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The Way of Judo - A Portrait of Jigoro Kano and His Students (Paperback): John Stevens The Way of Judo - A Portrait of Jigoro Kano and His Students (Paperback)
John Stevens
R496 R409 Discovery Miles 4 090 Save R87 (18%) Ships in 10 - 20 work days

Kodokan judo, one of the most well-known martial arts in the world today, was originated by Jigoro Kano (1860-1938). Kano was a martial artist and career educator who developed the art after studying several types of jujutsu, sumo, and Western wrestling. Openness and refinement were hallmarks of his personal and professional style, and he relentlessly searched for the best way to practice, teach, and perform techniques. This biography shows how Kano saw judo as a vehicle not just for self-defence, but for physical, spiritual, and moral development as well.

Taekwondo - Defense Against Weapons (Paperback, 2nd edition): Kim Bok Man Taekwondo - Defense Against Weapons (Paperback, 2nd edition)
Kim Bok Man
R727 R602 Discovery Miles 6 020 Save R125 (17%) Ships in 12 - 17 work days

Finalist - 2013 USA Best Books Award Grandmaster Kim Bok Man is one of the most recognized authorities of taekwondo in the world. He worked tirelessly with General Choi Hong Hi as a founder of taekwondo curricula used today by the many international taekwondo organizations. Originally published in 1979, this book provides defense techniques taught to military, law enforcement officials, and black belts.Beginners will have a chance to see the application of their training in actual weapon defenses. Advanced students will learn techniques and fundamental training that has been 'field' tested since the inception of the art in the 1950s. Chapters include: * History and the theory of power* Defense against weapons: knife, baton, pole, sword, bayonet, and pistol* Sparring: releases, grabs, throwing, falling, free-sparring* Patterns: Silla pattern 1, Silla pattern 2, Silla knife pattern, and Silla pole pattern* Training: stretching, calisthenics, action principles, hand & foot techniques, using a heavy bag* Body parts for attack & defense, stances, vital points for striking

Pick-ups (Paperback, 2nd edition): Robert Van De Walle Pick-ups (Paperback, 2nd edition)
Robert Van De Walle
R378 Discovery Miles 3 780 Ships in 12 - 17 work days
Grips (Paperback, 2nd edition): Neil Adam Grips (Paperback, 2nd edition)
Neil Adam
R376 Discovery Miles 3 760 Ships in 12 - 17 work days
Kenpo Karate Master Keys - The Art of Five Lines and Five Circles (Hardcover): Parent Douglas Kenpo Karate Master Keys - The Art of Five Lines and Five Circles (Hardcover)
Parent Douglas
R804 R648 Discovery Miles 6 480 Save R156 (19%) Ships in 7 - 11 work days
Small-circle Jujitsu (Paperback): Wally Jay Small-circle Jujitsu (Paperback)
Wally Jay
R392 R355 Discovery Miles 3 550 Save R37 (9%) Ships in 7 - 11 work days

The complete presentation of the system developed by Wally Jay, this book brings together elements from different arts, Jay's broad-based yet focused and effective system incorporates theories, principles, and techniques essential to the development of every martial artist, whether a novice or a seasoned veteran. In this definitive instructional text, Jay covers the history of small-circle jujitsu; techniques for warm-ups, falling and resuscitation; details on weaknesses of the human body; locking techniques for wrists, fingers, arms, and legs; throwing and choking techniques; and self-defense against strikes, chokes, body grabs, and wrist grabs.

Striking Distance - Bruce Lee and the Dawn of Martial Arts in America (Paperback, New Edition): Charles Russo Striking Distance - Bruce Lee and the Dawn of Martial Arts in America (Paperback, New Edition)
Charles Russo
R441 R381 Discovery Miles 3 810 Save R60 (14%) Ships in 7 - 11 work days

In the spring of 1959, eighteen-year-old Bruce Lee returned to San Francisco, the city of his birth. Although the martial arts were widely unknown in America, Bruce encountered a robust fight culture in the Bay Area, populated with talented and trailblazing practitioners such as Lau Bun, Chinatown's aging kung fu patriarch; Wally Jay, the innovative Hawaiian jujitsu master; and James Lee, the Oakland street fighter. Regarded by some as a brash loudmouth and by others as a dynamic visionary, Bruce spent his first few years back in America advocating for a modern approach to the martial arts, and showing little regard for the damaged egos left in his wake. The year of 1964 would be an eventful one for Bruce, in which he would broadcast his dissenting worldview before the first great international martial arts gathering, and then defend it by facing down Wong Jack Man-Chinatown's young kung fu ace-in a legendary behind-closed-doors showdown. These events were a catalyst to the dawn of martial arts in America and a prelude to an icon. Based on over one hundred original interviews, Striking Distance chronicles Bruce Lee's formative days amid the heated martial arts proving ground that thrived on San Francisco Bay in the early 1960s.

Intermediate Techniques of Jujitsu: The Gentle Art, Volume 2 (Paperback): George Kirby Intermediate Techniques of Jujitsu: The Gentle Art, Volume 2 (Paperback)
George Kirby; Edited by Mike Lee
R412 R373 Discovery Miles 3 730 Save R39 (9%) Ships in 7 - 11 work days

This title provides additional theoretical background to jujitsu, as well as numerous additional techniques that are designed to serve as a foundation for bringing the serious student to shodan (first-degree black belt).

Coloring Fun with the Can-Do Karate Kid (Paperback): Jenifer Tull-Gauger Coloring Fun with the Can-Do Karate Kid (Paperback)
Jenifer Tull-Gauger; Contributions by Tull-Gauger Jenifer
R189 Discovery Miles 1 890 Ships in 7 - 11 work days
Simplified Tai Chi Chuan - 24 Postures with Applications & Standard 48 Postures (Paperback, 2nd edition): Shou-Yu Liang, Wu... Simplified Tai Chi Chuan - 24 Postures with Applications & Standard 48 Postures (Paperback, 2nd edition)
Shou-Yu Liang, Wu Wen-Ching
R378 Discovery Miles 3 780 Ships in 12 - 17 work days

This revised edition of our best selling beginner Tai Chi Chuan book includes a new and modern easy-to-follow layout. Every tai chi movement is presented in 2-4 large photographs with clear instructions, followed by key points to help you learn properly. In 1956, the Chinese Athletic Committee created the Simplified 24 Posture Tai Chi form from the Yang style. The movements in this simplified form are easy to learn and the postures are standardized to the Yang style. Simplified Tai Chi Chuan 24 Posture is the most popular beginner tai chi form practiced today. It takes about 10 hours to learn and can be performed in 6 minutes. In 1976, the Chinese Athletic Committee created the 48 Posture Tai Chi form from Yang, Wu, Chen, and Sun styles. This allows an intermediate practitioner to experience these traditional styles in one short form. This tai chi form can be performed in 12 minutes. Inside this book: * A general introduction to tai chi chuan. * A theoretical foundation of tai chi chuan. * Tai chi history. * Guidelines for good practice including fundamental stances, balance, breathing, and movement. * The entire Simplified 24 Posture Tai Chi form with step-by-step instructions. * Martial applications for the Simplified 24 Posture Tai Chi form. * The entire 48 Posture Tai Chi form with step-by-step instructions. * Foot placement diagram.

The Path of the Ninja - An Englishman's quest to master the secrets of Japan's invisible assassins (Paperback):... The Path of the Ninja - An Englishman's quest to master the secrets of Japan's invisible assassins (Paperback)
Martin Faulks 1
R262 R243 Discovery Miles 2 430 Save R19 (7%) Ships in 12 - 17 work days

By turns thrilling, funny and spiritually enlightening, this is the real-life Martial Arts adventure. Martin Faulks grew up in a Norfolk village. Returning from library with a friend one day they were attacked by a gang of older boys. Martin ran away leaving his friend to be beaten up. He vowed that would never happen again. He trained in the martial arts in his teens with growing success, he gained his black belt and even won tournaments but he wanted something more. He wanted to train as a Ninja. So started a series of initiations that would take him eventually to being trained by the Dalai Lama's bodyguard and travelling to Japan stay with the Yamabushi, the legendary spiritual teachers of the Ninja, living in the mountains of Japan.

Vortex Control Self Defense - Hand to Hand Street Fighting Tactics (Paperback): Sam Fury Vortex Control Self Defense - Hand to Hand Street Fighting Tactics (Paperback)
Sam Fury; Illustrated by Diana Mangoba, Damir Bakija
R240 Discovery Miles 2 400 Ships in 7 - 11 work days
Higher Judo - Groundwork (Paperback): Moshe Feldenkrais Higher Judo - Groundwork (Paperback)
Moshe Feldenkrais; Foreword by Dennis Leri, Michael Brousse, Moti Nativ; Edited by Elizabeth Beringer
R422 R351 Discovery Miles 3 510 Save R71 (17%) Ships in 10 - 20 work days

This classic text offers useful context and elaborates on Feldenkrais' comprehensive approach to the martial art and to the body. He presents judo as the art of using all parts of the body to promote general health, and as part of the 'basic culture of the body'.

Muay Thai Basics - Introductory Thai Boxing Techniques (Paperback): Christoph Delp Muay Thai Basics - Introductory Thai Boxing Techniques (Paperback)
Christoph Delp
R522 R435 Discovery Miles 4 350 Save R87 (17%) Ships in 10 - 20 work days

Muay Thai, also referred to as Thai boxing, combines fitness training, self-defense, and competitive sport. In this hands-on guide, renowned trainer Christoph Delp presents the sport's history, development, rules, and equipment. In the techniques section, he first details basic skills such as the correct starting position and footwork. Next he offers a complete list of all the attacking techniques and a selection of effective defensive and counterattacking strategies. All techniques are presented step-by-step by Thai champions from the famous Sor Vorapin gym in Bangkok, showing readers the fine details of each technique. The training section provides detailed information about the structure, content, and planning of training regimens and this includes historical training methods, a stretching program, and training schedules. Suitable as both a self-training guide and a supplement to club training, "Muay Thai Basics" offers authoritative instruction for Thai boxers and other martial arts enthusiasts.

The Wing Chun Compendium (Hardcover): Wayne Belonoha The Wing Chun Compendium (Hardcover)
Wayne Belonoha
R1,142 R888 Discovery Miles 8 880 Save R254 (22%) Ships in 12 - 17 work days

The "Wing Chun Compendium" explains the theory of wing chun from a technical, lifestyle, and philosophical perspective. Written by Wayne Belonoha--a certified Ving Tsun Instructor and National Certified Coach, 7th Level, Master Degree--the compendium offers hundreds of tips and techniques specifically designed to help readers advance to the next stage. The Wing Chun Compendium is divided into eight sections, including Theory, Techniques, Drills, Chi Sau (Sticky Hands), Forms, Pressure Points, Health and Fitness, and Terminology.
Students of all levels will find tips for improving technique and gaining benefits from the book's instruction in over 20 of the top skill-building drills and exercises, such as the Maai Sang Jong and Bong Guek (Sticky Legs) drills. Covering all three hand forms (Siu Nim Tau, Cham Kiu, and Biu Ji), it also provides a detailed examination of each movement and application and features an extensive terminology section that includes the Chinese characters and both Cantonese and Mandarin pronunciations for over 200 of the most common wing chun terms. The compendium concludes with Grandmaster Sunny Tang's special article, "Reflections of Siu Nim Tau After 30 Years."

Flowing with the Go (Paperback): Elena Stowell Flowing with the Go (Paperback)
Elena Stowell
R419 Discovery Miles 4 190 Ships in 12 - 17 work days

For what seemed like a lifetime and probably was, Elena Stowell wandered aimlessly in a personal prison of self-doubt and lack of purpose after her fifteen-year-old daughter Carly died suddenly before her eyes. By some combination of miracle and necessity, she walked into a Seattle area Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gym and rolled for the first time in her life. Through that experience and others that followed, Elena discovered the tenets of the martial art form and healing were the same. With a ripping raw honesty and refreshing balance of humor and introspection, Elena's story reminds us to never stop panning for the gold within ourselves.

The Voice Of Reason - A V.I.P. Pass to Enlightenment (Hardcover): Chael Sonnen The Voice Of Reason - A V.I.P. Pass to Enlightenment (Hardcover)
Chael Sonnen
R554 R455 Discovery Miles 4 550 Save R99 (18%) Ships in 12 - 17 work days

The book that you are considering buying is nothing short of a VIP Pass to Enlightenment, written by the UFC's most infamous and feared destroyer of men--Chael P. Sonnen.
Backwoodsmen and unlearned folk call him the Walking Thesaurus. His contemporaries have bestowed upon him the title Sir Sonnen. And those dwelling in the forgotten, forlorn jungles south of the equator reverently refer to him as "filho da puta, " a term Sonnen personally deciphered using his mastery of linguistics. It means, simply, "the Great and Humble Bearer of Knowledge."
In the coming pages, Sonnen's commentary and tales of heroic adventure will initiate you into the world of superhuman greatness. Allow him to carry you like a frail damsel through the world of professional mixed martial arts as he cuts weight, deals with moronic cornermen, expresses his disdain for focus mitts and punching in general, gets his face rearranged, and finds support and encouragement from fans. Permit him to cleanse your mind's palate and teach you the truth about history, politics, endangered species, cinema, terrorists, music, particle accelerators, and his plans for creating a "Chaelocracy, " which translates as "a Better Earth." Shower him with praise as he takes you into his manly mitts like a lump of clay and reshapes you in his own likeness.
Like all men of myth and legend, Sonnen strives for the betterment of the human race. Prometheus brought us fire; Dana White brought us the modern-day gladiator; and Chael P. Sonnen now brings us the step-by-step guide to being a great human being and patriot.
Purchase this book; learn how the world really works from the perspective of a man who has been face-to-face with presidents, wardens, dignitaries, judges, kings and queens, and athletic commissions; and find out if you have what it takes to awaken from your progressive nightmare.
There is no better day to stop being you and start trying to be Chael P. Sonnen. The time has come for "The Voice of Reason."
Chael Sonnen is the best trash-talker in all of sports.
--Jim Rome
Host of The Jim Rome Show
I've never seen anything like it. He's the best thing since Muhammad Ali
--Dana White
UFC President

Kickboxing Training Drills (Paperback): Justyn Billingham Kickboxing Training Drills (Paperback)
Justyn Billingham 1
R411 R379 Discovery Miles 3 790 Save R32 (8%) Ships in 12 - 17 work days

Continual improvement of technique is a crucial part of a kickboxing fighter's success. Good technique will turn a run-of-the-mill kick or punch into an effective attack against an opponent. Kickboxing Training Drills breaks down the key elements of kickboxing moves, and provides a reference guide that will allow fighters to examine and refine each element of their attack. It will help instructors and coaches hone a fighter's technical training to enable the student to perform to the best of their ability.

Essential Tai Ji (Paperback): Chungliang Al Al Huang Essential Tai Ji (Paperback)
Chungliang Al Al Huang
R394 Discovery Miles 3 940 Ships in 7 - 11 work days

First published over twenty years ago, this classic book distills the basics of the art of Tai Ji, lovingly presented in eloquent writing, and accompanied by splendid full colour photography and beautiful calligraphy. Master dancer, brush calligrapher, bamboo flute player and philosopher Chungliang Al Huang shares the basic movements of Tai Ji - and its relationships with nature, space and time - alongside stunning, inspirational photography by Si Chi Ko. The book promotes strength, relaxation and clarity, as Master Huang teaches how to unify mind and body, achieving a healthier and more fulfilling state of being. In doing so, he touches on everything from the origins and meanings if Tai Ji to the vocabulary, basic moves, practice, and the Tai Ji dance. This beautiful and inspiring book has an essential place in any Tai Ji library, and will be of interest to students, scholars, academics, professionals, and the general reader.

Qigong Meditation - Embryonic Breathing (Paperback, 1st ed): Yang Jwing-Ming Qigong Meditation - Embryonic Breathing (Paperback, 1st ed)
Yang Jwing-Ming
R626 R518 Discovery Miles 5 180 Save R108 (17%) Ships in 12 - 17 work days

Finalist - 2006 Book of the Year Award by ForeWord MagazineThe Root of Spiritual Enlightenment Chinese Qigong can be generally categorized into External Elixir (Wai Dan) and Internal Elixir (Nei Dan) Qigong. The first step of practicing Internal Elixir Qigong has been known as Small Cyclic Heaven (Small Circulation or Microcosmic Meditation). After completing Small Cyclic Heaven, a practitioner will learn Grand Cyclic Heaven (Grand Circulation or Macrocosmic Meditation). The purpose of Grand Cyclic Heaven is to re-open the Heaven Eye (Third Eye) to unite the natural spirit and human spirit. This is the ultimate goal of spiritual enlightenment in both Daoism (Taoism) and Buddhism. Although these kinds of meditations are popular, very few scientific books or documents are available to the public. The Foundation of Internal Elixir Cultivation In order to reach the goal of longevity and spiritual enlightenment, the Qigong practitioner must learn Internal Elixir Qigong. The first step to learning is to understand the theory and the method of Embryonic Breathing. Practicing this breathing technique will help you to establish your central energy system, conserve your energy, and store this energy to abundant levels. Once you have established this foundation, you will be able to practice Small Cyclic Heaven (Small Circulation or Microcosmic Orbit) and Grand Cyclic Heaven (Grand Circulation of Macrocosmic Orbit) effectively. It is understood that without this foundation, the root of spiritual enlightenment will not be established and the study and the practice of spiritual enlightenment, through meditation, will be in vain. * Embryonic Breathing theory and techniques were kept secret in Buddhist and Daoist (Taoist) monasteries.* Dr. Yang discusses most of the available documents, translates and comments upon them.* Scientific analysis and summary of the practice methods.* A comprehensive, straightforward way to understand and practice Embryonic Breathing.

Managing Stress with Qigong (Paperback): Gordon Faulkner Managing Stress with Qigong (Paperback)
Gordon Faulkner
R447 Discovery Miles 4 470 Ships in 12 - 17 work days

The ancient Chinese practice of Qigong combines physical movement with gentle breathing techniques to promote harmony between body and mind, and is quickly gaining popularity in the West. This step-by-step guide to managing stress through Qigong begins by looking at stress and our response to it from both an Eastern and a Western perspective. The core of the book provides a program with first a series of carefully-designed stress relief exercises, followed by a series of gentler stress prevention exercises, all of which are clearly explained with easy-to-follow instructions for each of the steps, and fully illustrated. The author explains the theory underpinning the Qigong exercises in terms of the principles of Chinese Medicine, including Yin and Yang, The Five Elements and the circulation of energy (Qi) through the meridians. Extensively trialled with Maggie's Cancer Care Centres, and designed specifically to fit around a busy lifestyle, the Qigong program set out in this book will help to reduce stress, decrease anxiety and restore energy. This practical book will help anyone who is prone to stress, regardless of their level of ability or experience of Qigong. It will also be a useful resource for Taijiquan and Qigong instructors, alternative therapists, and other professionals working with clients who are affected by stress.

The Kenpo Karate Compendium - The Forms and Sets of American Kenpo (Paperback): Lee Wedlake The Kenpo Karate Compendium - The Forms and Sets of American Kenpo (Paperback)
Lee Wedlake
R534 R405 Discovery Miles 4 050 Save R129 (24%) Ships in 12 - 17 work days

Based on accepted works by 9th degree black belt, world-class instructor and competitor Lee Wedlake, this is the only resource on the details of the forms and sets of American Kenpo as prescribed by the "Father of American Karate," Ed Parker. With no other authors who have tackled the subject, this is a unique resource for those in Parker Kenpo and its offshoot systems. The Parker Kenpo system is taught worldwide and this reference has proven valuable to thousands of Kenpo practitioners in various lineages as well as acting as a stimulus for those who are interested in the art by providing a sense of the logical framework of Parker Kenpo, versus MMA style arts and karate picture books. Having collected the general rules of motion and the numerous fine points of Kenpo, the book is a standout in the genre.
- COMPREHENSIVE TREATMENT of the Kenpo Karate system provides a progression of teaching curricula for beginning, intermediate, and advanced students and instructors
- COVERS history, fundamentals, forms, solo and partner practice, and advanced technical skills
- INCLUDES over 450 black and white photos detailing forms and techniques
- SOMETHING FOR ALL STUDENTS, whether pursuing martial arts for health, competition, self-defense, or personal improvement
Table of Contents
Chapter 1: What the Beginner and the Black Belt Should Know
Chapter 2: The Basics and Exercise Forms: Short and Long 1 and Short and Long 2
Chapter 3: The Intermediate Forms: Short Form Three and Long Form Three
Chapter 4: Form Four
Chapter 5: Form Five
Chapter 6: Form Six
Chapter 7: Form Seven
Chapter 8: Form Eight
Chapter 9: The Sets
Now What? Legal viewpoint by Frank Triolo
Capstone--The Thesis Form
General rules of motion
Recommended Reading
About the Author

Fighting Visibility - Sports Media and Female Athletes in the UFC (Paperback): Jennifer McClearen Fighting Visibility - Sports Media and Female Athletes in the UFC (Paperback)
Jennifer McClearen
R474 Discovery Miles 4 740 Ships in 12 - 17 work days

Ultimate Fighting Championship and the present and future of women's sports Mixed martial arts stars like Amanda Nunes, Zhang Weili, and Ronda Rousey have made female athletes top draws in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Jennifer McClearen charts how the promotion incorporates women into its far-flung media ventures and investigates the complexities surrounding female inclusion. On the one hand, the undeniable popularity of cards headlined by women add much-needed diversity to the sporting landscape. On the other, the UFC leverages an illusion of promoting difference-whether gender, racial, ethnic, or sexual-to grow its empire with an inexpensive and expendable pool of female fighters. McClearen illuminates how the UFC's half-hearted efforts at representation generate profit and cultural cachet while covering up the fact it exploits women of color, lesbians, gender non-conforming women, and others.Thought provoking and timely, Fighting Visibility tells the story of how a sports entertainment phenomenon made difference a part of its brand-and the ways women paid the price for success.

Taiji Jian 32-Posture Sword Form (Paperback): James Drewe Taiji Jian 32-Posture Sword Form (Paperback)
James Drewe
R514 Discovery Miles 5 140 Ships in 12 - 17 work days

The Sword Form is an important aspect of the popular Chinese martial art, T???? ij????????quan. The 32-Posture Sword Form, from the point of view of the physical movements only, is not complex, but there is a significant amount of other information, relating to the applications, that is open to interpretation. Written by an experienced teacher of T???? ij????????quan, this book provides a detailed description of the Jian (the sword), its parts and how it should be held. Using photographs and illustrations, the author gives step-by-step instructions for the main 13 applications including sword strokes, stances and footwork techniques. This book contains a wealth of information on Sword Form technique and is an ideal resource for students of martial arts, experienced practitioners or anyone interested in learning about T???? ij????????quan.

Ultimate Guide to Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (Paperback): Black Belt Editors Ultimate Guide to Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (Paperback)
Black Belt Editors
R346 Discovery Miles 3 460 Ships in 7 - 11 work days

Following the evolution of a revolutionary martial-arts discipline, this definitive reference covers the entire spectrum of jiu-jitsu and offers all practitioners insight into how champions have employed the moves to beat the competition. Detailed picture sequences and comprehensive commentary accompany interviews with Brazilian jiu-jitsu fighters, showcasing the best techniques for this seemingly unstoppable art. With a new unorthodox interpretation of traditional jujutsu, this step-by-step guide to the carefully cultivated art helps martial artists of all levels dominate in the ring.

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