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Fundamentals of research methodology for healthcare professionals (Paperback, 4th ed): C. van der Walt, H.I. Brink, G. Van... Fundamentals of research methodology for healthcare professionals (Paperback, 4th ed)
C. van der Walt, H.I. Brink, G. Van Rensburg
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Microbiology: A Laboratory Manual, Global Edition (Paperback, 11th edition): James Cappuccino, Chad Welsh Microbiology: A Laboratory Manual, Global Edition (Paperback, 11th edition)
James Cappuccino, Chad Welsh
R1,521 Discovery Miles 15 210 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

For courses in Microbiology Lab and Nursing and Allied Health Microbiology Lab A Flexible Approach to the Modern Microbiology Lab Easy to adapt for almost any microbiology lab course, this versatile, comprehensive, and clearly written manual is competitively priced and can be paired with any undergraduate microbiology text. Known for its thorough coverage, straightforward procedures, and minimal equipment requirements, the Eleventh Edition incorporates current safety protocols from governing bodies such as the EPA, ASM, and AOAC. The new edition also includes alternate organisms for experiments for easy customization in Biosafety Level 1 and 2 labs. New lab exercises have been added on Food Safety and revised experiments, and include options for alternate media, making the experiments affordable and accessible to all lab programs. Ample introductory material, engaging clinical applications, and laboratory safety instructions are provided for each experiment along with easy-to-follow procedures and flexible lab reports with review and critical thinking questions.

Bad Pharma - How Medicine is Broken, and How We Can Fix it (Paperback): Ben Goldacre Bad Pharma - How Medicine is Broken, and How We Can Fix it (Paperback)
Ben Goldacre 1
R315 R214 Discovery Miles 2 140 Save R101 (32%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

'Bad Science' hilariously exposed the tricks that quacks and journalists use to distort science, becoming a 400,000 copy bestseller. Now Ben Goldacre puts the $600bn global pharmaceutical industry under the microscope. What he reveals is a fascinating, terrifying mess. Doctors and patients need good scientific evidence to make informed decisions. But instead, companies run bad trials on their own drugs, which distort and exaggerate the benefits by design. When these trials produce unflattering results, the data is simply buried. All of this is perfectly legal. In fact, even government regulators withhold vitally important data from the people who need it most. Doctors and patient groups have stood by too, and failed to protect us. Instead, they take money and favours, in a world so fractured that medics and nurses are now educated by the drugs industry. The result: patients are harmed in huge numbers. Ben Goldacre is Britain's finest writer on the science behind medicine, and 'Bad Pharma' is the book that finally prompted Parliament to ask why all trial results aren't made publicly available - this edition has been updated with the latest news from the select committee hearings. Let the witty and indefatigable Goldacre show you how medicine went wrong, and what you can do to mend it.

Your Cannabis Cbd: THC Ratio - A Guide to Precision Dosing for Health and Wellness (Paperback): Uwe Blesching Your Cannabis Cbd: THC Ratio - A Guide to Precision Dosing for Health and Wellness (Paperback)
Uwe Blesching
R522 R434 Discovery Miles 4 340 Save R88 (17%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
How to Read a Paper - The Basics of Evidence-based Medicine and Healthcare (Paperback, 6th Edition): Trisha Greenhalgh How to Read a Paper - The Basics of Evidence-based Medicine and Healthcare (Paperback, 6th Edition)
Trisha Greenhalgh
R829 Discovery Miles 8 290 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Required reading in many medical and healthcare institutions, How to Read a Paper is a clear and wide-ranging introduction to evidence-based medicine and healthcare, helping readers to understand its central principles, critically evaluate published data, and implement the results in practical settings. Author Trisha Greenhalgh guides readers through each fundamental step of inquiry, from searching the literature to assessing methodological quality and appraising statistics. How to Read a Paper addresses the common criticisms of evidence-based healthcare, dispelling many of its myths and misconceptions, while providing a pragmatic framework for testing the validity of healthcare literature. Now in its sixth edition, this informative text includes new and expanded discussions of study bias, political interference in published reports, medical statistics, big data and more. Offers user-friendly guidance on evidence-based healthcare that is applicable to both experienced and novice readers Authored by an internationally recognised practitioner and researcher in evidence-based healthcare and primary care Includes updated references, additional figures, improved checklists and more How to Read a Paper is an ideal resource for healthcare students, practitioners and anyone seeking an accessible introduction to evidence-based healthcare.

Theoretical Basis for Nursing (Paperback, Fifth, International Edition): Melanie McEwen, Evelyn M. Wills Theoretical Basis for Nursing (Paperback, Fifth, International Edition)
Melanie McEwen, Evelyn M. Wills
R1,397 R1,235 Discovery Miles 12 350 Save R162 (12%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Now in its 5th edition, Wolters Kluwer's AJN Award Winning text,Theoretical Basis for Nursing , provides an overview of nursing theory that includes the essential information that a student needs to understand theory and its application to practice. Students-with little to no knowledge of nursing theory-will gain insight into how theory can affect their practice and make them better nurses. In Unit I, Students are ushered through the skills needed to develop, analyze, and evaluate theory for use in their careers. This skill set will help students pursuing all potential career paths-in nursing practice, research, administration, management, and/or education. As a unique focus in Unit II, grand theories are discussed in relation to 1) human needs, 2) interactive process, and 3) unitary process. This unit provides the perfect amount of information-just enough for the reader to 1) understand the basis of the work and 2) become enticed enough in the material to want to select one or two theories for primary source study. Also, because of an emphasis on middle range theory in nursing programs, the authors present an overview of selected middle range theories, examining their origins and growth. The broad range of middle range theories sampled will point students in the right direction to search for others appropriate to their practice. Some NEW! theories to this edition include aerohemodynamic theory, transtheoretical model of change, and the precede/proceed model. In Unit II, there will be an enhanced discussion of Evidence-based practice (EBP) and nursing theory. As its next frontier, nursing theory will increasingly focus on EBP protocols, and McEwen & Wills help students understand the inter-relatedness of theory, research, and practice. This edition includes an enhanced discussion of the history of EBP and practice-based evidence (PBE). In Unit III, students explore "shared theories," benefitting from the body of knowledge that can be distilled from other disciplines. This unit is unique to this text, and students will discover stories of how nurses have used shared theories in their own practice. In this edition, a NEW! chapter called "Ethical Theories and Principles" will be included in this unit. The text concludes with Unit IV, a summary of how theories should be and are applied in nursing. Functioning as a practical guide, separate chapters cover nursing practice, nursing research, nursing administration and management, and nursing education. The evolving development of practice theories and importance of evidence-based practice guidelines are critical to theory application in nursing today. NEW! In our application to practice chapter (Chapter 19), we will add examples of the theoretical underpinnings related to the clinical practice guidelines. Reinforcing its emphasis on practice, both the book and its resources on thePoint will include case studies with examples from nursing in general through advanced practice scenarios. Because Nursing Theory is often a reading and writing intensive course, this text comes with a Scholarly Writing in Nursing: Best Practices. This resource covers the basics of APA as well as good writing principles, and it also provides weblinks to additional resources. This edition will also feature improved indices making content in the text easier to find quickly. This text is accompanied by a robust instructor resource package featuring an Instructor's Guide, Case Studies with supportive curriculum, PowerPoints, and more. Theoretical Basis for Nursing, 5th Edition offers an inspiring message to readers to contribute to the ongoing development, application, analysis, and evaluation of concepts, principles, theories, and models to advance the discipline of nursing. According to authors McEwen & Wills, "As the health profession with the largest number of providers, nursing has the greatest potential to have the greatest impact on health and healthcare delivery."

The Dark Art of Blood Cultures (English, Chinese, Paperback): Michael Dunne Jr., Carey-Ann D. Burnham The Dark Art of Blood Cultures (English, Chinese, Paperback)
Michael Dunne Jr., Carey-Ann D. Burnham
R1,308 Discovery Miles 13 080 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Understanding the diagnostic methods necessary to identify bloodstream infections. In the clinical microbiology laboratory, blood is a critical diagnostic sample that, in the majority of cases is sterile (or is it?). However, when microbes gain access to and multiply in the bloodstream, it can result in life-threatening illness including sepsis. Mortality rates from bloodstream infection and sepsis range from 25% to 80%, killing millions of people annually. Blood cultures are a vital technology used in the microbiology laboratory to isolate and identify microbes and predict their response to antimicrobial therapy. The Dark Art of Blood Cultures, edited by Wm. Michael Dunne, Jr., and Carey-Ann D. Burnham, surveys the entire field of blood culture technology, providing valuable information about every phase of the process, from drawing samples to culture methods to processing positive cultures. The Dark Art of Blood Cultures is organized around several major topics.

Bakerman's ABC's of Interpretive Laboratory Data (Paperback, 5th ed.): Paul Bakerman Bakerman's ABC's of Interpretive Laboratory Data (Paperback, 5th ed.)
Paul Bakerman
R1,281 Discovery Miles 12 810 Ships in 7 - 11 working days
The Fatal Sleep (Paperback, 3rd New edition): Peter Kennedy The Fatal Sleep (Paperback, 3rd New edition)
Peter Kennedy
R286 R237 Discovery Miles 2 370 Save R49 (17%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The bite of the tsetse fly - a burning sting into the skin - causes a descent into violent fever and aching pains. Severe bouts of insomnia are followed by mental deterioration, disruption of the nervous system, coma and ultimately death. Sleeping sickness, also known as Human African trypanosomiasis, is one of Africa's major killers. It puts 60 million people at risk of infection, occurs in 36 countries in sub-Saharan Africa, and claims the lives of many thousands of people every year. Transmitted by the tsetse fly, trypanosomiasis affects both humans and cattle. The animal form of the disease severely limits livestock production and farming, and in people the toxic effects of the treatment for the brain disease can be as painful and dangerous as the disease itself. Existing in the shadow of malaria and AIDS, it is an overlooked disease, ignored by pharmaceutical companies and largely neglected by the western world. Peter Kennedy has devoted much of his working life to researching sleeping sickness in Africa, and his autobiographical account shares not only his trials and experiences, evoking our empathy with the affected patients, but an explanation of the disease, including its history and its future. Interwoven with African geography, his compassionate story reveals what it is like to be a young doctor falling in love with Africa, and tells of his building of a vocation in the search for a cure for this cruel disease.

Selling Science - Polio and the Promise of Gamma Globulin (Hardcover): Stephen E. Mawdsley Selling Science - Polio and the Promise of Gamma Globulin (Hardcover)
Stephen E. Mawdsley
R1,393 Discovery Miles 13 930 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Today, when many parents seem reluctant to have their children vaccinated, even with long proven medications, the Salk vaccine trial, which enrolled millions of healthy children to test an unproven medical intervention, seems nothing short of astonishing. In Selling Science, medical historian Stephen E. Mawdsley recounts the untold story of the first large clinical trial to control polio using healthy children - 55,000 healthy children - revealing how this long-forgotten incident cleared the path for Salk's later trial. Mawdsley describes how, in the early 1950s, Dr. William Hammon and the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis launched a pioneering medical experiment on a previously untried scale. Conducted on over 55,000 healthy children in Texas, Utah, Iowa, and Nebraska, this landmark study assessed the safety and effectiveness of a blood component, gamma globulin, to prevent paralytic polio. The value of the proposed experiment was questioned by many prominent health professionals as it harbored potential health risks, but as Mawdsley points out, compromise and coercion moved it forward. And though the trial returned dubious results, it was presented to the public as a triumph and used to justify a federally sanctioned mass immunization study on thousands of families between 1953 and 1954. Indeed, the concept, conduct, and outcome of the GG study were sold to health professionals, medical researchers, and the public at each stage. At a time when most Americans trusted scientists, their mutual encounter under the auspices of conquering disease was shaped by politics, marketing, and at times, deception. Drawing on oral history interviews, medical journals, newspapers, meeting minutes, and private institutional records, Selling Science sheds light on the ethics of scientific conduct, and on the power of marketing to shape public opinion about medical experimentation.

Human histology (Paperback): H.L. Coetzee, G.P. Loots Human histology (Paperback)
H.L. Coetzee, G.P. Loots
R685 R587 Discovery Miles 5 870 Save R98 (14%) Ships in 7 - 10 working days

In this publication, description of the basic histology tissues is followed by a description of the histology of the different organs and systems in the human. The subject contents is presented on a relevant clinical level, and students in both medicine and dentistry, as well as related health professions, such as nursing, occupational therapy and physiotherapy, will find it simple and meaningful. The terminology used in the publication correlates with the writing style used as standard in English medical, dental and health care science' schools.

Introduction to Research - Understanding and Applying Multiple Strategies (Paperback, 5th Revised edition): Elizabeth DePoy,... Introduction to Research - Understanding and Applying Multiple Strategies (Paperback, 5th Revised edition)
Elizabeth DePoy, Laura N Gitlin
R1,853 Discovery Miles 18 530 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Bridge the gap between research and practice with DePoy and Gitlin's Introduction to Research: Understanding and Applying Multiple Strategies, 4th Edition. This completely updated, user-friendly text helps you better understand not only the research process, but also research designs and their applications to the real world of clinical practice. Covering multiple research strategies (including both qualitative and quantitative research), it gives you a balanced approach to various research traditions, addressing the key issues that are emerging in today's health care environment. Case examples provide real-life snapshots of what it is like to participate in different types of research processes, identify research dilemmas relevant to chapter subjects, and alert you to problems you might encounter. Authors make the topics more accessible, so research becomes more relevant - and topics come to life. Covers experimental-type, naturalistic, and mixed method design strategies to improve your ability to compare, contrast, and integrate different methods. Presents complex information clearly in a highly readable, and easy-to-understand, manner. Includes detailed discussions of qualitative and quantitative methodologies, a unique and balanced focus that makes this text more comprehensive than others in its field. NEW! Up-to-date research methods, strategies, and references, like digital sources, visual methods, and geographical analysis, give you the latest information on research in diverse areas of health and human services.

Cures Out Of Chaos (Paperback): M.Lawrence Podolsky Cures Out Of Chaos (Paperback)
M.Lawrence Podolsky
R963 Discovery Miles 9 630 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This volume describes important medical discoveries, from the introduction of the first antibiotic to the present, where serendipity, intuition, coincidence, or laboratory accident played an important role in bringing a discovery to light. Although chance is the principal determinant, the book emphasizes other factors, such as economic and political exigencies and being in the right place at the right time.

New Advances in SHR Research - Pathophysiology & Pharmacology (Hardcover): Mikhailov, Hideya Saito, Yamori, Masaru Minami New Advances in SHR Research - Pathophysiology & Pharmacology (Hardcover)
Mikhailov, Hideya Saito, Yamori, Masaru Minami
R3,775 Discovery Miles 37 750 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This book deals with pathophysiology and pharmacology of spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHR) and describes new trends in SHR research from hemodynamic characteristics to immunological views. It is devoted to the use of tissue culture studies to elaborate SHR characteristics.

Current Applications for Overcoming Resistance to Targeted Therapies (Book, 1st ed. 2019): Myron R. Szewczuk, Bessi Qorri,... Current Applications for Overcoming Resistance to Targeted Therapies (Book, 1st ed. 2019)
Myron R. Szewczuk, Bessi Qorri, Manpreet Sambi
R3,627 Discovery Miles 36 270 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Targeted therapies were initially developed to exploit the upregulation and dependence on key oncogenic pathways critical to cancer progression. Additionally, they also presented as a method to overcome chemoresistance by supplementing conventional therapeutic regimens with targeted therapies. However, the development of resistance to these combinatorial approaches has led to the reassessment of currently available therapeutic options to overcome resistance to targeted therapy. This book aims to provide an update on the advancements in the therapeutic arms race between cancer, clinicians and scientists alike to overcome resistance to targeted therapies. Subject experts provide a comprehensive overview of the challenges and solutions to resistance to several conventional targeted therapies in addition to providing a discussion on broad topics including targeting components of the tumor microenvironment, emerging therapeutic options, and novel areas to be explored concerning nanotechnology and the epigenome.

The Shape of Things to Come - Exploring the Future of the Human Body (Paperback): Druin Burch The Shape of Things to Come - Exploring the Future of the Human Body (Paperback)
Druin Burch 1
R277 R235 Discovery Miles 2 350 Save R42 (15%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In this humane and important exploration of modern medicine, Druin Burch examines the future of medicine, our changing physicalities and the implications of longer life. From birth to death and through the exploration of topics such as disease, sex, mind, eating and drinking, Burch tracks the future of medicine by looking at what is already possible today. Weaving in insights from literature, art and history, The Shape of Things to Come considers the cultural complexity surrounding medicine as well as its impact on the humanities. As a specialist in geriatric medicine Burch writes with a keen understanding of the medical profession. He outlines the areas of medicine which have seen the greatest improvements and optimistically offers insight into further advancements.

Bioactive Ceramides in Health and Disease - Intertwined Roles of Enigmatic Lipids (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2019): Johnny Stiban Bioactive Ceramides in Health and Disease - Intertwined Roles of Enigmatic Lipids (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2019)
Johnny Stiban
R3,430 Discovery Miles 34 300 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

This book is about the various roles of bioactive ceramides and other sphingolipids in cellular biology. The enigmatic biophysical and biochemical properties of ceramides and their propensity to influence membranes whether as rafts or protein-permeable channels are heavily discussed. Metabolism of ceramides and their metabolites is also focused with ceramide synthase family of proteins being a target of extensive review. Ceramide 1-phosphate and other sphingolipids are also presented in cellular physiology and pathophysiology. Prokaryotic origins of mitochondria at the level of membranes and the occurrence of apoptosis in bacteria are presented. Many aspects of ceramide and sphingolipid biology are addressed in this book. Its focus is the metabolism of ceramide in normal and diseased states and the biophysical and biochemical mechanisms governing the bioactivity of these molecules. Sphingolipid research has surged over the past thirty years and this book gathers the recent findings of various aspects of sphingolipid biochemistry. World-renowned scientists from the field of lipid biology, specifically sphingolipid biochemistry, were gathered to write this book. Scholars from most continents of the globe committed to write diligently about their expertise and the newest findings in the relevant fields. This book came to fruition after almost a year and a half of laborious preparation and diligent writings. This book is targeted to the experienced reader who is looking to read about the various aspects of bioactive ceramide signaling, as well as to the newcomer into the field, as the topics are explained in concise yet very informative manner. The authors and editor wish all readers a pleasant time reading this volume, and are adamant that this book will meet all expectations.

Efficacy Analysis in Clinical Trials an Update - Efficacy Analysis in an Era of Machine Learning (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2019): Ton... Efficacy Analysis in Clinical Trials an Update - Efficacy Analysis in an Era of Machine Learning (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2019)
Ton J. Cleophas, Aeilko H. Zwinderman
R2,626 Discovery Miles 26 260 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Machine learning and big data is hot. It is, however, virtually unused in clinical trials. This is so, because randomization is applied to even out multiple variables Modern medical computer files often involve hundreds of variables like genes and other laboratory values, and computationally intensive methods are required This is the first publication of clinical trials that have been systematically analyzed with machine learning. In addition, all of the machine learning analyses were tested against traditional analyses. Step by step statistics for self-assessments are included The authors conclude, that machine learning is often more informative, and provides better sensitivities of testing than traditional analytic methods do

Introduction to Gastrointestinal Diseases Vol. 2 (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2017): Jakub Fichna Introduction to Gastrointestinal Diseases Vol. 2 (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2017)
Jakub Fichna
R4,275 Discovery Miles 42 750 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Learn the basics and more of gastrointestinal diseases. Gastrointestinal diseases have become a major medical, social and economic burden worldwide. The larger the number of patients suffering from gastric ulcer and colorectal cancer, the greater the need to properly diagnose and cure. This book is a comprehensive guide through GI diseases, which can be used by practitioners and patients. It will allow: - to explore the mechanisms underlying GI diseases - to accurately diagnose and find the best treatment - to learn how to alleviate GI disease symptoms by changing diet and lifestyle This guide has been written by experts in the field who understand the needs of doctors and their patients. With this book, you will make sure that the GI disease can be properly managed.

Drug Design: Principles and Applications (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2017): Abhinav Grover Drug Design: Principles and Applications (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2017)
Abhinav Grover
R3,831 Discovery Miles 38 310 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

This book offers an in-depth discussion of the latest strategies in the field of drug design and their applications in various disorders, in order to encourage readers to undertake their own projects.It also includes the contemporary application of drug-designing methodologies to inspire others to further expand the utility of this field in other diseases.It is intended for advanced undergraduate and graduate students, postdocs, researchers, lecturers and professors in bioinformatics, computational biology, medicine, pharmaceutics and other related fields.

Mechanisms of Molecular Carcinogenesis - Volume 2 (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2017): Johannes Haybaeck Mechanisms of Molecular Carcinogenesis - Volume 2 (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2017)
Johannes Haybaeck
R5,733 Discovery Miles 57 330 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Together with Volume 1, this book provides an inclusive overview of the molecular and cellular mechanisms of carcinogenesis and offers comprehensive insights into related clinical and therapeutic aspects. This second volume complements the first by presenting and concisely explaining the carcinogenesis of various tumor entities such as non-melanoma skin cancers, bone and soft tissue tumors, pancreatic cancers, hepatocellular cancer and neuroendocrine tumors. As in volume one, each chapter illuminates the similarities and dissimilarities of changed signaling pathways in the different organ systems and depicts potential therapeutic strategies. The focus of volume two lies on the presentation of modern molecular biological techniques for diagnosis, as well as strategies for biomarker identification and validation. Furthermore, it discusses potential therapeutic targets and individualized treatment strategies, offering a valuable resource for all basic scientists and medical researchers interested in translational cancer research.

The Neuropilins: Role and Function in Health and Disease (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2017): Gera Neufeld, Ofra Kessler The Neuropilins: Role and Function in Health and Disease (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2017)
Gera Neufeld, Ofra Kessler
R4,242 Discovery Miles 42 420 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

This book covers basic research topics such as the structure-function relationships of neuropilins and mechanisms of neuropilin-mediated signal transduction, details the most important roles of the neuropilins in developmental biology, and addresses their roles in various conditions such as cancer and various eye diseases. The two neuropilin genes encode scaffold receptors that can bind several different ligands, and also associate with many other receptors and modify their activity. Further, it has been confirmed that they play important roles in the shaping of major organs and tissues such as the nervous system and the vascular system, and that they can modulate immune responses. The book offers a helpful guide for biomedical researchers and all scientists active in the neurosciences, vascular and molecular biology, as well as developmental biology and immunology.

Engineering of Microorganisms for the Production of Chemicals and Biofuels from Renewable Resources (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2017):... Engineering of Microorganisms for the Production of Chemicals and Biofuels from Renewable Resources (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2017)
Guillermo Gosset
R4,946 Discovery Miles 49 460 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

This book reviews state of the art regarding strategies for generating and improving microbial strains designed for utilizing renewable raw materials. It discusses methods for genetically engineering of thermophilic bacteria, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Escherichia coli and Zymomonas mobilis, as well as approaches for obtaining useful products from these renewable raw materials based on biotechnological processes using microbes to chemically transform them. However, the efficient transformation of lignocellulosic biomass or glycerol to useful products represents a major challenge: Biomass has to be treated physically and chemically to release a mixture of sugars that potentially can be employed by the microbial production strains. These hydrolytic treatments result in diverse toxic compounds being generated and released, that negatively impact strain performance. Furthermore, most of the commonly used industrial microbes do not have the natural capacity to efficiently utilize and transform the generated sugar mixtures or glycerol. The microbial species reviewed in this book possess particular advantages as production strains and are currently employed for the synthesis of numerous biofuels and chemicals. The book reviews the general and strain-specific genetic engineering strategies for the improvement of sugar mixtures and glycerol catabolism. The issue of lignocellulosic hydrolysate toxicity is addressed in several chapters, where genetic engineering and adaptive laboratory evolution strategies are reviewed and discussed. The objective of this book is to provide the current knowledge regarding strategies for the generation and improvement of microbial strains designed for the transformation of renewable raw materials into useful products. This book aims to become a reference for researchers and students working in this field.

Medicinal Plants - Recent Advances in Research and Development (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2016): Hsin-Sheng Tsay, Lie-Fen Shyur,... Medicinal Plants - Recent Advances in Research and Development (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2016)
Hsin-Sheng Tsay, Lie-Fen Shyur, Dinesh Chandra Agrawal, Yang-Chang Wu, Sheng-Yang Wang
R6,228 Discovery Miles 62 280 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Since ancient times, plants have been used as a prime natural source of alternative medicines and have played an important role in our lives. The old tradition of medicinal plant application has turned into a highly profitable business in the global market, resulting in the release of a large number of herbal products. People have tried to find different sources of medicines to alleviate pain and cure different illnesses. Due to severe constraints of synthetic drugs and the increasing contraindications of their usage, there is a growing interest world over in the usage of natural products based on medicinal herbs, hence, there is an ever expanding market of herbs and herbal based medicinal preparations all over the world. This has culminated into an exponential increase in number of research groups in different geographical locations and generation of volume of research data in the field in a short span of time. The path breaking advancement in research methods and interdisciplinary approaches is giving birth to newer perspectives. Therefore, it becomes imperative to keep pace with the advancement in research and development in the field of medicinal herbs. There are a large number of researchers in different parts of the world working on various aspects of medicinal plants and 'herbal medicines'. The idea is to bring their recent research work into light in the form of a book. The proposed book contains chapters by the eminent researchers in different countries and working with different disciplines of medicinal plants. Articles pertain to different disciplines such as: 1. Resources and conservation of medicinal plants 2. Biosynthesis and metabolic engineering of medicinal plants 3. Tissue culture, propagation and bioreactor technology of medicinal plants 4. Phytochemical research on medicinal plants 5. Herbal medicines and plant-derived agents in cancer prevention and therapy 6. Herbal medicines and plant-derived agents in metabolic syndrome management 7. Herbal medicines and plant-derived agents in modulation of immune-related disorders 8. Herbal medicines and hepatotoxicity The book will prove itself an asset for the researchers, professionals and also students in the area of medicinal plants and mechanism of their action.

Safety of Health IT - Clinical Case Studies (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2016): Abha Agrawal Safety of Health IT - Clinical Case Studies (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2016)
Abha Agrawal
R3,898 Discovery Miles 38 980 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

This practical text provides an overview of the adverse consequences of health information technology (HIT) and its impact on patient safety. Specific cases of errors and risks related to various types of HIT are featured along with best practices for patient safety, workflows and organizational standards. The full impact of these challenges with meaningful solutions are openly examined. Written from a clinical perspective, healthcare professionals within multiple settings will find this timely book an invaluable resource to this essential and bourgeoning technology.

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