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Murder At Small Koppie - The Real Story Of The Marikana Massacre (Paperback): Greg Marinovich Murder At Small Koppie - The Real Story Of The Marikana Massacre (Paperback)
Greg Marinovich 5
R300 R240 Discovery Miles 2 400 Save R60 (20%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

The killing of thirty-four miners by police at Marikana in August 2012 was the largest massacre of civilians in South Africa since Sharpeville. The events have been covered in newspaper articles, on TV news and in a commission of inquiry, but there is still confusion about what happened on that fateful day.

In Murder At Small Koppie, renowned photojournalist Greg Marinovich explores the truth behind the Marikana massacre. He investigates the shootings near Wonderkop hill, which happened in view of the media, as well as the killings that happened beyond the view of cameras at a nondescript collection of boulders known as Small Koppie, some 300 metres away. Many of the men killed here were shot in cold blood at close range. Drawing on his own meticulous research, eyewitness accounts and the findings of the Marikana Commission of Inquiry, Marinovich accurately reconstructs that fateful day as well as the events leading up to the strike, and looks at the subsequent denials, obfuscation and buck-passing by Lonmin, the SAPS and the government.

This is the definitive account of the Marikana massacre from the journalist whose award-winning investigation into the tragedy has been called the most important piece of South African journalism since apartheid.

Accidentally Wes Anderson (Hardcover): Wally Koval Accidentally Wes Anderson (Hardcover)
Wally Koval
R859 R708 Discovery Miles 7 080 Save R151 (18%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Biden - The Obama Years and the Battle for the Soul of America (Hardcover): David Lienemann, Jill Biden Biden - The Obama Years and the Battle for the Soul of America (Hardcover)
David Lienemann, Jill Biden
R834 R682 Discovery Miles 6 820 Save R152 (18%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

This book captures the core of who Joe Biden is as a lifelong public servant, and who he would be as America's next President--featuring photographs from his eight years as one of America's most consequential vice presidents and partner to Barack Obama. These visually arresting photographs and behind-the-scenes stories show Biden stepping into his own as a leader ready to guide a nation in distress. They also reveal a new dimension to Biden's humanity--as a man whose decency and kindness shines through both tragedy and triumph, whose working-class roots inform his values, and whose candor and approachability enable him to connect with citizens of all kinds. This book traces Biden's vice presidency in unprecedented detail, shedding light on who he is as a political leader and patriot, and also as a father, husband, and friend. It will delight and fascinate readers who yearn for the return of honesty and ethics to the nation's highest offices. As we draw closer to the 2020 presidential elections, this portrait of one of the most influential names in American politics is more timely and important than ever.

Living Diversity - The Columbia Pike Documentary Project (Hardcover): Lloyd Wolf, Duy Tran, Paula Endo, Xang Mimi Ho,... Living Diversity - The Columbia Pike Documentary Project (Hardcover)
Lloyd Wolf, Duy Tran, Paula Endo, Xang Mimi Ho, Aleksandra Lagkueva; Foreword by …
R899 R722 Discovery Miles 7 220 Save R177 (20%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Living Diversity collects work by the Columbia Pike Documentary Project, a team of photographers and interviewers who have captured the evolving life of the people and places that make up this historic corridor in Arlington, Virginia, immediately adjacent to the nation's capital. Five gifted photographers have collaborated to document the essence of the place they call home. Older, established ways of life are still in place along the Pike, flourishing alongside those of large numbers of citizens from every corner of the planet. Unlike in many parts of the world, or even in our own country, a stunningly diverse set of people live here in relative harmony. The book depicts historical, artistic, demographic, and cultural trends in this unique community, trends that are mirrored, in one stage or another, in other areas of the nation. Visually, it offers an avenue for understanding the soul of this successful experiment in tolerance and diversity. An exploration, a celebration, a gritty and thought-provoking journey, the book is also a series of quietly expressed questions posed by each photographer. Their eyes, hearts, and minds were opened throughout this seven-year journey--they trust yours will be also.

Mike the Tiger - The Roar of LSU (Hardcover): David G. Baker, W. Sheldon Bivin, C.C. Lockwood Mike the Tiger - The Roar of LSU (Hardcover)
David G. Baker, W. Sheldon Bivin, C.C. Lockwood
R754 R630 Discovery Miles 6 300 Save R124 (16%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Mike the Tiger has symbolized the spirit and resolve of Louisiana State University for over seventy-five years. Fiercely confident, keenly competitive, marvelously clever, and the only live tiger to reside on a college campus, Mike reigns nobly from his home just outside of Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge.

In this completely updated and visually stunning new edition of Mike the Tiger, David G. Baker and W. Sheldon Bivin tell the story of the famed mascot from the Civil War origins of LSU's fighting tiger tradition to the present age of social media. They debunk the myths, confirm the legends, and share priceless behind-the-scenes anecdotes as they chronicle the reign of each of the six Mikes. Included are 70 additional photos, for a total of 200 images, as well as new details about:

? The construction of a spacious natural enclosure for Mike in 2005, complete with waterfall, stream, pool, shrubs, rocks, and grass

? The final years of Mike V, who was hand-raised at LSU, and the outpouring of condolences upon his death

? The exciting arrival and introduction of Mike VI and the establishment of his reputation as possibly the most affectionate and inquisitive personality of any LSU tiger to date

? The naming of a sixth subspecies of tiger, the Malayan, and the current status of global tiger preservation efforts

? Frequently asked questions and answers about Mike's care and lifestyle

Mike the Tiger provides a treat for all who ever said, "Meet me at the tiger cage," for all who still marvel at his regal appearance, and for all who will forever bleed purple and gold.

Colors of Confinement - Rare Kodachrome Photographs of Japanese American Incarceration in World War II (Hardcover, New... Colors of Confinement - Rare Kodachrome Photographs of Japanese American Incarceration in World War II (Hardcover, New edition)
Eric L. Muller
R830 R674 Discovery Miles 6 740 Save R156 (19%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

In 1942, Bill Manbo and his family were forced from their Hollywood home into the Japanese American internment camp at Heart Mountain in Wyoming. While there, Manbo documented both the bleakness and beauty of his surroundings, using Kodachrome film, a technology then just seven years old, to capture community celebrations and to record his family's struggle to maintain a normal life under the harsh conditions of racial imprisonment. Colors of Confinement showcases sixty-five stunning images from this extremely rare collection of color photographs, presented along with three interpretive essays by leading scholars and a reflective, personal essay by a former Heart Mountain internee. The subjects of these haunting photos are the routine fare of an amateur photographer: parades, cultural events, people at play, Manbo's son. But the images are set against the backdrop of the barbed-wire enclosure surrounding the Heart Mountain Relocation Center and the dramatic expanse of Wyoming sky and landscape. The accompanying essays illuminate these scenes as they trace a tumultuous history unfolding just beyond the camera's lens, giving readers insight into Japanese American cultural life and the stark realities of life in the camps.

Andrew D. Lytle's Baton Rouge - Photographs, 1863-1910 (Hardcover): Mark E. Martin Andrew D. Lytle's Baton Rouge - Photographs, 1863-1910 (Hardcover)
Mark E. Martin
R843 R692 Discovery Miles 6 920 Save R151 (18%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Andrew David Lytle produced thousands of photographic images in the sixty years during which he lived in Baton Rouge and operated Lytle Studio. His heirs, alas, reportedly shattered his glass-plate negatives by dropping them down a dry well soon after his death, not realizing their value. Andrew D. Lytle's Baton Rouge preserves some of the only images that remain, a vintage treasure for contemporary viewers.

These 120 photographs give entr?e into life in Louisiana's capital city from the 1860s through the early 1900s. They compose the largest extant collection of photos created in a professional studio in nineteenth-century Baton Rouge. Together they capture the day-to-day existence of the community, fleeting moments of great importance, and long-term changes over time, revealing not only the perceptions of the photographer but also the self-perceptions of his subjects.

In a superb introductory overview of the collection, Mark E. Martin recounts Lytle's life and career within the context of Baton Rouge history and culture, noting advances in camera and printing technologies. Martin then discusses the photographs thematically, beginning with Baton Rouge's occupation by Federal forces during the Civil War. Thousands of northern soldiers and sailors came through the city during that time, and Lytle, a native of Ohio, photographed them in his studio, on the riverfront, in camps, on boats and ships, and from a bird's-eye view atop buildings. This work brought Lytle fame fifty years later when select images were published in The Photographic History of the Civil War along with the claim that Lytle had been a secret agent, a "camera spy," for the Confederacy. Martin exposes the impossibility of this popular belief, which nonetheless persisted well into the twentieth century.

Over the years Lytle Studio, which Andrew's son Howard eventually joined, produced commercial images of the Louisiana State Penitentiary, the forestry industry, railways and waterways, LSU sports teams, outdoor landscapes, and individuals. Andrew Lytle was more than a studio photographer, though. A husband, father, and grandfather, he took an active role in the community as an entrepreneur; volunteer firefighter, 'member of religious, social, and fraternal organizations; and participant in local theatrical productions and other entertainments. His photography provides in many cases the only visual record of the life and times of Baton Rouge and its people in that period.

Much of what is depicted in Andrew D. Lytle's Baton Rouge remains central to the city's vitality today: politics, family, home, commerce and industry, social events, parades, LSU sports, and the riverfront (now with levees). Readers will find here a priceless glimpse at a bygone world, yet one still recognizable.

Nations Within - The Four Sovereign Tribes of Louisiana (Hardcover): Tim Mueller, Sarah Sue Goldsmith Nations Within - The Four Sovereign Tribes of Louisiana (Hardcover)
Tim Mueller, Sarah Sue Goldsmith
R970 R793 Discovery Miles 7 930 Save R177 (18%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The land of Louisiana has nourished Native American people since 4000 b.c. Not often thought of as ""Indian country,"" this southern state has some of the oldest and best-preserved Indian burial sites in the world, as well as distinct native cultures that continue to flourish in the twenty-first century. Nations Within combines amazing photographs with the voices and perspectives of Native Americans to unveil the past and glimpse the future of the four federally recognized sovereign Indian tribes of Louisiana- the Chitimacha, Coushatta, Tunica-Biloxi, and Jena Band of Choctaw- showing how these particular groups have sustained their heritage and managed to thrive despite poverty, discrimination, and near extinction. The oldest, the Chitimacha, have resided along the Atchafalaya Basin for more than six thousand years and achieved federal recognition in 1919. This community has kept its identity through French and Spanish colonial governments, as Acadians flowed into the region, and even as mainstream white American culture seeped into its indigenous way of life and displaced its native tongue. The Tunica-Biloxi tribe, which began efforts to gain recognition in the 1930s and finally achieved that goal in 1981, can trace its roots back to the sixteenth century. Located near Marksville, this nation once considered renting its land for fifty dollars a month as a garbage dump but now owns a multimillion-dollar business that benefits the tribal members and has recovered a fascinating collection of artifacts attesting to its long history. The Coushatta began their journey from Georgia to Louisiana in the late eighteenth century, eventually settling along the southeastern reaches of the Red River. Attaining sovereign status in 1972, the tribe has maintained its basic social tie, the family unit or clan, and continues to practice traditions handed down for centuries, such as the ritual shaving of infants' hair, flute music, basket weaving, and Indian fry bread. The youngest of the nations is the Jena Band of Choctaw, which chose the Trout Creek area in central Louisiana as its home instead of continuing the trek with other Choctaw forced west along the Trail of Tears. Securing federal recognition only in 1995, the Jena Band focuses its efforts on paving its economic future, raising the educational level of the tribe, and improving health care options for members. This wonderfully conceived book follows some of Louisiana's many Indians through everyday life as they preserve their culture and prepare for the future within an increasingly complex world. Photographs and text together tell the uniqueness of each tribe and the shining strength of its people.

No Such Thing as Forever - Images from 30 years of The Never Ending Tour 1989-2019 (Hardcover): Paolo Brillo No Such Thing as Forever - Images from 30 years of The Never Ending Tour 1989-2019 (Hardcover)
Paolo Brillo
R929 R819 Discovery Miles 8 190 Save R110 (12%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days
Rousseau and Dignity - Art Serving Humanity (Hardcover): Julia V. Douthwaite Rousseau and Dignity - Art Serving Humanity (Hardcover)
Julia V. Douthwaite
R1,214 Discovery Miles 12 140 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Rousseau and Dignity: Art Serving Humanity is a richly illustrated volume relating a series of events-a photography exhibit, lectures, commentary, and audience reactions by people ages seven to ninety-two-held in the name of Jean-Jacques Rousseau's tercentennial in 2012. Drawn together by the unexpected convergence of a lecture series and art exhibit held in South Bend, Indiana, and a documentary film that was shot simultaneously in Compiegne, France, the participants had several goals: to show why Rousseau's moral philosophy is important for our time; to argue for the importance of subjective art forms such as photography, video letters, and autobiography; to reproduce the stunning photojournalism commissioned by Amnesty International to document and dignify people who suffer human rights abuses, such as substandard housing, nationless-ness, and ethnic prejudice; and to inspire new kinds of intergenerational teaching. The book includes essays from world-renowned scholars on Jean-Jacques Rousseau; five chapters by photojournalists, which include fifty-four photographs from Egypt, India, Macedonia, Mexico, and Nigeria; and notes by youthful visitors to the exhibit. In the volume's unorthodox combination of art and text, creation and reflection, the authors hope to elicit readers' interest in, and commitment to, an engaged form of public humanities.

Plantation Homes of the James River (Paperback, New edition): Bruce Roberts Plantation Homes of the James River (Paperback, New edition)
Bruce Roberts
R777 R620 Discovery Miles 6 200 Save R157 (20%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Bruce Roberts takes us on a photographic tour of fourteen of the famous colonial Virginia plantation houses nestled along the shores of the Lower James River from Richmond east to Jamestown and Williamsburg. Now carefully restored, often with the original furnishings, these houses are glorious monuments to a bygone era.
If you have never visited the James River plantations, this book will inspire you to plan a trip there. If you have, you will find this book a wonderful memento of a special place. Robert's 141 color photographs capture the magnificent exteriors of the houses, as well as their gardens and grounds, and offer rare and intimate glimpses of their interiors and furnishings. The plantations portrayed include Shirley Plantation, one of the oldest in America; Belle Air Plantation, with its unique seventeenth-century frame house containing America's finest Jacobean staircase; and Westover Plantation, site of the elegant Georgian home built by William Byrd II.
The text provides histories of the plantations, presenting them as places where real people lived and worked -- and still do, in many cases. While the plantations share some common history, each reflects the individual characteristics of the men, women, and children who lived there. In the dining room at Berkeley Hundred, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and eight other presidents enjoyed meals and discussed affairs of state. At Carter's Grove, Roberts photographed the "Refusal Room," where, according to local history, both Washington and Jefferson were refused in marriage by Virginia belles.
Today many of the plantation homes have been designated state and national historic sites, and with this book you can visit them and relive four hundred years of history.

Picher, Oklahoma - Catastrophe, Memory, and Trauma (Hardcover): Todd Stewart, Alison Fields Picher, Oklahoma - Catastrophe, Memory, and Trauma (Hardcover)
Todd Stewart, Alison Fields
R784 R660 Discovery Miles 6 600 Save R124 (16%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

On May 10, 2008, a tornado struck the northeastern Oklahoma town of Picher, destroying more than one hundred homes and killing six people. It was the final blow to a onetime boomtown already staggering under the weight of its history. The lead and zinc mining that had given birth to the town had also proven its undoing, earning Picher in 2006 the distinction of being the nation's most toxic Superfund site. Recounting the town's dissolution and documenting its remaining traces, Picher, Oklahoma tells the story of an unfolding ghost town. With shades of Picher's past lives lingering at every intersection, memories of its proud history and sad decline inhere in the relics, artifacts, personal treasures, and broken structures abandoned in disaster's wake. In Todd Stewart's haunting photographs, faded snapshots and letters, well-worn garments, and books and toys give harrowing and elegiac testimony of constancy and dislocation. Empty buildings and bared foundations stand in silent witness to the homes, schools, churches, and businesses that once defined life in Picher. As these photographs and Alison Fields's accompanying essays explore the otherworldly town teetering over massive sinkholes, they reveal how memory, embedded in everyday objects, can be dislocated and reframed through both chronic and acute instances of environmental trauma. Though hardly known outside the Three Corners Region of Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri, the fate of Picher echoes well beyond its borders. Picher, Oklahoma reflects the broader intersections of memory, time, material objects, and changing environments, demanding our attention even as it resists easy interpretation.

Maine Nursing - Interviews and History on Caring and Competence (Paperback): Valerie Hart, Susan Henderson, Juliana... Maine Nursing - Interviews and History on Caring and Competence (Paperback)
Valerie Hart, Susan Henderson, Juliana L'Heureux, Ann Sossong
R487 R406 Discovery Miles 4 060 Save R81 (17%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Prix Pictet 07: Space (Hardcover): Prictet Group Prix Pictet 07: Space (Hardcover)
Prictet Group
R1,189 R1,033 Discovery Miles 10 330 Save R156 (13%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Since it was launched in 2008, the Prix Pictet has become the world's leading prize for photography and sustainability. Each edition of the prize has unearthed powerful images that speak to today's vast societal, environmental, and cultural challenges. The award's seventh cycle, Space, is an invitation to artists to explore topics as diverse as overpopulation, deforestation, cyber space, and territorial conflicts. Central to this year's theme is the concept of humanity's role as guardians of space-and its failures in protecting it. The space of the natural world, from our planet's oceans and wild forests to outer space, is equally touched upon. Featuring the work of the award's shortlisted photographers as well as other nominees, this new book presents a poignant visual journey into a world defined by man's complex relationship with space. Accompanied by a foreword by honorary president Kofi Annan, it's a chronicle of some of the most critical problems facing modern society-and a celebration of the thought-provoking photographs made by artists who have the courage to confront such issues through their work.

Now and Then - England 1970-2015 (Hardcover): Daniel Meadows Now and Then - England 1970-2015 (Hardcover)
Daniel Meadows
R695 Discovery Miles 6 950 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Daniel Meadows is a pioneer of contemporary British documentary practice. His photographs and audio recordings, made over forty-five years, capture the life of England's 'great ordinary'. Challenging the status quo by working collaboratively, he has fashioned from his many encounters a nation's story both magical and familiar. This book includes important work from Meadows' ground-breaking projects, drawing on the archives now held at the Bodleian Library. Fiercely independent, Meadows devised many of his creative processes: he ran a free portrait studio in Manchester's Moss Side in 1972, then travelled 10,000 miles making a national portrait from his converted double-decker the Free Photographic Omnibus, a project he revisited a quarter of a century later. At the turn of the millennium he adopted new 'kitchen table' technologies to make digital stories: 'multimedia sonnets from the people', as he called them. He sometimes returned to those he had photographed, listening for how things were and how they had changed. Through their unique voices he finds a moving and insightful commentary on life in Britain. Then and now. Now and then.

The Rio Tape/Slide Archive 2020 - Radical Community Photography in Hackney in the 80s (Paperback): Alan Denney, Max Leonard,... The Rio Tape/Slide Archive 2020 - Radical Community Photography in Hackney in the 80s (Paperback)
Alan Denney, Max Leonard, Tamara Stoll, Andrew Woodyatt; Introduction by Michael Rosen, …
R706 R633 Discovery Miles 6 330 Save R73 (10%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days
Above Baton Rouge - A Pilot's View Then and Now (Hardcover): Fred C Frey Jr, Tom Guarisco Above Baton Rouge - A Pilot's View Then and Now (Hardcover)
Fred C Frey Jr, Tom Guarisco
R988 R811 Discovery Miles 8 110 Save R177 (18%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

In Above Baton Rouge, photographer and pilot Fred C. Frey, Jr., offers a breathtaking bird's-eye view of the development of Louisiana's capital city over time. Vivid pairs of black-and-white aerial photographs taken from similar angles and altitudes forty years apart reveal stunning, sweeping changes that might be taken for granted at eye level, providing a one-of-a-kind visual chronicle of Baton Rouge then and now.

In the early 1960s, Frey began taking aerial photographs of Baton Rouge sites to help evaluate their potential for possible real estate developments. What started as an innovative business practice soon developed into an ongoing passion for viewing and capturing his hometown from above as it experienced explosive growth over the next forty years. A skilled aviator and Korean War veteran, Frey would bank his Cessna 150, pop open the window, and -- with both hands on the camera -- snap vivid pictures. He honed his compositions, always searching for familiar landmarks, major intersections, and distinctive buildings. Over time, Frey amassed a cache of more than five thousand negatives.

Frey documents the enormous strides Baton Rouge has taken since the 1960s: developers clearing vast forests to make way for massive new subdivisions and shopping districts; a downtown resurrecting itself in the face of unprecedented suburban competition; LSU and Southern University extending their footprints; refineries and chemical plants expanding Baton Rouge's industrial corridor; and the interstate system steadily carving a path through the parish.

In the early 1990s, Frey realized the value of his images, many of which depicted aspects of Baton Rouge no longer in existence. He began in earnest to create modern counterparts to his earliest photographs in order to illustrate how much had changed. The astounding results show fledgling subdivisions surrounded by pastures transforming into sprawling communities. Two-lane country roads ballooned into six- and eight-lane thoroughfares, straddled by mile after mile of commercial development.

Frey took every photograph in this book with the same beloved Hasselblad camera system he bought in 1962. Above Baton Rouge therefore offers a unique yet consistent perspective on the metropolitan area's ever-changing landscape. Illuminating text by Tom Guarisco points out key landmarks and features and draws attention to striking differences between companion photos.

Frey's masterfully shot aerial photography gives proof to Baton Rouge's boundless energy and industry -- and its thirst for new places to live, work, shop, and play.

Amplified Youth - The Future of Rock and Roll (Hardcover): Angelo Sindaco Amplified Youth - The Future of Rock and Roll (Hardcover)
Angelo Sindaco
R565 R485 Discovery Miles 4 850 Save R80 (14%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Angelo Sindaco, a contributing photographer to Vice magazine, has been taking backstage pictures and live video footage at clubs since the 1990s. Ten years later, he is sitting on an unparalleled recent history of the indie rock scene, a virtual night out like no other. This is a book about the new rock-and-roll fever. This is a book about being young, and crazy for music, and for the moment's brightest stars. This is a book about the ritual of a rock concert, and it captures that spirit of celebration--its sound, sweat and raw energy--in conversely rigorous black-and-white. Backstage, in live performances, in portraits of the bands and their audiences, Sindaco catches the credibility and attitude of the new generation of stars in the genre that won't quit, showcasing underground legends including the Editors, Art Brut, Maximo Park, Animal Collective, The Cribs, Cazals and Baby Shambles from a stunningly intimate point of view. These are our youth culture's new pagan gods, and if you can't be there at the altar, Sindaco brings them to your doorstep. With a preface by Alan McGee, founder of the Creation and Poptones labels and the former manager of Oasis and the Libertines, and with text by Christian Zingales, the Editor-in-Chief of Blow Up magazine. Rock lives. Display copy available.

Far Away Faces (Hardcover): Sandra Miller Ross Phd Far Away Faces (Hardcover)
Sandra Miller Ross Phd; Photographs by Edward S Ross Phd
R1,016 R785 Discovery Miles 7 850 Save R231 (23%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Six continents in sixty years. On his many expeditions, Edward S. Ross, PhD, retired Chairman, Entomology, California Academy of Sciences, took thousands of pictures which have appeared in National Geographic and other publications.He particularly loved photographing people whose faces come alive in this scintillating book-Far Away Faces. Sandra Miller Ross, PhD, former Field Associate, California Academy of Sciences, partnered with her husband as expedition manager and director of photography. With academic degrees in holistic health, she studied local indigenous medicine, ministered to people often living remotely, and is now showcasing their favorite people photographs in Far Away Faces.

The Kings of Afghanistan - War and Dreams in the Land of the Enlightened (Hardcover): Pieter-Jan De Pue The Kings of Afghanistan - War and Dreams in the Land of the Enlightened (Hardcover)
Pieter-Jan De Pue; Foreword by Mikhail Gorbachev
R1,451 R1,155 Discovery Miles 11 550 Save R296 (20%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

"Hypnotic, playful and chillingly austere, the hybrid documentary blends romance and raw realism" - Screen International. "Powerfully intimate and absolutely stunning" - Indiewire. De Pue's Afghanistan-centred film "The Land of the Enlightened" won several prestigious awards, such as Best Photography at the Sundance Film Festival, and provided a completely new and unique perspective on one of the hotbeds of our world. Filmmaker and photographer Pieter-Jan De Pue spent most of eight years in Afghanistan. There he worked on his award-winning film "The Land of the Enlightened". In The Kings of Afghanistan he has collected together his most compelling photographs from his time in Afghanistan, focusing on children in survival mode. Their surprising resilience and zest paint a picture of hope for the future.

Life & Love of the Forest (Hardcover): Lewis Blackwell Life & Love of the Forest (Hardcover)
Lewis Blackwell
R1,186 R998 Discovery Miles 9 980 Save R188 (16%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The latest in the popular Life & Love Of series by Lewis Blackwell Showcasing the work of the world's leading nature photographers, Life & Love of the Forest is a breathtaking visual tour of our most remarkable woodlands. Author Lewis Blackwell takes us on an extraordinary journey with essays and deep captions that explore the science and incredible histories of everything from seedlings, thickets, and underbrush to the extraordinary trees themselves. Capturing the beauty of these vibrant, fascinating landscapes, this book celebrates the spectacular power of forests around the world.

The F1 World Championship at the British Grand Prix - 70 Years in Photographs (Paperback): Mirrorpix The F1 World Championship at the British Grand Prix - 70 Years in Photographs (Paperback)
R392 R326 Discovery Miles 3 260 Save R66 (17%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

'That evening in the bars in Buckingham and adjacent towns there was only one topic of conversation - the Grand Prix .... motor-racing had 'arrived' in England.' Motor Sport, 13 May 1950. The British Grand Prix is the oldest race on the Formula 1 calendar, having entertained race fans for over seventy years - and from Kent to Liverpool, the Mirrorpix photographers have been there every step of the way. The F1 World Championship at the British Grand Prix is a race through the highest and lowest moments of a sport that has given us Stirling Moss, Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton.

Fran May Photography 1974 - 1978 (Hardcover): Fran May Photography 1974 - 1978 (Hardcover)
R1,764 Discovery Miles 17 640 Ships in 10 - 15 working days
Distant Shores - Surfing the Ends of the Earth (Hardcover): Chris Burkard Distant Shores - Surfing the Ends of the Earth (Hardcover)
Chris Burkard
R534 R448 Discovery Miles 4 480 Save R86 (16%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days
War in the Pacific - Pearl Harbor to Tokyo Bay (Paperback, New edition): Bernard C. Nalty War in the Pacific - Pearl Harbor to Tokyo Bay (Paperback, New edition)
Bernard C. Nalty
R898 Discovery Miles 8 980 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

With 116 color illustrations and 214 historical photographs

From the Aleutians to Australia, from the Himalayas to Pearl Harbor, there has never been a war like that between the Empire of Japan and the American Allies. Unrivaled in its scope, the war in the Pacific saw a clash of cultures that reduced tropical islands to killing grounds and laid waste cities with weapons of mass destruction. It turned World War II into a global war that ended only with Japan's unconditional surrender.

War in the Pacific is the collective effort of ten military historians, who describe each step of the conflict with clarity and exhaustive detail. All ground, sea, and air operations are integrated into the discussion of each campaign or battle. Included in the ground campaigns are the Japanese invasion of China, jungle warfare in New Guinea, the retaking of the Philippines, and the island campaigns of Iwo Jima and Okinawa. Chapters on naval and air engagements at Pearl Harbor, Midway, and Leyte Gulf complement discussions of air supply routes over the Himalayas and the bombing of Japan.

Color maps clearly detail each campaign, showing the movement of forces throughout the entire engagement. Photos selected from the archives of six countries, along with more than one hundred color illustrations of weaponry, uniforms, and memorabilia highlight the narrative.

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