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The Pinochet Case (Paperback): Madeleine Davis The Pinochet Case (Paperback)
Madeleine Davis
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The arrest in 1998 and subsequent detention in London of General Augusto Pinochet on the orders of Spanish Judge Baltasar Garzon occasioned worldwide debate and raised numerous issues of critical significance for politics, human rights and international law. This paper traces the progress of the case against Pinochet since its inception in Spain, through his 17-month detention in London, and up to its continuation in Chile. The work provides a survey of events and developments so far, and offers an initial review of some of the issues raised. It includes a detailed chronology of events from the time of Pinochet's arrest up to October 2000.

Mirrors of Destruction - War, Genocide, and Modern Identity (Hardcover): Omer Bartov Mirrors of Destruction - War, Genocide, and Modern Identity (Hardcover)
Omer Bartov
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This book examines the relationship between total war, state-organized genocide, and the emergence of modern identity. The Holocaust, Bartov argues, can only be understood within the context of the century's predilection to apply systematic and destructive methods to resolve conflicts over identity.

Life and Terror in Stalins Russia, 1934-1941 (Paperback, New Ed): Robert William Thurston Life and Terror in Stalins Russia, 1934-1941 (Paperback, New Ed)
Robert William Thurston
R747 Discovery Miles 7 470 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Terror, in the sense of mass, unjust arrests, characterized the USSR during the late 1930s. But, argues Robert Thurston in this controversial book, Stalin did not intend to terrorize the country and did not need to rule by fear. Memoirs and interviews with Soviet people indicate that many more believed in Stalin's quest to eliminate internal enemies than were frightened by it. Drawing on recently opened Soviet archives and other sources, Thurston shows that between 1934 and 1936 police and court practice relaxed significantly. Then a series of events, together with the tense international situation and memories of real enemy activity during the savage Russian Civil War, combined to push leaders and people into a hysterical hunt for perceived "wreckers." After late 1938, however, the police and courts became dramatically milder. Coercion was not the key factor keeping the regime in power. More important was voluntary support, fostered at least in the cities by broad opportunities to criticize conditions and participate in decision making on the local level. The German invasion of 1941 found the populace deeply divided in its judgment of Stalinism, but the country's soldiers generally fought hard in its defense. Using German and Russian sources, the author probes Soviet morale and performance in the early fighting. Thurston's portrait of the era sheds new light on Stalin and the nature of his regime. It presents an unconventional and less condescending view of the Soviet people, depicted not simply as victims but also as actors in the violence, criticisms, and local decisions of the 1930s. Ironically, Stalinism helped prepare the way for the much more active society and for the reforms of fifty years later.

Memoirs from the Women's Prison (Paperback, Reissue): Nawal El-Saadawi Memoirs from the Women's Prison (Paperback, Reissue)
Nawal El-Saadawi; Translated by Marilyn Booth
R685 Discovery Miles 6 850 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Often likened to Rigoberta Menchu and Nadine Gordimer, Nawal El Saadawi is one of the world's leading feminist authors. Director of Health and Education in Cairo, she was summarily dismissed from her post in 1972 for her political writing and activities. In 1981 she was imprisoned by Anwar Sadat for alleged "crimes against the State" and was not released until after his assassination. "Memoirs from the Women's Prison" offers both first hand witness to women's resistance to state violence and fascinating insights into the formation of women's community. Saadawi describes how political prisoners, both secular intellectuals and Islamic revivalists, forged alliances to demand better conditions and to maintain their sanity in the confines of their cramped cell. Saadawi's haunting prose makes Memoirs an important work of twentieth-century literature. Recognized as a classic of prison writing, it touches all who are concerned with political oppression, intellectual freedom, and personal dignity.

The Gestapo and German Society - Enforcing Racial Policy 1933-1945 (Paperback, Reissue): Robert Gellately The Gestapo and German Society - Enforcing Racial Policy 1933-1945 (Paperback, Reissue)
Robert Gellately
R1,815 Discovery Miles 18 150 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

How were the Gestapo able to detect the smallest signs of non-compliance with Nazi doctrines, and how could they enforce their racial policies with such ease? Robert Gellately argues, controversially, that there was a three-way interaction between the Gestapo, the German people, and the implementation of policy; the key factor being the willingness of German citizens to provide the authorities with information about suspected `criminality'.

Nightmare in Red - The McCarthy Era in Perspective (Paperback, New ed): Richard M. Fried Nightmare in Red - The McCarthy Era in Perspective (Paperback, New ed)
Richard M. Fried
R468 Discovery Miles 4 680 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

According to newspaper headlines and television pundits, the cold war ended many months ago; the age of Big Two confrontation is over. But forty years ago, Americans were experiencing the beginnings of another era--of the fevered anti-communism that came to be known as McCarthyism. During this period, the Cincinnati Reds felt compelled to rename themselves briefly the "Redlegs" to avoid confusion with the other reds, and one citizen in Indiana campaigned to have The Adventures of Robin Hood removed from library shelves because the story's subversive message encouraged robbing from the rich and giving to the poor. These developments grew out of a far-reaching anxiety over communism that characterized the McCarthy Era.
Richard Fried's Nightmare in Red offers a riveting and comprehensive account of this crucial time. He traces the second Red Scare's antecedents back to the 1930s, and presents an engaging narrative about the many different people who became involved in the drama of the anti-communist fervor, from the New Deal era and World War II, through the early years of the cold war, to the peak of McCarthyism, and beyond McCarthy's censure to the decline of the House Committee on Un-American Activities in the 1960s. Along the way, we meet the familiar figures of the period--Presidents Roosevelt, Truman, and Eisenhower, the young Richard Nixon, and, of course, the Wisconsin Senator Joseph R. McCarthy. But more importantly, Fried reveals the wholesale effect of McCarthyism on the lives of thousands of ordinary people, from teachers and lawyers to college students, factory workers, and janitors. Together with coverage of such famous incidents as the ordeal of the Hollywood Ten (which led to the entertainment world's notorious blacklist) and the Alger Hiss case, Fried also portrays a wealth of little-known but telling episodes involving victims and victimizers of anti-communist politics at the state and local levels.
Providing the most complete history of the rise and fall of the phenomenon known as McCarthyism, Nightmare in Red shows that it involved far more than just Joe McCarthy.

The Spanish Inquisition (Paperback): Cecil Roth The Spanish Inquisition (Paperback)
Cecil Roth
R422 R356 Discovery Miles 3 560 Save R66 (16%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

No other organization for religious persecution ever equaled the Spanish Inquisition in intensity, scope, ruthless efficiency, and an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope. From its establishment in 1478 until its abolishment in 1834, no one expected its tribunals, which relentlessly sought to destroy everyone who was not a Roman Catholic Christian.

The terrible history of the Inquisition is told here by the distinguished scholar Cecil Roth, who was Reader in Jewish Studies at Oxford University.

Russians, Jews, and the Pogroms of 1881-1882 (Paperback): John Doyle Klier Russians, Jews, and the Pogroms of 1881-1882 (Paperback)
John Doyle Klier
R985 Discovery Miles 9 850 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Anti-Jewish pogroms rocked the Russian Empire in 1881-2, plunging both the Jewish community and the imperial authorities into crisis. Focusing on a wide range of responses to the pogroms, this book offers the most comprehensive, balanced, and complex study of the crisis to date. It presents a nuanced account of the diversity of Jewish political reactions and introduces a wealth of new sources covering Russian and other non-Jewish reactions to these events. Seeking to answer the question of what caused the pogroms' outbreak and spread, the book provides a fuller picture of how officials at every level responded to the national emergency and irrevocably lays to rest the myth that the authorities instigated or tolerated the pogroms. This is essential reading not only for Russian and Jewish historians but also for those interested in the study of ethnic violence more generally.

Kardinalfragen an Deutschlands Politiker - Autobiographische Skizzen und Gedankensplitter zu Wissenschaft, Politik und... Kardinalfragen an Deutschlands Politiker - Autobiographische Skizzen und Gedankensplitter zu Wissenschaft, Politik und Menschenrechten (German, Paperback)
Germar Rudolf
R681 R642 Discovery Miles 6 420 Save R39 (6%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
Der Holocaust vor Gericht - Der Prozess Gegen Ernst Zundel (German, Paperback, 2nd Revised edition): Robert Lenski Der Holocaust vor Gericht - Der Prozess Gegen Ernst Zundel (German, Paperback, 2nd Revised edition)
Robert Lenski
R561 Discovery Miles 5 610 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
The Enemy on Trial - Early Soviet Courts on Stage and Screen (Paperback): Julie A. Cassiday The Enemy on Trial - Early Soviet Courts on Stage and Screen (Paperback)
Julie A. Cassiday
R859 Discovery Miles 8 590 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Attempting to indoctrinate the public into a new society, the Bolsheviks staged "show trials" - legal trials that incorporated theatrical elements such as coached defendants, memorized scripts for confession, and gruelling interrogatory "rehearsals". This genre of legal spectacle, whose origins lay in Soviet theatre and cinema of the 1920s, moved from mass public spectacles to the courtroom, as the Bolsheviks sought to effect ever greater social change. In this interdisciplinary study, literature scholar Cassiday argues that the trials deliberately used avant-garde drama and cinema to educate the citizenry about the new social order. This work examines how elements of theatre and film were incorporated into Soviet courtrooms, turning public trials into vehicles for propaganda. Unlike scholars who have emphasized either the performative or the legal aspects of show trials, she gives equal weight to both. Drawing on a variety of popular media from the 1920s, she reveals the origins of the show trials; melodramatic legal discourse built around confession, repentance, and pleas for reintegration into Soviet society. She shows how techniques such as costuming, scripting, out-takes, editing and the framing of shots contributed to the spectacle. Detractors have long discredited the show trials as legal fiction, ultimately throwing into question the legitimacy of the entire Soviet regime. Cassiday shows, however, that the mixture of theatre and the law is not unique to the Soviets, but is a pairing long exhibited in the West as well, in media events like the Nuremberg trials and Scopes "monkey" trial.

Zionism in Arab Discourses (Hardcover): Uriya Shavit, Ofir Winter Zionism in Arab Discourses (Hardcover)
Uriya Shavit, Ofir Winter
R2,180 R1,606 Discovery Miles 16 060 Save R574 (26%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Zionism in Arab discourses presents a ground-breaking study of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Through analyses of hundreds of texts written by Arab Islamists and liberals from the late-nineteenth century to the 'Arab Spring', the book demonstrates that the Zionist enterprise has played a dual function of an enemy and a mentor. Islamists and liberals alike discovered, respectively, in Zionism and in Israeli society qualities they sought to implement in their sown homelands. Focusing on Palestinian, Egyptian, Syrian and Jordanian political discourses, this study uncovers fascinating and unexpected Arab points of views on different aspects of Zionism; from the first Zionist Congress to the First Lebanon War; from gardening in the early years of Tel Aviv to women's service in the Israeli Defence Forces; from the role of religion in the creation of the state to the role of democracy in its preservation. This study presents the debates between and within contesting Arab ideological trends on a conflict that has shaped, and is certain to continue and shape, one of the most complicated regions in the world. -- .

Prison of Women - Testimonies of War and Resistance in Spain, 1939-1975 (Paperback): Tomasa Cuevas Prison of Women - Testimonies of War and Resistance in Spain, 1939-1975 (Paperback)
Tomasa Cuevas; Edited by Mary E. Giles
R668 Discovery Miles 6 680 Out of stock

A translation of women's testimonies about their experiences in the prisons of Spain following the end of the Spanish Civil War in 1939 collected by Tomasa Cuevas, herself a surviving victim of the Francoist prison system.

Prison of Women presents oral testimonies of women incarcerated following the Spanish Civil War. The primary voice in the collection, Tomasa Cuevas, spent many years in prisons throughout Spain as a political prisoner. After the death of Franco in 1975, Cuevas began to collect oral testimonies from women she had known in prison as she traveled throughout Spain recording their stories. These, along with hers, eventually were published in three volumes in Spain. Prison of Women is a collaboration between Tomasa Cuevas and Mary E. Giles, translator and editor, who wrote the introduction and afterword, and provided contextual information in notes and a glossary. The testimonies offer a compelling record of the years leading up to the Spanish Civil War, the aftermath of that horrendous struggle, and a revealing testament to the strength of the human spirit.

The Pinochet Papers - The Case of Augusto Pinochet in Spain and Britain (Hardcover): Michael Ratner, Reed Brody The Pinochet Papers - The Case of Augusto Pinochet in Spain and Britain (Hardcover)
Michael Ratner, Reed Brody
R5,909 Discovery Miles 59 090 Out of stock

The arrest of General Augusto Pinochet in October 1998 was a wake-up call to tyrants everywhere. The two subsequent rulings by the British House of Lords rejecting his claim of immunity forged legal history. This book traces the legal proceedings in the Pinochet case from the investigation in Spain, through the October 1999 ruling by a London Magistrate that Pinochet could be extradited to Spain, to the final decision to release Pinochet for health reasons. By including the full text of the British judicial decisions as well as the arrest warrants, translations of the key Spanish court rulings, excerpts from the legal arguments put forward by all sides, and commentaries by participants in the case and legal scholars, this volume gives the reader an understanding of the factual, political, and legal context of this historic prosecution.

Consent of the Damed - Ordinary Argentinians in the Dirty War (Hardcover): David M.K. Sheinin Consent of the Damed - Ordinary Argentinians in the Dirty War (Hardcover)
David M.K. Sheinin
R1,449 Discovery Miles 14 490 Out of stock

Under violent military dictatorship, Operation Condor and the Dirty War scarred Argentina from the mid-1970s to the early 1980s, leaving behind a legacy of repression, state terror, and political murder. Even today, the now-democratic Argentine government attempts to repair the damage of these atrocities by making human rights a policy priority. But what about the "other "Dirty War, during which Argentine civilians--including indigenous populations and foreign powers ignored and even abetted the state s vicious crimes against humanity? In this groundbreaking new work, David Sheinin draws on previously classified Argentine government documents, human rights lawsuits, and archived propaganda to illustrate the military-constructed fantasy of bloodshed as a public defense of human rights.Exploring the reactions of civilians and the international community to the daily carnage, Sheinin unearths how compliance with the dictatorship perpetuated the violence that defined a nation. This new approach to the history of human rights in Argentina will change how we understand dictatorship, democracy, and state terror."

In the Highest Degree Odious - Detention without Trial in Wartime Britain (Paperback, Revised): A.W. Brian Simpson In the Highest Degree Odious - Detention without Trial in Wartime Britain (Paperback, Revised)
A.W. Brian Simpson
R1,488 Discovery Miles 14 880 Out of stock

During the Second World War, just under two thousand British citizens were detained without charge, trial, or term set, under Regulation 18B of the wartime Defence Regulations. Most of these detentions took place in the summer of 1940, soon after Winston Churchill became Prime Minister, when belief in the existence of a dangerous Fifth Column was widespread. Churchill, at first an enthusiast for vigorous use of the powers of executive detention, later came to lament the use of a power which was, in his words, in the highest degree odious'.
This book provides the first comprehensive study of Regulation 18B and its precursor in the First World War, Regulation 14B. Based on extensive use of primary sources, it describes the complex history of wartime executive detention: the purposes which it served, the administrative procedures and safeguards employed, the conflicts between the Home Office and the Security Service which surrounded its use, the part played by individuals, by Parliament, and by the courts in restraining abuse of executive power, and the effect of detention upon the lives of individuals concerned, very few of whom constituted any threat to national security. Much of what was done was kept secret at the time, and even today the authorities continue to refuse access to many of the papers which have escaped deliberate destruction. This study is the first to attempt to penetrate the veil of secrecy and tell the story of the gravest invasion of civil liberty which has occurred in Britain this century.

American Torture - From the Cold War to Abu Ghraib and Beyond (Hardcover): Michael Otterman American Torture - From the Cold War to Abu Ghraib and Beyond (Hardcover)
Michael Otterman
R1,258 Discovery Miles 12 580 Out of stock

-- Exposes the secret history of US torture at home and abroad -- George W. Bush calls them an 'alternative set of procedures', vital tools needed 'to protect the American people and our allies'. These 'tools' include forced standing for up to forty hours, sleep deprivation for weeks on end, dousing naked prisoners with ice water in rooms chilled to ten degrees, and strapping prisoners to inclined boards then flooding their mouths with water. These techniques are torture, and they are used by the United States of America. American Torture reveals how torture became standard practice in today's War on Terror. Long before Abu Ghraib became a household name, the US military and CIA used torture with impunity at home and abroad. Billions of dollars were spent during the Cold War studying, refining, then teaching these techniques to American interrogators and to foreign officers charged with keeping Communism at bay. As the Cold War ended, these tortures were legalised using the very laws designed to eradicate their use. After 9/11, they were revived again for use on 'enemy combatants' detained in America's vast gulag of prisons across the globe, from secret CIA black sites in Thailand to the detention centre at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. American Torture shows that the road to Abu Ghraib leads back through US military survival schools, Latin American military assistance programs, Vietnamese counter-terror operations and, finally, to America's Cold War enemies: the USSR and communist China. It traces how the practice was refined, spread and kept legal. Such methods violate more than international law and fundamental human rights. As Michael Otterman reveals, they radicalise enemies, undermine credibility and yield unreliable intelligence. Above all, they do not make us more safe.

Under the Same Sky - From Iran to Australia, an unforgettable story of seeking refuge, being torn apart by government detention... Under the Same Sky - From Iran to Australia, an unforgettable story of seeking refuge, being torn apart by government detention and freed by love (Paperback)
Mojgan Shamsalipoor, Milad Jafari, James Knight
R464 R407 Discovery Miles 4 070 Save R57 (12%) Out of stock

After fleeing their homeland, Australian refugee policies threaten to tear this young couple apart. An unforgettable story of love, hope and a quest for freedom. At seventeen, all Mojgan Shamsalipoor wanted was to be safe from physical and sexual abuse, go to school, and to eventually marry for love. In Iran, she was denied all of this. Milad Jafari was a shy teenage boy who found his voice as a musician. But the rap music he loved was illegal in his country. All Milad's father, a key maker, builder and shopkeeper, wanted was for his family to live free from the fear of arrest, imprisonment or execution. To do that they all had to flee Iran. Mojgan and Milad met in Australia. But in the months between their separate sea voyages, the Australian government changed the way asylum seekers were treated. Though Milad is recognised as a refugee and will soon become a proud Australian citizen, Mojgan has been told she cannot stay here even though the threat of imprisonment and further abuse, or worse, means she can't return to Iran. UNDER THE SAME SKY, is a powerful insight into the human face of asylum seekers and the the way history has shaped the lives of these two young people. It also shows the compassion alive in our suburbs. For Mojgan and Milad, their love keeps their hopes alive.

Imprisoned Intellectuals - America's Political Prisoners Write on Life, Liberation, and Rebellion (Hardcover): Joy James Imprisoned Intellectuals - America's Political Prisoners Write on Life, Liberation, and Rebellion (Hardcover)
Joy James
R1,968 Discovery Miles 19 680 Out of stock

Prisons constitute one of the most controversial and contested sites in a democratic society. The United States has the highest incarceration rate in the industrialized world, with over 2 million people in jails, prisons, and detention centers; with over three thousand on death row, it is also one of the few developed countries that continues to deploy the death penalty. International Human Rights Organizations such as Amnesty International have also noted the scores of political prisoners in U.S. detention. This anthology examines a class of intellectuals whose analyses of U.S. society, politics, culture, and social justice are rarely referenced in conventional political speech or academic discourse. Yet this body of outlawed "public intellectuals" offers some of the most incisive analyses of our society and shared humanity. Here former and current U.S. political prisoners and activists-writers from the civil rights/black power, women's, gay/lesbian, American Indian, Puerto Rican Independence and anti-war movements share varying progressive critiques and theories on radical democracy and revolutionary struggle. This rarely-referenced "resistance literature" reflects the growing public interest in incarceration sites, intellectual and political dissent for social justice, and the possibilities of democratic transformations. Such anthologies also spark new discussions and debates about "reading"; for as Barbara Harlow notes: "Reading prison writing must. . . demand a correspondingly activist counterapproach to that of passivity, aesthetic gratification, and the pleasures of consumption that are traditionally sanctioned by the academic disciplining of literature." Barbara Harlow 1] 1. Barbara Harlow, Barred: Women, Writing, and Political Detention (New England: Wesleyan University Press, 1992). Royalties are reserved for educational initiatives on human rights and U.S. incarceration.

Becoming a Subject - Political Prisoners during the Greek Civil War, 1945-1950 (Hardcover): Polymeris Voglis Becoming a Subject - Political Prisoners during the Greek Civil War, 1945-1950 (Hardcover)
Polymeris Voglis
R1,671 R1,491 Discovery Miles 14 910 Save R180 (11%) Out of stock

Focusing on the Greek Civil War (1946-1949), the last major conflict in Europe before the end of the Cold War, this study examines the political prisoners whose fate encapsulates the dramatic conflicts and contradictions of that dark era. Based on new sources such as prisoners' letters, memoirs, and official reports, the author describes the life of the prisoners and the effect the prison adminsitration and the prisoners' collective had on their personality. Drawing comparisons to political prisoners in Germany and Spain, the author sheds new light on our understanding of the ideologies and policies and their effect on individuals, which marked European history in the 20th century.

Bitter Flowers, Sweet Flowers - East Timor, Indonesia, and the World Community (Hardcover): Richard Tanter, Mark Selden,... Bitter Flowers, Sweet Flowers - East Timor, Indonesia, and the World Community (Hardcover)
Richard Tanter, Mark Selden, Stephen R. Shalom
R2,067 Discovery Miles 20 670 Out of stock

East Timor is at last, and at terrible human cost, firmly on the road to independence. The significance of its passage to freedom-for its people, for Asia, and for the world-is manifold. This volume offers a comprehensive overview of East Timor's travail and its triumph in its international context. East Timor's independence constitutes one of the final and most poignant moments in a long and bitter history of European colonization and decolonization. For the people of East Timor, independence from Portugal in 1975 was only the beginning of a new struggle against Indonesian invaders a struggle that took the lives of 200,000 East Timorese and one that is by no means over. The case of East Timor, both during and after the Cold War, provides a litmus test for issues of international responsibility, posing questions of double standards in unusually clear-cut form. It reveals the active support by the United States and other powers for the military forces of Indonesia throughout the years of that nation's invasion and repression of East Timor, until 1998 when the collapse of the Indonesian dictatorship ushered in a new phase in the East Timorese struggle. Contributions by: Peter Bartu, Noam Chomsky, Richard Falk, Geoffrey C. Gunn, Peter Hayes, Wade Huntley, Gerry Van Klinken, Helene Van Klinken, Arnold S. Kohen, Allan Nairn, Sarah Niner, Constancio Pinto, Geoffrey Robinson, Joao Mariano Saldanha, Charles Scheiner, Mark Selden, Stephen R. Shalom, and Richard Tanter."

The Returning Breath (Hardcover): Anatoly Nayman The Returning Breath (Hardcover)
Anatoly Nayman; Introduction by Joseph Brodsky; Preface by Isaiah Berlin; Translated by W. Rosslyn
R427 R344 Discovery Miles 3 440 Save R83 (19%) Out of stock

Akhmatova was a leading figure in the renaissance of Russian poetry earlier this century who, despite seeing family and friends deported to labour camps under Stalin, intervened on behalf of Brodsky. In this book, her literary secretary and friend celebrates her work, life and courage.

The Decline of Deference - Canadian Value Change in Cross National Perspective (Paperback): Neil Nevitte The Decline of Deference - Canadian Value Change in Cross National Perspective (Paperback)
Neil Nevitte
R497 Discovery Miles 4 970 Out of stock

Since the 1980s Canadians have experienced turmoil on an unprecedented scale and on a variety of fronts. Constitutional battles pitted citizen against citizen and publics against leaders. Vigorous new interest groups challenged governments to respond to new issues like the environment, gay rights, and equality for women. In the face of expanding trade relations Canadians mobilized to respond to economic uncertainty, and family relations were exposed to new stresses. What explains the turmoil?

In this extraordinarily wide-ranging book, Neil Nevitte demonstrates that the changing patterns of Canadian values are connected. Changing attitudes to authority in the family are connected to changing attitudes to the work-place and to politics and they all point to one theme--the decline of deference. Canada's turmoil is not unique, nor is it a result of the "Americanization" of Canadian values. Canada, he argues, is but one stage on which the rhythms of post-industrial value change are played out.

Understanding Impoverishment - The Consequences of Development-Induced Displacement (Paperback): Christopher McDowell Understanding Impoverishment - The Consequences of Development-Induced Displacement (Paperback)
Christopher McDowell
R544 R503 Discovery Miles 5 030 Save R41 (8%) Out of stock

Infrastructure development projects are set to continue into the next century as developing country governments seek to manage population growth, urbanization and industrialization. The contributions in this volume raise many questions about 'development' and 'progress' in the late twentieth century. What is revealed are the enormous problems and disastrous affects which continue to accompany displacement operations in many countries, which raise the ever more urgent question of whether the benefits of infrastructure development justify or outweigh the pain of the radical disruption of peoples lives, exacerbated by the fact that, with some notable exceptions, there has been a lack of official recognition on the part of governments and international agencies that development-induced displacement is a problem at all. This important volume addresses the issues and shows just how serious the situation is.

Invisible Allies (Paperback): Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn Invisible Allies (Paperback)
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
R304 R249 Discovery Miles 2 490 Save R55 (18%) Out of stock

After his expulsion from Russia in 1974 for undermining the Communist regime, Solzhenitsyn wrote a secret record, while it was still fresh in his mind, of the courageous efforts of people who hid his writings and smuggled them to the West. Before the fall of Communism he could not have published Invisible Allies in conjunction with his memoir The Oak and the Calf without putting those friends in jeopardy. Now the facts may be revealed in this intimate account of the network of individuals who risked life and liberty to ensure that his works were concealed, circulated in "samizdat", and exported via illicit channels. These conspirators, often unknown to one another, shared a devotion to the dissident writer's work and a hatred of an oppressive regime of censorship and denunciation. The circle was varied enough to include scholars and fellow writers, and also elderly babushkas who acted as couriers. With tenderness, respect and humour, Solzhenitsyn speaks of these partners in conspiracy: the women who typed copies of his works under the noses of prying neighbours; the journalists and diplomats who covertly carried microfilms across borders; the friends who hid various drafts of his works from the vigilance of the secret police.

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