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Wendell Phillips, Social Justice, and the Power of the Past (Hardcover): A J Aiseirithe, Donald Yacovone Wendell Phillips, Social Justice, and the Power of the Past (Hardcover)
A J Aiseirithe, Donald Yacovone
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Urban revolt - State power and the rise of people's movements in the global south (Paperback): Trevor Ngwane, Luke... Urban revolt - State power and the rise of people's movements in the global south (Paperback)
Trevor Ngwane, Luke Sinwell, Immanuel Ness
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The urban poor and working class now make up the majority of the world's population, which is expected to expand to 10 billion by midcentury. Much of the growth results from the displacement of rural peasants to the urban cores, resulting in the vast expansion of megacities with populations of up to 20 million people in the global South. The proliferation of informal settlements and slums has resulted in urban areas becoming the principal sites of social upheaval as people seek to improve their living conditions. Drawing on case studies from Africa, Latin America, and Asia, the various chapters in this book map and analyze the conditions in which the majority of the world exists and struggles in the contemporary urban context. Advancing beyond a liberal perspective, the book unpacks the ways in which Urban Social Movements in the global South have challenged or transformed how the city is organized and created possibilities for a revolutionary alternative to the capitalist hegemonic framework.

South Africa's Suspended Revolution - Hopes And Prospects (Paperback): Adam Habib South Africa's Suspended Revolution - Hopes And Prospects (Paperback)
Adam Habib
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South Africa’s Suspended Revolution engages with the country’s transition into democracy and its prospects for inclusive development. It is an antidote to many descriptive and voluntarist explanations in which leaders and other actors are treated as unfettered agents whose choices and behaviour are merely the result of their own abilities or follies. In contrast, Adam Habib explains the story of how South Africa arrived at this point by locating these actors in context. He tries to understand the institutional constraints within which they operated, why they made the choices they did, and what the consequences are. The book also explores what other policy options and behavioural choices may have been available, and why these were forsaken for the ones that were eventually adopted.

In essence, the book is about how South Africa got to its present state of affairs, what the country’s current challenges are, and how these could be transcended. It is deeply historical in the sense of understanding what possibilities may have existed in one moment, but not another. The narrative recognises that societies evolve and as a result the potential for political and socioeconomic advances themselves change.

This then is a story of the dynamic interplay between actors and context, how the latter can constrain and condition the former, but also how individuals and institutions can, with imagination, act against the grain of their location and historical moment, thereby transforming the possibilities and, through them, society itself.

Adam Habib is Vice-chancellor and Principal of the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. He has held academic appointments at the University of Durban-Westville, the University of KwaZulu-Natal (where he was founding director of the Centre for Civil Society), the University of Johannesburg and the Human Sciences Research Council. Habib is widely recognised as one of the more authoritative commentators on South Africa’s democracy and its prospects for inclusive development.

Priests de la Resistance! - The loose canons who fought Fascism in the twentieth century (Hardcover): The Revd Fergus... Priests de la Resistance! - The loose canons who fought Fascism in the twentieth century (Hardcover)
The Revd Fergus Butler-Gallie 1
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Whoever said that Christians had to be meek and mild hadn't met Felix Kir - parish priest, French resistance hero and inventor of the Kir Royale. And they probably weren't thinking of Archbishop Damaskinos who, when threatened with the firing squad by the Nazis, replied, `Please respect our traditions - in Greece we hang our archbishops.' Whether pushing down country roads atop a tank or taking a bullet for an innocent schoolgirl, these fifteen extraordinary people were willing to give their lives to fight for the world they believed in. Wherever fascism has taken root, it has met with resistance. From wartime Athens to sixties Alabama, Vichy France to military dictatorship in Brazil, these are the priests who dared to speak out (and act out) against those who would persuade us that hate is stronger than love.

Die Tronkgesprekke - Nelson Mandela en Kobie Coetzee se Geheime Voorpunt-Diplomasie (Afrikaans, Paperback): Willie Esterhuyse,... Die Tronkgesprekke - Nelson Mandela en Kobie Coetzee se Geheime Voorpunt-Diplomasie (Afrikaans, Paperback)
Willie Esterhuyse, Gerhard van Niekerk
R280 R241 Discovery Miles 2 410 Save R39 (14%) Shipped within 4 - 8 working days

Dié boek onthul dat PW Botha reeds in 1984, te midde van die Totale Aanslag, in die geheim opdrag sou gee dat sy minister van justisie, Kobie Coetsee, gesprekke met Nelson Mandela in die tronk voer. Mandela se aanhouding was toenemend ’n tameletjie vir die NP-regering. Wat as dié ikoon in die tronk sou sterf? Die land sou ontplof. Botha was desperaat.

Wedersydse respek ontwikkel mettertyd tussen Coetsee en Mandela, en die prisonier begin selfs sy eie vrylatingsproses grootliks bestuur. Alles is hoogsgeheim. PW Botha moes dit kon ontken as dit sou uitlek. Maar agter die skerms bou vertroue tussen die leiers van partye wat in die openbaar geswore vyande is.

Bekende skrywer en akademikus Willie Esterhuyse, self ten nouste betrokke by geheime onderhandelinge tussen die ANC en die NP-regering, vertel met medeskrywer Gerhard van Niekerk die verhaal van Coetsee en Mandela se “voorpunt”-diplomasie, waarsonder die 1994-oorgang nie moontlik sou gewees het nie.

From Cattle-Herding to Editor's Chair - The Story of a Forgotten Founder of the ANC (Paperback): Richard Thema From Cattle-Herding to Editor's Chair - The Story of a Forgotten Founder of the ANC (Paperback)
Richard Thema; Edited by Alan Cobley
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What I saw during the time I was employed at the Pass Office – I mean the ill- treatment of Africans – affected my heart and stirred my soul ... I would be of some service to my down-trodden people.

Richard Victor Selope Thema was voorsitter van die komitee wat ’n nuwe grondwet vir die South African Native National Congress opgestel het, die eerste redakteur van The Bantu World (nou The Sowetan) en lid van die Native Representative Council (NRC). Thema was in 1919 ook een van die eerste swart mans wat Engeland besoek het om voorspraak te maak vir swart Suid-Afrikaners.

Die boek, in Thema se eie woorde, beskryf sy vroeë lewe en volg sy denke en skryfwerk van radikaal na pasifis – Thema het geglo dat amper enigiets met onderhandeling en gesprek opgelos kan word en nie almal in die ANC het met hom saamgestem nie. Hy is ’n intellektuele voorvader van beide die ANC-jeugliga en die Pan-Afrikane van die 1950’s, en een van die vergete leiers van die ANC.

The giant is falling - A feature length documentary (DVD): Rehad Desai The giant is falling - A feature length documentary (DVD)
Rehad Desai
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The giant is falling takes a sweeping look at the big political events of recent years that signify the end of an era in South Africa. With declining popularity at the polls and the real possibility of losing the comfortable majority the ANC has enjoyed for two decades, the big debate in South Africa is whether or not the party can recover its reputation as the most respected liberation movement in the world? Locating the moment when things fell apart as the Marikana Massacre, the film charts the various ways people have collectively responded to the ANC’s failure to deliver on its promises. Bookmarked by the 2016 Local Elections, The giant is falling asks why South Africa, a middle-income country, rich in mineral wealth has failed to address inequality in twenty-two years of democracy and why the gap between rich and poor is growing. From the break with the trade unions, to the #FeesMustFall student movement, to the more recent crushing electoral losses at the polls for the ANC, this film provides an unflinching look at the festering sore of inequality that is making the current situation untenable. The question is when the status quo breaks, what will replace it?

Adam Small: Denker, digter, dramaturg (Afrikaans, Paperback): Jacques van der Elst Adam Small: Denker, digter, dramaturg (Afrikaans, Paperback)
Jacques van der Elst
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Met Adam Small se oorlye op 25 Junie 2016 het daar ’n einde gekom aan die lewe van ’n unieke mens en ’n unieke oeuvre: ’n digter, dramaturg en denker met besonderse insig in die aktualiteite van sy tyd. Hoewel die toekenning van die Hertzogprys aan Small in 2012 en die gepaardgaande publisiteit daarrondom die idee vir ’n huldigingsbundel by die SA Akademie vir Wetenskap en Kuns laat ontstaan het, was dit Small se dood wat die deurslag gegee het om die publikasie te verwesenlik: Wanneer ’n kunstenaar sterf en sy stem vir ewig verstom het, bied dit immers die geleentheid om oorkoepelend oor die geheel van sy kunstenaarskap te besin. Die bydraes in hierdie bundel dra die ondertoon van ’n afsluiting, ’n terugblik op die mens en kunstenaar Adam Small, met temas soos die toekoms van Afrikaans en die Afrikaanse letterkunde, die uitbreidende rol van Kaaps, en sosiale vraagstukke soos bendegeweld en armoede. Mense wat Small van naby geken het is hier aan die woord saam met literatore en kollegas uit die maatskaplikewerk-omgewing waarby Small lewenslank betrokke was. Adam Small: Denker, digter, dramaturg – ’n Huldiging hoef nie as afsluiting van die gesprek oor Small se lewe en werk beskou te word nie – inteendeel: Dit bied juis ook geleentheid om die oorkoepelende blik oor Small se kunstenaarskap as inleiding tot verdere ondersoek te benut.

From What is to What If - Unleashing the Power of Imagination to Create the Future We Want (Hardcover): Rob Hopkins From What is to What If - Unleashing the Power of Imagination to Create the Future We Want (Hardcover)
Rob Hopkins 1
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The founder of the international Transition Towns movement asks why true creative, positive thinking is in decline, asserts that it's more important now than ever, and suggests ways our communities can revive and reclaim it.

In these times of deep division and deeper despair, if there is a consensus about anything in the world, it is that the future is going to be awful. There is an epidemic of loneliness, an epidemic of anxiety, a mental health crisis of vast proportions, especially among young people. There’s a rise in extremist movements and governments. Catastrophic climate change. Biodiversity loss. Food insecurity. The fracturing of ecosystems and communities beyond, it seems, repair. The future―to say nothing of the present―looks grim.

But as Transition movement cofounder Rob Hopkins tells us, there is plenty of evidence that things can change, and cultures can change, rapidly, dramatically, and unexpectedly―for the better. He has seen it happen around the world and in his own town of Totnes, England, where the community is becoming its own housing developer, energy company, enterprise incubator, and local food network―with cascading benefits to the community that extend far beyond the projects themselves.

We do have the capability to effect dramatic change, Hopkins argues, but we’re failing because we’ve largely allowed our most critical tool to languish: human imagination. As defined by social reformer John Dewey, imagination is the ability to look at things as if they could be otherwise. The ability, that is, to ask What if? And if there was ever a time when we needed that ability, it is now.

Imagination is central to empathy, to creating better lives, to envisioning and then enacting a positive future. Yet imagination is also demonstrably in decline at precisely the moment when we need it most. In this passionate exploration, Hopkins asks why imagination is in decline, and what we must do to revive and reclaim it. Once we do, there is no end to what we might accomplish.

From What Is to What If is a call to action to reclaim and unleash our collective imagination, told through the stories of individuals and communities around the world who are doing it now, as we speak, and witnessing often rapid and dramatic change for the better.

Spring (Paperback): Ali Smith Spring (Paperback)
Ali Smith 1
R290 R228 Discovery Miles 2 280 Save R62 (21%) Shipped within 4 - 8 working days

'Her best book yet, a dazzling hymn to hope, uniting the past and the present with a chorus of voices' Observer 'A story of our times... Savour it, because there is just one instalment left' Evening Standard 'Spring weaves a story around the most pressing issues of our time... Smith tells stories in a voice you can't help but listen to' The Times From the bestselling author of Autumn and Winter, as well as the Baileys Prize-winning How to be both, comes the next installment in the remarkable, once-in-a-generation masterpiece, the Seasonal Quartet What unites Katherine Mansfield, Charlie Chaplin, Shakespeare, Rilke, Beethoven, Brexit, the present, the past, the north, the south, the east, the west, a man mourning lost times, a woman trapped in modern times? Spring. The great connective. With an eye to the migrancy of story over time, and riffing on Pericles, one of Shakespeare's most resistant and rollicking works, Ali Smith tells the impossible tale of an impossible time. In a time of walls and lockdown Smith opens the door. The time we're living in is changing nature. Will it change the nature of story? Hope springs eternal. Praise for the Seasonal Quartet: 'Transcendental writing about art, death, political lies, and all the dimensions of love. It's a case not so much of reading between the lines as of being blinded by the light between the lines - in a good way' Deborah Levy on Autumn 'The novel of the year is obviously Autumn, which managed the miracle of making at least a kind of sense out of post-Brexit Britain' Olivia Laing, Observer on Autumn 'Ali Smith is flat-out brilliant, and she's on fire these days... Combining brainy playfulness with depth, topicality with timelessness, and complexity with accessibility while delivering an impassioned defence of human decency and art' NPR on Winter 'Rank[s] among the most original, consoling and inspiring of the artistic responses to 'this mad and bitter mess' of the present' Financial Times on Winter 'A novel of great ferocity, tenderness and generosity of spirit that you feel Dickens would have recognised... Smith is engaged in an extended process of mythologizing the present states of Britain... Luminously beautiful' Observer on Winter

Path to power, Volume II - An autobiography of thought leadership (Hardcover): Arthur G.O. Mutambara Path to power, Volume II - An autobiography of thought leadership (Hardcover)
Arthur G.O. Mutambara
R495 R382 Discovery Miles 3 820 Save R113 (23%) Shipped within 4 - 10 working days

This is the second of three volumes in a series that traces the leadership thoughts and philosophical disposition of Professor Arthur G.O. Mutambara over a period of 35 years. The dramatic removal of Robert Mugabe by a people-backed coup d’etat in November 2017 was greeted with euphoria and high expectations. However, the ensuing goodwill was rapidly squandered – the dream was deferred. Zimbabwe’s elections in July 2018 generated tremendous hope – the exhilaration for change was palpable. Alas, it was not to be. The vision of a peaceful, democratic and wealthy nation characterised by inclusive economic growth and shared prosperity – the ‘Zimbabwean Dream’ – has proven difficult to attain. In fact, this ambition has been hard to achieve in most African countries. Hence, Mutambara’s work is in search of the elusive ‘African Dream’. The trilogy constitutes a fascinating intellectual and political journey by the man who would become Deputy Prime Minister of Zimbabwe at the age of 42. It is a collection of grounded reflections presented together with selected autobiographical material. The work is a product of rigorous and peer-reviewed research and analysis. It contributes to the epistemology of thought leadership from the perspective of an engineer-cum-politician, bridging the knowledge gap between the two disciplines. This volume – The Path to Power – deals with Mutambara’s return to Africa from the United States and his re-entry into Zimbabwean politics, leading to his swearing-in as Deputy Prime Minister. The book discusses the build-up to the disputed 2008 elections and the chaotic aftermath. An erudite and blistering speech Mutambara gave led to his arrest and detention. Neither SADC nor the AU recognised the sham and genocidal June 2008 run-off election. This led to the SADC mediation efforts, facilitated by SA’s Thabo Mbeki. The intervention produced the GPA – the basis for the GNU. This well-researched book is the first literary contribution by someone intimately involved with both the GPA and GNU. In 2018, with the rigging of elections in Zimbabwe now at an industrial scale, the book articulates the lessons to be drawn from such polls. It proffers a strategic way forward – the path to power. The book is organised into three sections: Return to Africa and Re-entry into Politics (2003–2005); Building a Viable Alternative to ZANU-PF (2006–2007); and Journey Towards the GNU (2008–2009).

One race, the human race, now! (Paperback): Neil Wright One race, the human race, now! (Paperback)
Neil Wright
R269 R214 Discovery Miles 2 140 Save R55 (20%) Shipped within 4 - 10 working days

“How did we move from the inspiring moments of Nelson Mandela’s release after 27 years of incarceration, and the euphoria of our first democratic elections in 1994, to State Capture and the disaster of Jacob Zuma’s reign – a controversial President with over 800 charges of corruption pending? More importantly, what can we as a nation do about it? These are big issues – but Neil Wright does not pull any punches in bringing them out in the open and is not shy to give his opinions and possible solutions. His core message is that for true transformation to happen, it has to happen from the inside out, not imposed from the top down. By embracing the concept of “One Race, the Human Race, Now!” South Africans have the chance to emerge from present challenges and finally shake off the shadow of our divided past.”

The Wretched of the Earth (Paperback): Frantz Fanon The Wretched of the Earth (Paperback)
Frantz Fanon 2
R200 R172 Discovery Miles 1 720 Save R28 (14%) Shipped within 4 - 8 working days

The Wretched of the Earth is a classic, political work which has gained prominence in SA during the recent student (and political) uprisings. It is an in- depth analysis of the effects of colonisation on the individual in society. It examines the consequences of a decolonising struggle and the needed path to liberation. Themes of class, race, violence and culture are discussed, and this book has had a major impact on civil and human rights, anti-colonialism, and black consciousness movements around the world, and is currently hotly-debated in SA.

Biko: A Biography (Paperback, Anniversary Edition): Xolela Mangcu Biko: A Biography (Paperback, Anniversary Edition)
Xolela Mangcu
R250 R215 Discovery Miles 2 150 Save R35 (14%) Shipped within 4 - 8 working days

“A brilliant biography that will transform your understanding of this young, charismatic leader” — Joseph Nhini, BooksLive, Sunday Times

“Deeply thought-provoking” — Tyrone August, Cape Times

“Makes a good job of weaving together a number of strands that make the totality of the powerful persona Biko became ... Sheds new light on more than just Biko” — Sam Mkokeli, Business Day

Interest in the iconic Steve Biko has strongly revived, as the current generation of activists calls on his legacy and thoughts. Biko is cited and disputed particularly in the #RhodesMustFall and decolonisation movements. This comprehensive biography, shortlisted for the Alan Paton award, explores Biko's life, the people and ideas that shaped him, and his part in Black Consciousness and the struggle. Updated in an affordable new edition, Biko: A Biography presents a new generation with nuanced insights into the life and thought of a South African hero.

William Wilberforce - The Life of the Great Anti-Slave Trade Campaigner (Paperback): William Hague William Wilberforce - The Life of the Great Anti-Slave Trade Campaigner (Paperback)
William Hague 2
R356 R251 Discovery Miles 2 510 Save R105 (29%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

William Hague has written the life of William Wilberforce who was both a staunch conservative and a tireless campaigner against the slave trade. Hague shows how Wilberforce, after his agonising conversion to evangelical Christianity, was able to lead a powerful tide of opinion, as MP for Hull, against the slave trade, a process which was to take up to half a century to be fully realised. Indeed, he succeeded in rallying to his cause the support in the Commons Debates of some the finest orators in Parliament, having become one of the most respected speakers of those times. Hague examines twenty three crucial years in British political life during which Wilberforce met characters as varied as Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, Tsar Alexander of Russia, and the one year old future Queen Victoria who used to play at his feet. He was friend and confidant of Pitt, Spencer Perceval and George Canning. He saw these figures raised up or destroyed in twenty three years of war and revolution. Hague presents us with a man who teemed with contradictions: he took up a long list of humanitarian causes, yet on his home turf would show himself to be a firm supporter of the instincts, interests and conservatism of the Yorkshire freeholders who sent him to Parliament. William Hague's masterful study of this remarkable and pivotal figure in British politics brings to life the great triumphs and shattering disappointments he experienced in his campaign against the slave trade, and shows how immense economic, social and political forces came to join together under the tireless persistence of this unique man.

Times Like These - Scene & Heard: Graphic Reports of Modern Life (Paperback): David Ziggy Greene Times Like These - Scene & Heard: Graphic Reports of Modern Life (Paperback)
David Ziggy Greene
R306 R236 Discovery Miles 2 360 Save R70 (23%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Discover the truth behind the headlines with this collection of Private Eye's popular reportage column Scene & Heard, including previously unseen sketches and reports. David Ziggy Greene travels the country asking questions and sketching scenes of modern life. His detailed, funny, astute works of graphic reportage - at protests and festivals, cycle rides, farms and prisons - reveal the human cost of policy and the profound local impact of legislation. This new collection of columns also contains much brand new material - including a series of insightful sketches of human hubs such as A&E, the tube and the courts. With a foreword by Mark Thomas.

Global Discontents - Conversations on the Rising Threats to Democracy (Paperback): Noam Chomsky, David Barsamian Global Discontents - Conversations on the Rising Threats to Democracy (Paperback)
Noam Chomsky, David Barsamian 1
R235 R141 Discovery Miles 1 410 Save R94 (40%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

What kind of world are we leaving to our grandchildren? How are the discontents kindled today likely to blaze and explode tomorrow? From escalating climate change to the devastation in Syria, pandemic state surveillance to looming nuclear war, Noam Chomsky takes stock of the world today. Over the course of ten conversations with long-time collaborator David Barsamian, spanning 2013-2016, Chomsky argues in favour of radical changes to a system that cannot possibly cope with what awaits tomorrow. Interwoven with personal reflections spanning from childhood to his eighth decade of life, Global Discontents also marks out Chomsky's own intellectual journey, mapping his progress to revolutionary ideas and global prominence.

Suid-Afrika se Grensoorlog 1966-1989 (Afrikaans, Hardcover): Willem Steenkamp Suid-Afrika se Grensoorlog 1966-1989 (Afrikaans, Hardcover)
Willem Steenkamp
R420 R353 Discovery Miles 3 530 Save R67 (16%) Shipped within 4 - 8 working days

’n Kwarteeu nadat die laaste skote in die Grensoorlog geklap het is daar steeds talle mistastings oor die oorlog. Sedert Willem Steenkamp se topverkoper Suid-Afrika se Grensoorlog in 1989 gepubliseer is, het die geweerlope afgekoel en die stof en die rook van die slagveld gaan le. Die hersiene weergawe van die klassieke boek plaas nuwe feite op die tafel en gee ’n skerpogige terugblik op die oorlog.

No Is Not Enough - Defeating the New Shock Politics (Paperback): Naomi Klein No Is Not Enough - Defeating the New Shock Politics (Paperback)
Naomi Klein 1
R268 R158 Discovery Miles 1 580 Save R110 (41%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

**The New York Times and Sunday Times Bestseller** 'An ordinary person's guide to hope. Read this book' Arundhati Roy 'As accessible as it is brilliant' Owen Jones 'A genuine page turner' Michelle Alexander Naomi Klein - award-winning journalist, bestselling author of No Logo, The Shock Doctrine and This Changes Everything, scourge of brand bullies and corporate liars - gives us the toolkit we need to survive our surreal, shocking age. 'This is a look at how we arrived at this surreal political moment, how to keep it from getting a lot worse, and how, if we keep our heads, we can flip the script.' Remember when love was supposed to Trump hate? Remember when the oil companies and bankers seemed to be running scared? What the hell happened? And what can we do about it? Naomi Klein shows us how we got here, and how we can make things better. No Is Not Enough reveals, among other things, that the disorientation we're feeling is deliberate. That around the world, shock political tactics are being used to generate crisis after crisis, designed to force through policies that will destroy people, the environment, the economy and our security. That extremism isn't a freak event - it's a toxic cocktail of our times. From how to trash the Trump megabrand to the art of reclaiming the populist argument, Naomi Klein shows all of us how we can break the spell and win the world we need. Don't let them get away with it. 'Who better than Naomi to make sense of this madness, and help us find a way out? A top-of-the-stack must read' Michael Stipe 'Naomi Klein's new book incites us brilliantly to interweave our No with a programmatic Yes. A manual for emancipation' Yanis Varoufakis 'Magnificent ... a courageous coruscating counterspell' Junot Diaz

This Queer Angel (Paperback): Elaine Chambers This Queer Angel (Paperback)
Elaine Chambers
R259 R182 Discovery Miles 1 820 Save R77 (30%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

A revealing memoir, laying open the cruel truth behind the longstanding ban on LGBT+ personnel serving openly in H.M. Forces. Discover the human cost of being deemed a criminal in the institutions protecting fellow citizens' hard-won freedoms. The first book covering recent military history, written from a lesbian perspective. * `The inside story of the long, heroic battle to overturn homophobia in the British Armed Forces. Inspiring!' - Peter Tatchell `A richly textured and deeply human tour de force. Chambers is a deft storyteller who movingly chronicles her battle to live authentically. Unputdownable.' - Dr Emma Vickers, Senior Lecturer in History, Liverpool John Moores University

The Fire Is upon Us - James Baldwin, William F. Buckley Jr., and the Debate over Race in America (Hardcover): Nicholas Buccola The Fire Is upon Us - James Baldwin, William F. Buckley Jr., and the Debate over Race in America (Hardcover)
Nicholas Buccola
R583 R458 Discovery Miles 4 580 Save R125 (21%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

How the clash between the civil rights firebrand and the father of modern conservatism continues to illuminate America (TM)s racial divide On February 18, 1965, an overflow crowd packed the Cambridge Union in Cambridge, England, to witness a historic televised debate between James Baldwin, the leading literary voice of the civil rights movement, and William F. Buckley Jr., a fierce critic of the movement and America's most influential conservative intellectual. The topic was "the American dream is at the expense of the American Negro," and no one who has seen the debate can soon forget it. Nicholas Buccola's The Fire Is upon Us is the first book to tell the full story of the event, the radically different paths that led Baldwin and Buckley to it, the controversies that followed, and how the debate and the decades-long clash between the men continues to illuminate America's racial divide today. Born in New York City only fifteen months apart, the Harlem-raised Baldwin and the privileged Buckley could not have been more different, but they both rose to the height of American intellectual life during the civil rights movement. By the time they met in Cambridge, Buckley was determined to sound the alarm about a man he considered an "eloquent menace." For his part, Baldwin viewed Buckley as a deluded reactionary whose popularity revealed the sickness of the American soul. The stage was set for an epic confrontation that pitted Baldwin (TM)s call for a moral revolution in race relations against Buckley (TM)s unabashed elitism and implicit commitment to white supremacy. A remarkable story of race and the American dream, The Fire Is Upon Us reveals the deep roots and lasting legacy of a disagreement that continues to haunt our politics.

Back to Black - Retelling Black Radicalism for the 21st Century (Paperback): Kehinde Andrews Back to Black - Retelling Black Radicalism for the 21st Century (Paperback)
Kehinde Andrews
R226 Discovery Miles 2 260 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Born out of resistance to slavery and colonialism, the Black radical tradition has a long and proud history, one which reaches from Marcus Garvey and the Black Panthers to the Black Lives Matter activists of today. And yet, the Black radical tradition has also consistently been one of the most misrepresented and misunderstood. The Politics of Black Radicalism explores the roots of this tradition, while also considering what a renewed politics of Black radicalism might look like in the 21st century. Surveying Black radicalism's many varied forms and influences, and incorporating feminist and LGBT perspectives, Andrews shows that Black radicalism has too often been misconstrued as a narrow form of cultural nationalism, an attitude which overlooks its fundamentally global and inclusive character. Black radicalism's legacy outside the US has been particularly neglected, and Andrews's work is distinctive in offering an analysis of this legacy within British, African and Caribbean contexts. Extending his analysis to the present day, Andrews argues that progress towards racial equality has stalled, as the radical tradition has given way to more moderate demands for reform. Now more than ever, it is time for us to reclaim the Black radical tradition, and to resume its global struggle for justice and equality.

This Is Not A Drill (Paperback): Extinction Rebellion This Is Not A Drill (Paperback)
Extinction Rebellion 1
R175 R138 Discovery Miles 1 380 Save R37 (21%) Shipped within 4 - 8 working days
Things That Can and Cannot Be Said (Paperback): John Cusack, Arundhati Roy Things That Can and Cannot Be Said (Paperback)
John Cusack, Arundhati Roy
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From the bestselling author of The Ministry of Utmost Happiness An extraordinary secret meeting between four brilliant political activists: Booker Prize-winner Arundhati Roy, NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden, Pentagon Papers insider Daniel Ellsberg and acclaimed actor John Cusack 'What sort of love is this love that we have for countries? What sort of country is it that will ever live up to our dreams? What sort of dreams were these that have been broken?' In 2014, four people met in secret in a hotel room in Moscow. Each was a leading global advocate for government transparency and accountability: they had come together to talk. Over the course of two days, Arundhati Roy, Edward Snowden, John Cusack and Daniel Ellsburg shared ideas and beliefs - about the Vietnam War and the Pentagon Papers, the NSA and the ongoing crises in the Middle East, the American government and the nature of activism. Co-authored by Roy and Cusack, and interleaving verbatim conversations with narrated recollections, this Penguin Special captures an historic moment. Interrogating the geopolitical forces that shape our world, it is both political and personal, activist and humanist - irreverent, funny and absolutely urgent. In Things That Can and Cannot Be Said, Arundhati Roy and John Cusack issue a powerful rallying cry, a call to resistance against America's ongoing, malign hegemony.

Winnie Mandela - A Life (Paperback): Anne Marie du Preez Bezdrob Winnie Mandela - A Life (Paperback)
Anne Marie du Preez Bezdrob 1
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Few people have courted as much controversy or evoked such strong and divergent emotions as Winnie Madikizela-Mandela. Adored by some, abhorred by others, she bears a name famous throughout the world, yet not many people know the woman behind the headlines, myths and controversies, or the details of the fascinating story that is her life. This biography reveals the enigma that is Winnie Mandela, by exploring both her personal and political life.

The reader is given a rare glimpse into Winnie's strict yet happy rural upbringing, where the foundations were laid for her faith, compassion and indomitable resolve. As a young social worker in 1950s Johannesburg, her beauty, style and character captivated the political activist and Tembu prince, Nelson Mandela. Together, they personified the rising aspirations and political awakening of their people, and, in so doing, inspired a nation. Through her fierce determination and dauntless courage, she survived her husband's imprisonment, continuous harassment by the security police, banishment to a small Free State town, betrayal by friends and allies, and more than a year in solitary confinement – all the while keeping the struggle flame alight and the name of Nelson Mandela alive.

A sensitive and balanced portrayal, the title nevertheless thoroughly investigates and honestly examines the controversies that have dogged Winnie Mandela in recent years - the allegations of kidnapping and murder, her divorce from Mandela, and the current charges of fraud.

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