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Khamr - The Makings Of A Waterslams (Paperback): Jamil F. Khan Khamr - The Makings Of A Waterslams (Paperback)
Jamil F. Khan 5
R240 R198 Discovery Miles 1 980 Save R42 (18%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

Khamr: The Makings Of A Waterslams is a true story that maps the author’s experience of living with an alcoholic father and the direct conflict of having to perform a Muslim life that taught him that nearly everything he called home was forbidden.

A detailed account from his childhood to early adulthood, Jamil F. Khan lays bare the experience of living in a so-called middle-class Coloured home in a neighbourhood called Bernadino Heights in Kraaifontein, a suburb to the north of Cape Town. His memories are overwhelmed by the constant discord that was created by the chaos and dysfunction of his alcoholic home and a co-dependent relationship with his mother, while trying to manage the daily routine of his parents keeping up appearances and him maintaining scholastic excellence.

Khan’s memories are clear and detailed, which in turn is complemented by his scholarly thinking and analysis of those memories. He interrogates the intersections of Islam, Colouredness and the hypocrisy of respectability as well as the effect perceived class status has on these social realities in simple yet incisive language, giving the reader more than just a memoir of pain and suffering.

Khan says about his debut book: "This is not a story for the romanticisation of pain and perseverance, although it tells of overcoming many difficulties. It is a critique of secret violence in faith communities and families, and the hypocrisy that has damaged so many people still looking for a place and way to voice their trauma. This is a critique of the value placed on ritual and culture at the expense of human life and well-being, and the far-reaching consequences of systems of oppression dressed up as tradition."

Regarding Muslims - From Slavery To Post-Apartheid (Paperback): Gabeba Baderoon Regarding Muslims - From Slavery To Post-Apartheid (Paperback)
Gabeba Baderoon
R352 R291 Discovery Miles 2 910 Save R61 (17%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

How do Muslims fit into South Africa’s well-known narrative of colonialism, apartheid and postapartheid?

South Africa is infamous for apartheid, but the country’s foundation was laid by 176 years of slavery from 1658 to 1834, which formed a crucible of war, genocide and systemic sexual violence that continues to haunt the country today. Enslaved people from East Africa, India and South East Asia, many of whom were Muslim, would eventually constitute the majority of the population of the Cape Colony, the first of the colonial territories that would eventually form South Africa.

Drawing on an extensive popular and official archive, Regarding Muslims analyses the role of Muslims from South Africa’s founding moments to the contemporary period and points to the resonance of these discussions beyond South Africa. It argues that the 350-year archive of images documenting the presence of Muslims in South Africa is central to understanding the formation of concepts of race, sexuality and belonging.

In contrast to the themes of extremism and alienation that dominate Western portrayals of Muslims, Regarding Muslims explores an extensive repertoire of picturesque Muslim figures in South African popular culture, which oscillates with more disquieting images that occasionally burst into prominence during moments of crisis. This pattern is illustrated through analyses of etymology, popular culture, visual art, jokes, bodily practices, oral narratives and literature. The book ends with the complex vision of Islam conveyed in the postapartheid period.

Islam in Saudi Arabia (Paperback): David Commins Islam in Saudi Arabia (Paperback)
David Commins; Foreword by Malise Ruthven
R589 Discovery Miles 5 890 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

"Royal power, oil, and puritanical Islam are primary elements in Saudi Arabia's rise to global influence. Oil is the reason for Western interest in the kingdom and the foundation for commercial, diplomatic, and strategic relations. Were it not for oil, the government of Saudi Arabia would lack the resources to construct a modern economy and infrastructure, and to thrust the kingdom into regional prominence. Were it not for oil, Saudi Arabia would not be able to fund institutions that spread its religious doctrine to Muslim and non-Muslim countries. That doctrine, commonly known as Wahhabism, is a puritanical form of Islam that is distinctive in a number of ways, most visibly for how it makes public observance of religious norms a matter of government enforcement rather than individual disposition and social conformity, as it is in other Muslim countries."-from the IntroductionSaudi Arabia is often portrayed as a country where religious rules dictate every detail of daily life: where women may not drive; where unrelated men and women may not interact; where women veil their faces; and where banks, restaurants, and cafes have dual facilities: one for families, another for men. Yet everyday life in the kingdom does not entirely conform to dogma. David Commins challenges the stereotype of Saudi Arabia as a country immune to change by highlighting the ways that urbanization, education, consumerism, global communications, and technological innovation have exerted pressure against rules issued by the religious establishment.Commins places the Wahhabi movement in the wider context of Islamic history, showing how state-appointed clerics built on dynastic backing to fashion a model society of Sharia observance and moral virtue. Beneath a surface appearance of obedience to Islamic authority, however, he detects reflections of Arabia's heritage of diversity (where Shi'ite and Sufi tendencies predating the Saudi era survive in the face of discrimination) and the effects of its exposure to Western mores.

Travelling Home - Essays on Islam in Europe (Paperback): Abdal Hakim Murad Travelling Home - Essays on Islam in Europe (Paperback)
Abdal Hakim Murad
R475 R435 Discovery Miles 4 350 Save R40 (8%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In our age of globalisation and pandemic, how should we react to the new Islamophobic movements now spreading in the West? Everywhere the far right is on the march, with nationalist and populist parties thriving on the back of popular anxieties about Islam and the Muslim presence. Hijab and minaret bans, mosque shootings, hostility to migrants and increasingly scornful media stereotypes seem to endanger the prospects for friendly coexistence and the calm uplifting of Muslim populations. In this series of essays Abdal Hakim Murad dissects the rise of Islamophobia on the basis of Muslim theological tradition. Although the proper response to the current impasse is clearly indicated in Qur'an and Hadith, some have lost the principle of trust in divine wisdom and are responding with hatred, fearfulness or despair. Murad shows that a compassion-based approach, rooted in an authentic theology of divine power, could transform the current quagmire into a bright landscape of great promise for Muslims and their neighbours.

No Shame For the Sun - Lives of Professional Pakistani Women (Paperback, Annotated edition): Shahla Haeri No Shame For the Sun - Lives of Professional Pakistani Women (Paperback, Annotated edition)
Shahla Haeri
R661 Discovery Miles 6 610 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Conversations with Muslim working women challenge notions of the "veiled" woman as being victimized or unproductive.

This groundbreaking work sheds new light on the status, conflicts, and social realities of educated Muslim women in Pakistan. Six candid interviews introduce the readers to a class of professional Muslim women rarely, if ever, acknowledged in the West.

These women tell of the conflicts and compromises with family, kin, and community, while facing violence, archaic marriage rules, and locally entrenched codes of conduct. With brave eloquence, they speak of human dignity and gender equality, economic deprivation and social justice, and of feminism and fundamentalism. Challenging prevalent stereotypes, No Shame for the Sun reveals the uniqueness of each woman, and the diversity of Pakistani Muslim women's life experiences, their world views, and the struggles to change their society. Each chapter explores a particular woman's life experiences and her attempts to reconcile her career with her personal life, providing examples of ways of resolving religious, cultural, and political conflicts. Through their struggles, professional Pakistani women have become conscious of their own and other women's situations within their society. Because they exercise power and authority in their chosen fields, they risk losing their family's support and antagonizing their community.

Carefully detailed and meticulously researched, this book gives us a much needed perspective to reflect on the changing circumstances of professional Pakistani women, as well as on the established patterns and structural constraints within Pakistan. On a broader level, it examines western misconceptionsregarding Islam, a religion that crosses many borders and impacts differently upon many cultures.

What Is Veiling? (Paperback): Sahar Amer What Is Veiling? (Paperback)
Sahar Amer
R632 Discovery Miles 6 320 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Ranging from simple head scarf to full-body burqa, the veil is worn by vast numbers of Muslim women around the world. What Is Veiling? explains one of the most visible, controversial, and least understood emblems of Islam. Sahar Amer's evenhanded approach is anchored in sharp cultural insight and rich historical context. Addressing the significance of veiling in the religious, cultural, political, and social lives of Muslims, past and present, she examines the complex roles the practice has played in history, religion, conservative and progressive perspectives, politics and regionalism, society and economics, feminism, fashion, and art. By highlighting the multiple meanings of veiling, the book decisively shows that the realities of the practice cannot be homogenized or oversimplified and extend well beyond the religious and political accounts that are overwhelmingly proclaimed both inside and outside Muslim-majority societies. Neither defending nor criticizing the practice, What Is Veiling? clarifies the voices of Muslim women who struggle to be heard and who, veiled or not, demand the right to live spiritual, personal, and public lives in dignity.

Hamka's Great Story - A Master Writer's Vision of Islam for Modern Indonesia (Hardcover): James R. Rush Hamka's Great Story - A Master Writer's Vision of Islam for Modern Indonesia (Hardcover)
James R. Rush
R1,945 Discovery Miles 19 450 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Hamka's Great Story presents Indonesia through the eyes of an impassioned, popular thinker who believed that Indonesians and Muslims everywhere should embrace the thrilling promises of modern life, and navigate its dangers, with Islam as their compass. Hamka (Haji Abdul Malik Karim Amrullah) was born when Indonesia was still a Dutch colony and came of age as the nation itself was emerging through tumultuous periods of Japanese occupation, revolution, and early independence. He became a prominent author and controversial public figure. In his lifetime of prodigious writing, Hamka advanced Islam as a liberating, enlightened, and hopeful body of beliefs around which the new nation could form and prosper. He embraced science, human agency, social justice, and democracy, arguing that these modern concepts comported with Islam's true teachings. Hamka unfolded this big idea-his Great Story-decade by decade in a vast outpouring of writing that included novels and poems and chatty newspaper columns, biographies, memoires, and histories, and lengthy studies of theology including a thirty-volume commentary on the Holy Qur'an. In introducing this influential figure and his ideas to a wider audience, this sweeping biography also illustrates a profound global process: how public debates about religion are shaping national societies in the postcolonial world.

Muslim American Women on Campus - Undergraduate Social Life and Identity (Paperback): Shabana Mir Muslim American Women on Campus - Undergraduate Social Life and Identity (Paperback)
Shabana Mir
R627 Discovery Miles 6 270 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Shabana Mir's powerful ethnographic study of women on Washington, D.C., college campuses reveals that being a young female Muslim in post-9/11 America means experiencing double scrutiny - scrutiny from the Muslim community as well as from the dominant non-Muslim community. Muslim American Women on Campus illuminates the processes by which a group of ethnically diverse American college women, all identifying as Muslim and all raised in the United States, construct their identities during one of the most formative times in their lives. Mir, an anthropologist of education, focuses on key leisure practices - drinking, dating, and fashion - to probe how Muslim American students adapt to campus life and build social networks that are seamlessly American, Muslim, and youthful. In this lively and highly accessible book, we hear the women's own often poignant voices as they articulate how they find spaces within campus culture as well as their Muslim student communities to grow and assert themselves as individuals, women, and Americans. Mir concludes, however, that institutions of higher learning continue to have much to learn about fostering religious diversity on campus.

Conditional Citizens - On Belonging in America (Hardcover): Laila Lalami Conditional Citizens - On Belonging in America (Hardcover)
Laila Lalami
R551 R448 Discovery Miles 4 480 Save R103 (19%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
What Is a Madrasa? (Hardcover): Ebrahim Moosa What Is a Madrasa? (Hardcover)
Ebrahim Moosa
R649 R530 Discovery Miles 5 300 Save R119 (18%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Taking us inside the world of the madrasa--the most common type of school for religious instruction in the Islamic world--Ebrahim Moosa provides an indispensable resource for anyone seeking to understand orthodox Islam in global affairs. Focusing on postsecondary-level religious institutions in the Indo-Pakistan heartlands, Moosa explains how a madrasa can simultaneously be a place of learning revered by many and an institution feared by many others, especially in a post-9/11 world. Drawing on his own years as a madrasa student in India, Moosa describes in fascinating detail the daily routine for teachers and students today. He shows how classical theological, legal, and Qur'anic texts are taught, and he illuminates the history of ideas and politics behind the madrasa system. Addressing the contemporary political scene in a clear-eyed manner, Moosa introduces us to madrasa leaders who hold diverse and conflicting perspectives on the place of religion in society. Some admit that they face intractable problems and challenges, including militancy; others, Moosa says, hide their heads in the sand and fail to address the crucial issues of the day. Offering practical suggestions to both madrasa leaders and U.S. policymakers for reform and understanding, Moosa poignantly demonstrates how madrasas today still embody the highest aspirations and deeply felt needs of traditional Muslims.

Transforming Faith - The Story of Al-Huda and Islamic Revivalism among Urban Pakistani Women (Hardcover): Sadaf Ahmad Transforming Faith - The Story of Al-Huda and Islamic Revivalism among Urban Pakistani Women (Hardcover)
Sadaf Ahmad
R832 Discovery Miles 8 320 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Over the last decade, there has been an increasing number of middle- and upper-class urban Pakistani women actively turning toward Islam via Al-Huda, an Islamic school for women aiming to transform the women who absorb its message into 'pious' subjects. Established in the early 1990s, Al-Huda is unique in its ability to attract a following among these women, a feat other religious groups have been unsuccessful in accomplishing. In ""Transforming Faith"", Sadaf Ahmad deftly explores how Al-Huda is fostering a new generation of educated, urban, middle-class women to become veiled conservatives. She offers an engrossing and sensitive account of how the school's aggressive recruiting methods through informal religious study groups and a one-year degree program combined with the school's techniques of persuasive teaching methods have turned Al-Huda into a social movement. As a woman of Pakistani origin, Ahmad offers an in-depth look at the students and members of Al-Huda in ways that a cultural outsider would be excluded from doing. She reveals that although Pakistani women are better educated than ever before they still face social barriers that limit them from working or pursuing further education. Ahmad's groundbreaking work demonstrates Al-Huda's ever-widening teachings and influence in Pakistan and in its recent global extensions. More broadly, this book illuminates how Al-Huda uses the trappings of modernity to engage educated women in a kind of religious study that transforms their ideology, behavior, and lifestyle within a particular Islamic framework. Because of Al-Huda's teachings, Pakistani society is changing, as is the rest of the Muslim world.

Quest For Divinity - A Critical Examination of the Thought of Mahmud Muhammad Taha (Hardcover): Mohamed A. Mahmoud Quest For Divinity - A Critical Examination of the Thought of Mahmud Muhammad Taha (Hardcover)
Mohamed A. Mahmoud
R750 Discovery Miles 7 500 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

A highly influential Sudanese reformist thinker, Mahmud Muhammad Taha is regarded as a product of a dual legacy rooted in mystical Islam on the one hand and in the tradition of modernity on the other. Publicly executed in 1985 following his conviction of apostasy, Taha offered distinctly original interpretations of the Qur'an and a radical theory of Islamic prayer. In ""Quest for Divinity"", Mohamed Mahmoud presents an in-depth and balanced treatment of Taha's controversial yet significant thought. The author's ability to provide access to relevant literature in both Arabic and English offers readers a rare view of the considerable nuance Taha's thought. With rich detail Mahmoud explores Taha's theories of human freedom and his social message, referred to as ""the second message of Islam"" with its emphasis on political, economic, and social equality. Taha's embrace of modernity is further assessed relative to his position on science, law, and art - areas that have always attracted Muslim modernists. ""Quest for Divinity"" will attract attention to Taha's compelling but little-known intellectual contribution as a seminal modern reformer of Islam. Such recognition is long overdue and will enrich the current debates on Islam and modernity.

Islamic Wealth Management - Theory and Practice (Hardcover): Mohamed Ariff, Shamsher Mohamad Islamic Wealth Management - Theory and Practice (Hardcover)
Mohamed Ariff, Shamsher Mohamad
R3,364 Discovery Miles 33 640 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

From an Islamic perspective, although the ownership of wealth is with God, humans are gifted with wealth to manage it with the objective of benefiting the human society. Such guidance means that wealth management is a process involving the accumulation, generation, purification, preservation and distribution of wealth, to be conducted carefully in permissible ways. This book is the first to lay out a coherent framework on how wealth management should be conducted in compliance with guiding principles from edicts of a major world religion. The book begins by defining wealth from both a secular perspective, and an Islamic perspective, before describing how wealth needs to be earned in lawful ways, preserved and used to benefit the needs of community, with a small part of the wealth given away to charity, and the remainder managed in accordance with laws and common practices, as established by a majority consensus of scholars of the religion in historical times. Each section of the book has relevant chapters that discuss the theory, as well as the application and the challenges in Islamic wealth management in real and financial markets. This book will appeal to students and researchers of Islamic wealth management, certainly Islamic economics and finance in general; policy makers; and a range of industry practitioners, such as investment managers, financial planners, accountants and lawyers.

Violence and Islam - Conversations with Houria Abdelouahed (Hardcover): Adonis Violence and Islam - Conversations with Houria Abdelouahed (Hardcover)
R396 R290 Discovery Miles 2 900 Save R106 (27%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Adonis' influence on Arabic literature has been likened to that of T. S. Eliot in the English-speaking world. Yet alongside this spearheading of a modernist literary revolution, the secular Syrian-born poet is also renowned for his persistent and staunch attacks on despotism across the Arab world. In these conversations with the psychoanalyst Houria Abdelouahed, Adonis brings into sharp relief the latest wave of violence and war to engulf Arabic countries, tracing the cause of ongoing tensions back to the beginnings of Islam itself. Since the death of the prophet Muhammad, Islam has been used as a political and economic weapon, exploiting and reinforcing tribal divisions to aid the pursuit of power. Adonis argues that recent events in the Middle East from the failures of the Arab Spring to the rise of ISIS and the bloody war in his native Syria attest to the destructive effects of an Islamic worldview that prohibits any notion of plurality and breeds violence. If there is to be any hope of peace or progress in the Arab world, it is therefore imperative that these mentalities are overcome. In their place, Adonis urges a new spirit of enquiry, embodied in the freedoms to interrogate the past and to question cultural norms. Adonis' penetrating analysis comes at a critical time, offering an alternative path to the cycle of violence that plagues the Arab world today.

Islamic Urbanism - Political Power and Social Networks (Hardcover): Tsugitaka Sato Islamic Urbanism - Political Power and Social Networks (Hardcover)
Tsugitaka Sato
R4,480 R1,485 Discovery Miles 14 850 Save R2,995 (67%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Islamic cultures in the Middle East have inherited and developed a legacy of urbanism spanning millennia to the ancient civilizations of the region. In contrast to well-organized states like China in history, Muslim peoples formed loose states based on intricate social networks. As a consequence, most studies of urban history in the Middle East have focused their gaze exclusively on urban social organization, often neglecting the extension of political power to rural areas. Covering Morocco, Egypt, Syria, Iran and Brunei, this volume explores the relationship between political power and social networks in medieval and modern Middle Eastern history. The authors examine social, religious and administrative networks that governed rural and urban areas and led to state formation, providing a more inclusive view of the mechanisms of power and control in the Islamic world.

Ancient Nubia (Hardcover): Shinnie Ancient Nubia (Hardcover)
R5,278 Discovery Miles 52 780 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

First published in 1996. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Being Young, Male and Saudi - Identity and Politics in a Globalized Kingdom (Paperback): Mark C Thompson Being Young, Male and Saudi - Identity and Politics in a Globalized Kingdom (Paperback)
Mark C Thompson
R634 Discovery Miles 6 340 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Although the position of Saudi women within society draws media attention throughout the world, young Saudi men remain part of a silent mass, their thoughts and views rarely heard outside of the Kingdom. Based on primary research across Saudi Arabia with young men from a diverse range of backgrounds, Mark C. Thompson allows for this distinct group of voices to be heard, revealing their opinions and attitudes towards the societal and economic transformations affecting their lives within a gender-segregated society and examining the challenges and dilemmas facing young Saudi men in the twenty-first century. From ideas and beliefs about, identity, education, employment, marriage prospects and gender segregation, as well as political participation and exclusion, this study in turn invites us to reconsider the future of Saudi Arabia as a globalized kingdom.

The Tenth Parallel - Dispatches from the Fault Line Between Christianity and Islam (Paperback): Eliza Griswold The Tenth Parallel - Dispatches from the Fault Line Between Christianity and Islam (Paperback)
Eliza Griswold
R392 R326 Discovery Miles 3 260 Save R66 (17%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Khomeini's Ghost - The Iranian Revolution and the Rise of Militant Islam (Paperback): Con Coughlin Khomeini's Ghost - The Iranian Revolution and the Rise of Militant Islam (Paperback)
Con Coughlin
R377 R358 Discovery Miles 3 580 Save R19 (5%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

From the bestselling author of Saddam comes the definitive biography of Ayatollah Khomeini's Islamic revolution and how his fundamentalist legacy has forever influenced the course of Iran's relationship with the West.

In February 1979, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini returned to Tehran after nearly fifteen years in exile and received a hero's welcome. Just as the new world order sought to purge the communist ideologies of the Cold War, the religious doctrine of Islamic fundamentalism emerged to pose an even greater threat to post-Iron Curtain stability--and Khomeini would mastermind it into a revolution.

Khomeini's Ghost is the account of how an impoverished young student from a remote area of southern Iran became the leader of one of the most dramatic upheavals of the modern age, and how his radical Islamic philosophy now lies at the heart of the modern-day conflict between Iran and the West. Con Coughlin draws on a wide variety of Iranian sources, including religious figures who knew and worked with Khomeini both in exile and in power.

Both compelling and timely, Khomeini's Ghost is essential reading for anyone wishing to understand what lies at the center of many of the world's most intractable conflicts.

Islamic Education in the United States and the Evolution of Muslim Nonprofit Institutions (Hardcover): Sabith Khan, Shariq... Islamic Education in the United States and the Evolution of Muslim Nonprofit Institutions (Hardcover)
Sabith Khan, Shariq Siddiqui
R2,042 Discovery Miles 20 420 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This book is a novel and ambitious attempt to map the Muslim American nonprofit sector: its origins, growth and impact on American society. Using theories from the fields of philanthropy, public administration and data gathered from surveys and interviews, the authors make a compelling case for the Muslim American nonprofit sector's key role in America. They argue that in a time when Islamic schools are grossly misunderstood, there is a need to examine them closely, for the landscape of these schools is far more complex than meets the eye. The authors, who are both scholars of philanthropy, examine how identity impacts philanthropy and also the various forces that have shaped the landscape of Muslim American giving in the US. Using a comparative method of analysis, they showcase how this sector has contributed not only to individual communities but also to the country as a whole. National surveys and historical analysis offer data that is rich in insights and offers a compelling narrative of the sector as a whole through its focus on Islamic schools. The authors also critically examine how nonprofit leaders in the community legitimize their own roles and that of their organizations, and offer a compelling and insightful examination of how Muslim American leaders perceive their own role in institution building. This is a must read for anyone seeking to understand this important and growing sector of American society, including nonprofit leaders in the Muslim community, leaders of Islamic schools, nonprofit leaders with interest in private schools, activists, and scholars who study philanthropy and Islamic education.

In the Skin of a Jihadist - Inside Islamic State's Recruitment Networks (Paperback): Anna Erelle In the Skin of a Jihadist - Inside Islamic State's Recruitment Networks (Paperback)
Anna Erelle 1
R340 R258 Discovery Miles 2 580 Save R82 (24%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Twenty year-old "Melodie", a recent convert to Islam, meets the leader of an ISIS brigade on Facebook. In 48 hours he has `fallen in love' with her, calls her every hour, urges her to marry him, join him in Syria in a life of paradise - and join his jihad. She discovers how ISIS entraps ordinary people, like teenage girls from Bethnal Green. Anna Erelle is the undercover journalist behind "Melodie". Created to investigate the powerful propaganda weapons of Islamic State, "Melodie" is soon sucked in by Bilel, right-hand man of the infamous Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. An Iraqi for whose capture the US government has promised $10 million, al-Baghdadi is described by Time Magazine as the most dangerous man in the world and by himself as the caliph of Islamic State. Bilel shows off his jeep, his guns, his expensive watch. He boasts about the people he has just killed. With Bilel impatient for his future wife, "Melodie" embarks on her highly dangerous mission, which - at its ultimate stage - will go very wrong ... Enticed into this lethal online world like hundreds of other young people, including many young British girls and boys, Erelle's harrowing and gripping investigation helps us to understand the true face of terrorism.

Islam and Secularism in the Middle East (Paperback): John L. Esposito, Azzam Tamimi Islam and Secularism in the Middle East (Paperback)
John L. Esposito, Azzam Tamimi
R742 Discovery Miles 7 420 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Western civilization tends to view secularism as a positive achievement. From this perspective, benefits of secularizing trends include the separation of church and state, the rule of law, and freedom from organized religion.

In the Arab Middle East, however, Islamist intellectuals increasingly cite Western-inspired secularism as the source of the region's social dislocation and political instability. While secularism in the West led to the spread of democratic values, in the Muslim world it has been associated with dictatorship, the violation of human rights, and the abrogation of civil liberties.

Islam and Secularism in the Middle East examines the origins and growth of the movement to abolish the secularizing reforms of the past century by creating a political order guided by Shariah law. Contributors explain the Islamic rejection of secularism as a failed Western Christian ideal and also discuss how secularization was pioneered by those who thought Muslims could only advance politically by emulating Western practices, including the renunciation of religion.

A Dictionary of Muslim Names (Hardcover): Salahuddin Ahmed A Dictionary of Muslim Names (Hardcover)
Salahuddin Ahmed
R2,143 Discovery Miles 21 430 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

In a well-known hadith, Muhammed advises Muslims that, "On the Day of Resurrection, you will be called by your names and the names of your fathers; so keep beautiful names." Inspired by the teachings of Islam, names fulfill the cherished ambitions of a true Muslim. In The Dictionary of Muslim Names, Salahuddin Ahmed provides a helpful and substantive guide to common and less-common Muslim names. This lively and informative dictionary lists the original Arabic, Persian, or Turkish spelling, as well as a precise English transliteration. The names' meaning and bearing on Islamic heritage or world history are referenced, along with historical figures who bore the name-an Imaam, a Sultan, a saint-and accompanying illustrations.

Islamic Inscriptions (Hardcover): Sheila S. Blair Islamic Inscriptions (Hardcover)
Sheila S. Blair
R2,221 Discovery Miles 22 210 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The first object created by God, according to early Muslim commentators, was the pen, which he used to chronicle events to come. The word, in its various manifestations, is central to the Islamic faith. Surely a reflection of this centrality, profuse inscriptions mark countless Islamic objects, from the humblest oil lamps and unglazed ceramics to the finest and most expensive rock crystals and jades. The inscriptions serve numerous functions: decorating, proclaiming ownership and patronage, proffering good wishes and proverbs, and spreading religious texts throughout the world. Aside from their aesthetic worth, these inscriptions provide a fascinating window onto a distant culture.

In Islamic Inscriptions, Sheila S. Blair a wealth of stunning images and incisive commentary, while also providing the newcomer to Islamic civilization with a key to unlocking the mysteries of Islamic epigraphy. In addition to chapters devoted to the main types of inscription, detailing the development of their content and style, inscriptive techniques, and the motivations behind them, the book provides practical knowledge on finding, identifying, interpreting, researching, and recording inscriptions. The variety and clarity of information presented makes Islamic Inscriptions an ideal reference for historians, curators, archaeologists, and collectors.

Fundamentalism Reborn? - Afghanistan under the Taliban (Paperback): William Maley Fundamentalism Reborn? - Afghanistan under the Taliban (Paperback)
William Maley
R707 Discovery Miles 7 070 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

"A dozen experts provide a coherent picture of the Taliban and the Great Game. . . . They discuss the emergence of the Taliban, their military development, the civil war, and their relations with foreign powers. Several of the authors conclusively demonstrate that the Taliban(and their organized opposition) are the creatures of external powers.... Richard Mackenzie provides a devastating summary of the ineptitute with which U.S. policies have been conducted . . . the volume makes it all too clear that outside powers will determine Afghanistan's fate."
--Middle East Quarterly

"A useful analysis of the Taliban and politics and society in Afghanistan today. The four chapters on the intensive foreign involvement--by Pakistan, the United States, Russian, the Central Asian republics, Saudi Arabia, and Iran--show that the venerable "great game" once played between Britain and czarist Russia now has multiple players."
--Foreign Affairs

"A fascinating and thorough analysis of the very complex political/military situation that evolved in Afghanistan follwing the demise of the Soviet puppet regime in 1992. This volume also provides an insightful study of the rise of a new form of puritanical Islamic fundamentalism that overran Kabul in September 1996--namely, the Taliban, and its impact on Afghan society. . . . Highly recommended."

"[It] is an important collection of essays by leading experts on Afghanistan and the Taliban...an invaluable academic resource for anyone seeking to understand how the Taliban came to rule and "ruin" Afghanistan."
--"Washington Times"

In 1996, the world watched with varying degrees of interest, surprise, and unease as armed, ultra-fundamentalist insurgents overthrew the Afghan government. Within days of their victory, the Taliban, a militant Islamic sect, were issuing draconian religious decrees, restricting women's employment and movement, rounding up Afghans at gunpoint to pray five times a day, and publicly executing political opponents and criminals.

Composed of essays commissioned from the foremost experts on the Taliban, this anthology traces the movement's origins, its ascendance, the reasons for its success, and its role in the reconstruction of Afghanistan. Crucial to the Taliban's staying power as a governing force will be its relations with neighboring countries and with the West. Interestingly, given their intense hatred of Iran, the Taliban were enthusiastically supported by the U.S. government up to the very moment of their triumphant arrival in Kabul.

Examining yet another country on the brink of ethnic disintegration, Fundamentalism Reborn? is a comprehensive and up-to-date account of the history, rise to power, and future of the most dramatic manifestation of Islamic fundamentalism since the Iranian revolution.

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