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Fatigue Design of Steel and Composite Structures - Eurocode 3: Design of Steel Structures, Part 1 - 9 Fatigue; Eurocode 4:... Fatigue Design of Steel and Composite Structures - Eurocode 3: Design of Steel Structures, Part 1 - 9 Fatigue; Eurocode 4: Design of Composite Steel and Concrete Structures (Paperback)
ECCS - European Convention
R1,140 R1,035 Discovery Miles 10 350 Save R105 (9%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This volume addresses the specific subject of fatigue, a subject not familiar to many engineers, but still relevant for proper and good design of numerous steel structures. It explains all issues related to the subject: Basis of fatigue design, reliability and various verification formats, determination of stresses and stress ranges, fatigue strength, application range and limitations. It contains detailed examples of applications of the concepts, computation methods and verifications.

Successful Professional Reviews for Civil Engineers, Fourth edition (Paperback, 4th edition): Patrick Waterhouse Successful Professional Reviews for Civil Engineers, Fourth edition (Paperback, 4th edition)
Patrick Waterhouse
R741 Discovery Miles 7 410 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
BIM and Construction Management - Proven Tools, Methods, and Workflows (Paperback, 2nd Edition): Brad Hardin, Dave McCool BIM and Construction Management - Proven Tools, Methods, and Workflows (Paperback, 2nd Edition)
Brad Hardin, Dave McCool
R863 R564 Discovery Miles 5 640 Save R299 (35%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

A sleeker, more comprehensive approach to construction projects BIM and Construction Management, Second Edition is a complete integration guide, featuring practical advice, project tested methods and workflows, and tutorials for implementing Building Information Modeling and technology in construction. Updated to align with the latest software editions from Autodesk, Trimble and Bentley, this book provides a common sense approach to leveraging BIM to provide significant value throughout a project's life cycle. This book outlines a results-focused approach which shows you how to incorporate BIM and other technologies into all phases of construction management, such as: Project planning: Set up the BIM project to succeed right from the start by using the right contracts, the right processes and the right technology Marketing: How to exceed customer expectations and market your brand of BIM to win. Pre-construction: Take a practical approach to engineer out risks in your project by using the model early to virtually build and analyze your project, prior to physical construction. Construction: Leverage the model throughout construction to build safer and with better quality. Field work: Learn how mobile technologies have disrupted the way we work in the field to optimize efficiencies and access information faster. Closeout: Deliver a better product to your customer that goes beyond the physical structure and better prepares them for future operations. Additionally, the book provides a look at technology trends in construction and a thoughtful perspective into potential use cases going forward. BIM and Construction Management, Second Edition builds on what has changed in the construction landscape and highlights a new way of delivering BIM-enabled projects. Aligning to industry trends such as Lean, integrated delivery methods, mobile platforms and cloud-based collaboration this book illustrates how using BIM and technology efficiently can create value.

Building Nevada's Highways (Paperback): Jennifer E Riddle, Elizabeth Dickey Building Nevada's Highways (Paperback)
Jennifer E Riddle, Elizabeth Dickey
R416 R331 Discovery Miles 3 310 Save R85 (20%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
The Solar Cooling Design Guide - Case Studies of Successful Solar Air Conditioning Design (Hardcover): Daniel Mugnier, Daniel... The Solar Cooling Design Guide - Case Studies of Successful Solar Air Conditioning Design (Hardcover)
Daniel Mugnier, Daniel Neyer, Stephen D. White
R1,346 R1,215 Discovery Miles 12 150 Save R131 (10%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Solar cooling systems can be a cost-effective and environmentally attractive air-conditioning solution. The design of such systems, however, is complex. Research carried out under the aegis of the International Energy Agency's Solar Heating and Cooling Program has shown that there is a range of seemingly subtle design decisions that can impact significantly on the performance of solar cooling systems. In order to reduce the risk of errors in the design process, this guide provides detailed and very specific engineering design information. It focuses on case study examples of installed plants that have been monitored and evaluated over the last decade. For three successful plants the design process is described in detail and the rationale for each key design decision is explained. Numerical constraints are suggested for the sizing / selection parameters of key equipment items. Moreover, the application conditions under which the system selection is appropriate are discussed. By following The Guide for any of the three specific solar cooling systems, the designer can expect to reliably achieve a robust, energy-saving solution. This book is intended as a companion to the IEA Solar Cooling Handbook which provides a general overview of the various technologies as well as comprehensive advice to enable engineers to design their own solar cooling system from first principles.

Make: Volume 69 (Paperback): Mike Sense Make: Volume 69 (Paperback)
Mike Sense
R198 R163 Discovery Miles 1 630 Save R35 (18%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
Human Impact on the Natural Environment (Paperback, 8th Edition): Andrew S. Goudie Human Impact on the Natural Environment (Paperback, 8th Edition)
Andrew S. Goudie
R1,312 R950 Discovery Miles 9 500 Save R362 (28%) Shipped within 7 - 13 working days

A brand new edition of the definitive textbook on humankind's impact on the Earth's environment--now in full color This classic text explores the multitude of impacts that humans have had over time upon vegetation, animals, soils, water, landforms, and the atmosphere. It considers the ways in which climate changes and modifications in land cover may change the environment in coming decades. Thoroughly revised to cover the remarkable transformation in interest that humans are having in the environment, this book examines previously uncovered topics, such as rewilding, ecosystem services, techniques for study, novel and no analogue ecosystems, and more. It also presents the latest views on big themes such as human origins, the anthropocene, domestication, extinctions, and ecological invasions. Extensively re-written, Human Impact on the Natural Environment, Eighth Edition contains many new and updated statistical tables, figures, and references. It offers enlightening chapters that look at the past and present state of the world--examining our impact on the land itself and the creatures that inhabit it; the oceans, lakes, rivers and streams; and the climate and atmosphere. The book also takes a deep look at our future impact on the planet and its resources--our affect on the coastal environments, the cryosphere and the drylands, as well as the hydrological and geomorphological impacts. Fully updated to take account of recent advances in our understanding of global warming and other phenomena Offers current opinions on such topics as human origins, the anthropocene, domestication, extinctions, and ecological invasions Features a full-color presentation to allow for more and clearer photographs and diagrams Contains more international case studies than previous editions to balance UK examples Human Impact on the Natural Environment is essential reading for undergraduates in geography and environmental science, and for those who want a thorough, wide-ranging and balanced overview of the impacts of humans upon natural processes and systems from the Stone Age to the Anthropocene and who wish to understand the major environmental issues that concern the human race at the present time.

The Technical Avalanche Protection Handbook (Paperback): Florian Rudolf-Miklau, Siegfried Sauermoser, Arthur I. Mears The Technical Avalanche Protection Handbook (Paperback)
Florian Rudolf-Miklau, Siegfried Sauermoser, Arthur I. Mears; Translated by Monica Boensch
R1,909 R1,713 Discovery Miles 17 130 Save R196 (10%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Large, high-energy snow avalanches can have high destructive consequences in developed areas. Each year, avalanche catastrophes occur in many mountain regions around the globe. This causes a large number of fatalities and severe damage to buildings and infrastructure. In some mountain areas, especially in the European Alps, a high level of safety for settlement areas is attained by application of technical avalanche defense construction. Simultaneously, new risk potentials continue to emerge in mountain regions from building in endangered areas, the establishment of new roads and railway lines across the mountains and development of tourism. Consequently, the demand for technical avalanche protection is constantly increasing. During the last decades technical avalanche protection has evolved - especially in the Alpine countries Austria, Switzerland, Italy and France as well as Norway, Iceland, USA and Canada - from a specialist field to a stand-alone engineering branch. Currently avalanche defense structures and protection systems are established in practically all inhabited mountain regions worldwide. With this handbook the editors are able to provide the first comprehensive overview of the field of technical avalanche protection in the English language and establish a common "state-of-the-art". The book is based on the German edition, published in 2011, and comprises all relevant facts on fundamentals of avalanche protection technology as well as of planning, dimensioning, construction and maintenance of defense structures. The editors were able to bring together an international team of leading experts in technical avalanche protection. Authors from Austria, Switzerland, USA, Norway, Canada, Iceland, Japan, France and Italy have directly contributed to this book or supported it with essential information.

Green Essentials - What You Need to Know About the Environment (Paperback): Geoffrey C. Saign Green Essentials - What You Need to Know About the Environment (Paperback)
Geoffrey C. Saign
R411 R291 Discovery Miles 2 910 Save R120 (29%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Introduces a number of environmental issues, from acid rain to wind energy, and discusses their sources, impact, history, and possible solutions.

Building Drawing N1 (Paperback, 2nd Ed): L. Grussendorff, C. Geyser Building Drawing N1 (Paperback, 2nd Ed)
L. Grussendorff, C. Geyser
R228 R201 Discovery Miles 2 010 Save R27 (12%) Shipped within 4 - 9 working days
Fundamentals of Building Construction - Materials and Methods (Hardcover, 6th Edition): Edward Allen, Joseph Iano Fundamentals of Building Construction - Materials and Methods (Hardcover, 6th Edition)
Edward Allen, Joseph Iano
R2,520 R1,799 Discovery Miles 17 990 Save R721 (29%) Shipped within 7 - 13 working days

Note from the publisher: An access card with redemption code for the online "Interactive Resource Center" is included with all new, print copies or can be purchased separately. If you rent or purchase a used book with an access code, the access code may have been redeemed previously and you may have to purchase a new access code. The online "Interactive Resource Center" contains resources tied to the book, such as: Supplemental Resources: 45 Interactive Exercises including all required objects, as well as a video tutorial on the basics of SketchUp and how to complete exercises tied to key conceptsInteractive Animations revealing complex construction processesImage gallery including 75 full color photorealistic renderingsFlashcards and Self-Tests by chapter for reinforcing key terms and conceptsSupplementary Photo Gallery demonstrating construction operations

Now in its sixth edition, this bestselling reference focuses on the basic materials and methods used in building construction. Emphasizing common construction systems such as light wood frame, masonry bearing wall, steel frame, and reinforced concrete construction, the new edition includes new information on building materials properties; the latest on "pre-engineered" building components and sustainability issues; and reflects the latest building codes and standards. It also features an expanded series of case studies along with more axonometric detail drawings and revised photographs for a thoroughly illustrated approach.

Construction Practice (Paperback): Brian Cooke Construction Practice (Paperback)
Brian Cooke
R849 R625 Discovery Miles 6 250 Save R224 (26%) Shipped within 7 - 13 working days

Construction is a highly practical subject. Students on all built environment degree programmes are expected to know and understand building technology from both a theoretical and practical standpoint. Construction site visits are a popular way for students to become acquainted with the practical aspects of construction, but these visits can only show students a small proportion of the technology of construction.

Based around a series of full colour photographic sequences, augmented by carefully chosen line illustrations and text, "Construction Practice" provides students with a comprehensive overview of practical construction technology. The sequences follow a logical progression through the subject and include contemporary and established practice, as well as modern methods of construction. The book also includes some examples of continental European construction methods where these differ from established UK practice.

Engineering of Glacial Deposits (Hardcover): Barry G Clarke Engineering of Glacial Deposits (Hardcover)
Barry G Clarke
R2,685 Discovery Miles 26 850 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

At some time 30% of the world's land mass was covered by glaciers leaving substantial deposits of glacial soils under major conurbations in Europe, North and South America, New Zealand, Europe and Russia. For instance, 60% of the UK has been affected, leaving significant glacial deposits under major conurbations where two thirds of the population live. Glacial soils are composite soils with significant variations in composition and properties and are recognised as challenging soils to deal with. Understanding the environment in which they were formed and how this affects their behaviour are critical because they do not always conform to classic theories of soil mechanics. This book is aimed at designers and contractors working in the construction and extractive industries to help them mitigate construction hazards on, with or in glacial deposits. These soils increase risks to critical infrastructure which, in the UK includes the majority of the road and rail network, coastal defences such as the fastest eroding coastline in Europe and most of the water supply reservoirs. It brings together many years of experience of research into the behaviour of glacial deposits drawing upon published and unpublished case studies from industry. It draws on recent developments in understanding of the geological processes and the impact they have upon the engineering properties, construction processes and performance of geotechnical structures. Unlike other books on glaciation it brings together all the relevant disciplines in earth sciences and engineering to make it directly relevant to the construction industry.

Building Science N1 - An Outcomes-Based Course For Technical Students (Paperback): Bekker Building Science N1 - An Outcomes-Based Course For Technical Students (Paperback)
R270 R238 Discovery Miles 2 380 Save R32 (12%) Shipped within 4 - 9 working days
The City & Guilds Textbook: Level 3 Diploma in Site Carpentry & Bench Joinery (Paperback): Martin Burdfield, Stephen Redfern,... The City & Guilds Textbook: Level 3 Diploma in Site Carpentry & Bench Joinery (Paperback)
Martin Burdfield, Stephen Redfern, Fearn Colin, Beattie Justin, Redfern Steve; Edited by …
R754 Discovery Miles 7 540 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days
Ausfuhrung von Stahlbauten - Kommentare zu DIN EN 1090-1 und DIN EN 1090-2. Mit CD-ROM: DIN 1090 Teile 1 und 2 im Volltext... Ausfuhrung von Stahlbauten - Kommentare zu DIN EN 1090-1 und DIN EN 1090-2. Mit CD-ROM: DIN 1090 Teile 1 und 2 im Volltext (German, Hardcover, 2. Auflage)
Herbert Schmidt, Rainer Zwatz, Lothar Bar, Karsten Kathage, Volker Huller, …
R3,386 R2,763 Discovery Miles 27 630 Save R623 (18%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days
The World of Footbridges - From the Utilitarian to the Spectacular (Hardcover): Klaus Idelberger The World of Footbridges - From the Utilitarian to the Spectacular (Hardcover)
Klaus Idelberger; Translated by Linda Wilharm
R1,030 R751 Discovery Miles 7 510 Save R279 (27%) Shipped within 7 - 13 working days

Structural engineers are often more interested in spectacular road and rail bridges with enormous spans than in relatively narrow footbridges built for modest loads. Local authorities, on the other hand, see pedestrian and cycle bridges in inner-city or rural locations as vital connections and important features of the town or landscape. Designs are often selected on the basis of architectural competitions. As there are no official guidelines for the planning of footbridges, the building techniques and performance of existing bridges are an important source of information and inspiration for structural engineers, architects and city or rural planners.
This book contains 85 examples of footbridges built worldwide over the past three decades and includes open pedestrian and cycle bridges, utility bridges and skywalks in many different environments. The collection is arranged according to load bearing system and span length. There is a brief description of the location and structural system of each bridge illustrated by photographs, plans, elevations and in some cases construction details. It is a treasure trove for bridge builders.

Recommendations for Design and Analysis of Earth Structures using Geosynthetic Reinforcements - EBGEO (Hardcover): Deutsche... Recommendations for Design and Analysis of Earth Structures using Geosynthetic Reinforcements - EBGEO (Hardcover)
Deutsche Gesellschaft Fur Geotechnik; Translated by Alan Johnson
R1,895 R1,699 Discovery Miles 16 990 Save R196 (10%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The completely revised and extended Recommendations deal with all questions relevant to the planning and dimensioning of geosynthetics-reinforced earth structures. In addition to the demands on materials and analysis principles, the applications of geosynthetics in a range of foundation systems, ground improvement measures, highways engineering projects, in slopes and retaining structures, and in landfill engineering are discussed.
The Recommendations have been supplemented by the following sections:
- reinforced earth structures over point or linear bearing elements,
- foundation systems using geotextile-encased columns,
- bridging subsidence,
- dynamic actions of geosynthetic-reinforced systems.
The remaining sections have been fundamentally revised and updated in line with current standards and codes of practice.

An Introduction to Soil Dynamics (Mixed media product, 2010): Arnold Verruijt An Introduction to Soil Dynamics (Mixed media product, 2010)
Arnold Verruijt
R1,360 R1,230 Discovery Miles 12 300 Save R130 (10%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

to Soil Dynamics Arnold Verruijt Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands Arnold Verruijt Delft University of Technology 2628 CN Delft Netherlands [email protected] A CD-ROM accompanies this book containing programs for waves in piles, propagation of earthquakes in soils, waves in a half space generated by a line load, a point load, a strip load, or a moving load, and the propagation of a shock wave in a saturated elastic porous material. Computer programs are also available from the website http://geo.verruijt.net ISBN 978-90-481-3440-3 e-ISBN 978-90-481-3441-0 DOI 10.1007/978-90-481-3441-0 Springer Dordrecht Heidelberg London New York Library of Congress Control Number: 2009940507 (c) Springer Science+Business Media B.V. 2010 No part of this work may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, micro?lming, recording or otherwise, without written permission from the Publisher, with the exception of any material supplied speci?cally for the purpose of being entered and executed on a computer system, for exclusive use by the purchaser of the work. Printed on acid-free paper Springer is part of Springer Science+Business Media (www.springer.com) Preface This book gives the material for an introductory course on Soil Dynamics, as given for about 10 years at the Delft University of Technology for students of civil en- neering, and updated continuously since 1994.

Schallschutz (German, Hardcover): Heinz-Martin Fischer, Martin Schneider Schallschutz (German, Hardcover)
Heinz-Martin Fischer, Martin Schneider
R2,304 R1,856 Discovery Miles 18 560 Save R448 (19%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days
European Building Construction Illustrated (Paperback): Francis D. K. Ching, Mark Mulville European Building Construction Illustrated (Paperback)
Francis D. K. Ching, Mark Mulville 2
R833 R767 Discovery Miles 7 670 Save R66 (8%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The first European edition of Francis DK Ching's classic visual guide to the basics of building construction.

For nearly four decades, the US publication Building Construction Illustrated has offered an outstanding introduction to the principles of building construction. This new European edition focuses on the construction methods most commonly used in Europe, referring largely to UK Building Regulations overlaid with British and European, while applying Francis DK Ching's clear graphic signature style. It provides a coherent and essential primer, presenting all of the basic concepts underlying building construction and equipping readers with useful guidelines for approaching any new materials or techniques they may encounter.

European Building Construction Illustrated provides a comprehensive and lucid presentation of everything from foundations and floor systems to finish work. Laying out the material and structural choices available, it provides a full understanding of how these choices affect a building′s form and dimensions. Complete with more than 1000 illustrations, the book moves through each of the key stages of the design process, from site selection to building components, mechanical systems and finishes.Illustrated throughout with clear and accurate drawings that effectively communicate construction processes and materialsProvides an overview of the mainstream construction methods used in EuropeBased around the UK regulatory framework, the book refers to European level regulations where appropriate.References leading environmental assessment methods of BREEAM and LEED, while outlining the Passive House StandardIncludes emerging construction methods driven by the sustainability agenda, such as structural insulated panels and insulating concrete formworkFeatures a chapter dedicated to construction in the Middle East, focusing on the Gulf States

Global Construction Success (Hardcover): Charles O'Neil Global Construction Success (Hardcover)
Charles O'Neil
R1,645 R1,173 Discovery Miles 11 730 Save R472 (29%) Shipped within 7 - 13 working days

A guide to effective corporate and project management in the construction industry with a focus on the role that people play in the process Global Construction Success explores the importance that human dynamics play in risk management of construction projects. Every time a project is structured, designed and built, personal behaviours and inputs can either lead to success or be the cause of failure. With contributions from noted experts on the topic, the book offers insight into stakeholders' reactions in a variety of situations, provides expert analyses of risk management and proposes potential solutions and recommendations in order to ensure effective construction management. The book explores common causes of project failure, outlines the key factors of successful projects, shows how to implement Public Private Partnerships, explores the different stages of structuring projects and reveals what it takes to manage difficult client/contractor relationships. International case studies of major projects clearly illustrate how communications and relationships can lead to helpful solutions to commonly encountered challenges to achieve positive results. This new and updated edition: Offers a comprehensive review of the impact human dynamics play in the success or failure of construction projects Stresses the importance of the leadership of senior management Offers a chapter on managing and resolving conflicts Shows why the industry needs better risk management Includes new information for managing communications and relationships Explores new areas of technology that are being embraced by the construction industry Written for construction industry senior management in both the corporate and government sectors, project management professionals, consultants and supply chain participants, Global Construction Success has been updated to include expanded material for minimizing risk and improving management quality and profitability when working with international construction projects.

China Homegrown - Chinese Experimental Architecture Reborn (Paperback): Andong Lu, Pingping Dou China Homegrown - Chinese Experimental Architecture Reborn (Paperback)
Andong Lu, Pingping Dou
R782 R479 Discovery Miles 4 790 Save R303 (39%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Today, architecture in China is at a watershed. Over the last decade, rapid urbanisation and the burgeoning economy turned the country into a playground for the world's signature architects, making it possible to realise extravagant forms and structures at a vast scale. The Chinese government has now drawn a line under this phenomenon by issuing a directive calling an end to the 'oversized, xenocentric, weird' buildings devoid of character or cultural heritage that have sprung up across the country, requiring that urban architecture be 'suitable, economic, green and pleasing to the eye'. This government directive comes at a time when homegrown architecture has become increasingly self-assured and reflective in its approach. A new generation of architects in China in their 30s and 40s are emerging, and in a wholly contemporary way they are exploring local responses to often bewildering urban and rural conditions and serious social and environmental challenges. This is often expressed through a revival of interest in traditional street patterns, courtyards and gardens. At the same time, architects are also recognising the opportunities to harness the potential of China's established manufacturing base to develop prefabricated building systems. Innovative practices are employing new modes of working, such as research-based studio teaching and exhibitions, field workshops, cross-disciplinary collaboration, laboratory-based practice, design think-tanks and collective projects, generating a vibrant culture of design research. Contributors: Lu Feng, Murray Fraser, Xiao Fu and Wei You, Xiahong Hua and Shen Zhuang, Xinggang Li, Yichun Liu, James Shen, Yehao Song, Hui Wang, Shuo Wang, Xin Wang and Qiuye Jin, Philip F Yuan and Xiang Wang, Li Zhang, Xin Zhang and Jingxiang Zhu. Featured architects: Archi-Union Architects, Atelier Archmixing, Atelier Deshaus, Atelier Li Xinggang, Integrated Architecture Studio, LanD Studio, META-Project, People's Architecture Office, SUP Atelier, URBANUS and Zaoyuan Gardening Studio

Civil Engineering Materials, International Edition (Paperback, International edition): Nagaratnam Sivakugan, M Bobby Kannan,... Civil Engineering Materials, International Edition (Paperback, International edition)
Nagaratnam Sivakugan, M Bobby Kannan, Carthigesu Gnanendran, Rabin Tuladhar
R718 R611 Discovery Miles 6 110 Save R107 (15%) Shipped within 8 - 13 working days

CIVIL ENGINEERING MATERIALS prepares you for today's engineering challenges, providing a broad overview of the materials you will use in your studies and career. You are not only introduced to traditional materials, such as concrete, steel, timber, and soils, but you also explore important non-traditional materials, such as synthetics and industrial-by products. The authors use a wealth of practical examples and straight-forward explanations to ensure you gain a full understanding of the characteristics and behavior of various materials, how they interact, and how to best utilize and combine traditional and non-traditional materials. While emphasizing the effective use of civil engineering materials, the authors carefully consider sustainability to give you a broader context of how materials are current used in contemporary applications.

Environmental Sustainability for Engineers and Applied Scientists (Paperback): Greg Peters, Magdalena Svanstroem Environmental Sustainability for Engineers and Applied Scientists (Paperback)
Greg Peters, Magdalena Svanstroem
R943 R804 Discovery Miles 8 040 Save R139 (15%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This textbook presents key theoretical approaches to understanding issues of sustainability and environmental management, perfectly bridging the gap between engineering and environmental science. It begins with the fundamentals of environmental modelling and toxicology, which are then used to discuss qualitative and quantitative risk assessment methods, and environmental assessments of product design. It discusses how business and government can work towards sustainability, focusing on managerial and legal tools, before considering ethics and how decisions on environmental management can be made. Students will learn quantitative methods while also gaining an understanding of qualitative, legal, and ethical aspects of sustainability. Practical applications are included throughout, and there are study questions at the end of each chapter. PowerPoint slides and jpegs of all the figures in the book are provided online. This is the perfect textbook on environmental studies for engineering and applied science students.

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