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Advanced Computing and Systems for Security: Volume 14 (Paperback, 1st ed. 2021): Rituparna Chaki, Nabendu Chaki, Agostino... Advanced Computing and Systems for Security: Volume 14 (Paperback, 1st ed. 2021)
Rituparna Chaki, Nabendu Chaki, Agostino Cortesi, Khalid Saeed
R2,489 Discovery Miles 24 890 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

This book features extended versions of selected papers that were presented and discussed at the 8th International Doctoral Symposium on Applied Computation and Security Systems (ACSS 2021), held in Kolkata, India, on April 9-10, 2021. Organized by the Departments of Computer Science & Engineering and A. K. Choudhury School of Information Technology at the University of Calcutta, the symposium's international partners were Ca' Foscari University of Venice, Italy, and Bialystok University of Technology, Poland. The topics covered include biometrics, image processing, pattern recognition, algorithms, cloud computing, wireless sensor networks, and security systems, reflecting the various symposium sessions.

Discrete Signals and Systems with MATLAB (R) (Hardcover, 3rd New edition): Taan S. ElAli Discrete Signals and Systems with MATLAB (R) (Hardcover, 3rd New edition)
Taan S. ElAli
R2,573 Discovery Miles 25 730 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

The subject of Discrete Signals and Systems is broad and deserves a single book devoted to it. The objective of this textbook is to present all the required material that an undergraduate student will need to master this subject matter and the use of MATLAB. This book is primarily intended for electrical and computer engineering students, and especially for use by juniors or seniors in these undergraduate engineering disciplines. It can also be very useful to practicing engineers. It is detailed, broad, based on mathematical basic principles, focused, and it also contains many solved problems using analytical tools as well as MATLAB. The book is ideal for a one-semester course in the area of discrete linear systems or digital signal processing, where the instructor can cover all chapters with ease. Numerous examples are presented within each chapter to illustrate each concept when and where it is presented. Most of the worked-out examples are first solved analytically and then solved using MATLAB in a clear and understandable fashion.

Who Needs Nuclear Power (Paperback): Chris Anastasi Who Needs Nuclear Power (Paperback)
Chris Anastasi
R818 Discovery Miles 8 180 Ships in 10 - 20 working days

Who Needs Nuclear Power challenges conventional thinking about the role of civil nuclear power in a rapidly changing energy context, where new energy carriers are penetrating markets around the world. Against the backdrop of a global energy transition and the defining issue of Climate Change, Chris Anastasi assesses new nuclear build in a fast-moving sector in which new technologies and practices are rapidly emerging. He considers various countries at different stages of nuclear industry development, and discusses their political, legal and technical institutions that provide the framework for both existing nuclear facilities and new build, as well as a country's technical capability. He also highlights the critical issue of nuclear safety culture, exploring how organisations go about instilling it and maintaining it in their operations and encouraging it in their supply chains; the critical role played by independent regulators and international institutions in ensuring the integrity of the industry is also highlighted. This book provides a balanced and holistic view of nuclear power for both an expert and non-expert audience, and a realistic assessment of the potential for this technology over the critical period to 2050 and beyond.

Mechanical Engineering for Makers (Paperback): Brian Bunnell, Samer Najia Mechanical Engineering for Makers (Paperback)
Brian Bunnell, Samer Najia
R516 R456 Discovery Miles 4 560 Save R60 (12%) Ships in 12 - 17 working days

This practical, user-friendly reference book of common mechanical engineering concepts is geared toward makers who don't have (or want) an engineering degree but need to know the essentials of basic mechanical elements to successfully accomplish their personal projects. The book provides practical mechanical engineering information (supplemented with the applicable math, science, physics, and engineering theory) without being boring like a typical textbook. Most chapters contain at least one hands-on, fully illustrated, step-by-step project to demonstrate the topic being discussed and requires only common, inexpensive, easily sourced materials and tools. Some projects also provide alternative materials and tools and processes to align with the reader's individual preferences, skills, tools, and materials-at-hand. Linked together via the authors' overarching project -- building a kid-sized tank -- the chapters describe the thinking behind each mechanism and then expands the discussions to similar mechanical concepts in other applications. Written with humor, a bit of irreverence, and entertaining personal insights and first-hand experiences, the book presents complex concepts in an uncomplicated way. Highlights include: Provides mechanical engineering information that includes math, science, physics and engineering theory without being a textbook Contains hands-on projects in each chapter that require common, inexpensive, easily sourced materials and tools All hands-on projects are fully illustrated with step-by-step instructions Some hands-on projects provide alternative materials and tools/processes to align with the reader's individual preferences, skills, tools and materials-at-hand Includes real-world insights from the authors like tips and tricks ("Staying on Track") and fail moments ("Lost Track!") Many chapters contain a section ("Tracking Further") that dives deeper into the chapter subject, for those readers that are interested in more details of the topic Builds on two related Make: projects to link and illustrate all the chapter topics and bring individual concepts together into one system Furnishes an accompanying website that offers further information, illustrations, projects, discussion boards, videos, animations, patterns, drawings, etc. Learn to effectively use professional mechanical engineering principles in your projects, without having to graduate from engineering school!

Exam Preparation: Electrical Installations (2391) (Paperback): The Institution of Engineering and Technology, City & Guilds Exam Preparation: Electrical Installations (2391) (Paperback)
The Institution of Engineering and Technology, City & Guilds
R568 Discovery Miles 5 680 Ships in 10 - 20 working days

This level 3 qualification helps learners develop the knowledge and practical skills required to carry out inspection and testing on electrical installations. The qualification offers three pathways depending on the type of inspection and testing required or previous qualifications gained by learners. 2391 is intended for practising electricians who want to expand their skills and knowledge in the area of Initial Verification and/or Periodic Inspection and continue their professional development. The book will: Include guidelines and advice about sitting the exam Include practice examinations, with fully worked and 'model' answers Act as a valuable revision aid, to help students prepare for the full exam

Practical Analog and RF Electronics (Hardcover): Daniel B. Talbot Practical Analog and RF Electronics (Hardcover)
Daniel B. Talbot
R1,940 Discovery Miles 19 400 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

This is a book about real-world design techniques for analog circuits: amplifiers, filters, injection-locked oscillators, phase-locked loops, transimpedance amplifiers, group delay correction circuits, notch filters, and spectrum regrowth in digital radio frequency (RF) transmitters, etc. The book offers practical solutions to analog and RF problems, helping the reader to achieve high-performance circuit and system design. A variety of issues are covered, such as: How to flatten group delay of filters How to use reciprocity to advantage How to neutralize a parasitic capacitance How to deepen a notch by adding only two components to the network How to demodulate a signal using the secant waveform and its benefit How to flatten the frequency response of a diode detector When to use a transimpedance amplifier and how to maximize its performance How to recover non-return-to-zero (NRZ) data when alternating current (AC) coupling is required Why phase noise corrupts adjacent communication channels Simple method to prevent false locking in phase-locked loops How to improve the bandwidth of amplification by using current conveyors A very simple impedance matching technique requiring only one reactive component How to use optimization Quadrature distortion and cross-rail interference This book is meant to be a handbook (or a supplemental textbook) for students and practitioners in the design of analog and RF circuitry with primary emphasis on practical albeit sometimes unorthodox circuit realizations. Equations and behavioral simulations result in an abundance of illustrations, following a "words and pictures" easy-to-understand approach. Teachers will find the book an important supplement to a standard analog and RF course, or it may stand alone as a textbook. Working engineers may find it useful as a handbook by bookmarking some of the step-by-step procedures, e.g., the section on simplified impedance matching or group delay flattening.

Green Automation for Sustainable Environment (Hardcover): Sherin Zafar, Mohd Abdul Ahad, M. Afshar Alam, Kashish Ara Shakil Green Automation for Sustainable Environment (Hardcover)
Sherin Zafar, Mohd Abdul Ahad, M. Afshar Alam, Kashish Ara Shakil
R2,313 Discovery Miles 23 130 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

This book explores the concepts and role of green computing and its recent developments for making the environment sustainable. It focuses on green automation in disciplines such as computers, nanoscience, information technology, and biochemistry. This book is characterized through descriptions of sustainability, green computing, their relevance to the environment, society, and its applications. Presents how to make the environment sustainable through engineering aspects and green computing Explores concepts and the role of green computing with recent developments Processes green automation linked with various disciplines such as nanoscience, information technology, and biochemistry Explains the concepts of green computing linked with sustainable environment through information technology This book will be of interest to researchers, libraries, students, and academicians that are interested in the concepts of green computing linked with green automation through information technology and their impacts on the future.

Technology, Manufacturing and Grid Connection of Photovoltaic Solar Cells (Hardcover): Guangyu Wang Technology, Manufacturing and Grid Connection of Photovoltaic Solar Cells (Hardcover)
Guangyu Wang
R2,630 Discovery Miles 26 300 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

A unique guide to the most important technical aspects of photovoltaic power generation with comprehensive analysis and author industry-experience * Unique from other books in the area in that it explains profound theories in simple language, introduces widely used production equipment and processes for industry professionals, and explains the complete PV industry chain from material to power generation * Has originated from the author s practical industry experience, enabling the use of up-to-date information during this time of new development in the Chinese PV industry * Content includes approximately 255 illustrations and 46 tables to help clarify complex theories.

Handbook of Green Engineering Technologies for Sustainable Smart Cities (Hardcover): K. Saravanan, G. Sakthinathan Handbook of Green Engineering Technologies for Sustainable Smart Cities (Hardcover)
K. Saravanan, G. Sakthinathan
R3,827 Discovery Miles 38 270 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Handbook of Green Engineering Technologies for Sustainable Smart Cities focuses on the complete exploration and presentation of green smart city applications, techniques, and architectural frameworks. It provides detailed coverage of urban sustainability spanning across various engineering disciplines. The book discusses and explores green engineering technologies for smart cities and covers various engineering disciplines and environmental science. It emphasizes techniques, application frameworks, tools, and case studies. All chapters play a part in the evolution of sustainable green smart cities and present how to solve environmental issues by applying modern industrial IoT solutions. This book will benefit researchers, smart city practitioners, academicians, university students, and policy makers.

Beyond the Code - A Philosophical Guide to Engineering Ethics (Paperback): Heidi Furey, Scott Hill, Sujata K. Bhatia Beyond the Code - A Philosophical Guide to Engineering Ethics (Paperback)
Heidi Furey, Scott Hill, Sujata K. Bhatia
R1,197 Discovery Miles 11 970 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

For over 80 years, the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) has been a leader in the promotion of ethical practice within the field of engineering. One of the Society's greatest contributions is the formation and adoption of the NSPE Code of Ethics. But the code, with its six "Fundamental Canons," is only truly instructive if engineers can bridge the gap between principles and action. Here there is no substitute for personal reflection on the ethical and philosophical issues that underlie the code. If done well, such reflection provides an indispensable basis for moral problem solving. Beyond the Code: A Philosophical Guide to Engineering Ethics is designed to complement the NSPE Code of Ethics by helping readers "go beyond" in their understanding of the philosophical issues bound up in the code. Each chapter addresses one of the Fundamental Canons of the NSPE code, and provides a philosophical analysis of the various parts of each canon by employing contemporary and classical texts. This unique approach to engineering ethics guides students and professionals in their readings of the appended selections to refine their understanding of the code in order to apply it to the practical challenges of today's engineers. Key Features: Is the first introduction to engineering ethics that helps students understand and apply the NSPE Code of Ethics to engineering practice Includes a Preface from Arthur E. Schwartz, NSPE Deputy Executive Director and General Counsel, and NAFE Executive Director As a hybrid text, includes primary philosophical texts with extensive introductions and guided reading questions from the book's three authors Offers case studies from the NSPE Board of Ethical Review, allowing students to see a direct connection between the issues discussed in the text and real-world engineering practice Includes the following pedagogical aids: "Key Terms and Concepts" for each chapter "Preparing to Read" sections before each primary source reading "Guided Reading Questions" after each primary source reading "Going Beyond-Our Questions for a Deep Dive" after each case study.

Sustainable Development in International Law Making and Trade - International Food Governance and Trade in Agriculture... Sustainable Development in International Law Making and Trade - International Food Governance and Trade in Agriculture (Hardcover)
Elisabeth Burgi Bonanomi
R3,528 Discovery Miles 35 280 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

This book provides a magisterial account of the history, conceptualization, and institutionalization of the concept of sustainable development in international law and policy-making. It provides helpful and insightful illumination of these issues, both at a general level and specifically through an extended case study of the evolution of the WTO Agreement on Agriculture - a particularly appropriate choice of case study given that agriculture implicates a wide range of divergent values, including the economic benefits of free trade; promoting access to affordable food; protecting small subsistence farmers, especially in developing countries; and minimizing environmental degradation through over-exploitation of natural resources such as fisheries, soil depletion or contamination. An overarching and constructive theme of the book is the need for greater legal coherence in international law making across these various domains which are often fragmented in institutional silos that lack effective integrating mechanisms.' - Michael Trebilcock, University of Toronto, Canada'Sustainable development, now made fully operational thanks to the contribution of Elisabeth Burgi Bonanomi, can support policy reforms that will improve global governance, thus ensuring that the trade regime is shaped to support the policy objectives that it is meant to serve. The area of food and agriculture is in many ways a case study of a lack of consistency across policy areas. It is now high time to overcome this failure. I have no doubt that this volume represents a major contribution towards this end.' - Olivier De Schutter, Member of the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights The concept of sustainable development has become a fundamental discourse in international decision making. To enable pragmatic sustainable development governance, legally coherent, mutually supportive multilateral treaties are both necessary and important. This timely book provides an accessible insight into how the concept of sustainable development can be made operational for coherent law making through its translation into legal terms. The book is split into two informative points of inquiry. The first part of the book explores the origins of the sustainable development debate and sheds light on how the international community has inadequately operationalized the concept to utilize its full potential. In this view, Elisabeth Burgi Bonanomi illustrates how sustainable development can facilitate coherent international law making when it is understood as a multidimensional legal principle and methodical norm. The second part of the book adopts this notion as an analytical lens on the WTO Agreement on Agriculture, placing the focus specifically on food security and food sustainability. The overarching discussion contributes to one of the most intricate debates of international food governance and investigates the unresolved question of what a sustainable and coherent agricultural trade agreement could look like. Providing a comprehensive overview of sustainable development law, its origins, and its current theories, scholars and students with a background in international public law, trade, and investment law, development and human rights law, international relations, and environmental policy will find this book a valuable reference tool. Practitioners and policy-makers will benefit from the insight into the search for politically coherent and sustainable legal agreements.

Carbonate Reservoirs: Porosity, Evolution and Diagenesis in a Sequence Stratigraphic Framework, Volume 55 (Hardcover, 2 Revised... Carbonate Reservoirs: Porosity, Evolution and Diagenesis in a Sequence Stratigraphic Framework, Volume 55 (Hardcover, 2 Revised Edition)
Clyde H Moore
R4,257 Discovery Miles 42 570 Ships in 12 - 17 working days
Fundamentals of Microgrids - Development and Implementation (Hardcover): Stephen A. Roosa Fundamentals of Microgrids - Development and Implementation (Hardcover)
Stephen A. Roosa
R2,579 Discovery Miles 25 790 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Microgrids provide opportunities to develop new electrical networks targeted for the needs of communities. The fourth industrial revolution is associated with the global trend toward decentralizing energy grids. Within this context, microgrids are seen as a solution to how renewable electricity can be supplied to local areas. The Fundamentals of Microgrids: Development and Implementation provides an in-depth examination of microgrid energy sources, applications, technologies, and policies. This book considers the fundamental configurations and applications for microgrids and examines their use as a means of meeting international sustainability goals. It focuses on questions and issues associated with microgrid topologies, development, implementation and regulatory issues. Distributed energy resources are defined, stand-a-lone generation systems are described and examples of typical microgrid configurations are provided. The key components of developing a business model for microgrid development are also considered. Features: Describes what microgrids are and details the basics of how they work while considering benefits of microgrids and their disadvantages. Provides answers to the fundamental questions energy managers and other professionals want to know about the basics of microgrids. Details the applications for microgrids and demystifies the types of microgrid architectures that are successful. Includes real-world examples of functioning microgrids which provide models for the development of microgrids in the future. Discusses the key considerations that must be addressed to develop a business case for microgrid development.

Advanced VLSI Design and Testability Issues (Hardcover): Suman Lata Tripathi, Sobhit Saxena, Sushanta Kumar Mohapatra Advanced VLSI Design and Testability Issues (Hardcover)
Suman Lata Tripathi, Sobhit Saxena, Sushanta Kumar Mohapatra
R2,215 Discovery Miles 22 150 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

This book facilitates the VLSI-interested individuals with not only in-depth knowledge, but also the broad aspects of it by explaining its applications in different fields, including image processing and biomedical. The deep understanding of basic concepts gives you the power to develop a new application aspect, which is very well taken care of in this book by using simple language in explaining the concepts. In the VLSI world, the importance of hardware description languages cannot be ignored, as the designing of such dense and complex circuits is not possible without them. Both Verilog and VHDL languages are used here for designing. The current needs of high-performance integrated circuits (ICs) including low power devices and new emerging materials, which can play a very important role in achieving new functionalities, are the most interesting part of the book. The testing of VLSI circuits becomes more crucial than the designing of the circuits in this nanometer technology era. The role of fault simulation algorithms is very well explained, and its implementation using Verilog is the key aspect of this book. This book is well organized into 20 chapters. Chapter 1 emphasizes on uses of FPGA on various image processing and biomedical applications. Then, the descriptions enlighten the basic understanding of digital design from the perspective of HDL in Chapters 2-5. The performance enhancement with alternate material or geometry for silicon-based FET designs is focused in Chapters 6 and 7. Chapters 8 and 9 describe the study of bimolecular interactions with biosensing FETs. Chapters 10-13 deal with advanced FET structures available in various shapes, materials such as nanowire, HFET, and their comparison in terms of device performance metrics calculation. Chapters 14-18 describe different application-specific VLSI design techniques and challenges for analog and digital circuit designs. Chapter 19 explains the VLSI testability issues with the description of simulation and its categorization into logic and fault simulation for test pattern generation using Verilog HDL. Chapter 20 deals with a secured VLSI design with hardware obfuscation by hiding the IC's structure and function, which makes it much more difficult to reverse engineer.

EIS: Inspection Testing and Commissioning (Paperback, Applied Mathematics): John Hooper, Malcom Doughton EIS: Inspection Testing and Commissioning (Paperback, Applied Mathematics)
John Hooper, Malcom Doughton
R503 R430 Discovery Miles 4 300 Save R73 (15%) Ships in 12 - 17 working days

This new edition of EIS: Inspection Testing and Commisioning from the highly successful Electrical Installation Series covers all the information required to complete the Inspection Testing and Commisioning unit as part of the Level 3 Diploma for City and Guilds (2357) and EAL equivalent qualifications. The nine studybooks in the series are endorsed by The Electrical Contractors Association (ECA) and cover all core Level 3 S/NVQ Diploma units and are mapped to the National Occupational Standards. The modular, hands-on approach is designed to clearly explain all the key concepts so learners gain all the necessary theoretical and practical skills required for each unit. The expert author team brings a wealth of industry knowledge and experience to each publication all brought to life by full-colour diagrams, images and photographs. Students can use one book per unit as a complete study resource to support learning in the classroom, at work and for personal study at home. These spiral bound, write-it studybooks are the ideal course companion for any aspiring electrician.

Monte Carlo Methods for Particle Transport (Hardcover, 2nd New edition): Alireza Haghighat Monte Carlo Methods for Particle Transport (Hardcover, 2nd New edition)
Alireza Haghighat
R2,561 Discovery Miles 25 610 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Fully updated with the latest developments in the eigenvalue Monte Carlo calculations and automatic variance reduction techniques and containing an entirely new chapter on fission matrix and alternative hybrid techniques. This second edition explores the uses of the Monte Carlo method for real-world applications, explaining its concepts and limitations. Featuring illustrative examples, mathematical derivations, computer algorithms, and homework problems, it is an ideal textbook and practical guide for nuclear engineers and scientists looking into the applications of the Monte Carlo method, in addition to students in physics and engineering, and those engaged in the advancement of the Monte Carlo methods. Describes general and particle-transport-specific automated variance reduction techniques Presents Monte Carlo particle transport eigenvalue issues and methodologies to address these issues Presents detailed derivation of existing and advanced formulations and algorithms with real-world examples from the author's research activities

Ocean Waves and Oscillating Systems: Volume 8 - Linear Interactions Including Wave-Energy Extraction (Hardcover, 2nd Revised... Ocean Waves and Oscillating Systems: Volume 8 - Linear Interactions Including Wave-Energy Extraction (Hardcover, 2nd Revised edition)
Johannes Falnes, Adi Kurniawan
R1,900 Discovery Miles 19 000 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Understand the interaction between ocean waves and oscillating systems with this useful new edition. With a focus on linear analysis of low-amplitude waves, you are provided with a thorough understanding of wave interactions, presented to be easily accessible to non-specialist readers. Topics covered include the background mathematics of oscillations, gravity waves on water, the dynamics of wave-body interactions, and the absorption of wave energy by oscillating bodies and oscillating water columns. Featuring new content throughout, including three new chapters on oscillating-body wave energy converters, oscillating water columns and other types of wave energy converters, and wave energy converter arrays, this book is an excellent resource for students, researchers, and engineers who are new to the subject of wave energy conversion, as well as those with more experience.

IoT System Design - Project Based Approach (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2022): Alice James, Avishkar Seth, Subhas Chandra Mukhopadhyay IoT System Design - Project Based Approach (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2022)
Alice James, Avishkar Seth, Subhas Chandra Mukhopadhyay
R2,856 Discovery Miles 28 560 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

This book presents a step by step design approach to develop and implement an IoT system starting from sensor, interfacing to embedded processor, wireless communication, uploading measured data to cloud including data visualization along with machine learnings and artificial intelligence. The book will be extremely useful towards a hands-on approach of designing and fabricating an IoT system especially for upper undergraduate, master and PhD students, researchers, engineers and practitioners.

The Chinese Shadow on India's Eastward Engagement - The Energy Security Dimension (Hardcover): Sanjay K. Bhardwaj The Chinese Shadow on India's Eastward Engagement - The Energy Security Dimension (Hardcover)
Sanjay K. Bhardwaj
R3,080 Discovery Miles 30 800 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

India, one of the largest importers of oil in the world, has been diversifying its energy resource options and moving towards greater energy security. This book analyses India's potential for building energy ties in the Asia-Pacific considering the global and regional power politics. Facing China's growing influence in Asia, India's eastward engagement with its extended neighbours has been entrenched in its Act East Policy and institutional commitments towards Southeast Asia. This volume focuses on diverse facets of energy security beyond the traditional understanding of demand and supply and price and stability. It examines India's energy sector, its dependence on hydrocarbons, and the push towards renewable and alternate energy resources. It further looks at the strategic importance of the Indian Ocean and South China Sea regions in geopolitical negotiations from an energy perspective and how China's influence in the region will affect India's moves towards greater energy cooperation with the countries of East Asia. With contributions by leading experts, the volume seeks to fill a major void in this theme and cater to the needs of a variety of audiences including academics, policymakers and experts in international relations, geopolitics and geoeconomics, and professionals in the field of energy studies.

Resource Recovery from Wastewater - Toward Sustainability (Hardcover): Veera Gnaneswar Gude Resource Recovery from Wastewater - Toward Sustainability (Hardcover)
Veera Gnaneswar Gude
R3,756 Discovery Miles 37 560 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

This informative volume provides comprehensive knowledge on various aspects of wastewater resource management from the point of process sustainability and resource recovery. This authoritative compendium is crucial for developing resource-efficient and sustainable wastewater treatment technologies and management strategies for both small (decentralized) and large (centralized) communities. Traditional wastewater systems have become increasingly energy-consuming and cost-intensive while also not meeting the increasing standards for nutrient removal and sustainable development. This book incorporates the latest developments in pollutant removal and resource recovery schemes in wastewater treatment. It highlights advances that have been made in microbiological processes; design of treatment methods; process configurations; energy conservation and efficiency improvement schemes; nutrient removal; recovery, reclamation, and recycling; beneficial uses of wastewater; and bioenergy and biochemical production from wastewater and sludge streams. Waste-to-energy technologies, especially wastewater treatment as a potential biofuel energy alternative through bioelectrochemical and other processes, are also discussed in this book.

An Introduction to Compressible Flow (Hardcover, 2nd New edition): Forrest E Ames, Clement C. Tang An Introduction to Compressible Flow (Hardcover, 2nd New edition)
Forrest E Ames, Clement C. Tang
R2,205 Discovery Miles 22 050 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

An Introduction to Compressible Flow, Second Edition covers the material typical of a single-semester course in compressible flow. The book begins with a brief review of thermodynamics and control volume fluid dynamics, then proceeds to cover isentropic flow, normal shock waves, shock tubes, oblique shock waves, Prandtl-Meyer expansion fans, Fanno-line flow, Rayleigh-line flow, and conical shock waves. The book includes a chapter on linearized flow following chapters on oblique shocks and Prandtl-Meyer flows to appropriately ground students in this approximate method. It includes detailed appendices to support problem solutions and covers new oblique shock tables, which allow for quick and accurate solutions of flows with concave corners. The book is intended for senior undergraduate engineering students studying thermal-fluids and practicing engineers in the areas of aerospace or energy conversion. This book is also useful in providing supplemental coverage of compressible flow material in gas turbine and aerodynamics courses.

Photo-Electrochemical Ammonia Synthesis - Nanocatalyst Discovery, Reactor Design, and Advanced Spectroscopy (Hardcover):... Photo-Electrochemical Ammonia Synthesis - Nanocatalyst Discovery, Reactor Design, and Advanced Spectroscopy (Hardcover)
Mohammadreza Nazemi, Mostafa A. El-Sayed
R2,313 Discovery Miles 23 130 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Ammonia holds great promise as a carbon-neutral liquid fuel for storing intermittent renewable energy sources and power generation due to its high energy density and hydrogen content. Photo-Electrochemical Ammonia Synthesis: Nanocatalyst Discovery, Reactor Design, and Advanced Spectroscopy covers the synthesis of novel hybrid plasmonic nanomaterials and their application in photo-electrochemical systems to convert low energy molecules to high value-added molecules and looks specifically at photo-electrochemical nitrogen reduction reaction (NRR) for ammonia synthesis as an attractive alternative to the long-lasting thermochemical process. Provides an integrated scientific framework, combining materials chemistry, photo-electrochemistry, and spectroscopy to overcome the challenges associated with renewable energy storage and transport Reviews materials chemistry for the synthesis of a range of heterogeneous (photo) electrocatalysts including plasmonic and hybrid plasmonic-semiconductor nanostructures for selective and efficient conversion of N2 to NH3 Covers novel reactor design to study the redox processes in the photo-electrochemical energy conversion system and to benchmark nanocatalysts' selectivity and activity toward NRR Discusses the use of advanced spectroscopic techniques to probe the reaction mechanism for ammonia synthesis Offers techno-economic analysis and presents performance targets for the scale-up and commercialization of electrochemical ammonia synthesis This book is of value to researchers, advanced students, and industry professionals working in sustainable energy storage and conversion across the disciplines of Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and related areas.

PV and the NEC (Paperback, 2nd New edition): Bill Brooks, Sean White PV and the NEC (Paperback, 2nd New edition)
Bill Brooks, Sean White
R744 Discovery Miles 7 440 Ships in 10 - 20 working days

Used throughout the United States and many other countries, the National Electrical Code (NEC) is the world's most detailed set of electrical codes pertaining to photovoltaic (PV) systems. PV and the NEC presents a straightforward explanation of the NEC in everyday language. This new edition is based on the 2020 NEC, which will be used widely until 2026, with most of the interpretations and material staying true long after. This book interprets the distinct differences between previous versions of the NEC and the 2020 NEC and clarifies how these code changes relate specifically to PV installations. Written by two of the leading authorities and educators in the field, this book will be a vital resource for solar professionals, as well as anyone preparing for a solar certification exam.

Code of Practice for In-service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment (Paperback, 5th edition): The Institution of... Code of Practice for In-service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment (Paperback, 5th edition)
The Institution of Engineering and Technology
R1,571 Discovery Miles 15 710 Ships in 10 - 20 working days

This is the 5th edition of the IET's Code of Practice for In-service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment. This Code of Practice provides guidance on in-service inspection and testing to determine whether electrical equipment is safe for continued use. Duty-holders are required by law to consider the risks associated with the use of electrical equipment. The Code underpins the need to conduct inspection and testing of electrical equipment by considering the risks the equipment is exposed to and the environment it is used in, in addition to the skill level of the user. It applies to all workplaces and also some types of rented accommodation. This 5th Edition reinforces the necessity to establish and conduct appropriate safety checks, taking into account current working practices and legal requirements. Among some of the changes in this edition are: the requirements for electrical safety management guidance on how to conduct a risk assessment testing needed to ensure safety in continued use changes to acceptable test result limits and a new hierarchy of tests inclusion of ES1 and ES2 to reflect the changes to product standards guidance on the new product classifications updated standard references revised model forms. The core purpose of this Code of Practice is to help achieve high standards of electrical safety and it is recommended reading for all duty-holders responsible for the management of electrical equipment.

On-Site Guide (BS 7671:2018) (Spiral bound, 7th edition): The Institution of Engineering and Technology On-Site Guide (BS 7671:2018) (Spiral bound, 7th edition)
The Institution of Engineering and Technology 1
R775 Discovery Miles 7 750 Ships in 10 - 20 working days

The On-Site Guide is an essential guide to BS 7671. It incorporates the extensive changes in BS 7671:2018, making this a vital guide for keeping up to date. It enables the competent electrician to deal with installations (up to 100 A, 3-phase) providing essential information in a convenient, easy-to-use format. The 18th Edition of the IET Wiring Regulations published in July 2018 and came into effect in January 2019. Changes from the previous edition include requirements concerning Surge Protection Devices, Arc Fault Detection Devices and the installation of electric vehicle charging equipment as well as many other areas.

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