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Evidence Informed Nursing with Older People (Paperback): Debbie Tolson, Jo Booth, Irene Schofield Evidence Informed Nursing with Older People (Paperback)
Debbie Tolson, Jo Booth, Irene Schofield
R863 Discovery Miles 8 630 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

"Evidence Informed Nursing with Older People" is an essential text for nursing students and registered nurses working with older people who are seeking to make connections between theory, evidence and value based gerontological practice. The rapidly rising aging global population requires that more attention is given to the needs and requirements of older people. This textbook is a key resource for nursing students and registered nurses working with older people who wish to improve their practice.

"Evidence Informed Nursing with Older People" takes a unique case-study approach, with individual chapters presenting nursing practice-based case studies on some of the most common areas of care faced by nurses working around the world with older people. Each case study illustrates the connections between practice, theory, evidence and values. User-friendly and accessible, this textbook includes key points, reflection activities, test points, and perspectives from older people throughout. Key featuresAn up-to-date treatment of the nursing contribution to key geriatric syndromesInternational expert contributions from the UK, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia and ChinaAn evidence-based, case-study approach to the care of older people

Breastfeeding Telephone Triage and Advice (Spiral bound, 3rd Revised edition): Maya Bunik Breastfeeding Telephone Triage and Advice (Spiral bound, 3rd Revised edition)
Maya Bunik
R1,560 Discovery Miles 15 600 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Created by a leading breastfeeding and phone care practitioner, this newly revised problem-solver helps nurses, lactation professionals, and other medical staff confidently advise breastfeeding mothers. It is ideal for use with the acclaimed Pediatric Telephone Protocols. Key features include Completely updated and revised Enhanced from black-and-white to more than 50 illuminating color photos to help triage professionals zero in on caller problems More information included on maternal depression, which a high risk for early cessation New protocols on child care policies/suggestions, separate from returning to work and early weight loss at birth hospital, first week Stresses the importance of support groups vs. the abundance of apps and blogs that perpetuate myths Important content updates include: Swaddling and safe sleep added to co-sleeping protocol More information on tongue tie Update on idiopathic granular mastitis and breast pain Caution in exclusive pumping protocol New chart on donor human mild vs commercial fortifiers New chart on making the office breastfeeding friendly Early weight loss graphs and information added to the low milk supply protocol Special circumstances added like placental encapsulation, tattoos, etc.

The Physiological Effects of Ageing (Paperback): Alistair Farley, Ella McLafferty, Charles Hendry The Physiological Effects of Ageing (Paperback)
Alistair Farley, Ella McLafferty, Charles Hendry
R907 Discovery Miles 9 070 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The Physiological Effects of Ageing is a comprehensive resource for student nurses, qualified nurses and allied professionals working with older people in a variety of contexts, enabling them to apply their knowledge of the ageing process and in doing so enhance care delivery. This book emphasizes the normal ageing changes before considering possible effects of ageing on body systems. Although problems associated with ageing are identified, nursing assessment and interventions are considered which can help reduce the impact these changes have on a person's functional ability. This is a highly accessible text which encourages holistic patient-centred care.

Special Features:

- Explores current theories of ageing

- Makes use of reflective points and points of practice

- Looks at key topics of maintaining a safe environment and communication

- Discusses error theory, free radical theory and the immune theory

Saunders Nursing Drug Handbook 2020 (Paperback): Robert J Kizior, Keith Hodgson Saunders Nursing Drug Handbook 2020 (Paperback)
Robert J Kizior, Keith Hodgson
R1,065 Discovery Miles 10 650 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The go-to guide for students and nurses alike to promote better patient care! Saunders Nursing Drug Handbook 2020 provides you with essential information on more than 1,000 generic and 4,000 trade name drugs. This handy user-friendly guide features updated Black Box Alerts and comprehensive coverage of IV drug administration, nursing considerations, and fixed combinations. It uniquely guides you through clinical priorities in the practice setting and is organized alphabetically by generic drug name for quick reference. Detailed information for each drug distinguishes side effects and adverse reactions and lists the effect or reaction by frequency of occurrence to allow the nurse to easily identify which are most likely to occur. Plus, new drug monographs cover approximately 32 newly approved drugs by the FDA; and thoroughly updated monographs include new interactions, precautions, and alerts. Over 1,000 generic name drugs (encompassing over 4,000 trade name drugs) are organized alphabetically with A to Z tabs to make accessing important information quick and easy. Detailed information for each drug distinguishes side effects and adverse reactions to help you identify which are most likely to occur. Special text treatment for high-alert drugs that pose the greatest risk for patient harm, as well as an appendix for drug names that sound alike and look alike, help promote safe drug administration. UNIQUE! Frequently-used herb monographs and herb interactions keep you informed of the effects of commonly encountered herbs.Classifications s ection features an overview of actions and uses for drug families.T op 100 Drugs list helps you easily identify the most frequently administered drugs.N ursing implications are organized in a functional nursing process framework and include headings for Baseline Assessment, Intervention/Evaluation, and Patient/Family Teaching. Information on lifespan and disorder-related dosage variations equips you with special considerations for pediatric, geriatric, hepatic, and immune-or renal-compromised patients. Extensively expanded IV content features a heading for IV compatibilities and expanded rates of infusion, reconstitutions, drip rates, test doses, flushing, and incompatibilities. Fixed combinations are included in dosages of each combined drug directly within the individual monographs to help you understand different drug dose options for specific diseases. Cross-references to the 400 top U.S. brand-name drugs are located directly in the main section of the book for easier accessibility. Customizable and printable monographs for 100 of the most commonly used drugs and quarterly drug updates are located on the free Evolve companion site. Therapeutic and toxic blood level information shows students the patient implications for drug administration. Comprehensive IV Compatibility Chart foldout arms you with compatibility information for 65 intravenous drugs. Newly approved drugs are listed in the front of the book for quick and easy access to this timely information. Highlights the features of a sample drug monograph with callouts to help you understand how to use the book more efficiently. NEW! Drug monographs for approximately 32 newly approved drugs by the FDA equip you with the most current drug information. NEW! Updated monographs include new interactions, precautions, alerts, patient teaching instructions, and other need-to-know information helps prevent medication dispensing errors.

Nutrition Therapy and Pathophysiology Book Only (Hardcover, 4th edition): Marcia Nelms, Kathryn Sucher Nutrition Therapy and Pathophysiology Book Only (Hardcover, 4th edition)
Marcia Nelms, Kathryn Sucher
R1,062 R919 Discovery Miles 9 190 Save R143 (13%) Ships in 15 - 25 working days

Reflecting the latest research and evidence-based practices, NUTRITION THERAPY AND PATHOPHYSIOLOGY, 4th Edition, provides comprehensive coverage of disease pathophysiology and treatment that emphasizes the best application of the nutrition care process. It clearly connects nutrition therapy practices and expected outcomes to underlying disease processes at every level--from cells to organ systems. Detailed illustrations enhance your understanding of disease progression, surgical procedures and treatment protocols, while Practitioner Interviews equip you with real-world insight on how to work with patients. The 4th Edition includes expanded coverage of nutrition therapy for pediatric and geriatric populations, medical treatment and the role of nutrition, malnutrition assessment, nutrition interventions, the monitoring and evaluation step of the nutrition care process and more.

Schaum's Outline of Mathematics for Nurses (Paperback, 2nd ed): Larry Stephens, Lana Stephens, Eizo Nishiura Schaum's Outline of Mathematics for Nurses (Paperback, 2nd ed)
Larry Stephens, Lana Stephens, Eizo Nishiura
R524 R442 Discovery Miles 4 420 Save R82 (16%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

A review of basic arithmetic precedes clear explanations of how nurses need to apply mathematics in modern clinical practice. This study guide teaches an especially easy approach to solving the proportion problems key to converting medication orders and passing nursing licensing exams. The profusion of problems with detailed solutions, and hundreds more with answers, gives students ample opportunities to test their skills as they learn them--leading to quicker mastery.

Understanding Psychology for Nursing Students (Hardcover): Jan de Vries, Fiona Timmins Understanding Psychology for Nursing Students (Hardcover)
Jan de Vries, Fiona Timmins
R1,597 R1,482 Discovery Miles 14 820 Save R115 (7%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Do your students find psychology difficult to engage with or want a textbook that is easy to read? Would they benefit from a textbook that demonstrates how psychology applies to nursing? Right from the start of their programme it is crucial for nursing students to understand the significance of psychology in nursing. This book helps students recognise why they need to know about psychology, how it can affect and influence their individual nursing practice as well as the role it plays in health and illness. Written in clear, easy to follow language and with each chapter linking to relevant NMC Standards and Essentials Skills Clusters it simplifies the key theory and puts the discipline of psychology into context for nursing students, with clear examples and case studies used throughout. Transforming Nursing Practice is a series tailor made for pre-registration student nurses. Each book in the series is: * Affordable * Mapped to the NMC Standards and Essential Skills Clusters * Focused on applying theory to practice * Full of active learning features 'The set of books is an excellent resource for students. The series is small, easily portable and valuable. I use the whole set on a regular basis.' - Fiona Davies, Senior Nurse Lecturer, University of Derby

Writing Skills for Nursing and Midwifery Students (Paperback, New): Dena Bain Taylor Writing Skills for Nursing and Midwifery Students (Paperback, New)
Dena Bain Taylor
R637 Discovery Miles 6 370 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Nursing and midwifery students are required to communicate in writing in a variety of forms, for a variety of potential audiences including their colleagues, allied health professionals, administrators and, most importantly, their patients and the public. Dena Bain Taylor is an experienced teacher of writing and critical skills across the range of allied health professions, and understands the types of writing nursing and midwifery students do and the writing issues they face. Her accessible, straightforward book - tailored specifically to the content and conventions of nursing and midwifery curricula - teaches students to write persuasively and correctly, both to support them in their courses and to prepare them for their professional careers. The book: - offers practical strategies for using language to achieve clear, persuasive writing; - provides clear explanations of underlying principles; - contains samples of good and improvable writing, leading the student step-by-step through the whole writing process; - focuses on the genres and styles of writing that nursing and midwifery students are typically asked for. With regular summaries, learning aids, checklists and a glossary of key terms, nursing and midwifery students at all levels will find this book easy to follow and handy to refer to for help with the writing they need to do throughout their course.

Suicide Prevention - An Ethically and Scientifically Informed Approach (Hardcover): Samuel J. Knapp Suicide Prevention - An Ethically and Scientifically Informed Approach (Hardcover)
Samuel J. Knapp
R1,420 Discovery Miles 14 200 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

This book offers essential information about assessing, managing, and providing mental health treatment for suicidal adult outpatients. Suicide is a heartbreaking phenomenon that is the result of innumerable factors embedded in the personal histories and experiences of each patient. Yet despite this complexity, research has uncovered commonalities that can enable mental health practitioners to successfully treat suicidal patients. In this book, author Sam Knapp guides readers through the full process of treating suicidal patients, from screening to relapse prevention, using effective, research-informed interventions. He explains suicidal behavior through ideation-to-action theories of suicide, and argues for the application of principle-based ethics when making treatment decisions. He emphasizes the importance of a strong therapeutic relationship, and respecting patient autonomy as much as possible in such circumstances. Throughout, he makes current research on suicide accessible and useful to practicing mental health providers, connecting it with practical approaches and case examples informed by the author's extensive clinical experience.

Lehne's Pharmacology for Nursing Care (Paperback, 10th Revised edition): Jacqueline Burchum, Laura Rosenthal Lehne's Pharmacology for Nursing Care (Paperback, 10th Revised edition)
Jacqueline Burchum, Laura Rosenthal
R2,431 Discovery Miles 24 310 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

With a clear explanation of drug prototypes and how they work, Lehne's Pharmacology for Nursing Care, 10th Edition gives you the background you need to understand drugs currently on the market, and those not yet released. This perennial favorite of students and teachers simplifies complex concepts while distinguishing need-to-know content from the material that's merely nice to know. The 10th edition includes updated drug content to reflect the very latest FDA approvals, withdrawals, and therapeutic uses, as well as corresponding updated nursing content. It also includes an updated prototype drugs section, summarizing their major uses, and an updated table detailing care throughout the lifespan of the patient. Additionally, each chapter ends with a nursing implications summary to help you fully understand the material and apply it to clinical nursing practice. Prototype Drugs features serve as a quick-reference learning aid so you can apply your understanding to related drugs currently on the market as well as drugs that will be released in the future. UNIQUE! Engaging writing style with clear explanations makes difficult pharmacology concepts easy to grasp and even enjoyable to learn. Nursing implications of drug therapy are integrated throughout the text to reinforce the integral relationship between drug therapy and nursing care. UPDATED Special Interest Topic boxes focus on currently trending issues in pharmacology, eliminating out-of-date content. Large print highlights essential, need-to-know information, and small print indicates nice-to-know information. QSEN focus includes Patient-Centered Care Across the Life Span features highlighting safe and appropriate patient care during different phases of life. Safety Alert features emphasize the QSEN competency relating to patient safety. Student-friendly features make learning easier with concise drug summary tables, chapter outlines, key points, and a visual guide to the prototype drugs in each class. Concise drug summary tables present detailed information for individual drugs, including drug class, generic and trade names, dosages, routes, and indications. Selected Canadian drug names are indicated with a maple-leaf icon throughout the text. Separate Bioterrorism chapter discusses the clinical manifestations and treatment of biological weapon attacks. NEW! Thoroughly updated drug content reflects the very latest FDA drug approvals, withdrawals, and therapeutic uses, as well as corresponding updated nursing content NEW! Additional images included to accompany difficult concepts. NEW! Inclusion of more student practice questions provide additional help for learning the material.

Breast Disease Management - A Multidisciplinary Manual (Paperback): James Harvey, Sue Down, Rachel Bright-Thomas, John... Breast Disease Management - A Multidisciplinary Manual (Paperback)
James Harvey, Sue Down, Rachel Bright-Thomas, John Winstanley, Hugh Bishop
R796 Discovery Miles 7 960 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Breast cancer affects 1 in 10 women and the majority of UK women will attend a breast clinic at least once during their lives. The patient's journey through assessment and management is one that involves a huge range of healthcare professionals, in which the truly multidisciplinary management style required has previously been only sparsely addressed. This book provides a practical guide on how to investigate and manage common breast problems for all members of the breast disease team, whether surgeons, nurses, pathologists or support workers. Its focus is on providing easy access to the most up-to-date evidence, allowing healthcare workers to make the best decisions possible and encouraging a team approach to patient support.
26 chapters cover the whole of the patient journey from assessment through to surgery and adjuvant treatments, giving a practical overview of the whole process of care. The coverage guides the reader from clinical examination and investigation of the breast patient to pre-operative workup and post-operative complication guidance. To enable swift and effective decision-making, clear management plans are provided for common breast problems. The book also includes the latest evidence, guidance and references on breast disease, together with discussions on current controversies in the field including the management of margins, management of the axilla and the evidence surrounding the NHS Breast Screening Programme. To give practical advice on the realities of being part of a breast care team, the book also has several chapters devoted to leadership and management including MDT requirements, audit and research, avoiding complaints and the organisation of a breast unit.
Enabling every healthcare professional to respond to patients' needs accurately and knowledgeably, Breast Disease Management is a practical guide for the whole team in providing truly patient-centred, effective care.

Reflective Practice in Nursing (Paperback, 5th Edition): Chris Bulman, Sue Schutz Reflective Practice in Nursing (Paperback, 5th Edition)
Chris Bulman, Sue Schutz
R795 Discovery Miles 7 950 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

From reviews of previous editions:

'This excellent book provides useful guidance on the use of reflection in practice.... a helpful addition to any nursing library.' "Primary Health Care"

'...an excellent investment in any nurses' library portfolio.' "Journal of Advanced Nursing"

'An extremely welcome addition to nursing's literature on thoughtful, knowledgeable practice.' "Nursing Times"

'This is an excellent practical guide to reflective practice...I would highly recommend this book to all practice teachers and students.' "Journal of Practice Nursing"

The ability to reflect on practice has become a competency demanded of every healthcare professional in recent years. It can be a daunting prospect- but this practical and accessible text guides the way, using the latest research and evidence to support the development of skills in reflective practice and provides help and advice on how to get started, how to write reflectively and how to continue to use reflective practice in everyday situations.

This fifth edition of "Reflective Practice in Nursing" is an indispensable guide for students and practitioners alike who wish to learn more about reflective practice, as well as containing essential information for teachers and lecturers.

Schaum's Outline of Maternal-Newborn Nursing (Paperback, Ed): Patricia Coyne Schaum's Outline of Maternal-Newborn Nursing (Paperback, Ed)
Patricia Coyne
R726 R591 Discovery Miles 5 910 Save R135 (19%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Tough Test Questions? Missed Lectures? Not Enough Time?

Fortunately, there's Schaum's.

More than 40 million students have trusted Schaum's to help them succeed in the classroom and on exams. Schaum's is the key to faster learning and higher grades in every subject. Each Outline presents all the essential course information in an easy-to-follow, topic-by-topic format. You also get hundreds of examples, solved problems, and practice exercises to test your skills.

This Schaum's Outline gives you: 700 review questions with answers Essential information on pregnancy, labor and birth, and care of the newborn Support of all the major textbooks in the field of maternal-newborn nursing

Fully compatible with your classroom texts, Schaum's highlights all the important facts you need to know. Use Schaum's to shorten your study time--and get your best test scores

Davis's Diseases & Disorders - A Nursing Therapeutics Manual (Paperback, 6th Revised edition): Marilyn Sawyer Sommers Davis's Diseases & Disorders - A Nursing Therapeutics Manual (Paperback, 6th Revised edition)
Marilyn Sawyer Sommers
R1,426 R1,305 Discovery Miles 13 050 Save R121 (8%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Everything you need to know about caring for patients-in one portable ""must have"" handbook! Put information on more than 240 diseases and disorders at your fingertips. Clear, comprehensive discussions of pathophysiology-with rationales in the test and intervention sections-help you deliver effective care with confidence. It's the perfect clinical companion to Medical Surgical Nursing: Making Connections to Practice. Key features: - Diagnosis Related Groups (DRGs) for each disorder - The primary nursing diagnosis for each disease and disorder - Diagnostic tables that make test results easy to reference - The newest information available on the genetic basis of the diseases and disorders - Up-to-date explanations of the physiology of the disorders and how it related to risks and complications - Collaborative and independent interventions - Pharmacological tables that outline the dosages, mechanisms of action, and rationales of the drugs most commonly used for a disorder - Separate headings for psychosocial issues - Outlines for required documentation - Home care and discharge guidelines and patient teaching checklists - Evidence-based practice section - Global health considerations that reflect the issues that transcend national borders Instructor resources: Ebook, previous edition resources Student resources: Ebook

Understanding Nursing Research - Building an Evidence-Based Practice (Paperback, 7th edition): Susan K. Grove, Jennifer R. Gray Understanding Nursing Research - Building an Evidence-Based Practice (Paperback, 7th edition)
Susan K. Grove, Jennifer R. Gray
R1,752 Discovery Miles 17 520 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Edition after edition, Understanding Nursing Research: Building an Evidence-Based Practice is known as one of the leading undergraduate nursing textbooks. The streamlined and enhanced 7th edition gives you unique insights into understanding, appraising, and applying published research for evidence-based nursing practice. Known for its authoritative content, time-tested systematic approach, and unique research example format - the new edition includes an enhanced EBP focus, added mixed-methods and reduced outcomes research content, plus a spotlight on need-to-know information to meet your busy life. Clear, step-by-step organization introduces the research process and demonstrates how this systematic framework relates to EBP. Research examples provide practice in working with published studies, with many of the examples including Critical Appraisal and Implications for Practice sections. Critical Appraisal Guidelines boxes provide step-by-step guidance in appraising published research studies. Balanced coverage of qualitative and quantitative research prepares you to approach research questions and clinical questions with an unbiased view of the researcher's methodology. Authoritative content is written by pioneers and practitioners of nursing research, who offer unique, first-hand insights into the field. Strong emphasis on evidence-based practice helps you develop skills in studying and appraising published research, so you are prepared for your role in working with research evidence. NEW! Enhanced evidence-based practice focus equips you to apply the latest research findings to clinical practice. NEW! Streamlined research examples serve as concise and clinically relevant exemplars of key contents. NEW! Mixed-methods content focuses on need-to-know material on mixed-methods research, which is growing significantly in popularity. NEW! Improved legibility, usability, visual appeal, and readability meets the needs of visual learners with easy-to-understand content.

Oxford Handbook of Learning and Intellectual Disability Nursing (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition): Owen Barr, Bob Gates Oxford Handbook of Learning and Intellectual Disability Nursing (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition)
Owen Barr, Bob Gates
R697 Discovery Miles 6 970 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This new edition of the Oxford Handbook of Learning and Intellectual Disability Nursing has been fully updated, with a greater focus on older people with learning and intellectual disabilities and mental health issues, as well as bringing all recommendations in line with current guidelines. Since the first edition of this book was published, services for people with learning disabilities and their families have become more community-based, and the demography of the population of people with learning disabilities has changed to include many older people, and children and young adults with complex physical health needs. This handbook provides clear information for readers on practical steps that may be taken to actively engage with people who have learning disabilities, to enable effective care in which they are involved as much as possible with decisions that affect them. This book also covers differences in legislation and social policy across the constituent countries in the United Kingdom and Ireland, including changes that have been implemented since serious case reviews into institutional abuse. An emergencies section provides key information at critical times in practice. The chapter on practice resources has been fully revised to bring together the latest tools to support nurses, complete with links for easy access. Written by experienced practitioners who are recognised experts in their areas of speciality, the Oxford Handbook of Learning and Intellectual Disability Nursing is an invaluable guide for students, community and hospital based nurses, and all those who work with people with intellectual disabilities as part of a multidisciplinary team.

Pediatric Intensive Care (Paperback): R. Scott Watson, MD, MPH, Ann Thompson, MD, MHCPM Pediatric Intensive Care (Paperback)
R. Scott Watson, MD, MPH, Ann Thompson, MD, MHCPM
R1,408 Discovery Miles 14 080 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Pediatric Intensive Care offers clinicians and trainees a concise, easy-to-carry resource on pediatric critical care medicine, designed for frequent and quick reference at the bedside, providing solutions to questions and situations encountered in practice. The book is sized to fit in a pocket and contains focused text, bulleted lists, tables, and figures. The book facilitates the delivery of critical care by a range of practitioners, from residents to generalists in settings where CCM expertise is not readily available, to intensivists.

Practical Urodynamics for the Clinician (Paperback, 1st ed. 2016): Andrew C Peterson, Matthew O. Fraser Practical Urodynamics for the Clinician (Paperback, 1st ed. 2016)
Andrew C Peterson, Matthew O. Fraser
R2,060 R1,797 Discovery Miles 17 970 Save R263 (13%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This text provides a comprehensive, state-of-the-art review of this field, and will serve as a valuable practical resource for clinicians with an interest in conducting urodynamics. The book reviews new data about the indications, conduct and interpretation of various aspects of urodynamic testing. With an emphasis on clinical urodynamics, it is arranged into sections that correspond with the basic elements of urodynamic testing; noninvasive urodynamics (uroflow and post void residual), cystometrogram, storage studies (leak point pressures, stability, compliance and capacity) and voiding phases (pressure flow study). Other testing modalities that are discussed include EMG testing, fluoroscopy, and provocative maneuvers. Practical Urodynamics for the Clinician will serve as a very useful and practical resource for physicians and researchers dealing with, and interested in, this complex physiologic testing tool. It will provide a concise yet comprehensive summary of the field that will help guide the selection of patients for the study, preparation of the patient, the conduct of the study and finally the interpretation of the urodynamics evaluation.

Critical Care Nursing in Resource Limited Environments (Paperback): Chris Carter Critical Care Nursing in Resource Limited Environments (Paperback)
Chris Carter
R1,082 Discovery Miles 10 820 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

All hospitals have critically ill patients, and their management depends upon the resources available. In many low income countries, critically ill patients may be admitted to a critical care unit; however, many are nursed on wards due to a lack of critical care beds or simply die before they reach the hospital. This book provides guidance on the unique situations for nurses working in these challenging environments, while considering ethical decision-making, providing appropriate services, and the types of patients admitted. Topics covered include: working in a resource limited environment; cultural awareness and international agendas; provision and access to healthcare services; ethical considerations in the context of resource limited environments; best practice and knowledge regarding rehabilitation, pain management, managing a major incident; relevant research concerning resource limited environments. Critical Care Nursing in Resource Limited Environments prepares readers to consider how best to utilise their skills and deliver safe patient care within a resource limited context. Each easy-to-read chapter provides core knowledge and relevant research, as well as useful ideas and solutions, with further reading sections to signpost readers to key international resources. This text provides practical ideas for nurses working in critical care and defence nursing, and acute areas in resource limited environments. It can also be used to support educational courses and pre-deployment training for nurses hoping to work in Global Health.

Chaplaincy in Hospice and Palliative Care (Paperback): Karen Murphy, Bob Whorton Chaplaincy in Hospice and Palliative Care (Paperback)
Karen Murphy, Bob Whorton; Contributions by Margery Collin, Jacki Thomas, Martin Hill, …
R502 Discovery Miles 5 020 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Hospice chaplains have traditionally played a unique part in palliative care, providing human compassion and support to help ease life's final chapter. This book thoughtfully tackles the question at the heart of modern hospice chaplaincy: do chaplains have a distinctive role in an increasingly secular society? A comprehensive look at why and how this work needs to be done, each chapter will be a rich resource for hospice chaplains and anyone working within a hospice multi-disciplinary team. Taking the form of reflections by chaplains and other professionals, they examine the tension between sacred and secular space, explore how spiritual care works in a changing society, and look at what voice a chaplain has within the hospice team. Essential reading for chaplains, this insightful book reflects on the important work undertaken by hospice chaplaincies and explains why they continue to be a vital resource for end-of-life care.

Cancer Nursing (Hardcover, 8th Revised edition): Connie Henke Yarbro, Debra Wujcik, Barbara Holmes Gobel Cancer Nursing (Hardcover, 8th Revised edition)
Connie Henke Yarbro, Debra Wujcik, Barbara Holmes Gobel
R4,617 Discovery Miles 46 170 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Cancer Nursing: Principles and Practice, Eighth Edition continues as the gold standard in oncology nursing. With contributions from the foremost experts in the field, it has remained the definitive reference on the rapidly changing science and practice of oncology nursing for more than 25 years. Completely updated and revised to reflect the latest research and developments in the care of patients with cancer, the Eighth Edition includes new chapters on the biology of cancer, sleep disorders, and palliative care across the cancer continuum. The Eighth Edition also includes significant updates to the basic science chapters to reflect recent increases in scientific knowledge, especially relating to genes and cancer. Also heavily revised are the sections devoted to the dynamics of cancer prevention, detection, and diagnosis, as well as treatment, oncologic emergencies, end of life care, and professional and legal issues for oncology nurses. In addition, it provides extensive and current information on breast cancer, including two separate chapters on early stage breast cancer and metastatic breast cancer, and careful attention to survivorship issues.

Medical-Surgical Nursing: Pearson New International Edition - Critical Thinking in Patient Care (Paperback, 5th edition):... Medical-Surgical Nursing: Pearson New International Edition - Critical Thinking in Patient Care (Paperback, 5th edition)
Priscilla Lemone, Karen Burke, Gerene Bauldoff
R1,836 Discovery Miles 18 360 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Appropriate for courses in Medical Surgical Nursing. Medical-Surgical Nursing: Critical Thinking in Patient Care, 5e has been revised and updated to provide the knowledge and skills needed to care for adult patients to promote health, facilitate recovery from illness and injury, and provide support when coping with disability or loss. Throughout the text, the authors make every effort to communicate that both nurses and patients may be male or female; and that patients require holistic, individualized care regardless of their age; gender; or racial, cultural, or socioeconomic background. The goal of the fifth edition is to provide the knowledge and resources that ensure a solid base for critical thinking and clinical judgment and that can be applied to provide safe, individualized, and competent clinical nursing care. Multiple learning strategies have been developed to facilitate success-audio, illustrations, teaching tips, and video and animation media. Understandable language and a consistent format are used, and students overwhelmingly report that they actually like reading the text.

Student Practice Supervision and Assessment - A Guide for NMC Nurses and Midwives (Hardcover): Jo Lidster, Susan Wakefield Student Practice Supervision and Assessment - A Guide for NMC Nurses and Midwives (Hardcover)
Jo Lidster, Susan Wakefield
R1,517 R1,412 Discovery Miles 14 120 Save R105 (7%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Supporting students poses a significant challenge for nurses and midwives in today's practice. Recent concerns over the fitness to practice of students at the point of registration requires new approaches to practice learning, and the supervision and assessment of future practitioners. Based around the NMC's Standards for Student Supervision and Assessment (2018), this book offers clear, practical advice on how to acquire and develop the knowledge and skills required to supervise and assess a range of students in practice. It explores challenging issues, such as learners in difficulty, and considers how to develop resilience and wellbeing from the perspective of both the student and the supervisor and assessor.

Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Success - NCLEX (R)-Style Q&A Review (Paperback, 4th Revised edition): F.A. Davis Company,... Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Success - NCLEX (R)-Style Q&A Review (Paperback, 4th Revised edition)
F.A. Davis Company, Catherine Melfi Curtis, Carol Norton Tuzo, Audra Baker Fegley
R1,366 Discovery Miles 13 660 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

750 questions with detailed rationales for correct and incorrect responses, as well as test-taking tips for each question. 100-question comprehensive exam at the end of the text. Introductory chapter that focuses on applying critical thinking to each question type. All questions written at application and analysis levels, just like the NCLEX. Questions numbered consecutively within each chapter, making it easy to find the answers. Key questions on major drug classes, medication administration, delegation, and management content integrated within mental disorder questions. Perfect to use as a stand-alone text or used in combination with any other psychiatric text

NRP Pocket Card, 2016 (Cards): American Academy of Pediatrics NRP Pocket Card, 2016 (Cards)
American Academy of Pediatrics
R135 R125 Discovery Miles 1 250 Save R10 (7%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This quick, one-stop guide to neonatal resuscitation card fits easily in your pocket and is a great add-on product for NRP students.

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