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Oorkant Jou - 'n Verhaal Uit Die Binnekamer (Afrikaans, Paperback): Juliana Coetzer Oorkant Jou - 'n Verhaal Uit Die Binnekamer (Afrikaans, Paperback)
Juliana Coetzer
R250 R197 Discovery Miles 1 970 Save R53 (21%) Shipped within 4 - 8 working days

Toe sÍ sy, terwyl sy skuins afkyk na die mat, asof sy met haarself praat: “Vir te lank in my lewe het ek ongedefinieerd geleef. Ek weet nie wie ek is nie.”

Iets of iemand moet die katalisator wees wat ’n mens aan die dink sit oor jouself. Die vrou van Waterkloof was dit vir my, die een wat my oor myself laat wonder en bewus gemaak het: hier binne is ’n mens. Die vraag laat vra het: Wie is ek?

Oorkant jou is gevul met die stories van die uiteenlopende mense wat Juliana Coetzer se pad kruis as psigoterapeut. Deur hul verhale van swaarkry en herstel, neem Juliana die leser op ʼn reis wat eintlik ons almal sʼn is: Die pad van grootword en eienaarskap neem.

Sy vertel hoe sommige kliŽnte haar inspireer en uitdaag om haar eie vrese te konfronteer, maar ook watter uitwerking dit op terapeute het om aan die wreedheid van die mensdom blootgestel te word. Daar is die families wat uitmekaar geskeur is as gevolg van seksuele misbruik, die man wat sukkel met sy selfbeeld weens afknouery en ook die prostituut Venicia wat ’n tragiese symbool van verwaarlosing word.

Juliana se aardse humorsin maak dat sy egter ook die komiese oomblikke raaksien – totdat die volgende storie oor die menslike toestand jou wind uitslaan.

Issues and Ethics in the Helping Professions with 2014 ACA Codes (with CourseMate, 1 term (6 months) Printed Access Card)... Issues and Ethics in the Helping Professions with 2014 ACA Codes (with CourseMate, 1 term (6 months) Printed Access Card) (Hardcover, 9th edition)
Cindy Corey, Gerald Corey, Patrick Callanan, Marianne Schneider Corey
R773 R661 Discovery Miles 6 610 Save R112 (14%) In stock

Up-to-date and comprehensive, this practical best-selling text helps readers learn how to deal with and apply ethical standards. It provides readers with the basis for discovering their own guidelines within the broad limits of professional codes of ethics and divergent theoretical positions. The authors raise what they consider to be central issues, present a range of diverse views on these issues, discuss their position, and present many opportunities for users to refine their own thinking and actively develop their own position. Readers explore such questions as: What role do the therapist's personal values play in the counseling relationship? What ethical responsibilities and rights do clients and therapists have? What considerations are involved in adapting counseling practice to diverse client populations?

Ethics in Counseling & Psychotherapy (Paperback, 6th edition): Elizabeth Reynolds Welfel Ethics in Counseling & Psychotherapy (Paperback, 6th edition)
Elizabeth Reynolds Welfel
R776 R661 Discovery Miles 6 610 Save R115 (15%) Shipped within 8 - 13 working days

Welfel's ETHICS IN COUNSELING AND PSYCHOTHERAPY prepares you to deal effectively with the complex ethical and legal issues that you will confront in practice. The book's ten-step model for ethical decision making guides you as you work through and analyze complicated ethics cases and challenging dilemmas. Coverage includes legal research and the professional literature of major topics in ethics (such as consent, confidentiality, and multiple relationships) and in applied settings (such as community mental health, private practice, schools, and teaching/research). Among other changes, the sixth edition integrates the new 2014 ACA Code of Ethics and includes updated discussions of technology and ethics, as well as culturally competent ethical practice.

Understanding Abnormal Behavior (Hardcover, 11th edition): Derald Wing Sue, David Sue, Stanley Sue, Diane M. Sue Understanding Abnormal Behavior (Hardcover, 11th edition)
Derald Wing Sue, David Sue, Stanley Sue, Diane M. Sue 2
R815 R699 Discovery Miles 6 990 Save R116 (14%) Shipped within 8 - 13 working days

UNDERSTANDING ABNORMAL BEHAVIOR, 11th Edition offers balanced and clear coverage of psychopathology theories, research, and clinical implications. Fully updated to reflect DSM-5 and the newest scientific, psychological, multicultural and psychiatric research, the book introduces and integrates the Multipath Model of Mental Disorders to explain how four essential factors-biological, psychological, social, and sociocultural-interact to cause mental disorders. A focus on resilience highlights prevention and recovery from the symptoms of various disorders. This edition also continues its emphasis on the multicultural, sociocultural and diversity aspects of abnormal psychology. The authors present material in a lively and engaging manner, connecting topics to real-world case studies, current events, and issues of particular importance and relevance in today's world. Special features and the fresh design make the book even more approachable and appealing to all readers.

Community Counseling - A Multicultural-Social Justice Perspective, International Edition (Paperback, 4th edition): Judy... Community Counseling - A Multicultural-Social Justice Perspective, International Edition (Paperback, 4th edition)
Judy Daniels, Judith Lewis
R717 R614 Discovery Miles 6 140 Save R103 (14%) In stock

COMMUNITY COUNSELING: A MULTICULTURAL-SOCIAL JUSTICE PERSPECTIVE, International Edition clearly describes and illustrates the practice of community counseling by discussing the most current issues and practices for community work in the 21st century. The Fourth Edition gives special emphasis to the practices of diversity, ethics, and the role of the counselor as a change agent and advocate. Focusing on how to promote change and growth, the text delivers effective guidelines for planning and implementing productive community counseling programs. It also provides readers with a basic understanding of the role of the community counselor, the services offered by community agencies, and the settings in which they are offered.

Biological Psychology (Hardcover, 12th edition): James W. Kalat Biological Psychology (Hardcover, 12th edition)
James W. Kalat
R827 R707 Discovery Miles 7 070 Save R120 (15%) In stock

Dr. James W. Kalat's BIOLOGICAL PSYCHOLOGY is the most widely used text in the course area, and for good reason: an extremely high level of scholarship, a clear writing style with amusing anecdotes, and precise examples.

Throughout all editions, Kalat's goal has been to make biological psychology accessible to psychology students, not just to biology majors and pre-meds. Another goal has been to convey the excitement of the search for biological explanations of behavior, and Kalat delivers.

Updated with new topics, examples, and recent research findings--and supported by the interactive learning tools provided in the MindTap™ online learning platform--this text speaks to today's students and instructors.

Theory and Practice of Counselling & Psychotherapy (Paperback, 2nd Revised S.A. edition): Gerald Corey, Lionel Nicholas Theory and Practice of Counselling & Psychotherapy (Paperback, 2nd Revised S.A. edition)
Gerald Corey, Lionel Nicholas
R641 R551 Discovery Miles 5 510 Save R90 (14%) Shipped within 8 - 13 working days

This book is intended for counselling courses for undergraduate and graduate students in psychology, Counsellor education, human services, and the mental health professions. It surveys the major concepts and practices of the contemporary therapeutic systems and addresses some ethical and professional issues in Counselling practice.

The book aims to teach South African students to select wisely from various theories and techniques and to begin to develop a personal style of Counselling.

Trauma counselling - Principles and practice in South Africa today (Paperback): Alida Herbst, Gerda Reitsma Trauma counselling - Principles and practice in South Africa today (Paperback)
Alida Herbst, Gerda Reitsma
R374 R312 Discovery Miles 3 120 Save R62 (17%) Shipped within 4 - 8 working days

South Africa has one of the highest rates of extreme violence cases in the world, which has created a critical need for counsellors to be trained specifically in this area. In Trauma counselling: Principles and practice in South Africa today, a team of academics and practitioners have compiled a hands-on, yet theoretically grounded and evidence-based South African textbook on counselling victims of trauma. The first part of this publication focuses on the range of potentially traumatic events that commonly occur in South Africa. It clearly describes themes related to traumatic events and traumatic stress and introduces the basic principles of trauma counselling. This section also focuses on how traumatic stress may manifest in different client groups. The second part aims to familiarise students with a range of strategies suitable for trauma counselling, such as brief interventions, cognitive behaviour therapy, the narrative approach, strength-based interventions and integrated or alternative approaches. The final chapter is a personal one, in which the authors reflect on the lessons they have learnt from their own practice and the techniques they have developed to protect themselves from vicarious trauma.

Fifty Years of Counselling - My Presenting Past (Paperback): Michael Jacobs Fifty Years of Counselling - My Presenting Past (Paperback)
Michael Jacobs
R537 R499 Discovery Miles 4 990 Save R38 (7%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Michael Jacobs is a pioneer in the development of psychodynamic counselling. While his writing is praised for its lucidity in explaining difficult concepts, and it is well illustrated with case examples from his own work, he has rarely said much about his own history as a psychodynamic psychotherapist and counsellor. In this personal account, concerned mainly with both his professional life as a therapist, writer and teacher and with the developments of counselling generally in Britain, in which he has played a major part, Jacobs presents his own past. It is one that surprisingly for so experienced a therapist, started with no formal training, but which has gone on to be an influence on the training of hundreds of counsellors and therapists. Jacobs traces the development of BACP and UKCP and his part in the formation of both organizations, the development of training in counselling in Britain, much of which with regard to psychodynamic counselling was pioneered by him, and finally his writing and teaching career. The book concludes with a critique of the present state of counselling and psychotherapy in Britain today. "A delight to read! Everyone benefits from a lovely memoir like this: students, experienced colleagues, and the author himself. Michael has built a deserved reputation as an outstanding authority and innovator in the counselling field, in practice as well as in training. His restlessness and his challenging nature are still needed as the sense of crisis in depth and relational therapy work intensifies. The account of his experiences, whether entirely fortuitous and haphazard or fuelled by an individuating sense of vocation, will stimulate thought, feeling and a profound questioning of where our field is heading." Professor Andrew Samuels, Department of Psychosocial and Psychoanalytic Studies, University of Essex, UK "This is the moving and revelatory account of the personal and professional evolution of one of Britain's most prominent pioneering counsellors. In telling his own story, Michael Jacobs also illuminates the development of the counselling movement during the past fifty years and younger readers will discover much to inform and surprise them. This deceptively passionate book inspires and challenges on almost every beautifully written page." Brian Thorne, Emeritus Professor of Counselling, University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK; Co-founder, The Norwich Centre for Personal, Professional and Spiritual Development "Michael Jacobs's new memoir kept me wide-awake for most of the night, because I simply could not put this book down! Written with consummate story-telling skills, Jacobs has created an inspiring and enthralling portrait of his remarkable career in the fields of psychotherapy and counselling. A true pioneer of mental health in Great Britain, Jacobs has much to teach us all, and I recommend this new volume most heartily!" Professor Brett Kahr, Institute of Medical Psychology, London, and Senior Clinical Research Fellow in Psychotherapy and Mental Health at the Centre for Child Mental Health, London, UK

Maybe You Should Talk to Someone (Paperback): Lori Gottlieb Maybe You Should Talk to Someone (Paperback)
Lori Gottlieb 1
R240 R189 Discovery Miles 1 890 Save R51 (21%) In stock

Ever wonder what your therapist is really thinking? Now you can find out …

Meet Lori Gottlieb, an insightful and compassionate therapist whose clients present with all kinds of problems. There’s the struggling new parents; the older woman who feels she has nothing to live for; the self-destructive young alcoholic; and the terminally ill 35-year-old newlywed. And there’s John, a narcissistic television producer, who frankly just seems to be a bit of a jerk. Over the course of a year, they all make progress.

But Gottlieb is not just a therapist ― she’s also a patient who's on a journey of her own. Interspersed with the stories of her clients are her own therapy sessions, as Gottlieb goes in search of the hidden roots of a devastating and life-changing event.

Personal, revealing, funny, and wise, Maybe You Should Talk to Someone opens a rare window onto a world that is most often bound by secrecy, offering an illuminating tour of a profoundly private process.

An Introduction to Counselling and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice (Paperback, 6th edition): John McLeod An Introduction to Counselling and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice (Paperback, 6th edition)
John McLeod
R1,106 R811 Discovery Miles 8 110 Save R295 (27%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

John McLeod's bestseller provides a comprehensive overview of the theory and practice of counselling and psychotherapy. This new edition covers core areas like current debates around neuroscience and integration; third-wave cognitive-behavioural therapies such as ACT and mindfulness; motivational interviewing techniques; and the importance of the therapeutic relationship, while also exploring key counselling and therapeutic skills and techniques. This sixth edition has been fully updated and revised throughout and is separated into a four-part structure for easy navigation. Each chapter also enhances learning with the following resources: * Case studies * Landmark and contemporary research studies * Cross-referencing notes * Topics for reflection and discussion * Suggested further reading An Introduction to Counselling and Psychotherapy has been the book of choice for students and tutors on introductory courses for over 25 years.

Dreams - Unlock Inner Wisdom, Discover Meaning, and Refocus your Life (Hardcover): Rosie March-Smith Dreams - Unlock Inner Wisdom, Discover Meaning, and Refocus your Life (Hardcover)
Rosie March-Smith 1
R412 R298 Discovery Miles 2 980 Save R114 (28%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Learn how to interpret your dreams and use your unconscious mind as a tool for self-help with this in-depth guide to dream analysis. Have you ever dreamt you were being chased? How about a dream that your teeth were falling out? With an open mind and some clear guidance you'll be able to shed light on how the images and emotions we experience in sleep can be deeply connected to waking life. Explore the psychological function and meaning of dreams, and learn to unlock their power for self-improvement. With interpretations of key dream images and themes, Dreams will show you how you can interpret and control your dreams to address issues and imbalances in your life, as well as improve your psychological wellbeing. Find out how, when, and why we dream. Discover how to keep a dream diary, the significance of nightmares and recurring dreams, and the secrets of lucid dreams. Dream interpretation has been practised around the world for millennia, and now you can learn how to decode your own dreams to find the deeply personal messages within, using your own dream journal. Bursting with insights and facts and with beautiful illustrations throughout, Dreams will open your eyes to this ancient practice of self-help.

How to Be Human - The Manual (Paperback): Ruby Wax How to Be Human - The Manual (Paperback)
Ruby Wax 1
R277 R142 Discovery Miles 1 420 Save R135 (49%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

How to be Human is the only manual you need to help you upgrade your mind as much as you've upgraded your iphone. 'With this marvellous book, Ruby Wax has confirmed her position as one of the most readable, inspirational and engaging writers in the field of human mental health, happiness and fulfilment.' Stephen Fry "It took us 4 billion years to evolve to where we are now - completely brilliant and yet, some might say, emotionally dwarfed. The question is: can our more empathetic side catch up in time to save us and the world? I've got nothing against smarts, but it's smarts without emotional awareness that got us into this position of being able to nuke each other into oblivion and rape the earth for oil." With a little help from a monk (who tells us how our mind works) and a neuroscientist (who tells us how our brain works), Ruby Wax answers every question you've ever had about: evolution, thoughts, emotions, the body, addictions, relationships, sex, kids, the future and compassion. Filled with witty anecdotes from Ruby's own life, and backed up by smart science and practical mindfulness exercises, How to be Human is the only manual you need to help you upgrade your mind as much as you've upgraded your iphone. 'Ruby has beautifully fused neurology and spirituality and given us a means to cope with operating both a mind and a brain. If this mental upgrade works then all other books will become defunct as we repose in bliss.' Russell Brand 'How to Be Human is, without exaggeration, a lifeline; wise, practical and funny, it is a handbook for those in despair. It is actually for everyone alive, for the curious, or disillusioned or muddled or just plain happy.' Joanna Lumley

Healing Art and Young People (Paperback): Trevor Jeavons Healing Art and Young People (Paperback)
Trevor Jeavons; Foreword by Julie Bryant
R376 Discovery Miles 3 760 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

In "Healing Art and Young People", Trevor Jeavons gives a valuable insight into the world of art therapy. Interweaving moving examples from his work with young patients with his professional and personal conclusions, Trevor Jeavons draws on his years of experience working with 'unhappy' children and adults to show that his individual approach can help a wide variety of young people to make sense of their lives and develop the strength to cope with their particular problems. This is not only a book for fellow therapists that examines complex issues and offers valuable advice for those working in the field of art therapy, it is a moving testament to the spirit and creativity of 'damaged' children that can be nourished by using the appropriate approach. Trevor Jeavons avoids jargon in this very accessible and absorbing account that can be enjoyed by anyone with an interest in the minds of children, as well as being an informative and thought provoking reference book for those working in the fascinating field of art therapy. The foreword by Julie Bryant, well respected in the field of art therapy, endorses Trevor Jeavons' desire to pass on the valuable lessons that he has learnt during his encounters with children referred to him for therapy and the spirit and imagination of many of those he portrays will remain with the reader for a long time.

Adolescent Psychotherapy Homework Planner (Paperback, 5th Edition): Arthur E. Jongsma, L.Mark Peterson, William P McInnis Adolescent Psychotherapy Homework Planner (Paperback, 5th Edition)
Arthur E. Jongsma, L.Mark Peterson, William P McInnis
R1,118 R766 Discovery Miles 7 660 Save R352 (31%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

* Contains 146 ready-to-copy homework assignments that can be used to facilitate brief adolescent therapy * Homework assignments and exercises are keyed to the behaviorally based presenting problems from The Adolescent Psychotherapy Treatment Planner, Fifth Edition * Assignments are available online for quick customization Features new and updated assignments and exercises to meet the changing needs of mental health professionals The Adolescent Psychotherapy Homework Planner, Fifth Edition provides you with an array of ready-to-use, between-session assignme gned to fit virtually every therapeutic mode. This easy-to-use sourcebook features: *146 ready-to-copy exercises covering the most common issues encountered by adolescent clients including such problems as blended families, substance use, and eating disorders * A quick-reference format the interactive assignments are grouped by behavioral problems including academic underachievement, anger control problems, depression, social anxiety, and sexual abuse * Expert guidance on how and when to make the most efficient use of the exercises * Assignments cross-referenced to The Adolescent Psychotherapy Treatment Planner, Fifth Edition so you can quickly identify the right exercises for a given situation or problem * All exercises are available online for you to download and customize to suit you and your clients' unique styles and needs For more information on our PracticePlanners(R) products, including our full line of Treatment Planners, visit us on the Web at www.wiley.com/practiceplanners

Talk therapy toolkit - Theory and practice of counselling and psychotherapy (Paperback): T. Naidu, S. Ramlall Talk therapy toolkit - Theory and practice of counselling and psychotherapy (Paperback)
T. Naidu, S. Ramlall
R635 R581 Discovery Miles 5 810 Save R54 (9%) Shipped within 7 - 10 working days

Through the development of increasingly complex human social groups, social and economic changes and challenges, industrialisation, technological advancement, global mobility and electronic communication, a significant gap of care has emerged. The erosion of the intimate social support systems that originally nurtured, protected and developed the human psyche, has necessitated the emergence of various talk therapies as alternative forms of psychosocial and emotional support . Talk therapy toolkit is a practical and accessible text aimed at introducing emergent practitioners to the theory techniques and practice of counselling and psychotherapy.

Talk therapy toolkit may be used to apply counselling and psychotherapy tools to promote the development of people in various contexts, ranging from healthcare and coaching to the workplace and beyond. Features include illustrative composite case studies and examples from the South African context, learning objectives and practical suggestions on the application of core principles and practices. Chapters on spirituality and neuroscience in psychotherapy will appeal to advanced practitioners and offer beginners a comprehensive overview.

Talk therapy toolkit is aimed at beginner therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, counsellors, coaches, nurses and health care professionals working in the South African context.

In Our Own Hands - Book of Self-help Therapy (Paperback, Illustrated Ed): Sheila Ernst, Lucy Goodison In Our Own Hands - Book of Self-help Therapy (Paperback, Illustrated Ed)
Sheila Ernst, Lucy Goodison
R251 Discovery Miles 2 510 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This resource shows women how to take control of their personal therapy, and help themselves and other women through self-help groups and exercises.

Overcoming Insomnia - A Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Approach, Therapist Guide (Paperback): Jack Edinger, Colleen Carney Overcoming Insomnia - A Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Approach, Therapist Guide (Paperback)
Jack Edinger, Colleen Carney
R1,058 Discovery Miles 10 580 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

It is estimated that one in ten U.S. adults suffers from chronic insomnia. If left untreated, chronic insomnia reduces quality of life and increases risk for psychiatric and medical disease, especially depression and anxiety. There are two forms of insomnia: secondary insomnia, in which it is comorbid with another condition such as psychiatric disorders, chronic pain conditions, or cardiopulmonary disorders, and primary insomnia, which does not coexist with any other disorder, Though insomnia may be caused by any number of things, it is primarily sustained by the development of poor sleep habits (such as varying sleep-wake schedule, daytime napping, and spending excessive time in bed) as an attempt to manage the problem. This treatment program uses cognitive-behavioral therapy methods to correct those poor sleep habits. CBT has been proven in multiple studies to improve sleep hygiene by reducing time spent in bed before sleep onset, reducing time spent awake after first sleep onset, and increasing the quality and efficiency of sleep. Developed by the authors, this evidence based treatment can be used for both primary and secondary insomnia sufferers. Patients are first given information about healthy sleep and the reasons for improving sleep habits, then a behavioral program is developed to address that patient's specific sleep problems. Use of sleep logs, assessment forms, and other homework (all provided in the corresponding workbook) allows client and therapist to work together to develop an effective sleep regimen tailored specifically for each client. Finally, several sessions are dedicated to increasing compliance and problem-solving.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Diary - A Self-Help Diary with CBT Activities to Challenge Your Ocd (Paperback, Illustrated... Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Diary - A Self-Help Diary with CBT Activities to Challenge Your Ocd (Paperback, Illustrated edition)
Charlotte Dennis; Foreword by Amita Jassi, Zoe Kindynis
R373 R298 Discovery Miles 2 980 Save R75 (20%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

"Let's begin to talk about our mental health and page by page, bit by bit, we will be okay" Drawing on her experience of living with OCD and her journey to recovery, this diary combines Charlotte's personal story with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy self-help activities. The book is packed full of journaling and sketching activities, and Charlotte's own designs and entries will give you a jumping off point to add your own sketches, doodles and photos to help you understand your OCD. It also has daily tasks adapted or expanded from CBT that help manage anxiety, avoidance, obsessions and compulsions. There are completed activities as examples throughout and shares her own story of OCD throughout the book, to raise awareness and to remind you that you are not alone. Her relatable OCD struggles and victories will help you tackle OCD.

Thinking About Drinking (Paperback): Stuart Linke Thinking About Drinking (Paperback)
Stuart Linke
R229 Discovery Miles 2 290 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Whether having a glass or two of wine with a meal or drinking socially with friends and work colleagues, alcohol has a significant and enjoyable part in many people's lives. Yet alcohol consumption, even in relatively moderate amounts, can also have an adverse impact on health, personal relationships, sleep, work, family life, and more. In this book, clinical psychologist Stuart Linke encourages us to carefully reflect on our own drinking habits. Are we drinking more than we realized? Why do we drink? How can we take steps to control or perhaps stop drinking if we choose to? Using questionnaires, worksheets and accessible examples of real situations, Thinking About Drinking provides clear, practical strategies for improving our relationship to alcohol. Linke shares his expertise and experience in cognitive behavioural therapy and motivational therapy [or simply "in psychology"] to help both heavy and moderate drinkers: Calculate alcohol intake Think about drinking habits and patterns Identify the risks posed by alcohol Understand the process of change Draw up a realistic plan of action Successfully implement the plan Skillfully handle relapses. For people who would like to better control and alter their drinking but are not sure how to go about it, Thinking About Drinking is a simple and sensitive guidebook from an expert in the field, providing step by step instruction and advice to help promote a healthier and more balanced relationship to alcohol.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Workbook For Dummies (Paperback, 2nd Edition): Rhena Branch, Rob Willson Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Workbook For Dummies (Paperback, 2nd Edition)
Rhena Branch, Rob Willson 1
R402 R290 Discovery Miles 2 900 Save R112 (28%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Dozens of practical exercises and easy to perform techniques for banishing negative thoughts before they take hold Whether you're trying to overcome anxiety and depression, boost self-esteem, beat addiction, lose weight, or simply improve your outlook, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) offers a practical, sensible approach to mastering your thoughts and thinking constructively. In this updated and expanded edition of the companion workbook to their bestselling Cognitive Behavioural Therapy For Dummies, professional therapists Rhena Branch and Rob Wilson show you, step-by-step, how to put the lessons provided in their book into practice. Inside you'll find a huge number of hands-on exercises and techniques to help you remove roadblocks to change and regain control over your life. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Workbook For Dummies, Second Edition: * Develops the ideas and concepts that presented in the bestselling Cognitive Behavioural Therapy For Dummies, Second Edition and provides exercises to put those ideas into practice * Features a range of hands-on CBT exercises and techniques for beating anxiety or depression, boosting your self-esteem, losing weight, or simply improving your outlook on life Rhena Branch and Rob Willson are CBT therapists at the Priory Clinic in London, and the authors of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy For Dummies.

Theraplay - Helping Parents and Children Build Better Relationships Through Attachment-Based Play (Paperback, 3rd Edition):... Theraplay - Helping Parents and Children Build Better Relationships Through Attachment-Based Play (Paperback, 3rd Edition)
Phyllis B. Booth, Ann M. Jernberg
R1,427 R1,021 Discovery Miles 10 210 Save R406 (28%) Shipped within 7 - 13 working days

Since the second edition was published in 1999, there have been major developments and changes in Theraplay's theory and practice. This book provides a much-needed update and revision of a classic resource for treating emotionally disturbed children with structured play therapy. The book includes new research on attachment, childhood trauma, autism, among others, and explains how new advancements in general neuroscience have changed the way Theraplay conducts its trainings. The book also contains new techniques for dealing with dysfunctional families, family disruptions, older adopted children, parental cooperation, and parental mental health.

CBT At Work For Dummies (Paperback): Gill Garratt CBT At Work For Dummies (Paperback)
Gill Garratt 1
R409 R289 Discovery Miles 2 890 Save R120 (29%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Nip workplace stress in the bud with CBT Packed with useful tips that make it easy to incorporate CBT Cognitive Behavioral Therapy into your working day, CBT at Work For Dummies helps you reap the benefits of a more focused working life. You'll discover how integrating CBT at work promotes improved productivity and concentration, lower staff turnover, enhanced employer/employee and client relationships, reduced cost of staff absenteeism caused by illness, injury, stress, and more. An alarming number of individuals in the UK and across the globe suffer from work-related stress, some to the point of experiencing illness. The good news is, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy often associated with treating acute mental health conditions is finding its way into the workplace, where it's being used as a way to combat one of the most common occupational health issues: stress. In this friendly and accessible guide, you'll find everything you need to put CBT into practice today, whether you're in charge of managing employee wellness or just want to find a positive and productive way to get through the workday yourself. Answers the call of business leaders seeking creative solutions to enhance productivity and minimize the effects of stress in the workplace Offers employees trusted ways to be more effective in the workplace while reducing personal stress levels Arms learning and development professionals with the know-how to apply mindfulness meditation in the workplace Details the benefits of making CBT a part of your business plan If you're an employer looking to get the best out of your staff or an employee interested in reducing stress and anxiety whilst achieving an enhanced performance at work, CBT at Work For Dummies can help.

Something Bad Happened - A Kid's Guide to Coping with Events in the News (Paperback): Dawn Huebner Something Bad Happened - A Kid's Guide to Coping with Events in the News (Paperback)
Dawn Huebner
R295 R237 Discovery Miles 2 370 Save R58 (20%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

When we learn about something bad - even when we hear only bits and pieces of it - our brains get busy trying to make sense of what we've heard. Seeing distressing events on the news, or hearing about them later, can feel scary and overwhelming. Talking about what happened, and how we feel about it, is hugely important. Something Bad Happened guides children aged 6 to 12 and the adults who care about them through tough conversations about news of large-scale events, addressing questions such as: "Where did it happen?" "Why did it happen?" And, "Will it happen again?" Feelings like sadness, fear and confusion are normalized, and coping tools provided. For children and parents to read together, or by a child with a parent nearby, this helpful resource by a child psychologist best-selling author provides comfort, support and action plans for children learning about the big bad things happening in our world.

The Inner World Outside - Object Relations Theory and Psychodrama (Paperback): Paul Holmes The Inner World Outside - Object Relations Theory and Psychodrama (Paperback)
Paul Holmes
R715 Discovery Miles 7 150 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Object Relations Theory emphasizes the influence of external reality and early relationships on psychological development; it provides a model of the individual's inner world and is highly compatible with the therapeutic techniques of psychodrama. On the psychodrama "stage" the individual can safely externalize complex early relationships which may now be causing problems in early life. In "The Inner World Outside" Paul Holmes presents a unified account of object relations and psychodrama, derived from his personal experience and training in both psychoanalytic and psychodramatic work. Each chapter is introduced by running account of an imaginary psychodrama group session from which the reader is led to an understanding of the theoretical concepts at work. George's problems with his boss and his wife, the reactions of other group members and of the group director himself are used to illustrate basic psychoanalytic concepts in action. This book should be of interest to professionals in training and practice in psychotherapy, psychiatry, psychodrama, dramatherapy and mental health.

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Occupational Therapy in Psychiatry and…
Rosemary Crouch, Vivyan Alers Paperback  (1)
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