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Chinese Houses (Hardcover): Inn Chinese Houses (Hardcover)
R3,750 R1,250 Discovery Miles 12 500 Save R2,500 (67%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The book when it first appeared was also well received by "House and Garden Architecture Forum" and "Landscape Architecture." "The handsome book will be a joy to possess for those who love beauty in architecture and cultivated nature," so wrote Pearl S. Buck. In 1940 Henry Inn of Honolulu, art collector, designer, and photographer, produced a collection of Chinese architectural pictures that is extraordinary.

Although probably the only record of its kind, many of the photographs were taken as recently as 1936. Of those locations very few remain if any. A veteran traveller to his ancestral homeland, Henry In had an extraordinarily wide set of acquaintances which gave him an entrance into some of the choicest homes and gardens throughout China. This combination of artistic shell and unusual opportunity are unique.

The Camaro in the Pasture - Speculations on the Cultural Landscape of America (Hardcover): Robert B. Riley The Camaro in the Pasture - Speculations on the Cultural Landscape of America (Hardcover)
Robert B. Riley
R997 Discovery Miles 9 970 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Robert Riley has been a renowned figure in landscape studies for over fifty years, valued for his perceptive, learned, and highly entertaining articles, reviews, and essays. Much of Riley's work originally ran in Landscape, the pioneering magazine at which Riley succeeded the great geographer J. B. Jackson as editor. The Camaro in the Pasture is the first book to collect this compelling author's writing. With diverse topics ranging from science-fiction fantasies to problems of academic design research, the essays in this volume cover an entire half-century of Riley's observations on the American landscape. The essays-several of which are new or previously unpublished-interpret changing rationales for urban beautification, the evolution and transformation of the strip, the development of a global landscape of golf and resorts replacing an older tourist search for exoticism, and the vernacular landscape as wallpaper not quilt. Ultimately, Riley envisions our future landscape as a rapidly fluctuating electronic net draped over the more slowly changing and familiar land- and building-based system. Throughout, Riley emphasizes the vernacular landscape of contemporary America-how we have shaped and use it, what it is becoming, and, above all, how we experience it.

A Line Around England - A colouring book of the nation's favourite landmarks (Hardcover): Simon Harmer A Line Around England - A colouring book of the nation's favourite landmarks (Hardcover)
Simon Harmer 1
R272 R212 Discovery Miles 2 120 Save R60 (22%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Artist Simon Harmer creates delightful and distinctive line drawings of our famous landmarks and landscape. In 'A Line Around England' he travels from Hadrian's Wall to Cornwall's coast and his illustrations capture everything from Stonehenge to Blackpool Tower. Each drawing is accompanied by a short text illuminating some quirky and interesting facts about the site.

The Working Man's Green Space - Allotment Gardens in England, France, and Germany, 1870-1919 (Hardcover): Micheline Nilsen The Working Man's Green Space - Allotment Gardens in England, France, and Germany, 1870-1919 (Hardcover)
Micheline Nilsen
R1,020 Discovery Miles 10 200 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

With antecedents dating back to the Middle Ages, the community garden is more popular than ever as a means of procuring the freshest food possible and instilling community cohesion. But as Micheline Nilsen shows, the small-garden movement, which gained impetus in the nineteenth century as rural workers crowded into industrial cities, was for a long time primarily a repository of ideas concerning social reform, hygienic improvement, and class mobility. Complementing efforts by worker cooperatives, unions, and social legislation, the provision of small garden plots offered some relief from bleak urban living conditions. Urban planners often thought of such gardens as a way to insert "lungs" into a city.

Standing at the intersection of a number of disciplines--including landscape studies, horticulture, and urban history-- "The Working Man's Green Space" focuses on the development of allotment gardens in European countries in the nearly half-century between the Franco-Prussian War and World War I, when the French Third Republic, the German Empire, and the late Victorian era in England saw the development of unprecedented measures to improve the lot of the "laboring classes." Nilsen shows how community gardening is inscribed within a social contract that differs from country to country, but how there is also an underlying aesthetic and social significance to these gardens that transcends national borders.

The Place of Many Moods - Udaipur's Painted Lands and India's Eighteenth Century (Hardcover): Dipti Khera The Place of Many Moods - Udaipur's Painted Lands and India's Eighteenth Century (Hardcover)
Dipti Khera
R1,374 R1,236 Discovery Miles 12 360 Save R138 (10%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

A look at the painting traditions of northwestern India in the eighteenth century, and what they reveal about the political and artistic changes of the era In the long eighteenth century, artists from Udaipur, a city of lakes in northwestern India, specialized in depicting the vivid sensory ambience of its historic palaces, reservoirs, temples, bazaars, and durbars. As Mughal imperial authority weakened by the late 1600s and the British colonial economy became paramount by the 1830s, new patrons and mobile professionals reshaped urban cultures and artistic genres across early modern India. The Place of Many Moods explores how Udaipur's artworks-monumental court paintings, royal portraits, Jain letter scrolls, devotional manuscripts, cartographic artifacts, and architectural drawings-represent the period's major aesthetic, intellectual, and political shifts. Dipti Khera shows that these immersive objects powerfully convey the bhava-the feel, emotion, and mood-of specific places, revealing visions of pleasure, plenitude, and praise. These memorialized moods confront the ways colonial histories have recounted Oriental decadence, shaping how a culture and time are perceived. Illuminating the close relationship between painting and poetry, and the ties among art, architecture, literature, politics, ecology, trade, and religion, Khera examines how Udaipur's painters aesthetically enticed audiences of courtly connoisseurs, itinerant monks, and mercantile collectives to forge bonds of belonging to real locales in the present and to long for idealized futures. Their pioneering pictures sought to stir such emotions as love, awe, abundance, and wonder, emphasizing the senses, spaces, and sociability essential to the efficacy of objects and expressions of territoriality. The Place of Many Moods uncovers an influential creative legacy of evocative beauty that raises broader questions about how emotions and artifacts operate in constituting history and subjectivity, politics and place.

Follies - Fabulous, fanciful and frivolous buildings (Hardcover): Gwyn Headley Follies - Fabulous, fanciful and frivolous buildings (Hardcover)
Gwyn Headley
R244 R191 Discovery Miles 1 910 Save R53 (22%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Britain's countryside is liberally sprinkled with follies - eccentric, original buildings built for fun by landowners and aristocrats over the centuries. They include prospect towers, ornamental temples, rustic hermits' cottages, faux-prehistoric stone circles, and some buildings that don't seem to have had any purpose at all. In this fascinating and stylish book, folly expert Gwyn Headley brings together some of the most beautiful and intriguing follies cared for by the National Trust, from the craggy fake ruin at Mow Cop in Cheshire to the elegant buildings created by Henry Hoare for his great landscape garden at Stourhead. He also introduces some very extraordinary characters, such as Frederick Hervey, the 'Earl-Bishop', who had an obsession with women, volcanoes and rotundas, and Sir Thomas Tresham, whose fervent Catholicism inspired him to create the extraordinary Lyveden New Bield, an unfinished building suffused with religious symbolism. Fully illustrated with exquisite images of these remarkable buildings, this insightful book will inspire the folly-hunter in us all.

Thomas Jefferson - Landscape Architect (Paperback): Frederick Doveton Nichols, Ralph E. Griswold Thomas Jefferson - Landscape Architect (Paperback)
Frederick Doveton Nichols, Ralph E. Griswold
R388 R328 Discovery Miles 3 280 Save R60 (15%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The garden and landscape designs of America's founding architect. Collaboration with the greatest botanists of his time, an instinctive humanitarianism, and a natural ingenuity in landscape design combined to make Thomas Jefferson a pioneer in American landscape architecture. Frederick D. Nichols and Ralph E. Griswold, in this close study of Jefferson's many notes, letters, and sketches, present a clear and detailed interpretation of his extraordinary accomplishments in the field. Thomas Jefferson, Landscape Architect investigates the many influences on--and of--the Jeffersonian legacy in architecture. Jefferson's personality, friendships, and convictions, complemented by his extensive reading and travels, clearly influenced his architectural work. His fresh approach to incorporating foreign elements into domestic designs, his revolutionary approach to relating the house to the surrounding land, and his profound influences on the architectural character of the District of Columbia are just a few of Jefferson's contributions to the American landscape. Eighteenth-and nineteenth-century maps, plans, and drawings, as well as pictures of the species of trees that Jefferson used for his designs, generously illustrate the engaging narrative in Thomas Jefferson, Landscape Architect.

Foreign Trends in American Gardens - A History of Exchange, Adaptation, and Reception (Hardcover): Raffaella Fabiani Giannetto Foreign Trends in American Gardens - A History of Exchange, Adaptation, and Reception (Hardcover)
Raffaella Fabiani Giannetto
R1,608 Discovery Miles 16 080 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Foreign Trends in American Gardens addresses the influence of foreign, designed landscapes on the development of their American counterparts. Including essays from an array of significant scholars in landscape studies, this collection examines topics ranging from the importation of Western and Eastern styles of design and theoretical literature to the adaptation of specific plant types. As the variety of topics and influences discussed demonstrates, the essence of American gardens defies simple definition. Examining the translation, imitation, adaptation, and naturalization of stylistic trends and horticultural specimens into American gardens, the book also dwells on the juxtaposition of the foreign and the native. The volume's contributors consider the experiences both of immigrants, who contributed through their writing, planting, and design efforts to enhance the character of regional gardens, and of Americans, who traveled abroad and brought back with them a passion for naturalizing exotics for scientific as well as aesthetic reasons. The complexity of American gardens-their combination of the historic and the modern, and of foreign cultures and local values-is also their most distinctive characteristic.

An Introduction to Landscape and Garden Design (Paperback, 2nd New edition): James Blake An Introduction to Landscape and Garden Design (Paperback, 2nd New edition)
James Blake
R1,292 Discovery Miles 12 920 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

How do you design a landscape book suitable for its intended uses? How can the natural qualities of a landscape be enhanced with new features and focal points? How can you make pedestrians stay on the footpath? What kind of plant, path or wall should you put where, and what sort of contract should you choose for your client's contractor? This refreshingly down-to-earth introduction to the vast subject of landscape design and construction answers all these questions, guiding new students through the many facets of professional practice and welding together the artistic, legal, financial, environmental and management issues which can seem so dauntingly disconnected. Illustrated with original drawings, photographs, sample plans and facsimiles, including a new colour plate section, this readable classic has been fully revised and updated throughout. It opens with a completely new chapter which explains design and aesthetic principles, explores the history of our relationship to landscape, and shows how design principles can be applied to influence reactions to the finished site. The author then considers different elements of hard landscape and their relative merits in different situations. The soft landscape section includes coverage of the effects of mass and form, natural and abstract planting, and the difficult subject of plant selection. A step-by-step guide through all the stages of managing a project, from initial discussions with clients, site inspection, surveying and quoting, through tendering, contracting, contractual agreements, development from concept design to final plans and drawings, as well as maintenance, now includes the current information on CDM regulations and provides readers with a plain-speaking reference on client management and contractual administration. Added to the guide to drawing and lettering is an extensive section on computer-aided design. A bibliography and list of useful organization are also included.

New Geographies 11 - Extraterrestrial (Paperback): Jeffrey Nesbit, Guy Trangos New Geographies 11 - Extraterrestrial (Paperback)
Jeffrey Nesbit, Guy Trangos
R764 R614 Discovery Miles 6 140 Save R150 (20%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Steward of the Land - Selected Writings of Nineteenth-Century Horticulturist Thomas Affleck (Hardcover, Annotated edition):... Steward of the Land - Selected Writings of Nineteenth-Century Horticulturist Thomas Affleck (Hardcover, Annotated edition)
Thomas Affleck; Edited by Lake Douglas
R1,256 Discovery Miles 12 560 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

In the first collection of published writings of Thomas Affleck (1812-1868), Lake Douglas re-establishes the reputation of a tireless agricultural reformer, entrepreneur, and horticulturist. Affleck's wide range of interests - animal husbandry, agriculture, scientific farming, ornamental horticulture, insects, and hydrology, among others - should afford him a celebrated status in several disciplines; yet until now his immense contributions remained largely unheralded. Steward of the Land remedies this oversight with a broad, annotated selection of Affleck's works, rightfully placing him alongside his better-known contemporaries Andrew Jackson Downing and Frederick Law Olmsted. After immigrating to the United States from Scotland in 1832, Affleck witnessed the burgeoning American expansion and its major advances in agriculture and technology. He worked as a journalist for the influential Western Farmer and Gardener, covering Ohio, Kentucky, and the Mississippi River Valley. Affleck moved to Mississippi in 1842 to manage his new wife's failing plantation; there, he created one of the first commercial nurseries of the South while writing prolifically on numerous agrarian topics for regional periodicals and newspapers. From 1845 to 1865 he edited Affleck's Southern Rural Almanac and Plantation and Garden Calendar, published in New Orleans. Following a postwar move to Brenham, Texas, he published letters and essays about rebuilding that state's livestock herds and rejuvenating its agricultural labor forces. Steward of the Land includes excerpts from dozens of Affleck's articles on subjects ranging from bee keeping to gardening to orchard tending. This valuable single-volume resource reveals Affleck's astonishing breadth of horticultural knowledge and entrepreneurial sagacity, and his role in educating mid-nineteenth-century readers about agricultural products and practices, plant usage, and environmental stewardship. Never before collected or contextualised, Affleck's writings provide a firsthand account of the advancement of agricultural techniques and practices that created a new environmental awareness in America.

Unbounded Practice - Women and Landscape Architecture in the Early Twentieth Century (Hardcover): Thaisa Way Unbounded Practice - Women and Landscape Architecture in the Early Twentieth Century (Hardcover)
Thaisa Way
R1,435 Discovery Miles 14 350 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Women have practiced as landscape architects for over a century, since the founding of the practice as a profession in the United States in the 1890s. They came to landscape architecture as gardeners, garden designers, horticulturalists, and fine artists. They simultaneously shaped the profession while reflecting contemporary practice. It is all the more surprising, then, that the history of women in American landscape design has received relatively little attention. Thaisa Way corrects this oversight in "Unbounded Practice: Women and Landscape Architecture in the Early Twentieth Century. "Describing design practice in landscape architecture during the first half of the twentieth century, the book serves as a narrative both of women--such as Beatrix Jones Farrand, Marian Cruger Coffin, Annette Hoyt Flanders, Ellen Biddle Shipman, Martha Brookes Hutcheson, and Marjorie Sewell Cautley--and of the practice as it became a profession.

Winner of a 2008 David R. Coffin Publication Grant, awarded by the Foundation for Landscape Studies

Rich Pictures - Encouraging Resilient Communities (Paperback): Simon Bell, Tessa Berg, Stephen Morse Rich Pictures - Encouraging Resilient Communities (Paperback)
Simon Bell, Tessa Berg, Stephen Morse
R1,043 Discovery Miles 10 430 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Rich Pictures focuses on the value of developing visual narratives - Rich Pictures - as an important component and starting point for community participation. A key device for the community to share ideas and perspectives on current and potential future situations, Rich Pictures provide a shared space for members to set out ideas and negotiate. While Rich Pictures are widely and globally used, this is the first book discussing their use, and how and when to use this technique for maximum participatory value. A valuable read for community engagement professionals, planners, politicians, and members of affected communities, Rich Pictures is richly illustrated with examples and authors' testimonials.

The Absent Hand - Reimagining Our American Landscape (Paperback): Suzannah Lessard The Absent Hand - Reimagining Our American Landscape (Paperback)
Suzannah Lessard
R376 R315 Discovery Miles 3 150 Save R61 (16%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Urban Tree Management - For the Sustainable Development of Green Cities (Paperback): Andreas Roloff Urban Tree Management - For the Sustainable Development of Green Cities (Paperback)
Andreas Roloff
R1,396 Discovery Miles 13 960 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Urban tree management is the key basis for greener cities of the future. It is a practical discipline which includes tree selection, planting, care and protection and the overall management of trees as a collective resource. Urban Tree Management aims to raise awareness for the positive impacts and benefits of city trees and for their importance to city dwellers. It describes their advantages and details their effects on quality of urban life and well-being aspects that are increasingly important in these times of progressing urbanisation. With this book you will learn: * fundamentals, methods and tools of urban tree management * state of the art in the fields of urban forestry and tree biology * positive effects and uses of urban trees * features, requirements and selection criteria for urban trees * conditions and problems of urban trees * governance and management aspects * environmental education programs. Edited by the leading expert Dr Andreas Roloff, Urban Tree Management is an excellent resource for plant scientists, horticulturists, dendrologists, arborists and arboriculturists, forestry scientists, city planners, parks department specialists and landscape architects. It will be an essential addition to all students and libraries where such subjects are taught.

Landscape: Pattern, Perception and Process (Hardcover, 2nd New edition): Simon Bell Landscape: Pattern, Perception and Process (Hardcover, 2nd New edition)
Simon Bell
R4,081 Discovery Miles 40 810 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Landscapes develop and evolve through an interacting series of processes climatic, geological, ecological and cultural over varying periods of time. These processes shape the structure and character of the landscapes which we experience. Over time, distinctive patterns emerge ranging in scale from the distribution of small plants to the sculptured sides of a huge canyon. Our perception of these patterns goes beyond just their visual appreciation beautiful though they may be into a richer understanding of how we experience our environment.

By understanding this complex pattern process interaction we can obtain a deeper awareness of landscape and our place in it as inhabitants and as shapers. The book explores the nature of patterns and ways of classifying them before studying the nature of perception (primarily visual but including other senses), then proceeds to relate this perception to aesthetics and from there to the design process. From this point the main driving processes in landscape are introduced alongside the resulting patterns, these being climatic, landform, ecosystem and cultural aspects.

It is this integrative approach of looking at landscape as a kind of self-organising system, overlaid by conscious human planning activities and the unity of pattern and process, which makes this book unique. Landscape draws from a wide range of neighbouring disciplines, of which the landscape planner or designer needs to be aware, but which are often taught as distinct elements. Bell binds these fundamentals together, which enables the landscape to be read, and this reading to be used as the basis for planning and design.

This second edition updates and refreshes the original material with added sections and new photos, particularly making use of the developments in satellite photography. Featuring full colour throughout, this textbook is ideal for anyone studying landscape architecture or any of the disciplines which intersect with the landscape, and which affect it.

Representing Landscapes - A Visual Collection of Landscape Architectural Drawings (Hardcover, New): Nadia Amoroso Representing Landscapes - A Visual Collection of Landscape Architectural Drawings (Hardcover, New)
Nadia Amoroso
R4,067 Discovery Miles 40 670 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

What do you communicate when you draw an industrial landscape using charcoal; what about a hyper-realistic PhotoShop collage method? What are the right choices to make? Are there right and wrong choices when it comes to presenting a particular environment in a particular way?

The choice of medium for visualising an idea is something that faces all students of landscape architecture and urban design, and each medium and style option that you select will influence how your idea is seen and understood.

Responding to demand from her students, Nadia Amoroso has compiled successful and eye-catching drawings using various drawing styles and techniques to create this book of drawing techniques for landscape architects to follow and - more importantly - to be inspired by. More than twenty respected institutions have helped to bring together the very best of visual representation of ideas, the most powerful, expressive and successful images. Professors from these institutions provide critical and descriptive commentaries, explaining the impact of using different media to represent the same landscape.

This book is recommended for landscape architecture and urban design students from first year to thesis and is specifically useful in visual communications and graphic courses and design studios.

To Design Landscape - Art, Nature & Utility (Hardcover, New): Catherine Dee To Design Landscape - Art, Nature & Utility (Hardcover, New)
Catherine Dee
R4,075 Discovery Miles 40 750 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

To Design Landscape sets out a distinctively practical philosophy of design, in accessible format. Based on the notion that landscape design is a form-based craft addressing environmental processes and utility, Dee establishes a framework for approaching such craft with modesty and ingenuity, using the concept of "aesthetics of thrift". Employing numerous case studies-as diverse as Hellerup Rose Garden in Denmark; Bloedel Reserve, Bainbridge Island, USA; Rousham Gardens, Oxfordshire, UK and Tofuku-ji, in Kyoto, Japan - to illustrate her ideas, the book is a beautiful portfolio of Dee's drawings, which are both evocative and to the point. The book begins with a 'Foundations' section, which sets out the basis of the approach. 'Principles' chapters then elaborate eleven significant considerations applicable to any design project, regardless of context and scale. Following on, 'Strategies' chapters reinforce the principles, and suggest further ways of designing, adaptable to different conditions. Dee ends with a focus on 'Elements', case studies and verb lists providing sources for the designer to consider how the components - vegetation, water, terrain, structures, soils, weather, and the sky - might be engaged, mediated and joined. Catherine Dee's book is for all those who would craft landscape, from the gardener, to the professional landscape architect, to the student of design

Rural Design - A New Design Discipline (Hardcover, New): Dewey Thorbeck Rural Design - A New Design Discipline (Hardcover, New)
Dewey Thorbeck
R4,064 Discovery Miles 40 640 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Rural areas worldwide are undergoing profound change creating considerable challenges and stress for its residents and on the ecosystems upon which they depend. Rural design brings design thinking and the problem-solving process of design to rural issues recognizing that human and natural systems are inextricably coupled and engaged in continuous cycles of mutual influence and response.

This book is the first step along the path for rural design to emerge as an important new design discipline. Rural Design: A New Design Discipline establishes the theoretical base for rural design and the importance of looking at connecting issues to create synergy and optimal solutions from a global, national, state, region, and local perspective. To be effective and relevant, this new discipline must be founded on solid research, and practice must be based on data-driven evidence that will result in transformational changes. These directions and others will enable rural design to:

  • help rural communities make land use, architectural, and aesthetic decisions that enhance their quality of life and the environment
  • connect social, artistic, cultural, technological, and environmental issues that create rural place
  • promote sustainable economic development for rural communities and improve human, livestock, crop, and ecosystem health
  • and integrate research and practice across the many disciplines involved in rural issues to meet rural needs, provide new data, and provoke new research questions.

Written by a world leading expert in rural design, who is director and founder of the University of Minnesota Center for Rural Design, the book is oriented toward students, academics and design professionals involved with rural design at any level.

Garden and Landscape Practices in Pre-colonial India - Histories from the Deccan (Hardcover): Daud Ali, Emma J. Flatt Garden and Landscape Practices in Pre-colonial India - Histories from the Deccan (Hardcover)
Daud Ali, Emma J. Flatt
R3,796 Discovery Miles 37 960 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This book presents a set of new and innovative essays on landscape and garden culture in precolonial India, with a special focus on the Deccan. Most research to date has concentrated on the comparatively well preserved gardens and built landscapes of the celebrated Mughal empire, giving the impression that they have been lacking in other times and regions. Not only does this volume provide a corrective to such assumptions, it also moves away from traditional art-historical approaches by posing new questions and exploring hitherto neglected source materials.

The contributors understand gardens in two related ways: first as real or imagined spaces and manipulated landscapes that are often invested with pronounced semiotic density; and second as congeries of institutions and practices with far-reaching social ramifications for the constitution of elite societies. The essays here present a multi-disciplinary approach to the study of garden culture in precolonial India, and together suggest several new and exciting directions of enquiry for those working in the Deccan, Mughal India, and beyond.

Robert Royston (Paperback): J.C. Miller, Reuben M. Rainey Robert Royston (Paperback)
J.C. Miller, Reuben M. Rainey
R604 R496 Discovery Miles 4 960 Save R108 (18%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Over nearly six decades of practice, Robert Royston (1918-2008) shaped the postwar Bay Area landscape with visionary designs for public spaces. Early in his career, Royston conceived of the "landscape matrix," a system of interconnected parks, plazas, and parkways that he hoped could bring order and amenity to rapidly developing suburbs. The idea would inform his work on more than two thousand projects as diverse as school grounds, new towns, transit corridors, and housing tracts. As an apprentice of Thomas Church, Royston gained experience with residential gardens that influenced his early designs for public parks. At a time when neighborhood parks were typically limited to playing fields and stock playground equipment, Royston created imaginative facilities for the American family, offering activities for people of all ages. Royston, Hanamoto & Mayes, founded in 1958, grew to become one of the nation's most influential corporate firms. With his collaborative approach, Royston designed landscapes that set a high standard of inclusivity and environmental awareness. In addition to the many beloved places he created, his perceptive humanism, which passed down to his students, is Royston's enduring legacy.

Traces of J.B. Jackson - The Man Who Taught Us to See Everyday America (Hardcover): Helen L. Horowitz Traces of J.B. Jackson - The Man Who Taught Us to See Everyday America (Hardcover)
Helen L. Horowitz
R932 Discovery Miles 9 320 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

J. B. Jackson transformed forever how Americans understand their landscape, a concept he defined as land shaped by human presence. In the first major biography of the greatest pioneer in landscape studies, Helen Horowitz shares with us a man who focused on what he regarded as the essential American landscape, the everyday places of the countryside and city, exploring them as texts that reveal important truths about society and culture, present and past. In Jackson's words, landscape is "history made visible." After a varied life of traveling, writing, sketching, ranch labor, and significant service in army intelligence in World War II, Jackson moved to New Mexico and single-handedly created the magazine Landscape. As it grew under his direction throughout the 1950s and 1960s, Landscape attracted a wide range of Contributors. Jackson became a man in demand as a lecturer and, beginning in the late 1960s, he established the field of landscape studies at Berkeley, Harvard, and elsewhere, mentoring many who later became important architects, planners, and scholars. Horowitz brings this singular person to life, revealing how Jackson changed our perception of the landscape and, through friendship as well as his writings, profoundly influenced the lives of many, including her own.

Garden Voices (Hardcover): Anne Latreille Garden Voices (Hardcover)
Anne Latreille
R1,256 R885 Discovery Miles 8 850 Save R371 (30%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days
Landscape Photographer of the Year, Collection 7 (Hardcover, 7): Charlie Waite Landscape Photographer of the Year, Collection 7 (Hardcover, 7)
Charlie Waite 1
R720 R499 Discovery Miles 4 990 Save R221 (31%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Now in its seventh year, the Landscape Photographer of the Year Award was devised by Charlie Waite, one of Britain's foremost landscape photographers and created in association with AA Publishing. Landscape Photographer of the Year: Collection 7 features all of the winning and commended images from each of the competition categories. Artists have always strived to capture the unique beauty and diversity of the British landscape, in the 21st century, this small island continues to provide photographers with an astonishing source of inspiration. From classic shots of the verdant countryside of England, Wales and the rugged Scottish Highlands to the iconic structures of Britain's industrial and urban landscapes, this magnificent collection, showcasing both the very best of Britain and the very best photographic talent, cannot fail to please. Every image in the book is accompanied by the photographer's personal account of the story behind the picture, in his or her own words. There are tales of chance encounters, snapshots in time where the moment just had to be seized, and of long hours spent exposed to the elements waiting for the opportunity to capture the perfect picture, which all too often turns out to be the final frame of the day. The book also features a special section on technical information, detailing the equipment and techniques used by the photographers, adding a practical resource to this outstanding collection of images of the British landscape.

Values in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Design - Finding Center in Theory and Practice (Paperback): M. Elen Deming Values in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Design - Finding Center in Theory and Practice (Paperback)
M. Elen Deming
R750 Discovery Miles 7 500 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The successful realisation of diversity, resilience, usefulness, profitability, or beauty in landscape design requires a firm understanding of the stakeholders' values. This collection, which incorporates a wide variety of geographic locations and cultural perspectives, reinforces the necessity for clear and articulate comprehension of the many factors that guide the design process. As the contributors to this collection reveal, dominant and emerging social, political, philosophical, and economic concerns perpetually assert themselves in designed landscapes, from manifestations of class consciousness in Napa Valley vineyards to recurring themes and conflicts in American commemorative culture as seen in designs for national memorials. One essay demonstrates the lasting impact of the doctrine of Manifest Destiny on the culture and spaces of the Midwest, while another considers the shifting historical narratives that led to the de-domestication and subsequent re-wilding of the Oostvaardersplassen in the Netherlands. These eleven essays help foster the ability to conduct a balanced analysis of various value systems and produce a lucid visualization of the necessary tradeoffs. Offering an array of case studies and theoretical arguments, Values in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Design encourages professionals and educators to bring self-awareness, precision, and accountability to their consideration of landscape designs.

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