also includes a number of maps providing the approximate locations of many of the wrecks -- ranging from the Americas to Europe, the Arctic Ocean, and the Indian Ocean. Also noted are more than forty shipwrecks whose locations are in question.

Since the 1960s, the underwater access afforded by SCUBA gear has allowed divers, historians, treasure hunters, and archaeologists to discover and explore many of the American Civil War-related shipwrecks. In a remarkable feat of historical detective work, Gaines scoured countless sources -- from government and official records to sports diver and treasure-hunting magazines -- and cross-indexes his compilation by each vessel's various names and nicknames throughout its career.

An essential reference work for Civil War scholars and buffs, archaeologists, divers, and aficionados of naval history, Encyclopedia of Civil War Shipwrecks revives and preserves for posterity the little-known stories of these intriguing historical artifacts.

Turbocharging Performance Handbook (Paperback): Jeff Hartman Turbocharging Performance Handbook (Paperback)
Jeff Hartman
R886 R695 Discovery Miles 6 950 Save R191 (22%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Turbocharging is the time-proven way to get more power out of an engine, especially smaller ones. With fuel prices increasing, its something more and more tuners need to know about. This is the book to turn to.The definitive resource on turbocharging--from ignition to intercooler, exhaust to EMS--this book tells you all you need to know, whether youre planning a scratch-built turbo engine, converting a non-turbo motor, or troubleshooting OEM turbo equipment. There's even a chapter for turbocharging diesel engines.Author Jeff Hartman offers thorough, clear, and useful information on every aspect of turbocharging. And, after discussing the components and processes in general terms, he presents a number of case studies that complete the picture, providing a real-world understanding of how these modifications actually work.

Jeep 4x4 Performance Handbook (Paperback, 2): Jim Allen Jeep 4x4 Performance Handbook (Paperback, 2)
Jim Allen
R707 R637 Discovery Miles 6 370 Save R70 (10%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The world of high-performance Jeeping can be a challenge. With the used Jeep market growing, new models appearing, and an aftermarket constantly offering new and better bolt-on parts and accessories, there have never been so many options for the off-road Jeep lover.
Now in its second edition, Jeep 4x4 Performance Handbook" debunks the myths and eliminates the mystery of getting the most out of your Jeep through the thorough research and expertise of author and Jeep expert Jim Allen. He explains the bolt-on parts, swaps, and modifications that will give the most bang for the buck, whether you hit the trail in a CJ or Wrangler (TJ and YJ), Cherokee, Liberty, or one of the many classic and vintage Jeeps available.
From bumper to bumper, this book covers it all, improving street performance and off-road toughness, towing ability and suspension, brakes and electrical systems, and the all-important safety equipment and modifications.
Jeep 4x4 Performance Handbook" will get you on the road and off without breaking the bank or wasting time in the garage.

Class 70 Locomotives (Paperback): John Jackson Class 70 Locomotives (Paperback)
John Jackson
R417 R357 Discovery Miles 3 570 Save R60 (14%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In late 2007 Freightliner placed its order for twenty Class 70 locomotives. General Electric (GE) commenced building these locomotives at its plant in Pennsylvania, USA, culminating in the delivery of the first two locos in late 2009. Further deliveries followed in order to create an initial pool of twenty for Freightliner. One example of the class, No. 70012, was damaged during unloading at Newport Docks and did not enter traffic. The remaining members of Freightliner's pool operated freight traffic for both the Intermodal and Heavy Haul sectors. The 'Turkish Demonstrator' ultimately arrived in the UK as a 'replacement' for No. 70012 (carrying the temporary number 70099). Towards the end of 2013, another of the UK's freight operators, Colas, committed to using this class of locomotive. It took delivery of the Turkish Demonstrator and picked up the balance of Freightliner's original option of a total of thirty GE locomotives. Several Freightliner examples were placed into store at Midland Road towards the end of 2016 and their future roll remained uncertain. The Heavy Haul sector has been affected by the recent downturn in coal traffic. As we pass the tenth anniversary of placement of the original order, this book reflects the activity of both the Freightliner and Colas examples of the class in recent years.

VW Beetle 2021 Wall Calendar (Calendar): Avonside Publishing Ltd. VW Beetle 2021 Wall Calendar (Calendar)
Avonside Publishing Ltd.
R282 R230 Discovery Miles 2 300 Save R52 (18%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days
A Field Guide to Airplanes of North America (Hardcover): M.R. Montgomery, Gerald L Foster A Field Guide to Airplanes of North America (Hardcover)
M.R. Montgomery, Gerald L Foster; Illustrated by Gerald L Foster
R814 R635 Discovery Miles 6 350 Save R179 (22%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Really? (Paperback): Jeremy Clarkson Really? (Paperback)
Jeremy Clarkson 1
R340 R272 Discovery Miles 2 720 Save R68 (20%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

* PRE-ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY * Clarkson's Back - and he's really had it this time. From his first job as a travelling sales rep selling Paddington Bears to his latest incarnation as gentleman farmer, Jeremy Clarkson's love of cars has seen him through some deeply trying times. And in a world so persistently infuriating there's sometimes nothing for it but to throw up your hands and ride full-throttle over the speed-bumps. But as Jeremy raced through there was plenty to ponder along the way, including: * Why nothing good has ever been achieved in a meeting * The side effects of muesli * How to navigate London when every single road is being dug up at once * Why we are forced to share the planet with people who read online reviews of dishwashers * And what, exactly, is the point of a driverless car? It's testing stuff, but happily Jeremy's not quite reached the end of his tether yet. Fuelled by hi-octane enthusiasm and irrepressible curiosity, he's put his foot down again. Seatbelts on ...

Restricted Radio Licence For Fixed-Wing Airfraft Pilots - Study Aid (Paperback): Dylan Kemlo Restricted Radio Licence For Fixed-Wing Airfraft Pilots - Study Aid (Paperback)
Dylan Kemlo
R294 R259 Discovery Miles 2 590 Save R35 (12%) Ships in 4 - 8 working days

This study aid has been written to assist both students and qualified pilots. It covers all aspects relating to the vhp radio on an aircraft and provides all the information, both theoretical and practical, for a restricted aeronautical radio licence.

A student pilot has to pass this as part of the overall documentation required to secure the issuing of a private pilot's licence. The caa (Civil Aviation Authorities) have recommended Study Aid: Restricted Radio Licence for Fixed-wing Aircraft Pilots to icasa (Independent Communication Association of Southern Africa) who are responsible for the issuing of licences. This study aid is the first in a series of four books that aim to cover all matters relating to further radio licencing.

Key features include:

  • Phonetic / Morse Code
  • Pronunciation of numerals
  • Practical communications
  • Divisions of airspace
  • Altimeter setting procedures
  • Semi-circular rule
  • Filing of a flight plan
  • R/T practical exercises
  • Mayday signal
  • Pan Signal
  • Visual signals for the control of aerodrome traffic with radio failure
  • Radio failure procedures
South African Steam in the 1970s (Paperback): George Woods South African Steam in the 1970s (Paperback)
George Woods
R419 R358 Discovery Miles 3 580 Save R61 (15%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

As in many countries in the 1970s, South Africa's railways were making the change over from steam to diesel and electric traction at an ever-increasing pace. As a member of the Locomotive Club of Great Britain the author was able to join a tour organised in 1973 to see steam in action at a time that some of the older types of locos were still around, and there was still a considerable amount of regular steam working. Featuring a variety of rare and unpublished colour photographs, George Woods shows the great variety of locos in action - from 4-8-2 tank engines to huge 4-8-4s and Beyer-Garratts, often polished and decorated by their crews, which could be seen in daily service.

Wilts & Dorset Buses (Paperback): John Dawkins Wilts & Dorset Buses (Paperback)
John Dawkins
R419 R359 Discovery Miles 3 590 Save R60 (14%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The city of Salisbury, Wiltshire, is renowned for its magnificent cathedral, whose spire is the tallest in England. But it was also served by a fascinating fleet of buses, operated for many decades by Wilts & Dorset Motor Services. Local resident Derek J. Dawkins became very familiar with these buses, particularly as his father owned a haulage business in the city and had passed on his love of anything transport related. Derek was a keen amateur photographer and his camera captured many images of Salisbury's buses, right through the 'Tilling red' years. This book focuses on Wilts & Dorset, which was the largest operator in the area, and includes images collected in the 1950s and '60s from transport photographers of that era. Prior to the formation of the National Bus Company in 1969, Wilts & Dorset standardised on ECW-bodied Bristol vehicles, but the earlier years saw buses from most of the major manufacturers in service, including Leyland, AEC and Daimler. Derek Dawkins was keen to document as many of these as possible, including some locally rebuilt oddities. Fortunately he added informative notes to his photographs and these have formed the basis of the photo captions in this book. Derek's son John, the author of this book, has inherited both the photo collection and a love of buses.

Bradshaw's Diary 2016 (Hardcover): Old House Books, David Turner Bradshaw's Diary 2016 (Hardcover)
Old House Books, David Turner
R294 R123 Discovery Miles 1 230 Save R171 (58%) In stock

This brand new 2016 version of the bestselling Bradshaw's Diary is a must-have for any train enthusiast or Great British Railway Journeys fan. It is a beautiful desk diary full of attractive period illustrations and authentic text drawn from Bradshaw and other Victorian railway publications.

Workhorses of the Big Four - Steam's Final Fling (Paperback): John Evans Workhorses of the Big Four - Steam's Final Fling (Paperback)
John Evans
R366 R316 Discovery Miles 3 160 Save R50 (14%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Well into the 1960s, the steam locomotive held sway on many of Britain's railway lines. As late as 1964, there were thousands of steam locomotives still at work, gracing everything from the most humble freight yard to the pride and glamour of the 'Bournemouth Belle' Pullman service. This book takes a look at those last, lingering days of steam, as author John Evans joins the many enthusiasts who paid their respects in train tickets and photographic film to an era that drew to a close rather too suddenly. He caught precious moments on film as steam was ruthlessly eclipsed, often on lines that themselves were living on borrowed time. Here you'll find Duchesses, Britannias, Bulleid Pacifics and many freight engines on the Great Central, at London stations, and hauling expresses racing towards the south coast. There are some 'hidden haunts' that became his special favourites. They were the places where the pride of Britain's 'Big Four' railways continued to earn revenue for their owners. He also travelled on several steam specials and has delved into his collection of more than 2,000 photographs to bring these workhorses of the Big Four back to life. These pictures are being published for the first time.

Rail Atlas Of Great Britain And Ireland 15th Edition - 15th Edition (Hardcover): S.K. Baker Rail Atlas Of Great Britain And Ireland 15th Edition - 15th Edition (Hardcover)
S.K. Baker
R574 R461 Discovery Miles 4 610 Save R113 (20%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days
The Ian Nicolson Trilogy (Paperback): Ian Nicolson The Ian Nicolson Trilogy (Paperback)
Ian Nicolson
R432 R372 Discovery Miles 3 720 Save R60 (14%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This trilogy tells how Ian Nicolson, yachtsman, naval architect and author, joined a Canadian and a Norwegian to sail the 45-foot ketch Maken from England via the Panama Canal to Vancouver, Canada. It goes on to describe how Ian returned home from Vancouver: how he hitch-hiked his way between Canada's east and west coasts, via California; found the bare hull of a 30-foot, 6-inch yacht in a shipyard at Chester, near Halifax; finished the building and rigging of her in a few weeks with his own hands and the help of the Stevens family and their small staff, and sailed her across the Atlantic ocean and up the Channel to Weymouth without stopping. It describes how Ian built the experimental ketch, the St Mary, with his wife, Morag, and the help of their friends and neighbours, in Scotland and achieved racing success. In this masterful telling, with a wonderful economy of words, a modesty which will not deceive the experienced reader, and useful drawings of constructional and rigging details, Ian Nicolson brings the tales to life and takes his audience along with him on his fascinating adventures.

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