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Energy Overlays - Land Art Generator Initiative (Hardcover): Robert Ferry, Elizabeth Monoian Energy Overlays - Land Art Generator Initiative (Hardcover)
Robert Ferry, Elizabeth Monoian
R988 R778 Discovery Miles 7 780 Save R210 (21%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Energy Overlays provides a glimpse into our post - carbon future where energy infrastructure is seamlessly woven into the fabric of our cities as works of public art. Fifty designs use a variety of renewable energy technologies to arrive at innovative site - specific solutions. Power plants of the future will be the perfect place to have a picnic! On the foreshore of St Kilda with the skyline of Melbourne as a backdrop rises a new kind of power plant - one that merges renewable energy production with leisure , recreation, and e ducation . Energy Overlays provides a roadmap to our sustainable future with essays about the energy transition and beautiful renderings and diagrams of more than fifty designs. The result is a city where the infrastructures that power ou r world are designed to be reflections of culture, where public parks provide clean electricity to the city grid, and where the art that makes our lives more vibrant and interesting is also part of the solution to climate change.

SCDA Landscape (Hardcover): SCDA Architects SCDA Landscape (Hardcover)
SCDA Architects
R1,244 R1,010 Discovery Miles 10 100 Save R234 (19%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

SCDA Landscape forms an integral part in the firm's holistic approach to design that integrates architecture, interiors and landscape. Reinforcing a dialogue between Internal and External space, projects range in scale from private residential homes, hotels and resorts to mixed-use developments and master plans in various countries within Asia, North America and Europe. The approach follows an inherent classical flow of space, with layering of hardscape and planting elements forming outdoor rooms, extensions of internal living spaces. Proportion, materiality and detail are defining elements that create serene, enduring and defined spaces that enhance the negative spaces between buildings. Sculpture, furniture and lighting are considered at the conceptual stage, important elements in the formation of the overall landscaped approach. The sensory experience of water is utilised and integrated with contemporary landscape elements to structure space, define hierarchy and strengthen the sense of place. Through the careful use and integration of hard and soft elements each project addresses programmatic and environmental requirements, while creating a distinctively poetic and elegant space. This volume showcases the firm's commitment to innovation for environmental design and contemporary flair across all living spaces. 400 colour

Capability Brown and the English Landscape Garden (Paperback): Laura Mayer Capability Brown and the English Landscape Garden (Paperback)
Laura Mayer
R233 R199 Discovery Miles 1 990 Save R34 (15%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The name Lancelot 'Capability' Brown (1716-83) has become synonymous with the eighteenth-century English landscape garden. Ruthlessly efficient, he could stake out the 'capabilities' of a particular terrain within an hour on horseback. Rising to the position of Master Gardener to George III, his trademark features included bald lawns, clumped trees, lakes and enclosing belts of woodland on the estate's perimeter, setting a park formula that lasted well into the next century. Laura Mayer presents a concise and colourful introduction to Brown and other leading landscape gardeners of the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, such as William Kent, Richard Payne Knight and Humphry Repton. She explores how competing ideas in garden design were shaped both by changes in prevailing fashion and by the innovations of particular designers, and why Brown's designs are currently considered to be the epitome of landscape gardening in this period.

Routledge Handbook of Landscape Character Assessment - Current Approaches to Characterisation and Assessment (Hardcover):... Routledge Handbook of Landscape Character Assessment - Current Approaches to Characterisation and Assessment (Hardcover)
Graham Fairclough, Ingrid Sarloev Herlin, Carys Swanwick
R4,803 Discovery Miles 48 030 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In this multi-authored book, senior practitioners and researchers offer an international overview of landscape character approaches for those working in research, policy and practice relating to landscape. Over the last three decades, European practice in landscape has moved from a narrow, if relatively straightforward, focus on natural beauty or scenery to a much broader concept of landscape character constructed through human perception, and transcending any of its individual elements. Methods, tools and techniques have been developed to give practical meaning to this idea of landscape character. The two main methods, Landscape Character Assessment (LCA) and Historic Landscape Characterisation (HLC) were applied first in the United Kingdom, but other methods are in use elsewhere in Europe, and beyond, to achieve similar ends. This book explores why different approaches exist, the extent to which disciplinary or cultural specificities in different countries affect approaches to land management and landscape planning, and highlights areas for reciprocal learning and knowledge transfer. Contributors to the book focus on examples of European countries - such as Sweden, Turkey and Portugal - that have adopted and extended UK-style landscape characterisation, but also on countries with their own distinctive approaches that have developed from different conceptual roots, as in Germany, France and the Netherlands. The collection is completed by chapters looking at landscape approaches based on non-European concepts of landscape in North America, Australia and New Zealand. This book has an introductory price of GBP125/$205 which will last until 3 months after publication - after this time it will revert to GBP140/$225.

Circa 1700 - Architecture in Europe and the Americas (Hardcover, New): Henry A Millon Circa 1700 - Architecture in Europe and the Americas (Hardcover, New)
Henry A Millon
R1,155 Discovery Miles 11 550 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The years around 1700 were marked by transformations in European and colonial capital cities. This era saw the creation not only of palatial complexes and urban spaces appropriate to autocratic power, but also of essential infrastructure such as roads, ports, and fortifications. In addition, many of the civic structures and background buildings that form the familiar urban images of the eighteenth century date from this period. In all of this activity, architects and architectural ideas, formed mostly in Italy and influenced by the baroque architecture of Rome, especially the late works of Francesco Borromini and Gian Lorenzo Bernini, played a central role.
Twelve distinguished contributors provide a comprehensive look at the design, renewal, and expansion of capitals and countries including Naples, Rome, Vienna, Stockholm, Saint Petersburg, England, Amsterdam, Cadiz, Lisbon, Quebec City, and Lima. The result is a fascinating cross section that allows a comparative reading of baroque architecture: from country to country, from region to region, and from the Old World to the New.

From Fallow - 100 Ideas for Abandoned Urban Landscapes (Paperback): ,Jill Desimini From Fallow - 100 Ideas for Abandoned Urban Landscapes (Paperback)
,Jill Desimini
R533 R454 Discovery Miles 4 540 Save R79 (15%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

From Fallow is a curated collection of 100 ideas for abandoned property. Through drawing and text each idea is elaborated and each entry serves both as documentation and speculation. The intention, here, is to think differently about pre-existing conditions and to be particular about them. Examples are offered of different spatial characteristics around abandonment in North American legacy cities. The variations are mesmerisingly complicated and varied. A vacant lot is never one thing. Terrains have different scales, elevations, adjacencies, uses, climates and cultures. And just as no one territory is the same, so no one idea is sufficient. The goal, in considering these disparate ideas, is not to imagine any singular solution but to understand the many possibilities. Ideas can be tested, substituted and combined.

Landscape Architecture Frontiers 041 - Observation and Representation (Paperback): Kongjian Yu, Morabito, Xiaoxuan, Desimini,... Landscape Architecture Frontiers 041 - Observation and Representation (Paperback)
Kongjian Yu, Morabito, Xiaoxuan, Desimini, Ying, …
R882 R704 Discovery Miles 7 040 Save R178 (20%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Observation and representation is a foundational subject in Landscape Architecture. Landscape design is a process shaped by the connections and interactions among designers, users, and the real world. This issue aims to explore the ways that help landscape architects: 1) see the scientism of design disciplines and explore the methodological principles of design generation; 2) translate and convey design ideas and emotional inspiration to the users with rich design vocabulary (in size, shape, material, proportion, composition, etc.) through multiple perceptual approaches; 3) read sites from economic, ecological, cultural, and other perspectives to present more convincing and appealing landscape narratives with the aid of emerging technological means; 4) understand various needs of all parties and stakeholders, coordinating interests and benefits and improving the utilisation of public resources through landscape design; and 5) create educational places for improving the public's rational and aesthetic norms.

Cultural Landscapes - Balancing Nature and Heritage in Preservation Practice (Paperback): Richard Longstreth Cultural Landscapes - Balancing Nature and Heritage in Preservation Practice (Paperback)
Richard Longstreth; Contributions by Susan Calafate Boyle, Susan Buggey, Michael Caratzas
R577 R497 Discovery Miles 4 970 Save R80 (14%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Preservation has traditionally focused on saving prominent buildings of historical or architectural significance. Preserving cultural landscapes-the combined fabric of the natural and man-made environments-is a relatively new and often misunderstood idea among preservationists, but it is of increasing importance. The essays collected in this volume-case studies that include the Little Tokyo neighborhood in Los Angeles, the Cross Bronx Expressway, and a rural island in Puget Sound-underscore how this approach can be fruitfully applied. Together, they make clear that a cultural landscape perspective can be an essential underpinning for all historic preservation projects. Contributors: Susan Calafate Boyle, National Park Service; Susan Buggey, U of Montreal; Michael Caratzas, Landmarks Preservation Commission (NYC); Courtney P. Fint, West Virginia Historic Preservation Office; Heidi Hohmann, Iowa State U; Hillary Jenks, USC; Randall Mason, U Penn; Robert Z. Melnick, U of Oregon; Nora Mitchell, National Park Service; Julie Riesenweber, U of Kentucky; Nancy Rottle, U of Washington; Bonnie Stepenoff, Southeast Missouri State U. Richard Longstreth is professor of American civilization and director of the graduate program in historic preservation at George Washington University.

Illustrated History of Landscape Design (Paperback): Elizabeth Boults, Chip Sullivan Illustrated History of Landscape Design (Paperback)
Elizabeth Boults, Chip Sullivan
R1,303 Discovery Miles 13 030 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

A visual journey through the history of landscape design

For thousands of years, people have altered the meaning of space by reshaping nature. As an art form, these architectural landscape creations are stamped with societal imprints unique to their environment and place in time.

"Illustrated History of Landscape Design" takes an optical sweep of the iconic landscapes constructed throughout the ages. Organized by century and geographic region, this highly visual reference uses hundreds of masterful pen-and-ink drawings to show how historical context and cultural connections can illuminate today's design possibilities.

This guide includes:

Storyboards, case studies, and visual narratives to portray spaces

Plan, section, and elevation drawings of key spaces

Summaries of design concepts, principles, and vocabularies

Historic and contemporary works of art that illuminate a specific era

Descriptions of how the landscape has been shaped over time in response to human need

Directing both students and practitioners along a visually stimulating timeline, "Illustrated History of Landscape Design" is a valuable educational tool as well as an endless source ofinspiration.

Singapore's Park System Master Planning - A Nation Building Tool to Construct Narratives in Post-Colonial Countries... Singapore's Park System Master Planning - A Nation Building Tool to Construct Narratives in Post-Colonial Countries (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2020)
Raffaella Sini
R3,017 R2,542 Discovery Miles 25 420 Save R475 (16%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This book traces the evolution of Singapore's parks system, from colonial to present times. Further, it contextualizes the design and planning of parks in the general discourse on western and eastern traditions: early twentieth century western conceptions 'imported' during colonialism; modernism; postmodernism, and the contemporary ecological debate. Park system planning products respond to national policies and result in structural urban elements and a range of park types. Global (western ideology) and local issues have influenced park system planning and the physical design of individual parks over time. However, in Singapore the eastern literature has not addressed the development of parks and urban green spaces in terms of historical perspective. The publication reveals the interrelations between visual representations and changing political ideologies. Singapore's system of public parks is shown to represent an iconography created by the state. Its set of constructed narratives elucidates on the potential social, cultural and environmental roles of public parks. However, Singapore's park system presents a novel paradigm for expanding Asian cities, characterized by evolving urban imaging strategies. In framing Singapore's case study within the broader perspective of eastern applications of western planning and design practices, and constructions of nation in post-colonial countries, the manuscript establishes the contribution of the Singaporean model of design and planning of parks to the international debate.

The Architecture of Ethics (Paperback): Thomas Fisher The Architecture of Ethics (Paperback)
Thomas Fisher
R892 Discovery Miles 8 920 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Ethics is one of the most important and least understood aspects of design practice. In his latest book, Thomas Fisher shows how ethics are inherent to the making of architecture - and how architecture offers an unusual and useful way of looking at ethics. The Architecture of Ethics helps students in architecture and other design disciplines to understand the major approaches to ethics and to apply them to the daily challenges they face in their work. The book covers each of the four dominant approaches to ethics: virtue ethics, social contract ethics, duty ethics, and utilitarian ethics. Each chapter examines the dilemmas designers face from the perspective of one of these categories. Written in an accessible, jargon-free style, the text also features 100 illustrations to help integrate these concepts into the design process and to support visual understanding. Ethics is now a required part of accredited architecture programs, making this book essential reading for all students in architecture and design.

MetroGreen - Connecting Open Space in North American Cities (Paperback, 2nd Ed.): Donna Erickson MetroGreen - Connecting Open Space in North American Cities (Paperback, 2nd Ed.)
Donna Erickson
R733 R682 Discovery Miles 6 820 Save R51 (7%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In metropolitan areas across the country, you can hear the laments over the loss of green space to new subdivisions and strip malls. But some city residents have taken unprecedented measures to protect their open land, and a growing movement seeks not only to preserve these lands but to link them in green corridors. Many land-use and urban planning professionals, along with landscape architects and environmental advocates, have joined in efforts to preserve natural areas. "MetroGreen" answers their call for a deeper exploration of the latest thinking and newest practices in this growing conservation field. In ten case studies of U.S. and Canadian cities paired for comparative analysis - Toronto and Chicago, Calgary and Denver, and Vancouver and Portland among them - Erickson looks closely at the motivations and objectives for connecting open spaces across metropolitan areas. She documents how open-space networks have been successfully created and protected, while also highlighting the critical human and ecological benefits of connectivity. "MetroGreen's" unique focus on several cities rather than a single urban area offers a perspective on the political, economic, cultural, and environmental conditions that affect open-space planning and the outcomes of its implementation.

The Oxford Dictionary of Architecture (Hardcover, 3rd Revised edition): James Stevens Curl, Susan Wilson The Oxford Dictionary of Architecture (Hardcover, 3rd Revised edition)
James Stevens Curl, Susan Wilson
R1,265 Discovery Miles 12 650 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Containing over 6,000 entries from Aalto to Zwinger and written in a clear and concise style, this authoritative dictionary covers architectural history in detail, from ancient times to the present day. It also includes concise biographies of hundreds of architects from history (excluding living persons), from Sir Francis Bacon and Imhotep to Liang Ssu-ch'eng and Francis Inigo Thomas. The text is complemented by over 260 beautiful and meticulous line drawings, labelled cross-sections, and diagrams. These include precise drawings of typical building features, making it easy for readers to identify particular period styles. This third edition of The Oxford Dictionary of Architecture has been extensively revised and expanded, with over 900 new entries including hundreds of definitions of garden and landscape terms such as Baroque garden, floral clock, hortus conclusus, and Zen garden-design. Each entry is followed by a mini-bibliography, with suggestions for further reading. The full bibliography to the first edition (previously only available online) has also been fully updated and expanded, and incorporated into this new edition. This is an essential work of reference for anyone with an interest in architectural and garden history. With clear descriptions providing in-depth analysis, it is invaluable for students, professional architects, art historians, and anyone interested in architecture and garden design, and provides a fascinating wealth of information for the general reader.

Cornelia Hahn Oberlander - Making the Modern Landscape (Hardcover): Susan Herrington Cornelia Hahn Oberlander - Making the Modern Landscape (Hardcover)
Susan Herrington; Foreword by Marc Trieb
R1,102 R817 Discovery Miles 8 170 Save R285 (26%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Cornelia Hahn Oberlander is one of the most important landscape architects of the twentieth century, yet despite her lasting influence, few outside the field know her name. Her work has been instrumental in the development of the late-twentieth-century design ethic, and her early years working with architectural luminaries such as Louis Kahn and Dan Kiley prepared her to bring a truly modern--and audaciously abstract--sensibility to the landscape design tradition.

"In Cornelia Hahn Oberlander: Making the Modern Landscape, " Susan Herrington draws upon archival research, site analyses, and numerous interviews with Oberlander and her collaborators to offer the first biography of this adventurous and influential landscape architect. Born in 1921, Oberlander fled Nazi Germany at the age of eighteen with her family, going on to become one of the few women to graduate from Harvard University's Graduate School of Design in the late 1940s. For six decades she has practiced socially responsible and ecologically sensitive planning for public landscapes, including the 1970s design of the Robson Square landscape and its adjoining Provincial Law Courts--one of Vancouver's most famous spaces.

Herrington places Oberlander within a larger social and aesthetic context, chronicling both her personal and professional trajectory and her work in New York, Philadelphia, Vancouver, Seattle, Berlin, Toronto, and Montreal.

Oberlander is a progenitor of some of the most significant currents informing landscape architecture today, particularly in the area of ecological focus. In her thorough biography, Herrington draws much-deserved attention to one of the truly important figures in landscape architecture.

Street Furniture Design - Contesting Modernism in Post-War Britain (Paperback): Eleanor Herring Street Furniture Design - Contesting Modernism in Post-War Britain (Paperback)
Eleanor Herring
R758 Discovery Miles 7 580 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Eleanor Herring's unique study of street furniture in post-war Britain considers how objects which are now familiar parts of our urban environment were designed to populate public spaces. Herring explores the design of lampposts, post boxes, parking meters, and signage in the context of a government backed by various bodies keen to propagate 'good' modern design, in a Britain whose towns and cities had been laid waste by bombing and the privations of war. She also considers the innate conservatism of local communities and councils, wary of a standardised street design imposed from above. She traces how the design of street furniture became the site of a fierce struggle which exposed deep-seated anxieties about class, taste and power. Herring's original research draws on archival material and on interviews with leading figures in urban design, including graphic designer Margaret Calvert and industrial designer Kenneth Grange.

LA+ Tyranny (Paperback): Tatum,(Ed) Hands LA+ Tyranny (Paperback)
Tatum,(Ed) Hands
R473 R409 Discovery Miles 4 090 Save R64 (14%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

From the first utopian impulse of Plato's Republic to today's global border controls and public space surveillance systems, there has always been a tyrannical aspect to the organisation of society and the regulation of its spaces. Tyranny takes many forms, from the rigid barriers of military zones to the subtle ways in which landscape is used to 'naturalise' power. What are these forms and how do they function at different scales, in different cultures, and at different times in history? How are designers and other disciplines complicit in the manifestation of these varying forms of tyranny and how have they been able to subvert such political and ideological structures?

Central Saint Martins Foundation - Key lessons in art and design (Paperback): Lucy Alexander, Timothy Meara, Central Saint... Central Saint Martins Foundation - Key lessons in art and design (Paperback)
Lucy Alexander, Timothy Meara, Central Saint Martins
R671 R546 Discovery Miles 5 460 Save R125 (19%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Explore and expand your creative skill set with Central Saint Martins Foundation. Guided by key lessons from college tutors, you'll learn to expand your creative abilities and develop your own visual language. Exclusive projects from the world-class Central Saint Martins Foundation Diploma in Art and Design will inspire your experiments and unlock your potential across four key areas: communication design, fashion and textiles, fine art and three-dimensional design. No matter which discipline you choose to pursue, this book will help you discover who you want to be and set you on the path to achieving it. "Do you care about heartbreaking beauty, fresh new ideas, astounding craftsmanship, ingenious solutions, the tingle of a shocking image? Would you make art even if it wasn't your job? Then this is the book for you" - Grayson Perry

Photoscapes - The Nexus between Photography and Landscape Design (Hardcover): Frederic Pousin Photoscapes - The Nexus between Photography and Landscape Design (Hardcover)
Frederic Pousin
R1,219 R1,108 Discovery Miles 11 080 Save R111 (9%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Landscape architecture and photography are closely interrelated, since the former is a constantly evolving thing that can be captured in stills, even eternalized, by photography. What role does photography play in landscape design? How does photography create a new context for landscape? The book investigates such questions in nine essays by North-American and French scientists, using landscape designs that were created from the 1950s to today.

Roadside Use of Native Plants (Paperback, 2nd Ed.): Bonnie Harper-Lore, Maggie Wilson Roadside Use of Native Plants (Paperback, 2nd Ed.)
Bonnie Harper-Lore, Maggie Wilson
R1,439 R1,288 Discovery Miles 12 880 Save R151 (10%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Originally published by the U.S. Department of Transportation's Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Office of Natural Environment to promote the planting and care of native plants along highway rights-of-way, this unique handbook provides managers of roadsides and adjacent lands with the information and background they need to make site-specific decisions about what kinds of native plants to use, and addresses basic techniques and misconceptions about using native plants. It brings together in a single volume a vast array of detailed information that has, until now, been scattered and difficult to find. The book opens with eighteen short essays on principles of ecological restoration and management from leading experts in the field including Reed F. Noss, J. Baird Callicott, Peggy Olwell, and Evelyn Howell. Following that is the heart of the book, more than 500 pages of comprehensive state-by-state listings that offer: - a colour map for each state with natural vegetations zones clearly marked - comprehensive lists of native plants, broken down by type of plant (grasses, forbs, trees, etc.) and including both scientific and common names, with each list having been verified for completeness and accuracy by the state's natural heritage program - contact names, addresses, and phone numbers for obtaining current information on invasive and noxious species to be avoided - resources for more information, including contact names and addresses for local experts in each state - The appendix adds definitions, bibliography, and policy citations to clarity any debates about the purpose and the direction of the use of native plants on roadsides. Roadside Use of Native Plants is a one-of-a-kind reference whose utility extends far beyond the roadside, offering a toolbox for a new aesthetic that can be applied to all kinds of public and private land. It can help lead the way to a cost-effective ecological approach to managing human-designed landscapes, and is an essential book for anyone interested in establishing or restoring native vegetation.

Espalier Fruit Trees For Wall, Hedge, and Pergola: Installation, Shaping, Care (Hardcover): Karl Pieber, Peter Modl Espalier Fruit Trees For Wall, Hedge, and Pergola: Installation, Shaping, Care (Hardcover)
Karl Pieber, Peter Modl
R711 R586 Discovery Miles 5 860 Save R125 (18%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

By training fruit trees and shrubs to grow in controlled shapes, you accomplish two goals: improved appearance and increased productivity. Depending on location and demand, espalier fruit trees can offer privacy, weather protection, and decoration, not to mention an abundant and delicious harvest. All types of trellises, including wall-covering cordons and free-standing pergolas, are featured here, as well as a comprehensive list of fruit plants and their unique characteristics. Authors Karl Pieber and Peter Modl provide ambitious gardeners with not only construction tips and a list of tools and materials required, but invaluable information on the planting of different fruit species, their upbringing, and shaping. Learn how to combat the most common fruit tree diseases and pests, and develop a knowledge of habitat requirements and care to ensure these espalier structures bring the desired results.

Landscape Lab - Drawing, Perception and Design for the Next Landscape Models (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2019): Fabio Bianconi, Marco... Landscape Lab - Drawing, Perception and Design for the Next Landscape Models (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2019)
Fabio Bianconi, Marco Filippucci
R1,287 R1,108 Discovery Miles 11 080 Save R179 (14%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This book explores the relationship between the sciences of representation and the strategy of landscape valorisation. The topic is connected to the theme of the image of the city, which is extended to the territory scale and applied to case studies in Italy's Umbria region, where the goal is to strike a dynamic balance between cultural heritage and nature. The studies demonstrate how landscape represents an interpretive process of finding meaning, a product of the relationships between mankind and the places in which it lives. The work proceeds from the assumption that it is possible to describe these connections between environment, territory and landscape by applying the Vitruvian triad, composed of Firmitas (solidity), Utilitas (utility) and Venustas(beauty). The environment, the sum of the conditions that influence all life, represents the place's solidity, because it guarantees its survival. In turn, territory is connected to utility, and through its etymological meaning is linked to possession, to a domain; while landscape, as an "area perceived by people", expresses the search for beauty in a given place, the process of critically interpreting a vision.

Stones and Crosses of the North York Moors (Paperback): Steve Estill Stones and Crosses of the North York Moors (Paperback)
Steve Estill
R497 R406 Discovery Miles 4 060 Save R91 (18%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This is an illustrated guide to many of the standing stones and crosses of the North York Moors. It provides a reference as an aid to finding them, with OS reference numbers and easy routes to take (using main roads and suggested parking places for access to the walks). History, myths and legends of some of the stones and crosses are included. The book also promotes the beauty of the moors, with descriptions and images taken from the provided routes. The moors have been divided into three areas for the sake of the guide, to enable easier access for the explorer. There are five chapters to the book: An introduction / overview, one for each area (areas 1, 2 and 3) and an index, broken down into name, OS reference and area. The text is enhanced with 122 stunning colour photographs.

Built with Stone: Eight Contemporary Artisans (Hardcover): Steven Paul Whitsitt Built with Stone: Eight Contemporary Artisans (Hardcover)
Steven Paul Whitsitt
R1,044 R813 Discovery Miles 8 130 Save R231 (22%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This design book showcases the work of eight master stoneworkers from around the United States in a wide variety of interior and exterior projects. Large, full-color photography captures stone constructions including retaining walls, steps, fireplaces, patios, water features, and free standing structures. Each artist's work is featured in a dedicated chapter and shows a selection of techniques, including dry stacking, mortaring, paving, and carving. Though these craftsmen adhere to different aesthetics, the fundamentals of their craft and their patience for building something with permanence is common throughout. From small garden walls to two-story fireplaces, here is the grand, simple, and sustainable work of contemporary stone artisans for designers, students, and homeowners..

Walls - Enclosure and Ethics in the Modern Landscape (Hardcover): Thomas Oles Walls - Enclosure and Ethics in the Modern Landscape (Hardcover)
Thomas Oles
R1,030 Discovery Miles 10 300 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Ancient walls, barbed-wire walls, metaphorical walls, political walls: all form, reform, and dissect our world. They mark sacred space and embody earthly power. They maintain peace and cause war. They enforce difference and create unity. Walls are pervasive and potent, and for Thomas Oles, it is time to broaden our ideas of what they can--and should--do.
In "Walls," Oles asserts that our societies and our politics are shaped by--and shape--the divisions we make in and among landscapes. He traces the rich array of social practices associated with walls and other boundary markers across history and prehistory, and he describes how, at the dawn of the modern era, these practices were pushed aside by new notions of sovereign rights and private property. The consequences of this change can be seen all around us. From nation to parcel, landscapes everywhere today are divided and subdivided by boundaries whose poor material is matched only by their moral ugliness. Oles shows that walls are relational, and all communities are defined both by and through them. The crafting of walls is therefore critical to defining our ethical relations to the landscape and to one another. In an insightful and evocative epilogue, Oles brings to life a society marked by productive and thoughtful relationships to its boundaries, one that will leave readers more hopeful about the divided landscapes of the future.

Thinking the Contemporary Landscape (Paperback): Christophe Girot, Dora Imhof Thinking the Contemporary Landscape (Paperback)
Christophe Girot, Dora Imhof
R724 R531 Discovery Miles 5 310 Save R193 (27%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

On the heels of our groundbreaking books in landscape architecture, James Corner's Recovering Landscape and Charles Waldheim's Landscape Urbanism Reader, comes another essential reader, Thinking the Contemporary Landscape. Examining our shifting perceptions of nature and place in the context of environmental challenges and how these affect urbanism and architecture, the seventeen essayists in Thinking the Contemporary Landscape argue for an all-encompassing view of landscape that integrates the scientific, intellectual, aesthetic and mythic into a new multidisciplinary understanding of the contemporary landscape. A must-read for anyone concerned about the changing nature of our landscape in a time of climate crisis.

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