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Ultimate Gardens & Swimming Pools (English, French, Hardcover): Wim Pauwels Ultimate Gardens & Swimming Pools (English, French, Hardcover)
Wim Pauwels
R1,872 R1,484 Discovery Miles 14 840 Save R388 (21%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Ultimate Gardens & Swimming Pools Front cover image Wim Pauwels Not yet printed due - 05/19 9782875500656 Hardback Beta-Plus Publishing Territory: World Size: 340 mm x 270 mm Pages: 192 Illustrations: 200 colour RRP GBP69.95 This book features some of the world's most beautiful private gardens and swimming pools, realised by the best garden and landscape architects working today. Includes private gardens from the UK, France, Belgium, and Hong Kong. Text in English and French.

Designing To Avoid Disaster - The Nature of Fracture-Critical Design (Paperback, New): Thomas Fisher Designing To Avoid Disaster - The Nature of Fracture-Critical Design (Paperback, New)
Thomas Fisher
R944 Discovery Miles 9 440 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Recent catastrophic events, such as the I-35W bridge collapse, New Orleans flooding, the BP oil spill, Port au Prince's destruction by earthquake, Fukushima nuclear plant's devastation by tsunami, the Wall Street investment bank failures, and the housing foreclosure epidemic and the collapse of housing prices, all stem from what author Thomas Fisher calls fracture-critical design. This is design in which structures and systems have so little redundancy and so much interconnectedness and misguided efficiency that they fail completely if any one part does not perform as intended. If we, as architects, planners, engineers, and citizens are to predict and prepare for the next disaster, we need to recognize this error in our thinking and to understand how design thinking provides us with a way to anticipate unintended failures and increase the resiliency of the world in which we live.

In Designing to Avoid Disaster, the author discusses the context and cultural assumptions that have led to a number of disasters worldwide, describing the nature of fracture-critical design and why it has become so prevalent. He traces the impact of fracture-critical thinking on everything from our economy and politics to our educational and infrastructure systems to the communities, buildings, and products we inhabit and use everyday. And he shows how the natural environment and human population itself have both begun to move on a path toward a fracture-critical collapse that we need to do everything possible to avoid. We designed our way to such disasters and we can design our way out of them, with a number of possible solutions that Fisher provides.

The Zeon Files - Art and Design of Historic Route 66 Signs (Paperback): Mark C. Childs, Ellen D Babcock The Zeon Files - Art and Design of Historic Route 66 Signs (Paperback)
Mark C. Childs, Ellen D Babcock
R718 R567 Discovery Miles 5 670 Save R151 (21%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

In the mid-twentieth century Eddie's Inferno Cocktail Lounge, Bunny Bread, Paris Shoe Shop, and many other businesses throughout New Mexico and the Southwest displayed eye-catching roadside signs created by the Zeon Corporation. These works of commercial art featured unique designs, irregular shapes, dynamic compositions, and neon light. The legendary fiesta dancer at the Albuquerque Terrace drive-in theater, for example, was well-known for the grace of its lines, its enormous size, and its flashing neon skirt. Created during a time before the simplified icons of major chains, many of these culturally significant artworks no longer exist. The Zeon Files rescues these historic artifacts from obscurity, presenting a collection of the working drawings of historic Route 66-era signs. In addition to presenting a visually rich archive, the authors discuss the working methods of design and construction and the craft of drafting techniques during this innovative era of American sign making.

Critical Landscapes - Art, Space, Politics (Paperback): Emily Eliza Scott, Kirsten J. Swenson Critical Landscapes - Art, Space, Politics (Paperback)
Emily Eliza Scott, Kirsten J. Swenson
R756 R626 Discovery Miles 6 260 Save R130 (17%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

From Francis Alys and Ursula Biemann to Vivan Sundaram, Allora & Calzadilla, and the Center for Urban Pedagogy, some of the most compelling artists today are engaging with the politics of land use, including the growth of the global economy, climate change, sustainability, Occupy movements, and the privatization of public space. Their work pivots around a set of evolving questions: In what ways is land, formed over the course of geological time, also contemporary and formed by the conditions of the present? How might art contribute to the expansion of spatial and environmental justice? Editors Emily Eliza Scott and Kirsten Swenson bring together a range of international voices and artworks to illuminate this critical mass of practices. One of the first comprehensive treatments of land use in contemporary art, Critical Landscapes skillfully surveys the stakes and concerns of recent land-based practices, outlining the art historical contexts, methodological strategies, and geopolitical phenomena. This cross-disciplinary collection is destined to be an essential reference not only within the fields of art and art history, but also across those of cultural geography, architecture and urban planning, environmental history, and landscape studies.

Landscape Architecture Documentation Standards - Principles, Guidelines, and Best Practices (Paperback): Design Workshop Landscape Architecture Documentation Standards - Principles, Guidelines, and Best Practices (Paperback)
Design Workshop
R1,719 Discovery Miles 17 190 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

SUPERB EXECUTION RELIES UPON RIGOROUS PROJECT DOCUMENTATION A project will only be built as well as it is documented. This publication focuses on the key documentation needs of the landscape architectural design and construction documentation process. That includes both "design documentation" and "construction documentation" as well as all that which occurs in the transition from one phase to the other. Documentation requirements include those components necessary to explore and define design intent, logic, physical proposals, and ultimately, the specific components included within construction and bid documents. * Discover how proper documentation facilitates every stage of the design process from pre-planning to construction, and leads to a highly resolved built outcome. Understand the principles behind these documentation practices. * Implement best practices specific to each documentation phase and drawing, from title block and cover sheet design to soil plans and plant protection. * Organize keynoting systems, cross-referencing and interdisciplinary coordination amongst multiple consultants and vendors. * Study sample project documents from a leading landscape architecture firm to better understand the elements and benefits of complete and well-coordinated project documentation. These standards have been time-tested by over 150 designers at the industry leading landscape architecture firm Design Workshop, reflecting a range of project types, including parks, streetscapes, urban spaces and over-structure construction. This guide shares the methods behind the success, to facilitate exceptional built outcomes through principled documentation practices.

Capability Brown - Designing English Landscapes and Gardens (Hardcover): John Phibbs Capability Brown - Designing English Landscapes and Gardens (Hardcover)
John Phibbs 1
R1,248 R977 Discovery Miles 9 770 Save R271 (22%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Widely acknowledged as the most influential land- scape designer of his age, Lancelot Capability Brown was to England what Frederick Law Olmsted was to America responsible for shaping the very ideal of the nation s parkland. Brown s ambition was to bring out of a landscape the best of its potential rather than impose his own ideas upon it. His designs are organic, weaving gestures of colour and perspective into the features that the country already afforded. So natural are his designs, and so perfectly do they complement the houses within them, that for many a Capability Brown landscape is the epitome of the English estate. His gardens and park- lands as much as the houses themselves would become icons of British country life. Published to coincide with the tercentenary of his birth, this remarkable book illuminates fifteen of Brown s most celebrated landscapes. To love the great English estates is to love the settings with which Brown surrounded them from idyllic parklands at Milton and Broadlands to structured landscapes around iconic houses at Blenheim, Burghley, Wake- field, and Chatsworth. With photography commissioned for the book, and including rarely seen archival drawings that shed light on Brown s process, this book serves as a guide to Britain s most beloved landscapes and an exploration of the masterful mind behind their creation.

Representing Landscapes: Hybrid (Paperback): Nadia Amoroso Representing Landscapes: Hybrid (Paperback)
Nadia Amoroso
R1,437 Discovery Miles 14 370 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Hybrid and mixed media create a huge variety of diagramming and drawing options for landscape representation. From Photoshop mixed with digital maps, to hand drawings overlaid with photos and modelling combined with sketches, the possibilities are endless. In this book, Amoroso curates over 20 leading voices from around the world to showcase the best in contemporary hybrid design. With over 200 colour images from talented landscape architeture students, this book will explore the options, methods and choices to show the innovative approaches that are offered to students and practitioners of landscape architecture. With worked examples in the chapters and downloadable images suitable for class use, this is an essential book for visual communication and design studios.

The Routledge Companion to Critical Approaches to Contemporary Architecture (Hardcover): Swati Chattopadhyay, Jeremy White The Routledge Companion to Critical Approaches to Contemporary Architecture (Hardcover)
Swati Chattopadhyay, Jeremy White
R4,822 Discovery Miles 48 220 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The Routledge Companion to Critical Approaches to Contemporary Architecture convenes a wide array of critical voices from architecture, art history, urbanism, geography, anthropology, media and performance studies, computer science, bio-engineering, environmental studies, and sociology that help us understand the meaning and significance of global architecture of the twenty-first century. New chapters by 36 contributors illustrated with over 140 black-and-white images are assembled in six parts concerning both real and virtual spaces: design, materiality, alterity, technologies, cityscapes, and practice.

Cartooning the Landscape (Paperback): Chip Sullivan Cartooning the Landscape (Paperback)
Chip Sullivan
R704 R579 Discovery Miles 5 790 Save R125 (18%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

One of the singular talents in landscape design, Chip Sullivan has shared his expertise through a seemingly unusual medium that, at second glance, makes perfect sense--the comic strip. For years Sullivan entertained readers of Landscape Architecture Magazine with comic strips that ingeniously illustrated significant concepts and milestones in the creation of our landscapes. These strips gained a large following among architects and illustrators, and now those original works, as well as additional strips created just for this book, are collected in Cartooning the Landscape. Framed by a loose narrative in which a young man's search for wisdom is fulfilled by a comics shop owner who instructs him not only in the essentials of illustrating but in how to see, the book takes us on a whirlwind series of journeys. We visit the living sculptures of the Tree Circus on California's Highway 17, the vast network of tunnels and fortifications--almost an underground city--of France's Maginot Line, and take a trip through time that reveals undeniable parallels between the Emperor Hadrian's re-creation of the Elysian Fields and, of all things, the iconic theme parks of Walt Disney. Sullivan immerses us in the artist's concepts and tools, from the Claude mirror and the camera obscura to the role of optical illusion in art. He shows us how hot air balloons introduced aerial perspective and reveals exhibition effects that portended everything from Cinerama to Smell-O-Vision. Sullivan's book is also a plea, in an era increasingly dominated by digitally rendered images, for a new appreciation of the art of hand drawing. The proof of this craft's value lies in the hundreds of Sullivan's panels collected in this passionate, humorous, always illuminating tour of the rich landscape surrounding us.

Spon's Estimating Costs Guide to Small Groundworks, Landscaping and Gardening (Paperback, 2nd New edition): Bryan Spain Spon's Estimating Costs Guide to Small Groundworks, Landscaping and Gardening (Paperback, 2nd New edition)
Bryan Spain
R1,553 Discovery Miles 15 530 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Specifically written for contractors and small businesses carrying out small works, this second edition of Spon's Estimating Cost Guide to Small Groundworks, Landscaping Work and Gardening contains accurate information on thousands of rates, each broken down to labour, material overheads and profit.
This is the first book to focus on this range of external work, including garden maintenance work on blocks of flats and individual houses, schools and sports fields, garden makeovers, laying patios and paths, small land drainage schemes on farmland, and small-scale local authority maintenance work.

Camp and the City: Territories of Extraction (Paperback): Listlab Camp and the City: Territories of Extraction (Paperback)
R629 Discovery Miles 6 290 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The essay in this volume reflects upon two key attributes of the ephemeral city of the Kumbh Mela and the lessons we can extrapolate from it for architecture, urban design, and planning in the contemporary world. 400 colour

The Pond Book - A Complete Guide to Site Planning, Design and Managing of Small Lakes and Ponds (Paperback): John Stephen Hicks The Pond Book - A Complete Guide to Site Planning, Design and Managing of Small Lakes and Ponds (Paperback)
John Stephen Hicks
R785 R714 Discovery Miles 7 140 Save R71 (9%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

What is the attraction of ponds? Why do so many homeowners choose a site with a pond on the property, or build their own water vista? Ponds, when properly managed, enhance a property. Ponds provide an environment for fish, recreational entertainment through swimming or boating, a satisfying wildlife habitat, and higher real estate value to any rural property. Ponds are hard work. They do not flourish on their own. The wise property-owner manages his or her pond for maximum enjoyment and pleasure. John Stephen Hicks has spent much of his private and professional life around lake or pond environments, and this book is a comprehensive summary of his years of experience in pond and landscape management. Written for the serious layperson, "The Pond Book" explores the wide variety of pond ecosystems available, and their function; topographic and soil requirements, design and construction techniques, wildlife management, fish species and their cultivation, local bylaws affecting pond maintenance, algae and plant control, parasite problems, chemical and physical parameters of water sources, and water control / erosion devices.

The General in the Garden - George Washington's Landscape at Mount Vernon (Hardcover): Susan P. Schoelwer The General in the Garden - George Washington's Landscape at Mount Vernon (Hardcover)
Susan P. Schoelwer
R999 R821 Discovery Miles 8 210 Save R178 (18%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

"The General in the Garden" provides an engaging, informative, and richly illustrated introduction to George Washington's landscape at Mount Vernon--arguably the best-documented, best-preserved complex of gardens and grounds to survive from eighteenth-century America.

The book's three essays, by Adam T. Erby, J. Dean Norton, and Esther C. White, chronicle Washington's transformation of the estate in the years between the American Revolution and the Constitutional Convention of 1787, the stewardship of its gardens by the Mount Vernon Ladies' Association since 1860, and the archaeology that led to the recent restoration of Washington's showplace upper garden. Mount Vernon assistant curator Adam Erby examines Washington's critical role in developing Mount Vernon's landscape, arguing that the general drew on British design sources and gardening manuals but adapted them to his own circumstances, creating a truly American garden. J. Dean Norton, Mount Vernon's director of horticulture, traces the evolution of the estate's landscape and recreated gardens across the two centuries since Washington's death. And Esther White, Mount Vernon's director of historic preservation and research, shows how groundbreaking archaeological methods facilitated the discovery of Washington-era garden beds and borders of flowers, shrubs, and vegetables in his upper garden--a remarkable find that yielded one of the most significant eighteenth-century garden recreations of our time.

Also included is a lavishly illustrated guide to Mount Vernon's landscape features, introducing Washington's beloved estate to a modern audience.

This book will appeal to many readers--from students of American history and culture to gardening enthusiasts to Mount Vernon visitors curious to know more about the estate to which George Washington devoted intense and sophisticated care.

Distributed for George Washington's Mount Vernon

The Private Gardens of SMI Landscape Architecture (Hardcover): Jorge Sanchez The Private Gardens of SMI Landscape Architecture (Hardcover)
Jorge Sanchez
R1,221 R998 Discovery Miles 9 980 Save R223 (18%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The garden design firm of SMI Landscape Architecture is known for its estate masterplanning, its public gardens and streetscapes, and its thoughtful private gardens for clients across the United States, particularly in Florida, and in the Bahamas. The firm's philosophy incorporates a `botanic garden' approach with exotic planting and elements of classical European design to create beautiful, usable spaces, and it is also known for its preservation and restoration of old landscapes. This book presents 15 new gardens, never before published in any book, that show the range of the firm's work. Each client has different requirements, and so each garden turns out differently - but each shows the firm's hallmarks of lush planting, luxurious garden `rooms' and immaculate hardscaping. As Jorge Sanchez puts it in the Preface, `This book shows how not one individual but many make a firm successful.' For each garden, practical information about the design approach and details of the planting are combined with an account of the process, the firm's relationship with the client and the reasons for the design decisions. Through the narrative - often personal, always descriptive, always detailed - a picture builds up of the approach to each set of circumstances. Many of the projects are in Palm Beach, where a boom in the building of new houses and their attached estates in the early twentieth century has left a legacy of stunning - if sometimes neglected - homes and landscapes ripe for restoration. Local architects such as Addison Mizner and Maurice Fatio designed houses that are now being rejuvenated and sympathetically modernized to fit the requirements of twenty-first-century families, and firms such as SMI are at the forefront of the re-creation of their gardens. The Weisfisch Garden in Palm Beach, for example, was carefully restored and given the surroundings its architecture and its owners deserved, and the whole project was recognized with a prestigious award from the Palm Beach Preservation Foundation. The firm of SMI also works in temperate planting zones, and projects in more northerly states provide an opportunity to work with an entirely different palette of plants. For the Plumb Garden in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, for example, the firm was commissioned to remodel a small estate attached to an old pleasure house. The landscape here is much wilder and more temperate than in Florida, and the firm's job was to work with the natural flora and contours of the land while quietly intervening to personalize the areas nearest the house. Simple manipulations of form and slope along with water features and some much more intimate spaces have created a garden that fits impeccably into its wider context and yet is capable of being used and enjoyed by the family. Throughout the book there is a strong sense of participation - with the climate, with the local flora, with the clients and with other designers, whether architects, artisans or interior designers. To be part of such collaborative efforts is hugely satisfying for Sanchez and the members of his team, Claudia Visconti, John Lubischer and Brian Vertesch, as well as producing the best possible result for each set of clients. This beautiful book will appeal to garden lovers everywhere, as well as to design aficionados seeking a deeper understanding of the creative process behind making a garden. It will also appeal to garden designers and horticultural students.

Form and Fabric in Landscape Architecture - A Visual Introduction (Hardcover): Catherine Dee Form and Fabric in Landscape Architecture - A Visual Introduction (Hardcover)
Catherine Dee
R4,045 Discovery Miles 40 450 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Form and Fabric in Landscape Architecture provides an original, visual approach to the study of landscape architecture by creating a spatial morphology based on use and experience of landscapes. It explores aesthetic, spatial and experiential concepts by providing a structure through which landscapes can be understood and conceived in design. 'Fabric' is the integrated structure of whole landscapes, while 'form' refers to the components that make up this fabric. Together form and fabric create morphology of landscape useful for the development of visual-spatial design thinking and awareness.

Achmat Soni - Portrait Of An Islamic Artist (Hardcover): Zaitoonisa Soni-Abed Achmat Soni - Portrait Of An Islamic Artist (Hardcover)
Zaitoonisa Soni-Abed 2
R394 Discovery Miles 3 940 In stock

Achmat Soni, well-known Islamic artist in South Africa and abroad, has just completed his 66th mosque in South Africa. This book, written by his sister Zaitoonisa Soni-Abed, documents the amazing journey of this extraordinary and gifted self-taught Islamic artist.

It was a struggle to establish his form of art in South Africa. He faced many challenges and rejections. But through the Grace of the Almighty, he has succeeded in bringing Islamic art home to his community and further afield. He is internationally recognised as an Islamic artist and has travelled extrensively, exhibiting and learning along the way. Today, Achmat's work is well received and appreciated by all. His works are in mosques, private homes and galleries.

The book illustrates some of his incredible artwork, The 99 Names Of Allah, The Multazam (Kabaah door) and mosques domes, amongst other beautiful pieces doen over the years. He has easily done over 1000 paintings in his lifetime, no two are alike. At 68 years old he has not slowed down and continues to amaze with his original artwork.

Humphry Repton - Landscape Gardening and the Geography of Georgian England (Hardcover, New): Stephen Daniels Humphry Repton - Landscape Gardening and the Geography of Georgian England (Hardcover, New)
Stephen Daniels
R1,298 Discovery Miles 12 980 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The leading landscape gardener of later Georgian England, Humphry Repton (1752-1818), was innovative and prolific, undertaking more than four hundred commissions during his thirty-year career. Repton worked for a wide variety of clients, notably the dukes of Portland and Bedford, and on many kinds of sites throughout England. He also promoted his profession in extensive writings about the theory and practice of landscape gardening. This book examines Repton's career and work in the context of the changing human geography of his time. Fully illustrated with many previously unpublished pictures, the book charts Repton's vision of England, how his style changed and persisted over time and from place to place, how he influenced his profession, and how he fashioned a social identity for himself.

Stephen Daniels frames Repton's life and work in terms of five domains: the road, the county, the picturesque landscape, the aristocratic estate, and the urban periphery. Focusing on the way these domains shaped Repton's career and how he in turn attempted to shape them, Daniels examines in depth more than twenty representative commissions that delineate Repton's social and spatial theory of landscape. The author casts new light not only on the work of Humphry Repton but also on the role of landscape itself in English culture and society.

Waterfront Promenade Design - Urban Revival Strategies (Hardcover): Andersson Thorbjorn Waterfront Promenade Design - Urban Revival Strategies (Hardcover)
Andersson Thorbjorn
R983 R811 Discovery Miles 8 110 Save R172 (17%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Waterfronts, the unique places where land and water meet, are a finite resource, embodying the special history and character of each city. The last decades have witnessed profound changes along abandoned or underused waterfronts, bringing in new pedestrian areas, new business opportunities, and new vitality. This trend is accelerating in cities around the globe. Waterfront Promenade Design seeks to answer to the question of how we can go about rejuvenating waterfronts by promoting good landscape planning and design. In total, 34 great waterfront design practices were selected from all over the world, each with their own unique way of solving the problems posed by their allocated sites, social conditions, and public policies. All resulted in more vibrant, accessible, resilient, and culturally rich public spaces, attuned to these needs. In order to strengthen the waterfront's coherence and connection, this book pays special attention to the design of traversable space along waterfronts, ensuring that promenades are maintained as pedestrian and cyclists-friendly zones. Based on in-depth analysis, this book provides useful design and planning approaches for professionals, decision-makers, and scholars.

Hybrids - Reshaping the Contemporary Garden in Metis (Paperback): Lesley Johnstone Hybrids - Reshaping the Contemporary Garden in Metis (Paperback)
Lesley Johnstone
R818 R667 Discovery Miles 6 670 Save R151 (18%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The International Garden Festival, held each year in Quebec's historic Jardins de Metis, is an internationally known tourist and design destination. The reshaping of the modern garden -- a hybrid that draws from art and architecture, urban and industrial design, pop culture, and new technologies -- is the focus of the festival and its designers. Challenging commonly held assumptions about what a garden is or can be, this book features imaginative, temporary works from the provocative to the playful, created for the festival by architects, landscape architects, and visual artists from Europe, the United States, Australia, and Canada. With text by 22 festival designers, the book offers a portrait of contemporary thinking on the art of the garden, as well as humans' relationship to, and impact on, the physical world. From the theoretical and historical to the intensely personal, the insightful text explores what makes a garden such a rich site for innovation and experimentation.

Layered Landscapes Lofoten - Understanding of Complexity, Otherness and Change (Paperback, English ed.): Magdalena Haggarde,... Layered Landscapes Lofoten - Understanding of Complexity, Otherness and Change (Paperback, English ed.)
Magdalena Haggarde, Gisle Lokken
R880 Discovery Miles 8 800 Ships in 10 - 15 working days
Modern Urban Landscapes (Hardcover): Images Publishing Group Modern Urban Landscapes (Hardcover)
Images Publishing Group
R988 R815 Discovery Miles 8 150 Save R173 (18%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Introduces advanced design concepts and international standards for SMART Landscape design. SMART Landscape' is a significant contribution to the conversation on sustainable landscape design, providing energy efficient models and water saving landscape ideas. There are many factors that would help realise energy efficient landscapes, including (but not limited to) the use of energy saving lamps, such as LED; the integration and adoption of renewable energy, including solar-powered and wind-powered landscape lighting; energy-efficient landscape design, particularly through the correct placement and selection of shade trees, and the creation of wind breaks. This book shows techniques for creating landscapes that also save water, for example by choosing correct planting materials; reducing stormwater run-off through the use of bio-swales, rain gardens and green roofs and walls; reducing water usage in landscapes through best-practice water-wise garden techniques, including irrigation using grey water. Permeable paving materials can also help to reduce stormwater runoff and allow rainwater to infiltrate into the ground and replenish groundwater rather than run into surface water systems. SELLING POINTS: * Introduces advanced design concepts and international standards for SMART Landscape design * Showcases the energy efficient and water saving features, which meets the need of the times * Showcases the latest designs by an international group of designers and planners * Projects feature detailed drawings, rich photographic images and illustrative diagrams * Showcases innovative case studies with spectacular images and technical drawings and diagrams to illustrate the professional expertise, knowledge of planning, design concepts, installation procedures, maintenance, and effective plan selections 200 col.

Theory in Landscape Architecture - A Reader (Paperback): Simon Swaffield Theory in Landscape Architecture - A Reader (Paperback)
Simon Swaffield
R709 R631 Discovery Miles 6 310 Save R78 (11%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Here, for students and practitioners of landscape architecture, architecture, and planning, is a single resource for seminal theoretical texts in the field. Essential for understanding the specific connections that have been made between landscape and social, cultural, and political structures, "Theory in Landscape Architecture" reminds readers that the discipline of landscape architecture can be both practical and formally challenging. Covering the past fifty years of theory, this primer makes an important contribution to a student's emerging professional ethics.

We Build Drawings (Paperback): Mikkel Frost We Build Drawings (Paperback)
Mikkel Frost
R651 R518 Discovery Miles 5 180 Save R133 (20%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

`Architects do not actually build buildings,' says Mikkel Frost, co-founder of Danish architecture firm CEBRA. `What we build is an idea. To visualize it, we build drawings.' The evolutionary process of how aphorisms develop into precise architectural concepts is illustrated through a collection of Frost's sketches and watercolours. Over 200 drawings are organized into 20 sections, each relating to one of CEBRA's projects. An index containing c olour photographs and renders of their works further illuminates how the drawings are translated into reality. Introducing the book, a written version of Frost's TEDx talk Let your fingers do the talking elaborates on the book's impetus: to bring a spotlight to the craft of drawing as a powerful tool for creation and communication.

Fundamentals of Turfgrass Management (Hardcover, 5th Edition): Nick E Christians, Aaron J. Patton, Quincy D. Law Fundamentals of Turfgrass Management (Hardcover, 5th Edition)
Nick E Christians, Aaron J. Patton, Quincy D. Law
R2,791 R2,641 Discovery Miles 26 410 Save R150 (5%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The classic turfgrass management handbook, updated with new developments in the field Fundamentals of Turfgrass Management is the bestselling guide with expert coverage of basic turfgrass science and all aspects of practical care. Now in its fifth edition, this industry favorite offers the latest information on growth, nutrition, herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides, as well as new chapters discussing shade stress and light requirements and the benefits of turf. Though written at an introductory level, this book provides experienced turf managers with the most current thinking and new developments in wide range of topics, such as fertilization, grass selection, pest management, plant growth regulators, sports turf management practices, soil testing, and water quality. For students and experienced professionals alike, this book provides a thorough and well-rounded reference with everyday utility. Today s turf managers must have detailed knowledge of agronomy, botany, entomology, horticulture, pathology, and business management. This book brings these diverse fundamentals together into a single volume and will help you to: * Master the art and science of turfgrass care, cultivation, and management * Learn best practices for mowing, fertilizing, soil health, irrigation, and more * Identify, manage, and control insect, disease, and weed pests * Examine the professional management of sports turf, golf courses, lawns, and sod Turf management is a $70 billion industry that reaches into sports, tourism, land management, real estate, and more. The care and maintenance of high quality turf requires careful consideration and monitoring of many variables, and both strategic planning and quick action are needed to stay ahead of threats from weather, pests, traffic, and more. Fundamentals of Turfgrass Management provides clear guidance and comprehensive coverage of all aspects of the industry, with the latest information all turf managers need to know.

Kerb 24 [Territory] (Paperback, English ed.): Louella Exton, Kim Morte, Hayden Matthys, Millicent Gunner, Emma Groot Kerb 24 [Territory] (Paperback, English ed.)
Louella Exton, Kim Morte, Hayden Matthys, Millicent Gunner, Emma Groot
R676 R631 Discovery Miles 6 310 Save R45 (7%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days
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