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London, Reign Over Me - How England's Capital Built Classic Rock (Paperback): Stephen Tow London, Reign Over Me - How England's Capital Built Classic Rock (Paperback)
Stephen Tow; Foreword by Bill Bruford
R390 R309 Discovery Miles 3 090 Save R81 (21%) Ships in 12 - 17 working days

It all started in London. More than fifty years ago, a generation of teens created something that would change the face of music forever. London, Reign Over Me immerses us in the backroom clubs, basement record shops, and late-night faint radio signals of 1960s Britain, where young hopefuls like Peter Frampton, Dave Davies, and Mick Jagger built off American blues and jazz to form a whole new sound. Author Stephen Tow weaves together original interviews with over ninety musicians and movers-and-shakers of the time to uncover the uniquely British story of classic rock's birth. Capturing the stark contrast of bursting artistic energy with the blitzkrieg landscape leftover from World War II, London, Reign Over Me reveals why classic rock 'n' roll could only have been born in London. A new sound from a new generation, this music helped spark the most important cultural transformation of the twentieth century. Key interviews include: * Jon Anderson (Yes) * Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull) * Rod Argent (The Zombies) * Chris Barber (Chris Barber Jazz Band) * Joe Boyd (Producer/manager) * Arthur Brown (Crazy World of Arthur Brown) * David Cousins (The Strawbs) * Dave Davies (The Kinks) * Spencer Davis (Spencer Davis Group) * Judy Dyble (Fairport Convention) * Ramblin' Jack Elliott (Solo folk/blues artist) * Peter Frampton (Humble Pie, solo artist) * Roger Glover (Deep Purple) * Steve Howe (Yes) * Neil Innes (Bonzo Dog Band; Monty Python) * Kenney Jones (The Small Faces; The Who) * Greg Lake (King Crimson; Emerson, Lake & Palmer) * Manfred Mann (Manfred Mann) * Terry Marshall (Marshall Amplification) * Dave Mason (Traffic) * Phil May (The Pretty Things) * John Mayall (The Bluesbreakers) * Jim McCarty (The Yardbirds) * Ian McLagan (The Small Faces) * Jacqui McShee (The Pentangle) * Peter Noone (Herman's Hermits) * Carl Palmer (Atomic Rooster; Emerson, Lake & Palmer) * Jan Roberts (Eel Pie Island Documentary Project) * Paul Rodgers (Free) * Peggy Seeger (Solo folk artist) * Hylda Sims (Club owner) * Keith Skues (DJ: Radio Caroline, Radio London, Radio One) * Jeremy Spencer (Fleetwood Mac) * John Steel (The Animals) * Al Stewart (Solo folk artist) * Dick Taylor (The Pretty Things) * Ray Thomas (The Moody Blues) * Richard Thompson (Fairport Convention) * Rick Wakeman (The Strawbs, Yes) * Barrie Wentzell (Photographer: Melody Maker)

Southlake Carroll Dragon Football (Paperback): Connie Cooley, The Southlake Historical Society Southlake Carroll Dragon Football (Paperback)
Connie Cooley, The Southlake Historical Society; Foreword by Coach Bob Ledbetter
R415 R343 Discovery Miles 3 430 Save R72 (17%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
The Story of the Church Audio Drama - From Pentecost to Modern Times (CD-ROM): Phillip Campbell The Story of the Church Audio Drama - From Pentecost to Modern Times (CD-ROM)
Phillip Campbell
R697 R546 Discovery Miles 5 460 Save R151 (22%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
New Approaches to Socialist History (Paperback): Keith Flett, David Renton New Approaches to Socialist History (Paperback)
Keith Flett, David Renton; Keith Flett, David Renton
R154 Discovery Miles 1 540 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Cultural Writing. Political Science. NEW APPROACHES TO SOCIALIST HISTORY showcases a range of new writing demonstrating the vitality of socialist history today. The activities of social movements are analyzed in specific struggles, from the Chartist campaign of the nineteenth century, through the strikes of the early twentieth century, to the Seattle protests of 1999. Leadership issues are approached in biographical chapters on European and American trade unionists, and the radical British politician Stafford Cripps. The role of class in history is examined through accounts of left-wing politics in post-war Egypt and class issues in the American Civil War. Fascinating in themselves, the contributions to this book -- through their focus on leadership and revolt, class organization and protest -- also offer a valuable insight into recent anti-capitalist struggles.

The National Pastime, 2021 (Paperback): Society for American Baseball Research (Sabr) The National Pastime, 2021 (Paperback)
Society for American Baseball Research (Sabr)
R283 R234 Discovery Miles 2 340 Save R49 (17%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Since its inception, The National Pastime has featured excellent research and essays about baseball history. This year, though, we asked our contributors to point their lenses not toward the past, but toward the future. In 2020, SABR conducted a survey that invited respondents to answer questions about baseball twenty years in the future, framed by the following understanding: "[T]hat just as baseball, and its history, is a reflection on culture and society in the past and present, it could also be an input, context, and/or predictor for predicting plausible futures of the United States and other countries." The goal became to predict what the world might be like in 2040, and how that will be reflected in the game we love. There are so many factors affecting our collective future, ranging from climate change to advances in technology, from medical breakthroughs to the ways baseball will adapt itself to changing tastes, from rules innovations to new forms of media consumption and fan interaction. This issue includes incisive essays on the future of the baseball uniforms, the Hall of Fame, fan experiences and the media, the future of baseball cards, climate change and baseball, as well as more speculative imaginings, in the form of press releases from the future and even thought-provoking futuristic flash fiction. The All-Star lineup includes Hugo Award-winning science fiction author Harry Turtledove, technology thought leader Cathy Hackl on baseball in the metaverse, MLB Network's favorite chemist and climate scientist Dr. Lawrence Rocks, Sidewise Award winner (and son of major league catcher Del Wilber) Rick Wilber, and many more. NFTs, virtual reality, machine learning, materials science-every cutting edge technology will have its effect on baseball as we know it, and just as baseball itself was integral to the development of previous broadcast media from radio to streaming video, the sport will continue to be the proving ground for new uses of technology yet to come.

Mind Fixers - Psychiatry's Troubled Search for the Biology of Mental Illness (Paperback): Anne Harrington Mind Fixers - Psychiatry's Troubled Search for the Biology of Mental Illness (Paperback)
Anne Harrington
R345 R287 Discovery Miles 2 870 Save R58 (17%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

In this "masterpiece... the preeminent historian of neuroscience" (Science) explores psychiatry's frustrated efforts to understand mental disorders as medical disorders. Anne Harrington reveals how psychiatry's waxing and waning theories have been shaped, not just by developments in the clinic and laboartory, but also by a surprising range of social factors. The "enthralling Mind Fixers" (Nature) recounts the past and present undertaking to understand the biological basis of mental illness-its potential and its limitations-in order to lay the groundwork for creating a better future, both for those who suffer and those whose job it is to care for them.

Teaching the Cult of Literature in the French Third Republic 2004 (Paperback, 1st ed. 2004): M. Martin Guiney Teaching the Cult of Literature in the French Third Republic 2004 (Paperback, 1st ed. 2004)
M. Martin Guiney
R1,891 Discovery Miles 18 910 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

This book explores literature in its role as a sacred text within the confines of 19th-century French primary and secondary education, helping the school to take over the role of spiritual authority from the Catholic Church.

Discredited - The UNC Scandal and College Athletics' Amateur Ideal (Hardcover): Andy Rhodes Thomason Discredited - The UNC Scandal and College Athletics' Amateur Ideal (Hardcover)
Andy Rhodes Thomason
R445 Discovery Miles 4 450 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

In 2009, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill was on top of the world. Consistently named one of the top universities in the country, it had welcomed a new phenom of a chancellor who promised to lead the public Ivy into the future. In the all-important athletic realm, the Tar Heels were the Coca-Cola of athletic brands. Resting upon the legacy of legendary basketball coach Dean Smith, UNC had carved out a reputation of excellence paired with squeaky-clean adherence to the rules. Supporters had a name for that irresistible ethos: the Carolina Way. The Tar Heels were climbing even higher. That year, they won their fifth national championship in men's basketball and looked poised to climb the ranks in football under a new, high-powered coach. But within just a few years, it all came crashing down. The Tar Heels' success, it turned out, was based on a foundation of deceit. Athletes were flocking to a slate of fake classes that advisers deftly used to keep them eligible to play. That revelation and others metastasized into one of the most damaging scandals ever to visit an American college. In Discredited, journalist Andy Thomason provides a gripping and authoritative retelling of the scandal through the eyes of four of its key participants: the secretary who presided over the fake classes, the professor who directed players toward them, the literacy specialist turned whistleblower who sought to expose the system, and the chancellor who found his career suddenly on the line. The heart-stopping narrative reveals the toll of a college's investment in major sports, and the amateurism myth upon which it is based. Based on dozens of original interviews and thousands of pages of documents, Discredited demonstrates just how far a university will go to preserve the athletic status quo: tolerating tarnished careers, ruined reputations, and years of scathing media criticism-all for a shot at competitive glory.

Cricketing Lives - A Characterful History from Pitch to Page (Hardcover): Richard H. Thomas Cricketing Lives - A Characterful History from Pitch to Page (Hardcover)
Richard H. Thomas
R540 R450 Discovery Miles 4 500 Save R90 (17%) Ships in 10 - 20 working days

Cricket is defined by the characters who have played it, watched it, reported it, ruled upon it, ruined it and rejoiced in it. Humorous and deeply affectionate, Cricketing Lives tells the story of the world's greatest and most incomprehensible game through those who have shaped it, from the rustic contests of eighteenth-century England to the spectacle of the Indian Premier League. It's about W. G. Grace and his eye to his wallet; the invincible Viv Richards; and Sarah Taylor, 'the best wicketkeeper in the world . . . male or female'. Paying homage, too, to the game's great writers, Richard H. Thomas steers a course through the despair of war, tactical controversies and internecine politics, to reveal how cricket has always stormed back to warm our hearts as nothing else can.

Uncrowned Queen - The Life of Margaret Beaufort, Mother of the Tudors (Hardcover): Nicola Tallis Uncrowned Queen - The Life of Margaret Beaufort, Mother of the Tudors (Hardcover)
Nicola Tallis
R629 R515 Discovery Miles 5 150 Save R114 (18%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Ten Poems About Cricket (Paperback): John Lucas Ten Poems About Cricket (Paperback)
John Lucas
R127 R117 Discovery Miles 1 170 Save R10 (8%) Ships in 10 - 20 working days
A Year and a Day - How the Lisbon Lions Conquered Europe (Hardcover): Graham McColl A Year and a Day - How the Lisbon Lions Conquered Europe (Hardcover)
Graham McColl 1
R517 R350 Discovery Miles 3 500 Save R167 (32%) Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Celtic's greatest side became European champions in 1967, but if you think you know their history - think again. This is their tale as never told before. The remarkable story of how Jock Stein brought together a group of local lads, engaging on their first European Cup campaign, and led them all the way to the top will never be repeated. As they progressed, they continued to challenge on four fronts, giving new pride to the city of Glasgow, and creating a legend that resonates still, fifty years on. A Year and a Day provides unprecedented detail on the twelve months that brought such unique success. Discover which Clyde player almost became a Lisbon Lion and who he would have replaced. Learn how Jock Stein got his prediction for the final horribly wrong and even what the Lions had for breakfast on the great day. Find out who spirited away the match ball - and keeps it to this day - at the end of Celtic's tumultuous quarter-final with Vojvodina. The book includes an excruciatingly honest interview with Jimmy Johnstone, Celtic's greatest player, previously unpublished in full. The other Lisbon Lions also have their say, and here too, for the first time, are extensive interviews with representatives of all of the opponents that Celtic faced on the way to Lisbon, providing frank and shocking insights. Teeming with fresh material, this book scrutinises every step Celtic took on the way to winning the European Cup. Even the players who won the great trophy will discover in these pages new revelations about how they emerged triumphant. It is the last word on their magnificent achievement.

Behold, America - A History of America First and the American Dream (Paperback): Sarah Churchwell Behold, America - A History of America First and the American Dream (Paperback)
Sarah Churchwell 1
R259 R217 Discovery Miles 2 170 Save R42 (16%) Ships in 10 - 20 working days

SELECTED AS A 2018 SUMMER READ BY THE SUNDAY TIMES, OBSERVER, I-PAPER AND THE BIG ISSUE 'Enormously entertaining' SUNDAY TIMES 'Fascinating' NEW STATESMAN 'Excoriating, brilliant' ALI SMITH 'Enthralling' GUARDIAN 'My number one contributor when it comes to US politics' DAN SNOW 'The American dream is dead,' Donald Trump said when announcing his candidacy for president in 2015. How would he revive it? By putting 'America First'. The 'American Dream' and 'America First' are two of the most loaded phrases in America today - and also two of the most misunderstood. As divides within America widen, Sarah Churchwell looks to the past to reveal what the surprising history of these two phrases can tell us about today.

Education: The Rock and Roll Years - A northern perspective on a lifetime of learning, teaching and leading (Paperback): Les... Education: The Rock and Roll Years - A northern perspective on a lifetime of learning, teaching and leading (Paperback)
Les Walton
R478 Discovery Miles 4 780 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Les has often described himself as the 'Forrest Gump of education', as he seems to have been present at all the major educational developments since World War 2. This book is a very personal retrospective on a life in education over the last three-quarters of a century. He avoids personal negativity, though much of the narrative comes from a negative view of school and its impact on the lives of children. It is also a book full of hope that the human potential at the top of Maslow's hierarchy, self-actualisation, can realistically be achieved. An optimistic, humorous, self-mocking account, it emphasises the seriousness of the issues covered - corporal punishment, industrial disputes, the impact of bereavement on children and many more - by sleight of hand. Important educational debates are cunningly illuminated through the reflections of a simple Geordie lad. There are key messages here for all those engaged in the process of life-long learning. Education: the Rock and Roll Years' is visionary, practical, rebellious, idiosyncratic and beautifully idiomatic. Its strength is combining personal experience with key principles. This is an excellent piece of writing. Professor Andy Hargreaves, Boston College and University of Ottawa Les Walton has achieved great things at the most senior levels of education. The thing that marks him out is that no matter how senior his post, he has never forgotten that the purpose of education is to give opportunities, excite minds and change things. His reflections, which show how education and learning have done all these things in his life, make good reading and remind everyone why education is one of the most important things if a society is to thrive. Former Secretary of State for Education, Baroness Morris of Yardley

Coins in Churches - Archaeology, Money and Religious Devotion in Medieval Northern Europe (Hardcover): Svein H. Gullbekk,... Coins in Churches - Archaeology, Money and Religious Devotion in Medieval Northern Europe (Hardcover)
Svein H. Gullbekk, Christoph Kilger, Steinar Kristensen, Hakon Roland
R3,252 Discovery Miles 32 520 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

This book focuses on the formative period of Church reform in the Middle Ages in Northern Europe, when the Church paved the way for the development of money economy on its own doorstep. Church archaeology provides evidence for patterns of monetary use related to liturgy, church architecture and devotional culture through the centuries. This volume encompasses Alpine European evidence, with emphasis on Gotland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Switzerland, which opens up a new field of research on religion and money for an international audience. Based on 100,000 single finds of coins from the 11th to 18th centuries from 650 Scandinavian churches, the volume offers an in-depth discussion of the concepts of ritual, liturgy and devotional uses of money, monetary space and spiritual economy within the framework of Christendom, the medieval church and church architecture. Written by international scholars, Coins in Churches will be a valuable resource for readers interested in the history of religion, money, the economy, and church architecture in Northern Europe in the Middle Ages.

The Accidental Footballer (Hardcover): Pat Nevin The Accidental Footballer (Hardcover)
Pat Nevin
R525 R436 Discovery Miles 4 360 Save R89 (17%) Ships in 10 - 20 working days

*** THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER 'A heroic outsider - a pleasure to read.' - The Guardian 'A fulsome evocation of football before the Premier League.' - The i 'Such a good storyteller...joyous.' - Financial Times 'Honest, raw, revealing and very funny. How to live a life and career to the full. Insightful book about the most successful outsider inside football ever...' - Henry Winter, Chief Football Writer, The Times 'Pat is a wonderful one-off...and this is the story of why that is.' - John Murray, Chief Sports Correspondent, BBC Radio 5 Live 'Unusually vibrant and elegant with heroic doses of humour, insight and self-effacement, this is an absolute must-read for the football connoisseur.' - Omid Djalili 'The biggest influence of my professional career both on and off the pitch.' - Graeme Le Saux 'I grew up captivated by Pat Nevin the player. As a man he taught me even more about the beauty of the game. One of football's great mavericks, and Chelsea's greatest players. And he can spin a mean tune too.' - Sam Matterface 'I used to walk miles to see Pat Nevin play football and I'd do the same now to read his thoughts. Always challenging, always entertaining.' - Lord Sebastian Coe 'A refreshingly honest and thought-provoking autobiography. As deftly delivered as some of Pat's ball skills in his 1980's heyday.' - ToffeeWeb Pat Nevin never wanted to be a professional footballer. His future was clear, he'd become a teacher like his brothers. There was only one problem with this - Pat was far too good to avoid attention. Raised in Glasgow's East End, Pat loved the game, playing for hours and obsessively following Celtic. But as he grew up, he also loved Joy Division, wearing his Indie 'gloom boom' coat and going on marches - hardly typical footballer behaviour! Placed firmly in the 80s and 90s, before the advent of the Premier League, and often with racism and violence present, Pat Nevin writes with honesty, insight and wry humour. We are transported vividly to Chelsea and Everton, and colourfully diverted by John Peel, Morrissey and nights out at the Hacienda. The Accidental Footballer is a different kind of football memoir. Capturing all the joys of professional football as well as its contradictions and conflicts, it's about being defined by your actions, not your job, and is the perfect reminder of how life can throw you the most extraordinary surprises, when you least expect it.

Why Food Matters (Hardcover): Paul Freedman Why Food Matters (Hardcover)
Paul Freedman
R472 R385 Discovery Miles 3 850 Save R87 (18%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

From the author of Ten Restaurants That Changed America, an exploration of food's cultural importance and its crucial role throughout human history "A rich and fascinating narrative that reaches deep into the historical and cultural larder of societal experience, powerfully illustrating the myriad ways that food matters as an essential condiment for humanity."-Danny Meyer, founder of Union Square Hospitality Group and Shake Shack Why does food matter? Historically, food has not always been considered a serious subject on par with, for instance, a performance art like opera or a humanities discipline like philosophy. Necessity, ubiquity, and repetition contribute to the apparent banality of food, but these attributes don't capture food's emotional and cultural range, from the quotidian to the exquisite. In this short, passionate book, Paul Freedman makes the case for food's vital importance, stressing its crucial role in the evolution of human identity and human civilizations. Freedman presents a highly readable and illuminating account of food's unique role in our lives, a way of expressing community and celebration, but also divisive with regard to race, cultural difference, gender, and geography. This wide-ranging book is a must-read for food lovers and all those interested in how cultures and identities are formed and maintained.

Celebrating Teachers - A Visual History (Hardcover): Deirdre Raftery Celebrating Teachers - A Visual History (Hardcover)
Deirdre Raftery
R454 Discovery Miles 4 540 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Discover the changing story of educators, from the role of monks in medieval monasteries through school ma'ams in one-room pioneer town settings to today's new approaches to education and teacher leadership. Includes profiles of, and interviews with, classroom heroes, past and present. The book also looks at the portrayal of teachers in art, literature, film and TV, the role of teachers during times of conflict, and the story of how centuries of pioneering and missionary teachers have brought education to excluded communities, deprived districts and far-flung places around the world. Stunning images include fascinating classroom scenes and portraits of key figures. Everyone has a memory of 'the teacher that made a difference.' This uplifting volume shows some of the joys and challenges of the education profession, and introduces readers to some unforgettable teachers.

Nordic, Central, and Southeastern Europe 2020-2022 (Paperback, 20th Edition): Wayne C Thompson Nordic, Central, and Southeastern Europe 2020-2022 (Paperback, 20th Edition)
Wayne C Thompson
R540 Discovery Miles 5 400 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

The World Today Series: Nordic, Central, and Southeastern Europe is an annually updated presentation of each sovereign country in Nordic, Central and Southeastern Europe, past and present. It is organized by individual chapters for each country and presents a complete and authoritative overview of each region's geography, people, history, political system, constitution, parliament, parties, political leaders, and elections. The combination of factual accuracy and up-to-date detail along with its informed projections make this an outstanding resource for researchers, practitioners in international development, media professionals, government officials, potential investors and students. Now in its 20th edition, the content is thorough yet perfect for a one-semester introductory course or general library reference. Available in both print and e-book formats and priced low to fit student and library budgets.

Dear Joan and Jericha - Why He Turns Away - Do's and Don'ts, from Dating to Death (Hardcover): Joan Damry, Jericha... Dear Joan and Jericha - Why He Turns Away - Do's and Don'ts, from Dating to Death (Hardcover)
Joan Damry, Jericha Domain
R440 R368 Discovery Miles 3 680 Save R72 (16%) Ships in 10 - 20 working days

From the world-renowned agony aunts of award-winning podcast 'Dear Joan and Jericha' comes an unputdownable bible of sex and relationship advice on how to find, satisfy and maintain a husband, from dating right up until you or hubby pass away. We dedicate this tome to Mahmoud: surgeon, prophet, model and friend. Capable of performing up to 30 hysterectomies a day (often blindfolded), it was Mahmoud that begged us to put pen to papyrus and share our wisdom with all the lost ladies suffering in the world today. As much revered celebrities, living glamorous and wealthy lifestyles, we do of course come under fire. There has recently been vicious slander circulating, regarding a small handful of folk who have written to us with a problem, and having listened to our response, gone on to take their own lives. As if the two were somehow connected. These naysayers are generally bitter and jealous spinsters, taking perverse and sadistic pleasure in being vindictive and nasty, while no doubt masturbating at the same time. To these lonely ladies we would say, 'Go look in your own heart, knock ye there and ask yourself some difficult questions. Because you will find the real guilt writhing within ye, like maggots mating in yesterday's apple'. What we offer here is a lifeline, a service, much like the NHS, or perhaps more accurately, the AA. Joan and Jericha: AA for the heart. Affording you the opportunity to have a breakdown, call for a pick-up truck, stop off for a Full English whilst a hairy guy in a grubby onesie fumbles under your bonnet and tweaks at your wiring, before sending you on your way, lubricated, primed, pumped and pretty. With kind regards, Joan Damry and Jericha Domain OBE MBE (etc)

The Automobile (Hardcover, illustrated edition): Lars Lundqvist, Kenneth Button, Peter Nijkamp The Automobile (Hardcover, illustrated edition)
Lars Lundqvist, Kenneth Button, Peter Nijkamp
R7,530 Discovery Miles 75 300 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

This is an authoritative collection of previously published articles on important aspects of the 'automobile age'. The volume has been divided into five areas of interest. Part I focuses on supply side issues related to the car industry, technological change in the transport sector and future developments of automobile technology. Parts II, III and IV deal with the demand for automobile transport within the overall transport system. The final section deals with private and social costs, externalities such as accidents, congestion and pollution, and policy interventions. Rapidly growing car ownership has brought about a remarkable increase in mobility. The mobility and travel choices need to be analysed within complex networks. The strong mutual interactions between transport and spatial developments have led to an intense debate on 'car dependence' and related spatial systems analyses. This collection will be an invaluable source of reference to students, teachers and researchers in the field of transport studies and the history of the car industry.

Hidden History of Horse Racing in Kentucky (Paperback): Edwin, Jr. Ockerman Hidden History of Horse Racing in Kentucky (Paperback)
Edwin, Jr. Ockerman
R408 R336 Discovery Miles 3 360 Save R72 (18%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Alexander Williamson - A Victorian Chemist and the Making of Modern Japan (Paperback): Takaaki Inuzuka Alexander Williamson - A Victorian Chemist and the Making of Modern Japan (Paperback)
Takaaki Inuzuka; Translated by Haruko Laurie
R529 Discovery Miles 5 290 Ships in 10 - 20 working days
England On This Day - Football History, Facts & Figures from Every Day of the Year (Hardcover): Rob Burnett, Joe Mewis England On This Day - Football History, Facts & Figures from Every Day of the Year (Hardcover)
Rob Burnett, Joe Mewis 1
R321 Discovery Miles 3 210 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

England On This Day revisits all the most magical and memorable moments from the national side's rollercoaster past, mixing in a maelstrom of quirky anecdotes and legendary characters to produce an irresistibly dippable Lions diary - with an entry for every day of the year. From the first ever international match in 1872 to the Premier League era, England's faithful fans have witnessed decades of world domination and tragicomic failures, grudge matches, World Cup heroics, bizarre goals, fouls and metatarsals - all featured here. Timeless greats such as Bobby Charlton, Kevin Keegan and Paul Gascoigne, Steve Bloomer, David Beckham and Stanley Matthews all loom larger than life. Revisit 12 May 1971, when England beat Malta 5-0 and Gordon Banks only got four touches - all backpasses! 1 September 2001: Germany 1-5 England! Or 12 July 1966, when the England team took a morale-boosting trip to the set of You Only Live Twice...

Ever True - 150 Years of Giant Leaps at Purdue University (Hardcover): John Norberg Ever True - 150 Years of Giant Leaps at Purdue University (Hardcover)
John Norberg
R851 R676 Discovery Miles 6 760 Save R175 (21%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

In 1869 the Stateof Indiana founded Purdue University as Indiana's land-grantuniversity dedicated to agriculture and engineering. Today, Purdue standsas one of the elite research and education institutions in the world. Its hallshave been home to Nobel Prize- and World Food Prize-winningfaculty, record-setting astronauts, laurelled humanists, researchers,and leaders of industry. Its thirteen colleges and schools span the sciences,liberal arts, management, and veterinary medicine, boasting morethan 450,000 living alumni. Ever True: TheFirst 150 Years of Purdue University by John Norberg captures the essence of this great university.In this volume, Norberg takes readers beyond the iconic redbrick walls of Purdue University's West Lafayette campus to delve into the stories of the faculty, alumni, and leaders who make up this remarkable institution's distinguished history.Written to commemorate Purdue University's sesquicentennial celebrations, EverTrue picks up where prior histories leave off, bringing the intricacies of historic tales to the forefront, updating the Purdue story to the present, and looking to the future.

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