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Our Hearts Are in France (Hardcover): Jordan Marxer Our Hearts Are in France (Hardcover)
Jordan Marxer
R949 R740 Discovery Miles 7 400 Save R209 (22%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Six Days in August - The Story of Stockholm Syndrome (Hardcover): David King Six Days in August - The Story of Stockholm Syndrome (Hardcover)
David King
R640 R510 Discovery Miles 5 100 Save R130 (20%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

On the morning of August 23, 1973, a man wearing a wig, makeup, and a pair of sunglasses walked into the main branch of Sveriges Kreditbank, a prominent bank in central Stockholm. He ripped out a submachine gun, fired it into the ceiling, and shouted, "The party starts!" This was the beginning of a six-day hostage crisis-and media circus-that would mesmerize the world, drawing into its grip everyone from Sweden's most notorious outlaw to the prime minister himself. As policemen and reporters encircled the bank, the crime-in-progress turned into a high-stakes thriller broadcast on live television. Inside the building, meanwhile, complicated emotional relationships developed between captors and captives that would launch a remarkable new concept into the realm of psychology, hostage negotiation, and popular culture. Based on a wealth of previously unpublished sources, including rare film footage and unprecedented access to the main participants, Six Days in August captures the surreal events in their entirety, on an almost minute-by-minute basis. It is a rich human drama that blurs the lines between loyalty and betrayal, obedience and defiance, fear and attraction-and a groundbreaking work of nonfiction that forces us to consider "Stockholm syndrome" in an entirely new light.

Fighting Terror after Napoleon - How Europe Became Secure after 1815 (Hardcover): Beatrice De Graaf Fighting Terror after Napoleon - How Europe Became Secure after 1815 (Hardcover)
Beatrice De Graaf
R872 Discovery Miles 8 720 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

After twenty-six years of unprecedented revolutionary upheavals and endless fighting, the victorious powers craved stability after Napoleon's defeat in 1815. With the threat of war and revolutionary terror still looming large, the coalition launched an unprecedented experiment to re-establish European security. With over one million troops remaining in France, they established the Allied Council to mitigate the threat of war and terror and to design and consolidate a system of deterrence. The Council transformed the norm of interstate relations into the first, modern system of collective security in Europe. Drawing on the records of the Council and the correspondence of key figures such as Metternich, Castlereagh, Wellington and Alexander I, Beatrice de Graaf tells the story of Europe's transition from concluding a war to consolidating a new order. She reveals how, long before commercial interest and economic considerations on scale and productivity dictated and inspired the project of European integration, the common denominator behind this first impulse for a unification of Europe in norms and institutions was the collective fight against terror.

The Ruin of Kasch (Paperback): Roberto Calasso The Ruin of Kasch (Paperback)
Roberto Calasso; Translated by Richard Dixon
R475 R388 Discovery Miles 3 880 Save R87 (18%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Muhammad in Europe - A Thousand Years of Western Myth-Making (Paperback): Minou Reeves Muhammad in Europe - A Thousand Years of Western Myth-Making (Paperback)
Minou Reeves
R798 Discovery Miles 7 980 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

"A deep study of "the veneration of the Prophet in Islamic Piety.,."This scholarly work renders high service in promoting understanding not only internationally but in plural societies which have a Muslim presence."
-- "Frontline"

"Reveals rivalry and confrontation, but also fascination for the exotic as she points out clichA(c)s and distortions that have shaped western views of Islam and its founder."
--"Book News, Inc."

"In this well-written and timely work...Reeves makes a serious effort to be fair to the authors surveyed in her wrok regardless of the views held."
-- "Choice"

"An engaging and enlightening book. It does a superior job of showing how the West has contributed to the current clash of civilizations."
--"Sixteenth Century Journal"

Generations of Western writersfrom the Crusades to the present dayhave written portraits claiming to depict the life and personality of Muhammad, the founder of Islam. Over the course of thirteen centuries, stubbornly biased and consistently negative representations have persisted, presenting images which bear no resemblance to the noble man familiar to Muslims. Muhammad in Europe traces this consistent tradition of distortion and provides an account of the reasons behind it.

Drawing on works dating from the Middle Ages to the last decade of the twentieth century and spanning Latin, Italian, French, German, and English language sources, the book culminates with a critical analysis of Salman Rushdie's controversial novel, "The Satanic Verses,"

The Language of Thieves - My Family's Obsession with a Secret Code the Nazis Tried to Eliminate (Hardcover): Martin Puchner The Language of Thieves - My Family's Obsession with a Secret Code the Nazis Tried to Eliminate (Hardcover)
Martin Puchner
R650 R521 Discovery Miles 5 210 Save R129 (20%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Centuries ago in middle Europe, a coded language appeared, scrawled in graffiti and spoken only by people who were "wiz" (in the know). This hybrid language, dubbed Rotwelsch, facilitated survival for people in flight-whether escaping persecution or just down on their luck. It was a language of the road associated with vagabonds, travelers, Jews, and thieves that blended words from Yiddish, Hebrew, German, Romani, Czech, and other European languages and was rich in expressions for police, jail, or experiencing trouble, such as "being in a pickle." This renegade language unsettled those in power, who responded by trying to stamp it out, none more vehemently than the Nazis. As a boy, Martin Puchner learned this secret language from his father and uncle. Only as an adult did he discover, through a poisonous 1930s tract on Jewish names buried in the archives of Harvard's Widener Library, that his own grandfather had been a committed Nazi who despised this "language of thieves." Interweaving family memoir with an adventurous foray into the mysteries of language, Puchner crafts an entirely original narrative. In a language born of migration and survival, he discovers a witty and resourceful spirit of tolerance that remains essential in our volatile present.

My Revision Notes: OCR A-level History: Russia and its Rulers 1855-1964 (Paperback): Andrew Holland My Revision Notes: OCR A-level History: Russia and its Rulers 1855-1964 (Paperback)
Andrew Holland
R308 R286 Discovery Miles 2 860 Save R22 (7%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Exam Board: OCR Level: A-Level Subject: History First Teaching: September 2015 First Exam: Summer 2016 Target success in OCR A-level History with this proven formula for effective, structured revision; key content coverage is combined with exam preparation activities and exam-style questions to create a revision guide that students can rely on to review, strengthen and test their knowledge. - Enables students to plan and manage a successful revision programme using the topic-by-topic planner - Consolidates knowledge with clear and focused content coverage, organised into easy-to-revise chunks - Encourages active revision by closely combining historical content with related activities - Helps students build, practise and enhance their exam skills as they progress through activities set at three different levels - Improves exam technique through exam-style questions with sample answers and commentary from expert authors and teachers - Boosts historical knowledge with a useful glossary and timeline

The Stones of Florence (Paperback): Mary McCarthy The Stones of Florence (Paperback)
Mary McCarthy
R372 R302 Discovery Miles 3 020 Save R70 (19%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

This is a unique tribute to Florence, combining history, artistic description, and social observation. A memorable portrait of the Florentine spirit and of those figures who exemplify this spirit, such as Dante, Michelangelo, Brunelleschi, Donatello, and Machiavelli.

The Little Book of Versailles (Hardcover): Dominique Foufelle The Little Book of Versailles (Hardcover)
Dominique Foufelle
R309 R258 Discovery Miles 2 580 Save R51 (17%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Why did Louis XIII go to Versailles? How many kings of France have lived in this palace? Why did Louis XIV decide to live outside Paris? When did the king's court settle in the palace? Why did courtiers wear wigs? Who is the most famous chronicler of life in the time of Louis XIV's court? Which sovereign was the mostly badly damaged by the "Affair of the Diamond Necklace"? Which was the last king to live in the castle? Filled with pictures gloriously illustrating the past, this small volume charts the history of France's most famous castle over the course of four centuries, from its construction in 1631 to the signature of the Peace Treaty in 1919, via the women's march on Versailles in 1789.

Running With Pheidippides - Stylianos Kyriakides, The Miracle Marathoner (Hardcover, 1st ed): Nick Tsiotos Running With Pheidippides - Stylianos Kyriakides, The Miracle Marathoner (Hardcover, 1st ed)
Nick Tsiotos
R706 R557 Discovery Miles 5 570 Save R149 (21%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

It is 1946. World War II is over. As the rest of Europe struggles to rebuild itself, Greece--which had bitterly resisted Nazi occupation--is ripped apart by civil war. Thousands are dead or dying of starvation. In the face of such epic disaster, one Greek athlete takes valiant action. This is the true story of Stylianos Kyriakides, champion Greek runner who against all odds entered the 1946 Boston, Marathon, a race he had lost eight years before. Now Kyriakides ran not just to win, but to wake the world to the plight of his people. Although ravaged by hunger, Kyriakides pushed his wracked body to the limits. Boston doctors urged him to quit. "You will die in the streets," they warned. Fueled by dauntless devotion to his countrymen and bolstered by the love of his wife, the runner persevered and triumphed. But winning the marathon was only the first step. With characteristic grit, Kyriakides remained in the United States long enough to raise money, equipment, and medical supplies for his country. A grateful Greece proclaimed him a hero. Nearly one million welcomed him home. Drawing on interviews and unprecedented access to family photos and papers, the authors vividly chronicle the real-life drama of Kyriakides: a runner who raced not for gold or glory, but for the betterment of his people and the survival of his homeland. From the shadowy Berlin Olympics to the dark days of Nazi Greece and its aftermath, Running with Pheidippides speaks vividly of war and deprivation, of athletic competition and camaraderie, of genuine valor in a world bereft of heroes. "For those of us who were young and Greek-American," recalls former Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis, "his victory in the 1946 Boston Marathon and the response of so many Americans to his pleas for help for his people was one of the most searing experiences of our young lives."

The Crash of Ruin - American Combat Soldiers in Europe During World War II (Paperback): Peter Schrijvers The Crash of Ruin - American Combat Soldiers in Europe During World War II (Paperback)
Peter Schrijvers
R779 Discovery Miles 7 790 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

"This terrifying, remarkable work examines the attitudes, perceptions, and behavior of U.S. fighting men in the Pacific theater during World War II. Imaginatively drawing on letters, diaries, memoirs, military reports, and contemporary psychological assessments, Schrijvers reveals the social, historical, and emotional roots of the peculiarly frenzied and merciless war...this temperate study of murderous fury is among the most unsettling books I've read in years."
--"The Atlantic Monthly"

"One of the most remarkable books I have ever come across. A significant and fascinating contribution to the field. The Crash of Ruin should appeal to a large audience of readers interested in World War II history."
"--Edward M. Coffman, Author of The War to End All Wars: The American Military Experience in World War I"

"The Crash of Ruin offers the reader both intellectual and emotional rewards. . . . Its narrative power makes it a wonderful read."
"--Susan M. Hartmann, The Ohio State University"

"A brilliant contribution to intercultural studies. It imaginatively combines the anew' military history with an older American Studies research and writing technique. Not only will the book attract a wide range of readers, it should also stimulate scholars to adopt this approach to many other topics in cultural studies."

"--William R. Childs, Author of Trucking and the Public Interest"

In the ruined Europe of World War II, American soldiers on the front lines had no eye for breathtaking vistas or romantic settings. The brutality of battle profoundly darkened their perceptions of the Old World. As the only means of international travel for the masses, the military exposedmillions of Americans to a Europe in swift, catastrophic decline.

Drawing on soldiers' diaries, letters, poems, and songs, Peter Schrijvers offers a compelling account of the experiences of U.S. combat ground forces: their struggles with the European terrain and seasons, their confrontations with soldiers, and their often startling encounters with civilians. Schrijvers relays how the GIs became so desensitized and dehumanized that the sight of dead animals often evoked more compassion than the sight of enemy dead.

The Crash of Ruin concludes with a dramatic and moving account of the final Allied offensive into German-held territory and the soldiers' bearing witness to the ultimate symbol of Europe's descent into ruin--the death camps of the Holocaust.

The harrowing experiences of the GIs convinced them that Europe's collapse was not only the result of the war, but also the Old World's deep-seated political cynicism, economic stagnation, and cultural decadence. The soldiers came to believe that the plague of war formed an inseparable part of the Old World's decline and fall.

The Strange Death of Europe - Immigration, Identity, Islam (Paperback): Douglas Murray The Strange Death of Europe - Immigration, Identity, Islam (Paperback)
Douglas Murray 2
R332 R233 Discovery Miles 2 330 Save R99 (30%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The Sunday Times number one bestseller

The Strange Death of Europe is a highly personal account of a continent and culture caught in the act of suicide. Declining birth-rates, mass immigration and cultivated self-distrust and self-hatred have come together to make Europeans unable to argue for themselves and incapable of resisting their own comprehensive change as a society. This book is not only an analysis of demographic and political realities, but also an eyewitness account of a continent in self-destruct mode. It includes reporting from across the entire continent, from the places where migrants land to the places they end up, from the people who appear to welcome them in to the places which cannot accept them.

Told from this first-hand perspective, and backed with impressive research and evidence, the book addresses the disappointing failure of multiculturalism, Angela Merkel's U-turn on migration, the lack of repatriation and the Western fixation on guilt. Murray travels to Berlin, Paris, Scandinavia, Lampedusa and Greece to uncover the malaise at the very heart of the European culture, and to hear the stories of those who have arrived in Europe from far away. In each chapter he also takes a step back to look at the bigger issues which lie behind a continent's death-wish, answering the question of why anyone, let alone an entire civilisation, would do this to themselves? He ends with two visions of Europe – one hopeful, one pessimistic – which paint a picture of Europe in crisis and offer a choice as to what, if anything, we can do next.

Religion and Revolution in France, 1780-1804 (Paperback, New edition): Nigel Aston Religion and Revolution in France, 1780-1804 (Paperback, New edition)
Nigel Aston
R793 Discovery Miles 7 930 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

While the French Revolution has been much discussed and studied, its impact on religious life in France is rather neglected. Yet, during this brief period, religion underwent great changes that affected everyone: clergy and laypeople, men and women, Catholics, Protestants and Jews. The "Reigns of Terror" of the Revolution drove the Church underground, permanently altering the relationship between Church and State. In this book, Nigel Aston offers a guide to these tumultuous events. While the structures and beliefs of the Catholic Church are central, it does not neglect minority groups like Protestants and Jews. Among other features, the book discusses the Constitutional Church, the end of state support for Catholicism, the "Dechristianization" campaign and the Concordat of 1801-2. Key themes discussed include the capacity of all the Churches for survival and adaptation, the role of religion in determining political allegiances during the Revolution, and the turbulence of Church-State relations. In this study, based on the latest evidence, Aston sheds new light on a dynamic period in European history and its impact on the next 200 years of religious life in France.

Chechnya - Calamity in the Caucasus (Paperback): Carlotta Gall, Thomas De Waal Chechnya - Calamity in the Caucasus (Paperback)
Carlotta Gall, Thomas De Waal
R780 Discovery Miles 7 800 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The war in Chechnya left us with some of the most harrowing images in recent times: a modern European city bombed to ruins while its citizens cowered in bunkers; mass graves; mothers combing the hills for their missing sons.

The product of investigative and on-the-scene reporting by two established journalists, Carlotta Gall and Thomas de Waal's captivating book recounts the story of the Chechens' violent struggle for independece, and the Kremlin politics that precipitated it. Exploring Chechnya's complex and bloody history, the work is also a portrait of Russia's failed attempt to make the transition to a democratic society.

"A harrowing glimpse into the destabilization caused by the collapse of the Soviet Union and the troubled road to independence and democracy faced by its non-Russian members."
"--Kirkus Reviews"

The Nuns of Sant' Ambrogio - The True Story of a Convent in Scandal (Hardcover): Hubert Wolf The Nuns of Sant' Ambrogio - The True Story of a Convent in Scandal (Hardcover)
Hubert Wolf
R679 R463 Discovery Miles 4 630 Save R216 (32%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Discovered in a secret Vatican archive, this is the true, never-before-told story of poison, murder, and lesbian initiation rites in a nineteenth century convent. In 1858, Katherina von Hohenzollern, a German princess recently inducted into the convent of Sant'Ambrogio in Rome, wrote a frantic letter to her cousin, a confidant of the Pope, claiming that she was being abused and feared for her life. The subsequent investigation by the Church's Inquisition uncovered the extraordinary secrets of Sant'Ambrogio and the illicit behavior of the convent's beautiful young mistress, Maria Luissa. What emerges through the fog of centuries is a sex scandal of ecclesiastical proportions, skillfully brought to light and vividly reconstructed in scholarly detail by one of the world's leading papal historians. Offering a broad historical background on female mystics and the cult of the Virgin Mary, and drawing upon written testimony and original documents, Hubert Wolf tells an incredible story of deception, heresy, seduction, and murder in the heart of the Catholic Church.

Childhood in Modern Europe (Paperback, New title): Colin Heywood Childhood in Modern Europe (Paperback, New title)
Colin Heywood
R614 Discovery Miles 6 140 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This invaluable introduction to the history of childhood in both Western and Eastern Europe between c.1700 and 2000 seeks to give a voice to children as well as adults, wherever possible. The work is divided into three parts, covering in turn, childhood in rural village societies during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries; in the towns during the Industrial Revolution period (c.1750-1870); and in society generally during the late-nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Each part has a succinct introduction to a number of key topics, such as conceptions of childhood; infant and child mortality; the material conditions of children; their cultural life; the welfare facilities available to them from charities and the state; and the balance of work and schooling. Combining a chronological with a thematic approach, this book will be of particular interest to students and academics in a number of disciplines, including history, sociology, anthropology, geography, literature and education.

Agincourt - The Story of a Battle (Paperback): Rosemary Hawley Jarman Agincourt - The Story of a Battle (Paperback)
Rosemary Hawley Jarman
R282 R245 Discovery Miles 2 450 Save R37 (13%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

A small English expeditionary force in Northern France battling to reach the coast before being cut off by an enemy superior in numbers and equipment; a victory plucked from the jaws of a seemingly certain defeat - this story is familiar in the twentieth century. It is also the story of Agincourt in the fifteenth. The distinguished historical novelist Rosemary Hawley Jarman here recreates the whole of the brief, foolhardy expedition mounted by a twenty-eight-year-old English king determined to regain the realm across the Channel he believed was his by right. The siege of Harfleur, the ravages of disease, the gradual encirclement, the decision to break out and march through hostile territory to Calais: all lead up to the rainy dawn of 25 October 1415 - St Crispin's Day - when the ragged, hungry English came face-to-face with a mighty and magnificently accoutred French army and won one of the most overwhelming victories in the chronicles of war.

Night of the Assassins - The Untold Story of Hitler's Plot to Kill FDR, Churchill, and Stalin (Hardcover): Howard Blum Night of the Assassins - The Untold Story of Hitler's Plot to Kill FDR, Churchill, and Stalin (Hardcover)
Howard Blum
R706 R557 Discovery Miles 5 570 Save R149 (21%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Abraham's Heirs - Jews and Christians in Medieval Europe (Paperback, New): Leonard B. Glick Abraham's Heirs - Jews and Christians in Medieval Europe (Paperback, New)
Leonard B. Glick
R666 Discovery Miles 6 660 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

He demonstrates that Ashkenazic Jewish culture was profoundly shaped and conditioned by life in an overwhelmingly Christian society. Drawing on diverse Christian documents, he portrays Christian beliefs about medieval Jews and Judaism with a degree of detail seldom found in Jewish historics. Emphasizing social, political, and economic history, but also duscussing religious topics, Glick describes the evolution of a complex, inherently unequal relationship. Because the Ashkenazic Jews of medieval Europe were ancestral to almost the entire Jewish population of eastern Europe, their historical experience played a major role in the heritage of most Jewish Americans.

Masquerade - Treason, the Holocaust, and an Irish Impostor (Hardcover): Mark M. Hull, Vera Moynes Masquerade - Treason, the Holocaust, and an Irish Impostor (Hardcover)
Mark M. Hull, Vera Moynes
R780 Discovery Miles 7 800 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Phyllis Ursula James. Nora O'Mara. Raisin Na Mheara. Like her name, the life of Rosaleen James changed many times as she followed a convoluted path from abandoned child, to foster daughter of an aristocratic British family, to traitor during World War II, to her emergence as a full Irish woman afterward. In Masquerade, authors Mark M. Hull and Vera Moynes tell James's story as it unfolds against the backdrop of the most important events of the twentieth century. James's life - both real and imagined - makes for an incredible but true story. By altering her identity to suit the situation, James manipulated almost everyone she encountered: the German intelligence service, the Nazi propaganda broadcasting service, British intelligence, and various Irish cultural groups. She was in a liaison with Irish writer Francis Stuart and, with him, provided a voice for Nazi radio programs aimed at neutral Ireland, served as the pseudo-Irish expert for German espionage missions, and participated in the failed, almost comical effort to recruit Irish prisoners of war to join the Nazis against Great Britain - quite a series of performances, considering her only contact with Ireland had been a weeklong visit in 1937. Immediately after the war, James was wanted by British intelligence as a ""renegade"" (traitor), but her case was quickly squelched by the British government. Drawing on an assumed wartime persona, she became fluent in Irish Gaelic and organized a number of conferences for which she won grants from the Irish government. James garnered wider attention in 1992 with her autobiography, published in Gaelic, in which she claimed that the Holocaust was a myth - a belief she maintained until her death in 2013. In documenting James's life of deception, Hull and Moynes masterfully analyze how an intellectually gifted child turned traitor to her country and convincingly rebranded herself as an Irish patriot and intellectual, while denying historical reality. The story of Rosaleen James reminds us that reality may be much less - or more - than what meets the eye and ear.

OCR A Level History: Russia 1894-1941 (Paperback): Andrew Holland OCR A Level History: Russia 1894-1941 (Paperback)
Andrew Holland
R756 Discovery Miles 7 560 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Exam board: OCR Level: A Level Subject: History First teaching: September 2015 First exams: AS: Summer 2016, A Level: Summer 2017 An OCR endorsed resource Successfully cover Unit Group 2 with the right amount of depth and pace. This bespoke series from the leading History publisher follows our proven and popular approach for OCR A Level, blending clear course coverage with focused activities and comprehensive assessment support. - Develops understanding of the period through an accessible narrative that is tailored to the specification content and structured around key questions for each topic - Builds the skills required for Unit Group 2, from explanation, assessment and analysis to the ability to make substantiated judgements - Enables students to consolidate and extend their topic knowledge with a range of activities suitable for classwork or homework - Helps students achieve their best by providing step-by-step assessment guidance and practice questions - Facilitates revision with useful summaries at the start and end of each chapter - Ensures that students understand key historical terms and concepts by defining them in the glossary

The Burgermeister's Daughter - Scandal in a 16th Century German Town (Paperback, 1st Perennial ed): Steven E Ozment The Burgermeister's Daughter - Scandal in a 16th Century German Town (Paperback, 1st Perennial ed)
Steven E Ozment
R377 R353 Discovery Miles 3 530 Save R24 (6%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

In an era when women were supposed to be disciplined and obedient, Anna proved to be neither. Defying 16th-century social mores, she was the frequent subject of gossip because of her immodest dress and flirtatious behavior. When her wealthy father discovered that she was having secret, simultaneous affairs with a young nobleman and a cavalryman, he turned her out of the house in rage, but when she sued him for financial support, he had her captured, returned home and chained to a table as punishment. Anna eventually escaped and continued her suit against her father, her siblings and her home town in a bitter legal battle that was to last 30 years and end only upon her death.

Drawn from her surviving love letters and court records, The Burgermeister's Daughter is a fascinating examination of the politics of sexuality, gender and family in the 16th century, and a powerful testament to the courage and tenacity of a woman who defied the inequalities of this distant age.

The Extreme Right in the French Resistance - Members of the Cagoule and Corvignolles in the Second World War (Hardcover):... The Extreme Right in the French Resistance - Members of the Cagoule and Corvignolles in the Second World War (Hardcover)
Valerie Deacon
R1,137 Discovery Miles 11 370 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

In the aftermath of World War II, historical accounts and public commentaries enshrined the French Resistance as an apolitical, unified movement committed to upholding human rights, equality, and republican values during the dark period of German occupation. Valerie Deacon complicates that conventional view by uncovering extreme-right participants in the Resistance, specifically those who engaged in conspiratorial, anti-republican, and quasi-fascist activities in the 1930s, but later devoted themselves to freeing the country from Nazi control. The political campaigns of the 1930s- against communism, republicanism, freemasonry, and the government- taught France's ultra-right-wing groups to organize underground movements. When France fell to the Germans in 1940, many activists unabashedly cited previous participation in groups of the extreme right as their motive for joining the Resistance. Deacon's analysis of extreme-right participation in the Resistance supports the view that the domestic situation in Nazi-controlled France was more complex than had previously been suggested. Extending beyond past narratives, Deacon details how rightist resisters navigated between different options in the changing political context. In the process, she refutes the established view of the Resistance as apolitical, united, and Gaullist. The Extreme Right in the French Resistance highlights the complexities of the French Resistance, what it meant to be a resister, and how the experiences of the extreme right proved incompatible with the postwar resistance narrative.

Continental Drift - Britain and Europe from the End of Empire to the Rise of Euroscepticism (Hardcover): Benjamin... Continental Drift - Britain and Europe from the End of Empire to the Rise of Euroscepticism (Hardcover)
Benjamin Grob-Fitzgibbon
R765 R720 Discovery Miles 7 200 Save R45 (6%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In the aftermath of the Second World War, Churchill sought to lead Europe into an integrated union, but just over seventy years later, Britain is poised to vote on leaving the EU. Benjamin Grob-Fitzgibbon here recounts the fascinating history of Britain's uneasy relationship with the European continent since the end of the war. He shows how British views of the United Kingdom's place within Europe cannot be understood outside of the context of decolonization, the Cold War, and the Anglo-American relationship. At the end of the Second World War, Britons viewed themselves both as the leaders of a great empire and as the natural centre of Europe. With the decline of the British Empire and the formation of the European Economic Community, however, Britons developed a Euroscepticism that was inseparable from a post-imperial nostalgia. Britain had evolved from an island of imperial Europeans to one of post-imperial Eurosceptics.

Only One Year - A Memoir (Paperback): Svetlana Alliluyeva Only One Year - A Memoir (Paperback)
Svetlana Alliluyeva
R383 R359 Discovery Miles 3 590 Save R24 (6%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
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