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Competitive Edge - Lessons From The Sporting World For Sustained Success In Life (Paperback): Cyrus Rogers Competitive Edge - Lessons From The Sporting World For Sustained Success In Life (Paperback)
Cyrus Rogers
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Winners find a way to win.

Who better to learn from, on how to be successful, than those who’ve reached the top of their game and stayed there. Using sport as a prism, this book is for people who want to make changes in their personal and professional lives in order to beat the opposition and take home the gold.

Competitive Edge is a book about competition, struggle and hard work, but, ultimately, it is about success and the routes you can take to get to your own promised land. Jam-packed with lessons, observations and tips taken from the very best sportspeople around the globe, on how they found ways to win in their various disciplines, discover how you can be successful too.

Business is, by its very nature, competitive and the world is a tough place right now. There is a lot to be learnt from those who’ve triumphed in the ultra-competitive realm of professional sports, and their lessons are distilled in this book; a resource for individuals and business people who are looking to reach the next level.

Competitive Edge will serve as a guide to determine where you need to improve in the different aspects of your life, or business. It will give you an insight into how the very best adapted in order to rise to another level, and it will teach you how to get ahead and have sustained success in whatever endeavour you face.

Competitive Edge is a winner’s guide to success and how anyone can achieve that gold medal, and also stay ahead of the chasing pack.

The Book Every Business Owner Must Read - Insights From Leading Business Minds And Thought Leaders (Paperback): The Book Every Business Owner Must Read - Insights From Leading Business Minds And Thought Leaders (Paperback)
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The time for "different" is now. Tap into the insights of our leading business minds and thought leaders and equip your business for a successful new way of doing business.

The world of business is tough, especially today. We know that now is the time for exponential acceleration, adaptability, agility and adjusting; a time for resilience, perseverance and courage; where the frames of reference that so many of us have held onto for so long are simply no longer relevant. But you may be stuck. You may be frozen and fearful, and feeling panicked. You may be worried, and feel weary. Your vision may be blurred, and you may feel unsure of yourself, yet you have a business to run, and staff to look after. If you are feeling some, or perhaps all of these things, take a deep breath – help is at hand. With over forty chapters of wisdom, insights, experience, suggestions and advice from some of South Africa’s leading business minds and thought leaders, you will find pure gems of information, ideas and solutions on each page of The Book Every Business Owner Must Read.

Adapt, respond, and define your new ways of thinking to help you succeed. Get your pen and notebook ready, start reading and make notes and lists of what you can do, today, to not only survive, but thrive as a business.

Blue Ocean Shift - Beyond Competing - Proven Steps to Inspire Confidence and Seize New Growth (Paperback): Renee Mauborgne, W.... Blue Ocean Shift - Beyond Competing - Proven Steps to Inspire Confidence and Seize New Growth (Paperback)
Renee Mauborgne, W. Chan Kim
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Blue Ocean Shift is the essential follow up to Blue Ocean Strategy, the classic and 3.6 million copy global bestseller by world-renowned professors W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne.

Drawing on more than a decade of new work, Kim and Mauborgne show you how to move beyond competing, inspire your people's confidence, and seize new growth, guiding you step-by-step through how to take your organization from a red ocean crowded with competition to a blue ocean of uncontested market space. By combining the insights of human psychology with practical market-creating tools and real-world guidance, Kim and Mauborgne deliver the definitive guide to shift yourself, your team, or your organization to new heights of confidence, market creation, and growth. They show why nondisruptive creation is as important as disruption in seizing new growth.

Blue Ocean Shift is packed with all-new research and examples of how leaders in diverse industries and organizations made the shift and created new markets by applying the process and tools outlined in the book. Whether you are a cash-strapped startup or a large, established company, nonprofit or national government, you will learn how to move from red to blue oceans in a way that builds your people's confidence so that they own and drive the process.

With battle-tested lessons learned from successes and failures in the field, Blue Ocean Shift is critical reading for leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs alike. You'll learn what works, what doesn't, and how to avoid the pitfalls along the way. This book will empower you to succeed as you embark on your own blue ocean journey. Blue Ocean Shift is indispensable for anyone committed to building a compelling future.

The Ethics of Competition - How a Competitive Society is Good for All (Hardcover): Christoph Lutge The Ethics of Competition - How a Competitive Society is Good for All (Hardcover)
Christoph Lutge
R2,204 Discovery Miles 22 040 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Countering the claims that competition contradicts and undermines ethical thought processes and actions, Christoph Lutge successfully argues that competition and ethics do not necessarily have to oppose one another. He highlights how intensified competition can in fact work in favour of ethical goals, and that many criticisms of competition stem from an outdated understanding of how modern societies and economies function. Illustrating this view with examples from ecology, healthcare and education, the author calls for a more entrepreneurial spirit in analysing the relationship between competition and ethics. This book delivers important arguments for the ethics of innovation, using a combination of theoretical and practical evidence to support it. Researchers and scholars of economics, business, philosophy and politics will greatly benefit from the fresh interdisciplinary perspectives and thorough exploration of the complex relationship between modern competition and ethics.

Monopoly Power and Competition - The Italian Marginalist Perspective (Hardcover): Manuela Mosca Monopoly Power and Competition - The Italian Marginalist Perspective (Hardcover)
Manuela Mosca
R2,211 Discovery Miles 22 110 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This defining and original book explores the history of monopoly power and of its relation to competition, focusing on the innovative contributions of the Italian marginalists - Pareto, Pantaleoni, De Viti de Marco and Barone. Manuela Mosca analyses their articulate vision of competition, and the structural and strategic entry barriers considered in their works to enrich existing literature on the history of the sources of market power. The book is not limited to the reconstruction of the elaboration of pure theory, it also highlights its policy implications and how this group applied their theories as cutting-edge experiments in analysing the labour market, socialism, the Great War and gender issues, against the background of the political situation of the period. Monopoly Power and Competition is a vital resource for historians of economic thought, as it explores a relatively untouched area of microeconomics from a historical perspective, and reveals the theories surrounding monopoly power and competition. Microeconomists and industrial organisation scholars would similarly benefit from the knowledge of the origins of many microeconomic tools and notions

Growth Dynamics in New Markets - Improving Decision Making through Model-Based Management (Hardcover): Martin F. G.... Growth Dynamics in New Markets - Improving Decision Making through Model-Based Management (Hardcover)
Martin F. G. Schaffernicht, Stefan N. Groesser
R1,306 R1,199 Discovery Miles 11 990 Save R107 (8%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

An innovative simulation-based approach for strategic decision making when launching new products Growth Dynamics in New Markets contains a dynamic case study and simulations that reveal what it takes to successfully introduce a product into a new market. Written by experts in the field, the text and companion website include a compelling simulation game and a variety of simulation models. Using the simulation game and computer models, readers are challenged to design and put in place a strategy about product introduction and competitive behavior. The simulation models build on each other to help to arrive at a comprehensive understanding of product uptake as well as market development and competitive dynamics. The authors present different approaches for enhancing the models and offer guidance for applying them to real-world problems. This groundbreaking text clearly shows how to develop maps of dynamic systems, formulate candidate policies and evaluate them based on the simulations. It also reveals how to use computer simulations to understand what decisions could and should be made, when to make them and how intensive they should be. The authors present an interactive approach that: Contains an innovative combination of a case study, simulation game and simulation models for developing the skills to introduce a product to the marketplace Offers targeted questions that help to enhance the understanding of the material presented Presents detailed answers and solutions to a number or real-world business challenges Features video tutorials that explain how the simulation experiments are implemented and interpreted Aids in the development an action-oriented, pragmatic understanding of the underlying forces in business Designed for students of business administration, management, industrial engineering, informatics, engineering, and public policy, Growth Dynamics in New Markets offers an innovative approach that combines the practice of dynamic reasoning and the use of simulation to design and test possible policies.

Competition's New Clothes - 20 Short Cases on Rivalry Between Firms (Paperback): Francois Leveque Competition's New Clothes - 20 Short Cases on Rivalry Between Firms (Paperback)
Francois Leveque
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Leveque recounts twenty revealing tales of real-life rivalry between firms across diverse industries, including wine, skiing, opera, video games and cruise liners. These entertaining and insightful narratives are informed by recent advances in economics, factoring in the many forces driving competition, including globalization and innovation. Divided into four sections, the book covers competition and the market; competition and variety; competition through innovation; and competition and equality. Read together, these stories also serve as building blocks to address the issue of whether competition between firms has entered a new era of increased intensity. This book will appeal to anyone, from company executives to consumers, who are interested in the economics of contemporary industry and want to incorporate a grasp of competition into their everyday decision-making. This book can also be used as a supplementary text in courses in microeconomics, business economics and industrial organisation.

Capitalising on Culture, Competing on Difference - Innovation, Learning and Sense of Place in a Globalising Ireland... Capitalising on Culture, Competing on Difference - Innovation, Learning and Sense of Place in a Globalising Ireland (Paperback)
Finbarr Bradley, James J. Kennelly
R695 Discovery Miles 6 950 Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Don't Mess with the Logo - The straight talking bible of branding (Paperback): Andy Milligan, Jon Edge Don't Mess with the Logo - The straight talking bible of branding (Paperback)
Andy Milligan, Jon Edge 1
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"Jon and Andy lay out a road-map for great brand management, packed with the essentials of brand theory and practical tips to make it happen. It does for brand management what the Haynes workshop manuals do for cars." Peter Gowers, Chief Executive, InterContinental Hotels Group, Asia-Pacific "Brands are about difference and personality. This book really is different. It makes you think and makes you smile!" Peter Fisk, The Genius Works "Branding isn't rocket science but it sometimes pretends to be. Here's abook without such pretensions, a book to make you smile, learning while you smile." John Simmons, Director, The Writer "an enjoyable read full of practical tips. There is far too much jargon in business generally and in branding and communications in particular, this book is an entertaining antidote to that" Mike Lee, OBE, CEO Vero Communications Humorous, practical and everything you need to know about branding. This is a different kind of business book. You will find no jargon or dense, theory-laden text. Building a brand with impact is one of the most important tasks that any business faces. Few people understand how to actually go about creating an effective brand. This book is a no holds barred guide to what brand building is, what it isn't and exactly what you have to do to build your brand. Be inspired by real-life stories from the people who did and didn't mess with their logo and succeeded or failed as a result. Read the stories from big-name brands like Orange, M&S, Red Bull, Apple, Innocent, PwC and FCUK. There are numerous brand books but they either fall into the dull, worthy and theoretical which nobody reads or they tell case studies of famous brands which are soon out of date and which do not easily translate into practical advice. This book is unashamedly the antidote to that. It will tell you all you need to know about branding and entertain you at the same time.

The Future of the Professions - How Technology Will Transform the Work of Human Experts (Paperback): Richard Susskind, Daniel... The Future of the Professions - How Technology Will Transform the Work of Human Experts (Paperback)
Richard Susskind, Daniel Susskind 1
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This book predicts the decline of today's professions and introduces the people and systems that will replace them. In an internet-enhanced society, according to Richard Susskind and Daniel Susskind, we will neither need nor want doctors, teachers, accountants, architects, the clergy, consultants, lawyers, and many others, to work as they did in the 20th century. The Future of the Professions explains how increasingly capable technologies - from telepresence to artificial intelligence - will place the 'practical expertise' of the finest specialists at the fingertips of everyone, often at no or low cost and without face-to-face interaction. The authors challenge the 'grand bargain' - the arrangement that grants various monopolies to today's professionals. They argue that our current professions are antiquated, opaque and no longer affordable, and that the expertise of their best is enjoyed only by a few. In their place, they propose five new models for producing and distributing expertise in society. The book raises profound policy issues, not least about employment (they envisage a new generation of 'open-collared workers') and about control over online expertise (they warn of new 'gatekeepers') - in an era when machines become more capable than human beings at most tasks. Based on the authors' in-depth research of more than a dozen professions, and illustrated by numerous examples from each, this is the first book to assess and question the future of the professions in the 21st century.

Digital Renaissance - What Data and Economics Tell Us about the Future of Popular Culture (Hardcover): Joel Waldfogel Digital Renaissance - What Data and Economics Tell Us about the Future of Popular Culture (Hardcover)
Joel Waldfogel
R579 R466 Discovery Miles 4 660 Save R113 (20%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

How digital technology is upending the traditional creative industries-and why that might be a good thing The digital revolution poses a mortal threat to the major creative industries-music, publishing, television, and the movies. The ease with which digital files can be copied and distributed has unleashed a wave of piracy with disastrous effects on revenue. Cheap, easy self-publishing is eroding the position of these gatekeepers and guardians of culture. Does this revolution herald the collapse of culture, as some commentators claim? Far from it. In Digital Renaissance, Joel Waldfogel argues that digital technology is enabling a new golden age of popular culture, a veritable digital renaissance. By reducing the costs of production, distribution, and promotion, digital technology is democratizing access to the cultural marketplace. More books, songs, television shows, and movies are being produced than ever before. Nor does this mean a tidal wave of derivative, poorly produced kitsch; analyzing decades of production and sales data, as well as bestseller and best-of lists, Waldfogel finds that the new digital model is just as successful at producing high-quality, successful work as the old industry model, and in many cases more so. The vaunted gatekeeper role of the creative industries proves to have been largely mythical. The high costs of production have stifled creativity in industries that require ever-bigger blockbusters to cover the losses on ever-more-expensive failures. Are we drowning in a tide of cultural silt, or living in a golden age for culture? The answers in Digital Renaissance may surprise you.

Monopolies and Underdevelopment - From Colonial Past to Global Reality (Hardcover): Calixto Salomao Filho Monopolies and Underdevelopment - From Colonial Past to Global Reality (Hardcover)
Calixto Salomao Filho
R2,094 Discovery Miles 20 940 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This ambitious analysis is centered on the evolution of economic structures in colonized economies, showing the effects of these structures on today's global reality for all economies, whether they are considered 'developed' or 'underdeveloped.' With a comprehensive scope encompassing economic structures and their influence on the growth of nations from past to present, Calixto Salomao Filho delves into issues of development, economic structures, social problems, monopolies, globalization, and poverty. This book features a unique combination of economic and legal analysis of development, including the examination of underdevelopment trends based on monopoly growth and the triple drain effects of monopolies on national economies. The result is an illuminating study of historical restriction and exploitation and its impact on present day markets around the world. Monopolies and Underdevelopment will capture the interest of scholars and readers of the economic theory of development, economic history of underdeveloped countries, and law and development; as well as those involved in Latin American and South Asian studies, international comparative law, and legal history.

Manufacturing Cost Policy Deployment (MCPD) and Methods Design Concept (MDC) - The Path to Competitiveness (Hardcover): Alin... Manufacturing Cost Policy Deployment (MCPD) and Methods Design Concept (MDC) - The Path to Competitiveness (Hardcover)
Alin Posteuca, Shigeyasu Sakamoto
R1,711 Discovery Miles 17 110 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Providing a reasonable level of profitability through productivity is - and will remain - one of the fundamental tasks of the management teams of any production company. Manufacturing Cost Policy Deployment (MCPD) and Methods Design Concept (MDC): The Path to Competitiveness contains two new methodologies to improving the productivity and profitability of production systems that continuously increase competitiveness: Manufacturing Cost Policy Deployment (MCPD) and Methods Design Concept (MDC). Both MCPD and MDC are the result of long-time synthesis and distillation, being implemented successfully, totally or partially, in many companies. The MCPD system, developed by Alin Posteuca, is a manufacturing cost policy aimed at continuous cost improvement through a systemic and systematic approach. The MCPD is a methodology that improves the production flow driven by the need for Manufacturing Cost Improvement (MCI) for both existing and future products through setting targets and means to continuously improve production process productivity for each product family cost. The MDC, developed by Shigeyasu Sakamoto, design the effective manufacturing methods using a tool of engineering steps identifying ideas for increasing productivity called KAIZENSHIRO (improvable value as a target). The MDC results on production methods lead to effectiveness of work measurement for performance (P) and to knowledge and improvement of production control and planning as utilization (U), in order to achieve labor target costs. The combination of MCPD and MDC methodologies can provide a unique approach for the managers who are seeking new ways for increasing productivity and profitability to increase the competitive level of their manufacturing company.

Beating Low Cost Competition - How Premium Brands can respond to Cut-Price Rivals (Hardcover): Adrian Ryans Beating Low Cost Competition - How Premium Brands can respond to Cut-Price Rivals (Hardcover)
Adrian Ryans
R629 R456 Discovery Miles 4 560 Save R173 (28%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Low cost competitors, who offer "good enough" products and services at very attractive prices, are currently significantly impacting the businesses of many leading companies, and some are starting to "move up" to challenge the traditional companies in their core markets. It's only a matter of time before most companies will feel the pressure from these aggressive, cut-price competitors. "Beating Low Cost Competition" offers a step-by-step structured approach to help executives in traditional companies with premium brands think through the options for responding to their low cost rivals and select the most appropriate strategy to win in their chosen markets.

By examining a wide-ranging group of companies from around the world, Adrian Ryans provides numerous examples of how different companies in different industries have responded to low cost competitors and analyses the effectiveness of their strategies. He also discusses the leadership and cultural challenges that many companies are facing as they take steps to respond to their low cost rivals.

Ultimately, the insights gained from this book will lead to better and more profitable business decisions.

Adrian Ryans is Professor of Marketing and Strategy at IMD, Lausanne, Switzerland. He has designed and taught on executive programs for organizations in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia, including GE, Bank of Montreal, Medtronic, Deloitte, Borealis, Saurer, Vestas, IBM, Boeing, National Semiconductor, BioWare, ASML, Holcim, Varian, Hoechst, Amgen, Fluke, LSI Logic, Hutchison Port Holdings and Qualcomm. He has also acted as a consultant for a number of leading global corporations.

Merchants of Truth - Inside the News Revolution (Hardcover): Jill Abramson Merchants of Truth - Inside the News Revolution (Hardcover)
Jill Abramson 1
R682 R541 Discovery Miles 5 410 Save R141 (21%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Merchants of Truth by Jill Abramson, former editor of The New York Times, is the gripping and definitive in-the-room account of the revolution that has swept the news industry over the last decade and reshaped our world. 'A cracking, essential read ... [Abramson] knows where most of the bodies are buried and is prepared to draw the reader a detailed map' Guardian 'A masterwork ... vastly useful' Financial Times Drawing on revelatory access, Abramson takes us behind the scenes at four media titans during the most volatile years in news history. Two are maverick upstarts: BuzzFeed, the brain-child of virtuoso clickbait scientist Jonah Perretti, and VICE, led by the booze-fuelled anarcho-hipster Shane Smith. Their viral technology and disregard for the long-established standards of news journalism allow them to build game-changing billion-dollar businesses out of the millennial taste for puppies and nudity. The two others are among the world's most venerable news institutions: The New York Times, owned and run for generations by the Sulzberger dynasty, and The Washington Post, also family-owned but soon to be bought by the world's richest merchant of all, Jeff Bezos. Here Abramson reveals first-hand the seismic clashes that take place in the boardrooms and newsrooms as they are forced to choose between their cherished principles - objectivity and impartiality - and survival in a world where online advertising via Facebook and Google seems the only life-raft. We are with the deal-making tycoons, thrusting reporters and hard-bitten editors, the egomaniacs, bullshitters, provocateurs and bullies, as some surf and others drown in the breaking wave of change. And we watch as the survivors confront the horrifying cost of their success: sexual scandal, fake news, the election of President Trump, the shaking of democracy. Exposing the people and decisions that brought us to now, Merchants of Truth is a major book that breaks the ultimate news story of our times.

Innovation in Technology Alliance Networks (Hardcover, illustrated edition): Charmianne E. A. V Lemmens Innovation in Technology Alliance Networks (Hardcover, illustrated edition)
Charmianne E. A. V Lemmens
R2,332 Discovery Miles 23 320 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This book studies the dynamics of alliance group formation in technology-based networks. The author attempts to develop the concept of alliance blocks from a social network perspective, and explores the relationship between alliance block membership and innovative performance in a changing technological environment. The book demonstrates that as an alliance network grows, the likelihood of alliance block formation also increases. The author presents evidence that pursuing a block membership strategy favourably affects innovative performance. This is true for conditions of both cumulative and disruptive technological change. However, over time the technology profiles of alliance block members tend to become more similar, which can eventually lead to a reduction in innovative activity. She also reveals that, when compared to their non-member counterparts, firms in alliance blocks are likely to apply for more patents, hold more central positions in the network, have larger revenues and undertake more R&D intensive research. In addition, they are also inclined to originate from an Asian background. This is the first book to propose a well-developed theoretical framework, supported by empirical evidence, to explain alliance block formation processes and their effect on innovative performance. As such, it fills a substantial gap in the literature on competitive rivalry among alliances, an increasingly important area of research. It will be essential reading for academics and practitioners in the fields of industrial organization, strategic management, technological alliances, competition and innovation studies.

Politics, Subsidies and Competition - The New Politics of State Intervention in the European Union (Hardcover): Kostas A.... Politics, Subsidies and Competition - The New Politics of State Intervention in the European Union (Hardcover)
Kostas A. Lavdas, Maria M. Mendrinou
R2,419 Discovery Miles 24 190 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Politics, Subsidies and Competition focuses on the interplay of political, economic and institutional-legal factors in the formation of European competition policy, with particular emphasis on European Union control of national subsidies. This book demonstrates the increasing significance of the EU in the management of European economies. It argues that state subsidization is the only remaining effective form of state intervention because, in the integrated European market, state aid - ranging from investment and export aid to special tax concessions - has become the only instrument that can be used to favour and protect national industries. This makes the control of state subsidization more important than ever, and the European Community's attempts to increase this control since the mid-1970s tell an intriguing story of fierce intergovernmental bargaining, business lobbying and increasingly assertive EC/EU institutions. The argument is supported by evidence of the evolution of European policy and by case studies of sectoral aid regimes and their transformation in interaction with EU policy. This book will be of use to students and scholars of the economics and politics of Western Europe and regional and public policy.

Taking Down Goliath - Digital Marketing Strategies for Beating Competitors With 100 Times Your Spending Power (Hardcover):... Taking Down Goliath - Digital Marketing Strategies for Beating Competitors With 100 Times Your Spending Power (Hardcover)
Kevin Ryan, Rob "Spider" Graham
R1,025 R815 Discovery Miles 8 150 Save R210 (20%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Advances in software, auction-based media, analytics, and big data have made it possible for the average marketer to compete with marketers with 100 times the spending power. Taking Down Goliath profiles the ways in which digital marketing can level the playing field, if you know how to use it.

In Sight - My Life in Science and Biotech (Hardcover): Julia Levy In Sight - My Life in Science and Biotech (Hardcover)
Julia Levy
R691 R541 Discovery Miles 5 410 Save R150 (22%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

In Sight is a memoir about how a love of science and discovery drove Julia Levy, a celebrated scholar and biotech CEO, to work her way through gender bias in order to achieve academic and professional recognition. Her story traces the unconventional invention of a breakthrough drug treatment from its development from laboratory research to its application as a medical treatment for vision loss. Told from a female perspective, In Sight is a unique and personal story covering Levy's early years as a refugee, her university training in the UK and her appointment as professor at the University of British Columbia. Years spent as an academic led the author to unexpected exposure to the biotechnology industry and a chance meeting with colleagues that led to the formation of a lucrative biotechnology company, known today as QLT Inc. The bulk of the book covers the years spent building the company, and Levy's surprising transition from chief scientific officer to CEO. In Sight is an honest description of the trials of drug development, the tensions inherent in the commercialization of health innovations, and the truly remarkable hurdles faced by women in the scientific community.

Brilliant Pitch - What to know, do and say to make the perfect pitch (Paperback): Shaun Varga Brilliant Pitch - What to know, do and say to make the perfect pitch (Paperback)
Shaun Varga 1
R342 R262 Discovery Miles 2 620 Save R80 (23%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In business, there is a moment when everyone has to make a pitch; it might be your own personal OK Corral, when the consequences of failure are too painful to even contemplate, but it will always be an occasion where the outcome really matters. Brilliant Pitch will equip people to tackle pitch situations (however tough), improve their own skills and, importantly, leave them enthused about the idea of pitching and looking forward to the next one. It will do so first by outlining how to approach any pitch, then how to tailor the approach in different situations. There are secrets from the masters. There are pitch stories. (Such as the agency which pitched to British Rail, and deliberately kept them waiting in reception for an hour, with bad refreshments and no explanation for the delay...) The book brings the process to life, rather than simply listing things to do. It shows readers how they, too, can become great at pitching. Brilliant outcomes: It eliminates the possibility of doing a 'bad' pitch It will help readers get the content and preparation spot on by focusing on the needs of the audience. It will help give readers tons of confidence so they'll not only deliver brilliant pitches, but they'll be eager to pitch time and time again.

Recent Developments in Monopoly and Competition Policy (Hardcover, illustrated edition): George Norman Recent Developments in Monopoly and Competition Policy (Hardcover, illustrated edition)
George Norman
R7,544 Discovery Miles 75 440 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Competition policy aims to prevent anticompetitive agreements and mergers, limiting the abusive exercise of market power. The formulation and application of this policy presents significant challenges, which include showing that proposed mergers are anticompetitive, proving that firms are members of cartels and defending apparently restrictive vertical agreements. For this insightful volume, the editor has selected key papers which illustrate how far we have come towards meeting these challenges. They provide comprehensive developmental coverage of the theory that underpins and justifies competition policy, and of the econometric tests that demonstrate its effects and violations. This timely book will be an invaluable resource to researchers and practitioners alike with an interest in this important subject.

Competition Policy - History, Theory and Practice (Hardcover): Manfred Neumann Competition Policy - History, Theory and Practice (Hardcover)
Manfred Neumann
R2,381 Discovery Miles 23 810 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Given the increase in large scale mergers throughout the world, this book addresses the growing problem of restricted competition through collusion and the perennial debate surrounding the use of government subsidies for industries to further national interests. The aims of the book are threefold; firstly, to elucidate the antecedents of competition policy in the US and Europe and to demonstrate how far a convergence of principles has developed. Secondly, to outline the theory of industrial organisation as a major tool to devise an appropriate policy, and thirdly, to discuss the practice of competition policy in the US, individual European countries and the EC as a whole, in terms of collusion, mergers and vertical restraints. Manfred Neumann comprehensively explores the economic arguments that justify the need for competition policy. He considers the historical development of competition policy and the relationship between competition policy and the objectives of governmental policy as a whole. In conclusion, he argues that competition policy should be regarded as a constituent part of economic and social policy. This enlightening and comprehensive book will be of great value to students, researchers and practitioners of law, corporate strategy and industrial and political economics.

Tao of Charlie Munger - A Compilation of Quotes from Berkshire Hathaway's Vice Chairman on Life, Business, and the Pursuit... Tao of Charlie Munger - A Compilation of Quotes from Berkshire Hathaway's Vice Chairman on Life, Business, and the Pursuit of Wealth With Commentary by David Clark (Hardcover)
David Clark 1
R446 R288 Discovery Miles 2 880 Save R158 (35%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Words of wisdom from Charlie Munger, Warren Buffett's longtime business partner, collected and interpreted with an eye towards investing by David Clark, coauthor of the bestselling Buffettology series. Born in Omaha, Nebraska in 1924 Charlie Munger studied mathematics at the University of Michigan, trained as a meteorologist at Cal Tech Pasadena while in the Army, and graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Law School without ever earning an undergraduate degree. Today, Munger is one of America's most successful investors, the Vice Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, and Warren Buffett's business partner for almost forty years. Buffett says "Berkshire has been built to Charlie's blueprint. My role has been that of general contractor." Munger is an intelligent, opinionated business man whose ideas can teach professional and amateur investors how to be successful in finance and life. Like The Tao of Warren Buffett, The Tao of Charlie Munger is a compendium of pithy quotes including, "Knowing what you don't know is more useful than being brilliant" and "In my whole life, I have known no wise people who didn't read all the time, none, zero." This collection, culled from interviews, speeches, and questions and answers at the Berkshire Hathaway and Wesco annual meetings, offers insights into Munger's amazing financial success and life philosophies. Charlie Munger's investment tips, business philosophy, and rules for living are as unique as his life story; intelligent as he clearly is; and as successful as he has been.

The Process of Competition (Hardcover): Jackie Krafft The Process of Competition (Hardcover)
Jackie Krafft
R2,429 Discovery Miles 24 290 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The study of competition and competitiveness has recently seen a great deal of expansion and development. This timely survey reviews the most important developments in policy and practice. It illustrates the complexity of competitive behaviour in the real world and provides a framework for understanding the different notions of competition. Special attention is given to key areas including: * competition as a process versus competition as a state of affairs * the behaviour of firms and organization of competition * new forms of competition and competition policies The Process of Competition will be essential reading for researchers, practitioners and policymakers concerned with competition policy, industrial economics and strategic management.

Microeconomic Theories of Imperfect Competition: Old Problems and New Perspectives (Hardcover): Jean J. Gabszewicz,... Microeconomic Theories of Imperfect Competition: Old Problems and New Perspectives (Hardcover)
Jean J. Gabszewicz, Jacques-Francois Thisse
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Microeconomic Theories of Imperfect Competition: Old Problems and New Perspectives is an authoritative collection of readings which, together with a new, original introductory essay by the editors, provides a broad overview of the major theoretical concepts in the field. This collection includes published papers on industry size: quantity and price competition, entry barriers, product differentiation, incomplete information, general equilibrium with imperfect competition. This book will be essential reading both for those seeking an introduction to the subject and those seeking a new perspective.

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