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Queer Objects (Paperback): Chris Brickell, Judith Collard Queer Objects (Paperback)
Chris Brickell, Judith Collard
R899 R793 Discovery Miles 7 930 Save R106 (12%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Queer lives give rise to a vast array of objects: the things we fill our houses with, the gifts we share with our friends, the commodities we consume at work and at play, the clothes and accessories we wear, and the analogue and digital technologies we use to communicate with one another. But what makes an object queer? The sixty-three chapters in Queer Objects consider this question in relation to lesbian, gay and transgender communities across time, cultures and space. In this unique international collaboration, well-known and newer writers traverse world history to write about items ranging from ancient Egyptian tomb paintings and Roman artefacts to political placards, snapshots, sex toys and the smartphone. Fabulous, captivating, transgressive. -- .

Footnotes For The Panther - Conversations Between William Kentridge And Denis Hirson (Hardcover): William Kentridge, Denis... Footnotes For The Panther - Conversations Between William Kentridge And Denis Hirson (Hardcover)
William Kentridge, Denis Hirson
R480 R395 Discovery Miles 3 950 Save R85 (18%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

In June of 2010, William Kentridge asked Denis Hirson to join him in a public conversation at the opening of Cinq Thèmes, the artist’s retrospective exhibition at the Jeu du Paume in Paris. So fruitful was this event that the two decided to have further conversations, public and private, whenever the time and the occasion seemed right. Nine engagements followed, allowing them to explore at great length the many issues and themes arising from Kentridge’s work. These conversations, in which a writer and an artist grapple with the enormous complexities of making art, grow out of a friendship that stretches back to the 1980s and that is deeply entwined in the fortunes of the city where they both grew up and the country that is the wellspring of their work.

Born in Cambridge in 1951, Denis Hirson lived in South Africa until the age of twenty-two, studying social anthropology at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg. In 1975 he settled in France, where he has worked as an actor and lecturer at the École Polytechnique. He has written seven books, almost all of them at the frontier between prose and poetry and concerned with memories of South Africa in the time of apartheid. The most recent of these is the novel The Dancing and the Death on Lemon Street. He has also assembled and edited three anthologies of South African writing, including In the Heat of Shadows: South African poetry 1996–2013. Ma langue au chat, a book in French about the delight and torture experienced by an Anglophone when speaking and writing in French, is forthcoming from Les Éditions du Seuil in October 2017.

William Kentridge was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1955. He is a graphic artist, filmmaker and theatre artist renowned for his humanist and poetic perspective on apartheid, colonialism and totalitarianism, and on their lingering effects. Best known for his allegorical animations of charcoal drawings that he erases and appends frame by frame, Kentridge has explored disciplines ranging from sculpture to books, stereoscope to opera. His works are included in numerous international collections, including the Museum of Modern Art, New York; Tate Modern, London; the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam and the Albertina Museum, Vienna. His acclaimed production of Wozzeck travels to the Metropolitan Opera, New York, for the 2019–20 season.

The V&A Book of Colour in Design (Hardcover): Tim Travis The V&A Book of Colour in Design (Hardcover)
Tim Travis
R844 R660 Discovery Miles 6 600 Save R184 (22%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The V&A Book of Colour in Design is attractively simple: a celebration and exploration of colour, as revealed through objects in the world-class collections of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Structured by colour, it offers fascinating insights into the choices made by designers and makers from across the world and throughout history. Each chapter begins with a brief introduction that considers the history, symbolism, and use of an individual colour. Objects - from items of jewelry, textiles, glassware and ceramics to furniture and more - are reproduced in a visual selection that explores the varied hues of every colour. However different objects within each section may be in their detail and meaning, they are united by their common colour, revealing surprising connections between them. Throughout, narrative captions bring together disparate items from across the V&A's collection to explore the universal significance of colour in art and design. Beautifully designed, this highly visual, colour-led survey of design and the applied arts is a compelling sourcebook with broad appeal for anyone interested or involved in all aspects of visual culture.

The Death of the Artist - How Creators are Struggling to Survive in the Age of Billionaires and Big Tech (Hardcover): William... The Death of the Artist - How Creators are Struggling to Survive in the Age of Billionaires and Big Tech (Hardcover)
William Deresiewicz
R640 R503 Discovery Miles 5 030 Save R137 (21%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Over the last twenty years, art has become more accessible than ever before. A painter can post their latest creation on Instagram and wait as the likes pile up; a budding filmmaker can shoot a clip on their iPhone, then upload it to YouTube for thousands to view. The digital landscape has fundamentally altered what it means to be creative, as well as how consumers interact with artistic production both economically and curatorially. William Deresiewicz, a leading critic of contemporary culture in America, argues that we are in the midst of an epochal transformation within art. Whereas the nineteenth century considered artists to be craftsmen and the twentieth century treated them as professionals, artists today are uniquely dependent upon themselves. The internet, along with decreases in art funding and the growing prevalence of gig economies, has forced artists to become responsible for every aspect of their work, from conception to promotion, from sales to legacy. In The Death of the Artist, Deresiewicz profiles those struggling to make a living through the arts, from the twenty-something college novelist with a multi-hyphenated job title to the midlife painter who must utilise social media to stay relevant. Deresiewicz shows what the birth of the "creative entrepreneur" signifies about our evolving society at large and what might be done to keep artists thriving, because we need them.

Delirious - Art at the Limits of Reason, 1950-1980 (Hardcover): Kelly Baum, Lucy Bradnock, Tina Rivers Ryan Delirious - Art at the Limits of Reason, 1950-1980 (Hardcover)
Kelly Baum, Lucy Bradnock, Tina Rivers Ryan
R1,225 Discovery Miles 12 250 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

An extraordinary, unconventional reevaluation of postwar art through the lens of delirium Addressing the maniacal, eccentric, and disorienting in artworks made between 1950 and 1980, Delirious situates a fascination with the absurd and irrational within the context of the violence and brutality witnessed during World War II as well as the rapid expansion of industrial capitalism in the 1950s. Skepticism of science and technology-along with fear of its capability to promote mass destruction-developed into a distrust of rationalism, which in the arts had the paradoxical result of extracting irrational effects from rational means. Disturbing and challenging, these works upended traditional notions of aesthetic harmony. This thought-provoking book features work by approximately 70 artists from Europe, Latin America, and the United States, including Dara Birnbaum, Leon Ferrari, Bruce Nauman, Howardena Pindell, Peter Saul, Nancy Spero, and many others. Placing the fascination with delirium within historical, literary, political, and cultural contexts, it offers a provocative view of how like-minded artists experimented with irrational subject matter and techniques-ranging from sculpture, painting, photography, and works on paper to film, video, and book design-and forged a new aesthetic that directly responded to the unbalanced times in which they were created.

The Artist's Way - A Course in Discovering and Recovering Your Creative Self (Paperback, New Edition): Julia Cameron The Artist's Way - A Course in Discovering and Recovering Your Creative Self (Paperback, New Edition)
Julia Cameron 1
R360 R297 Discovery Miles 2 970 Save R63 (18%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

'Fascinating . . . I really love this . . . Three times in the last decade I've committed to doing The Artist's Way's program, and each time I've learned something important and surprising about myself and my work . . . Without The Artist's Way, there would have been no Eat, Pray, Love.' - Elizabeth Gilbert The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron provides a twelve-week course that guides you through the process of recovering your creative self. It aims to dispel the 'I'm not talented enough' conditioning that holds many people back and helps you to unleash your own inner artist. Its step-by-step approach enables you to transform your life, overcome any artistic blocks you may suffer from, including limiting beliefs, fear, sabotage, jealousy and guilt, and replace them with self confidence and productivity. The Artist's Way will demystify the creative process by making it a part of your daily life. From Alicia Keys to Elizabeth Gilbert, Patricia Cornwell to Pete Townshend and Russell Brand, The Artist's Way has helped thousands of people around the world to discover their inner artist. Whatever your artistic leanings, this book will give you the tools you need to enable you to fulfil your dreams.

The Field of Cultural Production - Essays on Art and Literature (Paperback): Pierre Bourdieu The Field of Cultural Production - Essays on Art and Literature (Paperback)
Pierre Bourdieu
R499 Discovery Miles 4 990 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

"The Field of Cultural Production" brings together Bourdieu's most important writings on art, literature and aesthetics. Bourdieu develops a highly original approach to the study of literary and artistic works, addressing many of the key issues that have preoccupied literary, art and cultural criticism in the late twentieth century: aesthetic value and judgement, the social contexts of cultural practice, the role of intellectuals and artists, and the structures of literary and artistic authority.

Bourdieu elaborates a theory of the cultural field which situates artistic works within the social conditions of their production, circulation and consumption. He examines the individuals in institutions involved in making products: not only the writers and artists, but also the publishers, critics, dealers, galleries and academies. He analyses the structure of the cultural field itself, as well as its position within the broader social structures of power.

The essays gathered together in this volume examine a variety of substantive topics, including Flaubert's point of view, Manet's aesthetic revolution, the historical creation of the pure gaze, and the relationship between art and power. "The Field of Cultural Production" will be of interest to students and scholars from a wide range of disciplines: sociology and social theory, literature, art and cultural studies.

Red - The History of a Color (Hardcover): Michel Pastoureau Red - The History of a Color (Hardcover)
Michel Pastoureau
R1,118 R780 Discovery Miles 7 800 Save R338 (30%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

A beautifully illustrated visual and cultural history of the color red throughout the ages The color red has represented many things, from the life force and the divine to love, lust, and anger. Up through the Middle Ages, red held a place of privilege in the Western world. For many cultures, red was not just one color of many but rather the only color worthy enough to be used for social purposes. In some languages, the word for red was the same as the word for color. The first color developed for painting and dying, red became associated in antiquity with war, wealth, and power. In the medieval period, red held both religious significance, as the color of the blood of Christ and the fires of Hell, and secular meaning, as a symbol of love, glory, and beauty. Yet during the Protestant Reformation, red began to decline in status. Viewed as indecent and immoral and linked to luxury and the excesses of the Catholic Church, red fell out of favor. After the French Revolution, red gained new respect as the color of progressive movements and radical left-wing politics. In this beautifully illustrated book, Michel Pastoureau, the acclaimed author of Blue, Black, and Green, now masterfully navigates centuries of symbolism and complex meanings to present the fascinating and sometimes controversial history of the color red. Pastoureau illuminates red's evolution through a diverse selection of captivating images, including the cave paintings of Lascaux, the works of Renaissance masters, and the modern paintings and stained glass of Mark Rothko and Josef Albers.

Sketching from the Imagination - Anime & Manga (Paperback): Publishing 3DTotal Sketching from the Imagination - Anime & Manga (Paperback)
Publishing 3DTotal
R630 R556 Discovery Miles 5 560 Save R74 (12%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Enter the vivid world of manga and anime art, with its unique aesthetic and unmistakably rendered characters. The latest in the popular Sketching from the Imagination series, Anime captures the work of 50 artists as they put their own spin on this intriguing style and share the inspiration, processes, and techniques that brought their imaginary manga creations to life.

The Artist's Reality - Philosophies of Art (Paperback): Mark Rothko The Artist's Reality - Philosophies of Art (Paperback)
Mark Rothko; Edited by Christopher Rothko; Contributions by Kate Prizel Rothko
R514 R415 Discovery Miles 4 150 Save R99 (19%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

A recently discovered book manuscript by the celebrated artist Mark Rothko offering a landmark discussion of his views on topics ranging from the Renaissance to contemporary art, criticism, and the role of art and artists in society One of the most important artists of the twentieth century, Mark Rothko (1903-1970) created a new and impassioned form of abstract painting over the course of his career. Rothko also wrote a number of essays and critical reviews during his lifetime, adding his thoughtful, intelligent, and opinionated voice to the debates of the contemporary art world. Although the artist never published a book of his varied and complex views, his heirs indicate that he occasionally spoke of the existence of such a manuscript to friends and colleagues. Stored in a New York City warehouse since the artist's death more than thirty years ago, this extraordinary manuscript, titled The Artist's Reality, is now being published for the first time. Probably written around 1940-41, this revelatory book discusses Rothko's ideas on the modern art world, art history, myth, beauty, the challenges of being an artist in society, the true nature of "American art," and much more. The Artist's Reality alsoincludes an introduction by Christopher Rothko, the artist's son, who describes the discovery of the manuscript and the complicated and fascinating process of bringing the manuscript to publication. The introduction is illustrated with a small selection of relevant examples of the artist's own work as well as with reproductions of pages from the actual manuscript. The Artist's Reality willbe a classic text for years to come, offering insight into both the work and the artistic philosophies of this great painter.

Mathematics and Art - A Cultural History (Hardcover): Lynn Gamwell Mathematics and Art - A Cultural History (Hardcover)
Lynn Gamwell; Foreword by Neil De Grasse Tyson
R1,434 R1,063 Discovery Miles 10 630 Save R371 (26%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This is a cultural history of mathematics and art, from antiquity to the present. Mathematicians and artists have long been on a quest to understand the physical world they see before them and the abstract objects they know by thought alone. Taking readers on a tour of the practice of mathematics and the philosophical ideas that drive the discipline, Lynn Gamwell points out the important ways mathematical concepts have been expressed by artists. Sumptuous illustrations of artworks and cogent math diagrams are featured in Gamwell's comprehensive exploration. Gamwell begins by describing mathematics from antiquity to the Enlightenment, including Greek, Islamic, and Asian mathematics. Then focusing on modern culture, Gamwell traces mathematicians' search for the foundations of their science, such as David Hilbert's conception of mathematics as an arrangement of meaning-free signs, as well as artists' search for the essence of their craft, such as Aleksandr Rodchenko's monochrome paintings. She shows that self-reflection is inherent to the practice of both modern mathematics and art, and that this introspection points to a deep resonance between the two fields: Kurt Godel posed questions about the nature of mathematics in the language of mathematics and Jasper Johns asked "What is art?" in the vocabulary of art. Throughout, Gamwell describes the personalities and cultural environments of a multitude of mathematicians and artists, from Gottlob Frege and Benoit Mandelbrot to Max Bill and Xu Bing. Mathematics and Art demonstrates how mathematical ideas are embodied in the visual arts and will enlighten all who are interested in the complex intellectual pursuits, personalities, and cultural settings that connect these vast disciplines.

Modernist Patterns - In Literature and the Visual Arts (Hardcover): Murray Roston Modernist Patterns - In Literature and the Visual Arts (Hardcover)
Murray Roston
R2,438 Discovery Miles 24 380 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Even when there is no direct contact, artists and writers develop many comparable techniques for coping with problems specific to their time. In "Modernist Patterns," Murray Roston explores the relationships between modernist artists and writers and their responses to the immediate challenges of their time, to the implications of Freudian psychology, molecular theory, relativist theory, and the general weakening of religious faith.

By placing the literary works of such writers as T.S. Eliot, Virginia Woolf, James Joyce, and Ernest Hemingway within the context of the changes that occurred in the visual arts, "Modernist Patterns" expands our understanding of literature and identifies the cultural shifts that generated stylistic innovations within the visual arts.

Introduction to Art - Design, Context, and Meaning (Paperback): Pamela J Sachant, Jeffery LeMieux, Rita Tekippe Introduction to Art - Design, Context, and Meaning (Paperback)
Pamela J Sachant, Jeffery LeMieux, Rita Tekippe
R751 Discovery Miles 7 510 Ships in 7 - 11 working days
A General Theory of Visual Culture (Paperback): Whitney Davis A General Theory of Visual Culture (Paperback)
Whitney Davis
R1,063 R822 Discovery Miles 8 220 Save R241 (23%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

What is cultural about vision--or visual about culture? In this ambitious book, Whitney Davis provides new answers to these difficult and important questions by presenting an original framework for understanding visual culture. Grounded in the theoretical traditions of art history, A General Theory of Visual Culture argues that, in a fully consolidated visual culture, artifacts and pictures have been made to be seen in a certain way; what Davis calls "visuality" is the visual perspective from which certain culturally constituted aspects of artifacts and pictures are visible to informed viewers. In this book, Davis provides a systematic analysis of visuality and describes how it comes into being as a historical form of vision. Expansive in scope, A General Theory of Visual Culture draws on art history, aesthetics, the psychology of perception, the philosophy of reference, and vision science, as well as visual-cultural studies in history, sociology, and anthropology. It provides penetrating new definitions of form, style, and iconography, and draws important and sometimes surprising conclusions (for example, that vision does not always attain to visual culture, and that visual culture is not always wholly visible). The book uses examples from a variety of cultural traditions, from prehistory to the twentieth century, to support a theory designed to apply to all human traditions of making artifacts and pictures--that is, to visual culture as a worldwide phenomenon.

Humanity (Hardcover): Weiwei Ai Humanity (Hardcover)
Weiwei Ai; Edited by Larry Warsh; Introduction by Larry Warsh 1
R298 R241 Discovery Miles 2 410 Save R57 (19%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Writings on human life and the refugee crisis by the most important political artist of our time Ai Weiwei (b. 1957) is widely known as an artist across media: sculpture, installation, photography, performance, and architecture. He is also one of the world's most important artist-activists and a powerful documentary filmmaker. His work and art call attention to attacks on democracy and free speech, abuses of human rights, and human displacement--often on an epic, international scale. This collection of quotations demonstrates the range of Ai Weiwei's thinking on humanity and mass migration, issues that have occupied him for decades. Selected from articles, interviews, and conversations, Ai Weiwei's words speak to the profound urgency of the global refugee crisis, the resilience and vulnerability of the human condition, and the role of art in providing a voice for the voiceless. Select quotations from the book: "This problem has such a long history, a human history. We are all refugees somehow, somewhere, and at some moment." "Allowing borders to determine your thinking is incompatible with the modern era." "Art is about aesthetics, about morals, about our beliefs in humanity. Without that there is simply no art." "I don't care what all people think. My work belongs to the people who have no voice."

The Art of Cruelty - A Reckoning (Paperback): Maggie Nelson The Art of Cruelty - A Reckoning (Paperback)
Maggie Nelson
R400 R326 Discovery Miles 3 260 Save R74 (19%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Maggie Nelson has established herself as one of our foremost cultural critics in this landmark work about representations of violence in art. An important and frequently surprising book . . . could be read as the foundation for a post-avant-garde aesthetics. ?. . . Nelson, who is also a poet, is such a graceful writer that ?I . . . just sat back and enjoyed the show. Laura Kipnis, New York Times Book Review, front-page review Nelson s] critiques of individual artists are delightfully fierce without being mean spirited. . . . Fascinating and bracingly intelligent. . . . The Art of Cruelty s prose is often gorgeous. Troy Jollimore, Boston Globe A lean-forward experience, and in its most transcendent moments, reading it can feel like having the best conversation of your life. Rachel Syme, NPR Books I hope that critics, and aspiring critics, and those who are interested in the relationship between art and ethics, read The Art of Cruelty]. Susie Linfield, New Republic/The Book"

Art in Theory 1648-1815 - An Anthology of Changing Ideas (Paperback): Charles Harrison, Paul Wood, Jason Gaiger Art in Theory 1648-1815 - An Anthology of Changing Ideas (Paperback)
Charles Harrison, Paul Wood, Jason Gaiger
R917 R864 Discovery Miles 8 640 Save R53 (6%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Art in Theory (1648-1815) provides a wide-ranging and comprehensive collection of documents on the theory of art from the founding of the French Academy until the end of the Napoleonic Wars. Like its highly successful companion volumes, Art in Theory (1815-1900) and Art in Theory (1900-1990), its' primary aim is to provide students and teachers with the documentary material for informed and up-to-date study. Its' 240 texts, clear principles of organization and considerable editorial content offer a vivid and indispensable introduction to the art of the early modern period.
Harrison, Wood and Gaiger have collected writing by artists, critics, philosophers, literary figures and administrators of the arts, some reprinted in their entirety, others excerpted from longer works. A wealth of material from French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and Latin sources is also provided, including many new translations.
Among the major themes treated are early arguments over the relative merits of ancient and modern art, debates between the advocates of form and color, the beginnings of modern art criticism in reviews of the Salon, art and politics during the French Revolution, the rise of landscape painting, and the artistic theories of Romanticism and Neo-classicism.
Each section is prefaced by an essay that situates the ideas of the period in their historical context, while relating theoretical concerns and debates to developments in the practice of art. Each individual text is also accompanied by a short introduction. An extensive bibliography and full index are provided.
For more details of our book and journal list in Art, visit http: //www.blackwellpublishing.com/arttheory

Interaction of Color - 50th Anniversary Edition (Paperback, 50 Anniversary Ed): Josef Albers Interaction of Color - 50th Anniversary Edition (Paperback, 50 Anniversary Ed)
Josef Albers; Foreword by Nicholas Fox Weber
R382 Discovery Miles 3 820 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

"One of the most important books on color ever written."-Michael Hession, Gizmodo "Interaction of Color with its illuminating visual exercises and mind-bending optical illusions, remains an indispensable blueprint to the art of seeing. . . . An essential piece of visual literacy."-Maria Popova, Brain Pickings Josef Albers's classic Interaction of Color is a masterwork in art education. Conceived as a handbook and teaching aid for artists, instructors, and students, this influential book presents Albers's singular explanation of complex color theory principles. Originally published by Yale University Press in 1963 as a limited silkscreen edition with 150 color plates, Interaction of Color first appeared in paperback in 1971, featuring ten color studies chosen by Albers, and has remained in print ever since. With over a quarter of a million copies sold in its various editions since 1963, Interaction of Color remains an essential resource on color, as pioneering today as when Albers first created it. Fifty years after Interaction's initial publication, this anniversary edition presents a significantly expanded selection of close to sixty color studies alongside Albers's original text, demonstrating such principles as color relativity, intensity, and temperature; vibrating and vanishing boundaries; and the illusion of transparency and reversed grounds. A celebration of the longevity and unique authority of Albers's contribution, this landmark edition will find new audiences in studios and classrooms around the world.

Art, Truth and Time - Essays in Art (Hardcover): Anselma Scollard Art, Truth and Time - Essays in Art (Hardcover)
Anselma Scollard
R419 R270 Discovery Miles 2 700 Save R149 (36%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Art, Truth, and Time is a book which endeavours to show that artistic creation depends as much upon the body, as it does the soul, and the soul's intelligent use of the body's way of understanding. When there occurs a complete disjunction between the two, as occurs in much of contemporary art, art is stripped of its inherent beauty, its wholeness. In this book the author considers the nature of art from its earliest manifestations to the present day, endeavouring to show that its truth transcends time and place through the unity of soul and body and man's awareness of this unity, not a barren unity, but a unity which is profoundly creative.

Art's Work in the Age of Biotechnology - Shaping Our Genetic Futures (Paperback): Hannah Star Rogers Art's Work in the Age of Biotechnology - Shaping Our Genetic Futures (Paperback)
Hannah Star Rogers; Text written by William Myers
R777 Discovery Miles 7 770 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Evolution has gotten us this far. Design may take it from here. Aimed at raising awareness about genetic engineering, biotechnologies, and their consequences through the lens of art and design, Art's Work in the Age of Biotechnology: Shaping Our Genetic Futures is an art-science exhibition curated by Hannah Star Rogers and organized by the NC State University Libraries and the Genetic Engineering and Society Center, and shown at the Gregg Museum of Art & Design, in the physical and digital display spaces of the Libraries, and on the grounds of the North Carolina Museum of Art. By combining science and art and design, artists offer new insights about genetic engineering by bringing it out of the lab and into public places to challenge viewers' understandings about the human condition, the material of our bodies, and the consequences of biotechnology. Exhibition participants include Kirsten Stolle, Paul Vanouse, Adam Zaretsky, Joe Davis, Emilia Tikka, Emeka Ikebude, Jennifer Willet, Charlotte Jarvis, Maria McKinney, Ciara Redmond, Aaron Ellison, David Buckley Borden, Joel Ong, and others.

Everyone is Creative (Paperback): Michael Atavar Everyone is Creative (Paperback)
Michael Atavar
R335 R313 Discovery Miles 3 130 Save R22 (7%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days
Inside the White Cube - The Ideology of the Gallery Space, Expanded Edition (Paperback, Enlarged Ed): Brian O'Doherty Inside the White Cube - The Ideology of the Gallery Space, Expanded Edition (Paperback, Enlarged Ed)
Brian O'Doherty; Introduction by Thomas McEvilley
R744 R586 Discovery Miles 5 860 Save R158 (21%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

When these essays first appeared in Artforum in 1976, their impact was immediate. They were discussed, annotated, cited, collected, and translated-the three issues of Artforum in which they appeared have become nearly impossible to obtain. Having Brian O'Doherty's provocative essays available again is a signal event for the art world. This edition also includes "The Gallery as Gesture," a critically important piece published ten years after the others. O'Doherty was the first to explicitly confront a particular crisis in postwar art as he sought to examine the assumptions on which the modern commercial and museum gallery was based. Concerned with the complex and sophisticated relationship between economics, social context, and aesthetics as represented in the contested space of the art gallery, he raises the question of how artists must construe their work in relation to the gallery space and system. These essays are essential reading for anyone interested in the history and issues of postwar art in Europe and the United States. Teeming with ideas, relentless in their pursuit of contradiction and paradox, they exhibit both the understanding of the artist (Patrick Ireland) and the precision of the scholar. With an introduction by Thomas McEvilley and a brilliantly cogent afterword by its author, Brian O'Doherty once again leads us on the perilous journey to center to the art world: Inside the White Cube.

Art London - A Guide to Places, Events and Artists (Paperback): Hettie Judah Art London - A Guide to Places, Events and Artists (Paperback)
Hettie Judah; Photographs by Alex Schneideman
R434 R360 Discovery Miles 3 600 Save R74 (17%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Prodigies, revolutionaries, defiers of the patriarchy; drunks, rebels and impassioned immigrants; queer pioneers, paint-spattered punks and proto-feminists: there have always been artists in London. Some were celebrated in their lifetime, others were out-of-step with the spirit of their age: too radical, too subversive, too modest, too female, too foreign. Art London is more than a guidebook. It will accompany you on a journey through this great city, telling stories, uncovering histories, sharing insights into those who have made, collected and influenced art past and present. Moving neighbourhood by neighbourhood, Art London travels the streets with you, revealing art in museums, galleries and beyond, from palace to pub to studio. Anish Kapoor, Grayson Perry, Mona Hatoum, John Akomfra, Rasheed Araeen, Sunil Gupta, Tracey Emin and Yinka Shonibare were among the artists who agreed to have their portraits taken for this book, while at work in their studios. Alex Schneiderman's exclusive photographs reveal the human element behind contemporary art, while pictures of streetside galleries place London's art scene within an ever-expanding cosmopolitan world. Fascinating, entertaining, full of anecdote and insights, Art London reflects the city itself: energetic, diverse, resilient, occasionally outrageous, and never short of fresh ideas. Also in the series: Vinyl London ISBN 9781788840156 Rock 'n' Roll London ISBN 9781788840163 London Peculiars ISBN 9781851499182

The Critique Handbook - The Art Student's Sourcebook and Survival Guide (Paperback, 2nd edition): Kendall Buster, Paula... The Critique Handbook - The Art Student's Sourcebook and Survival Guide (Paperback, 2nd edition)
Kendall Buster, Paula Crawford
R1,044 Discovery Miles 10 440 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

This unique textbook is an invaluable tool for students in any art course requiring critiques. The Critique Handbook is an excellent resource both for beginners and more experienced students. This text was written to address an existing gap in text offerings for art students. Although the critique is central to all art programs, there have been no textbooks or comprehensive guides to help students navigate the critique process. The Critique Handbook fills the need for such a book.

Faceworld (Paperback): Marion Zilio Faceworld (Paperback)
Marion Zilio; Translated by Robin Mackay
R449 Discovery Miles 4 490 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

We have long accepted the face as the most natural and self-evident thing, believing that in it we could read, as if on a screen, our emotions and our doubts, our anger and joy. We have decorated them, made them up, designed them, as if the face were the true calling card of our personality, the public manifestation of our inner being. Nothing could be further from the truth. Rather than a window opening onto our inner nature, the face has always been a technical artefact--a construction that owes as much to artificiality as to our genetic inheritance. From the origins of humanity to the triumph of the selfie, Marion Zilio charts the history of the technical, economic, political, legal, and artistic fabrication of the face. Her account of this history culminates in a radical new interrogation of what is too often denounced as our contemporary narcissism. In fact, argues Zilio, the "narcissism" of the selfie may well reconnect us to the deepest sources of the human manufacture of faces--a reconnection that would also be a chance for us to come to terms with the non-human part of ourselves. This highly original reflection on the fabrication of the face will be of great value to students and scholars of media and culture and to anyone interested in the pervasiveness of the face in our contemporary age of the selfie.

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