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Carbon for Sensing Devices (Hardcover, 2015 ed.): Danilo Demarchi, Alberto Tagliaferro Carbon for Sensing Devices (Hardcover, 2015 ed.)
Danilo Demarchi, Alberto Tagliaferro
R3,377 R2,653 Discovery Miles 26 530 Save R724 (21%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This book reveals why carbon is playing such an increasingly prominent role as a sensing material. The various steps that transform a raw material in a sensing device are thoroughly presented and critically discussed.The authors deal with all aspects of carbon-based sensors, starting from the various hybridization and allotropes of carbon, with specific focus on micro and nano sized carbons (e.g., carbon nanotubes, graphene) and their growth processes. The discussion then moves to the role of functionalization and the different routes to achieve it. Finally, a number of sensing applications in various fields are presented, highlighting the connection with the basic properties of the various carbon allotropes. Readers will benefit from this book s bottom-up approach, which starts from the local bonding in carbon solids and ends with sensing applications, linking the local hybridization of carbon atoms and its modification by functionalization to specific device performance. This book is a must-have in the library of any scientist involved in carbon based sensing application."

Timeless Leadership Truths - The Origins and Applications of Business Strategy (Hardcover): Norton Paley Timeless Leadership Truths - The Origins and Applications of Business Strategy (Hardcover)
Norton Paley
R909 Discovery Miles 9 090 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

The origins of business strategy are found in military applications. Generals throughout the ages faced formidable challenges as they crafted plans to outmaneuver competing forces, acquire territory, and gain power. Similarly, business leaders also looked to outmaneuver their rivals as they entered new markets against entrenched competitors, secured a strong market position, and expanded their companies' influence. Although the destructive aspects of war are not present in business, there is a reasonable parallel, such as the bankruptcies of once mighty companies, which resulted in layoffs of thousands of employees and the closings of numerous plants. Then, there is the devastating economic impact and societal disruption that creates demoralizing misery among large groups of individuals in once flourishing cities, such as Detroit, Michigan, as well as in numerous other once-thriving areas worldwide. Essentially, the intent of the book is to improve managers' ability to think strategically. The further aim is to blend the timeless lessons of military strategy into business plans, with impact in grass-roots engagements with customers, as well as the inevitable clashes with competitors.In addition, readers can access a body of knowledge that has endured in written form and practiced by successful leaders for centuries. As such, managers will hold a competitive edge in an evolving digital-age marketplace.

Micro and Smart Devices and Systems (Hardcover, 2014 ed.): K.J. Vinoy, G.K. Ananthasuresh, Rudra Pratap, S B Krupanidhi Micro and Smart Devices and Systems (Hardcover, 2014 ed.)
K.J. Vinoy, G.K. Ananthasuresh, Rudra Pratap, S B Krupanidhi
R4,259 R3,457 Discovery Miles 34 570 Save R802 (19%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The book presents cutting-edge research in the emerging fields of micro, nano and smart devices and systems from experts working in these fields over the last decade. Most of the contributors have built devices or systems or developed processes or algorithms in these areas. The book is a unique collection of chapters from different areas with a common theme and is immensely useful to academic researchers and practitioners in the industry who work in this field.

The Wristwatch Handbook - A Comprehensive Guide to Mechanical Wristwatches (Hardcover): Ryan Schmidt The Wristwatch Handbook - A Comprehensive Guide to Mechanical Wristwatches (Hardcover)
Ryan Schmidt
R1,239 R949 Discovery Miles 9 490 Save R290 (23%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Despite the functional obsolescence of the mechanical wristwatch (our phones and computers tell more accurate time) the early 21st Century has seen a boom in the development, production, and appreciation of all things horological. Whether it is presented to the collector as an alternative investment, as a feat of micro-mechanical technology, or as a showcase of artisanal mastery, the mechanical wristwatch has never possessed more forms, functions or facets than it does today. The Wristwatch Handbook is written from the epicentre of a renaissance, a place in time between the Quartz revolution and the rise of the smart device - where the mechanical wristwatch is the antidote to the microprocessor and the permanent buzz of your inbox. From the multi-axis tourbillion, to the split-second chronograph, to the sidereal sky chart, The Wristwatch Handbook covers it all and does so with more than 470 rich illustrations from over 90 of the World's leading brands.The book is separated into two sections. The first section provides the reader with a comprehensive understanding of the mechanical movement.Its chapters explore power, transmission, distribution and regulation illustrating the basic concepts before considering the innovation and complexity that takes place further toward the cutting edge. From the fifty-day power reserve, to the constant force mechanism, and the 1,000Hz mechanical escapement, section 1 will allow the reader to understand and appreciate what is happening beneath the dial of their watch. Section two allows the reader to take this understanding and apply it to the vast range of complications (functions) that exist in modern horology. Each chapter showcases a distinct category of complication. For example, the regatta timer, pulsometer, and monopusher chronograph join a host of others in a chapter entitled 'Recording Lapses of Time'; The power reserve indicator, dynamograph, and crown position indicator are featured in a chapter for 'Power and Performance Indication'; The moon phase indicator, annual calendar, and planetarium can be found in the 'Astronomical Complications' chapter.Once the functional categories are exhausted, the final three chapters explore whimsical complications that have little regard for practical function, novelty time indication, and the 'super-complicated' watch - a rare breed of timepiece that houses an intimidating host of complications featured throughout the book. Upon completion of The Wristwatch Handbook the reader will be able to identify even the most exotic complication from across the room, and be able to share their appreciation and understanding of what makes it so useful and compelling. The Wristwatch Handbook is "brand agnostic", using only those watches that most aptly illustrate the given subject-matter. As a consequence the book places equal emphasis on the classic and the cutting edge, on watches produced in large volume or exclusive runs, by industry-leading technology or at the hand of a master. In doing so the book provides an unparalleled range of watches from over 90 brands, allowing the reader to determine for themselves which brands, complications, and styles they will build their collection from.

Early Equipment Management (EEM) - Continuous Improvement for Projects (English, Chinese, Hardcover): Dennis McCarthy Early Equipment Management (EEM) - Continuous Improvement for Projects (English, Chinese, Hardcover)
Dennis McCarthy
R910 Discovery Miles 9 100 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

When capital projects fail to deliver, it is usually not due to technical reasons but a combination of behavioral pitfalls, unclear accountabilities and gaps in design, specification, and/or project-management processes. Early Equipment Management (EEM): Continuous Improvement for Projects explains how well known and award winning organizations avoid these weaknesses by using: Project road maps setting out clear accountabilities for each step of the concept-to-project-delivery process; Progressive design goals for each step to assure the delivery of low life-cycle costs; Processes to codify tacit knowledge, reveal latent design weaknesses, and build high performance cross-functional team collaboration; Project governance processes that systematically raise their organizations ability to reduce time to market for new assets, products and services with higher added value and fewer resources. Hence the books title of continuous improvement for projects. The word Early in EEM refers to the principle of trapping problems as early as possible in the project process when they are cheapest to resolve. That makes EEM relevant to all projects even those that have past the design stages. To support the use of EEM at any project step, the author has designed each chapter as a standalone topic with cross references to other chapters where relevant. This book:- Explains The six EEM project delivery steps setting out the tasks and accountabilities for project teams, project managers and steering committees at each step; How to organize projects to increase project added value through the collaboration of commercial, operational and technology stakeholders The wiring up behind behaviors that contribute to the failure of traditional project management approaches and how to avoid those pitfalls; The use of projects as a vehicle for the development of internal talent and increase capital project added value The systematic development of internal capabilities to deliver flawless operation from day one in less time with less resources How raising project governance capability directly impacts on company wide management competence Uses case studies to explain how to implement the EEM methodology and Describes how EEM principles and techniques applied to product and service development (Early Product Management) multiplies the gains from EEM. This book shows readers how and why EEM works so that they can design their own EEM road map and continuous improvement process for projects.

Fundamentals of Inkjet Printing - The Science of Inkjet and Droplets (Paperback): Stephen D. Hoath Fundamentals of Inkjet Printing - The Science of Inkjet and Droplets (Paperback)
Stephen D. Hoath
R1,700 R1,530 Discovery Miles 15 300 Save R170 (10%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

From droplet formation to final applications, this practical book presents the subject in a comprehensive and clear form, using only content derived from the latest published results. Starting at the very beginning, the topic of fluid mechanics is explained, allowing for a suitable regime for printing inks to subsequently be selected. There then follows a discussion on different print-head types and how to form droplets, covering the behavior of droplets in flight and upon impact with the substrate, as well as the droplet's wetting and drying behavior at the substrate. Commonly observed effects, such as the coffee ring effect, are included as well as printing in the third dimension. The book concludes with a look at what the future holds. As a unique feature, worked examples both at the practical and simulation level, as well as case studies are included. As a result, students and engineers in R&D will come to fully understand the complete process of inkjet printing.

Watches International Volume XIX (Paperback): Tourbillon International Watches International Volume XIX (Paperback)
Tourbillon International
R588 R454 Discovery Miles 4 540 Save R134 (23%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Showcasing the latest masterpieces from leading manufacturers, this is the most comprehensive and current guide on watches available.

3D Printing Design - Additive Manufacturing and the Materials Revolution (Paperback): Francis Bitonti 3D Printing Design - Additive Manufacturing and the Materials Revolution (Paperback)
Francis Bitonti
R496 R461 Discovery Miles 4 610 Save R35 (7%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

To work with the materials of tomorrow, design students across visual arts disciplines need to understand the cutting edge of today. Whether you're modelling in interiors, designing in fashion or constructing for interiors, in your work or as part of a final project, 3D Printing design is an encouraging guide to additive manufacturing within design disciplines. Francis Bitonti gives an insider's view from his design studio on how 3D printing is already shaking up the industry, and where it's likely to go next. Complete with interviews from designers, business owners and 3D-print experts throughout, Bitonti considers whether 3D body scans mean couture for all, how rapid prototyping can change your design method and if 3D printing materials can enhance medical design, amongst other areas of this emerging method of manufacture. This is inspirational reading for the designers of tomorrow.

Advanced Manufacturing Technologies - Modern Machining, Advanced Joining, Sustainable Manufacturing (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2017):... Advanced Manufacturing Technologies - Modern Machining, Advanced Joining, Sustainable Manufacturing (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2017)
Kapil Gupta
R3,401 R2,677 Discovery Miles 26 770 Save R724 (21%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This book provides details and collective information on working principle, process mechanism, salient features, and unique applications of various advanced manufacturing techniques and processes belong. The book is divided in three sessions covering modern machining methods, advanced repair and joining techniques and, finally, sustainable manufacturing. The latest trends and research aspects of those fields are highlighted.

Design of Piezo Inkjet Print Heads - From Acoustics to Applications (Hardcover): J. Frits Dijksman Design of Piezo Inkjet Print Heads - From Acoustics to Applications (Hardcover)
J. Frits Dijksman
R3,308 R2,685 Discovery Miles 26 850 Save R623 (19%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

An integral overview of the theory and design of printheads, authored by an expert with over 30 years' experience in the field of inkjet printing. Clearly structured, the book presents the design of a printhead in a comprehensive and clear form, right from the start. To begin with, the working principle of piezo-driven drop-on-demand printheads in theory is discussed, building on the theory of mechanical vibrations and acoustics. Then the design of single-nozzle as well as multi-nozzle printheads is presented, including the importance of various parameters that need to be optimized, such as viscosity, surface tension and nozzle shape. Topics such as refilling the nozzle and the impact of the droplet on the surface are equally treated. The text concludes with a unique set of worked-out questions for training purposes as well as case studies and a look at what the future holds. An essential reference for beginning as well as experienced researchers, from ink developers to mechanical engineers, both in industry and academia.

Basic Quantum Mechanics (Paperback, 1st Ed. 2019): Kyriakos Tamvakis Basic Quantum Mechanics (Paperback, 1st Ed. 2019)
Kyriakos Tamvakis
R1,250 R1,132 Discovery Miles 11 320 Save R118 (9%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days
Exactly - How Precision Engineers Created the Modern World (Paperback, ePub edition): Simon Winchester Exactly - How Precision Engineers Created the Modern World (Paperback, ePub edition)
Simon Winchester 1
R408 R273 Discovery Miles 2 730 Save R135 (33%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

SHORTLISTED FOR THE ROYAL SOCIETY SCIENCE BOOK PRIZE 2018 Bestselling author Simon Winchester writes a magnificent history of the pioneering engineers who developed precision machinery to allow us to see as far as the moon and as close as the Higgs boson. Precision is the key to everything. It is an integral, unchallenged and essential component of our modern social, mercantile, scientific, mechanical and intellectual landscapes. The items we value in our daily lives - a camera, phone, computer, bicycle, car, a dishwasher perhaps - all sport components that fit together with precision and operate with near perfection. We also assume that the more precise a device the better it is. And yet whilst we live lives peppered and larded with precision, we are not, when we come to think about it, entirely sure what precision is, or what it means. How and when did it begin to build the modern world? Simon Winchester seeks to answer these questions through stories of precision's pioneers. Exactly takes us back to the origins of the Industrial Age, to Britain where he introduces the scientific minds that helped usher in modern production: John `Iron-Mad' Wilkinson, Henry Maudslay, Joseph Bramah, Jesse Ramsden, and Joseph Whitworth. Thomas Jefferson exported their discoveries to the United States as manufacturing developed in the early twentieth century, with Britain's Henry Royce developing the Rolls Royce and Henry Ford mass producing cars, Hattori's Seiko and Leica lenses, to today's cutting-edge developments from Europe, Asia and North America. As he introduces the minds and methods that have changed the modern world, Winchester explores fundamental questions. Why is precision important? What are the different tools we use to measure it? Who has invented and perfected it? Has the pursuit of the ultra-precise in so many facets of human life blinded us to other things of equal value, such as an appreciation for the age-old traditions of craftsmanship, art, and high culture? Are we missing something that reflects the world as it is, rather than the world as we think we would wish it to be? And can the precise and the natural co-exist in society?

The Watch Book Rolex (Hardcover): Gisbert Brunner The Watch Book Rolex (Hardcover)
Gisbert Brunner
R1,329 R997 Discovery Miles 9 970 Save R332 (25%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

No doubt about it, Rolex is a chronometric legend. The company was founded in 1905 by Hans Wilsdorf, a Bavarian marketing genius who focused on innovation. Watch enthusiasts have Wilsdorf to thank for many outstanding models and technical advances, including the first officially-certified wristwatches, the waterproof Oyster housing, the Datejust, and sports watches like the Submariner diver's watch, which dates back more than fifty years. Although this book gives the company's incredible tradition its due, it also devotes ample space to the present. Crafted in-house to exacting specifications, Rolex's breadth of timepieces combine the utmost in sophisticated luxury with advanced precision. All this and much more is yours to enjoy in the third volume of the successful The Watch Book series.

Watchmaking (Hardcover, New edition): George Daniels Watchmaking (Hardcover, New edition)
George Daniels
R1,301 R955 Discovery Miles 9 550 Save R346 (27%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Twenty-eight years after its first publication, the best-selling "Watchmaking" continues to inspire and encourage the art of watchmaking, especially among new generations of enthusiasts. As a supreme master of his art, George Daniels' advice is constantly sought by both students and watch repairers, his understanding of the problems that can beset the would-be watchmaker, especially in an age of mass production, and his expert knowledge of the history of watchmaking being second to none. Here, the making of the precision timekeeper is described step by step and illustrated at each stage with line drawings and brief explanatory captions. The text is easy to follow and care has been taken to avoid complicated technical descriptions. As Daniels is particularly interested in the development of the escapement - many are described in this book, several of his own design - the reader is encouraged to explore this aspect of watchmaking in even greater detail.This classic handbook still remains indispensable to generations of watchmakers and repairers, and also provides a fascinating insight to the enthusiast and watch-collector who, until its publication, had often been able only to admire the superb craftsmanship of a fine watch without understanding how it works.

Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes - Preparation, Properties and Applications (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2019): Yan Li, Shigeo Maruyama Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes - Preparation, Properties and Applications (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2019)
Yan Li, Shigeo Maruyama
R5,066 R3,915 Discovery Miles 39 150 Save R1,151 (23%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The series Topics in Current Chemistry Collections presents critical reviews from the journal Topics in Current Chemistry organized in topical volumes. The scope of coverage is all areas of chemical science including the interfaces with related disciplines such as biology, medicine and materials science. The goal of each thematic volume is to give the non-specialist reader, whether in academia or industry, a comprehensive insight into an area where new research is emerging which is of interest to a larger scientific audience. Each review within the volume critically surveys one aspect of that topic and places it within the context of the volume as a whole. The most significant developments of the last 5 to 10 years are presented using selected examples to illustrate the principles discussed. The coverage is not intended to be an exhaustive summary of the field or include large quantities of data, but should rather be conceptual, concentrating on the methodological thinking that will allow the non-specialist reader to understand the information presented. Contributions also offer an outlook on potential future developments in the field.

Independent Watchmakers (Hardcover): Steve Huyton Independent Watchmakers (Hardcover)
Steve Huyton
R854 R659 Discovery Miles 6 590 Save R195 (23%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

With a foreword from Jean-Marie Schaller, founder and creative director of Louis Moinet, this book introduces some of the most elegant watches the horological world has to offer, including several one-of-a-kind pieces that have never before appeared in print. Many of these ateliers handcraft both the watches and their complicated mechanical movements in-house. The level of expertise and craftsmanship involved is truly dazzling. Featuring such stunning timepieces as the 15.48 Driver Watch, the Andreas Strehler Time Shadow and the Antoine Preziuso Chronometer, Tourbillon of Tourbillons, this expertly curated collection of watch profiles will catch the eye of any true enthusiast. Steve Huyton looks beyond the price tag, featuring affordable options of particular artistic merit as well as pieces from the luxury end of the scale. Discover the hidden gems of the watchmaking business - 60 independent artisans counted among the finest makers in the world. Includes the work of: Hajime Asaoka, Felix Baumgartner (Urwerk), Aaron Becsei, Vincent Calabrese, Konstantin Chaykin, Bernhard Lederer (BLU), Masahiro Kikuno, Vianney Halter, Antoine Preziuso and Andreas Strehler, among others.

A Moon Watch Story - The Extraordinary Destiny of the Omega Speedmaster (Hardcover): G.R.A.M. (Collective) A Moon Watch Story - The Extraordinary Destiny of the Omega Speedmaster (Hardcover)
G.R.A.M. (Collective)
R933 R706 Discovery Miles 7 060 Save R227 (24%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

One small step for a man, a giant leap for mankind and an extraordinary destiny for the watch that accompanied man's first steps on the Moon, thereby becoming the greatest icon in watchmaking history: the Omega Speedmaster 'Moonwatch'. Introduced to the public by Omega in 1957, the Speedmaster was designed for mainly sporting purposes, such as in motor racing. However, its fate took a completely different turn in the early 1960s. Astronauts going to space, some of whom wore a Speedmaster for private use, wanted to be officially equipped with a reliable, accurate and resistant watch. For this reason, NASA undertook a series of rigorous tests in extreme conditions in 1964 to select the best chronograph to accompany them on their space missions. The Omega Speedmaster won these tests and was officially certified ('Flight Qualified for All Manned Space Missions') by NASA on 1 March 1965 for the Gemini project. It was in July 1969 that it truly made history, serving the astronauts of the Apollo 11 mission (Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins) for man's first steps on the Moon. This book retraces an extraordinary epic and the evolution of a unique and timeless watch which, from its beginnings in 1957 through to the current models, has remained endlessly fascinating.

Kaizen for Quick Changeover - Going Beyond SMED (Paperback, Special): Keisuke Arai, Kenichi Sekine Kaizen for Quick Changeover - Going Beyond SMED (Paperback, Special)
Keisuke Arai, Kenichi Sekine
R1,439 Discovery Miles 14 390 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

"Changeovers in 3 minutes or less! "

Picking up where Dr. Shingo's "Single Minute Exchange of Die" left off, this book streamlines the process even further to reduce changeover time, while simultaneously cutting staffing requirements in half. To instruct on how to achieve quick changeover in virtually any type of production environment, the book includes-- A succinct eight-step process for setup improvement Nine basic principles for eliminating changeover waste

The book begins by outlining the tactical principles for improving the three phases of the changeover procedure. Next it demonstrates how to improve changeover on a processing line. All of the ideas presented are based on kaizen improvements, which require very little, if any, expenditure. Process razing and the implementation of one-piece flow are also examined as means to eliminate wasteful transportation and searching.

Make: Technology on Your Time V42 (Paperback): Jason Babler Make: Technology on Your Time V42 (Paperback)
Jason Babler
R191 R136 Discovery Miles 1 360 Save R55 (29%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

With 3D printing advancing at an incredible pace, Make continues to lead with in-depth testing and reviews of the latest machines, newest printing software, and coolest prints and projects to create. This year's crop of printers features sleek, high-tech looks coupled with increasingly sophisticated interfaces that lower the barrier of entry to a wider range of new users. We'll show buyers how to pick the best printer for their needs, how to use it effectively, and how to fix problems when they arise. All this plus the wide-range of projects, features, and columns found in every issue of Make:--it's our annual best-seller, better than ever! In this issue: 24 Head-to-head printer reviews 10 cool prints in under 30 minutes "State of 3D Printing" overview Sneak peek at tomorrow's 3D printers Plus More Projects: 3D-printed Eyeglass frames CT-scanned skulls and medical images Nerf Blaster Sentry Turret Open-Source Smartwatch

The Book - The Life Story of a Technology (Paperback): Nicole Howard The Book - The Life Story of a Technology (Paperback)
Nicole Howard
R464 R406 Discovery Miles 4 060 Save R58 (13%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The printed book is one of life's most frequently encountered technologies. Historian Nicole Howard provides a comprehensive survey of the evolution of this technology, tracing its development across many centuries and cultures. No other technology in human history, declares Howard, has had the impact of this invention. By examining the book as a technology, Howard reveals how profoundly information and media have shaped history and how vital the technology of the book has been to cultural and intellectual change. This engaging study extends from clay tablets and rolls of papyrus to bound folio sheets, from inks and scripts to lead type and printing presses, from the Linotype machine to the laptop. Cross-cultural in scope, it examines innovations in the production and manufacture of books from the Middle and Far East, Europe, and the Americas. Howard recounts printing techniques from Gutenberg's first press to 21st-century electronic publishing. Howard's broad overview and accessible writing style make this book ideal for students and bibliophiles alike. The volume includes a glossary of terms, a timeline of important events, and a selected bibliography of useful resources for further information.

Introduction to Management of Reverse Logistics and Closed Loop Supply Chain Processes (Hardcover): Donald F. Blumberg Introduction to Management of Reverse Logistics and Closed Loop Supply Chain Processes (Hardcover)
Donald F. Blumberg
R2,069 Discovery Miles 20 690 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Increasing legislative and environmental pressure requires businesses to become more responsive to products that either have been returned or that are at the end of their useful lives. Life cycles are getting shorter, and efficient handling can save large amounts of money since many materials can be extracted and reused or redistributed. Reverse logistics (RL) and closed loop supply chains (CLSC) have garnered growing interest as a way to manage this reverse flow of product in a cost effective way. Introduction to Management of Reverse Logistics (RL) and Closed Loop Supply Chain(CLSC) Processes provides an overall treatment of CLSC and RL, a qualitative and quantitative presentation of the size and dimensions of the overall market and industry, and a look at future trends. The author discusses key issues and trends in management and operation, strategic, tactical, and operational issues for implementation, and a pragmatic evaluation of the realities of running a CLSC or an RL business. Since most supply chains are not designed to handle reverse materials flows effectively, this is a crucial resource for managers who wish to ensure a smooth flow of materials while extracting the maximum value from returned and end-of-life goods.

Quality Function Deployment - Integrating Customer Requirements into Product Design (Paperback): Yoji Akao Quality Function Deployment - Integrating Customer Requirements into Product Design (Paperback)
Yoji Akao
R1,593 Discovery Miles 15 930 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Quality Function Deployment (QFD) is a method for satisfying customers by translating their demands into design targets and quality assurance points. For a thorough "how-to" on the implementation of QFD, we went directly to the source -- Yoji Akao, the creator of QFD and one of the foremost leaders of the Japanese Total Quality Control movement.

In this unprecedented book he explains the concepts and methods of this remarkable systems engineering approach. Filled with case studies, detailed charts, and over 100 diagrams, this book is a complete reference tool for QFD implementation.

It includesa " Use of the demanded quality deployment chart. Using and promoting quality charts. Using quality control process charts: QFD at the pre-production. Quality deployment and reliability deployment. Quality development in the construction industry. QFD for the service industry. QFD for software development.

Fundamentals of Information Theory and Coding Design (Hardcover): Roberto Togneri, Christopher J. S. Desilva Fundamentals of Information Theory and Coding Design (Hardcover)
Roberto Togneri, Christopher J. S. Desilva
R2,035 Discovery Miles 20 350 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Books on information theory and coding have proliferated over the last few years, but few succeed in covering the fundamentals without losing students in mathematical abstraction. Even fewer build the essential theoretical framework when presenting algorithms and implementation details of modern coding systems.

Without abandoning the theoretical foundations, Fundamentals of Information Theory and Coding Design presents working algorithms and implementations that can be used to design and create real systems. The emphasis is on the underlying concepts governing information theory and the mathematical basis for modern coding systems, but the authors also provide the practical details of important codes like Reed-Solomon, BCH, and Turbo codes. Also setting this text apart are discussions on the cascading of information channels and the additivity of information, the details of arithmetic coding, and the connection between coding of extensions and Markov modelling.

Complete, balanced coverage, an outstanding format, and a wealth of examples and exercises make this an outstanding text for upper-level students in computer science, mathematics, and engineering and a valuable reference for telecommunications engineers and coding theory researchers.

Leading the Lean Initiative - Straight Talk on Cultivating Support and Buy-in (Hardcover): John W. Davis Leading the Lean Initiative - Straight Talk on Cultivating Support and Buy-in (Hardcover)
John W. Davis
R1,098 Discovery Miles 10 980 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

In his latest offering, John Davis tackles the "human" side of a lean initiative -- cultivating a lean culture and gaining employee buy-in. How managers deal with these issues will ultimately determine their success.Leading the Lean Initiative: Straight Talk on Cultivating Support and Buy-in shows you how to lead a lean effort and effectively manage change. It is a practical manual for the new manager. Though directed at plant managers, and specifically those new to their jobs, this book benefits anyone taking on a leadership role. Davis provides complete direction on the crucial first steps and advise on competently responding to the "unknown and unexpected." In addition the book covers how to: Gain the respect and active support of the workforce. Work effectively with unions and customers. Create a culture for change. Actively seek out key people in your organization. Diplomatically buck the system. Extend lean to the entire enterprise. Develop and effectively earmark your plan for operation. Cultivate a winning relationship with your boss. Deal with major setbacks in business conditions.Throughout the text, Davis weaves the story of Jim Warring, a plant manager who is new to the job, detailing his frustrations, challenges, and accomplishments, and how he handles the daily responsibilities of a plant manager. At the end of each chapter, Davis rates Warring on how he performed in his role as plant manager and as a leader of the plant's lean initiative by presenting "The Warring Scorecard." Davis points out where he succeeded, and where he made some serious mistakes. Leading the Lean Initiative: Straight Talk on Cultivating Support and Buy-in, is a valuable resource or all managers in any industry. This book will show you how to effectively lead in your organization and how to cultivate a cooperative environment.

Pharmaceutical Packaging Technology (Hardcover): D.A. Dean, E.R. Evans, I.H. Hall Pharmaceutical Packaging Technology (Hardcover)
D.A. Dean, E.R. Evans, I.H. Hall
R6,477 Discovery Miles 64 770 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Pharmaceutical packaging requires a greater knowledge of materials and a greater intensity of testing than most other packed products, not to mention a sound knowledge of pharmaceutical products and an understanding of regulatory requirements. Structured to meet the needs of the global market, this volume provides an assessment of a wide range of issues. It covers the entire supply chain from conversion of raw materials into packaging materials and then assembled into product packs. Integrating information from many drug delivery systems, the author discusses testing and evaluation and emphasizes traceability and the need to for additional safeguards.

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