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Holding Back the Sea - The Struggle on the Gulf Coast to Save America (Paperback, 1st Harper Perennial ed): Christopher... Holding Back the Sea - The Struggle on the Gulf Coast to Save America (Paperback, 1st Harper Perennial ed)
Christopher Hallowell
R352 R330 Discovery Miles 3 300 Save R22 (6%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Katrina's arrival on the Gulf Coast was a long time in coming. But it was assured. Since 1965, when Hurricane Betsy struck New Orleans, breached a levee, and flooded part of the city, everyone was waiting and talking about when the Big One would strike and do even more damage. Katrina was that hurricane, predictedand imagined before she struck, but so much worse in her reality.

Holding Back the Sea is about the consequences of ignoring the warning signs that nature provides and the struggle to convince the rest of the country that South Louisiana lay in the path of destruction. The signs were not subtle; there were Hurricanes Andrew in 1992, George and Mitch in 1998, and Ivan in 2004, among others. At one time or another in their journeys north, they all threatened New Orleans. Some had headed right for the city before veering to the east and west, sparing the Big Easy and reinforcing the nickname. But the Big Easy ended -- at least in reputation -- on August 29, 2005, when the Big One came ashore as Katrina.

"Hot Spots" in the Climate System - New Developments in the Extratropical Ocean-Atmosphere Interaction Research (Hardcover, 1st... "Hot Spots" in the Climate System - New Developments in the Extratropical Ocean-Atmosphere Interaction Research (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2016)
Hisashi Nakamura, Atsuhiko Isobe, Shoshiro Minobe, Humio Mitsudera, Masami Nonaka, …
R3,368 R3,059 Discovery Miles 30 590 Save R309 (9%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This book consists of the articles from the special issue of "'Hot Spots' in the Climate System" in the Journal of Oceanography, Vol. 71 No. 5, 2015, comprising 9 chapters that cover a wide spectrum of topics. This spinoff book is a collection of papers on the scientific outcomes of a nationwide 5-year project funded by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) and known internationally as the "Hot-Spot Project." The academic achievement of the project has gained international recognition, making substantial contribution to unveiling the climatic role of warm western boundary ocean currents, including the Kuroshio, and associated oceanic fronts characterized by sharp temperature gradients and active meso-scale oceanic eddies. Specifically, those warm currents may be called "hot spots" in the climate system, as they intensively release heat and moisture to the atmosphere, thereby acting to organize clouds and precipitation systems and set conditions favorable for recurrent development of storms. This spinoff is a unique collection of the outcome of the particular project. The collected papers cover a wide range of aspects of ocean-atmosphere interaction characteristic of the oceanic fronts and continental marginal seas, unveiled through observational, theoretical, analytical, and numerical investigations. Most of the readers of the book are assumed to be researchers and graduate students who study climate dynamics, physical oceanography, atmospheric science, and air-sea interaction.

Stochastic Analysis of Scaling Time Series - From Turbulence Theory to Applications (Hardcover): Francois G. Schmitt, Yongxiang... Stochastic Analysis of Scaling Time Series - From Turbulence Theory to Applications (Hardcover)
Francois G. Schmitt, Yongxiang Huang
R1,351 Discovery Miles 13 510 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Multi-scale systems, involving complex interacting processes that occur over a range of temporal and spatial scales, are present in a broad range of disciplines. Several methodologies exist to retrieve this multi-scale information from a given time series; however, each method has its own limitations. This book presents the mathematical theory behind the stochastic analysis of scaling time series, including a general historical introduction to the problem of intermittency in turbulence, as well as how to implement this analysis for a range of different applications. Covering a variety of statistical methods, such as Fourier analysis and wavelet transforms, it provides readers with a thorough understanding of the techniques and when to apply them. New techniques to analyse stochastic processes, including empirical mode decomposition, are also explored. Case studies, in turbulence and ocean sciences, are used to demonstrate how these statistical methods can be applied in practice, for students and researchers.

Seismic Wave Theory (Hardcover): Edward S. Krebes Seismic Wave Theory (Hardcover)
Edward S. Krebes
R1,079 Discovery Miles 10 790 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Perfect for senior undergraduates and first-year graduate students in geophysics, physics, mathematics, geology and engineering, this book is devoted exclusively to seismic wave theory. The result is an invaluable teaching tool, with its detailed derivations of formulas, clear explanations of topics, exercises along with selected answers, and an additional set of exercises with derived answers on the book's website. Some highlights of the text include: a review of vector calculus and Fourier transforms and an introduction to tensors, which prepare readers for the chapters to come; and a detailed discussion on computing reflection and transmission coefficients, a topic of wide interest in the field; a discussion in later chapters of plane waves in anisotropic and anelastic media, which serves as a useful introduction to these two areas of current research in geophysics. Students will learn to understand seismic wave theory through the book's clear and concise pedagogy.

Geological Formation Names of China (1866-2000) (Hardcover, 2009 ed.): Shouxin Zhang Geological Formation Names of China (1866-2000) (Hardcover, 2009 ed.)
Shouxin Zhang
R25,329 R19,998 Discovery Miles 199 980 Save R5,331 (21%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Geological Formation Names of China (1866 2000) is the only catalogue on stratigraphic nomenclature for China in the world to keep two writing types (Wade-Giles Romanization and Chinese Phonetic Alphabet) so as to provide convenience for domestic and overseas readers. The catalogue is intended for specialists and graduates in Geosciences and Stratigraphy. Shouxin Zhang (1927 2006) was stratigrapher and research professor at the Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.


Volcanic Lakes (Hardcover, 2015 ed.): Dmitri Rouwet, Bruce Christenson, Franco Tassi, Jean Vandemeulebrouck Volcanic Lakes (Hardcover, 2015 ed.)
Dmitri Rouwet, Bruce Christenson, Franco Tassi, Jean Vandemeulebrouck
R6,118 R3,625 Discovery Miles 36 250 Save R2,493 (41%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This book aims to give an overview on the present state of volcanic lake research, covering topics such as volcano monitoring, the chemistry, dynamics and degassing of acidic crater lakes, mass-energy-chemical-isotopic balance approaches, limnology and degassing of Nyos-type lakes, the impact on the human and natural environment, the eruption products and impact of crater lake breaching eruptions, numerical modeling of gas clouds and lake eruptions, thermo-hydro-mechanical and deformation modeling, CO2 fluxes from lakes, volcanic lakes observed from space, biological activity, continuous monitoring techniques, and some aspects more. We hope to offer an updated manual on volcanic lake research, providing classic research methods, and point towards a more high-tech approach of future volcanic lake research and continuous monitoring.

Drawing Geological Structures (Paperback): Joern H. Kruhl Drawing Geological Structures (Paperback)
Joern H. Kruhl
R843 R787 Discovery Miles 7 870 Save R56 (7%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Despite the modern dominance of computer graphics programs and digital cameras, the ability todraw geological structures manually remains a necessity in academic geology and beyond. Drawings serve for quick and simple documentation in the field or at the microscope. They can be applied as a language of their own as well as be adapted to suit specific requirements. Moreover, geological drawing improves observational ability and contributes to the understanding of geological structures and structure-forming processes. Geological drawing is assisted scientific thinking. Drawing Geological Structures provides undergraduate as well as graduate and practicing geologists with a thorough, step-by-step practical guide to the art of geological drawing. Beginning with the basics, the book covers thin sections, sample sections, samples and geological stereograms. The chapters provide examples of how drawings evolve and are complemented by exercises, allowing the reader to practice their drawing prior to going out into the field or working at the microscope. Users of this unique guide will develop their knowledge and technical vocabulary whilst also improving their drawing skills.

The Sun Today (Paperback, 1st ed. 2018): Claudio Vita-Finzi The Sun Today (Paperback, 1st ed. 2018)
Claudio Vita-Finzi
R309 R253 Discovery Miles 2 530 Save R56 (18%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

There are several billion stars in the Milky Way galaxy. One of them is the middle-aged G2V yellow dwarf that rules our lives. The Sun Today discusses the Sun's appearance and composition, its internal workings, and the various kinds of radiation it emits, and it puts forward a novel explanation for coronal heating. The book draws on the findings of telescopic observation, space missions, and technical and theoretical advances in many fields, and shows why we need to know more if we are to understand and manage our foothold in the Universe. From the reviews of other books by Claudio Vita-Finzi: The Sun - A User's Manual (2008) ....this, jargon-free, concise, beautifully illustrated and eminently readable book... D.W. Hughes, Times Literary Supplement Solar History (2013) ....a book that is supremely informative, intensely stimulating and enjoyable to read... Ian Seymour, Astronomy Now A History of the Solar System (2016) ...there is a huge amount of useful information in this book that would benefit anyone who needed more detail than is available in a typical popular science title. Brian Clegg, Popular Science

Computational Statistics in the Earth Sciences - With Applications in MATLAB (Hardcover): Alan D Chave Computational Statistics in the Earth Sciences - With Applications in MATLAB (Hardcover)
Alan D Chave
R1,751 R1,660 Discovery Miles 16 600 Save R91 (5%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Based on a course taught by the author, this book combines the theoretical underpinnings of statistics with the practical analysis of Earth sciences data using MATLAB. The book is organized to introduce the underlying concepts, and then extends these to the data, covering methods that are most applicable to Earth sciences. Topics include classical parametric estimation and hypothesis testing, and more advanced least squares-based, nonparametric, and resampling estimators. Multivariate data analysis, not often encountered in introductory texts, is presented later in the book, and compositional data is treated at the end. Datasets and bespoke MATLAB scripts used in the book are available online, as well as additional datasets and suggested questions for use by instructors. Aimed at entering graduate students and practicing researchers in the Earth and ocean sciences, this book is ideal for those who want to learn how to analyse data using MATLAB in a statistically-rigorous manner.

The Evolution Underground - Burrows, Bunkers, and the Marvelous Subterranean World Beneath our Feet (Hardcover): Anthony J.... The Evolution Underground - Burrows, Bunkers, and the Marvelous Subterranean World Beneath our Feet (Hardcover)
Anthony J. Martin
R654 R405 Discovery Miles 4 050 Save R249 (38%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

From penguins to dinosaurs, trilobites and humans, an acclaimed paleontologist and ichnologist reveals the subterranean secret of survival.

The Alps - An Environmental History (Hardcover): Jon Mathieu The Alps - An Environmental History (Hardcover)
Jon Mathieu; Translated by Rose Hadshar
R593 R541 Discovery Miles 5 410 Save R52 (9%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Stretching 1,200 kilometres across six countries, the colossal mountains of the Alps dominate Europe, geographically and historically. Enlightenment thinkers felt the sublime and magisterial peaks were the very embodiment of nature, Romantic poets looked to them for divine inspiration, and Victorian explorers tested their ingenuity and courage against them. Located at the crossroads between powerful states, the Alps have played a crucial role in the formation of European history, a place of intense cultural fusion as well as fierce conflict between warring nations. A diverse range of flora and fauna have made themselves at home in this harsh environment, which today welcomes over 100 million tourists a year. Leading Alpine scholar Jon Mathieu tells the story of the people who have lived in and been inspired by these mountains and valleys, from the ancient peasants of the Neolithic to the cyclists of the Tour de France. Far from being a remote and backward corner of Europe, the Alps are shown by Mathieu to have been a crucible of new ideas and technologies at the heart of the European story.

Buoyancy-Driven Flows (Hardcover, New): Eric Chassignet, Claudia Cenedese, Jacques Verron Buoyancy-Driven Flows (Hardcover, New)
Eric Chassignet, Claudia Cenedese, Jacques Verron
R2,926 R2,701 Discovery Miles 27 010 Save R225 (8%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Buoyancy is one of the main forces driving flows on our planet, especially in the oceans and atmosphere. These flows range from buoyant coastal currents to dense overflows in the ocean, and from avalanches to volcanic pyroclastic flows on the Earth's surface. This book brings together contributions by leading world scientists to summarize our present theoretical, observational, experimental and modeling understanding of buoyancy-driven flows. Buoyancy-driven currents play a key role in the global ocean circulation and in climate variability through their impact on deep-water formation. Buoyancy-driven currents are also primarily responsible for the redistribution of fresh water throughout the world's oceans. This book is an invaluable resource for advanced students and researchers in oceanography, geophysical fluid dynamics, atmospheric science and the wider Earth sciences who need a state-of-the-art reference on buoyancy-driven flows.

When Dinosaurs Roamed New Jersey (Paperback, Illustrated Edition): William B. Gallagher When Dinosaurs Roamed New Jersey (Paperback, Illustrated Edition)
William B. Gallagher
R570 R453 Discovery Miles 4 530 Save R117 (21%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

"Ever since the beginnings of paleontology in America, New Jersey has been 'the place' and William Gallagher--who terrorized his South Jersey mother by traipsing home with green mud, marl, and fossils--is the ideal guide to the wonderful dinosaurs and other fossils of the region. High school and college students, their teachers, interested general readers and professional paleontologists will all enjoy this book "-Earle E. Spamer, The Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia "Citizens of New Jersey have needed this book for a long time . . . . William Gallagher shows all New Jerseyans why they can be proud of their state's role in dinosaur paleontology and in science as a whole."-David Parris, curator of natural history, New Jersey State Museum "A very enjoyable read--and an ambitious work that not only deals with dinosaurs of the New Jersey region, but much more besides. The hard-core dinosaur crowd will certainly want it, no matter where they live."-Louis Jacobs, author of Lone Star Dinosaurs and Quest for the African Dinosaurs "An impressive historical account of the search for dinosaur fossils in New Jersey . . . a fascinating account of prehistoric New Jersey when dinosaurs and other extinct creatures roamed its environs. It has great historical and scientific value."-Richard K. Olsson, professor of geological sciences, Rutgers University Did you know that Benjamin Franklin examined the first dinosaur bone in America from Woodbury, Gloucester County, in 1787--decades before the word dinosaur was even coined? Or that when the first reasonably complete dinosaur skeleton in the world was unearthed in Haddonfield, Camden County, in 1858, it was a major scientific breakthrough which forced paleontologists to completely revise their picture of dinosaur anatomy? Few people know that New Jersey is the nursery of American vertebrate paleontology When Dinosaurs Roamed New Jersey provides a succinct and readable history of the geology and paleontology of New Jersey from the time the region was covered by Cambrian seas 543 million years ago to the Pleistocene Ice Age only 10 to 15,000 years ago. William Gallagher tells the stories of professional and amateur fossil hunters, their discoveries, and their impact on the history of paleontological thought. He points out places in New Jersey and nearby where specimens characteristic of each era can be found. He shows how fossil evidence discovered in the state is helping paleontologists reconstruct the ecological interactions and behavior of dinosaurs, and discusses such continuing scientific controversies as the reason for the extinction of the dinosaurs. From tracking dinosaur footprints across the Newark basin, to digging for the last dinosaurs in the greensands of South Jersey, to finding a mushroom in ancient amber in East Brunswick, this book is the ideal introduction to the Garden State's fossils and prehistory. Dr. William B. Gallagher is the registrar of natural history at the New Jersey State Museum and a visiting lecturer in dinosaur paleontology at Rutgers University.

Fundamental Planetary Science - Physics, Chemistry and Habitability (Paperback, Revised edition): Jack J. Lissauer, Imke de... Fundamental Planetary Science - Physics, Chemistry and Habitability (Paperback, Revised edition)
Jack J. Lissauer, Imke de Pater
R1,597 R1,379 Discovery Miles 13 790 Save R218 (14%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

A quantitative introduction to the Solar System and planetary systems science for advanced undergraduate students, this engaging textbook explains the wide variety of physical, chemical and geological processes that govern the motions and properties of planets. The authors provide an overview of our current knowledge and discuss some of the unanswered questions at the forefront of research in planetary science and astrobiology today. This updated edition contains the latest data, new references and planetary images and an extensively rewritten chapter on current research on exoplanets. The text concludes with an introduction to the fundamental properties of living organisms and the relationship that life has to its host planet. With more than 200 exercises to help students learn how to apply the concepts covered, this textbook is ideal for a one-semester or two-quarter course for undergraduate students.

Broader Impacts of Science on Society (Paperback): Bruce J. MacFadden Broader Impacts of Science on Society (Paperback)
Bruce J. MacFadden
R567 Discovery Miles 5 670 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

How do scientists impact society in the twenty-first century? Many scientists are increasingly interested in the impact that their research will have on the public. Scientists likewise must answer the question above when applying for funding from government agencies, particularly as part of the 'Broader Impacts' criterion of proposals to the US National Science Foundation. This book equips scientists in all disciplines to do just that, by providing an overview of the origins, history, rationale, examples, and case studies of broader impacts, primarily drawn from the author's experiences over the past five decades. Beyond including theory and evidence, it serves as a 'how to' guide for best practices for scientists. Although this book primarily uses examples from the NSF, the themes and best practices are applicable to scientists and applications around the world where funding also requires impacts and activities that benefit society.

Sediment Routing Systems - The Fate of Sediment from Source to Sink (Hardcover): Philip A. Allen Sediment Routing Systems - The Fate of Sediment from Source to Sink (Hardcover)
Philip A. Allen
R1,870 R1,768 Discovery Miles 17 680 Save R102 (5%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This cutting-edge summary combines ideas from several sub-disciplines including geology, geomorphology, oceanography and geochemistry to provide an integrated view of Earth surface dynamics in terms of sediment generation, transport and deposition. Introducing a global view of fundamental concepts underpinning source-to-sink studies, it provides an analysis of the component segments which make up sediment routing systems. The functioning of sediment routing systems is illustrated through calculations of denudation and sedimentation as well as the response to external drivers; with the final sections focusing on the stratigraphic record of sediment routing systems. Containing quantitative solutions to a wide range of problems in Earth surface dynamics, it is suitable for graduate students as well as academic and professional researchers; and will enable an understanding of sediment routing systems.

Crinoids - Fossil Focus Guide (Pamphlet): Mark Woods Crinoids - Fossil Focus Guide (Pamphlet)
Mark Woods; Illustrated by R. Bell
R89 Discovery Miles 890 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

An illustrated guide to introduction to major fossil groups.

An Introduction to Tides (Paperback): Theo Gerkema An Introduction to Tides (Paperback)
Theo Gerkema
R928 Discovery Miles 9 280 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This textbook is a self-contained introduction to tides that will be useful for courses on tides in oceans and coastal seas at an advanced undergraduate and postgraduate level, and will also serve as the go-to book for researchers and coastal engineers needing information about tides. The material covered includes: a derivation of the tide-generating potential; a systematic overview of the main lunar periodicities; an intuitive explanation of the origin of the main tidal constituents; basic wave models for tidal propagation (e.g. Kelvin waves, the Taylor problem); shallow-water constituents; co-oscillation and resonance; frictional and radiation damping; the vertical structure of tidal currents; and a separate chapter on internal tides, which deals with ocean stratification, propagation of internal tides (vertical modes and characteristics) and their generation. Exercises are provided in each chapter.

Dangerous Neighbors: Volcanoes and Cities (Hardcover, New): Grant Heiken Dangerous Neighbors: Volcanoes and Cities (Hardcover, New)
Grant Heiken; Edited by Jody Heiken; Illustrated by Julie Wilbert
R614 R564 Discovery Miles 5 640 Save R50 (8%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

What are the real risks posed by a volcanic eruption near a city - what is fact and what is myth? How have volcanic eruptions affected cities in the past, and how can we learn from these events? Why do communities continue to develop in such locations, despite the obvious threat? In this fascinating book, Grant Heiken explores global examples of cities at risk from volcanoes, from Italy, the US, Mexico, Ecuador, The Philippines, Japan and New Zealand, providing historical and contemporary eruption case studies to illustrate volcanic hazards, and cities' efforts to respond to them, both good and poor. He shows that truly successful volcanic hazard mitigation cannot be accomplished without collaboration between experts in geology and natural hazards, public health, medicine, city and infrastructure planning, and civil protection. This is a topical and engaging read for anyone interested in the history and future activity of these dangerous neighbors.

Clay Mineral Cements in Sandstones (Paperback): Richard Worden, Sadoon Morad Clay Mineral Cements in Sandstones (Paperback)
Richard Worden, Sadoon Morad
R4,163 R3,712 Discovery Miles 37 120 Save R451 (11%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Clay minerals are one of the most important groups of minerals that destroy permeability in sandstones. However, they also react with drilling and completion fluids and induce fines migration during hydrocarbon production. They are a very complex family of minerals that are routinely intergrown with each other, contain a wide range of solid solutions and form by a variety of processes under a wide range temperatures and rock and fluid compositions.

In this volume, clay minerals in sandstones are reviewed in terms of their mineralogy and general occurrence, their stable and radiogenic isotope geochemistry, XRD quantification, their effects on the petrophysical properties of sandstones and their relationships to sequence stratigraphy and palaeoclimate. The controls on various clay minerals are addressed and a variety of geochemical issues, including the importance of mass flux, links to carbonate mineral diagenesis and linked clay mineral diagenesis in interbedded mudstone-sandstone are explored. A number of case studies are included for kaolin, illite and chlorite cements, and the occurrence of smectite in sandstone is reviewed. Experimental rate data for clay cements in sandstones are reviewed and there are two model-based case studies that address the rates of growth of kaolinite and illite.

The readership of this volume will include sedimentologists and petrographers who deal with the occurrence, spatial and temporal distribution patterns and importance of clay mineral cements in sandstones, geochemists involved in unraveling the factors that control clay mineral cement formation in sandstones and petroleum geoscientists involved in predicting clay mineral distribution in sandstones. The book will also be of interest to geologists involved in palaeoclimate studies basin analysis.Latest geochemical data on clays in sandstonesProvides important information for geologists involved in basin analysis, sandstone petrology and petroleum geology

If you are a member of the International Association of Sedimentologists (IAS), for purchasing details, please see: http: //www.iasnet.org/publications/details.asp?code=SP34

Climate Mathematics - Theory and Applications (Hardcover): Samuel S. P. Shen, Richard C.J. Somerville Climate Mathematics - Theory and Applications (Hardcover)
Samuel S. P. Shen, Richard C.J. Somerville
R1,551 Discovery Miles 15 510 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This unique text provides a thorough, yet accessible, grounding in the mathematics, statistics, and programming that students need to master for coursework and research in climate science, meteorology, and oceanography. Assuming only high school mathematics, it presents carefully selected concepts and techniques in linear algebra, statistics, computing, calculus and differential equations within the context of real climate science examples. Computational techniques are integrated to demonstrate how to visualize, analyze, and apply climate data, with R code featured in the book and both R and Python code available online. Exercises are provided at the end of each chapter with selected solutions available to students to aid self-study and further solutions provided online for instructors only. Additional online supplements to aid classroom teaching include datasets, images, and animations. Guidance is provided on how the book can support a variety of courses at different levels, making it a highly flexible text for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as researchers and professional climate scientists who need to refresh or modernize their quantitative skills.

Weather - A Concise Introduction (Paperback): Gregory J. Hakim, Jerome Patoux Weather - A Concise Introduction (Paperback)
Gregory J. Hakim, Jerome Patoux
R1,456 Discovery Miles 14 560 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

From a world-renowned team at the Department of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Washington, Seattle, Weather: A Concise Introduction is an accessible and beautifully illustrated text covering the foundations of meteorology in a concise, clear, and engaging manner. Designed to provide students with a strong foundation in the physical, dynamical, and chemical processes taking place in the atmosphere, this introductory textbook will appeal to students with a wide range of mathematical and scientific backgrounds. This textbook features: a single case study of a mid-latitude cyclone which is referred to throughout the whole book to illustrate the basic principles driving atmospheric dynamics and phenomena; boxes on more advanced topics; appendices for additional coverage; chapter summaries listing the 'take-home' points discussed; and colour figures and charts illustrating the fundamental concepts. Key terms are evident throughout, and a glossary explains the terms that students will need to understand and become familiar with.

Properties and Management of Soils in the Tropics (Hardcover, 2nd Revised edition): Pedro A S anchez Properties and Management of Soils in the Tropics (Hardcover, 2nd Revised edition)
Pedro A S anchez
R2,243 R2,116 Discovery Miles 21 160 Save R127 (6%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The long-awaited second edition of this classic textbook expands on the first edition to include advances made in the last four decades, bringing the topic completely up to date. The book addresses critical issues such as whether humanity can feed itself, and whether it can do so in environmentally sound and sustainable ways. Written from agronomic, environmental, and ecological standpoints, the textbook employs a multidisciplinary approach, including policymaking and plant genetic improvements, as well as ecosystem services, climate change, biodiversity, sustainability and resilience. New chapters in this second edition focus on organic carbon in soil, soil biology, soils in relation to livestock production and forestry, and agroforestry. The new edition will again be the go-to textbook for courses on tropical soils, and a reference textbook for soil and agricultural scientists and development professionals working in the tropics.

Earth History and Palaeogeography (Hardcover): Trond H. Torsvik, L. Robin M. Cocks Earth History and Palaeogeography (Hardcover)
Trond H. Torsvik, L. Robin M. Cocks
R1,584 Discovery Miles 15 840 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Using full-colour palaeogeographical maps from the Cambrian to the present, this interdisciplinary volume explains how plate motions and surface volcanism are linked to processes in the Earth's mantle, and to climate change and the evolution of the Earth's biota. These new and very detailed maps provide a complete and integrated Phanerozoic story of palaeogeography. They illustrate the development of all the major mountain-building orogenies. Old lands, seas, ice caps, volcanic regions, reefs, and coal beds are highlighted on the maps, as well as faunal and floral provinces. Many other original diagrams show sections from the Earth's core, through the mantle, and up to the lithosphere, and how Large Igneous Provinces are generated, helping to understand how plates have appeared, moved, and vanished through time. Supplementary resources are available online, making this an invaluable reference for researchers, graduate students, professional geoscientists and anyone interested in the geological history of the Earth.

Earth Science for Civil and Environmental Engineers (Hardcover, New title): Richard E. Jackson Earth Science for Civil and Environmental Engineers (Hardcover, New title)
Richard E. Jackson
R1,638 Discovery Miles 16 380 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This carefully targeted and rigorous new textbook introduces engineering students to the fundamental principles of applied Earth science, highlighting how modern soil and rock mechanics, geomorphology, hydrogeology, seismology and environmental geochemistry affect geotechnical and environmental practice. Key geological topics of engineering relevance including soils and sediments, rocks, groundwater, and geologic hazards are presented in an accessible and engaging way. A broad range of international case studies add real-world context, and demonstrate practical applications in field and laboratory settings to guide site characterization. End-of-chapter problems are included for self-study and evaluation, and supplementary online materials include electronic figures, additional examples, solutions, and guidance on useful software. Featuring a detailed glossary introducing key terminology, this text requires no prior geological training and is essential reading for senior undergraduate or graduate students in civil, geological, geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering. It is also a useful reference and bridge for Earth science graduates embarking on engineering geology courses.

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