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Organic and Carbon Gels - From Laboratory Synthesis to Applications (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2019): Ana Arenillas, J. Angel... Organic and Carbon Gels - From Laboratory Synthesis to Applications (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2019)
Ana Arenillas, J. Angel Menendez, Gudrun Reichenauer, Alain Celzard, Vanessa Fierro, …
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This expert volume provides specialized coverage of the current state of the art in carbon gels. Carbon gels represent a promising class of materials with high added value applications and many assets, like the ability to accurately tailor their structure, porosity, and surface composition and easily dope them with numerous species. The ability to obtain them in custom shapes, such as powder, beads, monoliths, or impregnated scaffolds opens the way towards numerous applications, including catalysis, adsorption, and electrochemical energy storage, among others. Nevertheless, it remains a crucial question as to which design synthesis and manufacturing processes are viable from an economic and environmental point of view. The book represents the perspectives of renowned specialists in the field, specially invited to conduct a one-day workshop devoted to carbon gels as part of the 19th International Sol-Gel Conference, SOL-GEL 2017, held on September 3rd, 2017 in Liege, Belgium. Addressing properties and synthesis through applications and industry outlook, this book represents essential reading for advanced graduate students through practicing researchers interested in these exciting materials.

An Introductory Guide to Repairing Mechanical Clocks (Hardcover): Scott Jeffery An Introductory Guide to Repairing Mechanical Clocks (Hardcover)
Scott Jeffery
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This up-to-date, clearly written and beautifully illustrated book is targeted at the amateur repairer and at the absolute beginner with no experience, as well as at hobbyists who often dabble with, but have little knowledge of, the techniques used in quality horological work. Written by a professional clock repairer with a common sense approach, this workshop companion for the beginner 'keeps things simple' whilst placing an emphasis on the quality of the work. It provides step-by-step illustrated instructions and simplifies a large variety of tasks that are often regarded as being complicated, such as re-pivoting, jewelling and bushing. Moreover, it presents a great deal of useful advice and contains over 400 high quality colour images that help to explain and clarify every procedure that is covered.

Lean in the Classroom - The Powerful Strategy for Improving Student Performance and Developing Efficient Processes (Hardcover):... Lean in the Classroom - The Powerful Strategy for Improving Student Performance and Developing Efficient Processes (Hardcover)
Vincent Wiegel
R731 Discovery Miles 7 310 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Lean management philosophy has been successfully applied across many industries - from manufacturing to healthcare, financial services, and construction. Recently, interest in Lean has steadily increased in the education sector as it was originally introduced in that area's administrative and support processes. Currently, however, the introduction of Lean and its potential in education is gaining wider exposure because of the massive changes looming -- For example, the introduction of technology in education (as EdTech within the traditional system and as MOOCs), demographic changes, budget pressure, the entrance of more and more private providers, and changing demands of society and industry on the curriculum. What is missing is a joint framework that will allow schools, teachers, directors, and boards to either integrate these developments or choose between them and then execute a successful strategy. Lean offers the potential to streamline the execution of strategy and teaching and to accelerate the development of new courses and studies that are closely aligned to the needs of students as well as the integration of new technologies without overburdening teachers and staff. The key to this plan is to empower teaching and research staff put teaching and research first and then to align Lean thinking and pedagogy. This book defines Lean education in all its aspects: course design, actual teaching and learning processes, school management, and the organization of supporting processes. It is firmly based on the Lean management philosophy in conjunction with pedagogy. The book draws in both scientific research in the field of Lean management in general and Lean education in particular. In addition, it is predicated on many years of hands-on experience applying Lean both inside and outside education.

The Book of Rolex (Hardcover): Jens Hoy The Book of Rolex (Hardcover)
Jens Hoy
R730 R591 Discovery Miles 5 910 Save R139 (19%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

An exhaustive appraisal of the Rolex watch, including studies of vintage models, current designs and special editions. Learn how to spot fakes using the same clues as the experts. Invaluable to any watch-lover, especially aspiring Rolex collectors. Horological trends flit by faster than ever in today's fast-paced society. But Rolex does not rely on gimmicks; theirs is a more perennial allure, with a reputation built on traditions and hard-earned skill. A company that innovates while paying homage to their roots, every Rolex is the culmination of centuries of watchmaking expertise. Within this book you will find explanations of the making process, descriptions of the materials involved and expert commentary on what makes each Rolex wristwatch unique. The Book of Rolex demonstrates how each model fits its social milieu, present and past. It also addresses the multitude of fakes on the market, including the so-called 'Frankensteins' - watches made from a mixture of real parts and forgeries, which are notoriously hard to spot - imparting all the skills needed to pick counterfeits out of a line-up. A holistic view of Rolex watches, this book promises to be as timeless as the brand itself. Should you be considering a Rolex, this book will convince you of its worth as an investment.

Last Nightshift in Savar - The Story of the Spectrum Sweater Factory Collapse (Paperback): Doug Miller Last Nightshift in Savar - The Story of the Spectrum Sweater Factory Collapse (Paperback)
Doug Miller
R407 R313 Discovery Miles 3 130 Save R94 (23%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

In April 2005 a factory making sweaters for the European market collapsed like a pack of cards during the nightshift in Savar near Dhaka, Bangladesh. The circumstances of this disaster, which caused the deaths of 64 clothing workers and injured a further 84, proved to be a final straw for trade unionists and NGO activists who had long been concerned about the state of factory safety and the inadequacies of social protection in the Ready Made Garment industry in the South East Asian country. Last Nightshift in Savar presents a detailed account of the national and international campaign efforts to bring the owner and his multinational buyers to book. It is also an account of the emergence of two quite different but replicable buyer approaches to the provision of relief for workers in such calamitous circumstances, which hopefully sheds light on some of the contradictions of corporate social responsibility in the globalised economy in which we live today. Finally, it is the story of the efforts of the international trade union, and NGO movement and of two men, in particular, to drive home change in compensation for industrial injury and fatality in the less developed world.

Wooden Clocks (Paperback): "Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts Magazine" Wooden Clocks (Paperback)
"Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts Magazine"
R408 R275 Discovery Miles 2 750 Save R133 (33%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This book features a wonderful collection of clock projects from the editors of "Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts" magazine. Learn how to make beautiful time pieces including grandfather clocks and pendulum clocks! It includes projects for all abilities and tastes, from learning to cut pieces and assemble parts to finishing and personalising. The editors of "Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts" magazine have selected a collection of the most beloved clock projects - from fancy fretwork grandfather clocks to classic pendulum clocks and whimsical desk clocks. This book offers something for everyone - no matter what their level of scrolling expertise. Beginners will learn how to cut their pieces like an expert and assemble clock parts. More advanced crafters will appreciate the section on finishing clocks and personalising special gifts. The articles, that represent the most popular clocks since the inception of "Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts" in 2000, have been fully updated to reflect current clock part sizes.

Soft Sensors for Monitoring and Control of Industrial Processes (Hardcover, 2007 ed.): Luigi Fortuna, Salvatore Graziani,... Soft Sensors for Monitoring and Control of Industrial Processes (Hardcover, 2007 ed.)
Luigi Fortuna, Salvatore Graziani, Alessandro Rizzo, Maria Gabriella Xibilia
R3,791 R2,991 Discovery Miles 29 910 Save R800 (21%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Soft sensors are inferential estimators, drawing conclusions from process observations when hardware sensors are unavailable or unsuitable; they have an important auxiliary role in sensor validation when performance declines through senescence or fault accumulation.

The non-linear behaviour exhibited by many industrial processes can be usefully modelled with the techniques of computational intelligence: neural networks; fuzzy systems and nonlinear partial least squares.

Soft Sensors for Monitoring and Control of Industrial Processes underlines the real usefulness of each approach and the sensitivity of the individual steps in soft-sensor design to the choice of one or the other. Design paths are suggested and readers shown how to evaluate the effects of their choices. All the case studies reported, resulting from collaborations between the authors and a number of industrial partners, raised challenging soft-sensor-design problems. The applications of soft sensors presented in this volume are designed to cope with the whole range from measuring system backup and what-if analysis through real-time prediction for plant control to sensor diagnosis and validation. Some of the soft sensors developed here are implemented on-line at industrial plants.


  • soft-sensor design;
  • advice on data selection and choice of model structure;
  • model validation;
  • strategies for the improvement of soft-sensor performance;
  • uses of soft sensors in fault detection and sensor validation;
  • soft sensors in use in industrial applications such as a debutanizer column and a sulfur recovery unit.

This monograph guides interested readers a"researchers, graduate students and industrial process technologists a" through the design of their own soft sensors. It is self-contained with full references and appraisal of existing literature and data sets for some of the case studies can be downloaded from springer.com.

5S for the Office - Organizing the Workplace to Eliminate Waste (Paperback): Thomas Fabrizio, Don Tapping 5S for the Office - Organizing the Workplace to Eliminate Waste (Paperback)
Thomas Fabrizio, Don Tapping
R1,191 Discovery Miles 11 910 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Although office and administrative activities are usually 60 percent of the production costs in most manufacturing organizations, these areas often get excluded during lean initiatives. To achieve lean, office activities must fully support shop floor manufacturing operations to eliminate waste. The adoption of 5S throughout all office and administrative functions is the first step to increase efficiency. In 5S for the Office: Organizing the Workplace to Eliminate Waste, Tom Fabrizio and Don Tapping bring the concepts of the 5S System -- effective tools for the elimination of waste on the shop floor -- into the office environment. The activities at the heart of 5S for the Office (organizing, ordering, cleaning, standardizing, and sustaining all of these) are completely logical. They are the basic rules for managing any effective workplace. However, it is the systematic method with which the 5S system approaches these activities that makes it unique. This book is a blueprint for building a Lean foundation for your office Readers of this book can immediately apply the concepts of 5S to their office and administrative activities, resulting in the elimination of waste, reduced production costs, and increased profits. To introduce the 5S system and sell its use to executives as well as workers, consider purchasing- 5S System: An Introduction DVD Catalog no. PP5934, Adhering to the principle of efficiency that defines this revolutionary and proven system, this video succinctly explains what is involved, who should participate, and what it will take to get started.

Lean Demand-Driven Procurement - How to Apply Lean Thinking to Your Supply Management Processes (Hardcover): Paul Myerson Lean Demand-Driven Procurement - How to Apply Lean Thinking to Your Supply Management Processes (Hardcover)
Paul Myerson
R909 Discovery Miles 9 090 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Lean thinking has expanded beyond its origins in repetitive manufacturing to other types of manufacturing processes such as process and product processes, and more recently to the administrative, supply chain, and operations management functions in a variety of industries. While there are many books written on the basics of the "supply" side of the supply chain (i.e. strategic sourcing, sourcing/procurement and purchasing), however, there hasn't been much written on those areas from a Lean perspective. Considering that supply chain costs, primarily procurement and transportation, can range from 50 to 70 percent of sales, it's surprising that this area has not been fully explored. As a result, some companies tend to place too much emphasis on the traditional focus of reducing material costs instead of process improvement. Applying Lean principles to procurement and purchasing processes identifies non-traditional sources of waste, and in some cases, creates a paradigm shift that results in additional benefits to the entire supply chain. This book is unique because it details the basic supply management concepts and processes (i.e. sourcing, procurement, and purchasing) in an easy-to-understand format in combination with with various process improvement tools, methodologies, best practices, examples and cases written from a Lean perspective. It focuses and pinpoints ways to identify waste on the supply side through improved processes and, in some cases, technology.

Simple - Killing Complexity for a Lean and Agile Organization (Hardcover): Barry L. Cross Simple - Killing Complexity for a Lean and Agile Organization (Hardcover)
Barry L. Cross
R759 Discovery Miles 7 590 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The parameters of competition in business today are changing -- big does not necessarily beat small anymore; fast is beating slow. Agility, speed, and flexibility are the key elements of a successful strategy and execution in the corporate world as wells as in government agencies, health care, and education.. How well will your firm execute its strategy? What barriers exist that inhibit your execution? Are you keeping one eye on tomorrow's customers, while you manage those of today? These are all key questions as we strive to deliver value on an ongoing basis. Simple: Killing Complexity for a Lean and Agile Organization is about agility and simplicity, in which achieving simplicity comes from a focus on the customer. Agility begins with planning, and leadership teams must develop decent vision. Generally, leaders know what they want to do, but many organizations break down, however, I when trying to implement the action plan. With over 25 years of industry, teaching, and consulting experience, the author illustrates how organizations can: Recognize who their true customers are, and appreciate what those customers want Begin to eliminate the products, services, processes and `work' that gets in the way of delivering value to those customers Focus people and processes towards value creation, even in what are perceived as non-customer centric operations Avoid brand confusion and the `all things to all people' mentality The complexities of managing in today's world both obscures decision making and layers on challenges that bog an organization down, preventing leadership from understanding what their customers want. By understanding who those customers are, and what they want, leaders can focus innovation strategy and projects in ways that deliver sustainable value. Even in not-for-profit and government agencies, executing in an aligned organization can become the profitable standard business process.

Reactive Inkjet Printing - A Chemical Synthesis Tool (Hardcover): Patrick J. Smith, Aoife Morrin Reactive Inkjet Printing - A Chemical Synthesis Tool (Hardcover)
Patrick J. Smith, Aoife Morrin
R3,258 Discovery Miles 32 580 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Reactive inkjet printing uses an inkjet printer to dispense one or more reactants onto a substrate to generate a physical or chemical reaction to form a product in situ. Thus, unlike traditional inkjet printing, the printed film chemistry differs to that of the initial ink droplets. The appeal of reactive inkjet printing as a chemical synthesis tool is linked to its ability to produce droplets whose size is both controllable and predictable, which means that the individual droplets can be thought of as building blocks where droplets can be added to the substrate in a high precision format to give good control and predictability over the chemical reaction. The book starts by introducing the concept of using reactive inkjet printing as a building block for making materials. Aspects such as the behaviour of printed droplets on substrate and their mixing is discussed in the first chapters. The following chapters then discuss different applications of the technique in areas including additive manufacturing and silk production, production of materials used in solar cells, printed electronics, dentistry and tissue engineering. Edited by two leading experts, Reactive Inkjet Printing: A Chemical Synthesis Tool provides a comprehensive overview of this technique and its use in fabricating functional materials for health and energy applications. The book will appeal to advanced level students in materials science.

Metal Nanoparticles and Clusters - Advances in Synthesis, Properties and Applications (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2018): Leonard Deepak... Metal Nanoparticles and Clusters - Advances in Synthesis, Properties and Applications (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2018)
Leonard Deepak Francis
R3,738 R3,036 Discovery Miles 30 360 Save R702 (19%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This book covers the continually expanding field of metal nanoparticles and clusters, in particular their size-dependent properties and quantum phenomena. The approaches to the organization of atoms that form clusters and nanoparticles have been advancing rapidly in recent times. These advancements are described through a combination of experimental and computational approaches and are covered in detail by the authors. Recent highlights of the various emerging properties and applications ranging from plasmonics to catalysis are showcased.

Far from the Factory - Lean for the Information Age (Paperback): George Gonzalez-Rivas, Linus Larsson Far from the Factory - Lean for the Information Age (Paperback)
George Gonzalez-Rivas, Linus Larsson
R1,127 Discovery Miles 11 270 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

If you currently employ knowledge workers who do most of their work on computers or with computers, access the Internet, utilize internal and external databases, use e-mail or other new messaging technology, then this book is for you. Quite simply, this handbook is for any organization with a lot of Web DNA that wishes to cut costs, improve performance, and stay perpetually competitive. It is for change agents or managers within those organizations who work with information and want to leverage the latest crop of tool sets to deliver on the promise of Lean for the modern, information-rich office.

packed with new ideas breaks new ground in so many directions .
John Bicheno, Director, Lean Enterprise Research Centre, Cardiff Business School

excellent on several levels teaches us how to visualize the depth of hidden wastes in our complex information flows and the large opportunity for improvement that this suggests.
Keith Russell, PhD, Global Continuous Improvement Leader R&D, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals

Very interesting view on operational excellence, helpful to readers without a background in this area of expertise.
Bert Nordberg, President and CEO. Sony Ericsson

Congratulations to all the readers holding this book ... These Lean ideas must be an integral part of the daily operations of your business. I am going to get each and every one of my management team a copy of this brilliant book at the start for our own Lean journey.
Lennart Kall, CEO, Wasa Kredit

It s one thing to develop a concept. It s another to make it sing. This is the hymnal.
Dr. Don V. Steward, CEO Problematics, Professor Emeritus, Sacramento State University, inventor of DSM

a must read for CIOs everywhere."
Julian Amey, Principal Fellow, Warwick University

Non-driven Micromechanical Gyroscopes and Their Applications (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2018): Fuxue Zhang, Wei Zhang, Guosheng Wang Non-driven Micromechanical Gyroscopes and Their Applications (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2018)
Fuxue Zhang, Wei Zhang, Guosheng Wang
R3,249 R2,648 Discovery Miles 26 480 Save R601 (18%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This book comprehensively and systematically introduces readers to the theories, structures, performance and applications of non-driven mechanical and non-driven micromechanical gyroscopes. The book is divided into three parts, the first of which mainly addresses mathematic models, precision, performance and operating error in non-driven mechanical gyroscopes. The second part focuses on the operating theory, error, phase shift and performance experiments involving non-driven micromechanical gyroscopes in rotating flight carriers, while the third part shares insights into the application of non-driven micromechanical gyroscopes in control systems for rotating flight carriers. The book offers a unique resource for all researchers and engineers who are interested in the use of inertial devices and automatic control systems for rotating flight carriers. It can also serve as a reference book for undergraduates, graduates and instructors in related fields at colleges and universities.

On Time, In Full - Achieving Perfect Delivery with Lean Thinking in Purchasing, Supply Chain, and Production Planning... On Time, In Full - Achieving Perfect Delivery with Lean Thinking in Purchasing, Supply Chain, and Production Planning (Paperback)
Timothy McLean
R648 Discovery Miles 6 480 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

"On Time-In Full" is an important work. Tim McLean provides an easy to follow practical approach to building a highly performing supply chain" -Drew Locher, Shingo Prize Winning Author and Lean Thinker The most fundamental requirement for a manufacturing or distribution business is to deliver to customers what they want, in the quantity they want, when they want it. It doesn't matter how good your product is, how much the customer likes your salesperson, how slick your marketing campaign is: If your customers can't get what they want when they want it, they will get it elsewhere, and your business will be in serious trouble. On Time in Full: Achieving Perfect Delivery with Lean Thinking in Purchasing, Supply Chain and Production Planning is a step-by-step practical guide to designing a Lean Supply Chain that will deliver what your customers need, when they need it, every time. Timothy McLean shares his three decades of Lean supply chain experience -- In simple straightforward language, he explores the reasons why supply chains fail to deliver and what you can do about it. On Time In Full includes practical guidance for tackling the big issues affecting supply chains including: How to understand your extended supply chain with a value stream map The role of forecasting in your supply chain and how to get a meaningful forecast Calculating the right level of inventory for your business Scheduling daily production to meet demand Managing suppliers and your supply chain at home and internationally Selecting and making the best use out of an ERP system Designing an efficient distribution network The book is full of practical case studies and examples as well as references for further study. On Time, In Full is the complete guide to setting up a supply chain that works.

Sensors and Microsystems - Proceedings of the 19th AISEM 2017 National Conference (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2018): Alessandro Leone,... Sensors and Microsystems - Proceedings of the 19th AISEM 2017 National Conference (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2018)
Alessandro Leone, Angiola Forleo, Luca Francioso, Simona Capone, Pietro Siciliano, …
R4,747 R3,784 Discovery Miles 37 840 Save R963 (20%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This book showcases the state of the art in the field of sensors and microsystems, revealing the impressive potential of novel methodologies and technologies. It covers a broad range of aspects, including: bio-, physical and chemical sensors; actuators; micro- and nano-structured materials; mechanisms of interaction and signal transduction; polymers and biomaterials; sensor electronics and instrumentation; analytical microsystems, recognition systems and signal analysis; and sensor networks, as well as manufacturing technologies, environmental, food and biomedical applications. The book gathers a selection of papers presented at the 19th AISEM National Conference on Sensors and Microsystems. Held in Lecce, Italy in February 2017, the event brought together researchers, end users, technology teams and policy makers.

Optimization and Management in Manufacturing Engineering - Resource Collaborative Optimization and Management through the... Optimization and Management in Manufacturing Engineering - Resource Collaborative Optimization and Management through the Internet of Things (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2017)
Xinbao Liu, Jun Pei, Liu Liu, Hao Cheng, Mi Zhou, …
R2,728 R2,228 Discovery Miles 22 280 Save R500 (18%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Problems facing manufacturing clusters that intersect information technology, process management, and optimization within the Internet of Things (IoT) are examined in this book. Recent advances in information technology have transformed the use of resources and data exchange, often leading to management and optimization problems attributatble to technology limitations and strong market competition. This book discusses several problems and concepts which makes significant connections in the areas of information sharing, organization management, resource operations, and performance assessment. Geared toward practitioners and researchers, this treatment deepens the understanding between resource collaborative management and advanced information technology. Those in manufacturing will utilize the numerous mathematical models and methods offered to solve practical problems related to cutting stock, supply chain scheduling, and inventory management. Academics and students with a basic knowledge of manufacturing, combinatorics, and linear programming will find that this discussion widens the research area of resource collaborative management and unites the fields of information technology, manufacturing management, and optimization.

The Blacksmith's Craft - A Primer of Tools and Methods (Paperback): Charles McRaven The Blacksmith's Craft - A Primer of Tools and Methods (Paperback)
Charles McRaven
R400 R315 Discovery Miles 3 150 Save R85 (21%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Blacksmithing is one of the traditional "lost arts" deserving re-discovery by anyone interested in do-it-yourself building and crafting. Creating one's own apparatus from metal enhances wood-working, stonework, building, and restoration work. Traditional builder and historic preservation consultant Charles McRaven shows how practical, simple, and rewarding the forging of hand tools can be. Having discovered blacksmithing himself when he moved "back to the land" in the 1970s, Charles McRaven tells readers all they need to know to set up their own smithies and begin blacksmithing. Over the years, McRaven claims he has made almost every mistake that can be made while perfecting his skills, and he shares this hard-won knowledge with readers in a readable and humorous style. The simple and clear instructions supplemented by the step-by- step photography, show how to build a forge, how to make and/or acquire tools, and how to use those tools to create utilitarian items of lasting beauty and durability.

Computing in Smart Toys (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2017): Jeff K.T. Tang, Patrick C K Hung Computing in Smart Toys (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2017)
Jeff K.T. Tang, Patrick C K Hung
R2,631 R2,127 Discovery Miles 21 270 Save R504 (19%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The goal of this book is to crystallize the emerging mobile computing technologies and trends into positive efforts to focus on the most promising solutions in services computing. Many toys built today are increasingly using these technologies together and it is important to understand the various research and practical issues. The book will provide clear proof that mobile technologies are playing an ever increasing important and critical role in supporting toy computing, which is a new research discipline in computer science. It is also expected that the book will further research new best practices and directions in toy computing. The goal of this book is to bring together academics and practitioners to describe the use and synergy between the above-mentioned technologies. This book is mainly intended for researchers and students working in computer science and engineering, and for toy industry technology providers, having particular interests in mobile services. The wide range of authors of this book will help the various communities understand both specific and common problems. This book facilities software developers and researchers to become more aware of this challenging research opportunity. As well, the book is soliciting shall provide valuable strategic outlook on the emerging toy industry.

Andy & Me and the Hospital - Further Adventures on the Lean Journey (Paperback): Pascal Dennis Andy & Me and the Hospital - Further Adventures on the Lean Journey (Paperback)
Pascal Dennis
R562 Discovery Miles 5 620 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Based on the author's years of experience working with Toyota's master teachers and with companies in the midst of great change, this book follows the story established in the Shingo Prize-winning book, Andy & Me: Crisis & Transformation on the Lean Journey. In a cool and readable style, Andy & Me and the Hospital: Further Adventures on the Lean Journey follows Tom Pappas's relationship with Andy Saito, a reclusive retired Toyota guru. Tom and Andy are pulled into a major New York City hospital in crisis. Can they translate and apply Toyota's powerful methods and thinking to save the hospital from disaster? Using a compelling novel format, the book demonstrates how to apply Lean thinking in a healthcare setting. It illustrates the situations, characters, and plant politics you will most likely face as you progress through your Lean healthcare journey. As the story unfolds, you will discover the way of thinking and behavioral changes required to implement proven Toyota Production System (TPS) methods, tools, and thinking in healthcare. You will learn: What a Lean transformation in a hospital should look like The overall approach you need to take The leadership and behavioral changes required How to improve processes and better develop and engage people How to build and sustain a Lean management system How to translate and apply Deming's "profound system of knowledge" This book provides clear and simple guidance on what it takes to successfully implement Toyota methods in healthcare settings. It shares helpful insights on how the different elements need to fit together to deliver measurable process improvement results. Just like its bestselling predecessors, this book includes study questions after each chapter to support learning and to facilitate discussion in workshops or classroom settings.

The Kaizen Event Planner - Achieving Rapid Improvement in Office, Service, and Technical Environments (Paperback): Karen... The Kaizen Event Planner - Achieving Rapid Improvement in Office, Service, and Technical Environments (Paperback)
Karen Martin, Mike Osterling
R1,372 Discovery Miles 13 720 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Kaizen Events are an effective way to train organizations to break unproductive habits and adopt a continuous improvement philosophy while, at the same time, achieve breakthrough performance-level results. Through Kaizen Events, cross-functional teams learn how to make improvements in a methodological way. They learn how to quickly study a process, identify and prioritize improvement opportunities, implement change, and sustain their gains. Most importantly, they learn how to work with one another to solve problems rapidly and in a highly effective way. In The Kaizen Event Planner: Achieving Rapid Improvement in Office, Service, and Technical Environments, authors Karen Martin and Mike Osterling provide a practical how-to guide for planning and executing Kaizen Events in non-manufacturing settings, and conducting post-Event follow-ups to sustain the improvements made. Geared to continuous improvement professionals and leaders within the office areas of manufacturing, the service sector and knowledge-worker environments, this book provides the methodology and practical tools for generating measurable results, while building a motivated workforce and laying the foundation for continuous improvement. The Kaizen Event Planner provides those responsible for improving office, service, and technical processes with the skills to effectively scope the activity, engage the right people, and facilitate successful Events! An accompanying CD provides immediate access to a number of Excel-based tools.

Principles of Nanomagnetism (Hardcover, 2nd ed. 2017): Alberto P. Guimaraes Principles of Nanomagnetism (Hardcover, 2nd ed. 2017)
Alberto P. Guimaraes
R3,658 R2,952 Discovery Miles 29 520 Save R706 (19%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The second edition of this book on nanomagnetism presents the basics and latest studies of low-dimensional magnetic nano-objects. It highlights the intriguing properties of nanomagnetic objects, such as thin films, nanoparticles, nanowires, nanotubes, nanodisks and nanorings as well as novel phenomena like spin currents. It also describes how nanomagnetism was an important factor in the rapid evolution of high-density magnetic recording and is developing into a decisive element of spintronics. Further, it presents a number of biomedical applications. With exercises and solutions, it serves as a graduate textbook.

The Handbook of Vintage Cigarette Lighters (Paperback, 2nd): Stuart Schneider, Ira Pilossof The Handbook of Vintage Cigarette Lighters (Paperback, 2nd)
Stuart Schneider, Ira Pilossof
R555 R464 Discovery Miles 4 640 Save R91 (16%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Extraordinary cigarette lighters can be found in the strangest of places--in a garage sale, at a swap meet, perhaps even in your own basement. This convenient, revised and updated handheld guide introduces a history of lighters through a comprehensive, alphabetical presentation of styles, organized according to company name and dating from the late 1800s through the 1980s.Well-known makers such as Dunhill, Ronson, Evans, Scripto, and Zippo are included, as well as unusual lighters from lesser known companies. Never before has a book shown such variety of lighters with this much detail and color: over 800 lighters are illustrated along with current updated market values, along with over 35 new images. Whether you are a collector of lighters or interested in design, this book will give you insight into the style, beauty, and value of cigarette lighters. And once you start collecting, it may be hard to break the habit!

The Lean IT Field Guide - A Roadmap for Your Transformation (Paperback): Michael A Orzen, Thomas A. Paider The Lean IT Field Guide - A Roadmap for Your Transformation (Paperback)
Michael A Orzen, Thomas A. Paider
R885 Discovery Miles 8 850 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

How many IT books have you read that are long on theory and short on practical application? They are interesting, but not very impactful. They provide a framework from which to think and understand, but lack a process from which to act. Addressing this urgent need for the IT community, The Lean IT Field Guide explains how to initiate, execute, and sustain a lean IT transformation. Illuminating a clear path to lean IT, the authors integrate more than two decades of combined experience to provide you with a proven method for creating and sustaining a true lean IT workplace. This field guide not only highlights the organizational techniques of more agile and lean processes, but also the leadership work required to help management adopt these new approaches. Based on proven methods from different industries, including banking, manufacturing, insurance, food and beverage, and logistics, the book details a clear model that covers all the components you need to achieve and sustain a favorable work environment and culture in support of lean IT. Filled with anecdotes and case studies from actual businesses, the book includes pictures, templates, and examples that illustrate the application of the lean methods discussed.

Cribbage Boards - 1863-1998 (Paperback): Bette L. Bernis Cribbage Boards - 1863-1998 (Paperback)
Bette L. Bernis
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Enjoyed since Sir John Suckling invented this popular card game in the early 1600s, cribbage is examined here in full-color photos and engaging text. Over 350 color photographs enliven the discussion, displaying many appealing styles and variations. Cribbage boards of war and peace, with 61 and 121 point scoring, and on which pegs follow the straight and narrow or meander across the board in innovative street designs all are featured here. Also a history of the game and of the American companies that have produced cribbage boards such as H. Baron Co., E.S. Lowe, Milton Bradley, and Whitman Publishing is provided. Pictured and discussed are boards created from exotic materials including ivory and bone, and methods for determining the age of heirloom boards. Rounding out the presentation are cribbage board values and an extensive bibliography. A must for card game lovers, gamblers, and collectors alike.

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