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Layered Landscapes Lofoten - Understanding of Complexity, Otherness and Change (Paperback, English ed.): Magdalena Haggarde,... Layered Landscapes Lofoten - Understanding of Complexity, Otherness and Change (Paperback, English ed.)
Magdalena Haggarde, Gisle Lokken
R880 Discovery Miles 8 800 Ships in 10 - 15 working days
Theory in Landscape Architecture - A Reader (Paperback): Simon Swaffield Theory in Landscape Architecture - A Reader (Paperback)
Simon Swaffield
R709 R631 Discovery Miles 6 310 Save R78 (11%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Here, for students and practitioners of landscape architecture, architecture, and planning, is a single resource for seminal theoretical texts in the field. Essential for understanding the specific connections that have been made between landscape and social, cultural, and political structures, "Theory in Landscape Architecture" reminds readers that the discipline of landscape architecture can be both practical and formally challenging. Covering the past fifty years of theory, this primer makes an important contribution to a student's emerging professional ethics.

Fundamentals of Turfgrass Management (Hardcover, 5th Edition): Nick E Christians, Aaron J. Patton, Quincy D. Law Fundamentals of Turfgrass Management (Hardcover, 5th Edition)
Nick E Christians, Aaron J. Patton, Quincy D. Law
R2,791 R2,641 Discovery Miles 26 410 Save R150 (5%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The classic turfgrass management handbook, updated with new developments in the field Fundamentals of Turfgrass Management is the bestselling guide with expert coverage of basic turfgrass science and all aspects of practical care. Now in its fifth edition, this industry favorite offers the latest information on growth, nutrition, herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides, as well as new chapters discussing shade stress and light requirements and the benefits of turf. Though written at an introductory level, this book provides experienced turf managers with the most current thinking and new developments in wide range of topics, such as fertilization, grass selection, pest management, plant growth regulators, sports turf management practices, soil testing, and water quality. For students and experienced professionals alike, this book provides a thorough and well-rounded reference with everyday utility. Today s turf managers must have detailed knowledge of agronomy, botany, entomology, horticulture, pathology, and business management. This book brings these diverse fundamentals together into a single volume and will help you to: * Master the art and science of turfgrass care, cultivation, and management * Learn best practices for mowing, fertilizing, soil health, irrigation, and more * Identify, manage, and control insect, disease, and weed pests * Examine the professional management of sports turf, golf courses, lawns, and sod Turf management is a $70 billion industry that reaches into sports, tourism, land management, real estate, and more. The care and maintenance of high quality turf requires careful consideration and monitoring of many variables, and both strategic planning and quick action are needed to stay ahead of threats from weather, pests, traffic, and more. Fundamentals of Turfgrass Management provides clear guidance and comprehensive coverage of all aspects of the industry, with the latest information all turf managers need to know.

We Build Drawings (Paperback): Mikkel Frost We Build Drawings (Paperback)
Mikkel Frost
R651 R518 Discovery Miles 5 180 Save R133 (20%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

`Architects do not actually build buildings,' says Mikkel Frost, co-founder of Danish architecture firm CEBRA. `What we build is an idea. To visualize it, we build drawings.' The evolutionary process of how aphorisms develop into precise architectural concepts is illustrated through a collection of Frost's sketches and watercolours. Over 200 drawings are organized into 20 sections, each relating to one of CEBRA's projects. An index containing c olour photographs and renders of their works further illuminates how the drawings are translated into reality. Introducing the book, a written version of Frost's TEDx talk Let your fingers do the talking elaborates on the book's impetus: to bring a spotlight to the craft of drawing as a powerful tool for creation and communication.

Kerb 24 [Territory] (Paperback, English ed.): Louella Exton, Kim Morte, Hayden Matthys, Millicent Gunner, Emma Groot Kerb 24 [Territory] (Paperback, English ed.)
Louella Exton, Kim Morte, Hayden Matthys, Millicent Gunner, Emma Groot
R676 R631 Discovery Miles 6 310 Save R45 (7%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days
Landscape Architecture at Tsinghua University - 60 Years of Excellence (Hardcover): Zheng Xiaodi, Rui Yang Landscape Architecture at Tsinghua University - 60 Years of Excellence (Hardcover)
Zheng Xiaodi, Rui Yang
R929 R766 Discovery Miles 7 660 Save R163 (18%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The book is a thorough reflection on the accomplishments achieved since the establishment of the Department of Architecture at Tsinghua University. It provides valuable insights into China's hottest topics for future developments - namely, urbanisation and the environment. With its international starting point and objective assessments of local practices, analysis of research, excellent student work, and a summary of research publication and papers, Landscape Architecture at Tsinghua University: Sixty Years of Excellence, provides a full and vivid picture of this institution's program, which hopes to inspire young architects and encourage their contributions to China's future.

Field Sketching and the Experience of Landscape (Paperback): Janet Swailes Field Sketching and the Experience of Landscape (Paperback)
Janet Swailes
R1,285 Discovery Miles 12 850 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The act of field sketching allows us to experience the landscape first-hand - rather than reliance upon plans, maps and photographs at a distance, back in the studio. Aimed primarily at landscape architects, Janet Swailes takes the reader on a journey through the art of field sketching, providing guidance and tips to develop skills from those starting out on a design course, to those looking to improve their sketching. Combining techniques from landscape architecture and the craft and sensibilities of arts practice, she invites us to experience sensations directly out in the field to enrich our work: to look closely at the effects of light and weather; understand the lie and shapes of the land through travel and walking; and to consider lines of sight from the inside out as well as outside in. Full colour throughout with examples, checklists and case studies of other sketchers' methods, this is an inspirational book to encourage landscape architects to spend more time in the field and reconnect with the basics of design through drawing practice.

Landscape Architecture - An Introduction (Paperback): Robert Holden, Jamie Liversedge Landscape Architecture - An Introduction (Paperback)
Robert Holden, Jamie Liversedge
R670 R522 Discovery Miles 5 220 Save R148 (22%) In stock

Aimed at prospective and new students, this book gives a comprehensive introduction to the nature and practice of landscape architecture, the professional skills required and the latest developments. After discussing the history of the profession, the book explains the design process through principles such as hierarchy, human scale, unity, harmony, asymmetry, colour, form and texture. It looks at how design is represented through both drawing and modelling, and through digital techniques such as CAD and the use of GIS (Geographic Information Systems). This is followed by an examination of project management and landscape management techniques. Finally, the book explores educational and employment opportunities and the future of the profession in the context of climate change and sustainability. Illustrated with international examples of completed projects, Landscape Architecture provides an invaluable, one-stop resource for anyone considering studying or a career in this field.

Landscape Site Grading Principles - Grading with Design in Mind (Paperback): Bruce G. Sharky Landscape Site Grading Principles - Grading with Design in Mind (Paperback)
Bruce G. Sharky
R1,817 Discovery Miles 18 170 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

A complete guide to site grading for designers and other visual learners Grading With Design in Mind: Landscape Site Grading Principles is a comprehensive guide to grading, written specifically from the design perspective. Heavily illustrated and non-technical, this book meets the needs of designers and visual learners by presenting the principles and methods of site grading with less emphasis on engineering, and a strong focus on the effect on the overall aesthetic. Written by a professor in America's number-one ranked undergraduate landscape architecture program, the book guides readers step-by-step through the process of solving various grading problems in real-life scenarios. Landscape designers, landscape architects, and engineers need to have a deep understanding of site grading as the foundation of any project. Grading plans must not only solve practical requirements, but also create landforms that contribute to the aesthetic ambition of the overall site and architectural design concept. Grading With Design in Mind takes a highly visual approach to presenting modern grading techniques and considerations, providing designers the guidance they need to become competent in site grading while understanding the design implications of the subject. Features include: * Numerous illustrations to support the text * Step-by-step examples * Professional grading plans Studying the professional grading plans helps readers better understand the real-world application of grading principles in different situations. Site grading is a complicated topic with plenty of on-site variables, but Grading with Design in Mind breaks it down into clear, concise instruction with value to both professionals and students in the field of landscape design.

Cambridge College Gardens (Hardcover): Tim Richardson Cambridge College Gardens (Hardcover)
Tim Richardson; Photographs by Clive Boursnell 1
R1,134 R824 Discovery Miles 8 240 Save R310 (27%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

For students and alumni, their families, Cambridge locals and for lovers of private gardens, Tim Richardson's book on the most exquisite gardens in and around the university of Cambridge's colleges combines brilliant research and elegant prose with stunning photography by Clive Boursnell. Following on the heels of Oxford College Gardens, this book invites an armchair appreciation of the history, horticulture and atmosphere that these hallowed gardens provide. The gardens are as rich and varied as the colleges themselves, often set within stunning architecture, and include formal quadrangles, naturalistic planting, walled gardens, rooftop oases, productive plots and watermeadows as well as the private spaces enjoyed exclusively by the college masters, porters and fellows.

The Art of the Louvre's Tuileries Garden (Hardcover): Laura D. Corey, Paula Deitz, Guillaume Fonkenell, Bruce Guenther,... The Art of the Louvre's Tuileries Garden (Hardcover)
Laura D. Corey, Paula Deitz, Guillaume Fonkenell, Bruce Guenther, Sarah Kennel, …
R1,180 Discovery Miles 11 800 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

A stunning new look at the Tuileries Garden and its importance to the history of art and landscape architectureThe Tuileries Garden is a masterpiece of garden design and one of the world's most iconic public art spaces. Designed for Louis XIV by landscape architect Andre Le Notre, it served the now-destroyed Tuileries Palace. It was opened to the public in 1667, becoming one of the first public gardens in Europe. The garden has always been a place for Parisians to convene, celebrate, and promenade, and art has played an important role throughout its history. Monumental sculptures give the garden the air of an outdoor museum, and the garden's beautiful backdrop has inspired artists from Edouard Manet to Andre Kertesz. The Art of the Louvre's Tuileries Garden brings together 100 works of art, including paintings and sculptures, as well as documentary photographs, prints, and models illuminating the garden's rich history. Beautifully illustrated essays by leading scholars of art and garden studies highlight the significance of the Tuileries Garden to works of art from the past 300 years and reaffirm its importance to the history of landscape architecture.

Forest and Garden - Traces of Wildness in a Modernizing Land, 1897-1949 (Hardcover): Melanie Louise Simo Forest and Garden - Traces of Wildness in a Modernizing Land, 1897-1949 (Hardcover)
Melanie Louise Simo
R1,157 Discovery Miles 11 570 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

"In wildness is the preservation of the world," wrote Henry David Thoreau. But how the wild and the managed or artificially arranged environments co-exist has been a matter of intense debate among foresters and landscape professionals at least since the era of Frederick Law Olmsted Sr.

In Forest and Garden, Melanie L. Simo ranges through a period of landscape history that has been underexamined, between Olmsted and mid-twentieth-century modernism, when the contours of the debate were formed and the landscape professions came of age. Simo's book spans half a century, from the year that Charles Sprague Sargent's influential Garden and Forest magazine ceased publication in 1897 to the appearance in 1949 of two unusual books about land and landscape--Aldo Leopold's Sand County Almanac and Jens Jensen's The Clearing--that marked the beginning of a new ecological awareness.

Forest and Garden covers this middle ground by focusing on the apparent oppositions between culture and nature, city and country, science and art, and between professions peopled with figures such as John Muir, Gifford Pinchot, the Olmsteds, Mary Austin, Willa Cather, Bernard Maybeck, Frank Lloyd Wright, Henry Beston, and Benton MacKaye. In this earlier era when novelists, conservationists, foresters, and landscape designers still shared a common language, Simo finds areas of overlap in how their writings express their perceptions of the land, its uses, its beauty, and its fate. Organizing her study by region and landscape type, from desert and prairie to Metropolitan New York and Boston, and extending from ecological concerns in garden design to Leopold's call for a land ethic, Simo moves beyond the polarized views of current environmental debate.

Representing Landscapes: Hybrid (Paperback): Nadia Amoroso Representing Landscapes: Hybrid (Paperback)
Nadia Amoroso
R1,437 Discovery Miles 14 370 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Hybrid and mixed media create a huge variety of diagramming and drawing options for landscape representation. From Photoshop mixed with digital maps, to hand drawings overlaid with photos and modelling combined with sketches, the possibilities are endless. In this book, Amoroso curates over 20 leading voices from around the world to showcase the best in contemporary hybrid design. With over 200 colour images from talented landscape architeture students, this book will explore the options, methods and choices to show the innovative approaches that are offered to students and practitioners of landscape architecture. With worked examples in the chapters and downloadable images suitable for class use, this is an essential book for visual communication and design studios.

The Camaro in the Pasture - Speculations on the Cultural Landscape of America (Paperback): Robert B. Riley The Camaro in the Pasture - Speculations on the Cultural Landscape of America (Paperback)
Robert B. Riley
R698 R533 Discovery Miles 5 330 Save R165 (24%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Robert Riley has been a renowned figure in landscape studies for over fifty years, valued for his perceptive, learned, and highly entertaining articles, reviews, and essays. Much of Riley's work originally ran in Landscape, the pioneering magazine at which Riley succeeded the great geographer J. B. Jackson as editor. The Camaro in the Pasture is the first book to collect this compelling author's writing. With diverse topics ranging from science-fiction fantasies to problems of academic design research, the essays in this volume cover an entire half-century of Riley's observations on the American landscape. The essays - several of which are new or previously unpublished - interpret changing rationales for urban beautification, the evolution and transformation of the strip, the development of a global landscape of golf and resorts replacing an older search for exoticism, and the vernacular landscape as wallpaper rather than quilt. Ultimately, Riley envisions our future landscape as a rapidly fluctuating electronic net draped over the more slowly changing and familiar land- and building-based system. Throughout, Riley emphasizes the vernacular landscape of contemporary America - how we have shaped and use it, what it is becoming, and, above all, how we experience it.

Shifting Patterns - Christopher Alexander and the Eishin Campus (Paperback): Eva Guttmann, Gabriele Kaiser, Claudia Mazanek Shifting Patterns - Christopher Alexander and the Eishin Campus (Paperback)
Eva Guttmann, Gabriele Kaiser, Claudia Mazanek
R913 R728 Discovery Miles 7 280 Save R185 (20%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Christopher Alexander is a Vienna-born, British-American architect and theorist and the father of the pattern language movement, popularised in his pivotal 1968 book, A Pattern Language, with Sara Ishikawa and Murray Silverstein, as well as the 1979 follow-up, The Timeless Way of Building. Lesser known but as essential to understanding Alexander's work is his theory of 'systems generating systems' which explains that systems as a whole are created by 'generating systems', and, if we wish to make things which function as 'wholes', we shall have to invent generating systems to create them. Taking the Eishin Campus outside Tokyo, built between 1983 and 1989, as its example, Shifting Patterns is the first book to examine Alexander's theory of 'systems generating systems' and its application to a building design. It brings together essays from an interdisciplinary, international cast of experts, including Eva Guttmann, Gabriele Kaiser, Ernst Beneder, Walter Ruprechter, Hisae Hosoi, Christian Kuhn, Ida Pristinger, and Norihito Nakatani, as well as conversations with Hajo Neis and Takaharu Tezuka to investigate the application of this theory to the school and university complex, the largest project Alexander has realised based on pattern language. Among the issues discussed are topicality, interdisciplinary and internationality, and culture transfer. The essays also look at the design-build movement as an antithesis to today's standardised and commerce-driven architectural production.

Rainwater Park (Hardcover): Michael Wright Rainwater Park (Hardcover)
Michael Wright
R1,118 R914 Discovery Miles 9 140 Save R204 (18%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Provides a definitive statement on stormwater management and rainwater recycling in urban park landscape design Landscaping is a critical element in improving both the function and appearance of rainwater recycling and stormwater management practices. Designing landscaped areas to soak up rainfall runoff from building and paved areas helps protect water quality in local creeks and waterways. These landscape designs reduce polluted runoff and help prevent creek erosion. As the runoff flows over vegetation and soil in the landscaped area, the water percolates into the ground and pollutants are filtered out or broken down by the soil and plants. As Mike Breedlove, landscape architect and head of Breedlove Land Planning in Conyers, GA, likes to say, "The role of the landscape architect is to successfully marry mankind to nature." His statement is even more succinct than the description used by the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), which highlights how landscape architects use a comprehensive working knowledge of architecture, civil engineering, and urban planning to "design aesthetic and practical relationships with the land." This integrative function of landscape architecture makes the profession seem a natural spawning ground for the innovation needed to successfully meet the considerable challenges posed by stormwater-related pollution and erosion. Fencing or hiding stormwater facilities out of view not only loses the opportunity to create an aesthetically pleasing site design, but also sends the message that stormwater is an attractive nuisance. Furthermore, constructing rain parks is becoming an essential part for urban landscape planning. AUTHOR: Michael Wright has a wide-ranging track record in landscape design and construction, having worked on projects at every scale from small private courtyards to entire new city plans. He has also worked as a horticulturist, stonemason, design-construct contractor, and for two years was a lecturer in design at the University of New South Wales. Michael's 24 years of experience underpins his approach to the resolution of projects from conception to detail. His intuitive responses to each project are site based and result in unique design approaches for every landscape and urban design proposition. SELLING POINTS: - Provides a definitive statement on stormwater management and rainwater recycling in urban park landscape design - Introduces comprehensive information on stormwater cleaning and reuse in the urban park landscape - Showcases a collection of award-winning projects that will be inspirational and a strong reference for architects, planners, preservationists, landscape designers; all who are directly involved in landscape design - Features rich, full-colour photography, with numerous full-colour diagrams, and informative statistical panels and tables throughout 300 col.

An Introduction to Landscape and Garden Design (Hardcover, 2nd New edition): James Blake An Introduction to Landscape and Garden Design (Hardcover, 2nd New edition)
James Blake
R4,097 Discovery Miles 40 970 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

How do you design a landscape book suitable for its intended uses? How can the natural qualities of a landscape be enhanced with new features and focal points? How can you make pedestrians stay on the footpath? What kind of plant, path or wall should you put where, and what sort of contract should you choose for your client's contractor? This refreshingly down-to-earth introduction to the vast subject of landscape design and construction answers all these questions, guiding new students through the many facets of professional practice and welding together the artistic, legal, financial, environmental and management issues which can seem so dauntingly disconnected. Illustrated with original drawings, photographs, sample plans and facsimiles, including a new colour plate section, this readable classic has been fully revised and updated throughout. It opens with a completely new chapter which explains design and aesthetic principles, explores the history of our relationship to landscape, and shows how design principles can be applied to influence reactions to the finished site. The author then considers different elements of hard landscape and their relative merits in different situations. The soft landscape section includes coverage of the effects of mass and form, natural and abstract planting, and the difficult subject of plant selection. A step-by-step guide through all the stages of managing a project, from initial discussions with clients, site inspection, surveying and quoting, through tendering, contracting, contractual agreements, development from concept design to final plans and drawings, as well as maintenance, now includes the current information on CDM regulations and provides readers with a plain-speaking reference on client management and contractual administration. Added to the guide to drawing and lettering is an extensive section on computer-aided design. A bibliography and list of useful organization are also included.

Opportunities in Landscape Architecture, Botanical Gardens and  Arboreta Careers (Paperback, Ed): Blythe Camenson Opportunities in Landscape Architecture, Botanical Gardens and Arboreta Careers (Paperback, Ed)
Blythe Camenson
R378 R311 Discovery Miles 3 110 Save R67 (18%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Put your career in full bloom

Get started in a career that has a promising future and is financially rewarding. "Opportunities in Landscape Architecture, Botanical Gardens, and Arboreta Careers" provides you with a complete overview of the job possibilities, salary figures, and experience required to get started in this creative industry.

This career-boosting book will help you: Determine the specialty that's right for you, from landscape design to conservation to urban planning Acquire in-depth knowledge of landscape planning, cultivation, maintenance, and plant and flower care Find out what kind of salary you can expect Understand the daily routine of your chosen field Focus your job search using industry resources

landscape designer * arborist * golf course superintendent * groundskeeper * irrigation specialist * gardener

The Oxford Dictionary of Architecture (Paperback, 3rd Revised edition): James Stevens Curl, Susan Wilson The Oxford Dictionary of Architecture (Paperback, 3rd Revised edition)
James Stevens Curl, Susan Wilson
R260 R241 Discovery Miles 2 410 Save R19 (7%) Ships in 6 - 10 working days

Containing over 6,000 entries from Aalto to Zwinger and written in a clear and concise style, this authoritative dictionary covers architectural history in detail, from ancient times to the present day. It also includes concise biographies of hundreds of architects from history (excluding living persons), from Sir Francis Bacon and Imhotep to Liang Ssu-ch'eng and Francis Inigo Thomas. The text is complemented by over 260 beautiful and meticulous line drawings, labelled cross-sections, and diagrams. These include precise drawings of typical building features, making it easy for readers to identify particular period styles. This third edition of The Oxford Dictionary of Architecture has been extensively revised and expanded, with over 900 new entries including hundreds of definitions of garden and landscape terms such as Baroque garden, floral clock, hortus conclusus, and Zen garden-design. Each entry is followed by a mini-bibliography, with suggestions for further reading. With clear descriptions providing in-depth analysis, it is invaluable for students, professional architects, art historians, and anyone interested in architecture and garden design, and provides a fascinating wealth of information for the general reader.

Urban Biodiversity - From Research to Practice (Paperback): Alessandro Ossola, Jari Niemela Urban Biodiversity - From Research to Practice (Paperback)
Alessandro Ossola, Jari Niemela
R1,139 Discovery Miles 11 390 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Urban biodiversity is an increasingly popular topic among researchers. Worldwide, thousands of research projects are unravelling how urbanisation impacts the biodiversity of cities and towns, as well as its benefits for people and the environment through ecosystem services. Exciting scientific discoveries are made on a daily basis. However, researchers often lack time and opportunity to communicate these findings to the community and those in charge of managing, planning and designing for urban biodiversity. On the other hand, urban practitioners frequently ask researchers for more comprehensible information and actionable tools to guide their actions. This book is designed to fill this cultural and communicative gap by discussing a selection of topics related to urban biodiversity, as well as its benefits for people and the urban environment. It provides an interdisciplinary overview of scientifically grounded knowledge vital for current and future practitioners in charge of urban biodiversity management, its conservation and integration into urban planning. Topics covered include pests and invasive species, rewilding habitats, the contribution of a diverse urban agriculture to food production, implications for human well-being, and how to engage the public with urban conservation strategies. For the first time, world-leading researchers from five continents convene to offer a global interdisciplinary perspective on urban biodiversity narrated with a simple but rigorous language. This book synthesizes research at a level suitable for both students and professionals working in nature conservation and urban planning and management.

Vizcaya - An American Villa and Its Makers (Hardcover): Witold Rybczynski, Laurie Olin Vizcaya - An American Villa and Its Makers (Hardcover)
Witold Rybczynski, Laurie Olin; Photographs by Steven Brooke
R958 R781 Discovery Miles 7 810 Save R177 (18%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The Miami estate of Vizcaya, like its palatial contemporaries Biltmore and San Simeon, represents an achievement of the Gilded Age, when country houses and their gardens were a conspicuous measure of personal wealth and power. In Vizcaya: An American Villa and Its Makers, a celebrated architecture critic and writer and an award-winning landscape architect explore the little-known story of Vizcaya, an extraordinary national treasure. Witold Rybczynski and Laurie Olin use a rich collection of illustrations, historic photographs, and narrative to document the creation of this stunning house and landscape. Vizcaya was completed in 1916 as the winter retreat of Chicago industrialist James Deering. The cosmopolitan bachelor, who chose Miami for its warm climate, enlisted the guidance of artist Paul Chalfin, with whom he traveled throughout Italy to survey houses and gardens. With the assistance of architect F. Burrall Hoffman, Jr., and garden designer Diego Suarez, the 180-acre site on Biscayne Bay was transformed into a grand estate, complete with lagoons, canals, citrus groves, a farm village, a yacht harbor, and a 40-room Baroque mansion. The lure of this architectural and landscape masterpiece, named for a Spanish Basque province, is undeniable. John Singer Sargent planned a short visit in 1917 but stayed for several months, producing an inspired series of watercolors, many of which are reproduced here for the first time. The book is further enriched by archival material and by the color images of noted photographer Steven Brooke, paying homage to Vizcaya as a lens through which readers learn about architecture, landscape and garden design, interior decoration, and art.

Drawn to Landscape - The Pioneering Work of J. B. Jackson (Hardcover): Janet Mendelsohn, Chris Wilson Drawn to Landscape - The Pioneering Work of J. B. Jackson (Hardcover)
Janet Mendelsohn, Chris Wilson
R2,082 R1,476 Discovery Miles 14 760 Save R606 (29%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

From 1951 to 1969, John Brinckerhoff (J. B.) Jackson founded, edited, and published Landscape, a magazine that changed the way scholars, writers, teachers, designers, planners, and artists came to understand the everyday places that surround us and influence us in fundamental ways. Then, as a lecturer at Harvard University and the University of California, Berkeley, Jackson further pioneered ""landscape studies,"" a field through which he continues to inspire those who study and interpret landscapes, whether urban, rural, suburban, social, or wild. Drawn to Landscape is the first book to present fully the many aspects of Jackson's career. Including original essays by those who not only knew him best but who have carried his torch to new heights in their own respective work, the book sheds valuable light on Jackson's life and oeuvre, from the time of his childhood to his death in 1996, as well as on his many legacies that remain today. Also included, some pieces reproduced for the first time, is a wide-ranging display of Jackson's original drawings, watercolors, and teaching slides. J. B. Jackson taught us to pay attention to the often overlooked but defining features of our landscapes, such as the road and commercial strip, the garage and backyard, and flea markets and borderlands, as well as changing recreational uses of the land, the necessity for ruins and the inherent artificiality of historic preservation, and the importance of the clock--as opposed to the geographical and spiritual grounding of indigenous cultures--in defining our communities, societies, and economies. The book will be a welcome addition to anyone seeking, as Jackson urged, to ""read the landscape"" in order to understand our everyday world in new and enlightened ways.

Group Efforts - Changing Public Space (Paperback): Gavin Browning Group Efforts - Changing Public Space (Paperback)
Gavin Browning
R477 R407 Discovery Miles 4 070 Save R70 (15%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Acetate film, an exhaust fan, lollipops, a bicycle, paper and pens-in Group Efforts: Changing Public Space, vital voices in art and design use everyday objects to transform surroundings in remarkable ways. An illustrated chronicle of projects organized by the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation at Columbia University in collaboration with Elastic City, this volume contains interviews with Todd Shalom and Hayal Pozanti, who assemble new shapes from Manhattan's West Village streetscape; Greta Hansen, Kyung Jae Kim, and Adam Koogler, who host spontaneous political forums in a pavilion built with plastic and blown air; and Karen Finley, who detourns Columbus Circle into an urban-scale mandala of resistance, reparation, and discovery. An incisive essay by designer and cultural historian Mabel O. Wilson positions these creative occupations alongside recent acts of protest.

Access to Nature: Planning Outdoor Space for Aging - Part 2: Improving Outdoor Access for Older Adults: Planning and Design... Access to Nature: Planning Outdoor Space for Aging - Part 2: Improving Outdoor Access for Older Adults: Planning and Design (DVD Audio)
Susan Rodiek
R963 R880 Discovery Miles 8 800 Save R83 (9%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Whether you are a planning a new community or remodeling an existing one, the second DVD in the Access to Nature series illustrates a variety of ways the building layout can encourage residents to go outdoors. Case studies, sketches, and models show how to make strong indoor-outdoor connections, remove perceived barriers, and create successful transition zones, such as an entry garden. Learn about cost-effective solutions to issues of accessibility, visibility, and interfacing with the outdoors as well as suggested adaptations for individuals with dementia. Running time: 31 minutes

Access to Nature: Planning Outdoor Space for Aging - Part 3: Safe and Usable Outdoor Spaces for Older Adults: Planning and... Access to Nature: Planning Outdoor Space for Aging - Part 3: Safe and Usable Outdoor Spaces for Older Adults: Planning and Design (DVD Audio)
Susan Rodiek
R963 R880 Discovery Miles 8 800 Save R83 (9%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

By using the right elements, outdoor spaces that were previously underutilized can become more inviting, functional, and well-used. Case studies, 3D animated examples, diagrams, and sketches in this informative DVD show how to transform existing areas by emphasizing features that appeal to residents and support their need for autonomy and independence. Simple ideas for choosing the right seating, improving walkways, and creating shade are among the options discussed. Additional design possibilities address outdoor elements that enhance walking and sitting, optimize greenery and views, promote comfort and safety, and encourage engagement in outdoor activities. Running time: 34 minutes

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