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Increasing Student Engagement and Retention Using Social Technologies - Facebook, E-Portfolios and Other Social Networking... Increasing Student Engagement and Retention Using Social Technologies - Facebook, E-Portfolios and Other Social Networking Services (Paperback)
Laura A. Wankel, Patrick Blessinger; Series edited by Charles Wankel
R1,588 Discovery Miles 15 880 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

"Increasing Student Engagement and Retention using Social Technologies: Facebook, e-portfolios and other Social Networking Services" uses case studies, surveys, and literature reviews to examine how these social media technologies are being used to improve writing and publishing skills in students, create engaging communities of practice, and how these tools are being used for e-Mentoring and constructing online reputations. Chapters include applying positive psychology and cognitive styles in user design, designing outcome based curricula using student personality types, engaging second language students through electronic writing tasks, applying psychological variables on the academic use of social media, using social media to motivate students to take charge of their own learning processes, and creatively using technology to enhance teacher education. This volume will also discuss a framework for deploying and assessing these technologies in higher education institutions.

The Art of Advocacy (Paperback): Noah Messing The Art of Advocacy (Paperback)
Noah Messing
R1,665 Discovery Miles 16 650 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The Art of Advocacy: Briefs, Motions, and Writing Strategies of America's Best Lawyers presents more than 150 examples of masterful advocacy to show lawyers how to write winning motions and briefs. The book focuses on the strategic and substantive choices that top litigators make, drawing examples from important, timely, and

The Road Half Traveled - University Engagement at a Crossroads (Paperback, New): Rita Axelroth Hodges, Steve Dubb The Road Half Traveled - University Engagement at a Crossroads (Paperback, New)
Rita Axelroth Hodges, Steve Dubb
R920 Discovery Miles 9 200 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

A growing number of universities are dedicating resources to support their surrounding communities, but much potential for advancement remains. A university's mission as an "anchor institution," as defined by the authors, is to consciously and strategically apply the institution's long-term, place-based economic power, in combination with its human and intellectual resources, to better the welfare of the community in which it resides. Drawing on ten diverse universities as case studies, this eye-opening book explores practices and strategies that can be employed to improve conditions in low-income communities and emphasizes the critical roles of university leaders, philanthropy, and policy in this process. To date the most comprehensive account of the range of roles played by universities as anchors in their communities, "The Road Half Traveled "provides a forward-thinking perspective on new horizons in university and community partnership.

American Higher Education In Decline (Paperback): Kenneth H Ashworth American Higher Education In Decline (Paperback)
Kenneth H Ashworth; Foreword by Logan Wilson
R357 Discovery Miles 3 570 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

In the last twenty years America's higher-education system has jeopardized our society's very future by allowing a serious decline in educational quality. Responding to modern egalitarianism and the need to attract students, colleges and universities have initiated wildly innovative programs, noncampuses, and nontraditional degrees. Worse, they have lowered all standards. Nonacademic entrepreneurs, attracted by generous federal funds, now demand equal status with established schools. And they are dangerously near receiving this full recognition from irresolute regional accrediting associations.
From his vantage point as Texas' former Commissioner of Higher Education, Kenneth H. Ashworth sounds the alarm to all concerned administrators and teachers in American academia. He harshly criticizes the body-count game and relaxed standards, illustrating problems with vignettes from his own considerable experience. He then proposes to educators steps that would help break the cycle of declining quality. Ashworth also provocatively sketches what he sees as the next major challenge to postsecondary education: a "postindustrial" threat to the quality of academic research.
Ashworth's sober reflections are likely to provoke controversy. He makes, for example, a broad-based attack upon nontraditional and external programs, which have too often been uncritically promoted. But his well-articulated theses demand careful, even agonizing, consideration by all who care about American higher education and who, like Ashworth, believe our colleges and universities hold the key to resolving the complex and dangerous issues confronting society.

Fostering Communication and Learning With Underutilized Technologies in Higher Education (Hardcover): Mohammed Banu Ali, Trevor... Fostering Communication and Learning With Underutilized Technologies in Higher Education (Hardcover)
Mohammed Banu Ali, Trevor Wood-Harper
R5,035 R4,255 Discovery Miles 42 550 Save R780 (15%) Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Higher education is undergoing radical changes with the arrival of emerging technology that can facilitate better teaching and learning experiences. However, with a lack of technical awareness, technophobia, and security and trust issues, there are several barriers to the uptake of emerging technologies. As a result, many of these new technologies have been overlooked or underutilized. In the information systems and higher education domains, there exists a need to explore underutilized technologies in higher education that can foster communication and learning. Fostering Communication and Learning With Underutilized Technologies in Higher Education is a critical reference source that provides contemporary theories in the area of technology-driven communication and learning in higher education. The book offers new knowledge about educational technologies and explores such themes as artificial intelligence, digital learning platforms, gamification tools, and interactive exhibits. The target audience includes researchers, academicians, practitioners, and students who are working or have a keen interest in information systems, learning technologies, and technology-led teaching and learning. Moreover, the book provides an understanding and support to higher education practitioners, faculty, educational board members, technology vendors and firms, and the Ministry of Education.

Teaching International Students - Improving Learning for All (Paperback, New Ed): Jude Carroll, Janette Ryan Teaching International Students - Improving Learning for All (Paperback, New Ed)
Jude Carroll, Janette Ryan
R1,000 Discovery Miles 10 000 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Teaching International Students explores the challenges presented to lecturer and student alike by increased cultural diversity within universities. Packed with practical advice from experienced practitioners and underpinned by reference to pedagogic theory throughout, topics covered include: the issues arising from international students studying alongside 'home' students the nature of learning and teacher-student relationships curriculum and development of teaching skills multicultural group work postgraduate supervision the experience of the international student Teaching International Students is essential reading. It demonstrates how improved training for teachers and a better understanding of the international student can enhance the experience of both and, ultimately, provide more positive learning environments for international students in the higher education system.

Assessment for Learning in Higher Education (Hardcover): Kay Sambell, Liz McDowell, Catherine Montgomery Assessment for Learning in Higher Education (Hardcover)
Kay Sambell, Liz McDowell, Catherine Montgomery
R2,738 Discovery Miles 27 380 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

"an invaluable guide for practitioners, quality assurors, university managers and students themselves who wish to better understand the importance of assessment for learning, and it will further scholarship in the field significantly."

-Professor Sally Brown

Assessment for Learning in Higher Education is a practical guide to Assessment for Learning (AfL); a term that has become internationally accepted in Higher Education and features in the learning and teaching strategies of many universities. It is also mandated by official bodies such as QAA in the UK. Many staff in Higher Education are uncertain about how to implement AfL, especially in times of increasingly constrained resources and this vital new guide provides solutions that make best use of assessment as a tool for learning.

This book provides an important and accessible blend of practical examples of AfL in a variety of subject areas. The authors present practical, often small-scale and eminently do-able ideas that will make its introduction achievable. It provides practical case examples both for new lecturers and more experienced staff who may be interested in embedding AfL principles and practice into their university teaching. AfL approaches go beyond minor adaptations to teaching practice, and signify a shift in the foundations of thinking about assessment. With this in mind there is guidance on the development of effective learning environments and communities through the use of:

  • collaboration and dialogue
  • authentic assessment
  • formative assessment
  • peer and self assessment
  • student development for the long term
  • innovative approaches to effective feedback .

It provides helpful, realistic guidance backed up by relevant theory and is written in an accessible, jargon-free style, grounded in practical experience and brought to life via a wide range of illustrative examples and case studies.

Assessment for Learning in Higher Education fills a vital gap in assessment literature and as AfL is increasingly on the Higher Education agenda, with the promotion of assessment as a tool for learning, this book will become an essential handbook to guide all academic practitioners.

Justice, Legitimacy, and Diversity - Political Authority Between Realism and Moralism (Hardcover): Emanuela Ceva, Enzo Rossi Justice, Legitimacy, and Diversity - Political Authority Between Realism and Moralism (Hardcover)
Emanuela Ceva, Enzo Rossi
R2,853 Discovery Miles 28 530 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Most contemporary political philosophers take justice-rather than legitimacy-to be the fundamental virtue of political institutions vis-a-vis the challenges of ethical diversity. Justice-driven theorists are primarily concerned with finding mutually acceptable terms to arbitrate the claims of conflicting individuals and groups. Legitimacy-driven theorists, instead, focus on the conditions under which those exercising political authority on an ethically heterogeneous polity are entitled to do so. But what difference would it make to the management of ethical diversity in liberal democratic societies if legitimacy were prior to or independent from justice? This question identifies a widely underexplored issue whose theoretical salience shows how the understanding of what constitutes the primary question of political philosophy has a deep impact on how practical political questions are interpreted and addressed. What difference would it make, for example, whether the difficulties concerning the safeguard of human rights were couched in terms of the justice or of the legitimacy of the documents and treaties sanctioning their implementation. How should the issue of the quality of democracies be addressed whether one assigned priority to the justice or legitimacy of democratic institutions? Addressing these and other topical questions, the book offers a new theoretical angle from which to consider a number of pressing social and political issues. This book was previously published as a special issue of the Critical Review of Social and Political Philosophy.

The Internationalization of the Academic Library (Hardcover): Emmett Lombard The Internationalization of the Academic Library (Hardcover)
Emmett Lombard
R2,849 Discovery Miles 28 490 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

This book analyzes internationalization at the departmental level of an academic library by drawing on interviews with library personnel from around the world. It argues that libraries need to be more deliberate in their internationalization efforts and collaborate with other college personnel and departments outside the library. This book cuts across the fields of library science and higher education administration, ensuring that the book will appeal to researchers and students working in these disciplines. Library professionals around the world will also find much to interest them within the book.

Digitalization of Higher Education using Cloud Computing - Implications, Risk, and Challenges (Hardcover): S.L. Gupta, Nawal... Digitalization of Higher Education using Cloud Computing - Implications, Risk, and Challenges (Hardcover)
S.L. Gupta, Nawal Kishor, Mishra Niraj, Sonali Mathur, Utkarsh Gupta
R2,860 Discovery Miles 28 600 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Digitalization of Higher Education using Cloud Computing: Implications, Risk, and Challenges provides an insight into the latest technology and tools being used to explore learning in Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs). Cloud computing, being an up-and-coming technology, integrates with academia and industry, thereby enhancing the quality of education. The opportunities and challenges faced by HEIs in recent times due to technological disruptions have forced both academia and industry to realign their strategies for survival and growth. With the acceleration of cloud computing in higher education, it has now become imperative for educators to constantly upskill and reskill in order to meet the requirements of the future of work, particularly in the digital age. Technological advancement is an unstoppable wave and the lack of relevant skills to handle the disruptions in higher education will become a huge challenge if not addressed promptly. This is the new phase of Education 4.0 where HEIs are aligning themselves using cloud computing implications, and thus are preparing both faculties and students to embrace the changes happening in the teaching and learning processes. This book focuses on multi-faceted strategies to be adopted by HEIs to deal with the emerging issues related to teaching-learning processes using cloud computing, technological interventions, curriculum overhaul, experiential learning, multi-disciplinary approaches, and continuous innovations and digitalization. The book offers comprehensive coverage of many academic areas, with the most essential topics including: * Pedagogies in digital education using a cloud environment * Risks and challenges in cloud platforms for teaching and learning * Collaborative and group learning in a cloud environment * Enhancing quality of education using e-learning methodologies The sections in this book are "Cloud Enabled Digitalization of Higher Education" and "Innovations and Applications of Digitalization of Higher Education: A Cloud Perspective". The book will be useful for undergraduates, graduates, academicians, scholars, and policy makers. It will help readers acquire skills for a smooth transition from face-to-face teaching to cloud-based teaching.

A Brief Guide to Academic Bullying (Paperback): Morteza Mahmoudi A Brief Guide to Academic Bullying (Paperback)
Morteza Mahmoudi
R950 Discovery Miles 9 500 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Targets of bullying are often the most vulnerable members of the scientific workforce-they may be low-paid graduate students or postdocs, living in a foreign country, navigating a foreign language and culture, and whose immigration status is tied directly to their employment. They may also have young families, be living paycheck-to-paycheck, and have health insurance and other benefits that depend on a contract position that can be revoked with little to no notice or cause. Finally, targets on the low end of a power differential are not likely to be supported by their institutions, particularly institutions that rely on the big grant earnings brought in by senior "bullies." This book is a brief guide to the causes of academic bullying and to their solutions.

The Doctoral Journey as an Emotional, Embodied, Political Experience - Stories from the Field (Hardcover): Rebecca (Bex)... The Doctoral Journey as an Emotional, Embodied, Political Experience - Stories from the Field (Hardcover)
Rebecca (Bex) Twinley, Gayle Letherby
R2,851 Discovery Miles 28 510 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

The Doctoral Journey as an Emotional, Embodied, Political Experience is the first text of its kind to capture stories of involvement in doctoral journeys from students, supervisors, and examiners. Drawing from experiences across a variety of disciplines in the social sciences, medical sciences, education and the humanities, these stories share a keenness to demonstrate the ways in which this journey is emotional (rather than detached), embodied (rather than separated), and political (rather than having no relationship to politics). The journey metaphor is often adopted to describe and explore the PhD process. However, this journey is usually only seen from the perspective of the doctoral candidate. This implies that it is only the student that learns, develops, and reflects. This is clearly not always (maybe never) the case. The suggestion that the candidate 'learns' whilst the supervisors 'teach' harks back to traditional masculinist educational approaches and neglects the reciprocal knowledge-sharing process between student and supervisor. Similarly, the prescription that relationships between all concerned remain 'professional' and removed, rather than in any way intimate, suggest an unrealistic acceptance of an scientific, detached objective agenda rather than an emotional, embodied, political, and holistic approach to research. The contributions to this book extend the journey metaphor to additionally consider the experiences of supervisors and examiners, including the joint, collaborative journey of the 'team' (the candidate, their supervisors, and their examiners). This provides a challenge to traditional understandings of the doctoral process and offers implications for future reflection and practice. This book is therefore an invaluable resource for doctoral students, supervisors, examiners, and readers interested in pedagogy and educational practice.

The Ethnomethodologists (Routledge Revivals) (Paperback): W.W. Sharrock, Bob Anderson The Ethnomethodologists (Routledge Revivals) (Paperback)
W.W. Sharrock, Bob Anderson
R878 Discovery Miles 8 780 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Originally published in 1986, this work examines how key figures such as Garfinkel, Sacks and Cicourel have revolutionised thinking about how sociology's presuppositions about 'being social' are grounded. Yet until the appearance of this book there were no clear and authoritative introductions to the main thinkers in the field or their work. In assessing the critical reception of Ethnomethodology, Sharrock and Anderson argue persuasively that much is wide of the mark - as they say, the real argument has yet to begin.

Political Communication in China - Convergence or Divergence Between the Media and Political System? (Hardcover): Wenfang Tang,... Political Communication in China - Convergence or Divergence Between the Media and Political System? (Hardcover)
Wenfang Tang, Shanto Iyengar
R2,849 Discovery Miles 28 490 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

It is widely recognised that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) uses the media to set the agenda for political discourse, propagate official policies, monitor public opinion, and rally regime support. State agencies in China control the full spectrum of media programming, either through ownership or the power to regulate. Political Communication in China examines the two factors which have contributed to the rapid development of media infrastructure in China: technology and commercialization. Economic development led to technological advancement, which in turn brought about the rapid modernization of all forms of communication, from 'old' media such as television to the Internet, cell phones, and satellite communications. This volume examines how these recent developments have affected the relationship between the CCP and the mass media as well as the implications of this evolving relationship for understanding Chinese citizens' media use, political attitudes, and behaviour. The chapters in this book represent a diverse range of research methods, from surveys, content analysis, and field interviews to the manipulation of aggregate statistical data. The result is a lively debate which creates many opportunities for future research into the fundamental question of convergence between political and media regimes. This book was originally published as a special issue of the journal Political Communication.

Student Learning Abroad - What Our Students Are Learning, What They're Not and What You Can Do About It (Paperback,... Student Learning Abroad - What Our Students Are Learning, What They're Not and What You Can Do About It (Paperback, Firsttion)
Michael Vande Berg, R. Michael Paige, Kris Hemming Lou
R1,073 Discovery Miles 10 730 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

A central purpose of this book is to question the claims commonly made about the educational benefits of study abroad. Traditional metrics of enrollment increases and student self-report, and practices of structural immersion, are being questioned as educators voice growing uncertainty about what students are or are not in fact learning abroad. This book looks into whether these criticisms are justified and what can be done if they are. The contributors to this book offer a counter-narrative to common views that learning takes place simply through students studying elsewhere, or through their enrolling in programs that take steps structurally to immerse them in the experience abroad."Student Learning Abroad" reviews the dominant paradigms of study abroad; marshals rigorous research findings, with emphasis on recent studies that offer convincing evidence about what undergraduates are or are not learning; brings to bear the latest knowledge about human learning and development that raises questions about the very foundations of current theory and practice; and presents six examples of study abroad courses or programs whose interventions apply this knowledge. This book provokes readers to reconsider long-held assumptions, beliefs and practices about teaching and learning in study abroad and to reexamine the design and delivery of their programs. In doing so, it provides a new foundation for responding to the question that may faculty and staff are now asking: What do I need to know, and what do I need to be able to do, to help my students learn and develop more effectively abroad? Contributors: Laura BathurstMilton BennettGabriele Weber BosleyJohn EngleLilli Engle Tara HarveyMitchell HammerDavid KolbBruce La Brack Kris Hemming LouKate McClearyCatherine MenyhartR. Michael PaigeAngela PassarelliAdriana Medina-Lopez PortilloMeghan QuinnJennifer Meta RobinsonRiikka SalonenVictor SavickiDouglas StuartMichael Vande BergJames ZullWhile the authors who have contributed to "Student Learning Abroad" are all known for their work in advancing the field of education abroad, a number have recently been honored by leading international education associations. Bruce La Brack received NAFSA s 2012 Teaching, Learning and Scholarship Award for Innovative Research and Scholarship. Michael Paige (2007) and Michael Vande Berg (2012) are recipients of the Forum on Education Abroad s Peter A. Wollitzer Award."

Breaking Ranks - How the Rankings Industry Rules Higher Education and What to Do about It (Hardcover): Colin Diver Breaking Ranks - How the Rankings Industry Rules Higher Education and What to Do about It (Hardcover)
Colin Diver
R1,551 R502 Discovery Miles 5 020 Save R1,049 (68%) Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Some colleges will do anything to improve their national ranking. That can be bad for their students-and for higher education. Since U.S. News & World Report first published a college ranking in 1983, the rankings industry has become a self-appointed judge, declaring winners and losers among America's colleges and universities. In this revealing account, Colin Diver shows how popular rankings have induced college applicants to focus solely on pedigree and prestige, while tempting educators to sacrifice academic integrity for short-term competitive advantage. By forcing colleges into standardized "best-college" hierarchies, he argues, rankings have threatened the institutional diversity, intellectual rigor, and social mobility that is the genius of American higher education. As a former university administrator who refused to play the game, Diver leads his readers on an engaging journey through the mysteries of college rankings, admissions, financial aid, spending policies, and academic practices. He explains how most dominant college rankings perpetuate views of higher education as a purely consumer good susceptible to unidimensional measures of brand value and prestige. Many rankings, he asserts, also undermine the moral authority of higher education by encouraging various forms of distorted behavior, misrepresentation, and outright cheating by ranked institutions. The recent Varsity Blues admissions scandal, for example, happened in part because affluent parents wanted to get their children into elite schools by any means necessary. Explaining what is most useful and important in evaluating colleges, Diver offers both college applicants and educators a guide to pursuing their highest academic goals, freed from the siren song of the "best-college" illusion. Ultimately, he reveals how to break ranks with a rankings industry that misleads its consumers, undermines academic values, and perpetuates social inequality.

Superhighway Robbery (Paperback): Graeme R. Newman, Ronald V. Clarke Superhighway Robbery (Paperback)
Graeme R. Newman, Ronald V. Clarke
R982 Discovery Miles 9 820 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

This book, written by two leading authorities in the field, provides a systematic application of concepts of situational crime prevention to internet and e-commerce crime, exploring ways in which concepts of crime prevention developed in other contexts can be fruitfully applied in this new environment. Their argument is that situational crime prevention works, and is ideally suited to proving the means of developing measures to combat rapidly growing e-commerce crime. Chapters in the book seek to identify the specific opportunities and transactions in which crime can occur in the e-commerce environment, and the different kinds of information which are crime targets --identified as intellectual property, intelligence, information systems and services of various kinds (banking, purchasing etc). Consumer products are also examined with a view to identifying the elements that make them particularly vulnerable to theft.

Linguistic Minority Students Go to College - Preparation, Access, and Persistence (Hardcover): Yasuko Kanno, Linda Harklau Linguistic Minority Students Go to College - Preparation, Access, and Persistence (Hardcover)
Yasuko Kanno, Linda Harklau
R3,316 Discovery Miles 33 160 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Currently, linguistic minority students students who speak a language other than English at home represent 21% of the entire K-12 student population and 11% of the college student population. Bringing together emerging scholarship on the growing number of college-bound linguistic minority students in the K-12 pipeline, this ground-breaking volume showcases new research on these students preparation for, access to, and persistence in college.

Other than studies of their linguistic challenges and writing and academic literacy skills in college, little is known about the broader issues of linguistic minority students access to and success in college. Examining a variety of factors and circumstances that influence the process and outcome, the scope of this book goes beyond students language proficiency and its impact on college education, to look at issues such as student race/ethnicity, gender, SES, and parental education and expectations. It also addresses structural factors in schooling including tracking, segregation of English learners from English-fluent peers, availability and support of institutional personnel, and collegiate student identity and campus climate.

Presenting state-of-the-art knowledge and mapping out a future research agenda in an extremely important and yet understudied area of inquiry, this book advances knowledge in ways that will have a real impact on policy regarding linguistic minority immigrant students higher education opportunities.

The Right to Higher Education - Beyond widening participation (Hardcover): Penny Burke The Right to Higher Education - Beyond widening participation (Hardcover)
Penny Burke
R2,969 Discovery Miles 29 690 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

The landscape of higher education has undergone change and transformation in recent years, partly as a result of diversification and massification. However, persistent patterns of under-representation continue to perplex policy-makers and practitioners, raising questions about current strategies, policies and approaches to widening participation. Presenting a comprehensive review and critique of contemporary widening participation policy and practice, Penny Jane Burke interrogates the underpinning assumptions, values and perspectives shaping current concepts and understandings of widening participation. She draws on a range of perspectives within the field of the sociology of education - including feminist post-structuralism, critical pedagogy and policy sociology - to examine the ways in which wider societal inequalities and misrecognitions, which are related to difference and diversity, present particular challenges for the project to widen participation in higher education. In particular, the book: focuses on the themes of difference and diversity to shed light on the operations of inequalities and the politics of access and participation both in terms of national and institutional policy and at the level of student and practitioner experience. draws on the insights of the sociology of education to consider not only the patterns of under-representation in higher education but also the politics of mis-representation, critiquing key discourses of widening participation. interrogates assumptions behind WP policy and practice, including assumptions about education being an unassailable good provides an analysis of the accounts and perspectives of students, practitioners and policy-makers through in-depth interviews, observations and reflective journal entries. offers insights for future developments in the policy, practice and strategies for widening participation The book will be of great use to all those working in and researching Higher Education.

Teaching as a Design Science - Building Pedagogical Patterns for Learning and Technology (Hardcover, Revised): Diana Laurillard Teaching as a Design Science - Building Pedagogical Patterns for Learning and Technology (Hardcover, Revised)
Diana Laurillard
R2,855 Discovery Miles 28 550 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Teaching is changing. It is no longer simply about passing on knowledge to the next generation. Teachers in the twenty-first century, in all educational sectors, have to cope with an ever-changing cultural and technological environment. Teaching is now a design science. Like other design professionals architects, engineers, programmers teachers have to work out creative and evidence-based ways of improving what they do. Yet teaching is not treated as a design profession.

Every day, teachers design and test new ways of teaching, using learning technology to help their students. Sadly, their discoveries often remain local. By representing and communicating their best ideas as structured pedagogical patterns, teachers could develop this vital professional knowledge collectively.

Teacher professional development has not embedded in the teacher 's everyday role the idea that they could discover something worth communicating to other teachers, or build on each others ideas. Could the culture change?

From this unique perspective on the nature of teaching, Diana Laurillard argues that a twenty-first century education system needs teachers who work collaboratively to design effective and innovative teaching.

Going Global - The Landscape for Policy Makers and Practitioners in Tertiary Education (Paperback, New): Mary Stiasny, Tim Gore Going Global - The Landscape for Policy Makers and Practitioners in Tertiary Education (Paperback, New)
Mary Stiasny, Tim Gore
R1,027 Discovery Miles 10 270 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

"Going Global: The Landscape for Policy Makers and Practitioners in Tertiary Education" provides an analysis of the current international higher education landscape, touching on the important trends in international higher education and how it can meet the 'challenges' arising from today's economic and political climate. Of particular focus includes the importance of developing global citizens and the role of education in addressing this agenda, different models and drivers for global partnerships, the changing nature of international student mobility, and issues surrounding policy and leadership. For those interested in international education, "Going Global: The Landscape for Policy Makers and Practitioners in Tertiary Education" offers an insight into the Going Global conference and details some of its highlights. This book is recommended as essential reading for anyone involved in the further or higher education sector, government, a corporation, a representative body, an NGO, a development assistance organisation or the media.

Tribes and Territories in the 21st Century - Rethinking the significance of disciplines in higher education (Hardcover): Paul... Tribes and Territories in the 21st Century - Rethinking the significance of disciplines in higher education (Hardcover)
Paul Trowler, Murray Saunders, Veronica Bamber
R3,791 Discovery Miles 37 910 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

The 'tribes and territories' metaphor for the cultures of academic disciplines and their roots in different knowledge characteristics has been used by those interested in university life and work since the early 1990s. This book draws together research, data and theory to show how higher education has gone through major change since then and how social theory has evolved in parallel. Together these changes mean there is a need to re-theorise academic life in a way which reflects changed contexts in universities in the twenty-first century, and so a need for new metaphors. Using a social practice approach, the editors and contributors argue that disciplines are alive and well, but that in a turbulent environment where many other forces conditioning academic practices exist, their influence is generally weaker than before. However, the social practice approach adopted in the book highlights how this influence is contextually contingent - how disciplines are deployed in different ways for different purposes and with varying degrees of purchase. This important book pulls together the latest thinking on the subject and offers a new framework for conceptualising the influences on academic practices in universities. It brings together a distinguished group of scholars from across the world to address questions such as: Have disciplines been displaced by inter-disciplinarity, having outlived their usefulness? Have other forces acting on the academy pushed disciplines into the background as factors shaping the practices of academics and students there? How significant are disciplinary differences in teaching and research practices? What is their significance in other areas of work in universities? This timely book addresses a pressing concern in modern education, and will be of great interest to university professionals, managers and policy-makers in the field of higher education.

Exploring More Signature Pedagogies - Approaches to Teaching Disciplinary Habits of Mind (Paperback, New): Nancy L. Chick Exploring More Signature Pedagogies - Approaches to Teaching Disciplinary Habits of Mind (Paperback, New)
Nancy L. Chick
R887 Discovery Miles 8 870 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

What is distinctive about the ways specific disciplines are traditionally taught, and what kinds of learning do they promote? Do they inspire the habits of the discipline itself, or do they inadvertently contradict or ignore those disciplines? By analysing assumptions about often unexamined teaching practices, their history, and relevance in contemporary learning contexts, this book offers teachers a fresh way to both think about their impact on students and explore more effective ways to engage students in authentic habits and practices. This companion volume to Exploring Signature Pedagogies covers disciplines not addressed in the earlier volume and further expands the scope of inquiry by interrogating the teaching methods in interdisciplinary fields and a number of professions, critically returning to Lee S. Shulman's origins of the concept of signature pedagogies. This volume also differs from the first by including authors from across the United States, as well as Ireland and Australia. The first section examines the signature pedagogies in the humanities and fine arts fields of philosophy, foreign language instruction, communication, art and design, and arts entrepreneurship. The second section describes signature pedagogies in the social and natural sciences: political science, economics, and chemistry. Section three highlights the interdisciplinary fields of Ignatian pedagogy, women's studies, and disability studies; and the book concludes with four chapters on professional pedagogies - nursing, occupational therapy, social work, and teacher education - that illustrate how these pedagogies change as the social context changes, as their knowledge base expands, or as online delivery of instruction increases.

Evaluating Teaching and Learning - A practical handbook for colleges, universities and the scholarship of teaching (Hardcover):... Evaluating Teaching and Learning - A practical handbook for colleges, universities and the scholarship of teaching (Hardcover)
David Kember, Paul Ginns
R2,968 Discovery Miles 29 680 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Every semester, colleges and universities ask students to complete innumerable course and teaching evaluation questionnaires to evaluate the learning and teaching in courses they have taken. For many universities it is a requirement that all courses be evaluated every semester. The laudable rationale is that the feedback provided will enable instructors to improve their teaching and the curriculum, thus enhancing the quality of student learning.

In spite of this there is little evidence that it does improve the quality of teaching and learning. Ratings only improve if the instruments and the presentation of results are sufficiently diagnostic to identify potential improvements and there is effective counselling. Evaluating Teaching and Learning explains how evaluation can be more effective in enhancing the quality of teaching and learning and introduces broader and more diverse forms of evaluation.

This guide explains how to develop questionnaires and protocols which are valid, reliabile and diagnostic. It also contains proven instruments that have undergone appropriate testing procedures, together with a substantial item bank. The book looks at the specific national frameworks for the evaluation of teaching in use in the USA, UK and Australia.

It caters for diverse methodologies, both quantitative and qualitative and offers solutions that allow evaluation at a wide range of levels: from classrooms to programmes to departments and entire institutions. With detail on all aspects of the main evaluation techniques and instruments, the authors show how effective evaluation can make use of a variety of approaches and combine them into an effective project.

With a companion website which has listings of the questionnaires and item bank, this book will be of interest to those concerned with organising and conducting evaluation in a college, university, faculty or department. It will also appeal to those engaged in the scholarship of teaching and learning.

The Emergent Knowledge Society and the Future of Higher Education - Asian Perspectives (Hardcover): Deane E. Neubauer The Emergent Knowledge Society and the Future of Higher Education - Asian Perspectives (Hardcover)
Deane E. Neubauer
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The nature of higher education is by no means fixed: it has evolved over time; different models of higher education co-exist alongside each other at present; and, worldwide, there are demands for higher education to change to better help support economic growth and to better fit chagning social and economic circumstances. This book examines, from an Asian perspective, the debates about how higher education should change. It considers questions of funding, and of who will attend universities, and the fundamental question of what universities are for, especially as the three key funcations of universities - knowledge creation through research, knowledge dissemination through teaching and service, and knowledge conservation through libraries, the disciplinary structuring of knowledge and in other ways - are increasingly being carried out much more widely outside universities in the new "knowledge society." Throughout, the book discusses the extent to which the countries of East Asia are developing new models of higher education, thereby better preparing themselves for the "new "knowledge society," rather than simply following old Western models.

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