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Nanovate - Commercializing Disruptive Nanotechnologies (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2017): Mohab Anis, Ghada AlTaher Abdelhamed, Wesam... Nanovate - Commercializing Disruptive Nanotechnologies (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2017)
Mohab Anis, Ghada AlTaher Abdelhamed, Wesam Sarhan, Mona Tarek Elsemary
R2,993 R2,511 Discovery Miles 25 110 Save R482 (16%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This book introduces readers from diverse backgrounds to the principles underlying nanotechnology, from devices to systems, while also describing in detail how businesses can use nanotechnology to redesign their products and processes, in order to have a clear edge over their competition. The authors include 75 case studies, describing in a highly-accessible manner, real nanotechnology innovations from 15 different industrial sectors. For each case study, the technology or business challenges faced by the company are highlighted, the type of nanotechnology adopted is defined, and the eventual economic and social impact is described. Introduces fundamentals of nanotechnology and its applications in a highly-accessible manner Includes 75 case studies of commercializing nanotechnology from 15 industrial sectors, including Automotive, Consumer Electronics, and Renewable Energy Enables nanotechnology experts to learn simple and important business concepts to facilitate the transfer of science to the market Introduces business owners to various means to resolve industrial challenges using nanotechnologies

Advanced Solutions in Power Systems - HVDC, FACTS, and Artificial Intelligence (Hardcover): Mircea Eremia, Chen-Ching Liu,... Advanced Solutions in Power Systems - HVDC, FACTS, and Artificial Intelligence (Hardcover)
Mircea Eremia, Chen-Ching Liu, Abdel-Aty Edris
R3,039 R2,144 Discovery Miles 21 440 Save R895 (29%) Shipped within 7 - 13 working days

Provides insight on both classical means and new trends in the application of power electronic and artificial intelligence techniques in power system operation and control This book presents advanced solutions for power system controllability improvement, transmission capability enhancement and operation planning. The book is organized into three parts. The first part describes the CSC-HVDC and VSC-HVDC technologies, the second part presents the FACTS devices, and the third part refers to the artificial intelligence techniques. All technologies and tools approached in this book are essential for power system development to comply with the smart grid requirements. * Discusses detailed operating principles and diagrams, theory of modeling, control strategies and physical installations around the world of HVDC and FACTS systems * Covers a wide range of Artificial Intelligence techniques that are successfully applied for many power system problems, from planning and monitoring to operation and control * Each chapter is carefully edited, with drawings and illustrations that helps the reader to easily understand the principles of operation or application Advanced Solutions in Power Systems: HVDC, FACTS, and Artificial Intelligence is written for graduate students, researchers in transmission and distribution networks, and power system operation. This book also serves as a reference for professional software developers and practicing engineers.

Dictionary of Computer Science, Engineering and Technology (Hardcover): Philip A. Laplante Dictionary of Computer Science, Engineering and Technology (Hardcover)
Philip A. Laplante
R2,790 Discovery Miles 27 900 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

A complete lexicon of technical information, the Dictionary of Computer Science, Engineering, and Technology provides workable definitions, practical information, and enhances general computer science and engineering literacy. It spans various disciplines and industry sectors such as: telecommunications, information theory, and software and hardware systems. If you work with, or write about computers, this dictionary is the single most important resource you can put on your shelf.
The dictionary addresses all aspects of computing and computer technology from multiple perspectives, including the academic, applied, and professional vantage points. Including more than 8,000 terms, it covers all major topics from artificial intelligence to programming languages, from software engineering to operating systems, and from database management to privacy issues. The definitions provided are detailed rather than concise.
Written by an international team of over 80 contributors, this is the most comprehensive and easy-to-read reference of its kind. If you need to know the definition of anything related to computers you will find it in the Dictionary of Computer Science, Engineering, and Technology.

The Sociology of Energy, Buildings and the Environment - Constructing Knowledge, Designing Practice (Hardcover): Simon Guy,... The Sociology of Energy, Buildings and the Environment - Constructing Knowledge, Designing Practice (Hardcover)
Simon Guy, Elizabeth Shove
R2,426 Discovery Miles 24 260 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Part I. Introduction
1. Environmental sociology and energy efficiency
2. Engaging with energy and buildings
3. Science, knowledge and practice
Part II. Building Research Environments
4. Defining energy research
5. Comparing research environments: i. Close communities ii. Co-ordinated contractors iii. Contracting knowledge iv. Networking expertise
6. Positioning energy efficiency
7. Changing research environments
Part III. Energy Knowledges
8. Constructing conventions
9. Abstracting knowledge: capturing solar energy
10. Building knowledge: demonstrations and case studies
11. Replicating knowledges: i. Design Tools ii. Case studies
12. Converging conventions
Part IV. Theories of Knowledge and Practice
13. Theories of technical change: i. Barriers to energy efficiency ii. Leaping the barriers
14. Changing course
15. Following energy efficiency
Part V. The Politics of Insulation
16. Conventional explanations
17. Culture of energy conservation: i. Denmark ii. Sweden iii. France iv. The European insulation industry
18. Filling the gap: i. First fillings 1959-1974 ii. Curbing the cowboys 1975-1981 iii. Foam fears 1981-1983 iv. Fibre Wars 1984-1992
19. Government, industry and consumer interaction
Part VI. Organising Design: Housing and Energy Efficiency
20. Best practice and decision-making
21. Contexts of action: i. Shifting associations ii. Local pressures iii. Private dilemmas
22. Context, change and choice
Part VII. Developing Interests: Office Buildings and Barriers
23. Property relationships: i. Investing and exchanging ii. Nesting and using iii. Globalising design
24. Fluctuating priorities
Part VIII. Conclusions
25. Understanding energy efficiency
26. Technical convergence, cultural diversity
27. Reconstructing research

Diagnostic, Reliablility and Control Systems (Hardcover): Cornelius T. Leondes Diagnostic, Reliablility and Control Systems (Hardcover)
Cornelius T. Leondes
R4,317 Discovery Miles 43 170 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Due to developments in powerful computers including microprocessors, application Specific Integrated Circuits, (ASICs), computational techniques, diverse technologies, and advances in the product design processm, the field of mechantronics (mechanics/electronics) has evolved as a powerful and cost effective means for product realization. End products cover a wide spectrum of fields such as manufacturing, transportation, energy and power systems, and a great variety of electromechanical systems. A number of descriptions on the broad field of mechatronics have been put forward on the international scene. This volume on mechatronics in diagnostic, reliability and control system techniques reveals the effectiveness and essential significance of techniques available and, with further development, the continuing essential role they will play in the future. This book is intended as a reference source for students, research workers, practitioners and computer engineers.

Transformers and Inductors for Power Electronics - Theory, Design and Applications (Hardcover): W. G. Hurley, W. H. Wolfle Transformers and Inductors for Power Electronics - Theory, Design and Applications (Hardcover)
W. G. Hurley, W. H. Wolfle
R1,824 R1,296 Discovery Miles 12 960 Save R528 (29%) Shipped within 7 - 13 working days

Based on the fundamentals of electromagnetics, this clear and concise text explains basic and applied principles of transformer and inductor design for power electronic applications. It details both the theory and practice of inductors and transformers employed to filter currents, store electromagnetic energy, provide physical isolation between circuits, and perform stepping up and down of DC and AC voltages.

The authors present a broad range of applications from modern power conversion systems. They provide rigorous design guidelines based on a robust methodology for inductor and transformer design. They offer real design examples, informed by proven and working field examples.

Key features include: emphasis on high frequency design, including optimisation of the winding layout and treatment of non-sinusoidal waveformsa chapter on planar magnetic with analytical models and descriptions of the processing technologiesanalysis of the role of variable inductors, and their applications for power factor correction and solar powerunique coverage on the measurements of inductance and transformer capacitance, as well as tests for core losses at high frequencyworked examples in MATLAB, end-of-chapter problems, and an accompanying website containing solutions, a full set of instructors' presentations, and copies of all the figures.

Covering the basics of the magnetic components of power electronic converters, this book is a comprehensive reference for students and professional engineers dealing with specialised inductor and transformer design. It is especially useful for senior undergraduate and graduate students in electrical engineering and electrical energy systems, and engineers working with power supplies and energy conversion systems who want to update their knowledge on a field that has progressed considerably in recent years.

Networks and Devices Using Planar Transmissions Lines (Hardcover): Franco Di Paolo Networks and Devices Using Planar Transmissions Lines (Hardcover)
Franco Di Paolo
R4,357 Discovery Miles 43 570 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

A single text that incorporates all of the theoretical principles and practical aspects of planar transmission line devices - since the early development of striplines, it has been sought by countless microwave engineers, researchers, and students. With the publication of Networks and Devices Using Planar Transmission Lines, the search for that one authoritative resource is over.

This is more than just a handbook, much more than a theoretical treatment. It's the ideal integration of the theory and applications of planar transmission lines and devices. Striplines, microstrips, slot lines, coplanar waveguides and strips, phase shifters, hybrids, and more - the author examines them all. For each type of structure, his treatment is complete and self-contained, including:

Geometric characteristics
Electric and magnetic field lines
Solution techniques for the electromagnetic problem
Quasi-static, coupled modes, and full wave analysis methods
Design equations
Practical considerations

Of particular interest is the author's comprehensive treatment of planar ferrimagnetic devices, such as phase shifters, isolators, and circulators, and three appendices dedicated to the theoretical aspects of ferrimagetism. Five other appendices provide thorough reviews of various theoretical concepts implicit in the body of the work, such as wave theory, the external properties of networks, and resonant circuits.

The Hydrogen Economy - The Creation of the Worldwide Energy Web and the Redistribution of Power on Earth (Paperback): Jeremy... The Hydrogen Economy - The Creation of the Worldwide Energy Web and the Redistribution of Power on Earth (Paperback)
Jeremy Rifkin
R420 R398 Discovery Miles 3 980 Save R22 (5%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

In The Hydrogen Economy, best-selling author Jeremy Rifkin takes us on an eye-opening journey into the next great commercial era in history. He envisions the dawn of a new economy powered by hydrogen that will fundamentally change the nature of our market, political and social institutions, just as coal and steam power did at the beginning of the industrial age. Rifkin observes that we are fast approaching a critical watershed for the fossil-fuel era, with potentially dire consequences for industrial civilization. Experts had been saying that we had another forty or so years of cheap available crude oil left. Now, however, some of the world's leading petroleum geologists are suggesting that global oil production could peak and begin a steep decline much sooner, as early as the end of this decade, sending oil prices through the roof. While the fossil fuel era is entering its sunset years, a new energy regime is being born that has the potential to remake civilization. Hydrogen is the most basic and ubiquitous element in the universe. It is the stuff of the stars and of our sun and, when properly harnessed, it is the "forever fuel." It never runs out and produces no harmful CO2 emissions. Commercial fuel-cells powered by hydrogen are just now being introduced into the market for home, office and industrial use. The major automakers have spent more than two billion dollars developing hydrogen cars, buses, and trucks, and the first mass-produced vehicles are expected to be on the road in just a few years. In the new era, says Rifkin, every human being could become the producer as well as the consumer of his or her own energy - so called "distributed generation." When millions of end-users connect their fuel-cells into local, regional, and national hydrogen energy webs (HEWs), using the same design principles and smart technologies that made possible the World Wide Web, they can begin to share energy - peer-to-peer - creating a new decentralized form of energy use. Hydrogen has the potential to end the world's reliance on imported oil and help diffuse the dangerous geopolitical game being played out between Muslim militants and Western nations. It will dramatically cut down on carbon dioxide emissions and mitigate the effects of global warming. And because hydrogen is so plentiful and exists everywhere on earth, every human being could be "empowered," making it the first truly democratic energy regime in history.

Smart Grid Technology - A Cloud Computing and Data Management Approach (Hardcover): Sudip Misra, Samaresh Bera Smart Grid Technology - A Cloud Computing and Data Management Approach (Hardcover)
Sudip Misra, Samaresh Bera
R1,345 R1,267 Discovery Miles 12 670 Save R78 (6%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This comprehensive text covers fundamental concepts of smart grid technologies, integrating the tools and techniques of cloud computing and data management for application in smart grids. Different cloud and data management approaches are explained, highlighting energy management, information management, and security in the smart grid. The concepts of plug-in hybrid electric vehicle and virtual energy storage are explained in separate chapters. The text covers recent trends in cloud computing and data analytics in the field of smart grid. A glossary of important technical terms is provided for the benefit of the readers.

AC Machine Systems - Mathematical Model and Parameters, Analysis, and System Performance (Hardcover, 2009 Ed.): Jingde Gao,... AC Machine Systems - Mathematical Model and Parameters, Analysis, and System Performance (Hardcover, 2009 Ed.)
Jingde Gao, Linzheng Zhang, Xiangheng Wang
R4,519 Discovery Miles 45 190 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

"AC Machine Systems" stresses both analysis methods and operating performances of AC machine systems, including variable speed drive system of AC machines with power electronics and control devices, power energy system composed of AC machines and power lines, special machine system with special machines and special loads, electric machine system consisting of AC machines and excitation devices. Based on a single coil, the Multi-Loop Theory is thoroughly described, and examples of how to use the new approach are presented. This book provides a new way for analyzing the AC machine systems. This book is designed for the researchers and postgraduates in the field of electric machines and control. It's also a reference book for related technicians.

This book is written in memory of Professor Jingde Gao, past-president of Tsinghua University, Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Another two authors, Linzheng Zhang and Xiangheng Wang both are Professors in Electrical Engineering Dept. of Tsinghua University.

Protection of Substation Critical Equipment Against Intentional Electromagnetic Threats (Hardcover): Vladimir Gurevich Protection of Substation Critical Equipment Against Intentional Electromagnetic Threats (Hardcover)
Vladimir Gurevich
R2,165 R1,527 Discovery Miles 15 270 Save R638 (29%) Shipped within 7 - 13 working days

The modern microprocessor based electronic equipment most vulnerable to Intentional Destructive Electromagnetic Interferences (IDEI) includes High-Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP) in all substation equipment. However, power equipment and especially transformers are also subject to the influence of HEMP. The book discusses problems and solutions for both kinds of substation equipment. Separated into eight chapters, the book covers: Technological progress and its consequences; Intentional Destructive Electromagnetic Interferences (IDEI); Methods and means of Digital Protective Relay (DPR) protection from electromagnetic pulse; Passive methods and means of DPR protection from electromagnetic pulse; Active methods and means of DPR protection from electromagnetic pulse; Tests of DPR resistance to IDEI impacts; Organizational and technical measures to protect DPR from HEMP; and Protection of power equipment and transformers from HEMP. Key features: * Practical approach focusing on technical solutions for difficult problems. * Full data on electromagnetic threats and methods of their prevention are concentrated. * Addresses a gap in knowledge in the power system industry. This book emphasizes practical recommendations on protection of power substations' electric equipment from IDEI that intended for not only staff operating electric equipment, but also for manufacturers of this equipment, specialists of designing companies, managers of electric energy industry as well as for teachers and postgraduate students.

Stage 1 Design - Electrical Installation Series: Intermediate Course (Paperback): Malcom Doughton, E.G. Stocks Stage 1 Design - Electrical Installation Series: Intermediate Course (Paperback)
Malcom Doughton, E.G. Stocks
R796 R671 Discovery Miles 6 710 Save R125 (16%) Shipped within 8 - 13 working days

This study book covers the following topics on installation and Commissioning: supply, overcurrent and earth fault protection, the electrical information required, selection of conductor size, selection of cable and protective conductors, preparting for commissioning, testing, alarm systems, and fault location. Stage 1 Design also includes a circuit design project. Circuit 1 has been completed to aid students in completing circuits 2, 3 and 4 at the relevant stages in the book. Self-assessment questions and an end test are included so that progress can be monitored. The intermediate Course books cover the knowledge requirements for the City & Guilds of London Institute 2360 Electrical Installation Scheme, Part 2 and NVQ level 3.

Introduction to Hypoplasticity - Advances in Geotechnical Engineering and Tunnelling 1 (Paperback, Student): D. Kolymbas Introduction to Hypoplasticity - Advances in Geotechnical Engineering and Tunnelling 1 (Paperback, Student)
D. Kolymbas
R742 Discovery Miles 7 420 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days


Electrical and Electronic Principles and Technology (Paperback, 6th New edition): John Bird Electrical and Electronic Principles and Technology (Paperback, 6th New edition)
John Bird
R495 R444 Discovery Miles 4 440 Save R51 (10%) Shipped within 4 - 8 working days

This practical resource introduces electrical and electronic principles and technology covering theory through detailed examples, enabling students to develop a sound understanding of the knowledge required by technicians in fields such as electrical engineering, electronics and telecommunications. No previous background in engineering is assumed, making this an ideal text for vocational courses at Levels 2 and 3, foundation degrees and introductory courses for undergraduates.

Pilot Protective Relaying (Hardcover): Elmore Pilot Protective Relaying (Hardcover)
R2,149 Discovery Miles 21 490 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This lucid, accessible reference/text concentrates on the fundamentals of protective relaying and provides lasting information written in precise, intelligible language. Supplies an encyclopedic bibliography listing many recent professional papers useful to the relay engineer Stressing simplicity and root technology rather than more recent refinements, Pilot Protective Relaying describes the relative qualities of modern transmission line systems covers communications channels explores three-terminal applications details program design for microprocessor relays analyzes single-pole relaying explains how to protect lines equipped with series capacitors includes information on substation automation considers the nature of Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) summarizes substation information management spotlights digital fault recording discusses the influence of mutual, ccvt transients, channel problems, power system swings, evolving faults, and ct saturation on transmission line relaying systems and more Preserving the wisdom of generations of practicing engineers and containing the basic principles of protective relaying and substation control, Pilot Protective Relaying is a key reference for protective relaying, electrical and electronics, power, high-voltage, electrical-power, transmission and distribution, and industrial engineers; and power system researchers and technicians; and the text of choice for students and professionals enrolled in upper-level undergraduate and graduate courses, continuing-education programs, and professional seminars in these disciplines.

Star Ark - A Living, Self-Sustaining Spaceship (Paperback, 1st ed. 2017): Rachel Armstrong Star Ark - A Living, Self-Sustaining Spaceship (Paperback, 1st ed. 2017)
Rachel Armstrong
R1,440 R1,264 Discovery Miles 12 640 Save R176 (12%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

As space ventures have become more numerous, leading scientists and theorists have offered ways of building a living habitat in a hostile environment, taking an `ecosystems' view of space colonization. The contributors to this volume take a radical multi-disciplinary view of the challenge of human space colonization through the ongoing project Persephone. This book fundamentally challenges prevalent ideas about sustainability and proposes a new approach to resource austerity and conservation and providing truly sustainable approaches that are life-promoting. Readers will learn the details of the plans for Persephone - a real project that is part of the company Icarus Interstellar's plans for the design and engineering of a living interior on a worldship to be constructed in Earth's orbit within 100 years. Although the timeframe itself is only an estimate, since it is contingent on many significant developments, including funding and technological advances, the industry consensus is that within 100 years we will see manned space exploration beyond our solar system. This notion is shared by organizations such as the Initiative for Interstellar Studies and the DARPA-funded 100-year starship project. This book specifically develops the principles for the construction of a living habitat within a worldship - a multi-generational starship that contains its own world that supports colonists as it travels across great distances between stars at a speed much slower than light. Far from being a sterile industrial setup, such as the ISS, or even being a bucolic suburbia as proposed by Gerard O'Neill in the 1970s, this worldship will provide the pre-conditions for sustaining life beyond Earth's environment, which may also lead to the evolution of non-terrestrial ecologies. Drawing on the principles of ecopoiesis and insights offered by the Biosphere 2 experiment that demonstrated what we have to learn about ecosystem construction, this book proposes first designing the soils of such a space. It should then be possible to set up the conditions that a first generation of colonists may experience in leaving our solar system to find new worlds to settle - perhaps in spreading life throughout the universe. Although the book takes a unique view of ecology and sustainability within the setting of a traveling starship it is equally concerned with the human experience on artificial worlds. Chapters come from a range of multi disciplinary thinkers who shed light on the brave new future ahead from different angles.

Energy Management in Illuminating Systems (Hardcover): Kao Chen Energy Management in Illuminating Systems (Hardcover)
Kao Chen
R2,950 Discovery Miles 29 500 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

As our dependence on and need for abundant energy grows, it becomes increasingly important for engineers and managers to develop and maintain energy efficient systems and build effective energy management programs. Energy Management in Illuminating Systems presents the latest concepts, innovative methods, and state-of-the art technologies in commercial or industrial lighting systems and energy management.
An effective energy management program comprises three essential elements: organization, technology, and economics. However, the success of any management program clearly must begin with an energy effective illuminating system, which in turn depends upon using sound engineering analysis and design principles during the projects early stages.
In this book, the author-with long and unique experience in the field-provides the details of proven methods for achieving these goals. He presents:
How to organize and operate the illumination energy management program
The elements of designing energy effective illuminating systems-systems that can also increase worker productivity and reduce operating costs
The latest in efficient system components, including light sources, ballasts, and luminaires
How to evaluate energy efficiency, including discussion of the impact of energy efficient equipment on power quality, harmonics, the "K" factor, and lighting energy standards
Energy Management in Illuminating Systems shows how to design and manage energy effective lighting systems for industrial or commercial facilities. With this book, designers, engineers, and managers finally have a complete, how-to guide for applying practical energy management principles to various systems of illumination.

Electronics for Service Engineers (Paperback): Dave Fox Electronics for Service Engineers (Paperback)
Dave Fox
R778 Discovery Miles 7 780 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Electronics for Service Engineers is the first text designed specifically for the Level 2 NVQs in Electronics Servicing. It provides the underpinning knowledge required by brown goods and white goods students, reflecting the popularity of the EMTA white goods NVQs. It has also been written in the light of the new EEB / City & Guilds Level 2 progression award (RVQ) for brown goods and commercial electronics, dubbed 'son of 2240', and the existing 2240 part 1.
The wide ranging experience of the authors makes this a readable book with much relevance to the real-life challenges of the service engineer. From simple mathematics and circuit theory to transmission theory and aerials, from health and safety to logic gates and transducers, the complete range of knowledge required to service electronic and electrical equipment is here. This practical emphasis makes the book ideal for existing service engineers seeking to gain an NVQ.
Numerous questions and worked examples throughout the text allow readers to monitor their own progress, and provide practice for C&G tests.
Joe Cieszynski and Dave Fox have a wide mix of experience, both in the field and workshop working on TV and audio, and teaching electronic servicing and security installation at MANCAT. Joe writes regularly for Television magazine.
Matched to Level 2 NVQs, the new RVQ syllabus and C&G 2240 pt.1
Strong practical and professional treatment of subjectA book that is both suitable for white goods (washing machines, fridges etc) as well as brown goods (televisions, hi-fi, consumer electronics) and commercial goods.

Reactor Design for Chemical Engineers (Hardcover, New Ed): J.M. Winterbottom, Michael King Reactor Design for Chemical Engineers (Hardcover, New Ed)
J.M. Winterbottom, Michael King
R1,451 Discovery Miles 14 510 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Intended primarily for undergraduate chemical-engineering students, this book also includes material which bridges the gap between undergraduate and graduate requirements. The introduction contains a listing of the principal types of reactors employed in the chemical industry, with diagrams and examples of their use. There is then a brief exploration of the concepts employed in later sections for modelling and sizing reactors, followed by basic information on stoichiometry and thermodynamics, and the kinetics of homogeneous and catalyzed reactions. Subsequent chapters are devoted to reactor sizing and modelling in some simple situations, and more detailed coverage of the design and operation of the principal reactor types.

Renewable Energy - Sustainable Energy Concepts for the Energy Change (Hardcover, 2nd Edition): Roland Wengenmayr, Thomas Buhrke Renewable Energy - Sustainable Energy Concepts for the Energy Change (Hardcover, 2nd Edition)
Roland Wengenmayr, Thomas Buhrke; Translated by William D. Brewer
R668 R562 Discovery Miles 5 620 Save R106 (16%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

In the years since the publication of the first edition of this book, the world has undergone drastic changes in terms of energy sources. This is reflected in the expansion of this second edition from 20 to 26 chapters. The most dramatic occurrence was the Tsunami which struck Japan in March of 2011 and set off a reactor catastrophe at the nuclear power plants in Fukushima. On the other hand fossil fuel technology drives the climate change to a threatening level. So, renewable energy sources are essential for the 21st century. The increasing number of wind power plants, solar collectors and photovoltaic installations demonstrates perceptibly that many innovations for tapping renewable energy sources have matured: very few other technologies have developed so dynamically in the past years.Nearly all the chapters were written by professionals in the respective fields. That makes this book an especially valuable and reliable source of information. The second edition is extended by several new chapters such as tidal power stations, the Desertec project, thermography of buildings and more. Furthermore, the critical debate about current first generation bio-fuels is carefully reflected, and the book presents promising solutions that do not trade in food for fuel.

The editors are experienced journalists and illustrate the text with simple diagrams and information boxes, printed in full-color throughout.

A valuable resource for applied physicists, engineers in power technology, engineers, and anyone interested in natural sciences.

Fast Pyrolysis of Biomass - Advances in Science and Technology (Hardcover): Robert C. Brown Fast Pyrolysis of Biomass - Advances in Science and Technology (Hardcover)
Robert C. Brown; Series edited by George Kraus; Edited by (editors-in-chief) James H. Clark; Contributions by Shurong Wang, David Dayton
R3,591 Discovery Miles 35 910 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Fast pyrolysis and related catalytic pyrolysis are of increasing interest as pathways to advanced biofuels that closely mimic traditional petroleum products. Research has moved from empirical investigations to more fundamental studies of pyrolysis mechanisms. Theories on the chemical and physical pathways from plant polymers to pyrolysis products have proliferated as a result. This book brings together the latest developments in pyrolysis science and technology. It examines, reviews and challenges the unresolved and sometimes controversial questions about pyrolysis, helping advance the understanding of this important technology and stimulating discussion on the various competing theories of thermal deconstruction of plant polymers. Beginning with an introduction to the biomass-to-biofuels process via fast pyrolysis and catalytic pyrolysis, chapters address prominent questions such as whether free radicals or concerted reactions dominate deconstruction reactions. Finally, the book concludes with an economic analysis of fast pyrolysis versus catalytic pyrolysis. This book will be of interest to advanced students and researchers interested in the science behind renewable fuel technology, and particularly the thermochemical processing of biomass.

Heat and Mass Transfer (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2017): Rajendra Karwa Heat and Mass Transfer (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2017)
Rajendra Karwa
R2,753 R2,312 Discovery Miles 23 120 Save R441 (16%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This textbook presents the classical treatment of the problems of heat transfer in an exhaustive manner with due emphasis on understanding of the physics of the problems. This emphasis is especially visible in the chapters on convective heat transfer. Emphasis is laid on the solution of steady and unsteady two-dimensional heat conduction problems. Another special feature of the book is a chapter on introduction to design of heat exchangers and their illustrative design problems. A simple and understandable treatment of gaseous radiation has been presented. A special chapter on flat plate solar air heater has been incorporated that covers thermo-hydraulic modeling and simulation. The chapter on mass transfer has been written looking specifically at the needs of the students of mechanical engineering. The book includes a large number and variety of solved problems with supporting line diagrams. The author has avoided duplicating similar problems, while incorporating more application-based examples. All the end-of-chapter exercise problems are supplemented with stepwise answers. Primarily designed to serve as a complete textbook for undergraduate and graduate students of mechanical engineering, the book will also be useful for students of chemical, automobile, production, and industrial engineering streams. The book fully covers the topics of heat transfer coursework and can also be used as reference for students preparing for competitive graduate examinations.

Electrostatic Motors - Their History, Types & Principles of Operation -- Revised Edition (Paperback, Revised Ed): Oleg Jefimenko Electrostatic Motors - Their History, Types & Principles of Operation -- Revised Edition (Paperback, Revised Ed)
Oleg Jefimenko
R451 R276 Discovery Miles 2 760 Save R175 (39%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

An amazing genius and Professor at West Virginia University, Oleg Jefimenko wrote this unique book describing his experiments with Electrostatic Motors, carefully documenting with photographs and illustrations as well as explaining their construction, materials used and history. The publisher is honoured to present this new edition that includes everything from the original book plus articles written afterwards by Dr Jefimenko as well as current reviews.

Biohydrogen Production: Sustainability of Current Technology and Future Perspective (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2017): Anoop Singh,... Biohydrogen Production: Sustainability of Current Technology and Future Perspective (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2017)
Anoop Singh, Dheeraj Rathore
R3,348 R3,035 Discovery Miles 30 350 Save R313 (9%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Increase in green, renewable and sustainable energy demand due to higher environmental impacts (e.g. Greenhouse gases emissions, climate change, etc.) on consumption of fossil fuel resource put down an extra pressure on government, researchers and industrialists. Among several available biofuel options, biohydrogen is considered as one of the best environmentally clean fuel and a strong candidate to fulfil the future demand of sustainable energy resource. Although, biohydrogen production technology and its use as a fuel is still in infancy stage. Selection of most sustainable production pathway, increase in production upto industrial scale and cost efficiency are some issue still persist with the biohydrogen research. "Biohydrogen Production: Sustainability of Current Technology and Future Perspective" is giving an insight for the sustainable production of biohydrogen at industrial scale. The process of biohydrogen production is complex and to opt the best suited production system for industrial scale is a frantic task. This book will provide an in depth information on all available technologies for biohydrogen production and feedstock options to choose upon. This book is also providing information on present status of the research in the field and possibility to change future fuel economy in to biohydrogen economy. Experts views provided in the chapters by renowned researchers from all over the globe in the field of biohydrogen research made this book a cornucopia of present research and future perspective of biohydrogen. This book is targeted at the researchers working on biohydrogen as well as the bioenergy scientist planning to move towards biohydrogen research. This book will provide a platform for motivation of researchers and industrialists for innovative ideas and thoughts to bring biohydrogen production at industrial scale.

Advanced Solar-Distillation Systems - Basic Principles, Thermal Modeling, and Its Application (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2017): G.N.... Advanced Solar-Distillation Systems - Basic Principles, Thermal Modeling, and Its Application (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2017)
G.N. Tiwari
R2,420 R2,087 Discovery Miles 20 870 Save R333 (14%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This book is primarily intended to serve as a textbook and reference work for graduate and professional training coursework on solar desalination of water. The book begins with an introduction to the increasing demand for potable water, various types of water pollution and its impacts on human health, and goes on to cover basics of desalination technologies. It covers all aspects of solar-energy based distillation and desalination for producing potable water resources, including radiation and heat transfer concepts, a history of solar distillation systems, and background on solar collectors. The contents include thermal modeling and parametric study of solar distillation. Energy and exergy aspects are analyzed in detail, including energy matrices of solar distillation. A special chapter on exeroeconomics introduces fundamental equations which include the general balance equation, thermodynamic balance equations, and economic balance equations. A chapter on Economic Analysis of Solar Distillation completes the coverage. The book includes solved examples and end-of-chapter exercises in the form of both problems and objective-type questions. The contents of this book are useful to students, researchers, professionals, and policymakers looking for a comprehensive resource on solar desalination.

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