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Associations in the Greco-Roman World - A Sourcebook (Paperback, Annotated Ed): Richard S. Ascough, Philip A. Harland, John S.... Associations in the Greco-Roman World - A Sourcebook (Paperback, Annotated Ed)
Richard S. Ascough, Philip A. Harland, John S. Kloppenborg
R1,008 Discovery Miles 10 080 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Associations in the Greco-Roman World provides students and scholars with a clear and readable resource for greater understanding of the social, cultural, and religious life across the ancient Mediterranean. The authors provide new translations of inscriptions and papyri from hundreds of associations, alongside descriptions of more than two dozen archaeological remains of building sites. Complemented by a substantial annotated bibliography and accompanying images, this sourcebook fills many gaps and allows for future exploration in studies of the Greco-Roman religious world, particularly the nature of Judean and Christian groups at that time.

The Organization of Ancient Economies - A Global Perspective (Hardcover): Kenneth Hirth The Organization of Ancient Economies - A Global Perspective (Hardcover)
Kenneth Hirth
R1,006 Discovery Miles 10 060 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

In this book, Kenneth Hirth provides a comparative view of the organization of ancient and premodern society and economy. Hirth establishes that humans adapted to their environments, not as individuals but in the social groups where they lived and worked out the details of their livelihoods. He explores the variation in economic organization used by simple and complex societies to procure, produce, and distribute resources required by both individual households and the social and political institutions that they supported. Drawing on a wealth of archaeological, historic, and ethnographic information, he develops and applies an analytical framework for studying ancient societies that range from the hunting and gathering groups of native North America, to the large state societies of both the New and Old Worlds. Hirth demonstrates that despite differences in transportation and communication technologies, the economic organization of ancient and modern societies are not as different as we sometimes think.

Mystery of Egypt - The First Tunnel (Paperback): Radu Cinamar Mystery of Egypt - The First Tunnel (Paperback)
Radu Cinamar; As told to Peter Moon
R472 R390 Discovery Miles 3 900 Save R82 (17%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Radu Cinamar stunned the world when he released his first book, "Transylvanian Sunrise", which described the greatest archaeological find of all time: a hidden chamber some 50,000 years old with beneath the Romanian Sphinx in the Bucegi Mountains. This chamber includes holographic technology with a visual data bank of infinite DNA permutations in addition to three tunnels: one leading to the inner earth, one to Tibet and one to Egypt. After being allowed to explore some of these artefacts, Radu was befriended by an enigmatic alchemist named Elinor who introduced him to an equally mysterious Tibetan Lama. This book begins with Radu becoming the guardian of Elinor's exotic villa in Bucharest which contains a remarkable alchemical laboratory in the basement. Radu is soon thereafter recruited for Department Zero, Romania's most secret intelligence unit, by his old friend, Cezar Brad, and becomes part of an expedition to explore a mysterious tunnel which leads from the chamber beneath the Romanian Sphinx to a different type of chamber beneath the Giza Plateau which contains ancient artefacts that look more futuristic than they do ancient, one of them being a bioresonant device through which one can visit past and future events. This amazing expedition includes an American from the Pentagon with a top secret laptop computer he is intuitively connected to that not only displays intricate holograms but is also linked to Hilbert (inter-dimensional) Space. Ancient archeology meets future science in this true life adventure that penetrates the secrets of Egypt in a way that has not been previously conceived of in our society.

The Amorites and the Bronze Age Near East - The Making of a Regional Identity (Hardcover): Aaron A. Burke The Amorites and the Bronze Age Near East - The Making of a Regional Identity (Hardcover)
Aaron A. Burke
R1,969 Discovery Miles 19 690 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In this book, Aaron A. Burke explores the evolution of Amorite identity in the Near East from ca. 2500-1500 BC. He sets the emergence of a collective identity for the Amorites, one of the most famous groups in Ancient Near Eastern history, against the backdrop of both Akkadian imperial intervention and declining environmental conditions during this period. Tracing the migration of Amorite refugees from agropastoral communities into nearby regions, he shows how mercenarism in both Mesopotamia and Egypt played a central role in the acquisition of economic and political power between 2100 and 1900 BC. Burke also examines how the establishment of Amorite kingdoms throughout the Near East relied on traditional means of legitimation, and how trade, warfare, and the exchange of personnel contributed to the establishment of an Amorite koine. Offering a fresh approach to identity at different levels of social hierarchy over time and space, this volume contributes to broader questions related to identity for other ancient societies.

Beijing Then and Now (R) (Hardcover): Brian Page Beijing Then and Now (R) (Hardcover)
Brian Page
R434 R342 Discovery Miles 3 420 Save R92 (21%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Beijing has several millennia of human history. It has been a city of regional importance for many centuries, first becoming the Chinese imperial capital in 1267. The city has been known by various names through the ages, reflecting a turbulent history of change. As the political and cultural heart of modern China, Beijing has grown dramatically since the Communist revolution of 1949. Beijing Then and Now shows how that dramatic modernization has affected the city and how, despite all the new building and modern infrastructure, some of the great historic sites have been preserved and maintained. Sites include: Deshengmen Arrow Tower, Qianmen Arrow Tower, Qianmen Gate, Entrance to the Imperial City, Mao's Mausoleum, Tiananmen Gate, Duanmen Gate, Entrance to the Forbidden City, Wumen Gate, Hall of Supreme Harmony, Jingshan, Beihai Park, the White Dagoba, Imperial Canal, Drum Tower, Beihai Lake, Bell Tower, Temple of Confucius, Hall of Classics, Imperial Observatory, Qianmen Boulevard, Hall of Prayer, Altar of Heaven, British Legation, Dong Tang, Marble Boat, Jade Belt Bridge, Ming Tombs, Spirit Road and the Great Wall of China.

Human Tooth Crown and Root Morphology - The Arizona State University Dental Anthropology System (Paperback): G. Richard Scott,... Human Tooth Crown and Root Morphology - The Arizona State University Dental Anthropology System (Paperback)
G. Richard Scott, Joel D. Irish
R1,076 Discovery Miles 10 760 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This guide to scoring crown and root traits in human dentitions substantially builds on a seminal 1991 work by Turner, Nichol, and Scott. It provides detailed descriptions and multiple illustrations of each crown and root trait to help guide researchers to make consistent observations on trait expression, greatly reducing observer error. The book also reflects exciting new developments driven by technology that have significant ramifications for dental anthropology, particularly the recent development of a web-based application that computes the probability that an individual belongs to a particular genogeographic grouping based on combinations of crown and root traits; as such, the utility of these variables is expanded to forensic anthropology. This book is ideal for researchers and graduate students in the fields of dental, physical, and forensic anthropology and will serve as a methodological guide for many years to come.

The Small Isles (Hardcover): John Hunter The Small Isles (Hardcover)
John Hunter
R714 R645 Discovery Miles 6 450 Save R69 (10%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Some ten thousand years ago, hunter-gatherers moving through a landscape newly emerged from the grip of the last Ice Age reached four islands on the western seaboard. The shores they landed on were deserted. After making camp, they struck out to hunt and explore. We know this because the evidence of their presence has been preserved down the millennia - in traces of flint and quartz, in charred fragments of grain and animal bone, in great heaped piles of ancient shellfish. The islands were Rum, Eigg, Canna and Muck - four distinctive shapes rising from the waters of the Inner Hebrides between Ardnamurchan and Skye. Collectively, they are known as the Small Isles. From those first moments on, people have been working these islands and using their resources, adapting each landscape to suit the changing needs of the communities they served. In this definitive new book, archaeologist John Hunter searches for the stories of the Small Isles in the evidence that survives - from the fragmentary physical remains of dwellings, defences, places of worship and monuments, to the records of early antiquarians, historians and travellers. This is a journey to rediscover communities that were erased by the mass migrations of the nineteenth century, and the rise of the Victorian sporting estate. Within a few generations cultural identity on the islands disappeared and a new order developed. Placenames were changed, buildings and structures abandoned, and traditions forgotten. The Small Isles became islands without memories. This comprehensive guide - illustrated with a wealth of photographs, maps and drawings - takes readers on a tour of both place and time. Crisscrossing the landscapes of four fascinating and evocative islands, it reveals traces of a forgotten past in everything that has been left behind.

The Temple of Peace in Rome 2 Volume Hardback Set (Hardcover): Pier Luigi Tucci The Temple of Peace in Rome 2 Volume Hardback Set (Hardcover)
Pier Luigi Tucci
R5,060 Discovery Miles 50 600 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In this magisterial two-volume book, Pier Luigi Tucci offers a comprehensive examination of one of the key complexes of Ancient Rome, the Temple of Peace. Based on archival research and an architectural survey, his research sheds new light on the medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque transformations of the basilica, and the later restorations of the complex. Volume 1 focuses on the foundation of the complex under Vespasian until its restoration under Septimius Severus and challenges the accepted views about the ancient building. Volume 2 begins with the remodelling of the library hall and the construction of the rotunda complex, and examines the dedication of the Christian Basilica of SS Cosmas and Damian. Of interest to scholars in a range of topics, The Temple of Peace in Rome crosses the boundaries between classics, archaeology, history of architecture, and art history, through Late Antiquity, the Middle Ages, and the early modern period.

Inventing Cinema - Machines, Gestures and Media History (Hardcover, 0): Beno T Turquety Inventing Cinema - Machines, Gestures and Media History (Hardcover, 0)
Beno T Turquety
R2,440 Discovery Miles 24 400 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Film technology, media history, digital cinema, early cinema, media archaeology

The British Time Scale - Half a Million Years Illustrated (Paperback): G.M. James The British Time Scale - Half a Million Years Illustrated (Paperback)
G.M. James
R307 R231 Discovery Miles 2 310 Save R76 (25%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Imagine the whole of British history laid out in one long line, giving a shape to the mysterious prehistoric past, detailing the major English, Scottish and Welsh rulers (including emperors, kings and queens), prime ministers, important events and battles. To be even more useful such a time scale should be in full colour and include the populations, climate, maps, architectural heritage and technological/scientific advances...and it could cover 500,000 years. Filling a gap left by other reference sources, The British Time Scale is a unique and invaluable production. In a conveniently portable folded book format, the timescale will also expand into a chart of 2 metres in length and includes 25 maps. An illustrated overview including climate, population and maps. Richly detailed and in full colour, this is the easiest way to appreciate the whole sweep of human history of this island/peninsula. It can be used fold by fold, book-fashion, whilst touring or as a wall or table chart. Either way, it makes a convenient and enjoyable work of reference.

Kindred - Neanderthal Life, Love, Death and Art (Hardcover): Rebecca Wragg Sykes Kindred - Neanderthal Life, Love, Death and Art (Hardcover)
Rebecca Wragg Sykes
R539 R446 Discovery Miles 4 460 Save R93 (17%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

'Beautiful, evocative, authoritative.' Professor Brian Cox 'A wonderful portrait of these enigmatic, long-lost relatives.' Professor Alice Roberts One of the Best Books of 2020, Sunday Times Kindred is the definitive guide to the Neanderthals. Since their discovery more than 160 years ago, Neanderthals have metamorphosed from the losers of the human family tree to A-list hominins. In Kindred, Rebecca Wragg Sykes uses her experience at the cutting-edge of Palaeolithic research to share our new understanding of Neanderthals, shoving aside cliches of rag-clad brutes in an icy wasteland. She reveals them to be curious, clever connoisseurs of their world, technologically inventive and ecologically adaptable. They ranged across vast tracts of tundra and steppe, but also stalked in dappled forests and waded in the Mediterranean Sea. Above all, they were successful survivors for more than 300,000 years, during times of massive climatic upheaval. At a time when our species has never faced greater threats, we're obsessed with what makes us special. But, much of what defines us was also in Neanderthals, and their DNA is still inside us. Planning, co-operation, altruism, craftsmanship, aesthetic sense, imagination, perhaps even a desire for transcendence beyond mortality. Kindred does for Neanderthals what Sapiens did for us, revealing a deeper, more nuanced story where humanity itself is our ancient, shared inheritance. It is only by understanding them, that we can truly understand ourselves.

Homer: A Very Short Introduction (Paperback, Annotated edition): Barbara Graziosi Homer: A Very Short Introduction (Paperback, Annotated edition)
Barbara Graziosi
R231 R190 Discovery Miles 1 900 Save R41 (18%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Homer's mythological tales of war and homecoming,the Iliad and the Odyssey, are widely considered to be two of the most influential works in the history of western literature. Yet their author, 'the greatest poet that ever lived' is something of a mystery. By the 6th century BCE, Homer had already become a mythical figure, and today debate continues as to whether he ever existed. In this Very Short Introduction Barbara Graziosi considers Homer's famous works, and their impact on readers throughout the centuries. She shows how the Iliad and the Odyssey benefit from a tradition of reading that spans well over two millennia, stemming from ancient scholars at the library of Alexandria, in the third and second centuries BCE, who wrote some of the first commentaries on the Homeric epics. Summaries of these scholars' notes made their way into the margins of Byzantine manuscripts; from Byzantium the annotated manuscripts travelled to Italy; and the ancient notes finally appeared in the first printed editions of Homer, eventually influencing our interpretation of Homer's work today. Along the way, Homer's works have inspired artists, writers, philosophers, musicians, playwrights, and film-makers. Exploring the main literary, historical, cultural, and archaeological issues at the heart of Homer's narratives, Graziosi analyses the enduring appeal of Homer and his iconic works. ABOUT THE SERIES: The Very Short Introductions series from Oxford University Press contains hundreds of titles in almost every subject area. These pocket-sized books are the perfect way to get ahead in a new subject quickly. Our expert authors combine facts, analysis, perspective, new ideas, and enthusiasm to make interesting and challenging topics highly readable. This book was previously published in hardback as Homer.

Native and Roman on the Northern Frontier - Excavations and Survey in a Later Prehistoric Landscape in Upper Eskdale,... Native and Roman on the Northern Frontier - Excavations and Survey in a Later Prehistoric Landscape in Upper Eskdale, Dumfriesshire (Hardcover)
Roger Mercer
R841 R779 Discovery Miles 7 790 Save R62 (7%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days
Current Studies on Indus Valley Civilization - Volume 9 (Hardcover): Toshiki Osada Current Studies on Indus Valley Civilization - Volume 9 (Hardcover)
Toshiki Osada
R1,809 R1,483 Discovery Miles 14 830 Save R326 (18%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This book contains papers concerning several animals (ie: crocodile, ass and unicorn) written by the Finnish eminent scholar on Indus script, Professor Asko Parpola and his colleague in Helsinki University, Professor Juha Janhunen who has specialised on the Mongolic, Tugusic and Turkic languages widely spoken in Eurasia. These animals motifs are found not only in the Indus seals but also in the several mythological literatures from Eurasia, including India. Another contributor is Professor Ajithprasad of Maharaja Sayajirao University, Baroda, Gujarat. His paper deals with issues related to the early Chalcolithic regional tradition of north Gujarat in western India.

The Monuments of Piedras Negras, an Ancient Maya City (Hardcover): Flora Simmons Clancy The Monuments of Piedras Negras, an Ancient Maya City (Hardcover)
Flora Simmons Clancy
R1,298 Discovery Miles 12 980 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Patronized by royalty between the sixth and eighth centuries, the monuments of Guatemala's ancient Maya city of Piedras Negras were carved by sculptors with remarkable skills and virtuosity. Together patrons and sculptors created monumental imagery in a manner unique within the larger history of ancient Maya art by engaging public viewers through illustrations of ceremonies focusing on family and the feminine in royal agendas.
Flora Clancy's introduction contextualizes her work with other studies and lays out her methodological framework. She then discusses the known monuments of the city sequentially by reigns. Individual rulers are characterized by a biography drawn from the hieroglyphic texts and the icons or imagery of their monuments are analyzed and discussed.
Although the monuments of Piedras Negras are acknowledged as social, political, and cultural productions, Clancy also treats them as works of art that at their best operate on transcendent levels dissolving and overruling the contingencies of history and cultural differences.

Space and Spatial Analysis in Archaeology (Paperback, New Ed): Elizabeth C. Robertson, Jeffery D. Seibert, Deepika C.... Space and Spatial Analysis in Archaeology (Paperback, New Ed)
Elizabeth C. Robertson, Jeffery D. Seibert, Deepika C. Fernandez, Marc U. Zender
R1,677 Discovery Miles 16 770 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Spatial analysis is the archaeology of space and place and is concerned with the creation of a cultural landscape focusing on archaeoastronomy, geoarchaeology, and ancient landscapes. Incorporating emerging technology such as GPS positioning and new forms of diagnostic imaging, spatial analysis can enable scientists to study the wider landscape of ancient human settlements. The ability to peer through time and clearly view the distribution of settlements and particular landforms and to determine resource areas provides researchers with invaluable information regarding the social relations, economy, and ecology of any community in the distant past.

These papers were selected from the 34th annual Chacmool Archaeological Conference held at the University of Calgary and are designed to examine human interaction with the environment, both physically and cognitively.

Bricks and Stones from the Past - Jamaica's Geological Heritage (Paperback, illustrated edition): Bricks and Stones from the Past - Jamaica's Geological Heritage (Paperback, illustrated edition)
R924 Discovery Miles 9 240 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Bricks and Stones from the Past is an informative, handsomely illustrated and skilfully written book of hard facts about Jamaica's rich geo-historical heritage. Weaving his way through many intricate branches of knowledge, including archaeology, building construction, chemistry and geology, the author embarks on a journey that takes him through the pages of history and across the island. He examines, analyses and describes the nature and origin and use of various lithic materials and objects, many of which played an important role in the development of the island up to the early part of the twentieth century. With a thorough glossary to assist readers in understanding many of the technical terms, the author records his observations and findings in seven easy-to-read and understand chapters. The numerous colour illustrations of assorted artefacts and ruins should prove of immense value to collectors, museums, libraries, researchers and schools. This much-needed, pioneering reference is an essential addition to the literature on Jamaica.

The Cosmos in Ancient Greek Religious Experience - Sacred Space, Memory, and Cognition (Hardcover): Efrosyni Boutsikas The Cosmos in Ancient Greek Religious Experience - Sacred Space, Memory, and Cognition (Hardcover)
Efrosyni Boutsikas
R1,965 Discovery Miles 19 650 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In this book, Efrosyni Boutsikas examines ancient Greek religious performances, intricately orchestrated displays comprising topography, architecture, space, cult, and myth. These various elements were unified in a way that integrated the body within cosmic space and made the sacred extraordinary. Boutsikas also explores how natural light or the night-sky may have assisted in intensifying the experience of these rituals, and how they may have determined ancient perceptions of the cosmos. The author's digital and virtual reconstructions of ancient skyscapes and religious structures during such occurrences unveil a deeper understanding of the importance of time and place in religious experience. Boutsikas shows how they shaped emotions, cosmological beliefs, and ritual memory of the participants. Her study revolutionises our understanding on ancient emotionality and cognitive experience, demonstrating how Greek religious spaces were vibrant arenas of a shared experience of the cosmos.

Seals, Craft, and Community in Bronze Age Crete (Hardcover): Emily Anderson Seals, Craft, and Community in Bronze Age Crete (Hardcover)
Emily Anderson
R2,236 Discovery Miles 22 360 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Generations of scholars have grappled with the origins of 'palace' society on Minoan Crete, seeking to explain when and how life on the island altered monumentally. Emily Anderson turns light on the moment just before the palaces, recognizing it as a remarkably vibrant phase of socio-cultural innovation. Exploring the role of craftspersons, travelers and powerful objects, she argues that social change resulted from creative work that forged connections at new scales and in novel ways. This study focuses on an extraordinary corpus of sealstones which have been excavated across Crete. Fashioned of imported ivory and engraved with images of dashing lions, these distinctive objects linked the identities of their distant owners. Anderson argues that it was the repeated but pioneering actions of such diverse figures, people and objects alike, that dramatically changed the shape of social life in the Aegean at the turn of the second millennium BCE.

Catalogue of Byzantine Seals at Dumbarton Oaks a - Anonymous, with Bilateral Religious Imagery (Hardcover): John A Cotsonis Catalogue of Byzantine Seals at Dumbarton Oaks a - Anonymous, with Bilateral Religious Imagery (Hardcover)
John A Cotsonis
R1,353 Discovery Miles 13 530 Ships in 10 - 15 working days
Burials, Migration and Identity in the Ancient Sahara and Beyond (Hardcover): M. C. Gatto, D.J Mattingly, N. Ray, MS Terry Burials, Migration and Identity in the Ancient Sahara and Beyond (Hardcover)
M. C. Gatto, D.J Mattingly, N. Ray, MS Terry
R2,500 Discovery Miles 25 000 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This ground-breaking volume explores a series of inter-related key themes in Saharan archaeology and history. Migration and identity formation can both be approached from the perspective of funerary archaeology, using the combined evidence of burial structures, specific rites and funerary material culture, and integrated methods of skeletal analysis including morphometrics, palaeopathology and isotopes. Burial traditions from various parts of the Sahara are compared and contrasted with those of the Nile Valley, the Maghreb and West Africa. Several chapters deal with the related evidence of human migration derived from linguistic study. The volume presents the state of the field of funerary archaeology in the Sahara and its neighbouring regions and sets the agenda for future research on mobility, migration and identity. It will be a seminal reference point for Mediterranean and African archaeologists, historians and anthropologists as well as archaeologists interested in burial and migration more broadly.

The Archaeology of Sanitation in Roman Italy - Toilets, Sewers, and Water Systems (Hardcover): Ann Olga Koloski-Ostrow The Archaeology of Sanitation in Roman Italy - Toilets, Sewers, and Water Systems (Hardcover)
Ann Olga Koloski-Ostrow
R1,778 Discovery Miles 17 780 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The Romans developed sophisticated methods for managing hygiene, including aqueducts for moving water from one place to another, sewers for removing used water from baths and runoff from walkways and roads, and public and private latrines. Through the archeological record, graffiti, sanitation-related paintings, and literature, Ann Olga Koloski-Ostrow explores this little-known world of bathrooms and sewers, offering unique insights into Roman sanitation, engineering, urban planning and development, hygiene, and public health. Focusing on the cities of Pompeii, Herculaneum, Ostia, and Rome, Koloski-Ostrow's work challenges common perceptions of Romans' social customs, beliefs about health, tolerance for filth in their cities, and attitudes toward privacy. In charting the complex history of sanitary customs from the late republic to the early empire, Koloski-Ostrow reveals the origins of waste removal technologies and their implications for urban health, past and present.

A Little History of Archaeology (Paperback): Brian Fagan A Little History of Archaeology (Paperback)
Brian Fagan 1
R315 R252 Discovery Miles 2 520 Save R63 (20%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

The thrilling history of archaeological adventure, with tales of danger, debate, audacious explorers, and astonishing discoveries around the globe What is archaeology? The word may bring to mind images of golden pharaohs and lost civilizations, or Neanderthal skulls and Ice Age cave art. Archaeology is all of these, but also far more: the only science to encompass the entire span of human history-more than three million years! This Little History tells the riveting stories of some of the great archaeologists and their amazing discoveries around the globe: ancient Egyptian tombs, Mayan ruins, the first colonial settlements at Jamestown, mysterious Stonehenge, the incredibly preserved Pompeii, and many, many more. In forty brief, exciting chapters, the book recounts archaeology's development from its eighteenth-century origins to its twenty-first-century technological advances, including remote sensing capabilities and satellite imagery techniques that have revolutionized the field. Shining light on the most intriguing events in the history of the field, this absolutely up-to-date book illuminates archaeology's controversies, discoveries, heroes and scoundrels, global sites, and newest methods for curious readers of every age.

Three Stones Make a Wall - The Story of Archaeology (Hardcover): Eric H. Cline Three Stones Make a Wall - The Story of Archaeology (Hardcover)
Eric H. Cline; Illustrated by Glynnis Fawkes
R803 R667 Discovery Miles 6 670 Save R136 (17%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

From the bestselling author of 1177 B.C., a comprehensive history of archaeology--from its amateur beginnings to the cutting-edge science it is today. In 1922, Howard Carter peered into Tutankhamun's tomb for the first time, the only light coming from the candle in his outstretched hand. Urged to tell what he was seeing through the small opening he had cut in the door to the tomb, the Egyptologist famously replied, "I see wonderful things." Carter's fabulous discovery is just one of the many spellbinding stories told in Three Stones Make a Wall. Written by Eric Cline, an archaeologist with more than thirty seasons of excavation experience, Three Stones Make a Wall traces the history of archaeology from an amateur pursuit to the cutting-edge science it is today by taking the reader on a tour of major archaeological sites and discoveries, from Pompeii to Petra, Troy to the Terracotta Warriors, and Mycenae to Megiddo and Masada. Cline brings to life the personalities behind these digs, including Heinrich Schliemann, the former businessman who excavated Troy, and Mary Leakey, whose discoveries advanced our understanding of human origins. The discovery of the peoples and civilizations of the past is presented in vivid detail, from the Hittites and Minoans to the Inca, Aztec, and Moche. Along the way, the book addresses the questions archaeologists are asked most often: How do you know where to dig? How are excavations actually done? How do you know how old something is? Who gets to keep what is found? Taking readers from the pioneering digs of the eighteenth century to the exciting new discoveries being made today, Three Stones Make a Wall is a lively and essential introduction to the story of archaeology.

An Archaeological Guide to Central and Southern Mexico (Hardcover): Joyce Kelly An Archaeological Guide to Central and Southern Mexico (Hardcover)
Joyce Kelly
R677 Discovery Miles 6 770 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Palenque, Teotihuacan, Yaxchilan--the names of these ancient Maya cities conjure images of mystery and grandeur. Joyce Kelly's new visitor's guide includes these fascinating places and many more. This guide provides travelers with captivating photographs, vivid descriptions, and complete, up-to-date tourist information on 70 archaeological sites and 60 museums. Sites range from the most remote to the largest and most well known.

Joyce Kelly explores the art, architecture, and history of each museum and site, from pyramids and temples to the hieroglyphs and images of ornately carved monuments and stelae.

An Archaeological Guide to Central and Southern Mexico provides:

- Driving times and distances in miles and kilometers;

- A rating of 0 to 4 stars for each site and museum;

- Sites arranged in geographical sections, which include easy-to-use maps, 10 site plans, and details on accommodations, restaurants and car rentals;

- "Getting There" sections with specific details on road conditions, driving and walking time, what to bring and how long to allow for a visit.

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