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Grave Injustice - Unearthing Wrongful Executions (Hardcover): Richard A Stack Grave Injustice - Unearthing Wrongful Executions (Hardcover)
Richard A Stack
R510 R409 Discovery Miles 4 090 Save R101 (20%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

On September 21, 2011, the controversial execution of Georgia inmate Troy Davis, who spent twenty years on death row for a crime he most likely did not commit, revealed the complexity of death penalty trials, the flaws in America's justice system, and the rift between those who are for or against the death penalty. Davis's execution reignited a long-standing debate about whether the death penalty is an appropriate form of justice. In Grave Injustice Richard A. Stack seeks to advance the anti-death penalty argument by examining the cases of individuals who, like Davis, have been executed but are likely innocent. By telling the stories of Jesse Tafero, Ruben Cantu, Carlos DeLuna, Cameron Todd Willingham, Larry Griffin, and others, Stack puts a human face on the ultimate and irrevocable tragedy of capital punishment. Although polls indicate Americans favor death sentences approximately three to one, many respondents change their position when presented with the facts about capital punishment. Stack's compelling descriptions of nineteen wrongful executions illustrate the flaws of the death penalty, which, he argues, is ineffective in deterring crime and costs more than sentences of life without parole. He demonstrates that racial disparities in implementation, procedural errors, incompetent defense attorneys, and mistaken eyewitness identification lead to an alarming number of wrongful convictions. But influencing public opinion is only part of the battle to end state-sanctioned killing. Stack profiles six anti-death penalty warriors, demonstrating the range of what can

The Girls Next Door - Bringing the Home Front to the Front Lines (Hardcover): Kara Dixon Vuic The Girls Next Door - Bringing the Home Front to the Front Lines (Hardcover)
Kara Dixon Vuic
R643 Discovery Miles 6 430 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The story of the intrepid young women who volunteered to help and entertain American servicemen fighting overseas, from World War I through the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The emotional toll of war can be as debilitating to soldiers as hunger, disease, and injury. Beginning in World War I, in an effort to boost soldiers' morale and remind them of the stakes of victory, the American military formalized a recreation program that sent respectable young women and famous entertainers overseas. Kara Dixon Vuic builds her narrative around the young women from across the United States, many of whom had never traveled far from home, who volunteered to serve in one of the nation's most brutal work environments. From the "Lassies" in France and mini-skirted coeds in Vietnam to Marlene Dietrich and Marilyn Monroe, Vuic provides a fascinating glimpse into wartime gender roles and the tensions that continue to complicate American women's involvement in the military arena. The recreation-program volunteers heightened the passions of troops but also domesticated everyday life on the bases. Their presence mobilized support for the war back home, while exporting American culture abroad. Carefully recruited and selected as symbols of conventional femininity, these adventurous young women saw in the theater of war a bridge between public service and private ambition. This story of the women who talked and listened, danced and sang, adds an intimate chapter to the history of war and its ties to life in peacetime.

Counting the Many - The Origins and Limits of Supermajority Rule (Paperback, New): Melissa Schwartzberg Counting the Many - The Origins and Limits of Supermajority Rule (Paperback, New)
Melissa Schwartzberg
R593 Discovery Miles 5 930 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Supermajority rules govern many features of our lives in common: from the selection of textbooks for our children's schools to residential covenants, from the policy choices of state and federal legislatures to constitutional amendments. It is usually assumed that these rules are not only normatively unproblematic but necessary to achieve the goals of institutional stability, consensus, and minority protections. In this book, Melissa Schwartzberg challenges the logic underlying the use of supermajority rule as an alternative to majority decision making. She traces the hidden history of supermajority decision making, which originally emerged as an alternative to unanimous rule, and highlights the tensions in the contemporary use of supermajority rules as an alternative to majority rule. Although supermajority rules ostensibly aim to reduce the purported risks associated with majority decision making, they do so at the cost of introducing new liabilities associated with the biased judgments they generate and secure.

The Statesman's Yearbook 2019 - The Politics, Cultures and Economies of the World (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2019): Palgrave... The Statesman's Yearbook 2019 - The Politics, Cultures and Economies of the World (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2019)
Palgrave Macmillan
R9,150 Discovery Miles 91 500 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Now in its 155th edition, The Statesman's Yearbook continues to be the reference work of choice for accurate and reliable information on every country in the world. Covering political, economic, social and cultural aspects, the Yearbook is also available online for subscribing institutions.

Usurping Suicide - The Political Resonances of Individual Deaths (Paperback): Suman Gupta, Milena Katsarska, Theodoros Spyros,... Usurping Suicide - The Political Resonances of Individual Deaths (Paperback)
Suman Gupta, Milena Katsarska, Theodoros Spyros, Mike Hajimichael
R483 Discovery Miles 4 830 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Can an individual act of suicide be socially significant, or does it present too many imponderable features? This book examines suicide like no other. Unconcerned with the individual dispositions that lead a person to commit such an act, Usurping Suicide focuses on the reception suicides have produced - their political, social and cultural implications. How does a particular act of suicide enable a collective significance to be attached to it? And what contextual circumstances predispose a politicised public response? From Mohamed Bouazizi's self-immolation during regime change in Tunisia to Dimitris Christoulas's public shooting at a time of increased political upheaval in Greece, and beyond - this remarkable work examines how the individuality of the act of suicide poses a disturbing symbolic conundrum for the dominant liberal order.

Global Political Parties (Paperback): Katarina Sehm Patomaki, Marko Ulvila Global Political Parties (Paperback)
Katarina Sehm Patomaki, Marko Ulvila
R940 Discovery Miles 9 400 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Political space seems to be shrinking, yet the term 'globalization' is seldom mentioned in connection with political parties. This book asks whether the time is now ripe for global political parties. Though global civil society is a buzzword, activists seem to reject the idea of global political parties as irrelevant. Yet political parties remain the formal basis for government both nationally and in the current international system. Looking to the future, will existing political parties democratize international governance, or will new political parties emerge to fill this vacuum? Is this a role that the World Social Forum can play? Featuring contributions from major figures from Samir Amin to Jan Aart Scholte, Global Political Parties is an exciting analysis of what the globalization of party politics would mean for the nation state, global governance and democracy worldwide.

American Constitutionalism Heard Round the World, 1776-1989 - A Global Perspective (Paperback): George Athan Billias American Constitutionalism Heard Round the World, 1776-1989 - A Global Perspective (Paperback)
George Athan Billias
R639 Discovery Miles 6 390 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Winner of the 2010 Book Award from the New England Historical Association American constitutionalism represents this country's greatest gift to human freedom, yet its story remains largely untold. For over two hundred years, its ideals, ideas, and institutions influenced different peoples in different lands at different times. American constitutionalism and the revolutionary republican documents on which it is based affected countless countries by helping them develop their own constitutional democracies. Western constitutionalism-of which America was a part along with Britain and France-reached a major turning point in global history in 1989, when the forces of democracy exceeded the forces of autocracy for the first time. Historian George Athan Billias traces the spread of American constitutionalism-from Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean region, to Asia and Africa-beginning chronologically with the American Revolution and the fateful "shot heard round the world" and ending with the conclusion of the Cold War in 1989. The American model contributed significantly by spearheading the drive to greater democracy throughout the Western world, and Billias's landmark study tells a story that will change the way readers view the important role American constitutionalism played during this era.

This Land Is Our Land - The Struggle for a New Commonwealth (Hardcover): Jedediah Purdy This Land Is Our Land - The Struggle for a New Commonwealth (Hardcover)
Jedediah Purdy
R442 R383 Discovery Miles 3 830 Save R59 (13%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

From one of our finest writers and leading environmental thinkers, a powerful book about how the land we share divides us-and how it could unite us Today, we are at a turning point as we face ecological and political crises that are rooted in conflicts over the land itself. But these problems can be solved if we draw on elements of our tradition that move us toward a new commonwealth-a community founded on the well-being of all people and the natural world. In this brief, powerful, timely, and hopeful book, Jedediah Purdy, one of our finest writers and leading environmental thinkers, explores how we might begin to heal our fractured and contentious relationship with the land and with each other. From the coalfields of Appalachia and the tobacco fields of the Carolinas to the public lands of the West, Purdy shows how the land has always united and divided Americans, holding us in common projects and fates but also separating us into insiders and outsiders, owners and dependents, workers and bosses. Expropriated from Native Americans and transformed by slave labor, the same land that represents a history of racism and exploitation could, in the face of environmental catastrophe, bind us together in relationships of reciprocity and mutual responsibility. This may seem idealistic in our polarized time, but we are at a historical fork in the road, and if we do not make efforts now to move toward a commonwealth, Purdy warns, environmental and political pressures will create harsher and crueler conflicts-between citizens, between countries, and between humans and the rest of the world.

Ben Gomes-Casseres, David B. Yoffie
R10,997 Discovery Miles 109 970 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

These important volumes focus on multinational corporations and present the most important articles seeking to explain the reasons for their appearance, their growth and their effects on both host and home countries and the world economy. They also includes literature addressing the effect of the international political economy on multinationals and their impact on the international systems. Country strategies as well as corporate ones are also included.

Demography and Democracy - Transitions in the Middle East and North Africa (Hardcover): Elhum Haghighat Demography and Democracy - Transitions in the Middle East and North Africa (Hardcover)
Elhum Haghighat
R1,808 Discovery Miles 18 080 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The Middle East and North Africa have recently experienced one of the highest population growth rates in the world, something which has profoundly affected the wider region and its institutions. In addition, the recent period of unprecedented political turbulence has further complicated the picture, resulting in uprisings and resistance movements that have coincided with intense shifts in socio-cultural norms, as well as economic and political change. Through highlighting the links between population dynamics and the social and political transitions, this book provides a new view of these recent regional changes. The complexity of the changes is further explained in the context of demographic transitions (mortality, fertility, migration) that work hand in hand with development (economic and social modernization) and ultimately, democratization (political modernization). These three Ds (Demographic, Development and Democratic transitions) are central to Elhum Haghighat's analysis of the Middle East and North Africa at this crucial time.

Therefore Choose Life (Paperback): George Wald Therefore Choose Life (Paperback)
George Wald; Introduction by Lewis Auerbach
R330 R270 Discovery Miles 2 700 Save R60 (18%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

"All men, everywhere, have asked the same questions: Whence we come, what kind of thing we are, and at least some intimation of what may become of us . . ." So begins Nobel Prize-winning scientist George Wald's 1970 Massey Lectures, now in print for the first time ever. Where did we come from, who are we, and what is to become of us - these questions have never been more urgent. Then, as now, the world is facing major political and social upheaval, from overpopulation to nuclear warfare to environmental degradation and the uses and abuses of technology. Using scientific fact as metaphor, Wald meditates on our place, and role, on Earth and in the universe. He urges us to therefore choose life - to invest in our capabilities as human beings, to heed the warnings of our own self-destruction, and above all to honour our humanity.

Bitter Honey - Recuperating the medical and scientific context of Bernard Mandeville (Paperback, New edition): Phillip Hilton Bitter Honey - Recuperating the medical and scientific context of Bernard Mandeville (Paperback, New edition)
Phillip Hilton
R1,205 Discovery Miles 12 050 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This is a bold, often provocative interpretation of a neglected classic on depression, originally written by the notorious Bernard Mandeville (1670-1733) for his patients. It makes the case that Mandeville's Treatise was a milestone of experimental literature that blended satire with science and used comedy for the relief of madness. The study recounts the culture of the Augustan virtuosi in fascinating detail: the atomic foundations of a forgotten neo-Epicurean theory for the human craving for luxury, Baconian 'initiative literature' (his ideal form of scientific literature), the danger of being driven mad by reading, the use of satire as a prophylactic against derangement and the importance of satire for science. It also proposes that Mandeville may possibly have been influenced by Gnostic and Manichaean thought. Readers who are familiar with The Fable of the Bees and Mandeville's reputation as a champion of the effects of egotism may be surprised by the account of Mandeville's bitter criticisms of the selfishness of his professional colleagues, a selfishness that left no public benefits to atone for private vice. As baroque as its subject, this is essential reading for anyone with an interest in Mandeville, early modern English literature or the culture of Enlightenment science and medicine.

Crisis and Critique - A Brief History of Media Participation in Times of Crisis (Paperback): Anne Kaun Crisis and Critique - A Brief History of Media Participation in Times of Crisis (Paperback)
Anne Kaun
R530 Discovery Miles 5 300 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Throughout history, innovations in media have had a profound impact on protest and dissent. But while these recent developments in social media have been the subject of intense scholarly attention, there has been little consideration of the wider historical role of media technologies in protest. Drawing on the work of key theorists such as Walter Benjamin and Raymond Williams, Crisis and Critique provides a historical analysis of media practices within the context of major economic crises. Through richly detailed case studies of the movements which emerged during three different economic crises - the unemployed workers' movement of the Great Depression, the rent strike movement of the early 1970s and the Occupy Wall Street protests which followed the recession of 2007 - Kaun provides an in-depth analysis of the cultural, economic and social consequences of media technologies, and their role in shaping and facilitating resistance to capitalism.

The Oxford Handbook of Social Movements (Paperback): Donatella della Porta, Mario Diani The Oxford Handbook of Social Movements (Paperback)
Donatella della Porta, Mario Diani
R1,131 Discovery Miles 11 310 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The Oxford Handbook of Social Movements is an innovative volume that presents a comprehensive exploration of social movement studies, mapping the field and expanding it to examine the recent developments in cognate areas of studies, within and beyond sociology and political science. This volume brings together the most distinguished social and political scientists working in this field, each writing thought-provoking essays in their area of expertise, and facilitates conversations between classic social movement agenda and lines of research. The Oxford Handbook of Social Movements discusses core theoretical perspectives, recent contributions from the field, and how patterns of macro social change may affect social movements, as well as suggesting what contributions social movement studies can give to other research areas in various disciplines.

Moral Foundation of Democracy (Paperback): John H. Hallowell Moral Foundation of Democracy (Paperback)
John H. Hallowell
R240 R222 Discovery Miles 2 220 Save R18 (7%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

With "The Moral Foundation of Democracy, " John H. Hallowell makes a significant argument in favor of the importance of moral values in the orderly functioning of modern democracies. Hallowell begins with a survey of the role that classical liberalism and faith in man as a reasonable, moral, and spiritual actor played in the emergence of democratic self-government. He sharply criticizes positivist thought and moral relativism as direct challenges to the notion that transcendent truths guide individuals in their actions and influence how people participate in a democratic society. Hallowell reminds us that at its core, a well-functioning democracy must be based on a fundamental respect for the dignity of the individual.
John H. Hallowell taught political science for forty years at Duke University and was chair of the department from 1964 to 1971. He died in 1991. In addition to this work, Hallowell also wrote "The Decline of Liberalism as an Ideology" (1943) and "Main Currents in Modern Political Thought" (1950).

The Great Risk Shift - The New Economic Insecurity and the Decline of the American Dream, Second Edition (Paperback, 2nd... The Great Risk Shift - The New Economic Insecurity and the Decline of the American Dream, Second Edition (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition)
Jacob Hacker
R402 R337 Discovery Miles 3 370 Save R65 (16%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

[Please note this is placeholder text from the previous edition] America's leaders say the economy is strong and getting stronger. But the safety net that once protected us is fast unraveling. With retirement plans in growing jeopardy while health coverage erodes, more and more economic risk is shifting from government and business onto the fragile shoulders of the American family. In The Great Risk Shift, Jacob S. Hacker lays bare this unsettling new economic climate, showing how it has come about, what it is doing to our families, and how we can fight back. Behind this shift, he contends, is the Personal Responsibility Crusade, eagerly embraced by corporate leaders and Republican politicians who speak of a nirvana of economic empowerment, an "ownership society" in which Americans are free to choose. But as Hacker reveals, the result has been quite different: a harsh new world of economic insecurity, in which far too many Americans are free to lose. The book documents how two great pillars of economic security-the family and the workplace-guarantee far less financial stability than they once did. The final leg of economic support-the public and private benefits that workers and families get when economic disaster strikes-has dangerously eroded as political leaders and corporations increasingly cut back protections of our health care, our income security, and our retirement pensions. Blending powerful human stories, big-picture analysis, and compelling ideas for reform, this remarkable volume will hit a nerve, serving as a rallying point in the vital struggle for economic security in an increasingly uncertain world.

Digital Democracy, Analogue Politics - How the Internet Era is Transforming Politics in Kenya (Paperback): Nanjala Nyabola Digital Democracy, Analogue Politics - How the Internet Era is Transforming Politics in Kenya (Paperback)
Nanjala Nyabola
R437 Discovery Miles 4 370 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

From the upheavals of recent national elections to the success of the #MyDressMyChoice feminist movement, digital platforms have already had a dramatic impact on political life in Kenya - one of the most electronically advanced countries in Africa. While the impact of the Digital Age on Western politics has been extensively debated, there is still little appreciation of how it has been felt in developing countries such as Kenya, where Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and other online platforms are increasingly a part of everyday life. Written by a respected Kenyan activist and researcher at the forefront of political online struggles, this book presents a unique contribution to the debate on digital democracy. For traditionally marginalised groups, particularly women and people with disabilities, digital spaces have allowed Kenyans to build new communities which transcend old ethnic and gender divisions. But the picture is far from wholly positive. Digital Democracy, Analogue Politics explores the drastic efforts being made by elites to contain online activism, as well as how 'fake news', a failed digital vote-counting system and the incumbent president's recruitment of Cambridge Analytica contributed to tensions around the 2017 elections. Reframing digital democracy from the African perspective, Nyabola's ground-breaking work opens up new ways of understanding our current global online era.

Modern Political Thought - Readings from Machiavelli to Nietzsche (Paperback, 2nd edition): David Wootton Modern Political Thought - Readings from Machiavelli to Nietzsche (Paperback, 2nd edition)
David Wootton
R1,360 R1,129 Discovery Miles 11 290 Save R231 (17%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The second edition of David Wootton's Modern Political Thought: Readings from Machiavelli to Nietzsche offers a new unit on modern constitutionalism with selections from Hume, Montesquieu, the Federalist, and Constant. In addition to a new essay by Wootton, this unit features his new translation of Constant's 1819 essay "On Ancient and Modern Liberty". Other changes include expanded selections from Machiavelli's Discourses on Livy and a new Hegel selection, all of which strengthen an already excellent anthology.

Cicero - Political Philosophy (Paperback): Malcolm Schofield Cicero - Political Philosophy (Paperback)
Malcolm Schofield
R572 Discovery Miles 5 720 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This book offers an innovative analytic account of Cicero's treatment of key political ideas: liberty and equality, government, law, cosmopolitanism and imperialism, republican virtues, and ethical decision-making in politics. Cicero (106-43 BC) is well known as a major player in the turbulent politics of the last three decades of the Roman Republic. But he was a political thinker, too, influential for many centuries in the Western intellectual and cultural tradition. His theoretical writings stand as the first surviving attempt to articulate a philosophical rationale for republicanism. They were not written in isolation either from the stances he took in his political actions and political oratory of the period, or from his discussions of immediate political issues or questions of character or behaviour in his voluminous correspondence with friends and acquaintances. In this book, Malcolm Schofield situates the intimate interrelationships between Cicero's writings in all these modes within the historical context of a fracturing Roman political order. It exhibits the continuing attractions of Cicero's scheme of republican values, as well as some of its limitations as a response to the crisis that was engulfing Rome.

John Adams's Republic - The One, the Few, and the Many (Hardcover): Richard Alan Ryerson John Adams's Republic - The One, the Few, and the Many (Hardcover)
Richard Alan Ryerson
R1,184 R1,071 Discovery Miles 10 710 Save R113 (10%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Scholars have examined John Adams's writings and beliefs for generations, but no one has brought such impressive credentials to the task as Richard Alan Ryerson in John Adams's Republic. The editor-in-chief of the Massachusetts Historical Society's Adams Papers project for nearly two decades, Ryerson offers readers of this magisterial book a fresh, firmly grounded account of Adams's political thought and its development. Of all the founding fathers, Ryerson argues, John Adams may have worried the most about the problem of social jealousy and political conflict in the new republic. Ryerson explains how these concerns, coupled with Adams's concept of executive authority and his fear of aristocracy, deeply influenced his political mindset. He weaves together a close analysis of Adams's public writings, a comprehensive chronological narrative beginning in the 1760s, and an exploration of the second president's private diary, manuscript autobiography, and personal and family letters, revealing Adams's most intimate political thoughts across six decades. How, Adams asked, could a self-governing country counter the natural power and influence of wealthy elites and their friends in government? Ryerson argues that he came to believe a strong executive could hold at bay the aristocratic forces that posed the most serious dangers to a republican society. The first study ever published to closely examine all of Adams's political writings, from his youth to his long retirement, John Adams's Republic should appeal to everyone who seeks to know more about America's first major political theorist.

Qualitative Research in Political Science (Hardcover): Joachim Blatter, Markus Haverland, Merlijn Van Hulst Qualitative Research in Political Science (Hardcover)
Joachim Blatter, Markus Haverland, Merlijn Van Hulst
R21,455 R19,980 Discovery Miles 199 800 Save R1,475 (7%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In recent years there has been an explosion of research on qualitative methodology and methods in the social sciences at large, and in the field of Political Science in particular. This Major Work presents a comprehensively curated collection of key literature on this subject, organised into four thematic volumes: Volume One includes papers on the ontological and epistemological foundations of qualitative research, before moving onto articles that compare qualitative with quantitative research, as well as statements that contrast the divergent strands within qualitative research. Volume Two includes literature that exemplifies the tradition and techniques of cross-case comparisons. Volume Three is devoted to the spectrum of approaches that focuses on within-case analysis in order to provide evidence for causal claims. The selected works shed light on the corresponding major concepts: causal mechanisms, congruence and process tracing. Volume Four captures the spectrum of qualitative methods that highlights the importance of context and social constructions (meanings) and is most often summed up as interpretivism: ethnographic and practice approaches as well as discourse, frame and narrative analysis.

The Modern State and its Study - New Administrative Sciences in a Changing Europe and United States (Hardcover): Walter J.M.... The Modern State and its Study - New Administrative Sciences in a Changing Europe and United States (Hardcover)
Walter J.M. Kickert, Richard J. Stillman II
R2,908 Discovery Miles 29 080 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

What is the relationship between changes in modern states and the current practice of public administration, on the one hand, and recent developments in the sciences of administration on the other? The contributors to this unique book address this fundamental question by surveying the origins, evolution and the contemporary state-of-the-art of administrative sciences in Europe and the United States. A distinguished group of international authors presents the historical development of the study of administration in their respective countries and an analysis of how particular national approaches to the study of administration or 'the way of thinking' influences and are influenced by various national institutions. The authors make comparisons between each country and more generally between Europe and United States Public Administration. This book will introduce American audiences to the various European approaches to administrative sciences and vice versa, and Europeans to contemporary American public administration theory. For many American as well as European students in the field, this volume offers a unique comparison between the large, established field of research in the United States and more recent, less well known European administrative sciences. The Modern State and Its Study will be of great interest to scholars of public administration throughout the world. Practicing public administrators as well as new students of this field will find this volume to be a helpful survey of the current vast and rapidly growing body of public administration research on both Europe and the United States.

Joining a Prestigious Club - Cooperation with Europarties and Its Impact on Party Development in Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine... Joining a Prestigious Club - Cooperation with Europarties and Its Impact on Party Development in Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine 20042015 (Paperback)
Maria Shagina; Series edited by Andreas Umland; Foreword by Kataryna Wolczuk
R1,604 R650 Discovery Miles 6 500 Save R954 (59%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Brusselss idea of a wider Europe implies that Europeanisation is not limited to EU member states. The EU can, so it claims, also exert impact beyond its borders. One of the channels of external EU influence is cooperation between Europarties and parties outside the Union. Through mutual visits and joint activities, non-EU parties become internationally socialised, i.e., are exposed to the Europarties norms as well as values, and experience the rules as well as practices that shape European party-building. What are the incentives for Europarties and non-EU parties to cooperate with each other? What kind of, and how much, impact did cooperation have on party development in post-Soviet Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine? Based on eighty interviews with party officials, international donors and academics, Maria Shagina outlines the set of motivations that trigger cooperation between Europarties and non-EU parties, analyses the impact of cooperation on party ideology, organisational structure, and inter-party behaviour in Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine, and explores the implications of this cooperation on the standardisation, consolidation, and democratisation of the non-EU party systems. Her findings shed light on how prestige and domestic factors impede the penetration of EU norms and values in the non-EU party structures, and point to the failures of Europarties to adequately address problems of party-development in Eastern Europe. The book reveals the ways in which cooperation with Europarties has paradoxically contributed to the ossification of the status quo and impaired the development as well as the consolidation of democracy in the three Eastern Partnership states.

Neoliberalism: A Very Short Introduction (Paperback): Manfred B. Steger, Ravi K. Roy Neoliberalism: A Very Short Introduction (Paperback)
Manfred B. Steger, Ravi K. Roy
R207 R195 Discovery Miles 1 950 Save R12 (6%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Anchored in the principles of the free-market economics, 'neoliberalism' has been associated with such different political leaders as Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Augusto Pinochet, and Junichiro Koizumi. In its heyday during the late 1990s, neoliberalism emerged as the world's dominant economic paradigm stretching from the Anglo-American heartlands of capitalism to the former communist bloc all the way to the developing regions of the global South. At the dawn of the new century, however, neoliberalism has been discredited as the global economy, built on its principles, has been shaken to its core by a financial calamity not seen since the dark years of the 1930s. So is neoliberalism doomed or will it regain its former glory? Will reform-minded G-20 leaders embark on a genuine new course or try to claw their way back to the neoliberal glory days of the Roaring Nineties? Is there a viable alternative to neoliberalism? Exploring the origins, core claims, and considerable variations of neoliberalism, this Very Short Introduction offers a concise and accessible introduction to one of the most debated 'isms' of our time. ABOUT THE SERIES: The Very Short Introductions series from Oxford University Press contains hundreds of titles in almost every subject area. These pocket-sized books are the perfect way to get ahead in a new subject quickly. Our expert authors combine facts, analysis, perspective, new ideas, and enthusiasm to make interesting and challenging topics highly readable.

Refusenik! - Israel's Soldiers of Conscience (Paperback, New): Peretz Kidron Refusenik! - Israel's Soldiers of Conscience (Paperback, New)
Peretz Kidron
R848 Discovery Miles 8 480 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Hundreds of Israeli soldiers, called up to take part in controversial campaigns like the 1982 invasion of Lebanon or policing duties in the Palestinian territories today, have refused orders. Many of these 'refuseniks' have faced prison sentences rather than take part in what they regard as an unjust occupation in defence of illegal Jewish settlements. In this inspirational book, Peretz Kidron, himself a refusenik, gives us the stories, experiences, viewpoints, even poetry, of these courageous conscripts who believe in their country, but not in its actions beyond its borders. We read about the cautious, even embarrassed, response of the authorities. And we see the wider implications of the philosophy of selective refusal - which is not the same thing as pacifism -- for conscientious citizens in every country where conscription still exists. Here is a real model for the peace movement in Israel and worldwide.

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