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Books > History > World history > 1750 to 1900

The Traumatic Colonel - The Founding Fathers, Slavery, and the Phantasmatic Aaron Burr (Paperback): Michael J. Drexler, Ed White The Traumatic Colonel - The Founding Fathers, Slavery, and the Phantasmatic Aaron Burr (Paperback)
Michael J. Drexler, Ed White
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In American political fantasy, the Founding Fathers loom large, at once historical and mythical figures. In The Traumatic Colonel, Michael J. Drexler and Ed White examine the Founders as imaginative fictions, characters in the specifically literary sense, whose significance emerged from narrative elements clustered around them. From the revolutionary era through the 1790s, the Founders took shape as a significant cultural system for thinking about politics, race, and sexuality. Yet after 1800, amid the pressures of the Louisiana Purchase and the Haitian Revolution, this system could no longer accommodate the deep anxieties about the United States as a slave nation. Drexler and White assert that the most emblematic of the political tensions of the time is the figure of Aaron Burr, whose rise and fall were detailed in the literature of his time: his electoral tie with Thomas Jefferson in 1800, the accusations of seduction, the notorious duel with Alexander Hamilton, his machinations as the schemer of a breakaway empire, and his spectacular treason trial. The authors venture a psychoanalytically-informed exploration of post-revolutionary America to suggest that the figure of "Burr" was fundamentally a displaced fantasy for addressing the Haitian Revolution. Drexler and White expose how the historical and literary fictions of the nation's founding served to repress the larger issue of the slave system and uncover the Burr myth as the crux of that repression. Exploring early American novels, such as the works of Charles Brockden Brown and Tabitha Gilman Tenney, as well as the pamphlets, polemics, tracts, and biographies of the early republican period, the authors speculate that this flourishing of political writing illuminates the notorious gap in U.S. literary history between 1800 and 1820.

Almanach de Gotha 2018 - Vols I & II [set] (Hardcover, 199th Revised edition): John James Almanach de Gotha 2018 - Vols I & II [set] (Hardcover, 199th Revised edition)
John James
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City of Beasts - How Animals Shaped Georgian London (Hardcover): Thomas Almeroth-Williams City of Beasts - How Animals Shaped Georgian London (Hardcover)
Thomas Almeroth-Williams
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This book explores the role of animals - horses, cattle, sheep, pigs and dogs - in shaping Georgian London. Moving away from the philosophical, fictional and humanitarian sources used by previous animal studies, it focuses on evidence of tangible, dung-bespattered interactions between real people and animals, drawn from legal, parish, commercial, newspaper and private records.This approach opens up new perspectives on unfamiliar or misunderstood metropolitan spaces, activities, social types, relationships and cultural developments. Ultimately, the book challenges traditional assumptions about the industrial, agricultural and consumer revolutions, as well as key aspects of the city's culture, social relations and physical development. It will be stimulating reading for students and professional scholars of urban, social, economic, agricultural, industrial, architectural and environmental history. -- .

Japan's Castles - Citadels of Modernity in War and Peace (Hardcover): Oleg Benesch, Ran Zwigenberg Japan's Castles - Citadels of Modernity in War and Peace (Hardcover)
Oleg Benesch, Ran Zwigenberg
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An innovative examination of heritage politics in Japan, showing how castles have been used to re-invent and recapture competing versions of the pre-imperial past and project possibilities for Japan's future. Oleg Benesch and Ran Zwigenberg argue that Japan's modern transformations can be traced through its castles. They examine how castle preservation and reconstruction campaigns served as symbolic ways to assert particular views of the past and were crucial in the making of an idealized premodern history. Castles have been used to craft identities, to create and erase memories, and to symbolically join tradition and modernity. Until 1945, they served as physical and symbolic links between the modern military and the nation's premodern martial heritage. After 1945, castles were cleansed of military elements and transformed into public cultural spaces that celebrated both modernity and the pre-imperial past. What were once signs of military power have become symbols of Japan's idealized peaceful past.

The Arabs - A History - Revised and Updated Edition (Paperback): Eugene Rogan The Arabs - A History - Revised and Updated Edition (Paperback)
Eugene Rogan 1
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THE THIRD EDITION OF THE INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER, REVISED AND UPDATED 'A rich, galloping narrative that spans the Arab world...outstanding, gripping and exuberant...full of flamboyant character sketches, witty asides and magisterial scholarship, that explains much of what we need to know about the world today' Simon Sebag Montefiore 'Anyone who seeks to understand why the Islamic world bears a grudge against the West should read The Arabs' Sir Alaistair Horne Starting with the Ottoman conquests in the sixteenth century, this landmark book follows the story of the Arabs through the era of European imperialism and the Superpower rivalries of the Cold War, to the present age of unipolar American power. Drawing on the writings and eyewitness accounts of those who lived through the tumultuous years of Arab history, The Arabs balances different voices - politicians, intellectuals, students, men and women, poets and novelists, famous, infamous and the completely unknown - to give a rich, complex sense of life over nearly five centuries. Rogan's book is remarkable for its geographical sweep, covering the Arab world from North Africa through the Arabian Peninsula, and for the depth in which it explores every facet of modern Arab history. Charting the evolution of Arab identity from Ottomanism to Arabism to Islamism, it covers themes including the conflict between national independence and foreign domination, the Arab-Israeli struggle and the peace process, Abdel Nasser and the rise of Arab Nationalism, the political and economic power of oil and the conflict between secular and Islamic values. This multilayered, fascinating and definitive work is the essential guide to understanding the history of the modern Arab world - and its future.

The Nez Perces in the Indian Territory - Nimiipuu Survival (Hardcover): J. Diane Pearson The Nez Perces in the Indian Territory - Nimiipuu Survival (Hardcover)
J. Diane Pearson; Foreword by Patricia Penn Hilden
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Following the Nez Perce War of 1877, federal representatives promised the Nimiipuu who surrendered with Chief Joseph repatriation to their Pacific Northwest homes. Instead, they were driven into exile. This book tells the story of the Nimiipuu captivity and deportation and offers an in-depth analysis of the resistant Nez Perce, Cayuse, and Palus bands during their incarceration.

Plain Folk of the Old South - Anzio and Other Joys (Paperback, Updated ed.): Frank Lawrence Owsley Plain Folk of the Old South - Anzio and Other Joys (Paperback, Updated ed.)
Frank Lawrence Owsley; Foreword by Grady McWhiney
R515 Discovery Miles 5 150 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

First published in 1949, Frank Lawrence Owsley's Plain Folk of the Old South refuted the popular myth that the antebellum South contained only three classes -- planters, poor whites, and slaves. Owsley draws on a wide range of source materials -- firsthand accounts such as diaries and the published observations of travelers and journalists; church records; and county records, including wills, deeds, tax lists, and grand-jury reports -- to accurately reconstruct the prewar South's large and significant "yeoman farmer" middle class. He follows the history of this group, beginning with their migration from the Atlantic states into the frontier South, charts their property holdings and economic standing, and tells of the rich texture of their lives: the singing schools and corn shuckings, their courtship rituals and revival meetings, barn raisings and logrollings, and contests of marksmanship and horsemanship such as "snuffing the candle," "driving the nail," and the "gander pull." A new introduction by John B. Boles explains why this book remains the starting point today for the study of society in the Old South.

The French Revolution (Paperback, Reissue): Christopher Hibbert The French Revolution (Paperback, Reissue)
Christopher Hibbert
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Concise, convincing and exciting, this is Christopher Hibbert's brilliant account of the events that shook eighteenth-century Europe to its foundation. With a mixture of lucid storytelling and fascinating detail, he charts the French Revolution from its beginnings at an impromptu meeting on an indoor tennis court at Versailles in 1789, right through to the `coup d'etat' that brought Napoleon to power ten years later. In the process he explains the drama and complexities of this epoch-making era in the compelling and accessible manner he has made his trademark. Writing in The Times, Richard Holmes described the book as `A spectacular replay of epic action ...' while The Good Book Guide called it, `Unquestionably the best popular history of the French Revolution'.

Queen Victoria - A Personal History (Paperback, New Ed): Christopher Hibbert Queen Victoria - A Personal History (Paperback, New Ed)
Christopher Hibbert 2
R353 R248 Discovery Miles 2 480 Save R105 (30%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

"[Christopher Hibbert] is our outstanding popular historian… This book is, I think, his masterpiece… he has portrayed her as physically and imaginatively passionate, a loveable monster who, for all her extreme oddness, came to embody the aspirations and character not only of a nation, but of an Empire which embraced half the globe."

"A deliciously gossipy but thoughtful biography… an exceptional portrait of a homely, formidably strong-willed women who used her power both admirably and abominably."

He is a master technician… [Hibbert] succeeds in weaving a vast tangle of sources into a driving story. It is a testimony to his skill that he manages to make his 557-page book feel, If anything, a tad too short… it meticulously fleshes out the little butterball of a woman who came to dominate not only her own time, but ours as well."

"Christopher Hibbert is the doyen of court historians… a lively, is episodic account of a remarkable woman's life… he is particularly strong on the stifling dullness of court life, Victoria's extraordinary relations with her Scottish and Indian servants, and her absolute domination of her children… The book is handsomely produced and, unusually for today, has a rich selection of fascinating footnotes."

"An unrivalled portrait of a marriage… she emerges from his compelling narrative a more real, complex and fascinating figure than ever before."

Life in the Country House in Georgian Ireland (Paperback): Patricia McCarthy Life in the Country House in Georgian Ireland (Paperback)
Patricia McCarthy
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For aristocrats and gentry in 18th-century Ireland, the townhouses and country estates they resided in were carefully constructed to accommodate their cultivated lifestyles. Based on new research from Irish national collections and correspondence culled from papers in private keeping, this publication provides a vivid and engaging look at the various ways in which families tailored their homes to their personal needs and preferences. Halls were designed in order to simultaneously support a variety of activities, including dining, music, and games, while closed porches allowed visitors to arrive fully protected from the country's harsh weather. These grand houses were arranged in accordance with their residents' daily procedures, demonstrating a distinction between public and private spaces, and even keeping in mind the roles and arrangements of the servants in their purposeful layouts. With careful consideration given to both the practicality of everyday routine and the occasional special event, this book illustrates how the lives and residential structures of these aristocrats were inextricably woven together.

What Remains - Coming to Terms with Civil War in 19th Century China (Paperback): Tobie Meyer-Fong What Remains - Coming to Terms with Civil War in 19th Century China (Paperback)
Tobie Meyer-Fong
R530 R454 Discovery Miles 4 540 Save R76 (14%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The Taiping Rebellion was one of the costliest civil wars in human history. Many millions of people lost their lives. Yet while the Rebellion has been intensely studied by scholars in China and elsewhere, we still know little of how individuals coped with these cataclysmic events.
Drawing upon a rich array of primary sources, "What Remains " explores the issues that preoccupied Chinese and Western survivors. Individuals, families, and communities grappled with fundamental questions of loyalty and loss as they struggled to rebuild shattered cities, bury the dead, and make sense of the horrors that they had witnessed.
Driven by compelling accounts of raw emotion and deep injury, "What Remains" opens a window to a world described by survivors themselves. This book transforms our understanding of China's 19th century and recontextualizes suffering and loss in China during the 20th century.

Lives Uncovered - A Sourcebook of Early Modern Europe (Paperback): Nicholas Terpstra Lives Uncovered - A Sourcebook of Early Modern Europe (Paperback)
Nicholas Terpstra
R1,127 Discovery Miles 11 270 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Curated by acclaimed scholar Nicholas Terpstra, Lives Uncovered is a fascinating collection of early modern primary sources organized around the human life cycle: from birth through youth and adulthood to death. Providing an in-depth social history of the period, Lives Uncovered is an excellent resource for those eager to deepen their understanding of the period. The collection begins with a short explanation on "How to Read a Primary Source," which helps readers recognize different kinds of primary sources and introduces the idea of critical reading. A brief essay on "Life Cycles in the Early Modern Period" details the organization of the volume and explains each stage in the life cycle within its historical context. Over 150 readings examine men and women from different social classes and different religious and racial groups, addressing sex and sexuality, food and drink, poverty, crime and punishment, religious tension and co-existence, and migration and emigration. Using a creative range of sources such as letters, wills, laws, diaries, fiction, and poems, Terpstra gives readers a comprehensive picture of everyday life in early modern Europe and in other parts of the globe that Europeans were beginning to settle and colonize. Each of the life cycle chapters includes a combination of longer readings, shorter readings, and images. Every reading begins with a short introduction that sets the context of the primary source, while review questions complement the main themes of the readings. Over 30 illustrations serve as non-textual primary sources. An index is also provided.

Albert Bierstadt - Witness to a Changing West (Hardcover): Peter H. Hassrick Albert Bierstadt - Witness to a Changing West (Hardcover)
Peter H. Hassrick; Foreword by Bruce B Eldredge; Contributions by Arthur Amiotte, Emily C Burns, Dan Flores, …
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African Creeks - Estelvste and the Creek Nation (Hardcover): Gary Zellar African Creeks - Estelvste and the Creek Nation (Hardcover)
Gary Zellar
R788 Discovery Miles 7 880 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Among the Creeks, they were known as Estelvste--black people--and they had lived among them since the days of the first Spanish "entradas." They spoke the same language as the Creeks, ate the same foods, and shared kinship ties. Their only difference was the color of their skin.

This book tells how people of African heritage came to blend their lives with those of their Indian neighbors and essentially became Creek themselves. Taking in the full historical sweep of African Americans among the Creeks, from the sixteenth century through Oklahoma statehood, Gary Zellar unfolds a narrative history of the many contributions these people made to Creek history.

Drawing on a wealth of primary sources, Zellar reveals how African people functioned as warriors, interpreters, preachers, medicine men, and even slave labor, all of which allowed the tribe to withstand the shocks of Anglo-American expansion. He also tells how they provided leaders who helped the Creeks navigate the onslaught of allotment, tribal dissolution, and Oklahoma statehood.

In his compelling narrative, Zellar describes how African Creeks made a place for themselves in a tolerant Creek Nation in which they had access to land, resources, and political leverage--and how post-Civil War "reform" reduced them to the second-class citizenship of other African Americans. It is a stirring account that puts history in a new light as it adds to our understanding of the multi-ethnic nature of Indian societies.

International Review of Social History Supplements, Series Number 26 - Transportation, Deportation and Exile: Perspectives from... International Review of Social History Supplements, Series Number 26 - Transportation, Deportation and Exile: Perspectives from the Colonies in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries (Paperback)
Christian G. De Vito, Clare Anderson, Ulbe Bosma
R443 Discovery Miles 4 430 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The ten contributions to this volume provide a new perspective on the history of convicts and penal colonies. They demonstrate that the nineteenth and twentieth centuries were a critical period in the reconfiguration of empires, imperial governmentality and punishment, including through extensive punitive relocation and associated extractive labour. Ranging across the global contexts of Africa, Asia, Australasia, Japan, the Americas, the Pacific, Russia, and Europe, and exploring issues of criminalisation, political repression, and convict management alongside those of race, gender, space and circulation, this collection offers a perspective from the colonies that radically transforms accepted narratives of the history of empire and the history of punishment.

The Scottish Clearances - A History of the Dispossessed, 1600-1900 (Hardcover): T. M Devine The Scottish Clearances - A History of the Dispossessed, 1600-1900 (Hardcover)
T. M Devine 1
R591 R396 Discovery Miles 3 960 Save R195 (33%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

'A superb book ... Anybody interested in Scottish history needs to read it' Andrew Marr, Sunday Times Eighteenth-century Scotland is famed for generating many of the enlightened ideas which helped to shape the modern world. But there was in the same period another side to the history of the nation. Many of Scotland's people were subjected to coercive and sometimes violent change, as traditional ways of life were overturned by the 'rational' exploitation of land use. The Scottish Clearances is a superb and highly original account of this sometimes terrible process, which changed the Lowland countryside forever, as it also did, more infamously, the old society of the Highlands. Based on a vast array of original sources, this pioneering book is the first to chart this tumultuous saga in one volume, with due attention to evictions and loss of land in both north and south of the Highland line. In the process, old myths are exploded and familiar assumptions undermined. With many fascinating details and the sense of an epic human story, The Scottish Clearances is an evocative memorial to all whose lives were irreparably changed in the interests of economic efficiency. This is a story of forced clearance, of the destruction of entire communities and of large-scale emigration. Some winners were able to adapt and exploit the new opportunities, but there were also others who lost everything. The clearances created the landscape of Scotland today, but it came at a huge price.

Ballots and Bullets - The Bloody County Seat Wars of Kansas (Hardcover, Annotated edition): Robert K. DeArment Ballots and Bullets - The Bloody County Seat Wars of Kansas (Hardcover, Annotated edition)
Robert K. DeArment; Foreword by Richard Maxwell Brown
R605 Discovery Miles 6 050 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

"Bleeding Kansas" has earned its name. A state already scarred from the violence wrought by the likes of John Brown and William Quantrill, Kansas witnessed further episodes of wanton bloodshed in the late nineteenth century when settlers poured into a supposedly peaceful frontier. Focusing on the tumultuous years 1885-1892, Robert K. DeArment's compelling narrative is the first to reveal the complete story of the county seat wars that raged in Kansas--controversial episodes that made national news in the late 1900s but are largely unknown today. With a story populated by some of the most notorious characters of the West--including Sam Wood, Theodosius Botkin, Bat Masterson, and Bill Tilghman--

Machine Made - Tammany Hall and the Creation of Modern American Politics (Hardcover): Terry Golway Machine Made - Tammany Hall and the Creation of Modern American Politics (Hardcover)
Terry Golway
R473 R445 Discovery Miles 4 450 Save R28 (6%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

For decades, history has considered Tammany Hall, New York's famous political machine, shorthand for the worst of urban politics: graft, crime, and patronage personified by notoriously corrupt characters. Infamous crooks like William "Boss" Tweed dominate traditional histories of Tammany, distorting our understanding of a critical chapter of American political history. In Machine Made, historian and New York City journalist Terry Golway convincingly dismantles these stereotypes; Tammany's corruption was real, but so was its heretofore forgotten role in protecting marginalized and maligned immigrants in desperate need of a political voice.

Irish immigrants arriving in New York during the nineteenth century faced an unrelenting onslaught of hyperbolic, nativist propaganda. They were voiceless in a city that proved, time and again, that real power remained in the hands of the mercantile elite, not with a crush of ragged newcomers flooding its streets. Haunted by fresh memories of the horrific Irish potato famine in the old country, Irish immigrants had already learned an indelible lesson about the dire consequences of political helplessness. Tammany Hall emerged as a distinct force to support the city's Catholic newcomers, courting their votes while acting as a powerful intermediary between them and the Anglo-Saxon Protestant ruling class. In a city that had yet to develop the social services we now expect, Tammany often functioned as a rudimentary public welfare system and a champion of crucial social reforms benefiting its constituency, including workers' compensation, prohibitions against child labor, and public pensions for widows with children. Tammany figures also fought against attempts to limit immigration and to strip the poor of the only power they had the vote.

While rescuing Tammany from its maligned legacy, Golway hardly ignores Tammany's ugly underbelly, from its constituents' participation in the bloody Draft Riots of 1863 to its rampant cronyism. However, even under occasionally notorious leadership, Tammany played a profound and long-ignored role in laying the groundwork for social reform, and nurtured the careers of two of New York's greatest political figures, Al Smith and Robert Wagner. Despite devastating electoral defeats and countless scandals, Tammany nonetheless created a formidable political coalition, one that eventually made its way into the echelons of FDR s Democratic Party and progressive New Deal agenda.

Tracing the events of a tumultuous century, Golway shows how mainstream American government began to embrace both Tammany s constituents and its ideals. Machine Made is a revelatory work of revisionist history, and a rich, multifaceted portrait of roiling New York City politics in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries."

The Oxford History of Anglicanism, Volume IV - Global Western Anglicanism, c. 1910-present (Paperback): Jeremy Morris The Oxford History of Anglicanism, Volume IV - Global Western Anglicanism, c. 1910-present (Paperback)
Jeremy Morris
R777 Discovery Miles 7 770 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The Oxford History of Anglicanism is a major new and unprecedented international study of the identity and historical influence of one of the world's largest versions of Christianity. This global study of Anglicanism from the sixteenth century looks at how was Anglican identity constructed and contested at various periods since the sixteenth century; and what was its historical influence during the past six centuries. It explores not just the ecclesiastical and theological aspects of global Anglicanism, but also the political, social, economic, and cultural influences of this form of Christianity that has been historically significant in western culture, and a burgeoning force in non-western societies today. The chapters are written by international exports in their various historical fields which includes the most recent research in their areas, as well as original research. The series forms an invaluable reference for both scholars and interested non-specialists. Volume four of The Oxford History of Anglicanism explores Anglicanism examines the twentieth-century history of Anglicanism in North America, Britain and Ireland, and Australasia. A historiographical introduction provides insight into changing historical interpretation. The volume explores perspectives on secularization, decolonization, mission, and the theological identity of Anglicanism. It highlights the global communion's movement away from an Anglo-centric leadership and a British imperial legacy towards greater diversity and greater influence for the global south. Ten themed chapters open up complementary aspects of the history of Western Anglicanism, including theological development, social justice, women, human sexuality, ecumenical relations, mission and decolonization, war and peace, liturgical revision, sociological analysis, and the relationship of the church, state, and nationalism. A further section on institutional development looks at the history of communion-wide institutions in the twentieth century, and at changing ideas of Anglican identity. Later chapters survey the regional history of Western Anglicanism in three substantial chapters examining excessively Australia and New Zealand, North America, and the British Isles.

Benedict Arnold's Navy - The Ragtag Fleet That Lost the Battle of Lake Champlain but Won the American Revolution... Benedict Arnold's Navy - The Ragtag Fleet That Lost the Battle of Lake Champlain but Won the American Revolution (Hardcover)
James L Nelson
R677 R527 Discovery Miles 5 270 Save R150 (22%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

An epic story of one mans devotion to the American cause.

In October 1776, four years before Benedict Arnolds treasonous attempt to hand control of the Hudson River to the British, his patch-work fleet on Lake Champlain was all that stood between British forces and a swift end to the American rebellion..

"Benedict Arnolds Navy" is the dramatic chronicle of that desperate battle and of the extraordinary events that occurred on the American Revolutions critical northern front. Written with captivating narrative vitality, this landmark book shows how Benedict Arnolds fearless leadership against staggering odds in a northern wilderness secured for America the independence that he would later try to betray..

Praise for James L. Nelson: .

"James Nelson is a master both of his period and of the English language."
. --Patrick O'Brian, author of "Master and Commander,"

"James L. Nelson tells this story with clarity and literary skill and with such ease and order that the reader feels he is attending a dissertation on history given by a consummate lecturer."
. --Ron Berthel, Associated Press, on "Reign of Iron: The Story of the First Battling Ironclads," winner of the American Library Associations 2004 Award for Best Military History.

"It is, by far, the best Civil War novel Ive read; reeking of battle, duty, heroism and tragedy. Its a triumph of imagination and good, taut writing . . . "
. --Bernard Cornwell on "Glory in the Name," winner of the W. Y. Boyd Literary Award . . .

His name is synonymous with treason, yet few men did more to prevent Americas defeat in 1776.

The story of Americas fight for independence has been dominated by accounts from thebattlefields. where George Washington fought the British, but one of the most critical and least remembered. battles of 1776 was a bloody, lopsided fight on a wilderness lake hundreds of miles north. In a war marked by improbable turning points, that one naval battle would, in the end, prove the key to America's ultimate victory..

Award-winning historian James L. Nelson weaves a thrilling narrative around the Battle of Valcour Island, in which a cobbled-together American fleet, led by the bold and resourceful Arnold, stood up to the might of the British navy, only to be destroyed in the end by overwhelming odds. Setting the desperate battle in its context, "Benedict Arnold s Navy" describes the strategic importance of the Hudson River and Lake Champlain, the ambitious and largely successful American invasion of Quebec in 1775, and the bloody retreat of the following year. The one-year delay of the subsequent British invasion from Canada won by Arnolds gallant, overmatched fleet made possible an American triumph in the Battle of Saratoga in 1777, the first significant victory of the Revolution. This success finally convinced France to join America in arms and turned the tide of war..

Using storytelling skills honed by a dozen novels, including the popular "Revolution at Sea Saga" and the W. Y. Boyd Award-winning "Glory in the Name," Nelson brings to life a new image of Benedict Arnold. He is not the vainglorious traitor of popular imagination but a fearless and talented officer, a favorite of General Washington, and a man who, in thirty months of fighting, led troops into hell and back..

This suspenseful drama is a salutary reminder that the American Revolution between 1775 and1778 was a two-front war. "Benedict Arnold s Navy" is a much needed look at the less-celebrated front to the north, where armies clashed in the wilderness and on the cold waters of Lake Champlain in battles that would determine the outcome of the war as surely as the fighting at Trenton and Yorktown..

Colonel Richard Irving Dodge - The Life and Times of a Career Army Officer (Hardcover): Wayne R. Kime Colonel Richard Irving Dodge - The Life and Times of a Career Army Officer (Hardcover)
Wayne R. Kime
R1,032 Discovery Miles 10 320 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

This definitive biography of an extraordinary nineteenth-century army officer and author includes 25 b&w photographs and 16 maps.

Inventing Edward Lear (Hardcover): Sara Lodge Inventing Edward Lear (Hardcover)
Sara Lodge
R568 R451 Discovery Miles 4 510 Save R117 (21%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

"Inventing Edward Lear is an exceptional, valuable, original study, presenting new materials on aspects of Lear's life and work." -Jenny Uglow, author of Mr. Lear and The Lunar Men Edward Lear wrote some of the best-loved poems in English, including "The Owl and the Pussycat," but the father of nonsense was far more than a poet. He was a naturalist, a brilliant landscape painter, an experimental travel writer, and an accomplished composer. Sara Lodge presents the fullest account yet of Lear's passionate engagement in the intellectual, social, and cultural life of his times. Lear had a difficult start in life. He was epileptic, asthmatic, and depressive, but even as a child a consummate performer who projected himself into others' affections. He became, by John James Audubon's estimate, one of the greatest ornithological artists of the age. Queen Victoria-an admirer-chose him to be her painting teacher. He popularized the limerick, set Tennyson's verse to music, and opened fresh doors for children and adults to share fantasies of magical escape. Lodge draws on diaries, letters, and new archival sources to paint a vivid picture of Lear that explores his musical influences, his religious nonconformity, his relationship with the Pre-Raphaelite movement, and the connections between his scientific and artistic work. He invented himself as a character: awkward but funny, absurdly sympathetic. In Lodge's hands, Lear emerges as a dynamic and irreverent polymath whose conversation continues to draw us in. Inventing Edward Lear is an original and moving account of one of the most intriguing and creative of all Victorians.

Napoleon - The End of Glory (Hardcover): Munro Price Napoleon - The End of Glory (Hardcover)
Munro Price 1
R477 R361 Discovery Miles 3 610 Save R116 (24%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Napoleon: The End of Glory tells the story of the dramatic two years that led to Napoleon's abdication in April 1814. Though crucial to European history, they remain strangely neglected, lying between the two much better-known landmarks of the retreat from Moscow and the battle of Waterloo. Yet this short period saw both Napoleon's loss of his European empire, and of his control over France itself. In 1813 the massive battle of Leipzig - the bloodiest in modern history before the first day of the Somme - forced his armies back to the Rhine. The next year, after a brilliant campaign against overwhelming odds, Napoleon was forced to abdicate and exiled to Elba. He regained his throne the following year, for just a hundred days, in a doomed adventure whose defeat at Waterloo was predictable. The most fascinating - and least-known - aspect of these years is that at several key points Napoleon's enemies offered him peace terms that would have allowed him to keep his throne, if not his empire, a policy inspired by the brilliant and devious Austrian foreign minister Metternich. Napoleon: The End of Glory sheds fascinating new light on Napoleon, Metternich, and many other key figures and events in this dramatic period of European history, drawing on previously unused archives in France, Austria, and the Czech Republic. Through these it seeks to answer the most important question of all - why, instead of accepting a compromise, Napoleon chose to gamble on total victory at the risk of utter defeat?

From Assimilation to Antisemitism - The Jewish Question in Poland, 1850-1914 (Hardcover): Theodore R. Weeks From Assimilation to Antisemitism - The Jewish Question in Poland, 1850-1914 (Hardcover)
Theodore R. Weeks
R867 Discovery Miles 8 670 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

The large number of Jews living in Polish lands had lived as a separate estate from the Poles until the mid-nineteenth century. As modern ideologies of democratic, homogeneous national societies came to life, this separateness became a problem. Focusing on several long-term factors and one major event - the Revolution of 1905 - Weeks traces Poland's failed attempts to integrate its Jewish communities into the country's social fabric. While Jews became politically engaged during the Industrial Revolution, social integration remained elusive.

Chickasaw, a Mississippi Scout for the Union - The Civil War Memoir of Levi H. Naron (Hardcover, Annotated edition): Thomas D.... Chickasaw, a Mississippi Scout for the Union - The Civil War Memoir of Levi H. Naron (Hardcover, Annotated edition)
Thomas D. Cockrell, Michael B Ballard
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A well-to-do planter and slave owner in Chickasaw County, Mississippi, Levi Holloway Naron was an unlikely supporter of the Union. And yet, at the outbreak of war in 1861, his agitation against the Confederacy so outraged his fellow Mississippians that they drove him from his home. Bent on retaliation, Naron headed North, contacted the Union army, and was ushered into the presence of General William T. Sherman, who quickly saw the possibilities for employing such a man. Thus began Levi Naron's career as "Chickasaw," Federal scout, spy, and raider.

Dictated in 1865, when his memory of events was still fresh -- as was his passion -- Naron's memoir offers a rare and remarkably vivid firsthand account of a southerner loyal to the Union, operating behind Confederate lines. Active primarily in northern Mississippi and western Tennessee, Naron proved invaluable to Federal commanders in the West, not only Sherman but William Rosecrans, John Pope, Grenville Dodge, Benjamin Grierson, and others -- leaders whose official testimony to that effect is included in an appendix here. Naron stood before Rebel commanders as well -- Sterling Price, James Chalmers, and John C. Breckinridge -- having bedeviled their security forces and intelligence agents. In these pages, he tells how he maneuvered under their noses, burning bridges and railcars full of supplies intended for Nathan Bedford Forrest and John Bell Hood, recruiting for the Union while clad in a Confederate uniform, chasing down Union deserters and Rebel spies, and, for diversion, suppressing guerrillas and bushwhackers.

This long-forgotten historical document, newly edited and annotated, provides indispensable information about Confederate as well as Union espionage and counter-espionage activity. Naron's adventures illuminate this clandestine war in the West while allowing readers to experience with startling immediacy the agony, frustrations, and convictions of a pro-Union southerner trapped inside the Confederate States.

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