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Leap of Faith - Hubris, Negligence, and America's Greatest Foreign Policy Tragedy (Hardcover): Michael J. Mazarr Leap of Faith - Hubris, Negligence, and America's Greatest Foreign Policy Tragedy (Hardcover)
Michael J. Mazarr
R593 R468 Discovery Miles 4 680 Save R125 (21%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Leap of Faith is the first comprehensive and objective history of the decision to invade Iraq. Based on nine years of research, over 100 interviews with participants in the drama, and information from hundreds of U.S. and British declassified documents, Mike Mazarr shows how the most impressive and experienced foreign policy team made the greatest strategic folly of the century. Mazarr reveals that a combination of messianic certainty, cultural deference, and administrative infighting and incompetence allowed the decision to be made without any examination of the ways in which it could unravel. So when it did, no one had any answers. Leap of Faith is a parable of how good intentions can go wrong, and a cautionary tale about any international entanglement.

Party Structure and Organization in East-Central Europe (Hardcover): Paul G. Lewis Party Structure and Organization in East-Central Europe (Hardcover)
Paul G. Lewis
R2,176 Discovery Miles 21 760 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Party Structure and Organization in East-Central Europe focuses on the origin and development of new political parties within different countries in East-Central Europe. The book has a clear focus on party structure and organization. It is one of the first books to present empirical studies of the development of political parties in Eastern Europe. Whilst making a distinctive contribution, it also feeds into the broader debate about party development and links with other issues of political theory. The book fills a major gap in our understanding of developments within political parties and their structural evolution. It raises questions about the status and role of a modern political party - not least in East-Central Europe - and the links that can be drawn between developments within the parties and their changing position within the political system as a whole. All those with an interest in comparative party development and the processes of post-communist change in Eastern Europe will welcome this well focused empirical study.

The Mass Psychology of Fascism (Paperback, Main): Wilhelm Reich The Mass Psychology of Fascism (Paperback, Main)
Wilhelm Reich
R308 R234 Discovery Miles 2 340 Save R74 (24%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Wilhelm Reich's classic study is a unique contribution to the under.standing of one of the crucial phenomena of our times - fascism. Reich firmly repudiates the concept that fascism is the ideology or action of a single individual or nationality, or of any ethnic or political group. He also denies a purely socio-economic explanation as advanced by Marxian ideologists. He understands fascism as the expression of irrational character structure of the average human being whose primary biological needs and impulses have been suppressed for thousands of years. The social function of this suppression and the crucial role played in it by the authoritarian family and the church are carefully analysed. Reich shows how every form of organised mysticism, including fascism, relies on the unsatisfied orgastic longing of the masses.

The Politics and Economics of the European Union - An Introductory Text (Hardcover, illustrated edition): Robert A. Jones The Politics and Economics of the European Union - An Introductory Text (Hardcover, illustrated edition)
Robert A. Jones
R1,131 Discovery Miles 11 310 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The Politics and Economics of the European Union is a clear, topical and comprehensive introduction to the aims, institutions and policies of the European Union. Concise, jargon-free and accessible, this substantial textbook provides a comprehensive, up-to-date coverage of the main issues students need to address. After an introduction to historical and theoretical perspectives on European integration, the textbook continues with examinations of the Union's institutional machinery and policy processes. The author concludes with a succinct and up- to- date introduction to the Union's institutions and policies. Intended as a basic introduction for students undertaking courses in European integration and as a supplementary book for other courses, this textbook is useful for anyone seeking a concise introduction to the Union's institutions and policies. Robert Jones has drawn on his wide teaching experience to produce a text which students will find both accessible and stimulating.

Active Defense - China's Military Strategy since 1949 (Hardcover): M. Taylor Fravel Active Defense - China's Military Strategy since 1949 (Hardcover)
M. Taylor Fravel
R709 R494 Discovery Miles 4 940 Save R215 (30%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

What changes in China (TM)s modern military policy reveal about military organizations and strategy Since the 1949 Communist Revolution, China has devised nine different military strategies, which the People (TM)s Liberation Army (PLA) calls oestrategic guidelines. What accounts for these numerous changes? Active Defense offers the first systematic look at China (TM)s military strategy from the mid-twentieth century to today. Exploring the range and intensity of threats that China has faced, M. Taylor Fravel illuminates the nation (TM)s past and present military goals and how China sought to achieve them, and offers a rich set of cases for deepening the study of change in military organizations. Drawing from diverse Chinese-language sources, including memoirs of leading generals, military histories, and document collections that have become available only in the last two decades, Fravel shows why transformations in military strategy were pursued at certain times and not others. He focuses on the military strategies adopted in 1956, 1980, and 1993 "when the PLA was attempting to wage war in a new kind of way "to show that China has pursued major change in its strategic guidelines when there has been a significant shift in the conduct of warfare in the international system and when China (TM)s Communist Party has been united. Delving into the security threats China has faced over the last seven decades, Active Defense offers a detailed investigation into how and why states alter their defense policies.

Economic Analysis and Political Ideology - The Selected Essays of Karl Brunner Volume One (Hardcover): Thomas Lys Economic Analysis and Political Ideology - The Selected Essays of Karl Brunner Volume One (Hardcover)
Thomas Lys
R2,554 Discovery Miles 25 540 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

At the time of his death in 1989, Karl Brunner was known not only for his writings in monetary economics but also for his contributions to econometrics, the theory of man, logics and the analysis of sociopolitical problems. Between 1953 and 1989, Professor Brunner published over 200 articles and books, founded two leading academic journals - the Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, and the Journal of Monetary Economics - and organized numerous conferences. Economic Analysis and Political Ideology, the first volume of Karl Brunner's essays with an introduction by Nobel Laureate James M. Buchanan, reproduces articles dealing with Professor Brunner's socio-economic analysis. Providing insight into a man absorbed and preoccupied by economic scholarship, this volume includes papers ranging from economic policy, inflation, the place of religion in the social order and Keynes's sociopolitical vision to more personal writings on the author's quest for knowledge and the reasons underlying his fascination with economics. The second volume, Monetary Theory and Monetary Policy, with a foreword by Alan Meltzer, is published separately and deals with macroeconomic issues.

To Shape a New World - Essays on the Political Philosophy of Martin Luther King, Jr. (Hardcover): Tommie Shelby To Shape a New World - Essays on the Political Philosophy of Martin Luther King, Jr. (Hardcover)
Tommie Shelby
R684 R534 Discovery Miles 5 340 Save R150 (22%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Martin Luther King, Jr., may be America's most revered political figure, commemorated in statues, celebrations, and street names around the world. On the fiftieth anniversary of King's assassination, the man and his activism are as close to public consciousness as ever. But despite his stature, the significance of King's writings and political thought remains underappreciated. In To Shape a New World, Tommie Shelby and Brandon Terry write that the marginalization of King's ideas reflects a romantic, consensus history that renders the civil rights movement inherently conservative-an effort not at radical reform but at "living up to" enduring ideals laid down by the nation's founders. On this view, King marshaled lofty rhetoric to help redeem the ideas of universal (white) heroes, but produced little original thought. This failure to engage deeply and honestly with King's writings allows him to be conscripted into political projects he would not endorse, including the pernicious form of "color blindness" that insists, amid glaring race-based injustice, that racism has been overcome. Cornel West, Danielle Allen, Martha Nussbaum, Robert Gooding-Williams, and other authors join Shelby and Terry in careful, critical engagement with King's understudied writings on labor and welfare rights, voting rights, racism, civil disobedience, nonviolence, economic inequality, poverty, love, just-war theory, virtue ethics, political theology, imperialism, nationalism, reparations, and social justice. In King's exciting and learned work, the authors find an array of compelling challenges to some of the most pressing political dilemmas of our present, and rethink the legacy of this towering figure.

The Blind Spots of Public Bureaucracy and the Politics of Non-Coordination (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2019): Tobias Bach, Kai Wegrich The Blind Spots of Public Bureaucracy and the Politics of Non-Coordination (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2019)
Tobias Bach, Kai Wegrich
R2,729 R2,223 Discovery Miles 22 230 Save R506 (19%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

How to better coordinate policies and public services across public sector organizations has been a major topic of public administration research for decades. However, few attempts have been made to connect these concerns with the growing body of research on biases and blind spots in decision-making. This book attempts to make that connection. It explores how day-to-day decision-making in public sector organizations is subject to different types of organizational attention biases that may lead to a variety of coordination problems in and between organizations, and sometimes also to major blunders and disasters. The contributions address those biases and their effects for various types of public organizations in different policy sectors and national contexts. In particular, it elaborates on blind spots, or `not seeing the not seeing', and different forms of bureaucratic politics as theoretical explanations for seemingly irrational organizational behaviour. The book's theoretical tools and empirical insights address conditions for effective coordination and problem-solving by public bureaucracies using an organizational perspective.

Performances of Injustice - The Politics of Truth, Justice and Reconciliation in Kenya (Paperback): Gabrielle Lynch Performances of Injustice - The Politics of Truth, Justice and Reconciliation in Kenya (Paperback)
Gabrielle Lynch
R519 Discovery Miles 5 190 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Following unprecedented violence in 2007/8, Kenya introduced two classic transitional justice mechanisms: a truth commission and international criminal proceedings. Both are widely believed to have failed, but why? And what do their performances say about contemporary Kenya; the ways in which violent pasts persist; and the shortcomings of transitional justice? Using the lens of performance, this book analyses how transitional justice efforts are incapable of dealing with how unjust and violent pasts actually persist. Gabrielle Lynch reveals the story of an ongoing political struggle requiring substantive socio-economic and political change that transitional justice mechanisms can theoretically recommend, and which they can sometimes help to initiate and inform, but which they cannot implement or create, and can sometimes unintentionally help to reinforce.

The Amateur (Hardcover): Edward Klein The Amateur (Hardcover)
Edward Klein
R536 R481 Discovery Miles 4 810 Save R55 (10%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Think you know the real Barack Obama? You don't not until you've read The Amateur In this stunning expose, bestselling author Edward Klein a contributing editor to Vanity Fair, former foreign editor of Newsweek, and former editor-in-chief of the New York Times Magazine pulls back the curtain on one of the most secretive White Houses in history. He reveals a callow, thin-skinned, arrogant president with messianic dreams of grandeur supported by a cast of true-believers, all of them united by leftist politics and an amateurish understanding of executive leadership. In The Amateur you'll discover: Why the so-called "centrist" Obama is actually in revolt against the values of the society he was elected to lead Why Bill Clinton loathes Barack Obama and tried to get Hillary to run against him in 2012 The spiteful rivalry between Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey How Obama split the Kennedy family How Obama has taken more of a personal role in making foreign policy than any president since Richard Nixon with disastrous results How Michelle Obama and Valerie Jarrett are the real powers behind the White House throne The Amateur is a reporter's book, buttressed by nearly 200 interviews, many of them with the insiders who know Obama best. The result is the most important political book of the year. You will never look at Barack Obama the same way again.

Citizenship and Democratic Control in Contemporary Europe (Hardcover): Barbara Einhorn, Mary Kaldor, Zdenek Kavan Citizenship and Democratic Control in Contemporary Europe (Hardcover)
Barbara Einhorn, Mary Kaldor, Zdenek Kavan
R2,238 Discovery Miles 22 380 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

European integration, the collapse of state socialism and the relative decline of social democracy have left only two dominant European ideologies: nationalism and the free market. In Citizenship and Democratic Control in Contemporary Europe a distinguished group of scholars argues that a democratically reconstructed Europe requires a new approach centred around a concept of citizenship which is neither individualistic nor ethnically based but is concerned with the empowerment of individuals. The authors propose the development of a well-structured and pluralistic civic society which encourages active citizenship and a definition of democratic citizenship which can be expressed through self-organized social activity. Addressing issues central to the future of European democracy - including politics and political processes, economic and social policy, and ideology, language and communication - this important book challenges many of the existing assumptions about the revolutions of 1989, their aftermath and the future of post-Cold War Europe. Insightful and policy relevant, this book will be welcomed by sociologists, political scientists and economists interested in the ideologies underpinning European society.

Twentieth Century Political Theory - A Reader (Hardcover, 2nd New edition): Stephen Eric Bronner Twentieth Century Political Theory - A Reader (Hardcover, 2nd New edition)
Stephen Eric Bronner
R2,576 Discovery Miles 25 760 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

A collaboration of more than 45 thinkers who form the "canon" of contemporary political thought--from John Dewey and Walter Benjamin to Malcolm X and Judith Butler.
Twentieth Century Political Theory fuses the needs of the more traditional course with the rapidly changing and extremely influential new approaches to the field. Designed for undergraduate and graduate students, this volume includes essays by major figures like Hannah Arendt, Simone de Beauvoir, Sir Isaiah Berlin, John Dewey, W.E.B. Dubois, Frantz Fanon, Michel Foucault, Antonio Gramsci, V.I. Lenin, Jurgen Habermas, Adolph Hitler and others. Its range and innovative character will assuredly make this anthology the major primary work in political theory for many years to come.

Historical Justice and Memory (Paperback): Klaus Neumann, Janna Thompson Historical Justice and Memory (Paperback)
Klaus Neumann, Janna Thompson
R908 Discovery Miles 9 080 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Historical Justice and Memory highlights the global movement for historical justice-acknowledging and redressing historic wrongs-as one of the most significant moral and social developments of our times. Such historic wrongs include acts of genocide, slavery, systems of apartheid, the systematic persecution of presumed enemies of the state, colonialism, and the oppression of or discrimination against ethnic or religious minorities. The historical justice movement has inspired the spread of truth and reconciliation processes around the world and has pushed governments to make reparations and apologies for past wrongs. It has changed the public understanding of justice and the role of memory. In this book, leading scholars in philosophy, history, political science, and semiotics offer new essays that discuss and assess these momentous global developments. They evaluate the strength and weaknesses of the movement, its accomplishments and failings, its philosophical assumptions and social preconditions, and its prospects for the future.

Gender and Political Theory - Feminist Reckonings (Hardcover): Mary Hawkesworth Gender and Political Theory - Feminist Reckonings (Hardcover)
Mary Hawkesworth
R1,180 R913 Discovery Miles 9 130 Save R267 (23%) Shipped within 7 - 13 working days

Western political theory typically incorporates certain assumptions about sex and gender as natural, unvarying and "pre-political." This book critically examines these assumptions and shows how recent scholarship undermines the illusion that bodies exist outside politics and beyond the reach of the state. Leading political theorist Mary Hawkesworth's cutting-edge intersectional account demonstrates how popular conceptions of human nature, public and private, citizenship, liberty, the state, and injustice relegate women, people of color, sexual minorities, and gender-variant people to inferior status despite constitutional guarantees of equality before the law. Hawkesworth argues that traditional political theory has contributed to the perpetuation of pernicious forms of injustice by masking the state's role in the creation of subordinated and stigmatized subjects. The book draws insights from critical race, feminist, postcolonial, queer, and trans* theory to give a compelling, original, and highly readable introduction to historical and contemporary debates on gender and political theory for students.

A Human Security Doctrine for Europe - Project, Principles, Practicalities (Hardcover): Marlies Glasius, Mary Kaldor A Human Security Doctrine for Europe - Project, Principles, Practicalities (Hardcover)
Marlies Glasius, Mary Kaldor
R2,347 Discovery Miles 23 470 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This edited collection sets out a new approach to security which focused on the European Union. It argues that threats to Europeans like weapons of mass destruction or terrorism can only be countered if we address the insecurity of people in different parts of the world.
Many people in the world lead intolerably insecure lives. In large parts of Africa, the Balkans, Central Asia or the Middle East, men and women live in daily fear of violent attacks, kidnapping, rape, extortion, robbery or trafficking. The existence of large military apparatuses do not create security; indeed, as in Iraq, the use of regular military forces may only make things worse.
This edited volume explores the needs of people in conflict areas, rather than taking an institutional or geo-political perspective. It proposes that Europe should develop a new kind of human security capability that involves the military, the police and civilians all working together to enforce law rather than to fight wars. The book is a record of the work of the Study Group on Europe's Security Capabilities, an independent group convened at the request of EU High Representative Javier Solana to advise on the future of European security policy. It is the first comprehensive academic and policy response to the European Security Strategy, published by the European Union in December 2003. Apart from the Study Group's Barcelona Report, it contains fifteen studies especially commissioned by the Study Group to help develop its approach:
- Two introductory contributions setting out the changed global context and proposing new approaches to security
- Five regional studies on the Balkans, the Great Lakes Region, the Middle East, the South Caucasus and West-Africa
- Four framework studies on different aspects of EU security policy, including the legal setting, the role of women, operational principles and the role of the new member states
- Four operationalstudies on capabilities, resources and institutional embedding
Written by a diverse team of international experts, this book will of be of strong interest to students and researchers of security studies, peace studies, human rights and international relations.

Marx - The Alternative to Capitalism (Paperback): Kieran Allen Marx - The Alternative to Capitalism (Paperback)
Kieran Allen
R380 R299 Discovery Miles 2 990 Save R81 (21%) Shipped within 4 - 10 working days

If we are serious about finding a different way to run the post-credit crunch society, we must start by introducing alternatives to undergraduates. Kieran Allen begins the task with an accessible and comprehensive look at the ideas of Karl Marx. Dispensing with the dryness of traditional explanations of Marx, Allen shows how Marx's ideas apply to modern society. The first section briefly outlines Marx's life and the development of his work, then goes on to clearly explain his key theories, including historical materialism and surplus value. The second section examines alternatives to capitalism, the concept of 'anti-capitalism' and provides concrete, contemporary examples of Marx's theories being put into practice in today's world.

Questioning Indigenous-Settler Relations - Interdisciplinary Perspectives (Hardcover, 1st Ed. 2020): Sarah Maddison, Sana Nakata Questioning Indigenous-Settler Relations - Interdisciplinary Perspectives (Hardcover, 1st Ed. 2020)
Sarah Maddison, Sana Nakata
R1,983 R1,774 Discovery Miles 17 740 Save R209 (11%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days
Current Issues in Public Choice (Hardcover): Jose Casas Pardo, Friedrich Schneider Current Issues in Public Choice (Hardcover)
Jose Casas Pardo, Friedrich Schneider
R2,311 Discovery Miles 23 110 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

In this major book an internationally acclaimed group of scholars examines theoretical and applied topics of particular relevance to public choice analysis. Current Issues in Public Choice demonstrates the fruitfulness and originality of the Public Choice School. These twelve papers have been prepared by some of the most prominent scholars in economic science, including James M. Buchanan, Amartya K. Sen, Bruno S. Frey, Jon Elster, Geoffrey Brennan and Gordon Tullock. Specific areas covered include the foundations of public choice theory, its scope and method, constitutional economics, game theory, rent-seeking, the European Union, public finance and the theory of societal economics. The pioneering research, theory and analysis brought together in this volume will be widely and profitably used by economists, political scientists and public and social choice scholars seeking insight into fundamental theoretical issues and applied analyses on current affairs.

The Shape of the New - Four Big Ideas and How They Made the Modern World (Hardcover, Revised edition): Scott L. Montgomery,... The Shape of the New - Four Big Ideas and How They Made the Modern World (Hardcover, Revised edition)
Scott L. Montgomery, Daniel Chirot
R650 R508 Discovery Miles 5 080 Save R142 (22%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This panoramic book tells the story of how revolutionary ideas from the Enlightenment about freedom, equality, evolution, and democracy have reverberated through modern history and shaped the world as we know it today. A testament to the enduring power of ideas, The Shape of the New offers unforgettable portraits of Adam Smith, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, Charles Darwin, and Karl Marx--heirs of the Enlightenment who embodied its highest ideals about progress--and shows how their thoughts, over time and in the hands of their followers and opponents, transformed the very nature of our beliefs, institutions, economies, and politics. Yet these ideas also hold contradictions. They have been used in the service of brutal systems such as slavery and colonialism, been appropriated and twisted by monsters like Stalin and Hitler, and provoked reactions against the Enlightenment's legacy by Islamic Salafists and the Christian Religious Right. The Shape of the New argues that it is impossible to understand the ideological and political conflicts of our own time without familiarizing ourselves with the history and internal tensions of these world-changing ideas. With passion and conviction, it exhorts us to recognize the central importance of these ideas as historical forces and pillars of the Western humanistic tradition. It makes the case that to read the works of the great thinkers is to gain invaluable insights into the ideas that have shaped how we think and what we believe.

Strategies of Justice - Aboriginal Peoples, Persistent Injustice, and the Ethics of Political Action (Hardcover): Burke A.... Strategies of Justice - Aboriginal Peoples, Persistent Injustice, and the Ethics of Political Action (Hardcover)
Burke A. Hendrix
R788 Discovery Miles 7 880 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Political theorists often imagine themselves as political architects, asking what an ideal set of laws or social structures might look like. Yet persistent injustices can endure for decades or even centuries despite such ideal theorizing. In circumstances of this kind, it is essential for political theorists to think carefully about the political choices available to those who directly face such injustices and seek to change them. This book focuses on the claims of Aboriginal peoples to better treatment from the United States and Canada. Though other groups face similarly persistent injustices (e.g. African Americans in the United States), the specific details of injustice matter a great deal for its analysis. The book focuses on two intertwined issues: the kinds of moral permissions that those facing persistent injustice have when they act politically, and the kinds of transformations that political action may bring about in those who undertake it. The book argues for normative permissions to speak untruth to power; to circumvent or nullify existing law; to give primary attention to protecting one's own community first; and to engage in political experimentation that reshapes future generations. When carefully used, the book argues, these permissions may help political actors to avoid co-optation and self-delusion. At the same time, divisions of labor between those who grapple most closely with state institutions and those who keep their distance may be necessary to facilitate escape from persistent injustice over the long term. Oxford Political Theory presents the best new work in contemporary political theory. It is intended to be broad in scope, including original contributions to political philosophy, and also work in applied political theory. The series will contain works of outstanding quality with no restriction as to approach or subject matter. Series Editors: Will Kymlicka and David Miller.

In Search of Isaiah Berlin - A Literary Adventure (Hardcover): Henry Hardy In Search of Isaiah Berlin - A Literary Adventure (Hardcover)
Henry Hardy
R475 R365 Discovery Miles 3 650 Save R110 (23%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Isaiah Berlin was one of the greatest thinkers of the twentieth century - a man who set ideas on fire. His defence of liberty and plurality was passionate and persuasive and inspired a generation. His ideas - especially his reasoned rejection of excessive certainty and political despotism - have become even more prescient and vital today. But who was the man behind such influential views? In Search of Isaiah Berlin tells the compelling story of a decades-long collaboration between Berlin and his editor, Henry Hardy, who made it his vocation to bring Berlin's huge body of work into print. Hardy discovered that Berlin had written far more than people thought, much of it unpublished. As he describes his struggles with Berlin, who was almost on principle unwilling to have his work published, an intimate and revealing picture of the self-deprecating philosopher emerges. This is a unique portrait of a man who gave us a new way of thinking about the human predicament, and whose work had for most of his life remained largely out of view.

Manhood and American Political Culture in the Cold War (Hardcover): K.A. Cuordileone Manhood and American Political Culture in the Cold War (Hardcover)
K.A. Cuordileone
R2,235 Discovery Miles 22 350 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

When Americans talked about politics in the 1950s they always seemed to be talking about sex. Political discourse was inundated with refernces to soft and hard, to masochism and impotency, to thrusts and ecstacies. Cuordileone argues that the gendered and sexualised language of Cold Warriors was produced by specific anxieties about masculinities. To support this interpretation she offers subtle readings of figures like Norman Mailer, Arthur Schlesinger and JFK.

Agamben (Paperback): Claire Colebrook, Jason Maxwell Agamben (Paperback)
Claire Colebrook, Jason Maxwell
R378 Discovery Miles 3 780 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Until recently, "continental" philosophy has been tied either to the German tradition of phenomenology or to French post-structuralist concerns with the conditions of language and textuality. Giorgio Agamben draws upon and departs from both these lines of thought by directing his entire corpus to the problem of life - political life, human life, animal life, and the life of art. Influenced by the work of Martin Heidegger, Walter Benjamin, and the broader tradition of critical Marxism, Agamben's work poses the profound question for our time - just how exceptional are human beings? This beautifully written book provides a systematic, engaging overview of Agamben's writings on theology, aesthetics, political theory, and sovereignty. Covering the full range of Agamben's work to date, Claire Colebrook and Jason Maxwell explain Agamben's theology and philosophy by referring the concepts to some of today's most urgent political and ethical problems. They focus on the audacious way in which Agamben reconceptualizes life itself. Assessing the significance of the concepts key to his work, such as biopolitics, sovereignty, the "state of exception," and "bare life," they demonstrate his wide-ranging influence across the humanities.

Seeking Accountability for the Unlawful Use of Force (Paperback): Leila Nadya Sadat Seeking Accountability for the Unlawful Use of Force (Paperback)
Leila Nadya Sadat
R624 Discovery Miles 6 240 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Despite the conclusion of the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg that aggression is the 'supreme international crime', armed conflict remains a frequent and ubiquitous feature of international life, leaving millions of victims in its wake. This collection of original chapters by leading and emerging scholars from all around the world evaluates historic and current examples of the use of force and the context of crimes of aggression. As we approach the 75th anniversary of the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal, Seeking Accountability for the Unlawful Use of Force examines the many systems and accountability frameworks which have developed since the Second World War. By suggesting new avenues for enhancing accountability structures already in place as well as proposing new frameworks needed, this volume will begin a movement to establish the mechanisms needed to charge those responsible for the unlawful use of force.

Industrial Policy (Hardcover): Wyn P. Grant Industrial Policy (Hardcover)
Wyn P. Grant
R5,306 Discovery Miles 53 060 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The election of the Clinton administration in the United States and the debate in the European Community about the consequences of the industrial policy clause in the Maastricht treaty have put industrial policy back on the academic and political agenda again. This volume brings together the key articles on industrial policy, ranging from general theoretical perspectives and overviews of the literature to studies of the experience of particular countries, including Japan and the newly industrialising countries of East Asia. Four articles are concerned with the industrial programmes of the European Community. This is a comprehensive and authoritative compilation of work on a theme of interest to economists and political scientists.

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