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Testosterone - An Unauthorized Biography (Hardcover): Rebecca M Jordan-Young, Katrina Karkazis Testosterone - An Unauthorized Biography (Hardcover)
Rebecca M Jordan-Young, Katrina Karkazis
R661 R537 Discovery Miles 5 370 Save R124 (19%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Testosterone is not what you think it is, and it is decidedly not a "male sex hormone." Here is the debunking life story of a molecule we thought we all knew. Testosterone is a familiar villain, a ready explanation for innumerable social phenomena, from the stock market crash and the overrepresentation of men in prisons to male dominance in business and politics. It's a lot to pin on a simple molecule. Yet your testosterone level doesn't in fact predict your competitive drive or tendency for violence, your appetite for risk or sex, or your strength or athletic prowess. It's neither the biological essence of manliness nor even "the male sex hormone." This unauthorized biography pries T, as it's known, loose from over a century of misconceptions that undermine science even as they make urban legends about this hormone seem scientific. T's story didn't spring from nature: it is a tale that began long before the hormone was even isolated, when nineteenth-century scientists went looking for the chemical essence of masculinity. And so this molecule's outmoded, authorized life story persisted, providing a handy rationale for countless behaviors-from the boorish and the belligerent to the exemplary and enviable. What we think we know about T has stood in the way of an accurate understanding of its surprising and diverse functions and effects. Rebecca Jordan-Young and Katrina Karkazis focus on what T does in six domains: reproduction, aggression, risk-taking, power, sports, and parenting. At once arresting and deeply informed, Testosterone allows us to see the real T for the first time.

Decoding Gender in Science Fiction (Paperback): Brian Attebery Decoding Gender in Science Fiction (Paperback)
Brian Attebery
R934 Discovery Miles 9 340 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Decoding Gender looks at the ways science fiction writers have incorporated, explored and revised conventional notions of gender. Although the study draws on feminist insights, it is not exclusively devoted to women writers or the treatment of women characters. Instead it examines both men's and women's writing and the question of sexual difference. Begins with science fiction's origins (Mary Shelley's Frankenstein) and follows to the present day, suggesting new perspectives on the field's best known writers.

Just Another Gender Theory (Paperback): Filippo Romanelli Just Another Gender Theory (Paperback)
Filippo Romanelli
R657 R572 Discovery Miles 5 720 Save R85 (13%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days
Gender, Language and Discourse (Paperback): Ann Weatherall Gender, Language and Discourse (Paperback)
Ann Weatherall
R932 Discovery Miles 9 320 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Is language sexist? Do women and men speak different languages?
Gender, Language and Discourse uniquely examines the contribution that psychological research - in particular, discursive psychology - has made to answering these questions. Until now, books on gender and language have tended to be from the sociolinguistic perspective and have focused on one of two issues - sexism in language or gender differences in speech. This book considers both issues and develops the idea that they shouldn't be viewed as mutually exclusive endeavours but rather as part of the same process - the social construction of gender. Ann Weatherall highlights the fresh insights that a social constructionist approach has made to these debates, and presents recent theoretical developments and empirical work in discursive psychology relevant to gender and language.
Gender, Language and Discourse provides the most comprehensive and up-to-date discussion of the gender and language field from a psychological perspective. It will be invaluable to students and researchers in social psychology, cultural studies, education, linguistic anthropology and women's studies.

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Social Work Practice with the LGBTQ Community - The Intersection of History, Health, Mental Health, and Policy Factors... Social Work Practice with the LGBTQ Community - The Intersection of History, Health, Mental Health, and Policy Factors (Paperback)
Michael P. Dentato
R1,255 Discovery Miles 12 550 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Social Work Practice with the LGBTQ Community aims to weave together the realms of sociopolitical, historical, and policy contexts in order to assist readers with understanding the base for effective and affirming health and mental health practice with diverse members of the LGBTQ community. Comprised of chapters written by social work academics and their allies - whose combined knowledge in the field spans decades of direct experience in human behavior, practice, policy, and research - this book features applicable and useful content for social work students and practitioners across the allied health and mental health professions, as well as across disciplines. The expansive practice text examines international concerns and content associated with the LGBTQ movement and ongoing needs related to health, mental health, policy and advocacy, among other areas of concern. Specific highlights of the chapters include narrative that blends conceptual, theoretical, and empirical content; examination of current trends in the field related to practice considerations and intersectionality; and snapshots of concerns related to international progress and ongoing challenges related to equality and policy. Additionally, as a classroom support for instructors, each chapter has a corresponding power point presentation which includes a resource list pertaining to that chapter's focus with websites, film, and video links as well as national and international organizations associated with the LGBTQ community. Overall, Social Work Practice with the LGBTQ Community is an invaluable resource for graduate students within social work programs and related disciplines, academics, and health/mental health practitioners currently in the field.

Queer Studies - Beyond Binaries (Paperback): Bruce Henderson Queer Studies - Beyond Binaries (Paperback)
Bruce Henderson
R1,286 R1,030 Discovery Miles 10 300 Save R256 (20%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Written for entry-level survey courses in queer or LGBTQ+ Studies for students from all majors, this engaging text covers a wide range of topics. Early chapters consider the meaning of "queer" and examine identities such as trans, bi, and intersex. Intersections between sexuality/gender expression and other identities such as race, ethnicity, and class are also examined. The book then reviews life experiences such as families, friendship, religion and spirituality, health, and politics through the lens of queerness. Queer Studies: Beyond Binaries: -Engages undergraduates with a narrative that applies key ideas to their own lives and experiences -Questions various binaries ("either/or" pairings) to help students examine their own sexual identity and gender expression -Reviews foundational concepts from queer theory and queer history to create a deeper understanding of the concepts -Emphasizes an intersectionality approach that demonstrates how one's identity is the product of multiple characteristics such as sexuality, gender, race, class, and dis/ability -Uses a multidisciplinary approach drawing from the social and natural sciences, humanities, and arts to provide a broad overview of perspectives -Details an individual or an event in Spotlight on sections to highlight the experiences of queer people. -Provides questions for class discussion or field activities in Issues for Investigation sections that apply the ideas covered in the chapter -Allows instructors to shape the class with different foci using the stand-alone chapters in Part III -Features an Instructor's resource manual available to adopters with 20+ PowerPoint slides for each chapter, sample syllabi for a variety of courses, teaching tips for using the Spotlight On and Issues for Investigation sections and the suggested readings, a test bank with objective and essay questions, and student aids such as keywords, chapter outlines and summaries, and learning objectives Designed for undergraduate courses in queer or LGBT+ Studies requiring no prerequisites, Queer Studies: Beyond Binaries also serves as an excellent supplement in courses on queer theory or history, or on sexuality, gender, and women's studies.

Strip Show - Performances of Gender and Desire (Paperback, New): Katherine Liepe-Levinson Strip Show - Performances of Gender and Desire (Paperback, New)
Katherine Liepe-Levinson
R1,136 Discovery Miles 11 360 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This book offers an account of an unprecedented North American study of contemporary female and male strip shows. It particularly focuses on the contradictory sex roles, cultural positions, and performance practices of 'straight' strip shows during their second heyday in the early 1990s.
Katherine Liepe-Levinson's research took her to over seventy different strip bars, clubs, theatres and sex emporiums ranging from elaborate lap-dancing and couch-dancing 'gentlemen's' clubs in New York, Houston, and San Francisco; to Peoria's onetime duplex cabaret where women strip for men downstairs, and men for women upstairs; to the nightclubs of Montreal where female and male performers displayed the 'Full Monty'.
Liepe-Levinson's intriguing, comprehensive study concentrates on the cultural and theatrical elements of the strip shows themselves including the geographic locations and interior designs of the clubs, the choreography and costumes of the dancers and the all-important participation of the audience. She draws upon a variety of methodologies as well as interviews with performers to explore how the strip show's cultural and theatrical aspects simultaneously uphold and break traditional sex roles. Her findings readily complicate several of the most prominent and prevalent theories about sexual representation, gender and desire.

Coping with Pregnancy Loss (Paperback): Petra Boynton Coping with Pregnancy Loss (Paperback)
Petra Boynton
R379 Discovery Miles 3 790 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Pregnancy loss can leave us with many unanswered questions, and knowing where to find answers is not always clear. This book is for you if, like me, you've been affected by any kind of pregnancy loss - currently or in the past. It provides practical advice and self-care strategies to help you cope during or after loss, alongside ideas that will enable you to make sense of what's happened - including understanding your feelings and choices; outlining what you can expect during and after your loss; ways to navigate physical and mental health care (if appropriate); and thinking about how to remember your baby. It's for charities, support groups, therapists, and healthcare professionals who want to provide support and care. We all react - and cope with loss - in different ways, and this book respects diverse needs when it comes to getting information and help. You don't have to feel like you are going through your loss alone. In this book you'll find reflection exercises, self-help resources, and stories and suggestions from other people about how they survived, which should leave you feeling more confident and better able to seek additional support if you need it.

A Practical Guide to Searching LGBTQIA Historical Records (Hardcover): Norena Shopland A Practical Guide to Searching LGBTQIA Historical Records (Hardcover)
Norena Shopland
R1,190 Discovery Miles 11 900 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This book provides a number of effective tools to aid in the recovery of LGBTQIA historic material by providing extensive glossary and non-glossary written descriptions, and how to use those terms and phrases in searching effectively online and offline. Researching hidden and forbidden people from the past can be extremely difficult. Terminology used to write about LGBT+ people shifts over time, legal terminology enforces certain set terms which some writers use but others reject to avoid informing or disgusting a reading public. Often written descriptions contain no set terminology at all. How then can LGBT+ people be found in historic records? This book provides practical tools for a researcher wanting to uncover material from online or hard copy sources, including: keyword/s covering various sexual orientations and gender diversity, along with how and when to use them; tips for effective searching in online newspaper archives; how to use genealogy, auction and social media sites to uncover information; searching in online and physical libraries; advice on researching in physical archives and the types of collections which can yield results; and researching in museums collecting and displaying LGBT+ content. Making use of a straightforward and jargon free style, this is a short and accessible guide to doing historical research on Gay, Lesbian, Trans, Queer and non-normative research subjects. This is a useful resource for students and scholars alike in Archive Studies History, Gender and Sexuality Studies.

Fur Nation - From the Beaver to Brigitte Bardot (Hardcover, New): Chantal Nadeau Fur Nation - From the Beaver to Brigitte Bardot (Hardcover, New)
Chantal Nadeau
R3,051 Discovery Miles 30 510 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Acknowledgements List of illustrations Prologue Section One: Fur Nation 1. My Fur Ladies (The Fabric of a Nation) 2. Princes, Bear Boys, and Beaver Men (Tales from the Beaver Clubs) Section Two: Beavers 3. The eyes of June Sauer (For a Sexual economy of fur fashion photography) 4. My Fur Lady, Canada's Liberty Section Three: Bardots 5. BB and her Beasts 6. Venus Forever (The Next Fur Generation) Endnotes Bibliography

Gendered Morality - Classical Islamic Ethics of the Self, Family, and Society (Paperback): Zahra M. S. Ayubi Gendered Morality - Classical Islamic Ethics of the Self, Family, and Society (Paperback)
Zahra M. S. Ayubi
R702 R640 Discovery Miles 6 400 Save R62 (9%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Islamic scriptural sources offer potentially radical notions of equality. Yet medieval Islamic philosophers chose to establish a hierarchical, male-centered virtue ethics. In Gendered Morality, Zahra Ayubi rethinks the tradition of Islamic philosophical ethics from a feminist critical perspective. She calls for a philosophical turn in the study of gender in Islam based on resources for gender equality that are unlocked by feminist engagement with the Islamic ethical tradition. Developing a lens for a feminist philosophy of Islam, Ayubi analyzes constructions of masculinity, femininity, and gender relations in classic works of philosophical ethics. In close readings of foundational texts by Abu Hamid Muhammad al-Ghazali, Nasir-ad Din Tusi, and Jalal ad-Din Davani, she interrogates how these thinkers conceive of the ethical human being as an elite male within a hierarchical cosmology built on the exclusion of women and nonelites. Yet in the course of prescribing ethical behavior, the ethicists speak of complex gendered and human relations that contradict their hierarchies. Their metaphysical premises about the nature of the divine, humanity, and moral responsibility indicate a potential egalitarian core. Gendered Morality offers a vital and disruptive new perspective on patriarchal Islamic ethics and metaphysics, showing the ways in which the philosophical tradition can support the aims of gender justice and human flourishing.

Does God Make the Man? - Media, Religion, and the Crisis of Masculinity (Paperback): Stewart M. Hoover, Curtis D Coats Does God Make the Man? - Media, Religion, and the Crisis of Masculinity (Paperback)
Stewart M. Hoover, Curtis D Coats
R595 R532 Discovery Miles 5 320 Save R63 (11%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Many believe that religion plays a positive role in men's identity development, with religion promoting good behavior, and morality. In contrast, we often assume that the media is a negative influence for men, teaching them to be rough and violent, and to ignore their emotions. In Does God Make the Man?, Stewart M. Hoover and Curtis D. Coats draw on extensive interviews and participant observation with both Evangelical and non-Evangelical men, including Catholics as well as Protestants, to argue that neither of these assumptions is correct. Dismissing the easy notion that media encourages toxic masculinity and religion is always a positive influence, Hoover and Coats argue that not only are the linkages between religion, media, and masculinity not as strong and substantive as has been assumed, but the ways in which these relations actually play out may contradict received views. Over the course of this fascinating book they examine crises, contradictions, and contestations: crises about the meaning of masculinity and about the lack of direction men experience from their faith communities; contradictions between men's religious lives and media lives, and contestations among men's ideas about what it means to be a man. The book counters common discussions about a "crisis of masculinity," showing that actual men do not see the world the way the "crisis talk" has portrayed it-and interestingly, even Evangelical men often do not see religion as part of the solution.

Introducing Gender and Women's Studies (Paperback, 4th ed. 2015): Victoria Robinson, Diane Richardson Introducing Gender and Women's Studies (Paperback, 4th ed. 2015)
Victoria Robinson, Diane Richardson; Contributions by Heather Brook, Nickie Charles, Priscilla Dunk-West, …
R1,040 Discovery Miles 10 400 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The fourth edition of this classic, comprehensive and best-selling text on gender and women's studies marks over twenty years of engaging with the key issues and developments in gender and feminist theory. With fully revised chapters written by specialists across a range of core topics, including sexuality, work, the media, race, education, family, bodies, masculinity, methodologies, social movements and politics, this accessible but academically rigorous collection breaks down contemporary debates with helpful examples and questions, whilst also underlining the complexities and contradictions of this area of study. In particular, this new edition: * continues to reflect the shift from 'women's studies' to 'gender studies', incorporating masculinity studies throughout; * features new chapters on violence and the environment, reflecting continuing and more recent feminist concerns; * includes expanded discussion of intersectionality, international and transnational issues. Coinciding with an upsurge in new forms of feminist politics, this timely publication confirms the continuing relevance of gender and women's studies. It remains an indispensable resource for students, academics and anyone interested in this lively field.

Sex, Work and Sex Work - Eroticizing Organization (Paperback): Joanna Brewis, Stephen Linstead Sex, Work and Sex Work - Eroticizing Organization (Paperback)
Joanna Brewis, Stephen Linstead
R1,441 Discovery Miles 14 410 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Sex, Work and Sex Work argues not only that sexuality pervades every aspect of organizations, but also that organization pervades every aspect of our sexuality.

Gendering Ethnicity in African Women's Lives (Paperback): Jan Bender Shetler Gendering Ethnicity in African Women's Lives (Paperback)
Jan Bender Shetler; Afterword by Dorothy L. Hodgson
R1,375 Discovery Miles 13 750 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Do African men and women think about and act out their ethnicity in different ways? Most studies of ethnicity in Africa consider men's experiences, but rarely have scholars examined whether women have the same idea of what it means to be, for example, Igbo or Tswana or Kikuyu. Or, studies have invoked the adage "women have no tribe" to indicate a woman's loss of ethnicity as she marries into her husband's community. This volume engages directly the issue of women's ethnicity and makes stimulating contributions to debates about how and why women's movements have a unifying role in African political organization and peace movements. Drawing on extensive field research in many different regions of Africa, the contributors demonstrate in their essays that women do make choices about the forms of ethnicity they embrace, creating alternatives to male-centered definitions-in some cases rejecting a specific ethnic identity in favor of an interethnic alliance, in others reinterpreting the meaning of ethnicity within gendered domains, and in others performing ethnic power in gendered ways. Their analysis helps explain why African women may be more likely to champion interethnic political movements while men often promote an ethnicity based on martial masculinity. Bringing together anthropologists, historians, linguists, and political scientists, Gendering Ethnicity in African Women's Lives offers a diverse and timely look at a neglected but important topic.

Gender Space Architecture - An Interdisciplinary Introduction (Paperback): Iain Borden, Barbara Penner, Jane Rendell Gender Space Architecture - An Interdisciplinary Introduction (Paperback)
Iain Borden, Barbara Penner, Jane Rendell
R1,459 Discovery Miles 14 590 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This significant text brings together for the first time the most important essays concerning the intersecting subjects of gender, space and architecture. Carefully structured and with numerous introductory essays, it guides the reader through theoretical and multi-disciplinary texts to direct considerations of gender in relation to particular architectural sites, projects and ideas. This collection marks a seminal point in gender and architecture, both summarizing core debates and pointing toward new directions and discussions for the future.

Foucault and the Kamasutra - The Courtesan, the Dandy, and the Birth of Ars Erotica as Theater in India (Paperback): Sanjay K... Foucault and the Kamasutra - The Courtesan, the Dandy, and the Birth of Ars Erotica as Theater in India (Paperback)
Sanjay K Gautam
R919 Discovery Miles 9 190 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The Kamasutra is best known in the West for its scandalous celebration of unbridled sensuality. Yet, there is much, much more to it; embedded in the text is a vision of the city founded on art and aesthetic pleasure. In Foucault and the "Kamasutra", Sanjay K. Gautam lays out the nature and origin of this iconic Indian text and engages in the first serious reading of its relationship with Foucault. Gautam shows how closely intertwined the history of erotics in Indian culture is with the history of theater-aesthetics grounded in the discourse of love, and Foucault provides the framework for opening up an intellectual horizon of Indian thought. To do this, Gautam looks to the history of three inglorious characters in classical India: the courtesan and her two closest male companions--her patron, the dandy consort; and her teacher and advisor, the dandy guru. Foucault's distinction between erotic arts and the science of sexuality drives Gautam's exploration of the courtesan as a symbol of both sexual-erotic and aesthetic pleasure. In the end, by entwining together Foucault's works on the history of sexuality in the West and the classical Indian texts on eros, Gautam transforms our understanding of both, even as he opens up new ways of investigating erotics, aesthetics, gender relations, and subjectivity.

Sexual Decoys - Gender, Race and War in Imperial Democracy (Paperback): Zillah Eisenstein Sexual Decoys - Gender, Race and War in Imperial Democracy (Paperback)
Zillah Eisenstein
R553 Discovery Miles 5 530 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In this book, Zillah Eisenstein continues her unforgiving indictment of neoliberal imperial politics. She charts its most recent militarist and masculinist configurations through discussions of the Afghan and Iraq wars, violations at Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib, the 2004 US Presidential election, and Hurricane Katrina. She warns that women's rights rhetoric is being manipulated, particularly by Condoleezza Rice and other women in the Bush administration, as a ploy for global dominance and a misogynistic capture of democratic discourse. However, Eisenstein also believes that the plural and diverse lives of women will lay the basis for an assault on these fascistic elements. This new politics will both confound and clarify feminisms, and reconfigure democracy across the globe.

Religion, the Secular, and the Politics of Sexual Difference (Paperback): Linell E. Cady, Tracy Fessenden Religion, the Secular, and the Politics of Sexual Difference (Paperback)
Linell E. Cady, Tracy Fessenden
R699 R599 Discovery Miles 5 990 Save R100 (14%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Global struggles over women's roles, rights, and dress increasingly cast the secular and the religious in tense if not violent opposition. When advocates for equality speak in terms of rights and modern progress, or reactionaries ground their authority in religious and scriptural appeals, both tend to presume women's emancipation is ineluctably tied to secularization. Religion, the Secular, and the Politics of Sexual Difference upsets this certainty by drawing on diverse voices and traditions in studies that historicize, question, and test the implicit links between secularism and expanded freedoms for women. Rather than position secularism as the answer to conflicts over gender and sexuality, this volume shows both religion and the secular collaborate in creating the conditions that generate them.

Dancing Tango - Passionate Encounters in a Globalizing World (Paperback): Kathy Davis Dancing Tango - Passionate Encounters in a Globalizing World (Paperback)
Kathy Davis
R704 Discovery Miles 7 040 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Argentinean tango is a global phenomenon. Since its origin among immigrants from the slums of Buenos Aires and Montevideo, it has crossed and re-crossed many borders.Yet, never before has tango been danced by so many people and in so many different places as today. Argentinean tango is more than a specific music and style of dancing. It is also a cultural imaginary which embodies intense passion, hyper-heterosexuality, and dangerous exoticism. In the wake of its latest revival, tango has become both a cultural symbol of Argentinean national identity and a transnational cultural space in which a modest, yet growing number of dancers from different parts of the globe meet on the dance floor. Through interviews and ethnographical research in Amsterdam and Buenos Aires, Kathy Davis shows why a dance from another era and another place appeals to men and women from different parts of the world and what happens to them as they become caught up in the tango salon culture. She shows how they negotiate the ambivalences, contradictions, and hierarchies of gender, sexuality, and global relations of power between North and South in which Argentinean tango is - and has always been - embroiled. Davis also explores her uneasiness about her own passion for a dance which - when seen through the lens of contemporary critical feminist and postcolonial theories - seems, at best, odd, and, at worst, disreputable and even a bit shameful. She uses the disjuncture between the incorrect pleasures and complicated politics of dancing tango as a resource for exploring the workings of passion as experience, as performance, and as cultural discourse. She concludes that dancing tango should be viewed less as a love/hate embrace with colonial overtones than a passionate encounter across many different borders between dancers who share a desire for difference and a taste of the 'elsewhere.'Dancing Tango is a vivid, intriguing account of an important global cultural phenomenon.

What Works - Gender Equality by Design (Hardcover): Iris Bohnet What Works - Gender Equality by Design (Hardcover)
Iris Bohnet
R644 R525 Discovery Miles 5 250 Save R119 (18%) In stock

"Compelling, lucid, and filled with actionable insights, What Works draws from a deep well of research to explain how we can end gender inequality."--Adam Grant, author of Give and Take and Originals "A pathbreaking work, packed with insights on every page... The best book ever written on behavioral science and discrimination."--Cass Sunstein, coauthor of Nudge A Financial Times/McKinsey Business Book of the Year Award Finalist Gender equality is a moral and a business imperative. But unconscious bias holds us back, and de-biasing people's minds has proven to be difficult and expensive. Diversity training programs have had limited success, and individual effort alone often invites backlash. Behavioral design offers a new solution. By de-biasing organizations instead of individuals, we can make smart changes that have big impacts. Presenting research-based solutions, Iris Bohnet hands us the tools we need to move the needle in classrooms and boardrooms, in hiring and promotion, benefiting businesses, governments, and the lives of millions. What Works is built on new insights into the human mind. It draws on data collected by companies, universities, and governments in Australia, India, Norway, the United Kingdom, the United States, Zambia, and other countries, often in randomized controlled trials. It points out dozens of evidence-based interventions that could be adopted right now and demonstrates how research is addressing gender bias, improving lives and performance. What Works shows what more can be done--often at shockingly low cost and surprisingly high speed.

Gender in Latin America (Paperback): Sylvia Chant, Nikki Craske Gender in Latin America (Paperback)
Sylvia Chant, Nikki Craske
R653 Discovery Miles 6 530 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Gender impacts on every major social issue from rights to social policy, from ethnicity to poverty, this work is a comprehensive overview of the subject, examining trends in gender over history until the present. The authors draw on a wide range on theoretial analyses as well as their own field of work to illuminate the importance of diversity in gender in Latin America, as well as more traditionally held concepts of class, ethnicity, the urban-rural divide and age and peer groups. Debunking traditional universalizing stereotypes, this text charts contemporary changes gender roles, relations between the genders, and gender- and sexuality-based identities. Chapters are arranged around broad themes, including gender and poverty, gender and health, gender and sexuality and gender and employment. Each chapter begins with an introduction to the core issues the debates and theoretical work in the relevant field, and case studies. The authors also make reference to the continually expanding literature on the subject, including work on men and masculinity, fatherhood and sexuality.

Gender and Christianity in Modern Europe - Beyond the Feminization Thesis (Paperback): Patrick Pasture, Jan Art, Thomas Buerman Gender and Christianity in Modern Europe - Beyond the Feminization Thesis (Paperback)
Patrick Pasture, Jan Art, Thomas Buerman
R916 Discovery Miles 9 160 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Since the 1970s the feminization thesis has become a powerful trope in the rewriting of the social history of Christendom. However, this 'thesis' has triggered some vehement debates, given that men have continued to dominate the churches, and the churches themselves have reacted to the association of religion and femininity, often formulated by their critics, by explicitly focusing their appeal to men.

In this book the authors critically reflect upon the use of concepts like feminization and masculinization in relation to Christianity. By presenting case studies that adopt different gendered approaches with regard to Christian, mainly Catholic discourses and practices, the authors capture multiple feminizations' and masculinizations' in Europe during the 19th and 20th centuries. In particular, it becomes clear that the idea that Christianity took on characteristically feminine' values and practices cannot withstand the conclusion that what is considered manly' or feminine' depends on time, place, and context, and on the reasons why gendered metaphors are used."

The Unequal Homeless - Men on the Streets, Women in their Place (Paperback, New): Joanne Passaro The Unequal Homeless - Men on the Streets, Women in their Place (Paperback, New)
Joanne Passaro
R1,027 Discovery Miles 10 270 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This text focuses on the ways that the life chances of homeless people are very much determined by their positions in race, gender and "family values" hierarchies. The author traces the social and spatial consequences of valuing some kinds of people over others, using as a basis her own work on the homelessness in New York. She concludes that homelessness is not simply an economic predicament, but a cultural and moral location.

Naked Truths - Women, Sexuality and Gender in Classical Art and Archaeology (Hardcover, New): Ann Olga Koloski-Ostrow, Claire... Naked Truths - Women, Sexuality and Gender in Classical Art and Archaeology (Hardcover, New)
Ann Olga Koloski-Ostrow, Claire L. Lyons, with an epilogue by Natalie Boymel Kampen
R3,066 Discovery Miles 30 660 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The articles in Naked Truths demonstrate the application of feminist theory to a diverse repertory of classical art: they offer topical and controversial readings on the material culture of the ancient Mediterranean. This volume presents a timely, provocative and beautifully illustrated re-evaluation of how the issues of gender, identity and sexuality reveal 'naked truths' about fundamental human values and social realities, through the compelling symbolism of the body.

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