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Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement - Controversies and Debates (Paperback, New): John A. Kirk Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement - Controversies and Debates (Paperback, New)
John A. Kirk
R931 R773 Discovery Miles 7 730 Save R158 (17%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Martin Luther King Jr exercised a tremendous degree of influence in a movement that between 1955 and 1965 successfully dismantled a system of legalised racial segregation and disfranchisement entrenched for over sixty years in the United States. How did King, who came from a subordinated group within American society, help effect this change? What background, characteristics, abilities and ideas enabled him to do this? Why was King so important in shaping the civil rights movement?

John A. Kirk looks at the sources of King's power in the black community and its relationship to wider American society, focusing particularly on the role of the black church, the philosophy of nonviolence and issues of leadership, whilst paying due attention to the voices of King's critics and detractors and to the limitations of his power. He locates King firmly within the context of other leaders and organisations, voices and opinions, and tactics and ideologies, which made up the movement as a whole.

Fifty years after the Montgomery bus boycott, which launched King's movement leadership, this book moves beyond the all-too-often oversimplified story of King's life and times to provide an innovative analytical framework for understanding the role played by one of the United States' most important historical figures.

John A. Kirk is senior lecturer in US History at Royal Holloway, University of London. He has written extensively on the history of the civil rights movement, including "Redefining the Color Line: Black Activism in Little Rock, Arkansas, 1940 1970" (2002) which won the 2003 J. G. Ragsdale Book Award.""

This City Belongs to You - A History of Student Activism in Guatemala, 1944-1996 (Paperback): Heather A Vrana This City Belongs to You - A History of Student Activism in Guatemala, 1944-1996 (Paperback)
Heather A Vrana
R803 R629 Discovery Miles 6 290 Save R174 (22%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Between 1944 and 1996, Guatemala experienced a revolution, counterrevolution, and civil war. Playing a pivotal role within these national shifts were students from Guatemala's only public university, the University of San Carlos (USAC). USAC students served in, advised, protested, and were later persecuted by the government, all while crafting a powerful student nationalism. In no other moment in Guatemalan history has the relationship between the university and the state been so mutable, yet so mutually formative. By showing how the very notion of the middle class in Guatemala emerged from these student movements, this book places an often-marginalized region and period at the center of histories of class, protest, and youth movements and provides an entirely new way to think about the role of universities and student bodies in the formation of liberal democracy throughout Latin America.

Global Soccer Mom - Changing the World Is Easier Than You Think (Paperback): Shayne Moore Global Soccer Mom - Changing the World Is Easier Than You Think (Paperback)
Shayne Moore
R350 R327 Discovery Miles 3 270 Save R23 (7%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Women are the caretakers of the world. Yet global HIV and AIDS and extreme poverty can seem overwhelming. Even if these things break our mother s hearts, how is a busy, full-time mom to get engaged and make a difference? Global Soccer Mom shows that everyday moms care deeply about these issues and long to engage the world in a meaningful way. Busy women everywhere will resonate with Shayne s story as a mother of three who learned she could make a difference on the global level. Follow Shayne s journey---sometimes humorous, sometimes poignant and learn how you can get involved too. Activist Shayne Moore knows the challenge of managing a home and the desire to make a difference for those who are suffering. As a full-time mom, she has journeyed from an insular suburban world into the arena of global advocacy, where she s worked alongside media superstars to effect change. Using the power of story, she inspires women everywhere to start right where they are and make a real difference. Moore s work has taken her far beyond her comfortable suburban home. She s travelled to international summits and was featured in a commercial with Julia Roberts, George Clooney, and Matt Damon. She s been interviewed by CNN, NBC, and The Wall Street Journal, and featured in a photo shoot in Vanity Fair s Africa issue. You CAN make a difference. Real change starts right where you are."

Activism in Jordan (Paperback): Penelope Larzilliere Activism in Jordan (Paperback)
Penelope Larzilliere; Translated by Cynthia Schoch
R543 Discovery Miles 5 430 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In Jordan, between censorship, repression and election rigging, political activism is limited - despite the democratic opening glimpsed in 1989. In this important new book, Penelope Larzilliere charts the path of longstanding activists in Jordan and shows how opposition movements there have shifted from the underground to a heavily controlled public sphere. Activists discuss their motivation and commitment and the consequences their activism has had throughout their lives. Not only do these accounts highlight the general conditions for political activism in a repressive regime, they also unpack the meaning individuals attach to their political journey and chosen ideology, whether communist, nationalist, Islamist or otherwise.

Fray - Art and Textile Politics (Hardcover): Julia Bryan-Wilson Fray - Art and Textile Politics (Hardcover)
Julia Bryan-Wilson
R1,191 R1,102 Discovery Miles 11 020 Save R89 (7%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In 1974, women in a feminist consciousness-raising group in Eugene, Oregon, formed a mock organization called the Ladies Sewing Circle and Terrorist Society. Emblazoning its logo onto t-shirts, the group wryly envisioned female collective textile making as a practice that could upend conventions, threaten state structures, and wreak political havoc. Elaborating on this example as a prehistory to the more recent phenomenon of "craftivism" the politics and social practices associated with handmaking Fray explores textiles and their role at the forefront of debates about process, materiality, gender, and race in times of economic upheaval. Closely examining how amateurs and fine artists in the United States and Chile turned to sewing, braiding, knotting, and quilting amid the rise of global manufacturing, Julia Bryan-Wilson argues that textiles unravel the high/low divide and urges us to think flexibly about what the politics of textiles might be. Her case studies from the 1970s through the 1990s including the improvised costumes of the theater troupe the Cockettes, the braided rag rugs of US artist Harmony Hammond, the thread-based sculptures of Chilean artist Cecilia Vicuna, the small hand-sewn tapestries depicting Pinochet's torture, and the NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt are often taken as evidence of the inherently progressive nature of handcrafted textiles. Fray, however, shows that such methods are recruited to often ambivalent ends, leaving textiles very much "in the fray" of debates about feminized labor, protest cultures, and queer identities; the malleability of cloth and fiber means that textiles can be activated, or stretched, in many ideological directions. The first contemporary art history book to discuss both fine art and amateur registers of handmaking at such an expansive scale, Fray unveils crucial insights into how textiles inhabit the broad space between artistic and political poles high and low, untrained and highly skilled, conformist and disobedient, craft and art.

Paramilitary Loyalism - Identity and Change (Hardcover): Richard Reed Paramilitary Loyalism - Identity and Change (Hardcover)
Richard Reed
R2,156 R1,943 Discovery Miles 19 430 Save R213 (10%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This book takes a provocative second look at paramilitary loyalism, charting the evolution of the loyalist identity through more than forty years of conflict and peace. Based on extensive documentary and oral evidence from former combatants, politicians and key interlocutors, it assesses this journey through the lens of a model of identity taken from a range of academic disciplines. With its focus on drawing out the defining humanity - in its positive and negative guises - of the loyalist experience, the book tells a story that traces a line from the chaotic, violent birth of the paramilitaries in the late 1960s and early 1970s to the challenges facing the organisations in the post-conflict landscape. The book will be of interest to a wide range of audiences, including students and scholars of Irish studies, terrorism and extremism, peace and conflict studies, criminology, psychology and political sociology, as well as the educated general reader seeking a closer understanding of loyalist paramilitarism or the role of identity in provoking and sustaining conflict. -- .

Faction Displayed - Reconsidering the Impeachment of Dr Henry Sacheverell (Paperback, New): Mark Knights Faction Displayed - Reconsidering the Impeachment of Dr Henry Sacheverell (Paperback, New)
Mark Knights
R542 Discovery Miles 5 420 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Faction Displayed: Reconsidering the Impeachment of Dr. Henry Sacheverell features a collection of essays that examine the turbulent partisan culture during Queen Anne s reign that ensued as a result of the 1710 parliamentary trial of English clergyman Henry Sacheverell. * Features several essays originating from a 2010 conference held at the Palace of Westminster to mark the tercentenary of Sacheverell s impeachment * Links events in Parliament to the public that was both fascinated and enraged by them * Explores the nature of the public sphere and critiques Habermas s notion of it * Offers a form of cultural parliamentary history and addresses the many forms of partisanship evident in the rage of party

To Exist is to Resist - Black Feminism in Europe (Paperback): Akwugo Emejulu, Francesca Sobande To Exist is to Resist - Black Feminism in Europe (Paperback)
Akwugo Emejulu, Francesca Sobande
R420 R347 Discovery Miles 3 470 Save R73 (17%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

This book brings together activists, artists and scholars of colour to show how Black feminism and Afrofeminism are being practiced in Europe today, exploring their differing social positions in various countries, and how they organise and mobilise to imagine a Black feminist Europe. Deeply aware that they are constructed as 'Others' living in a racialised and hierarchical continent, the contibutors explore gender, class, sexuality and legal status to show that they are both invisible - presumed to be absent from and irrelevant to European societies - and hyper-visible - assumed to be passive and sexualised, angry and irrational. Through imagining a future outside the neocolonial frames and practices of contemporary Europe, this book explores a variety of critical spaces including motherhood and the home, friendships and intimate relationships, activism and community, and literature, dance and film.

Democracy in the Making - How Activist Groups Form (Paperback): Kathleen M Blee Democracy in the Making - How Activist Groups Form (Paperback)
Kathleen M Blee
R863 Discovery Miles 8 630 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Winner of the 2012 ARNOVA Outstanding Book in Nonprofit and Voluntary Action Research Award 2013 Charles Tilly Award for Best Book from the American Sociological Association Section on Collective Behavior and Social Movements "Democracy in the Making offers a marvelous synthesis of sociological acumen and hope. Kathleen Blee finds that while social activists often narrow their visions of doable social change, they also can learn together and take surprising new directions with unpredictable results. A wide range of activists will recognize themselves in this book's wonderfully fine-grained portraits of politics at the grassroots."-Paul Lichterman, author of Elusive Togetherness: Church Groups Trying to Bridge America's Divisions "This book is an enormous breath of fresh air in an area that often recycles concepts and perspectives. Blee offers a strikingly original approach to grassroots activism that will substantially reorient research in collective action and social movements."-Marc W. Steinberg, Associate Professor of Sociology, Smith College With civic engagement commonly understood to be on the decline and traditional bases of community and means of engagement increasingly fractured, how do people become involved in collective civic action? How do activist groups form? What hampers the ability of these groups to invigorate political life, and what enables it? Kathleen Blee's groundbreaking new study provides a provocative answer: the early times matter. By following grassroots groups from their very beginnings, Blee traces how their sense of possibility shrinks over time as groups develop a shared sense of who they are that forecloses options that were once open. At the same time, she charts the turning points at which options re-open and groups become receptive to change and reinvention. Based on observing more than sixty grassroots groups in Pittsburgh for three years, Democracy in the Making is an unprecedented look at how ordinary people come together to change society. It gives a close-up look at the deliberations of activists on the left and right as they work for animal rights, an end to the drug trade in their neighbourhood, same-sex marriage, global peace, and more. It shows how grassroots activism can provide an alternative to civic disengagement and a forum for envisioning how the world can be transformed. At the same time, it documents how activist groups become mired in dysfunctional and undemocratic patterns that their members dislike, but cannot fix. By analyzing the possibilities and pitfalls that face nascent activist organizations, Blee reveals how critical early choices are to the success of grassroots activism. Vital for scholars and activists alike, this practical yet profound study shows us, through the examples of both groups that flourish and those that flounder, how grassroots activism can better live up to its democratic potential.

Race and Riots in Thatcher's Britain (Hardcover): Simon Peplow Race and Riots in Thatcher's Britain (Hardcover)
Simon Peplow
R2,155 R1,942 Discovery Miles 19 420 Save R213 (10%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This powerful and original book locates the anti-police violence that spread across England in 1980-1 within a longer struggle against racism and disadvantage faced by black Britons, which had seen a growth in more militant forms of resistance since the Second World War. It explains these disturbances as 'collective bargaining by riot' - attempts to increase political inclusion by this marginalised group. Through case studies of Bristol, Brixton and Manchester, the book explores the actions of community organisations in the aftermath of disorders. Highlighting the political activities of black Britons and the often-problematic reliance upon 'official' sources when forming historical narratives, it demonstrates the contested value awarded to public inquiries - contrastingly viewed by black Britons as either a method for increased political participation or simply a governmental diversionary tactic. -- .

The One-Hour Activist - The 15 Most Powerful Actions You Can Take to Fight for the Issues and Candidates You Care About... The One-Hour Activist - The 15 Most Powerful Actions You Can Take to Fight for the Issues and Candidates You Care About (Paperback)
Christopher Kush
R340 R257 Discovery Miles 2 570 Save R83 (24%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

No matter what your political persuasion, "The One-Hour Activist" is your guide to influencing lawmakers, candidates, and reporters. "The One-Hour Activist" reveals fifteen powerful, proven grassroots actions that persuade lawmakers and candidates to see things your way. Each action is designed to grab the attention of your representatives and build relationships that serve your issues over the long run. And each action takes less than an hour to complete, so you can make a difference without giving up your life! "The One-Hour Activist" is packed with insider advice from elected officials, professional organizers, lobbyists, and journalists who share state-of-the-art tips for getting your message across. Real-life examples of effective letters, e-mail, phone calls, public testimony, and news story pitches from concerned citizens just like you illustrate the actions.

Too Hot to Handle? - The Democratic Challenge of Climate Change (Paperback): Rebecca Willis Too Hot to Handle? - The Democratic Challenge of Climate Change (Paperback)
Rebecca Willis 1
R345 Discovery Miles 3 450 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Scientists are clear that urgent action is needed on climate change, and world leaders agree. Yet climate issues barely trouble domestic politics. This book explores a central dilemma of the climate crisis: science demands urgency; politics turns the other cheek. Is it possible to hope for a democratic solution to climate change? Based on interviews with leading politicians and activists, and the author's twenty years on the frontline of climate politics, this book explores why climate is such a challenge for political systems, even when policy solutions exist. It argues that more democracy, not less, is needed to tackle the climate crisis, and suggests practical ways forward.

Radical Friend - Amy Kirby Post and Her Activist Worlds (Hardcover): Nancy A. Hewitt Radical Friend - Amy Kirby Post and Her Activist Worlds (Hardcover)
Nancy A. Hewitt
R1,036 Discovery Miles 10 360 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

A pillar of radical activism in nineteenth-century America, Amy Kirby Post (1802-1889) participated in a wide range of movements and labored tirelessly to orchestrate ties between issues, causes, and activists. A conductor on the Underground Railroad, co-organizer of the 1848 Rochester Woman's Rights Convention, and a key figure in progressive Quaker, antislavery, feminist, and spiritualist communities, Post sustained movements locally, regionally, and nationally over many decades. But more than simply telling the story of her role as a local leader or a bridge between local and national arenas of activism, Nancy A. Hewitt argues that Post's radical vision offers a critical perspective on current conceptualizations of social activism in the nineteenth century. While some individual radicals in this period have received contemporary attention-most notably William Lloyd Garrison, Frederick Douglass, and Lucretia Mott (all of whom were friends of Post)-the existence of an extensive network of radical activists bound together across eight decades by ties of family, friendship, and faith, has been largely ignored. In this in-depth biography of Post, Hewitt demonstrates a vibrant radical tradition of social justice that sought to transform the nation.

I Hate War But I Hate Our Enemies Even More (Paperback): Heath Schultz, Becky Nasadowski I Hate War But I Hate Our Enemies Even More (Paperback)
Heath Schultz, Becky Nasadowski
R351 R274 Discovery Miles 2 740 Save R77 (22%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days
On the Global Waterfront - The Fight to Free the Charleston 5 (Paperback): Suzan Erem, E. Paul Durrenberger On the Global Waterfront - The Fight to Free the Charleston 5 (Paperback)
Suzan Erem, E. Paul Durrenberger
R511 Discovery Miles 5 110 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

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Longshoremen stand at the nexus of the global economy, handling nearly every cargo container that enters or leaves any country. Even in the face of cargo acontainerizationa in the 70s and 80s, a development that decimated longshore unions, they have managed to win contracts that provide health benefits and high wages.

On the Global Waterfront tells the story of how longshoremen in South Carolina confronted attempts to wipe out the stateas most powerful black organization. When a Danish shipping company began to shift their transportation to a nonunion firm in 1999, Local 1422 in Charleston, South Carolina, mobilized to protect their hard-won rights. What followed culminated in a protest in which 660 riot police were deployed against fifty dockworkers, a group that grew to 150 before the night was over. Four black and one white longshoreman -- subsequently known as the Charleston 5 -- were held for twenty months under house arrest on trumped-up felony charges of inciting a riot.

Within the politically conservative, racially charged, and intensely religious climate of the South, the unassuming local union president, Ken Riley -- supported behind the scenes by a militant AFL-CIO staffer -- crafted an international, grassroots campaign in defense of the arrested longshoremen. From Australia to Europe to Korea to the entire west coast of the United States, longshoremen threatened to shut down ports jeopardizing billions of dollars in trade per day. Their ultimate success vaulted Riley, and his reform-minded coworkers, to higher leadership in a notoriously corrupt union, and laid the foundation for successful rebuffs in ports around the world. On the GlobalWaterfront explores in detail a local conflict and in the process exposes the powers that rule the United States and the global economy. This compelling narrative of a local struggle, a transformed union leader, and a newly energized international worker movement highlights the resounding importance of the international labor movement that is not only still vital, but still capable of stopping global commerce on a dime.

Vanguardia - Socially Engaged Art and Theory (Hardcover): Marc James Leger Vanguardia - Socially Engaged Art and Theory (Hardcover)
Marc James Leger
R569 R514 Discovery Miles 5 140 Save R55 (10%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The avant garde is dead, or so the story goes for many leftists and capitalists alike. But in an era of neoliberal austerity, neocolonial militarism and ecological crisis, this postmodern view seems increasingly outmoded. Rejecting 'end of ideology' post-politics, Vanguardia delves into the changing praxis of socially engaged art and theory in the age of the Capitalocene. Covering the major events of the last decade, from anti-globalisation protests, Occupy Wall Street, the Maple Spring, Strike Debt and the Anthropocene, to the Black Lives Matter and MeToo campaigns, Vanguardia puts forward a radical leftist commitment to the revolutionary consciousness of avant-garde art and politics. -- .

The Testimony Of Steve Biko (Paperback): Millard W. Arnold The Testimony Of Steve Biko (Paperback)
Millard W. Arnold 2
R280 R231 Discovery Miles 2 310 Save R49 (18%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

The SASO/BPC trial which took place from October 1974 until December 21st 1974 played an intrinsic role in the surge of Black Consciousness thought. An ideology founded by Stephen Bantu Biko, which wished to relay the unspoken strength and spirit of the African people.

It was seen to be a way of thought developed for the African people to reclaim confidence within their skin tone. As the trail commenced in the year 1974, little was known about the ideology’s founder – Steve Biko, aside from his colleagues and followers of the movement, as his whereabouts and communication had been limited as the Apartheid government had ordered a ban on Biko; thereby restricting his movements and communication with individuals.

When Steve entered the Pretoria courtroom in Pretoria as a star witness to deliver his testimony on Black Consciousness, in the three-month trial; those who had heard of the myth of the man named Biko, got to witness him in court. This, gave traction and new-found understanding to the teachings of Black Consciousness. This book focuses solely on his testimony, as said in his words. The spoken words that ignited the momentum of resistance that could not be stopped.

Memory Against Forgetting - Memoir Of A Life In South African Politics 1938-1964 (Paperback, 2nd Ed): Rusty Bernstein Memory Against Forgetting - Memoir Of A Life In South African Politics 1938-1964 (Paperback, 2nd Ed)
Rusty Bernstein
R380 R314 Discovery Miles 3 140 Save R66 (17%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

Lionel `Rusty' Bernstein was arrested at Liliesleaf Farm, Rivonia, on 11 July 1963 and tried for sabotage, alongside Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu, Govan Mbeki and other leaders of the African National Congress and Umkhonto we Sizwe in what came to be known as the Rivonia Trial.

He was acquitted in June 1964, but was immediately rearrested. After being released on bail, he fled with his wife Hilda into exile, followed soon afterwards by their family. This classic text, first published in 1999, is a remarkable man's personal memoir of a life in South African resistance politics from the late 1930s to the 1960s.

In recalling the events in which he participated, and the way in which the apartheid regime affected the lives of those involved in the opposition movements, Rusty Bernstein provides valuable insights into the social and political history of the era.

Guerrilla Kindness and Other Acts of Creative Resistance - Making A Better World Through Craftivism (Paperback): Sayraphim... Guerrilla Kindness and Other Acts of Creative Resistance - Making A Better World Through Craftivism (Paperback)
Sayraphim Lothian, Betsy Greer
R572 R466 Discovery Miles 4 660 Save R106 (19%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

# 1 Best Seller in Crafts & Hobbies, Stenciling Resistance CraftsCraftivism can be your voice of resistance: Craftivism is a non-threatening form of activism that gives people a voice when they feel voiceless and power where they feel powerless. It is an international movement for our time and noted Craftivism expert Sayraphim Lothian has put together the first-ever tutorial book on craftivism. In Guerrilla Kindness: artist, scholar, activist, and YouTube art teacher Sayraphim Lothian gives you an introduction to the art of craftivism, and provides a brief history of creative resistance. This master craftivist shows you how to make and use various crafts for political and protest purposes including: Embroidery Cross stitch Knitting Stenciling Decoupage Stamping and much more Join us in the Craftivism movement: Craftivism is a growing worldwide movement in which hand crafted works are being used to highlight political issues, creatively engage in activism, and encourage change in the world. Craftivists employ their works to open a space for people to be introduced to issues and to broaden the discussion surrounding them. While it might seem that this most colorful movement began recently, creative resistance has been with us for centuries around the globe, and craftivism and makers stating their mind through the medium of art is here to stay.

Yes Yes Yes - Australia's Journey to Marriage Equality (Paperback): Shirleene Robinson, Alex Greenwich Yes Yes Yes - Australia's Journey to Marriage Equality (Paperback)
Shirleene Robinson, Alex Greenwich
R515 R476 Discovery Miles 4 760 Save R39 (8%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

A compelling, moving account of the long journey to marriage equality in Australia. Yes Yes Yes, written by two advocates intimately involved in the struggle for marriage equality, reveals the untold story of how a grassroots movement won hearts and minds and transformed a country. From its tentative origins in 2004, through to a groundswell of public support, everyday people contributed so much to see marriage equality become law. The book captures the passion that propelled the movement forward, weaving together stories of heartbreak, hope and triumph. It is based on personal memories and more than twenty interviews with key figures and everyday advocates from across Australia. It covers the movement's origins in 2004, when the Marriage Act of 1961 was amended to exclude same-sex couples, through to the unsuccessful High Court challenge, a public vote in 2017 and the Parliamentary aftermath. It reminds us that social change is possible and that love is love.

Standing with Standing Rock - Voices from the #NoDAPL Movement (Paperback): Nick Estes, Jaskiran Dhillon Standing with Standing Rock - Voices from the #NoDAPL Movement (Paperback)
Nick Estes, Jaskiran Dhillon
R619 R502 Discovery Miles 5 020 Save R117 (19%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Dispatches of radical political engagement from people taking a stand against the Dakota Access Pipeline It is prophecy. A Black Snake will spread itself across the land, bringing destruction while uniting Indigenous nations. The Dakota Access Pipeline is the Black Snake, crossing the Missouri River north of the Standing Rock Indian Reservation. The oil pipeline united communities along its path-from North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, and Illinois-and galvanized a twenty-first-century Indigenous resistance movement marching under the banner Mni Wiconi-Water Is Life! Standing Rock youth issued a call, and millions around the world and thousands of Water Protectors from more than three hundred Native nations answered. Amid the movement to protect the land and the water that millions depend on for life, the Oceti Sakowin (the Dakota, Nakota, and Lakota people) reunited. A nation was reborn with renewed power to protect the environment and support Indigenous grassroots education and organizing. This book assembles the multitude of voices of writers, thinkers, artists, and activists from that movement. Through poetry and prose, essays, photography, interviews, and polemical interventions, the contributors, including leaders of the Standing Rock movement, reflect on Indigenous history and politics and on the movement's significance. Their work challenges our understanding of colonial history not simply as "lessons learned" but as essential guideposts for current and future activism. Contributors: Dave Archambault II, Natalie Avalos, Vanessa Bowen, Alleen Brown, Kevin Bruyneel, Tomoki Mari Birkett, Troy Cochrane, Michelle L. Cook, Deborah Cowen, Andrew Curley, Martin Danyluk, Jaskiran Dhillon, Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, Liz Ellis, Nick Estes, Marcella Gilbert, Sandy Grande, Craig Howe, Elise Hunchuck, Michelle Latimer, Layli Long Soldier, David Uahikeaikalei'ohu Maile, Jason Mancini, Sarah Sunshine Manning, Katie Mazer, Teresa Montoya, Chris Newell, The NYC Stands with Standing Rock Collective, Jeffrey Ostler, Will Parrish, Shiri Pasternak, endawnis Spears, Alice Speri, Anne Spice, Kim TallBear, Mark L. Tilsen, Edward Valandra, Joel Waters, Tyler Young.

Autonomy Is In Our Hearts - Zapatista Autonomous Government through the Lens of the Tsotsil Language (Paperback): Dylan... Autonomy Is In Our Hearts - Zapatista Autonomous Government through the Lens of the Tsotsil Language (Paperback)
Dylan Eldredge Fitzwater, John P. Clark
R469 R366 Discovery Miles 3 660 Save R103 (22%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days
Deliberative Democracy - A Critical Introduction (Hardcover): Zsuzsanna Chappell Deliberative Democracy - A Critical Introduction (Hardcover)
Zsuzsanna Chappell
R2,541 R2,397 Discovery Miles 23 970 Save R144 (6%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In spite of the global diffusion of democracy and a general commitment to democratic values, there is a widespread alienation from the political process in advanced democracies. Deliberative democracy has received much attention in recent years as a possible solution to this malaise. Its promise of a more engaged and collective form of politics has drawn the interest of policy makers and political philosophers - generating new avenues of thought in contemporary democratic theory as well as heated debates about its utility in practice. This book provides an ideal starting point in understanding the core concepts of deliberative democracy. It is the first text to offer a systematic introduction to the theories and debates in the field and to combine this with a detailed critique of both the theory and the practice of deliberative democracy. It examines the core values of deliberative democrats and evaluates the implementation of deliberative practices at the local, national and global level - considering, along the way, how far it is possible to introduce meaningful deliberative reform in existing democracies. Giving readers a state-of-the-art account of the field, this book addresses fundamental questions about deliberative democracy and also charts the future directions for contemporary democratic thought.

The Earth, the City, and the Hidden Narrative of Race (Paperback): Carl C Anthony The Earth, the City, and the Hidden Narrative of Race (Paperback)
Carl C Anthony
R517 R446 Discovery Miles 4 460 Save R71 (14%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In this work, Carl Anthony shares his perspectives as an African-American child in post-World War II Philadelphia; a student and civil rights activist in 1960s Harlem; a traveling student of West African architecture; and an architect, planner, and environmental justice advocate in Berkeley. He contextualizes this within American urbanism and human origins, making profoundly personal both African American and American urban histories as well as planetary origins and environmental issues, to not only bring a new worldview to people of color, but to set forth a truly inclusive vision of our shared planetary future.The Earth, the City, and the Hidden Narrative of Race connects the logics behind slavery, community disinvestment, and environmental exploitation to address the most pressing issues of our time in a cohesive and foundational manner. Most books dealing with these topics and periods silo issues apart from one another, but this book contextualizes the connections between social movements and issues, providing tremendous insight into successful movement building. Anthony's rich narrative describes both being at the mercy of racism, urban disinvestment, and environmental injustice as well as fighting against these forces with a variety of strategies.Because this work is both a personal memoir and an exposition of ideas, it will appeal to those who appreciate thoughtful and unique writing on issues of race, including individuals exploring their own African American identity, as well as progressive audiences of organizations and community leaders and professionals interested in democratizing power and advancing equitable policies for low-income communities and historically disenfranchised communities.

Suffragette Planners and Plotters - The Pankhurst/Pethick-Lawrence Story (Paperback): Atherton, Kathryn Suffragette Planners and Plotters - The Pankhurst/Pethick-Lawrence Story (Paperback)
Atherton, Kathryn
R366 R298 Discovery Miles 2 980 Save R68 (19%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Emmeline and Frederick Pethick-Lawrence were an extraordinary couple and theirs is an extraordinary political and personal story. Emmeline was treasurer of Mrs Pankhurst's militant Women's Social and Political Union. Fred was the only man to achieve leadership status in the organisation. Without their wealth, determination and skills we might never have heard of the suffragettes'. Emmeline was always at Mrs Pankhurst's side whilst Fred was the Godfather' who stood bail for a thousand women. Both were imprisoned and force-fed. They provided the militant movement with its colours, its home, and much of its vision, and it was their associates who initiated the hunger strike and who brought force-feeding to national attention. But in 1912 the couple were dramatically ousted from the organisation by the Pankhursts in a move that has often been misrepresented. This book is a portrait of the couple and their relationship with the Pankhursts, and of their inspirational fight, not just for the vote for women, but for freedom and equality across the world. The Pethick-Lawrences were once as well known as the Pankhursts. But they have been neglected by history. This is the first book to give the Pethick-Lawrences the recognition that their part in the fight for the vote deserves, shedding new light on the development of the militant campaign. It is also the first to address in detail the complexities of the dramatic split with the Pankhursts which has been misunderstood for a hundred years.

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Democracy & Delusion - 10 Myths In South…
Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh Paperback  (6)
R245 R211 Discovery Miles 2 110
My Father Died For This
Lukhanyo Calata, Abigail Calata Paperback R295 R254 Discovery Miles 2 540
Biko - Philosophy, Identity And…
Mabogo Percy More Paperback  (3)
R220 R182 Discovery Miles 1 820
100 Mandela Moments
Kate Sidley Paperback R190 R152 Discovery Miles 1 520
Patrick van Rensburg - Rebel, Visionary…
Kevin Shillington Paperback R385 R285 Discovery Miles 2 850