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Dreams - Unlock Inner Wisdom, Discover Meaning, and Refocus your Life (Hardcover): Rosie March-Smith Dreams - Unlock Inner Wisdom, Discover Meaning, and Refocus your Life (Hardcover)
Rosie March-Smith 1
R460 R275 Discovery Miles 2 750 Save R185 (40%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Learn how to interpret your dreams and use your unconscious mind as a tool for self-help with this in-depth guide to dream analysis. Have you ever dreamt you were being chased? How about a dream that your teeth were falling out? With an open mind and some clear guidance you'll be able to shed light on how the images and emotions we experience in sleep can be deeply connected to waking life. Explore the psychological function and meaning of dreams, and learn to unlock their power for self-improvement. With interpretations of key dream images and themes, Dreams will show you how you can interpret and control your dreams to address issues and imbalances in your life, as well as improve your psychological wellbeing. Find out how, when, and why we dream. Discover how to keep a dream diary, the significance of nightmares and recurring dreams, and the secrets of lucid dreams. Dream interpretation has been practised around the world for millennia, and now you can learn how to decode your own dreams to find the deeply personal messages within, using your own dream journal. Bursting with insights and facts and with beautiful illustrations throughout, Dreams will open your eyes to this ancient practice of self-help.

Why Can't We Sleep? (Paperback): Darian Leader Why Can't We Sleep? (Paperback)
Darian Leader 1
R181 R109 Discovery Miles 1 090 Save R72 (40%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

From the brilliant psychoanalyst behind Strictly Bipolar and What is Madness, a short and fascinating guide to the history of human sleep - and why we can't seem to sleep any more One in four adults sleeps badly. Sleeping pill prescriptions have increased dramatically over the last three decades, as have the incidence of sleep clinics. Sleep used to be a natural state, easy as breathing, but increasingly it is an insecure commodity. ...Isn't it? Our relationship to sleep surfaces and resurfaces throughout human history, each time telling us something new about our indivudual and collective psychology. From the industrial revolution to blue-light on our phones, from the ancient art of dream interpretation to the modern science of Freud, sleep is connected to wider social patterns, to shifting norms and expectations. Weaving together cultural, social, economic and psychoanalytic influences, Darian Leader delves into the truth about this universal human experience.

Goodnight, Max the Brave (Board book): Ed Vere Goodnight, Max the Brave (Board book)
Ed Vere 1
R195 R124 Discovery Miles 1 240 Save R71 (36%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Ideal for small hands, this board book edition of Max at Night is the perfect bedtime read. Meet Max - the mighty kitten and New York Times bestseller! Witty and heart-warming, stylish and beautifully illustrated, Max the Brave is now ready for a nighttime adventure. This is Max. Max is very sleepy. It's way past Max's bedtime. Max has drunk his milk. Max has brushed his teeth. Max has cleaned behind his ears. Now Max just needs to say goodnight. . . Max is tired and all ready for bed, but when he can't find the moon to say goodnight to, he sets out to find it. But that's not as easy as Max had hoped...

Insomnia (Paperback, B-format edition): Marina Benjamin Insomnia (Paperback, B-format edition)
Marina Benjamin 1
R217 R144 Discovery Miles 1 440 Save R73 (34%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

An intense, lyrical, witty, and humane exploration of a state we too often consider only superficially. With her new memoir Insomnia, Marina Benjamin has produced an unsettling account of an unsettling condition that treats our inability to sleep not as a disorder, but as an existential experience that can electrify our understanding of ourselves, and of creativity and love. Insomnia is a bravura piece of writing. At once philosophical and poetical, the book ranges widely over history and culture, literature and art, exploring a threshold experience that is intimately involved with trespass and contamination: the illicit importing of day into night. With Insomnia, Benjamin aims to light up the workings of our inner minds, delivering a startlingly fresh look at what it means to be wakeful in the dark.

Other Minds - The Octopus and the Evolution of Intelligent Life (Paperback, Edition): Peter Godfrey-Smith Other Minds - The Octopus and the Evolution of Intelligent Life (Paperback, Edition)
Peter Godfrey-Smith 1
R272 R165 Discovery Miles 1 650 Save R107 (39%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

`Brilliant' Guardian Waterstones Non-Fiction Book of the Month (March) SHORTLISTED FOR THE 2017 ROYAL SOCIETY SCIENCE BOOK PRIZE What if intelligent life on Earth evolved not once, but twice? The octopus is the closest we will come to meeting an intelligent alien. What can we learn from the encounter? In Other Minds, Peter Godfrey-Smith, a distinguished philosopher of science and a skilled scuba diver, tells a bold new story of how nature became aware of itself - a story that largely occurs in the ocean, where animals first appeared. Tracking the mind's fitful development from unruly clumps of seaborne cells to the first evolved nervous systems in ancient relatives of jellyfish, he explores the incredible evolutionary journey of the cephalopods, which began as inconspicuous molluscs who would later abandon their shells to rise above the ocean floor, searching for prey and acquiring the greater intelligence needed to do so - a journey completely independent from the route that mammals and birds would later take. But what kind of intelligence do cephalopods possess? How did the octopus, a solitary creature with little social life, become so smart? What is it like to have eight tentacles that are so packed with neurons that they virtually `think for themselves'? By tracing the question of inner life back to its roots and comparing human beings with our most remarkable animal relatives, Godfrey-Smith casts crucial new light on the octopus mind - and on our own.

Everything You Need to Know but Have Never Been Told (Paperback): David Icke Everything You Need to Know but Have Never Been Told (Paperback)
David Icke
R388 R322 Discovery Miles 3 220 Save R66 (17%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

"I want to make it clear before we start what the title represents. Everything You Need To Know, But Have Never Been Told does not refer to all that people need to know in terms of information and knowledge. How could you put that between two covers? Religious books claim to do this but they are works of self-delusion and perceptual imprisonment. Everything You Need To Know in this case refers to the information necessary to open entirely new ways of thinking and perceiving reality, both in the seen and unseen, from which everything else will come. This book is a start not a finish. It is written in layers with information placed upon information that together reveals the picture by connecting the parts. The parts are fascinating, but the picture is devastating. Prepare for a perception reboot]] "

How to Change Your Mind - The New Science of Psychedelics (Paperback): Michael Pollan How to Change Your Mind - The New Science of Psychedelics (Paperback)
Michael Pollan 1
R275 R165 Discovery Miles 1 650 Save R110 (40%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The No.1 New York Times Bestseller 'Reminds us that the mind is the greatest mystery in the universe' Yuval Noah Harari, Guardian, Books of the Year Could psychedelic drugs change our worldview? Join Michael Pollan on a journey to the frontiers of the human mind. Diving deep into an extraordinary world - from shamans and magic mushroom hunts to the pioneering labs mapping our brains - and putting himself forward as a guinea-pig, Michael Pollan has written a remarkable history of psychedelics and a compelling portrait of the new generation of scientists fascinated by the implications of these drugs. How to Change Your Mind is a report from what could very well be the future of consciousness. 'A sweeping and often thrilling chronicle of the history of psychedelics, all interwoven with Pollan's adventures as a psychedelic novice. This is a serious work of history and science, but also one in which the author, under the influence of toad venom, becomes convinced he's giving birth to himself' Oliver Burkeman, Guardian 'A mind-altering book ... full of transformations' Richard Godwin, Evening Standard 'An irresistible blend of history, research and personal experience. In terms of the psychedelic wave, the book is the big kahuna, the Big Bang moment for a movement that is gathering force' John McKenna, Irish Times 'Entertaining and engrossing' Paul Laity, Financial Times 'Deeply absorbing, wise and beautifully written' Mick Brown, Literary Review 'An astounding book' Andrew Sullivan, New York Magazine

The Little Elephant Who Wants to Fall Asleep - A New Way of Getting Children to Sleep (Paperback): Carl-Johan Forssen Ehrlin The Little Elephant Who Wants to Fall Asleep - A New Way of Getting Children to Sleep (Paperback)
Carl-Johan Forssen Ehrlin; Illustrated by Sydney Hanson 1
R215 R127 Discovery Miles 1 270 Save R88 (41%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Add variety to your child's bedtime routine with the latest book from the author of The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep, the global bestseller that parents have been raving about! Features all-new child-tested, parent-approved techniques to reclaim bedtime and provide a sweet and tender end to each day. Your child joins Ellen the Elephant on a journey through a magical forest that leads to sleep. Along the way, children meet different fantastical characters and have calming experiences that will help your child to relax and slip into slumber quickly. The story works perfectly for either naptime or bedtime. Children will love switching between stories about both Roger the Rabbit (The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep) and Ellen the Elephant (The Little Elephant Who Wants to Fall Asleep), and parents will appreciate the diverse ways each character will help their loved ones fall asleep quickly and easily. Includes never-before-seen material that will make a difference at bedtime, including insightful sleep tips and answers to frequently asked questions to help guide families to an even more satisfying nighttime routine! Advance Praise from Parents "Even better than The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep." "It's nice to have an alternative for a bit of variety." "You only have to read a few pages and you have a sleeping child!" "A must-have book in our home!" Praise for The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep: Translated into 43 languages Global sales currently exceed 1.5 million copies "Tired parents of planet earth - this is what you've been waiting for... If you don't already have a copy, you need to order one quick sharp" - Metro "The most peaceful bedtime we have had in months" - Daily Mail "A book whose powerfully soporific effects my son is helpless to resist" - New York Times

Effective Birth Preparation - Hypnobirthing for Birth in a Hospital or Birth Centre (CD): Maggie Howell Effective Birth Preparation - Hypnobirthing for Birth in a Hospital or Birth Centre (CD)
Maggie Howell
R266 R192 Discovery Miles 1 920 Save R74 (28%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The Hypnobirthing for Hospital or Birth Centre album gives you the opportunity to 'experience' a wonderful, calm birth in your mind, from the first contraction through to holding your baby in your arms. Once you have listened to the tracks many times (we recommend you listen to it at least 20 times), your mind and body become more and more comfortable with the concept of a calm birth. As the mind does not know the difference between imagination and reality, once labour actually starts your mind simply responds in the way it has rehearsed over and over again. The suggestions on the album put in place specific triggers so that all the way through the birthing process, you remain calm, relaxed and feeling in control. The tracks contains specific suggestions based on birthing in the hospital environment. These include using the sights, smells and sounds of the hospital.Benefits of listening to Effective Birth Preparation - Hypnobirthing for Hospital or Birth Centre* Reduce fear of giving birth * Increase your ability to manage pain * Increase bonding with your baby* Develop a deep trust of your bodies ability to give birth naturally * Feel calm, relaxed and prepared for the birth * Increase your sense of being in control * Increase your chance of having a drug fee labour * Reduce the chances of having post natal depression

How to Sleep Well - The Science of Sleeping Smarter, Living Better and Being Productive (Paperback): Neil Stanley How to Sleep Well - The Science of Sleeping Smarter, Living Better and Being Productive (Paperback)
Neil Stanley 1
R283 R186 Discovery Miles 1 860 Save R97 (34%) Shipped within 7 - 13 working days

It has never been more important to sleep well. Stop sabotaging your own sleep and finally wake up energised and refreshed How to Sleep Well is a guidebook that can change your sleep and help you live your life more fully. Whether you struggle to fall asleep, sleep too lightly, wake too often or simply cannot wake up, this book can help you get on track to sleeping well and living better. It all starts with the science of sleep: how much you really need, what your body does during sleep and the causes behind many common sleep problems. Next, you'll identify the things in your life that are disrupting your sleep cycle and learn how to mitigate the impact; whether the pressure of workplace or you simply cannot quiet your own mind, these expert tips and tricks will help you get the sleep you need. Finally, you'll learn how to support healthy sleep during the waking hours -- what works with or against your sleep -- and you'll learn when the problem might be best dealt with by your GP. Don't spend another restless night waiting for a bleary, groggy morning and sleepy day. Take control of your sleep tonight! Learn how sleep -- or a lack thereof -- affects every aspect of your life Identify the root causes of your sleep issues and cut them off at the source Discover the sleep advice that works, and the tips that are just plain daft. Create a healthy, calming bedtime routine that will help you get the rest you need Sleep affects everything. Work and school performance, relationships, emotional outlook, your appearance and even your health. Sleeping poorly or not sleeping enough can dramatically impact your quality of life, but most sleep problems can be solved with a bit of self-adjustment. How to Sleep Well puts a sleep expert with over 36 years' experience at your disposal to help you finally get the restful, restorative sleep you need to live better and be productive.

Am I Dreaming? - The New Science of Consciousness and How Altered States Reboot the Brain (Hardcover, Main): James Kingsland Am I Dreaming? - The New Science of Consciousness and How Altered States Reboot the Brain (Hardcover, Main)
James Kingsland 1
R360 R274 Discovery Miles 2 740 Save R86 (24%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

When a computer goes wrong, we are told to turn it off and on again. In Am I Dreaming?, science journalist James Kingsland reveals how the human brain is remarkably similar. By rebooting our hard-wired patterns of thinking - through so-called 'altered states of consciousness' - we can gain new perspectives into ourselves and the world around us. From shamans in Peru to tech workers in Silicon Valley, Kingsland provides a fascinating tour through lucid dreams, mindfulness, hypnotic trances, virtual reality and drug-induced hallucinations. An eye-opening insight into perception and consciousness, this is also a provocative argument for how altered states can significantly boost our mental health.

Your Baby, Your Birth - Hypnobirthing Skills For Every Birth (Paperback): Hollie de Cruz Your Baby, Your Birth - Hypnobirthing Skills For Every Birth (Paperback)
Hollie de Cruz 1
R300 R219 Discovery Miles 2 190 Save R81 (27%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

No matter how you birth your baby, feel calm and safe with hypnobirthing "This woman is a great healer and birth expert. This book will be brilliant." Russell Brand Your Baby, Your Birth is a truly modern hypnobirthing book for ALL births. In-demand hypnobirthing coach Hollie de Cruz provides you with the skills and tools to make any birth feel safe, calm, connected and empowering. Drawing on her experience working with new mums, including Fearne Cotton and Giovanna Fletcher, Hollie de Cruz helps you prepare for a positive (not 'perfect') birth experience and approach motherhood with confidence in yourself and your instincts. Your Baby, Your Birth will teach you: - That birth is safe - listen to your body, embrace the changes, prepare your mind and relax during pregnancy - Exercises and breathing techniques for labour and birth for you and your birth partner, along with guided meditations to keep you calm and engaged - How to trust your instincts, understand your body and baby, and make informed decisions throughout your pregnancy and beyond Hollie de Cruz, creator of the award-winning yesmum positive affirmation cards, is renowned for demystifying hypnobirthing and her down-to-earth, realistic approach is highly sought after. Whatever kind of birth you are planning, let Hollie de Cruz provide you with a set of deep relaxation, mindfulness and meditation tools for an empowering experience.

Material and Mind (Hardcover): Christopher Bardt Material and Mind (Hardcover)
Christopher Bardt
R657 R509 Discovery Miles 5 090 Save R148 (23%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

An in-depth exploration of the interaction between mind and material world, mediated by language, image, and making-in design, the arts, culture, and science. In Material and Mind, Christopher Bardt delves deeply into the interaction of mind and material world, mediated by language, image, and the process of making. He examines thought not as something "pure" and autonomous but as emerging from working with material, and he identifies this as the source of imagination and creative insight. This takes place as much in such disciplines as cognitive science, anthropology, and poetry as it does in the more obvious painting, sculpture, and design. In some fields, the medium of work is, in fact, the very medium of thinking-as fabric is for the tailor. Drawing on the philosophical notions of the "extended mind" and the "enactive mind," and looking beyond the world of material-based arts, Bardt investigates the realms in which material and mind interweave through metaphor, representation, projection, analogues, tools, and models. He considers words and their material origins and discusses the paradox of representation. He draws on the design process, scientific discovery, and cultural practice, among others things, to understand the dynamics of human thinking, to illuminate some of the ways we work with materials and use tools, and to demonstrate how our world continues to shape us as we shape it. Finally, he considers the seamless "immaterial" flow of imagery, text, and data and considers the place of material engagement in a digital storm.

The Feeling of Life Itself - Why Consciousness Is Widespread but Can't Be Computed (Hardcover): Christof Koch The Feeling of Life Itself - Why Consciousness Is Widespread but Can't Be Computed (Hardcover)
Christof Koch
R524 R421 Discovery Miles 4 210 Save R103 (20%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

An argument that consciousness, more widespread than previously assumed, is the feeling of being alive, not a type of computation or a clever hack. In The Feeling of Life Itself, Christof Koch offers a straightforward definition of consciousness as any subjective experience, from the most mundane to the most exalted-the feeling of being alive. Psychologists study which cognitive operations underpin a given conscious perception. Neuroscientists track the neural correlates of consciousness in the brain, the organ of the mind. But why the brain and not, say, the liver? How can the brain, three pounds of highly excitable matter, a piece of furniture in the universe, subject to the same laws of physics as any other piece, give rise to subjective experience? Koch argues that what is needed to answer these questions is a quantitative theory that starts with experience and proceeds to the brain. In The Feeling of Life Itself, Koch outlines such a theory, based on integrated information. Koch describes how the theory explains many facts about the neurology of consciousness and how it has been used to build a clinically useful consciousness meter. The theory predicts that many, and perhaps all, animals experience the sights and sounds of life; consciousness is much more widespread than conventionally assumed. Contrary to received wisdom, however, Koch argues that programmable computers will not have consciousness. Even a perfect software model of the brain is not conscious. Its simulation is fake consciousness. Consciousness is not a special type of computation-it is not a clever hack. Consciousness is about being.

Eat to Sleep - What to Eat and When to Eat It for a Good Night's Sleep-Every Night (Paperback): Karman Meyer Eat to Sleep - What to Eat and When to Eat It for a Good Night's Sleep-Every Night (Paperback)
Karman Meyer
R237 R151 Discovery Miles 1 510 Save R86 (36%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Utilize food as your all-natural solution to sleeplessness with this easy guide that teaches you just what to eat-and when to eat it-to fall asleep faster and wake up refreshed. We've all heard that it's the turkey that makes you so sleepy after every Thanksgiving dinner, and a cup of warm milk is just the thing to help you settle down for night, but it may surprise you to find just how much what you eat can affect how well you sleep at night. Whether you experience occasional insomnia or suffer from chronic sleeplessness, Eat to Sleep explains which foods to eat and when to eat them in order to get the best night's rest possible. With information on how to easily incorporate "sleepy" foods into your diet, and how to prepare your food to increase its sleep-inducing effectiveness, Eat to Sleep shows you the way to getting optimal shuteye-naturally.

Just Do Good Work - A Simple Guide Towards the Evolution of Us Psychotherapists After Erickson (Paperback): Rob Mcneilly Just Do Good Work - A Simple Guide Towards the Evolution of Us Psychotherapists After Erickson (Paperback)
Rob Mcneilly
R261 Discovery Miles 2 610 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
222 Ways to Trick Yourself to Sleep - Scientifically Supported Ways to Fall Asleep and Stay Asleep (Hardcover): Kim Jones 222 Ways to Trick Yourself to Sleep - Scientifically Supported Ways to Fall Asleep and Stay Asleep (Hardcover)
Kim Jones 1
R302 R247 Discovery Miles 2 470 Save R55 (18%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

'Wide ranging, backed by science and research, informative and easy to understand, this is a great book for the sleep-deprived' Lisa Artis, The Sleep Council When was the last time you had a proper night's sleep? In today's fast-paced, non-stop world, research by the UK's Sleep Council has found that almost a third of us don't get enough sleep most nights. Insomnia can wreak havoc on everyday life - leaving us feeling exhausted, irritable and unwell. Lack of sleep has also been linked to a whole host of long-term chronic conditions including Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, obesity and depression. But don't despair - help is at hand! This book is packed with easy to read and simple to follow tips, as well as some weird and wonderful tricks, all gathered from expert scientific research, that will help you fall asleep and stay asleep. You may be surprised to learn that everything from having a purpose in life to warming your feet, from what you eat through the day to how you breathe, from how much time you spend outdoors to reframing your thoughts and mindset can all help you get a better night's rest. A good night's sleep can help change your life for the better, and this book will help you to achieve it.

Why We Dream - The Science, Creativity and Transformative Power of Dreams (Hardcover): Alice Robb Why We Dream - The Science, Creativity and Transformative Power of Dreams (Hardcover)
Alice Robb 1
R468 R352 Discovery Miles 3 520 Save R116 (25%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

We all dream, and 98 per cent of us can recall our dreams the next morning. Even in today's modern age, it is human nature to wonder what they mean. Now, groundbreaking science is putting dreams at the forefront of new research into sleep, memory, the concept of self and human socialization. Once a subject of the New Age and spiritualism, the science of dreams is revealed to have a crucial role in the biology and neuroscience of our waking lives. In Why We Dream, Alice Robb, a leading American science journalist, will take readers on a journey to uncover why we dream, why dreaming matters, and how we can improve our dream life - and why we should. Through her encounters with scientists at the cutting edge of dream research, she reveals how: - Dreams can be powerful tools to help us process the pain of a relationship break-up, the grief of losing a loved one and the trauma after a dramatic event - Nightmares may be our body's warning system for physical and mental illness (including cancer, depression and Alzheimer's) - Athletes can improve their performance by dreaming about competing - Drug addicts who dream about drug-taking can dramatically speed up their recovery from addiction. Robb also uncovers the fascinating science behind lucid dreaming - when we enter a dream state with control over our actions, creating a limitless playground for our fantasies. And as one of only 10 per cent of people with the ability to lucid-dream, she is uniquely placed to teach us how to do it ourselves. With incredible new discoveries and stunning science, Why We Dream will give you dramatic insight into yourself and your body. You'll never think of dreams in the same way again.

The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep - A New Way Of Getting Children To Sleep (Paperback, Ed): Carl-Johan Forssen Ehrlin The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep - A New Way Of Getting Children To Sleep (Paperback, Ed)
Carl-Johan Forssen Ehrlin; Illustrated by Irina Maununen 1
R215 R126 Discovery Miles 1 260 Save R89 (41%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The groundbreaking number 1 bestseller is sure to turn nightly bedtime battles into a loving and special end-of-day ritual. This child-tested, parent-approved story uses an innovative technique that brings a calm end to any child's day.

Do you struggle with getting your child to fall asleep? Join parents all over the world who have embraced The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep as their new nightly routine. When Roger can't fall asleep, Mummy Rabbit takes him to see Uncle Yawn, who knows just what to do. Children will join Roger on his journey and be lulled to sleep alongside their new friend.

Carl-Johan Forssen Ehrlin's simple story uses a unique and distinct language pattern that will help your child relax and fall asleep-at bedtime or naptime. Reclaim bedtime today!

Freud (Hardcover): Ruth Sheppard Freud (Hardcover)
Ruth Sheppard; Foreword by Carol Seigel
R548 R339 Discovery Miles 3 390 Save R209 (38%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Freud is a compelling account of his life. It is the only biography of the great man to contain 15 items of memorabilia from the Sigmund Freud Archives in the US, and the Freud Museum, London. It examines how he developed the theories for which he became famous, as well as revealing his struggles, neuroses and his attempts to use his own techniques to understand himself. The diary extracts and personal notes shown provide a small insight into the extraordinary mind of the man who defined our own.

Taming Uncertainty (Hardcover): Ralph Hertwig, Timothy J. Pleskac, Thorsten Pachur Taming Uncertainty (Hardcover)
Ralph Hertwig, Timothy J. Pleskac, Thorsten Pachur
R920 R699 Discovery Miles 6 990 Save R221 (24%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

An examination of the cognitive tools that the mind uses to grapple with uncertainty in the real world. How do humans navigate uncertainty, continuously making near-effortless decisions and predictions even under conditions of imperfect knowledge, high complexity, and extreme time pressure? Taming Uncertainty argues that the human mind has developed tools to grapple with uncertainty. Unlike much previous scholarship in psychology and economics, this approach is rooted in what is known about what real minds can do. Rather than reducing the human response to uncertainty to an act of juggling probabilities, the authors propose that the human cognitive system has specific tools for dealing with different forms of uncertainty. They identify three types of tools: simple heuristics, tools for information search, and tools for harnessing the wisdom of others. This set of strategies for making predictions, inferences, and decisions constitute the mind's adaptive toolbox. The authors show how these three dimensions of human decision making are integrated and they argue that the toolbox, its cognitive foundation, and the environment are in constant flux and subject to developmental change. They demonstrate that each cognitive tool can be analyzed through the concept of ecological rationality-that is, the fit between specific tools and specific environments. Chapters deal with such specific instances of decision making as food choice architecture, intertemporal choice, financial uncertainty, pedestrian navigation, and adolescent behavior.

Eat to Sleep - 80 Nourishing Recipes to Help You Sleep Well Every Night (Hardcover): Heather Thomas, Alina Tierney Eat to Sleep - 80 Nourishing Recipes to Help You Sleep Well Every Night (Hardcover)
Heather Thomas, Alina Tierney 1
R312 R232 Discovery Miles 2 320 Save R80 (26%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

If you sometimes struggle to get a good night's sleep, changing what you eat can make all the difference ... A restful night can restore our bodies, recharge our minds and balance our moods, but sleep is easily affected by our daytime routines - including what we eat and when we eat it. In Eat to Sleep, health and cookery writer Heather Thomas and nutritionist Alina Tierney share 80 delicious evening recipes, perfectly balanced for a healthy night's sleep, as well as simple advice and tips on foods to enjoy and those to avoid. Steering clear of caffeine and sugar is only part of the story. We need to be eating the right foods at the right time to keep our sleep hormones in check and to calm our bodies and minds. Nourishing and full of flavour, these tempting recipes include easy light suppers using supermarket ingredients, like Warm Roasted Kale, Pear and Sweet Potato Salad and Chicken Quesadilla's with Papaya Salsa. There are also comforting filling meals including Greek Rice Pilaf with Lemony Greens and Creamy Salmon and Dill Potato Bake, as well as healthy treats and bakes such as Honey Roasted Figs and Nutty Banana Bread. Try the soothing drinks, including homemade Hot Chocolate with Honey, for a moment of calm before bedtime. Eat to Sleep has all the essential ingredients for a peaceful night, so you can feel strong and energised every day. Sleep better so you can live better.

The Labour Companion - For a Better Birth Experience (CD): Maggie Howell The Labour Companion - For a Better Birth Experience (CD)
Maggie Howell
R278 Discovery Miles 2 780 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

To get the maximum benefit from this CD, you should learn the techniques from the Natal Hypnotherapy birth preparation CD and the book during the last trimester of you pregnancy. This CD can then be used to reinforce the techniques during the birth. There are three hypnosis tracks which can be listened to at different stages of labour and these have been designed to reflect the emotional stages you are likely to go through. The reduce adrenaline track is particularly useful if you are disturbed during the later stages of labour.

Breaking Convention - Psychedelic Pharmacology for the 21st Century (Paperback): Ben Sessa Breaking Convention - Psychedelic Pharmacology for the 21st Century (Paperback)
Ben Sessa
R424 R338 Discovery Miles 3 380 Save R86 (20%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Interdisciplinary essays on psychedelic consciousness. Presenting an interdisciplinary selection of twenty-five essays first delivered at Breaking Convention 2015, the third conference on psychedelic consciousness, culture, and clinical research, held at the University of Greenwich, London. Breaking Convention is the largest symposium of its kind, featuring more than 120 academic presentations biennially. Widely regarded as one of the foremost global platforms for serious research into psychedelic pharmacology, the conference has been instrumental in altering popular attitudes towards policy reform, with research focusing on the potential benefits that psychedelic therapies might hold in the treatment of depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and in harm reduction among habitual substance abusers. Psychedelic Pharmacology for the 21stCentury spans the sciences and humanities, from philosophy and neuroscience through chemical models of action to clinical use. This latest volume includes cross-cultural approaches exploring the global drug economy, clinical MDMA trials, histories of psychedelic literature, the enigma of the pineal gland, acid mediumship and psychedelic landscaping. Contributors Allan Badiner, Rick Doblin, Amanda Feilding, Ido Hartogsohn, Jennifer Lyke, Dale Pendell, Iker Puente

Changing Minds - How Aging Affects Language and How Language Affects Aging (Hardcover): Roger Kreuz, Richard Roberts Changing Minds - How Aging Affects Language and How Language Affects Aging (Hardcover)
Roger Kreuz, Richard Roberts
R519 R417 Discovery Miles 4 170 Save R102 (20%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Why language ability remains resilient and how it shapes our lives. We acquire our native language, seemingly without effort, in infancy and early childhood. Language is our constant companion throughout our lifetime, even as we age. Indeed, compared with other aspects of cognition, language seems to be fairly resilient through the process of aging. In Changing Minds, Roger Kreuz and Richard Roberts examine how aging affects language-and how language affects aging. Kreuz and Roberts report that what appear to be changes in an older person's language ability are actually produced by declines in such other cognitive processes as memory and perception. Some language abilities, including vocabulary size and writing ability, may even improve with age. And certain language activities-including reading fiction and engaging in conversation-may even help us live fuller and healthier lives. Kreuz and Roberts explain the cognitive processes underlying our language ability, exploring in particular how changes in these processes lead to changes in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. They consider, among other things, the inability to produce a word that's on the tip of your tongue-and suggest that the increasing incidence of this with age may be the result of a surfeit of world knowledge. For example, older people can be better storytellers, and (something to remember at a family reunion) their perceived tendency toward off-topic verbosity may actually reflect communicative goals.

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Timothy Leary, Ralph Metzner, … Paperback R227 R153 Discovery Miles 1 530
Out of My Head - On the Trail of…
Tim Parks Hardcover  (1)
R467 R294 Discovery Miles 2 940
The Evolution of the Sensitive Soul…
Simona Ginsburg, Eva Jablonka Hardcover R1,062 R714 Discovery Miles 7 140
Hypnotic Relaxation Therapy - Principles…
Gary Elkins Paperback R1,235 Discovery Miles 12 350
A Theory of Jerks and Other…
Eric Schwitzgebel Hardcover R527 R455 Discovery Miles 4 550