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That's Funny You Don't Look Anti-Semitic 2019 - An anti-racist analysis of Left antisemitism (Paperback, 3rd New... That's Funny You Don't Look Anti-Semitic 2019 - An anti-racist analysis of Left antisemitism (Paperback, 3rd New edition)
Steve Cohen; Foreword by Tom Cohen
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Taking Up the Torch - English Institutions, German Dialectics and Multi-Cultural Commitments (Hardcover): Edward Timms Taking Up the Torch - English Institutions, German Dialectics and Multi-Cultural Commitments (Hardcover)
Edward Timms
R1,504 R486 Discovery Miles 4 860 Save R1,018 (68%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This is an unusual narrative in that it successfully combines subjectivity -- how an English person was led by a sequence of educational developments, personal encounters and historical constraints to become the founder of the German-Jewish Centre at the University of Sussex; and objectivity -- a book that introduces English and American readers to an important and evolving field of historical and cultural studies through intellectual autobiography. It documents the formative experiences of a scholar who was to become a pioneering teacher and researcher in the field of German culture and politics. The aim is to relate the shaping of self to the drift of history in a period of radical social change, extending from the refugee crisis caused by Hitler's seizure of power through the ordeals of the Second World War to post-war reconstruction, and the transformation of Britain into a modern multicultural society. The focus is on the formative role of institutions: vicarage childhood, Anglican schooling, Cambridge and other university environments -- especially the new map of learning at Sussex University in the 1960s. The 'Torch' in the title alludes to the transmission of a radical intellectual tradition and to a specific commitment to the study of Die Fackel, the satirical journal edited by Karl Kraus in Vienna from 1899 to 1936. From this emerged the innovative agenda developed by the Centre for German-Jewish Studies.

Modernity and the Holocaust (Paperback, New Ed): Zygmunt Bauman Modernity and the Holocaust (Paperback, New Ed)
Zygmunt Bauman
R493 Discovery Miles 4 930 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Sociology is concerned with modern society, but has never come to terms with one of the most distinctive and horrific aspects of modernity - the Holocaust.

The book examines what sociology can teach us about the Holocaust, but more particularly concentrates upon the lessons which the Holocaust has for sociology. Bauman's work demonstrates that the Holocaust has to be understood as deeply involved with the nature of modernity. There is nothing comparable to this work available in the sociological literature.

Far from Zion - In Search of a Global Jewish Community (Paperback): Charles London Far from Zion - In Search of a Global Jewish Community (Paperback)
Charles London
R353 R331 Discovery Miles 3 310 Save R22 (6%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Raised in a nonreligious Jewish family, Charles London knew hisheritage but had no strong desire to experience it personally. Thenin the summer of 2004, while doing relief work in Bosnia, he stumbled upon a remarkable community--where Jews worked alongside Muslims and Christians to rebuild a city ravaged by war. This encounter gave him the idea for a journey that would take him aroundthe world and back to his roots.

Far from Zion is the story of Jews in far-flung, often surprising places. Despite efforts by Israel to bring these scattered people home to Zion, they have chosen to remain in the lands of their birth: a shopkeeper selling Jewish trinkets in Iran, a caretaker keeping watch over an all-but-forgotten synagogue in Rangoon, revelers at a Hanukkah celebration in an Arkansas bowling alley, a Cuban engineering professor, proud of his Jewish heritage and prouder still of his Communist ideals. It is through their stories and many others that London examines his own identity, as he, too, struggles to come to terms with his connection to Zion.

Balfour Declaration - Sixty-Seven Words -- 100 Years of Conflict (Paperback): Elliot Jager Balfour Declaration - Sixty-Seven Words -- 100 Years of Conflict (Paperback)
Elliot Jager
R484 R315 Discovery Miles 3 150 Save R169 (35%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

A concise account of the players, motivations, and setting for one of the most consequential letters of modern history. The letter began a process by which the international community came to embrace the idea of the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people. Jager brings to life the extraordinary personalities working amid the global conflict that was World War I. With the war still raging and despite political machinations and numerous secret deals, the Balfour Declaration was issued publicly. Britain promised Palestine to no one but the Jews -- yet almost immediately, it began backtracking. One hundred years later, amid the Arab worlds unremitting rejection of the very idea of a Jewish homeland, this book spells out the backstory of todays headlines.

Down Home - Jewish Life in North Carolina (Hardcover, New edition): Leonard Rogoff Down Home - Jewish Life in North Carolina (Hardcover, New edition)
Leonard Rogoff
R950 R756 Discovery Miles 7 560 Save R194 (20%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

This book tells North Carolina's 400-year-old Jewish story. A sweeping chronicle of Jewish life in the Tar Heel State from colonial times to the present, this beautifully illustrated volume incorporates oral histories, original historical documents, and profiles of fascinating individuals. The first comprehensive social history of its kind, ""Down Home"" demonstrates that the story of North Carolina Jews is attuned to the national story of immigrant acculturation but has a southern twist. Keeping in mind the larger southern, American, and Jewish contexts, Leonard Rogoff considers how the North Carolina Jewish experience differs from that of Jews in other southern states. He explores how Jews very often settled in North Carolina's small towns, rather than in its large cities, and he documents the reach and vitality of Jewish North Carolinians' participation in building the New South and the Sunbelt. Many North Carolina Jews were among those at the forefront of a changing South, Rogoff argues, and their experiences challenge stereotypes of a society that was agrarian and Protestant. More than 125 historic and contemporary photographs complement Rogoff's engaging epic, providing a visual panorama of Jewish social, cultural, economic, and religious life in North Carolina. This volume is a treasure to share and to keep. Published in association with the Jewish Heritage Foundation of North Carolina, ""Down Home"" is part of a larger documentary project of the same name that will include a film and a traveling museum exhibition, to be launched in June 2010.

The New Complete International Jewish Cookbook (Hardcover): Evelyn Rose The New Complete International Jewish Cookbook (Hardcover)
Evelyn Rose 1
R1,061 R743 Discovery Miles 7 430 Save R318 (30%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Completely revised and updated by Evelyn's daughter and with color photos added, this truly encyclopedic classic is still the culinary bible of Jewish cuisine Packed with mouthwatering ideas for both family meals and those special occasions when cooks want to impress without spending hours in the kitchen, this definitive guide to kosher cooking contains more than 1,000 fail-safe recipes for which the author is justly celebrated. Ideal for novices and experienced cooks alike, the easy-to-follow recipes showcase the diversity of Jewish cooking which draws influences from Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean, and Middle East. From soups and starters to desserts, breads, and baking, the recipes provide inspiration for everyday cooking as well as step-by step features on entertaining through the seasons. Healthier versions of traditional Jewish dishes like Oven-Fried Chicken, plus superb vegetarian recipes like Pesto Lasagne, are found alongside classic recipes especially adapted for the Jewish kitchen. A guide to the major Jewish festivals, such as Passover, explains the whys and hows of much-loved symbolic dishes--such as Sufganiot (Israeli-style doughnuts) and Wine and Spice Lekach (festival cake)--as well as providing menu plans. Includes dual measurements.

A Bookshop in Berlin - The Rediscovered Memoir of One Woman's Harrowing Escape from the Nazis (Hardcover): Francoise... A Bookshop in Berlin - The Rediscovered Memoir of One Woman's Harrowing Escape from the Nazis (Hardcover)
Francoise Frenkel; Preface by Patrick Modiano
R605 R481 Discovery Miles 4 810 Save R124 (20%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
The Lives of Isaac Stern (Hardcover): David Schoenbaum The Lives of Isaac Stern (Hardcover)
David Schoenbaum
R631 R501 Discovery Miles 5 010 Save R130 (21%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

No single American could personify what Henry Luce called the American Century but Isaac Stern came closer than most. Despite modest origins as the child of Jewish immigrants in San Francisco, by the early 1940s talent and practice had brought him a Carnegie Hall debut, critical acclaim and the attention of the legendary Sol Hurok. As America came of age, so too did Stern. He would go on to make music on five continents, records in formats from 78 rpm to digital, friends as different as Frank Sinatra and Isaiah Berlin, and policy from Carnegie Hall to Washington, Jerusalem and Shanghai. He also loaned instruments to young players, brokered gigs for Soviet emigres and replied in person to inquiring fans. Wide-ranging yet intimate, The Lives of Isaac Stern is a portrait of an artist and musical statesman who left a profound musical and cultural legacy.

American Dreams and Nazi Nightmares (Paperback): Kirsten Fermaglich American Dreams and Nazi Nightmares (Paperback)
Kirsten Fermaglich
R808 Discovery Miles 8 080 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

To a great extent, Holocaust consciousness in the contemporary United States has become intertwined with American Jewish identity and with support for right-wing Israeli politics -- but this was not always the case. In this illuminating study, Kirsten Fermaglich demonstrates that in the late 1950s and early 1960s, many American Jewish writers and academics viewed the Nazi extermination of European Jewry as a subject of universal interest, with important lessons to be learned for the liberal reform of American politics.
Fermaglich analyzes the lives and writings of Stanley M. Elkins, Betty Friedan, Stanley Milgram, and Robert Jay Lifton, four social scientific thinkers whose work was shaped by a liberal perspective. For them, the Holocaust served as a critical frame of reference for a particular issue: Elkins on slavery's legacy, Friedan on the oppressions of domesticity, Milgram on the willingness to obey, and Lifton on war's survivors. In each case, these thinkers were deeply influenced by their Jewish backgrounds, whether by early encounters with antisemitism or by the profound sense that only fate and an ocean had spared them death in Hitler's Europe. Thus, each chose imagery from the concentration camps, albeit utterly devoid of a particular Jewish association, to illuminate themes that advanced liberal politics, including civil rights, the nuclear test ban, feminism, and Vietnam veterans' rights.
Rather than being offended by these authors' comparisons between American institutions and Nazi concentration camps, American audiences of all ethnic and religious backgrounds during the late 1950s and early 1960s generally cheered these authors' Nazi imagery and adopted it as part of their own political ideology. Fermaglich demonstrates that liberalism in the United States in the 1960s was more substantially shaped by the Holocaust than we have previously recognized.

Anti-Jewish Violence in Poland, 1914-1920 (Paperback): William W. Hagen Anti-Jewish Violence in Poland, 1914-1920 (Paperback)
William W. Hagen
R706 Discovery Miles 7 060 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Widespread anti-Jewish pogroms accompanied the rebirth of Polish statehood out of World War I and Polish-Soviet War. William W. Hagen offers the pogroms' first scholarly account, revealing how they served as brutal stagings by ordinary people of scenarios dramatizing popular anti-Jewish fears and resentments. While scholarship on modern anti-Semitism has stressed its ideological inspiration ('print anti-Semitism'), this study shows that anti-Jewish violence by perpetrators among civilians and soldiers expressed magic-infused anxieties and longings for redemption from present threats and suffering ('folk anti-Semitism'). Illustrated with contemporary photographs and constructed from extensive, newly discovered archival sources from three continents, this is an innovative work in east European history. Using extensive first-person testimonies, it reveals gaps - but also correspondences - between popular attitudes and those of the political elite. The pogroms raged against the conscious will of new Poland's governors whilst Christians high and low sometimes sought, even successfully, to block them.

Hoopoe's Crown (Paperback): Jacqueline Osherow Hoopoe's Crown (Paperback)
Jacqueline Osherow
R366 R294 Discovery Miles 2 940 Save R72 (20%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Dramatically urgent from the get-go, many of Jacqueline Osherow's poems approach inconsistencies and mysteries in Biblical texts. From traditional poetic forms (sonnet, terza rima, villanelle, sestina, acrostic, loose ottava rima) to an austere free verse, Osherow mixes humor and seriousness while maintaining a conversational tone. These poems deal with Jewish tradition and the land of Israel in revelatory new ways. Jacqueline Osherow is the author of four previous poetry collections. Her work has appeared in The Norton Anthology of Jewish American Literature, The Penguin Book of the Sonnet, Best American Poetry (1995 and 1998) and The Extraordinary Tide: New Poetry by American Women, Awards include fellowships from the Guggenheim Foundation and the NEA. She is a distinguished professor of English at the University of Utah.

Israeli Women's Studies - A Reader (Paperback): Esther Fuchs Israeli Women's Studies - A Reader (Paperback)
Esther Fuchs
R907 Discovery Miles 9 070 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

"A valuable resource for scholars and students of Judaic, Israel, Middle Eastern, and women's studies. There is no single volume currently available that represents such a broad range of historical, political, religious, and cultural approaches to Israeli women. This book will fill that gap for years to come "-Judith R. Baskin, editor of Jewish Women in Historical Perspective "Esther Fuchs is a superb scholar who has created a must-read for academics and the general public alike. Broad public interest in Israel and the Middle East will certainly make this collection of essays on Israeli women a widely-read and important volume."-Susannah Heschel, Eli Black Associate Professor of Jewish Studies, Dartmouth College Israeli women do not enjoy the equality, status, and power often attributed to them by the media and popular culture. Despite significant achievements and progress, as a whole they continue to earn less than their male counterparts, are less visible and influential in the political arena, do not share equal responsibilities or privileges in the military, have unequal rights and freedoms in family life and law, and are less influential in shaping the nation's self image and cultural orientation. Bringing together classic essays by leading scholars of Israeli culture, this reader exposes the hidden causes of ongoing discrimination and links the restrictions that Israeli women experience to deeply entrenched structures, including colonial legacies, religious traditions, capitalism, nationalism, and ongoing political conflict. In contrast, the essays also explore how women act creatively to affect social change and shape public discourse in less ostensible ways. Providing balanced perspectives from the social sciences and the humanities, this comprehensive reader reflects both an emerging consensus and exciting diversity in the field. It is the definitive text for courses in Israeli women's studies. Esther Fuchs is a professor in the department of Near Eastern and Judaic studies at the University of Arizona and the author of Israeli Mythogynies: Women in Contemporary Hebrew Fiction.

The Receiving - Reclaiming Jewish Women's Wisdom (Paperback): Tirzah Firestone The Receiving - Reclaiming Jewish Women's Wisdom (Paperback)
Tirzah Firestone
R326 R305 Discovery Miles 3 050 Save R21 (6%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

A highly respected rabbi, therapist, and teacher restores women's spiritual lineage to Judaism and empowers women to reclaim their rightful connection to Jewish teachings, Kabbalah, and to their own spiritual wisdom.

The Hidden Life of Otto Frank (Paperback, Perennial ed.): Carol Ann Lee The Hidden Life of Otto Frank (Paperback, Perennial ed.)
Carol Ann Lee
R427 R399 Discovery Miles 3 990 Save R28 (7%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

In this definitive new biography, Carol Ann Lee provides the answer to one of the most heartbreaking questions of modern times: Who betrayed Anne Frank and her family to the Nazis? Probing this startling act of treachery, Lee brings to light never before documented information about Otto Frank and the individual who would claim responsibility -- revealing a terrifying relationship that lasted until the day Frank died. Based upon impeccable research into rare archives and filled with excerpts from the secret journal that Frank kept from the day of his liberation until his return to the Secret Annex in 1945, this landmark biography at last brings into focus the life of a little-understood man -- whose story illuminates some of the most harrowing and memorable events of the last century.

Just Is in the Art of Samuel Bak (Hardcover): Gary A. Phillips Just Is in the Art of Samuel Bak (Hardcover)
Gary A. Phillips
R1,181 R910 Discovery Miles 9 100 Save R271 (23%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

In this series of paintings and drawings, Lady Just Is appears in varying conditions, poses, and garbs juxtaposed with familiar biblical and secular symbols of covenant in states of ruination: faded and cobbled rainbows, disintegrating Mosaic tablets of law, unblinking and stony eyes, sagging and unkempt blindfolds, defunct and imbalanced scales. Presiding over a landscape of devastation, these images are a graphic reminder of the precariousness of justice, and how justice loses its agency when it turns a blind eye to, or even becomes actively complicit in, the worst injustices. But they are also a hopeful contravention against the emotional and physical wreckage, a reminder that the restoration of the world, tikkun olam, is possible through the gathering and reassembly of the shards. Lady Just Is, shown to us through the hand of the artist, seeks to engage the viewer in a new moral law that stands squarely amid, not above or removed from, the destruction.

Jewish Politics in Eastern Europe - The Bund at 100 (Hardcover): Jack Jacobs Jewish Politics in Eastern Europe - The Bund at 100 (Hardcover)
Jack Jacobs
R2,422 Discovery Miles 24 220 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

"This book is basic for any attempt to understand interwar Polish Jewry as well as the holocaust period and offers many new points of view."
--"Religious Studies Review"

The Bund was the first modern Jewish political party in Eastern Europe and, arguably, the strongest Jewish party in Poland on the eve of the Second World War. Though 100 years have passed since its inception, the Bund and its legacy continue to be of abiding interest.

Founded illegally and operated under the most adverse conditions, the Bund grew dramatically in the years immediately after its 1897 creation in Czarist Russia. It helped to organize the Russian Social Democratic Workers Party, it organized armed self-defense groups to fight against pogroms, and it played a significant role in the Russian Revolution of 1905. The Bundist became for many the symbol of the new Jew--enlightened, willing to fight for Jewish rights and needs, and unwilling to accept the status quo of Jewish communities dominated by the orthodox and the wealthy, and of a Russia oppressed by the Czar. Later, Bundist members were among those who contributed substantially to armed resistance in Nazi occupied Poland.

"Jewish Politics in Eastern Europe" makes use of previously unexamined source materials to offer a range of new perspectives on the significance of the Bund and its ideas. Its fresh and insightful approaches will be of interest to all those concerned with Eastern European Jewry, Russian, Polish, and Ukranian history, and the history of socialist and labor movements.

Israel, Jordan and Peace Process (Paperback, New Ed): Yehuda Lukacs Israel, Jordan and Peace Process (Paperback, New Ed)
Yehuda Lukacs
R613 Discovery Miles 6 130 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

This book examines Israeli-Jordanian relations from the end of the 1967 war until the 1994 signing of the Treaty of Peace, with a special emphasis on the 1967-1988 period. Its underlying theme is that, despite the formal state of war between them, the two countries engaged in functional cooperation resulting from a perception of shared interests. The paradoxical-type of relationship between adversaries is not uncommon in international relations.

We Stand Divided - The Rift Between American Jews and Israel (Paperback): Daniel Gordis We Stand Divided - The Rift Between American Jews and Israel (Paperback)
Daniel Gordis
R399 R324 Discovery Miles 3 240 Save R75 (19%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
99 Immigrants Who Made Britain Great (Hardcover): Louis Stewart, Naomi Kenyon 99 Immigrants Who Made Britain Great (Hardcover)
Louis Stewart, Naomi Kenyon; Illustrated by Naomi Kenyon; Foreword by Bonnie Greer
R587 R477 Discovery Miles 4 770 Save R110 (19%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

An illustrated book celebrating the achievements of inspirational characters who made a new life in Britain. From Hans Holbein to Raheem Sterling, Freddie Mercury to Judith Kerr, and Harry Selfridge to Kylie Minogue, they have helped to make our country. Many arrived broke, knowing little English. They achieved success by overcoming obstacles and working hard. And their legacies are still with us. Alec Issigonis designed the Mini car, while Henry Wellcome funded British science. Without Michael Marks, we wouldn't have Marks & Spencer. Without Ludwig Guttmann, there would be no Paralympics. Each individual occupies a double-page spread, with a biography and a colour illustration. A reader can add a 100th individual - perhaps a friend, relative, colleague or neighbour.

The Blessing and the Curse - The Jewish People and Their Books in the Twentieth Century (Hardcover): Adam Kirsch The Blessing and the Curse - The Jewish People and Their Books in the Twentieth Century (Hardcover)
Adam Kirsch
R717 R568 Discovery Miles 5 680 Save R149 (21%) Pre-order

Following The People and the Books, which "covers more than 2,500 years of highly variegated Jewish cultural expression" (Robert Alter, New York Times Book Review), poet and literary critic Adam Kirsch now turns to the story of modern Jewish literature. From the vast emigration of Jews out of Eastern Europe to the Holocaust to the creation of Israel, the twentieth century transformed Jewish life. The same was true of Jewish writing: the novels, plays, poems, and memoirs of Jewish writers provided intimate access to new worlds of experience. Kirsch surveys four themes that shaped the twentieth century in Jewish literature and culture: Europe, America, Israel, and the endeavor to reimagine Judaism as a modern faith. With discussions of major books by over thirty writers-ranging from Franz Kafka to Philip Roth, Elie Wiesel to Tony Kushner, Hannah Arendt to Judith Plaskow-he argues that literature offers a new way to think about what it means to be Jewish in the modern world. With a wide scope and diverse, original observations, Kirsch draws fascinating parallels between familiar writers and their less familiar counterparts. While everyone knows the diary of Anne Frank, for example, few outside of Israel have read the diary of Hannah Senesh. Kirsch sheds new light on the literature of the Holocaust through the work of Primo Levi, explores the emergence of America as a Jewish home through the stories of Bernard Malamud, and shows how Yehuda Amichai captured the paradoxes of Israeli identity. An insightful and engaging work from "one of America's finest literary critics" (Wall Street Journal), The Blessing and the Curse brings the Jewish experience vividly to life.

Sports and American Jew (Paperback, New): Steven A. Riess Sports and American Jew (Paperback, New)
Steven A. Riess
R668 Discovery Miles 6 680 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

This book debunks the conventional stereotype that Jews and sports are somehow anathema and clearly demonstrates that sports have long been a significant institution in Jewish American life. Jews were among the very first professional baseball players and the most outstanding early American track stars. In the 1920s and 1930s they dominated inner-city sports such as basketball and boxing and produced star athletes in virtually all sports. Many Jews were also prominent in the business, communication, and literary aspects of sport. These essays, written by leading contemporary sports historians, examine the contributions of Jewish men and women to American sports. Steven A. Riess's article on this topic is the most comprehensive overview ever written and will doubtless become a standard reference for years to come.

The Nations That Know Thee Not - Ancient Jewish Attitudes Toward Other Religions (Hardcover, New): Robert Goldenberg The Nations That Know Thee Not - Ancient Jewish Attitudes Toward Other Religions (Hardcover, New)
Robert Goldenberg
R2,411 Discovery Miles 24 110 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The Bible is harshly opposed to participation by Israelites in the worship of other nations' gods. Was this strict command to the nation of Israel not to worship other deities extended to other nations? Or was it legitimate and acceptable for other nations to worship their own gods just as Israel worshipped the God of the Covenant?

In The Nations That Know Thee Not, Robert Goldenberg takes a historical look at attitudes towards foreign religions that are found in Israel's scriptures and in post-Biblical Judaism, and he traces an ambivalent attitude toward foreign religions as it developed through the history of Judaism. How did Jewish outlooks on gentile religions vary so much over time? As Jewish acceptance of paganism grew under rabbinic leadership, did Christianity become heir to other, harsher biblical attitudes toward other religions?

Systematically covering the entire range of Jewish literature of antiquity from the Bible through the rabbinic canons, Goldenberg sheds light on the ways in which ancient Jews understood the religious worlds in which they lived.

Dreamers of Zion -- Joseph Smith & George J Adams - Conviction, Leadership & Israel's Renewal (Paperback): Reed M. Holmes Dreamers of Zion -- Joseph Smith & George J Adams - Conviction, Leadership & Israel's Renewal (Paperback)
Reed M. Holmes
R635 R523 Discovery Miles 5 230 Save R112 (18%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Joseph Smith, Jr, founder of the Mormon movement, and George J Adams, one of his least known followers -- two Gentile dreamers of Zion -- were instrumental in encouraging Jews and Christians to support the restoration of Israel. For Joseph Smith, Jewish responsibility for establishing Zion had not been forfeited or terminated. It was continuous: the Jews would return as Jews; they would rebuild Jerusalem as Jews. In his view, neither the denigration of Jews, so often characteristic of Christianity, nor supersession by the Church, was tenable. According to Josephs perception of the Scriptures, and his own prophetic insights, there are to be two strategic centres -- Zion at historical Jerusalem, and Zion in a New Jerusalem in the heartland of America. He believed that a renewed Israel and a church, restored to its primal purpose, shared a mandate to body forth in society the dream of the Kingdom of God. He called this dream the cause of Zion, which became a major emphasis of the Mormon movement. Adams, separated from the Mormons following the assassination of Joseph Smith in 1844, founded his own Church of the Messiah. Most of his congregations were in Maine, where he readied his followers for a mission as the "Children of Ephraim", which he explicated with persuasive skill from the Old Testament. Later he led 156 of his followers to found an agricultural and commercial colony in Jaffa, Israel. This book explains the rejection by Smith and Adams of "normal" Christian replacement theology and sets out the apologetics by which Smith and Adams promoted courage and conviction in all who joined them in encouraging the in-gathering of the Jewish exiles to Jerusalem.

Yiddish-English / English-Yiddish Practical Dictionary (Paperback, 3Rev ed): David C. Gross Yiddish-English / English-Yiddish Practical Dictionary (Paperback, 3Rev ed)
David C. Gross
R300 R243 Discovery Miles 2 430 Save R57 (19%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

* Over 4,000 Romanized entries * Appendix of idiomatic expressions & proverbs * Appendix of common words used in the English language * Word-to-word entries

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