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Murder At Small Koppie - The Real Story Of The Marikana Massacre (Paperback): Greg Marinovich Murder At Small Koppie - The Real Story Of The Marikana Massacre (Paperback)
Greg Marinovich 5
R260 R205 Discovery Miles 2 050 Save R55 (21%) Shipped within 4 - 8 working days

The killing of thirty-four miners by police at Marikana in August 2012 was the largest massacre of civilians in South Africa since Sharpeville. The events have been covered in newspaper articles, on TV news and in a commission of inquiry, but there is still confusion about what happened on that fateful day.

In Murder At Small Koppie, renowned photojournalist Greg Marinovich explores the truth behind the Marikana massacre. He investigates the shootings near Wonderkop hill, which happened in view of the media, as well as the killings that happened beyond the view of cameras at a nondescript collection of boulders known as Small Koppie, some 300 metres away. Many of the men killed here were shot in cold blood at close range. Drawing on his own meticulous research, eyewitness accounts and the findings of the Marikana Commission of Inquiry, Marinovich accurately reconstructs that fateful day as well as the events leading up to the strike, and looks at the subsequent denials, obfuscation and buck-passing by Lonmin, the SAPS and the government.

This is the definitive account of the Marikana massacre from the journalist whose award-winning investigation into the tragedy has been called the most important piece of South African journalism since apartheid.

World Press Photo 2019 (Paperback): World Press Photo 2019 (Paperback)
R552 R372 Discovery Miles 3 720 Save R180 (33%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Publishing the results of the most recent annual World Press Photo Contest, this exceptional book contains the very best press photographs from the year 2018 - pictures submitted by photojournalists, picture agencies, newspapers and magazines throughout the world. Selected from thousands of images, these prizewinning photos capture the most powerful, moving and sometimes disturbing images of the year.

Forever England - Photographs from Bekonscot Model Village (Hardcover): Liam Bailey Forever England - Photographs from Bekonscot Model Village (Hardcover)
Liam Bailey
R245 R192 Discovery Miles 1 920 Save R53 (22%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The remarkable photographs in "Forever Engand" were taken at Bekonscot Model Village in Beaconsfield. Initially built by a London accountant to entertain his house guests, it opened to the public in 1929 and is the oldest model village in the world, welcoming close to 200,000 visitors each year. Now a world famous folly, it stands as a tribute to English eccentricity, humour, determination and craftsmanship. Its particular charm is that it presents a vision of England firmly rooted in an idyllic 1930s timewarp. Yet it is its quirkiness that Bailey has captured so stunningly. In wonderful tableaux of everyday life he creates an extraordinarily rich and powerful sense of character and atmosphere. Bekonscot's miniature population of 3,000 people and 300 animals becomes real, their lives frozen in time, as we are carried back to an England we all know and long for - an England of our imaginations - when life was simple, secure, unchanging.

Italy - From the Ancient Ruins of Rome to the Catwalks of Milan (Hardcover): Claudia Martin Italy - From the Ancient Ruins of Rome to the Catwalks of Milan (Hardcover)
Claudia Martin
R523 R407 Discovery Miles 4 070 Save R116 (22%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

In 150 striking images, Italy celebrates perhaps the most beautiful country in the world. From the natural beauty of lakes such as Como or Garda to the vineyards in Tuscany to the many beaches, from the pretty seaside towns of the Cinque Terre to the glory of Venice's canals and palaces, from the magnificence of classical antiquity in Rome to the Arab-Norman architecture of Palermo to Renaissance Florence, there is just so much to feast on in Italy. But apart from the famous highlights, the book also features lesser known sides to the country, be it pretty, unexplored corners and examples of everyday life, or the abandoned cave towns of Puglia and the 16th century star-shaped town of Palmanova. Presented in a landscape format and with captions explaining the story behind each entry, Italy is a stunning collection of images.

Shooting the Pistol - Courtside Photos of Pete Maravich at LSU (Hardcover): Danny Brown Shooting the Pistol - Courtside Photos of Pete Maravich at LSU (Hardcover)
Danny Brown
R440 R356 Discovery Miles 3 560 Save R84 (19%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Every basketball team has its star player. From 1967 to 1970, Louisiana State University saw the rise of a legend: "Pistol Pete" Maravich, one of the greatest basketball players in LSU history and arguably the greatest to ever play college basketball. Known for his dazzling ball handling, creative passing, and extraordinary shooting, he averaged 44.2 points per game at LSU -- without the benefit of a three-point line -- and remains the NCAA's all-time leading scorer.

Danny Brown, a journalism student at LSU during most of Pete's college years, took hundreds of photographs at LSU basketball games as part of his course work. In Shooting The Pistol, Brown offers more than eighty photographs -- most never before published -- of Pete in action, along with game statistics and personal recollections, to form the single most complete portrait ever made of Maravich at LSU.

Danny first met Pete not on the basketball court, but during Air Force ROTC training, where Danny was Pete's squadron sergeant. Upon learning that the tall, scrawny guy with the shaved head and the purple-and-gold beanie cap was scoring 40 points a game on the freshman team, Danny replied, "That kid can play basketball?" Danny eventually became friends with Pete and his father, Coach "Press" Maravich, and his images pay tribute to an amazing athlete and a magical time in LSU sports history.

Brown's photographs provide intimate courtside views of Pete's gravity-defying, play-making skills. Many capture Pete in midair, where he seemingly floats, his off-balance body positions resembling moves in an athletic ballet. Famous for his ability to stop on a dime, Pete -- as Brown's pictures demonstrate -- often caught opponents flat-footed as he quickly maneuvered for an opening to the basket or sent a sudden "no-look" pass to a teammate. The volume culminates in Brown's near-perfect photographs of Pete's shot that broke the NCAA scoring record during the 1970 Ole Miss game and of the ensuing game-stopping victory celebration.

While the majority of the images here show number 23 in motion, several reveal the personal side of the shy star, including a rare game attendance by his mother and quieter off-court moments with his father. Throughout, Brown weaves a rich conversational commentary -- anecdotes about Pete, circumstances surrounding the more notable photographs, and descriptions of the games and Pete's performance.

Seeing LSU's basketball phenomenon Pete Maravich through Danny Brown's lens will transport fans back in time, under the goal, to witness firsthand the making of college sports history.

Nobody Leaves - Impressions of Poland (Paperback): Ryszard Kapuscinski Nobody Leaves - Impressions of Poland (Paperback)
Ryszard Kapuscinski 1
R203 R136 Discovery Miles 1 360 Save R67 (33%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

'A masterpiece ... a moving image of post-war Poland, and the first breathing of one of the essential voices of the twentieth century... the master of literary reportage' The Times Literary Supplement When the great traveller-reporter Ryszard Kapuscinski was a young journalist in the early 1960s, he was sent to write about the farthest reaches of his native Poland. The resulting essays brought together here reveal a place as strange as any of the distant lands he visited on foreign assignments: caught between ties to the past and dreams of escape, a country on the edge of modernity. 'Kapuscinski trascends the limitations of journalism and writes with the narrative power of a Conrad or Kipling or Orwell' Blake Morrison

Marching to the Freedom Dream (Hardcover): Dan Budnik, Harry Belafonte, James Enyeart Marching to the Freedom Dream (Hardcover)
Dan Budnik, Harry Belafonte, James Enyeart
R1,193 R1,088 Discovery Miles 10 880 Save R105 (9%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days
Above Baton Rouge - A Pilot's View Then and Now (Hardcover): Fred C Frey Jr Above Baton Rouge - A Pilot's View Then and Now (Hardcover)
Fred C Frey Jr; Tom Guarisco
R771 R607 Discovery Miles 6 070 Save R164 (21%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

In Above Baton Rouge, photographer and pilot Fred C. Frey, Jr., offers a breathtaking bird's-eye view of the development of Louisiana's capital city over time. Vivid pairs of black-and-white aerial photographs taken from similar angles and altitudes forty years apart reveal stunning, sweeping changes that might be taken for granted at eye level, providing a one-of-a-kind visual chronicle of Baton Rouge then and now.

In the early 1960s, Frey began taking aerial photographs of Baton Rouge sites to help evaluate their potential for possible real estate developments. What started as an innovative business practice soon developed into an ongoing passion for viewing and capturing his hometown from above as it experienced explosive growth over the next forty years. A skilled aviator and Korean War veteran, Frey would bank his Cessna 150, pop open the window, and -- with both hands on the camera -- snap vivid pictures. He honed his compositions, always searching for familiar landmarks, major intersections, and distinctive buildings. Over time, Frey amassed a cache of more than five thousand negatives.

Frey documents the enormous strides Baton Rouge has taken since the 1960s: developers clearing vast forests to make way for massive new subdivisions and shopping districts; a downtown resurrecting itself in the face of unprecedented suburban competition; LSU and Southern University extending their footprints; refineries and chemical plants expanding Baton Rouge's industrial corridor; and the interstate system steadily carving a path through the parish.

In the early 1990s, Frey realized the value of his images, many of which depicted aspects of Baton Rouge no longer in existence. He began in earnest to create modern counterparts to his earliest photographs in order to illustrate how much had changed. The astounding results show fledgling subdivisions surrounded by pastures transforming into sprawling communities. Two-lane country roads ballooned into six- and eight-lane thoroughfares, straddled by mile after mile of commercial development.

Frey took every photograph in this book with the same beloved Hasselblad camera system he bought in 1962. Above Baton Rouge therefore offers a unique yet consistent perspective on the metropolitan area's ever-changing landscape. Illuminating text by Tom Guarisco points out key landmarks and features and draws attention to striking differences between companion photos.

Frey's masterfully shot aerial photography gives proof to Baton Rouge's boundless energy and industry -- and its thirst for new places to live, work, shop, and play.

Andrew D. Lytle's Baton Rouge - Photographs, 1863--1910 (Hardcover): Mark E. Martin Andrew D. Lytle's Baton Rouge - Photographs, 1863--1910 (Hardcover)
Mark E. Martin
R666 R525 Discovery Miles 5 250 Save R141 (21%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Andrew David Lytle produced thousands of photographic images in the sixty years during which he lived in Baton Rouge and operated Lytle Studio. His heirs, alas, reportedly shattered his glass-plate negatives by dropping them down a dry well soon after his death, not realizing their value. Andrew D. Lytle's Baton Rouge preserves some of the only images that remain, a vintage treasure for contemporary viewers.

These 120 photographs give entr?e into life in Louisiana's capital city from the 1860s through the early 1900s. They compose the largest extant collection of photos created in a professional studio in nineteenth-century Baton Rouge. Together they capture the day-to-day existence of the community, fleeting moments of great importance, and long-term changes over time, revealing not only the perceptions of the photographer but also the self-perceptions of his subjects.

In a superb introductory overview of the collection, Mark E. Martin recounts Lytle's life and career within the context of Baton Rouge history and culture, noting advances in camera and printing technologies. Martin then discusses the photographs thematically, beginning with Baton Rouge's occupation by Federal forces during the Civil War. Thousands of northern soldiers and sailors came through the city during that time, and Lytle, a native of Ohio, photographed them in his studio, on the riverfront, in camps, on boats and ships, and from a bird's-eye view atop buildings. This work brought Lytle fame fifty years later when select images were published in The Photographic History of the Civil War along with the claim that Lytle had been a secret agent, a "camera spy," for the Confederacy. Martin exposes the impossibility of this popular belief, which nonetheless persisted well into the twentieth century.

Over the years Lytle Studio, which Andrew's son Howard eventually joined, produced commercial images of the Louisiana State Penitentiary, the forestry industry, railways and waterways, LSU sports teams, outdoor landscapes, and individuals. Andrew Lytle was more than a studio photographer, though. A husband, father, and grandfather, he took an active role in the community as an entrepreneur; volunteer firefighter, 'member of religious, social, and fraternal organizations; and participant in local theatrical productions and other entertainments. His photography provides in many cases the only visual record of the life and times of Baton Rouge and its people in that period.

Much of what is depicted in Andrew D. Lytle's Baton Rouge remains central to the city's vitality today: politics, family, home, commerce and industry, social events, parades, LSU sports, and the riverfront (now with levees). Readers will find here a priceless glimpse at a bygone world, yet one still recognizable.

World Off Track (Hardcover): Jarret Schecter World Off Track (Hardcover)
Jarret Schecter
R613 R573 Discovery Miles 5 730 Save R40 (7%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days
Costa Smeralda - 50 Years of Dolce Vita in Sardinia (Hardcover): Cesare Cunnaccia Costa Smeralda - 50 Years of Dolce Vita in Sardinia (Hardcover)
Cesare Cunnaccia
R956 R699 Discovery Miles 6 990 Save R257 (27%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days
The Only House Left Standing - The Journals of Tom Hurndall (Hardcover): Tom Hurndall, Robert Fisk The Only House Left Standing - The Journals of Tom Hurndall (Hardcover)
Tom Hurndall, Robert Fisk
R625 R585 Discovery Miles 5 850 Save R40 (6%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The unfolding events in the run up to the Iraq war had given Tom Hurndall, a 21-year-old British photojournalist, an increased curiosity and desire to journey to the Middle East. In February 2003, initially as an observer alongside the Human Shields, he left with a passion to make a difference, to record and photograph the truth for himself. We follow his journey first from Baghdad, then to Amman and the Al-Rweished refugee camp in Jordan, and finally on to the town of Rafah in Gaza close to the Egyptian border, where US peaceworker Rachel Corrie had been killed just weeks previously, On April 11th, unarmed and wearing and internationally recognized orange peacekeeper jacket, he was severely wounded while carrying Palestinian children to safety. He died nine months later in a London hospital. The book follows Tom's life and thoughts in the final weeks leading up to the shooing. Motivated by a sense of injustice and striving to remain objective we are drawn into his increasingly serious photographs and words, through extracts from his diary, emails and poems. It is realised through collaboration with the Hurndall family on the sixth anniversary of the fateful day, and with the recent Channel 4 film-documentary 'The Shooting of Thomas Hurndall'.

Nations within - The Four Sovereign Tribes of Louisiana (Hardcover): Tim Mueller Nations within - The Four Sovereign Tribes of Louisiana (Hardcover)
Tim Mueller; Sarah Sue Goldsmith, Risa Mueller
R764 R600 Discovery Miles 6 000 Save R164 (21%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Despite poverty, discrimination and near extinction, Louisiana's native cultures have managed to thrive into the 21st century. This book combines photographs with the voices and perspectives of Native Americans to unveil the past and glimpse the future.

Deconstructing Osama - The Truth About the Case of Manbaa Mokfhi (English & Foreign language, Paperback): Joan Fontcuberta Deconstructing Osama - The Truth About the Case of Manbaa Mokfhi (English & Foreign language, Paperback)
Joan Fontcuberta
R717 Discovery Miles 7 170 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Shocking Photos! Chilling documents! Secrets revealed! The amazing scoop from the Al-Zur News agency. A Project by Joan Fontcuberta. In November 2006 Al-Zur [the Qatar-based news agency] photojounalists, Mohammed ben Kalish Ezab and Omar ben Salaad, pulled off one of the most stunning scoops in the annals of investigative journalism. Ben Kalish and Ben Salaad followed the trail of Dr. Fasqiyta-Ul Junat, a leader of Al Qaeda's military wing. This is how Joan Fontcuberta's latest fiction project starts. A complex and ironic vision of how Western World envisages the arabic world. Photography and deception meet in this publication, which will not leave you indifferent.

Lovin' It - Photographs from Shanghai (Hardcover): Adam Hinton, John Gittings, Nigel Warburton Lovin' It - Photographs from Shanghai (Hardcover)
Adam Hinton, John Gittings, Nigel Warburton
R405 R311 Discovery Miles 3 110 Save R94 (23%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

These photographs from Shanghai explore the new culture rapidly developing in China as it expands its domestic market at breakneck speed. As elsewhere in the world, the appeal of modern consumer goods and the benefits they bring is there for all to see. But such rapid change has its dark side. As the not-so-old cultural structures become increasingly irrelevant, there are threats to social cohesion as communal identity gives way to individuality and alienation. What we are seeing now is a new Cultural Revolution, a capitalist Cultural Revolution that is more complete, more total, and no less ideological than the Cultural Revolution that was instigated by Chairman Mao in the 1960s.
"Lovin' It" is introduced by John Gittings, for many years foreign leader-writer and East Asia editor at the "Guardian." Gittings first visited China in 1971 during the Cultural Revolution and in 2001 he opened the "Guardian"'s first staff bureau on the Chinese mainland, in Shanghai.
The book also includes an interview with Hinton by writer and cultural critic Nigel Warburton.
London-based photographer Adam Hinton has produced several documentary projects based on various communities, including a favela in Rio de Janeiro, a coal mining family in the Ukraine, and a Himba community in Namibia. His personal and commissioned photography have won numerous awards and been exhibited at various galleries, including the National Portrait Gallery and The Photographers' Gallery, London.

War Is Only Half the Story - Ten Years of the Aftermath Project (Paperback): Sara Terry War Is Only Half the Story - Ten Years of the Aftermath Project (Paperback)
Sara Terry
R884 R611 Discovery Miles 6 110 Save R273 (31%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days
Shade - A Tale Of Two Presidents (Hardcover): Pete Souza Shade - A Tale Of Two Presidents (Hardcover)
Pete Souza 1
R635 R387 Discovery Miles 3 870 Save R248 (39%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

From Pete Souza, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Obama: An Intimate Portrait, comes a potent commentary on the Presidency.

As Chief Official White House Photographer, Pete Souza spent more time alongside President Barack Obama than almost anyone else. His years photographing the President gave him an intimate behind-the-scenes view of the unique gravity of the Office of the Presidency--and the tremendous responsibility that comes with it. Now, as a concerned citizen observing the Trump administration, he is standing up and speaking out.

Shade is a portrait in Presidential contrasts, telling the tale of the Obama and Trump administrations through a series of visual juxtapositions. Here, more than one hundred of Souza's unforgettable images of President Obama deliver new power and meaning when framed by the tweets, news headlines, and quotes that defined the first 500 days of the Trump White House. What began with Souza's Instagram posts soon after President Trump's inauguration in January 2017 has become a potent commentary on the state of the Presidency, and our country. Some call this "throwing shade." Souza calls it telling the truth.

In Shade, Souza's photographs are more than a rejoinder to the chaos, abuses of power, and destructive policies that now define our nation's highest office. They are a reminder of a President we could believe in, and a courageous defense of American values.

Echoes (Hardcover): Chris Steele-Perkins Echoes (Hardcover)
Chris Steele-Perkins
R342 Discovery Miles 3 420 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The echo has a nostalgie de la boue that history cannot convey; Proust was a master of the reverberating sounds of the past, ill-defined and resonant. Chris Steele-Perkins has selected here, from the fragments of a working photographer's life and the archive of a single year--2001, dawn of a new millenium--images that unashamedly evoke his memories of that year, sentimental, odd, striking and intensely personal.

Love and Resistance - Out of the Closet into the Stonewall Era (Hardcover): Roxane Gay, Jason Baumann, Kay Tobin Lahusen, Diana... Love and Resistance - Out of the Closet into the Stonewall Era (Hardcover)
Roxane Gay, Jason Baumann, Kay Tobin Lahusen, Diana Davies
R473 R357 Discovery Miles 3 570 Save R116 (25%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

This powerful collection-which captures the energy, humour and humanity of the ground-breaking protests that surrounded the Stonewall Riots-celebrates the diversity of the LGBT rights movement, both in the subjects of the photos and by presenting Kay Tobin Lahusen and Diana Davies' distinctive work and perspectives in conversation with each other. A preface, captions and part introductions from curator Jason Baumann provide illuminating historical context. And an introduction from best-selling author Roxane Gay speaks to the continued importance of these iconic photos of resistance.

Hotel Afrique (Hardcover): Stuart Franklin, Mark Sealy Hotel Afrique (Hardcover)
Stuart Franklin, Mark Sealy
R415 R320 Discovery Miles 3 200 Save R95 (23%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The elite hotels of Africa serve as an interface between the tribal, religious, social and cultural aspects of Africa and the global uniformity of international business culture. They are also the places where the unseen resources of many African countries - oil, diamonds, minerals - are bartered away behind closed doors. These are environments which have a strangely hybrid quality - their design, their cuisine, musak and global TV echoing 'international' standards. Yet they are ultimately sites of tension, where cultures collide and conflict. At the same time, however, these hotels are viewed by their local communities as symbols of achievement which contradict the more usual representations of Africa.Far from being despised as enclaves of the rich, these hotels have become 'objects of desire', the dream venue for weddings and where to be invited to a business conference is to have reached the pinnacle of success. And for most hotel employees there is the reassurance of wages that are higher than they could earn elsewhere and therefore their duties are carried out with pride and self-assurance.

Abandoned Civilisations - The Mysteries Behind More Than 90 Lost Worlds (Hardcover): Kieron Connolly Abandoned Civilisations - The Mysteries Behind More Than 90 Lost Worlds (Hardcover)
Kieron Connolly
R518 R402 Discovery Miles 4 020 Save R116 (22%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Ruined cities overgrown by jungle. Towns buried beneath the ground. Statues lying half- hidden in the sand. Why do civilisations collapse? Why are towns abandoned? And how do once mighty cities come to be forgotten about? From the pyramids of Egypt to the ruins at Angkor in Cambodia and on to the mysteries of the Easter Island moai statues, Abandoned Civilisations is a brilliant pictorial work examining lost worlds. What emerges is a picture of how vast societies can rise, thrive and then collapse. We admire how whole cities develop, but equally fascinating is what happens when their moment has passed. From the 9th century temples at Khajuraho in India which were lost in the date palm trees until stumbled across by European engineers in the 19th century to Mayan pyramids in the Guatemalan jungle to Roman cities semi-buried - but consequently preserved - in the North African desert, the book explores why societies fall and what, once abandoned, they leave behind to history. With 150 striking colour photographs exploring 100 worlds, Abandoned Civilisations is a fascinating visual history of the mysteries of lost societies.

Treasures of Ancient Egypt (Hardcover): Nigel Fletcher-Jones Treasures of Ancient Egypt (Hardcover)
Nigel Fletcher-Jones
R518 R402 Discovery Miles 4 020 Save R116 (22%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Four thousand years before the birth of Christ, ancient Egypt was the cradle of modern civilization. Powerful pharaohs built great cities on the fertile banks of the Nile, and employed thousands of labourers to create lavish tombs and temples such as Thebes and the pyramids of the Giza plateau. Today the exceptional beauty and scale of ancient Egypt's antiquities is legendary and draws millions of visitors to Egypt's museums and monuments each year. Treasures of Ancient Egypt is a celebration of these wonders, from Tutankhamun's tomb to the pyramids, from ancient papyrus scrolls covered with hieroglyphs to golden amulets in the form of ankhs and scarabs. Featuring 160 colour photographs, Treasures of Ancient Egypt tells the stories of the pyramids, the Sphinx, the Valley of the Kings, and the artefacts that have been found there. From necklaces to mummies, from wall paintings to statues, this is a fascinating, highly colourful exploration of a mighty ancient civilization.

NK Guy. Art of Burning Man (Hardcover): N K Guy NK Guy. Art of Burning Man (Hardcover)
N K Guy
R814 R592 Discovery Miles 5 920 Save R222 (27%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

One hundred miles from the gambling town of Reno, in the wilderness of northern Nevada, lies a vast, hostile plain known as the Black Rock Desert. The region has been an empty and windswept dry lake bed for most of the past 10,000 years. Except, that is, for one brief week at the end of each summer, when a temporary city rises out of the barren clay. This is the surreal and amazing site of Burning Man. Baked by the sun, and blinded by dust, the gathering acquires different meanings for different people: temporary community, spiritual adventure, performance stage, desert rave, social experiment. It's also the incubator of some of the most remarkable site-specific outdoor art ever made: a mechanized fire-breathing octopus, a towering wooden temple 15 meters tall, and the eponymous Man himself-a skeletal sculpture set ablaze at the event's conclusion. In this updated edition with fresh images, writer and photographer NK Guy presents 16 years of Burning Man art. His dazzling images record these participatory, collective, intrinsically ephemeral installations and happenings in the desert, which exist for no clearer purpose than because someone wanted to express something. The result is testimony to a realm far beyond the ego, commerce, and power play of mainstream cultural output: it is one of the most pure, uninhibited, expressive centers of our time. With a foreword by temple designer and artist David Best and a futureword by Founding Board Member Marian Goodell.

Inside North Korea (English, French, German, Book): Oliver Wainwright Inside North Korea (English, French, German, Book)
Oliver Wainwright; Edited by Wiedemann
R969 R664 Discovery Miles 6 640 Save R305 (31%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Erased by bombing during the Korean War, North Korea's trophy capital of Pyongyang was entirely rebuilt from scratch from 1953, in line with the vision of the nation's founder, Kim Il-sung. Designed as an imposing stage set, it is a place of grand axial boulevards linking gargantuan monuments, lined with stately piles of distinctly Korean flavor, to be "national in form and socialist in content."Under the present leader, Kim Jong-un, construction has ramped up apace-"Let us turn the whole country into a socialist fairyland," declares one of his official patriotic slogans. He is rapidly transforming Pyongyang into a playground, conjuring a flimsy fantasy of prosperity and using architecture as a powerful anesthetic, numbing the population from the stark reality of his authoritarian regime.Guardian journalist and photographer Oliver Wainwright takes us on an eye-opening tour behind closed doors in the most secretive country in the world, revealing that past the grand stone facades lie lavish wonder-worlds of marble and mosaic, coffered ceilings, and crystal chandeliers, along with new interiors in dazzling color palettes. Discover the palatial reading rooms of the Grand People's Study House, and peer inside the locker rooms of the recently renovated Rungrado May Day Stadium, ready to host a FIFA World Cup that will never come.This collection features about 300 photographs with insightful captions, as well as an introductory essay where Wainwright charts the history and development of Pyongyang, explaining how the architecture and interiors embody the national "Juche" ideology and questioning what the future holds for the architectural ambitions of this enigmatic country.

Flash - The Making of Weegee the Famous (Paperback): Christopher Bonanos Flash - The Making of Weegee the Famous (Paperback)
Christopher Bonanos
R360 R271 Discovery Miles 2 710 Save R89 (25%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
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