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Sliding Mode Control of Semi-Markovian Jump Systems (Hardcover): Baoping Jiang, Hamid Reza Karimi Sliding Mode Control of Semi-Markovian Jump Systems (Hardcover)
Baoping Jiang, Hamid Reza Karimi
R3,082 Discovery Miles 30 820 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

This book presents analysis and design for a class of stochastic systems with semi-Markovian jump parameters. It explores systematic analysis of semi-Markovian jump systems via sliding mode control strategy which makes up the shortages in the analysis and design of stochastic systems. This text provides a novel estimation method to deal with the stochastic stability of semi-Markovian jump systems along with design of novel integral sliding surface. Finally, Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy model approach is brought to deal with system nonlinearities and fuzzy sliding mode control laws are provided to ensure the stabilization purpose. Features: Presents systematic work on sliding mode control (SMC) of semi-Markvoain jump systems. Explores SMC methods, such as fuzzy SMC, adaptive SMC, with the presence of generally uncertain transition rates. Provides novel method in dealing with stochastic systems with unknown switching information. Proposes more general theories for semi-Markovian jump systems with generally uncertain transition rates. Discusses practical examples to verify the effectiveness of SMC theory in semi-Markovian jump systems. This book aims at graduate and postgraduate students and for researchers in all engineering disciplines, including mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and applied mathematics, control engineering, signal processing, process control, control theory and robotics.

Electric-Shock Weapons, Tasers and Policing - Myths and Realities (Hardcover): Abi Dymond Electric-Shock Weapons, Tasers and Policing - Myths and Realities (Hardcover)
Abi Dymond
R3,081 Discovery Miles 30 810 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Building on five years of research, and drawing on criminology, science and technology studies (STS), socio-legal studies and social psychology, this book is the first non-medical book written on electric-shock weapons, of which the best well known is the TASER brand. The police's ability to use force is one of their most crucial powers, yet one that has been relatively neglected by criminology. This book challenges some of the myths surrounding the use of these weapons and considers their human rights implications and impact on members of the public and officers alike. Drawing on STS, it also considers and role and impact of electric-shock technologies, examines the extent to which technologies and non-human agency may also play a role in shaping officer decision making and discretion, and contributes to long standing debates about police accountability. This is essential reading for policing scholars around the world, particularly those engaged with use of force, culture and accountability, as well as those engaged with Science and Technology studies.

Elementary Flight Dynamics with an Introduction to Bifurcation and Continuation Methods (Hardcover, 2nd New edition): Nandan K... Elementary Flight Dynamics with an Introduction to Bifurcation and Continuation Methods (Hardcover, 2nd New edition)
Nandan K Sinha, N Ananthkrishnan
R2,723 Discovery Miles 27 230 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Elementary Flight Dynamics with an Introduction to Bifurcation and Continuation Methods, Second Edition is aimed at senior undergraduate and graduate students of aerospace and mechanical engineering. The book uses an optimal mix of physical insight and mathematical presentation to illustrate the core concepts of professional aircraft flight dynamics. An updated version of the aerodynamic model is presented with the corrected definition of rate (dynamic) derivatives, supported with examples of real-life airplanes and related data and by open-source computational tools. It introduces bifurcation and continuation methods as a tool for flight dynamic analysis. FEATURES Covers an up-to-date, corrected, 'clean' presentation of the elements of flight dynamics Presents a blend of theory, practice and application with real-life practical examples Provides a unique viewpoint of applied aerodynamicists and aircraft designers Introduces bifurcation and continuation methods as a tool for flight dynamics analysis Includes a computational tool with real-life examples carried throughout the chapters The book is enriched with case studies of flight dynamics of a bird's flight, of a six-seater rigid-wing airplane from a design perspective, and airship dynamics to highlight the modal behaviour of similar-looking vehicles that are distinct from each other. Excerpts from reviews of the first edition: "Flight dynamics is a topic that can cause difficulties to aerospace engineering students. This text leads the reader gently through the material with plenty of practical examples and student exercises. As such, it is easy to follow the material and to gradually develop a deep understanding of a demanding topic. The book is ideal for undergraduate students and is a good text for graduate students."--James F. Whidborne, Cranfield University, United Kingdom "The book covers all the aspects of flight dynamics traditionally found in such texts interspersed with examples of the treatment of features of current air vehicles....In my opinion, this book covers the subject comprehensively and is a desirable reference source for undergraduates and graduates alike."--R.J. Poole, MRAeS, The Aeronautical Journal, June 2014 "The book design and the methodology of interpretation are directed to a wide range of target audience/population interested in studying the dynamics of flight. Given the scale and organization of information, the book will also be a useful tool in the analysis of flight dynamics for professionals in this field. The book is sure to appeal to anyone interested in the dynamics of flight."--Jaroslav Salga, Advances in Military Technology, June 2014

Technologies for Deep Space Exploration (Paperback, 1st ed. 2021): Zezhou Sun Technologies for Deep Space Exploration (Paperback, 1st ed. 2021)
Zezhou Sun
R3,089 Discovery Miles 30 890 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

This book offers readers essential insights into system design for deep space probes and describes key aspects such as system design, orbit design, telecommunication, GNC, thermal control, propulsion, aerobraking and scientific payload. Each chapter includes the basic principles, requirements analysis, procedures, equations and diagrams, as well as practical examples that will help readers to understand the research on each technology and the major concerns when it comes to developing deep space probes. An excellent reference resource for researchers and engineers interested in deep space exploration, it can also serve as a textbook for university students and those at institutes involved in aerospace.

Advanced Coal Preparation and Beyond - CO2 Capture and Utilization (Paperback): S. Komar Kawatra Advanced Coal Preparation and Beyond - CO2 Capture and Utilization (Paperback)
S. Komar Kawatra
R1,182 Discovery Miles 11 820 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Updating content from the author's 2001 book Coal Desulfurization, this new title focuses on CO2 sequestration and utilization. It includes information on the theory and practical approaches to CO2 capture and recent advances in the use of sequestered CO2. Avoiding these pollutants requires either forgetting about the 250 billion tons of coal reserves the United States possesses or capturing and utilizing the pollutants in a profitable and environmentally responsible fashion. The book covers postcombustion and precombustion capture approaches for coal, and postcombustion capture can be generalized to many other fuels. Recent practical implementations at full-scale power facilities around the world are discussed. The book covers sequestering CO2 via underground, oceanic, biological, and other long-term CO2 storage methods. It also includes recent advances in utilizing CO2 for enhanced oil recovery, advances in storage with depleted oil and gas reservoirs and deep saline aquifers, and additional topics. The book also examines specific applications of pure CO2 and covers chemical conversion of CO2 to useful compounds. It answers questions like "Can we create methanol from coal?" or "Can we create ethanol from coal?" It is found that methanol and ethanol cannot be sustainably produced from coal power alone. However, oxalic acid can be created at a much lower energy cost than methanol or ethanol. Oxalic acid can be used to extract rare earths, which are not currently produced anywhere in the United States, but are typically concentrated in coal ash. Aimed at researchers and industry professionals in chemical, environmental, and energy engineering, this book provides insight and inspiration into capturing CO2 not merely as a response to regulatory pressure and climate change but as an inherently profitable and valuable venture.

Graphene and Carbon Nanotubes for Advanced Lithium Ion Batteries (Paperback): Stelbin Peter Figerez, Raghavan Prasanth Graphene and Carbon Nanotubes for Advanced Lithium Ion Batteries (Paperback)
Stelbin Peter Figerez, Raghavan Prasanth
R495 Discovery Miles 4 950 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

This title covers the fundamentals of carbon nanomaterials in a logical and clear manner to make concepts accessible to researchers from different disciplines. It summarizes in a comprehensive manner recent technological and scientific accomplishments in the area of carbon nanomaterials and their application in lithium ion batteries The book also addresses all the components anodes, cathodes and electrolytes of lithium ion battery and discusses the technology of lithium ion batteries that can safely operate at high temperature.

Heat and Mass Transfer Modelling During Drying - Empirical to Multiscale Approaches (Hardcover): Mohammad U.H. Joardder, Washim... Heat and Mass Transfer Modelling During Drying - Empirical to Multiscale Approaches (Hardcover)
Mohammad U.H. Joardder, Washim Akram, Azharul Karim
R3,964 Discovery Miles 39 640 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Most conventional dryers use random heating to dry diverse materials without considering their thermal sensitivity and energy requirements for drying. Eventually, excess energy consumption is necessary to attain a low-quality dried product. Proper heat and mass transfer modelling prior to designing a drying system for selected food materials can overcome these problems. Heat and Mass Transfer Modelling During Drying: Empirical to Multiscale Approaches extensively discusses the issue of predicting energy consumption in terms of heat and mass transfer simulation. A comprehensive mathematical model can help provide proper insight into the underlying transport phenomena within the materials during drying. However, drying of porous materials such as food is one of the most complex problems in the engineering field that is also multiscale in nature. From the modelling perspective, heat and mass transfer phenomena can be predicted using empirical to multiscale modelling. However, multiscale simulation methods can provide a comprehensive understanding of the physics of drying food materials. KEY FEATURES Includes a detailed discussion on material properties that are relevant for drying phenomena Presents an in-depth discussion on the underlying physics of drying using conceptual visual content Provides appropriate formulation of mathematical modelling from empirical to multiscale approaches Offers numerical solution approaches to mathematical models Presents possible challenges of different modelling strategies and potential solutions The objective of this book is to discuss the implementation of different modelling techniques ranging from empirical to multiscale in order to understand heat and mass transfer phenomena that take place during drying of porous materials including foods, pharmaceutical products, paper, leather materials, and more.

Electric Machines - Two Volume Set (Hardcover, 2nd New edition): Ion Boldea, Lucian N. Tutelea Electric Machines - Two Volume Set (Hardcover, 2nd New edition)
Ion Boldea, Lucian N. Tutelea
R4,619 Discovery Miles 46 190 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

With its comprehensive coverage of the state of the art, this second edition of the book introduces the basic types of transformers and electric machines and also discusses advanced subjects in electric machines, starting from principles, to applications and case studies with ample graphical results. The first volume, Electric Machines: Steady State Performance with MATLAB (R) covers circuit modeling characteristics and performance characteristics under steady state, testing techniques and preliminary electromagnetic-thermic dimensioning. This book is intended for first semester course, treating electric transformers, rotary and linear machines steady state modeling and performance computation, preliminary dimensioning and testing standardized and innovative techniques. The second volume, Electric Machines: Transients, Control Principles, Finite Element Analysis and Optimal Design with MATLAB (R) is intended for second (and third) semester course, treating topics such as modeling of transients, control principles, electromagnetic and thermal finite element Analysis and optimal design (dimensioning). Notable recent knowledge with strong industrialization potential has been added to this edition, such as, orthogonal models of multiphase A.C. machines, thermal finite element analysis of (FEA) electric machines, and FEA- based-only optimal design of a PM motor case study. Both the volumes include numerical examples and case studies, and numerous computer simulation programs in MATLAB and Simulink (R) are also available online that illustrate performance characteristics present in the chapters.

Robust Cooperative Control of Multi-Agent Systems - A Prediction and Observation Prospective (Hardcover): Chunyan Wang, Zongyu... Robust Cooperative Control of Multi-Agent Systems - A Prediction and Observation Prospective (Hardcover)
Chunyan Wang, Zongyu Zuo, Jianan Wang, Zhengtao Ding
R1,961 Discovery Miles 19 610 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

This book presents a concise introduction to the latest advances in robust cooperative control design for multi-agent systems with input delay and external disturbances, especially from a prediction and observation perspective. The volume covers a wide range of applications, such as the trajectory tracking of quadrotors, formation flying of multiple unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and fixed-time formation of ground vehicles. Robust cooperative control means that multi-agent systems are able to achieve specified control tasks while remaining robust in the face of both parametric and nonparametric model uncertainties. In addition, the authors cover a wide range of key issues in cooperative control, such as communication and input delays, parametric model uncertainties and external disturbances. Moving beyond the scope of existing works, a systematic prediction and observation approach to designing robust cooperative control laws is presented. About the Authors Chunyan Wang is an Associate Professor in the School of Aerospace Engineering at Beijing Institute of Technology, China. Zongyu Zuo is a full Professor with the School of Automation Science and Electrical Engineering, Beihang University, China. Jianan Wang is an Associate Professor in the School of Aerospace Engineering at Beijing Institute of Technology, China. Zhengtao Ding is a Professor in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at University of Manchester, U.K.

Cooperative Control of Complex Network Systems with Dynamic Topologies (Hardcover): Guanghui Wen, Wenwu Yu, Yuezu Lv, Peijun... Cooperative Control of Complex Network Systems with Dynamic Topologies (Hardcover)
Guanghui Wen, Wenwu Yu, Yuezu Lv, Peijun Wang
R1,969 Discovery Miles 19 690 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Far from being separate entities, many social and engineering systems can be considered as complex network systems (CNSs) associated with closely linked interactions with neighbouring entities such as the Internet and power grids. Roughly speaking, a CNS refers to a networking system consisting of lots of interactional individuals, exhibiting fascinating collective behaviour that cannot always be anticipated from the inherent properties of the individuals themselves. As one of the most fundamental examples of cooperative behaviour, consensus within CNSs (or the synchronization of complex networks) has gained considerable attention from various fields of research, including systems science, control theory and electrical engineering. This book mainly studies consensus of CNSs with dynamics topologies - unlike most existing books that have focused on consensus control and analysis for CNSs under a fixed topology. As most practical networks have limited communication ability, switching graphs can be used to characterize real-world communication topologies, leading to a wider range of practical applications. This book provides some novel multiple Lyapunov functions (MLFs), good candidates for analysing the consensus of CNSs with directed switching topologies, while each chapter provides detailed theoretical analyses according to the stability theory of switched systems. Moreover, numerical simulations are provided to validate the theoretical results. Both professional researchers and laypeople will benefit from this book.

Proceedings of the 12th National Technical Seminar on Unmanned System Technology 2020 - NUSYS'20 (Hardcover, 1st ed.... Proceedings of the 12th National Technical Seminar on Unmanned System Technology 2020 - NUSYS'20 (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2022)
Khalid Isa, Zainah Md Zain, Rosmiwati Mohd-Mokhtar, Maziyah Mat Noh, Zool H. Ismail, …
R6,709 Discovery Miles 67 090 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

This book comprises the proceedings of the 12th National Technical Symposium on Unmanned System Technology 2020 (NUSYS'20) held on October 27-28, 2020. It covers a number of topics, including intelligent robotics, novel sensor technology, control algorithms, acoustics signal processing, imaging techniques, biomimetic robots, green energy sources, and underwater communication backbones and protocols, and it appeals to researchers developing marine technology solutions and policy-makers interested in technologies to facilitate the exploration of coastal and oceanic regions.

Monte Carlo Methods for Particle Transport (Hardcover, 2nd New edition): Alireza Haghighat Monte Carlo Methods for Particle Transport (Hardcover, 2nd New edition)
Alireza Haghighat
R2,579 Discovery Miles 25 790 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Fully updated with the latest developments in the eigenvalue Monte Carlo calculations and automatic variance reduction techniques and containing an entirely new chapter on fission matrix and alternative hybrid techniques. This second edition explores the uses of the Monte Carlo method for real-world applications, explaining its concepts and limitations. Featuring illustrative examples, mathematical derivations, computer algorithms, and homework problems, it is an ideal textbook and practical guide for nuclear engineers and scientists looking into the applications of the Monte Carlo method, in addition to students in physics and engineering, and those engaged in the advancement of the Monte Carlo methods. Describes general and particle-transport-specific automated variance reduction techniques Presents Monte Carlo particle transport eigenvalue issues and methodologies to address these issues Presents detailed derivation of existing and advanced formulations and algorithms with real-world examples from the author's research activities

Schaum's Outline of Electric Circuits, Seventh Edition (Paperback, 7th edition): Mahmood. Nahvi, Joseph Edminister Schaum's Outline of Electric Circuits, Seventh Edition (Paperback, 7th edition)
Mahmood. Nahvi, Joseph Edminister
R450 R383 Discovery Miles 3 830 Save R67 (15%) Ships in 10 - 20 working days

Tough Test Questions? Missed Lectures? Not Enough Time? Textbook too pricey? Fortunately, there's Schaum's. This all-in-one-package includes more than 500 fully-solved problems, examples, and practice exercises to sharpen your problem-solving skills. Plus, you will have access to 25 detailed videos featuring math instructors who explain how to solve the most commonly tested problems-it's just like having your own virtual tutor! You'll find everything you need to build your confidence, skills, and knowledge and achieve the highest score possible. More than 40 million students have trusted Schaum's to help them study faster, learn better, and get top grades. Now Schaum's is better than ever-with a new look, a new format with hundreds of practice problems, and completely updated information to conform to the latest developments in every field of study. Each Outline presents all the essential course information in an easy-to-follow, topic-by-topic format and helpful tables and illustrations also help increase your understanding of the subject at hand. Schaum's Outline of Electrical Circuits, Seventh Edition features: * Updated content to match latest curriculum * Over 500 problems with clear explanations * Accessible format for quick and easy review * Material that supports all the major textbooks for electric circuits courses * Extra practice on topics such as amplifiers and operational amplifier circuits, waveforms and signals, AC power, and more * Access to revised Schaums.com website and new app with access to 25 problem-solving videos, and more

Introduction to Electromagnetism - From Coulomb to Maxwell (Hardcover, 2nd New edition): Martin J N Sibley Introduction to Electromagnetism - From Coulomb to Maxwell (Hardcover, 2nd New edition)
Martin J N Sibley
R2,581 Discovery Miles 25 810 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

This edition aims to expand on the first edition and take the reader through to the wave equation on coaxial cable and free-space by using Maxwell's equations. The new chapters include time varying signals and fundamentals of Maxwell's equations. This book will introduce and discuss electromagnetic fields in an accessible manner. The author explains electroconductive fields and develops ideas relating to signal propagation and develops Maxwell's equations and applies them to propagation in a planar optical waveguide. The first of the new chapters introduces the idea of a travelling wave by considering the variation of voltage along a coaxial line. This concept will be used in the second new chapter which solves Maxwell's equations in free-space and then applies them to a planar optical waveguide in the third new chapter. As this is an area that most students find difficult, it links back to the earlier chapters to aid understanding. This book is intended for first- and second-year electrical and electronic undergraduates and can also be used for undergraduates in mechanical engineering, computing and physics. The book includes examples and homework problems. Introduces and examines electrostatic fields in an accessible manner Explains electroconductive fields Develops ideas relating to signal propagation Examines Maxwell's equations and relates them to propagation in a planar optical waveguide Martin Sibley recently retired after 33 years of teaching at the University of Huddersfield. He has a PhD from Huddersfield Polytechnic in Preamplifier Design for Optical Receivers. He started his career in academia in 1986 having spent 3 years as a postgraduate student and then 2 years as a British Telecom-funded research fellow. His research work had a strong bias to the practical implementation of research, and he taught electromagnetism and communications at all levels since 1986. Dr. Sibley finished his academic career as a Reader in Communications, School of Computing and Engineering, University of Huddersfield. He has authored five books and published over 80 research papers.

On Petrocultures - Globalization, Culture, and Energy (Paperback): Imre Szeman On Petrocultures - Globalization, Culture, and Energy (Paperback)
Imre Szeman
R656 Discovery Miles 6 560 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

On Petrocultures brings together key essays by Imre Szeman, a leading scholar in the field of energy humanities and a critical voice in debates about globalization and neoliberalism. Szeman's most important and influential essays, in dialog with exciting new pieces written for the book, investigate ever-evolving circuits of power in the contemporary world, as manifested in struggles over space and belonging, redefinitions of work and individual autonomy, and the deep links between energy use and climate change. These essays explore life lived in the twenty-first century by examining critically the vocabulary through which capitalism makes sense of itself, focusing on concepts like the nation, globalization, neoliberalism, creativity, and entrepreneurship. At the heart of the volume is the concept of "petrocultures," which demands that we understand a fundamental fact of modern life: we are shaped by and through fossil fuels. Szeman argues that we cannot take steps to address global warming without fundamentally changing social, cultural, and political norms and expectations developed in conjunction with the energy riches of the past century. On Petrocultures maps the significant challenge of our dependence on fossil fuels and probes ways that we might begin to leave petrocultures behind.

Motors & Drives - A Practical Technology Guide (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition): Dave Polka Motors & Drives - A Practical Technology Guide (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition)
Dave Polka
R2,675 Discovery Miles 26 750 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

This practical guide developed by Dave Polka, an industry veteran with more than 30 years of experience, is an invaluable resource for design engineers, automation and control specialists, maintenance technicians, and students. The basic theories of AC and DC drives haven't changed but the technology certainly has, and this new edition takes a fresh look at how market demands have advanced motor and drive technology to lead the industry in new directions. The second edition incorporates significant new material, including discussions on: AC drives and machine safety Application-specific drives and soft-starters Enhanced programmability for AC drives including adaptive, function block, sequential, and IEC-61131-3 programming Master(leader)-follower, Ethernet, fiber-optic, and PLC communications The principles of DC and variable frequency AC drive technology An overview of drive components and types of drives, with special emphasis given to common applications and energy savings DC and AC motor and drive operation, as well as AC vector, servo, and permanent magnet motors Inside you will also find easy to understand explanations, summaries, review questions, glossaries, reference tables for formulas and conversions. Great for a tutorial or desk reference!

Cyberphysical Infrastructures in Power Systems - Architectures and Vulnerabilities (Paperback): Magdi S. Mahmoud, Haris M.... Cyberphysical Infrastructures in Power Systems - Architectures and Vulnerabilities (Paperback)
Magdi S. Mahmoud, Haris M. Khalid, Mutaz M. Hamdan
R2,595 Discovery Miles 25 950 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

In an uncertain and complex environment, to ensure secure and stable operations of large-scale power systems is one of the biggest challenges that power engineers have to address today. Traditionally, power system operations and decision-making in controls are based on power system computations of physical models describing the behavior of power systems. Largely, physical models are constructed according to some assumptions and simplifications, and such is the case with power system models. However, the complexity of power system stability problems, along with the system's inherent uncertainties and nonlinearities, can result in models that are impractical or inaccurate. This calls for adaptive or deep-learning algorithms to significantly improve current control schemes that solve decision and control problems. Cyberphysical Infrastructures in Power Systems: Architectures and Vulnerabilities provides an extensive overview of CPS concepts and infrastructures in power systems with a focus on the current state-of-the-art research in this field. Detailed classifications are pursued highlighting existing solutions, problems, and developments in this area.

Pre-treatment Methods of Lignocellulosic Biomass for Biofuel Production (Hardcover): Shyamal Roy Pre-treatment Methods of Lignocellulosic Biomass for Biofuel Production (Hardcover)
Shyamal Roy
R1,195 Discovery Miles 11 950 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Bioconversion of lignocellulosic biomass to biofuel is materially obstructed by the compositional and chemical complexity of biomaterials, resulting in a challenge in using these as raw materials for the biofuel production process. This book explains various lignocellulosic biomass pre-treatment methods with emphasis on concepts, practicability, mechanisms of action, and advantages and disadvantages and potential for industrial applications. It also highlights the main challenges and suggests possible ways to make these pre-treatment technologies feasible for the biofuel industry. Features Presents different pre-treatment technologies available for lignocellulosic biomass in a concise manner. Covers use of different pre-treatment methods in laboratory to industrial scales. Includes combined pre-treatment and deep eutectic solvents methods. Discusses problems related to industrial adaptation and corresponding economics of different techniques. Explores significant fuels and chemicals derived from lignocellulosic biomass. This book is aimed at graduate students and researchers working on biomass conversion, characterization, cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin, microbial enzymes, fermentation technology, and industrial biotechnology.

Nanomaterials in Bionanotechnology - Fundamentals and Applications (Hardcover): Ravindra Pratap Singh, Kshitij RB Singh Nanomaterials in Bionanotechnology - Fundamentals and Applications (Hardcover)
Ravindra Pratap Singh, Kshitij RB Singh
R3,609 Discovery Miles 36 090 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Nanomaterials in Bionanotechnology: Fundamentals and Applications offers a comprehensive treatment of nanomaterials in biotechnology from fundamentals to applications, along with their prospects. This book explains the basics of nanomaterial properties, synthesis, biological synthesis, and chemistry and demonstrates how to use nanomaterials to overcome problems in agricultural, environmental, and biomedical applications. Features Covers nanomaterials for environmental analysis and monitoring for heavy metals, chemical toxins, and water pollutant detection Describes nanomaterials-based biosensors and instrumentation and use in disease diagnosis and therapeutics Discusses nanomaterials for food processing and packaging and agricultural waste management Identifies challenges in nanomaterials-based technology and how to solve them This work serves as a reference for industry professionals, advanced students, and researchers working in the discipline of bionanotechnology.

Stability Analysis and State Estimation of Memristive Neural Networks (Hardcover): Hongjian Liu, Zidong Wang, Lifeng Ma Stability Analysis and State Estimation of Memristive Neural Networks (Hardcover)
Hongjian Liu, Zidong Wang, Lifeng Ma
R3,090 Discovery Miles 30 900 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

In this book, the stability analysis and estimator design problems are discussed for delayed discrete-time memristive neural networks. In each chapter, the analysis problems are firstly considered, where the stability, synchronization and other performances (e.g., robustness, disturbances attenuation level) are investigated within a unified theoretical framework. In this stage, some novel notions are put forward to reflect the engineering practice. Then, the estimator design issues are discussed where sufficient conditions are derived to ensure the existence of the desired estimators with guaranteed performances. Finally, the theories and techniques developed in previous parts are applied to deal with some issues in several emerging research areas. The book Unifies existing and emerging concepts concerning delayed discrete memristive neural networks with an emphasis on a variety of network-induced phenomena Captures recent advances of theories, techniques, and applications of delayed discrete memristive neural networks from a network-oriented perspective Provides a series of latest results in two popular yet interrelated areas, stability analysis and state estimation of neural networks Exploits a unified framework for analysis and synthesis by designing new tools and techniques in combination with conventional theories of systems science, control engineering and signal processing Gives simulation examples in each chapter to reflect the engineering practice

5G and Beyond Wireless Transport Technologies - Enabling Backhaul, Midhaul, and Fronthaul (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2021): Douglas H.... 5G and Beyond Wireless Transport Technologies - Enabling Backhaul, Midhaul, and Fronthaul (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2021)
Douglas H. Morais
R1,710 Discovery Miles 17 100 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

This text covers the key technologies employed in wireless links that enable increased data rates and thus are likely to be employed in support of 5G wireless transport networks, i.e., backhaul, midhaul, and fronthaul networks. The author presents technologies at an introductory level but nonetheless at a level that imparts to the reader a sound understanding of the fundamentals. The book is intended for those practicing engineers and graduate and upper undergraduate students who have an interest in acquiring, where missing, the necessary technology background in order to comprehend the functioning and capability of 5G based wireless transport links. The author focuses on those technologies that are key to achieving the high data rates and high reliability required of this transport. The material is presented in a clear, concise, and mathematically light fashion. Covers key wireless transport (backhaul, midhaul, and fronthaul) technologies for 5G and beyond, presented in a clear tractable fashion; Outlines the basic wireless transport transmitter/receiver terminal architecture, provides specifications of some such terminals, and indicates the link performance afforded by such terminals; Provides sufficient mathematics to make it technically coherent, but not so much as to make it challenging for a reader with no or limited familiarity with these technologies.

Bioenergy Research: Commercial Opportunities & Challenges (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2021): Manish Srivastava, Neha Srivastava, Rajeev... Bioenergy Research: Commercial Opportunities & Challenges (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2021)
Manish Srivastava, Neha Srivastava, Rajeev Singh
R3,577 Discovery Miles 35 770 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

This volume is third part of the five-part set on bioenergy research. This book provides insights into commercial advantages of commonly running bioenergy options. It explores various opportunities present at technical scale to produce biofuels. Moreover, the additional practical feasibility of the commercialization of existing biofuels including existing challenges and sustainable solutions to overcome from these technical hurdles. This Volume also focuses on the durability and long run sustainability on the new arrival of biofuels options which can be a suitable and easy replacement of currently available biofuels at pilot scale. Other four volumes of this set explore basic concepts, latest progress, bio-waste to energy conversion and integrated solution for bioenergy concerns.

Solar Photovoltaic - Skills2Learn Renewable Energy Workbook (Paperback, UK ed.): Skills2learn Skills2learn Solar Photovoltaic - Skills2Learn Renewable Energy Workbook (Paperback, UK ed.)
Skills2learn Skills2learn
R424 R400 Discovery Miles 4 000 Save R24 (6%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Developed in partnership between Skills2Learn and Cengage Learning, this highly interactive workbook can be used as a resource tool for all introductory renewable energy vocational qualifications and apprenticeships. This unique workbook is designed to consolidate learners' theoretical knowledge prior to undertaking practical workshop exercises. Solar Photovoltaic provides learners with a thorough insight into renewable energies including the different types of heat and electricity producing technologies, the selection process, incentives and government policies. Part of the Renewable Energy Series, this unique write-in workbook can also be used alongside the Skills2Learn Solar Photovoltaic virtual reality e-learning programme making this a first-of-its-kind, fully integrated blended learning solution.

Proceedings of the 1st Annual Gas Processing Symposium, Volume 1 - 10-12 January, 2009 Qatar (Hardcover, New): Hassan E.... Proceedings of the 1st Annual Gas Processing Symposium, Volume 1 - 10-12 January, 2009 Qatar (Hardcover, New)
Hassan E. Alfadala, G.V.Rex Reklaitis, Mahmoud M El-Halwagi
R5,446 Discovery Miles 54 460 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

As the cleanest source of fossil energy with the most advantageous CO2 footprint, natural gas continues to increase its share in the global energy market. This book provides state-of-the-art contributions in the area of gas processing. Special emphasis is given to Liquified Natural Gas (LNG); the book also covers the following gas processing applications in parallel sessions:
* Natural Gas processing and treatment
* Gas To Power and water
* Gas To Liquid (GTL)
* Gas To Petrochemicals, including olefins, ammonia and methanol

* Provides a state-of-the-art review of gas processing technologies
* Covers design, operating tools, and methodologies
* Includes case studies and practical applications

Electronic Systems and Intelligent Computing - Proceedings of ESIC 2020 (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2020): Pradeep Kumar Mallick,... Electronic Systems and Intelligent Computing - Proceedings of ESIC 2020 (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2020)
Pradeep Kumar Mallick, Preetisudha Meher, Alak Majumder, Santos Kumar Das
R7,622 Discovery Miles 76 220 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

This book presents selected, high-quality research papers from the International Conference on Electronic Systems and Intelligent Computing (ESIC 2020), held at NIT Yupia, Arunachal Pradesh, India, on 2 - 4 March 2020. Discussing the latest challenges and solutions in the field of smart computing, cyber-physical systems and intelligent technologies, it includes papers based on original theoretical, practical and experimental simulations, developments, applications, measurements, and testing. The applications and solutions featured provide valuable reference material for future product development.

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Politics of Renewable Energy in China
Chen Gang Hardcover R2,069 Discovery Miles 20 690
Energy Conversion Engineering - Towards…
Ahmed F. Ghoniem Hardcover R1,965 Discovery Miles 19 650
Energy Science - Principles…
John Andrews, Nick Jelley Paperback R1,105 Discovery Miles 11 050
Essential Boat Electrics - Carry out…
Pat Manley, Oliver Ballam Paperback R436 R361 Discovery Miles 3 610
There Is No Planet B - A Handbook for…
Mike Berners-Lee Paperback R271 R200 Discovery Miles 2 000
My Revision Notes: City & Guilds Level 2…
Peter Tanner Paperback R438 Discovery Miles 4 380