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Occupational Therapy with Aging Adults - Promoting Quality of Life through Collaborative Practice (Hardcover): Karen Barney,... Occupational Therapy with Aging Adults - Promoting Quality of Life through Collaborative Practice (Hardcover)
Karen Barney, Margaret Perkinson
R1,436 Discovery Miles 14 360 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Get all the information you need to successfully practice in the rapidly growing field of gerontological occupational therapy! Occupational Therapy with Aging Adults is a brand new text written by OT experts Karen Frank Barney and Margaret Perkinson that takes a unique interdisciplinary and collaborative approach in covering every aspect of geriatric occupational therapy practice. Readers will explore the entire continuum of care for the aging population along with special considerations for this rapidly growing demographic. This innovative text also covers topical issues spanning the areas of ethical approaches to treatment; nutrition and oral health concerns; pharmacological issues; low vision interventions; assistive technology supports; and more to ensure readers are well versed in every aspect of this key practice area. UNIQUE! Intraprofessional and interprofessional approach to intervention emphasizes working holistically and collaboratively in serving older adults. Case examples help you learn to apply new information to actual patient situations. Questions at the end of each chapter can be used for discussion or other learning applications. Chapter on evidence-based practice discusses how to incorporate evidence into the clinical setting. Chapter on ethics provides a deeper understanding of how to address challenging ethical dilemmas. UNIQUE! Chapter on the wide range of physiological changes among the aging patient population highlights related occupational performance issues. UNIQUE! Chapter on oral health explores the challenges faced by older adults.

Gems Geriatric - Teachers Pack (Hardcover): AGS - American Geriatrics Society Gems Geriatric - Teachers Pack (Hardcover)
AGS - American Geriatrics Society
R12,925 Discovery Miles 129 250 Ships in 10 - 15 working days
Ageing Vulnerability - Causes and Interventions (Hardcover): Gregory R. Bock, Jamie A Goode Ageing Vulnerability - Causes and Interventions (Hardcover)
Gregory R. Bock, Jamie A Goode
R4,230 Discovery Miles 42 300 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

With the ever-increasing rise in life expectancy, there is an urgent need to improve our understanding of the relationship between ageing and the pathogenesis of age-related diseases in order to identify more effective means of prevention, amelioration and management of such diseases. In addition, there is a need to reduce the social and economic impact of the ageing population. Age-related morbidity and mortality vary dramatically among individuals; this book focusses on individual differences in susceptibility to age-related disorders.

It contains contributions from leading experts in the field on topics such as:
age-related pathology in the brain, age-related processes in stem cells, and age-related effects on the immune system and in bone, muscle and cardiovascular tissue. For all those with an interest in the biology of ageing, this is compulsory reading.

Are Chronic Degenerative Diseases Part of the Ageing Process? - Insights from Comparative Biology (Paperback): Michael A. Singer Are Chronic Degenerative Diseases Part of the Ageing Process? - Insights from Comparative Biology (Paperback)
Michael A. Singer
R2,405 Discovery Miles 24 050 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Most of the DNA in the human genome does not encode proteins but is involved in regulatory functions. In addition, the human genome is characterized by an extensive array of structural DNA variants arising from de novo mutations plus accumulated structural variants transmitted through an individual's lineage. The result is that each person has a unique genome which is expressed as that person's unique phenotype. Ageing can be understood on both the species and individual level. Each species has a programmed ageing and mortality pattern, but within those broad species-specific boundaries there is considerable individual variation. At the individual level, ageing reflects the integrated effects of that individual's unique mix of DNA structural variants, unique experience-specific epigenetic marks and imperfectly repaired genomic and cellular damage. This book examines human "chronic degenerative" diseases which are not diseases, but rather variations of the ageing process across individuals.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with Older People - Interventions for Those with and without Dementia (Paperback): Ian Andrew... Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with Older People - Interventions for Those with and without Dementia (Paperback)
Ian Andrew James
R690 Discovery Miles 6 900 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The development of 'ageless' mental health services means that an increasing number of clinicians are now required to work with older people. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is recognised by all recent meta-analyses as the most effective therapy, yet few clinicians are trained specifically in its usage with the elderly. This book is a detailed guide to using CBT with older people both with and without cognitive difficulties. Reviewing its use in different settings, it covers both conceptual and practical perspectives, and details everything from causes and initial assessment to case formulation and change techniques. Case studies in both depression and dementia are used to illustrate how CBT should work and how positive effects can manifest themselves. Suitable both for trainees and experienced therapists, this book will be essential for anybody using cognitive behavioural therapy in their work with older people, regardless of their clients' levels of cognitive ability.

You've Always Been There for Me - Understanding the Lives of Grandchildren Raised by Grandparents (Paperback): Rachel E... You've Always Been There for Me - Understanding the Lives of Grandchildren Raised by Grandparents (Paperback)
Rachel E Dunifon
R602 Discovery Miles 6 020 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Today, approximately 1.6 million American children live in what social scientists call "grandfamilies"-households in which children are being raised by their grandparents. In You've Always Been There for Me, Rachel Dunifon uses data gathered from grandfamilies in New York to analyze their unique strengths and distinct needs. Though grandfamilies can benefit from the accumulated wisdom of mature adults raising children for a second time, Dunifon notes, such families also face high rates of health problems as well as parenting challenges related to a large generation gap. Grandfamilies are also largely hidden in American society, flying under the radar of social service agencies, policymakers, and family researchers. This book gives family researchers a greater understanding of a unique family form, and also offers service providers, policymakers and the general public important information about the lives of an important group of American families.

Locomotion and Posture in Older Adults - The Role of Aging and Movement Disorders (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2017): Fabio Augusto... Locomotion and Posture in Older Adults - The Role of Aging and Movement Disorders (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2017)
Fabio Augusto Barbieri, Rodrigo Vitorio
R4,334 R4,012 Discovery Miles 40 120 Save R322 (7%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This book is an attempt to advance the discussion and improve our understanding about the effects of aging and movement disorders on motor control during walking and postural tasks. Despite these activities are performed daily, there is a high requirement of motor and neural systems in order to perform both tasks efficiently. Both walking and posture require a complex interaction of musculoskeletal and neural systems. However, the mechanisms used to control these tasks, as well as how they are planned and coordinated, are still a question of discussion among health professionals and researchers. In addition, this discussion is more interesting when the effects of aging are included in the context of locomotion and the postural control. The number of older individuals is 841 million in 2015, which is four times higher than the 202 million that lived in 1950. Aging causes many motor, sensorial and neural deficits, which impair locomotion and postural control in the elderly. The severity of this framework is worsened when the aging goes along with a movement disorder, such as Parkinson disease, Chorea, Dystonia, Huntington disease, etc. Therefore, the aim of this book is to highlight the influence of different aspects on planning, controlling and performing locomotion and posture tasks. In attempting to improve current knowledge in this field, invited authors present and discuss how environmental, sensorial, motor, cognitive and individual aspects influence the planning and performance of locomotor and postural activities. The major thrust of the book is to address the mechanisms involved in controlling and planning motor action in neurological healthy individuals, as well as in those who suffer from movement disorders or face the effects of aging, indicating the aspects that impair locomotion and postural control. In addition, new technologies, tools and interventions designed to manage the effects of aging and movement disorders are presented in the book.

Depression in Later Life (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition): Robert C. Baldwin Depression in Later Life (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition)
Robert C. Baldwin
R685 Discovery Miles 6 850 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Depression affects between 10-15% of older people, making it the most frequently encountered mental health condition in later life. Despite this, the condition is easily missed in clinical practice or not adequately treated. Part of the Oxford Psychiatry Library, this second edition of Depression in Later Life highlights areas of depression which are of special relevance to later life, how to diagnose depression in an older person, the overlap with dementia and various other physical illnesses, and important pharmacological and psychological considerations. All chapters have been updated with new data where relevant, and case vignettes are included to ensure the book is relatable and easy to read.

Psychotherapy with Older Adults (Paperback, 3rd Revised edition): Bob G. Knight Psychotherapy with Older Adults (Paperback, 3rd Revised edition)
Bob G. Knight
R1,839 Discovery Miles 18 390 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This Third Edition of the bestselling Psychotherapy with Older Adults continues to offer students and professionals a thorough overview of psychotherapy with older adults. Using the contextual, cohort-based, maturity, specific challenge (CCMSC) model, it draws upon findings from scientific gerontology and life-span developmental psychology to describe how psychotherapy needs to be adapted for work with older adults, as well as when it is similar to therapeutic work with younger adults. Sensitively linking both research and experience, author Bob G. Knight provides a practical account of the knowledge, technique, and skills necessary to work with older adults in a therapeutic relationship. This volume considers the essentials of gerontology as well as the nature of therapy in depth, focusing on special content areas and common themes. Psychotherapy with Older Adults includes a comprehensive discussion of assessment and options for intervention. Numerous case examples illustrate the dynamics of the therapeutic task and issues covered in therapy and stress the human element in working with older adults. A concluding chapter considers ethical questions and the future of psychotherapy with older adults. The author has updated the Third Edition to reflect new research findings and has written two entirely new chapters covering psychotherapy with persons with dementia and psychotherapy with caregivers of frail older adults. Since its initial publication in 1986, the book has been used as a course text and a professional reference around the world, including translations into French, Dutch, Chinese, and Japanese. It is a vital resource for practicing therapists and counselors who work with older adults and is also ideally suited as a text for advanced students in psychology, social work, gerontology, and nursing. Praise for Previous Editions: "Bob G. Knight's largest contribution is his excellent discussion of therapy. The book is clearly

Geriatric Psychiatry Basics (Paperback, 2., Erw. Aufl.): Kenneth Sakauye Geriatric Psychiatry Basics (Paperback, 2., Erw. Aufl.)
Kenneth Sakauye
R662 Discovery Miles 6 620 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

This is also true in psychiatry, where the number of geriatric psychiatry specialists falls far short of the need. Because of this unbalance, general psychiatrists many of whom have little or no training or experience in dealing with older adults and their specific issues are now being called upon to offer care to this population. In this book, Sakauye covers issues fundamental to the field of geriatric psychiatry that are not addressed well in general adult training: Late-life development Biology of aging Common medical illnesses associated with aging Neurobiology of degenerative disorders Geriatric psychopharmacology Psychotherapeutic modifications for special populations, such as patients with cognitive impairment Multidisciplinary care and family involvement Specific studies of older adults as a special population (differences)

While specialists will find it a useful resource for brushing up on fundamentals, Geriatric Psychiatry Basics is the ideal handbook for non-specialists who need a quick reference or primer on the issues central to geriatric care. In it, Sakauye, a geriatric psychiatrist who worked closely with the elderly victims of Hurricane Katrina, explores the most commonly encountered issues and problems from memory impairment, Alzheimer s, delirium, dementia, and cognitive disorders, to depression, psychosis, anxiety, substance abuse, somatoform, and sleep disorders.

Assessment, diagnosis, and treatment options, including pharmacotherapy, are addressed for each presenting problem, and clinical pearls nuggets of critical information, common pitfalls, differentiation protocols between normal and abnormal behavior, etc. are clearly addressed. The use of psychotherapeutic interventions for older adults as well as psychiatric care in nursing homes and other inpatient facilities is also explained, making this an immensely practical and user-friendly handbook for all mental health professionals on how to deliver proper geriatric mental health services."

Aging in the Right Place (Paperback, Large Print Ed): Stephen M. Golant Aging in the Right Place (Paperback, Large Print Ed)
Stephen M. Golant
R1,668 R1,504 Discovery Miles 15 040 Save R164 (10%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Aging in the Right Place is the most up-to-date and comprehensive resource covering the impact of residential and care settings in older adults. Providing a complete overview of current living arrangements and residential options for older adults, this text also offers a unique perspective on the often overlooked emotional challenges aging adults face when their residential needs must be evaluated. Placing particular value on the experiences and opinions of older adults while also covering the objective recommendations of aging experts, author Stephen Golant, Ph.D. introduces a new framework of "residential normalcy" to assist an aging population in identifying their best housing and care options. Covering virtually every aspect of residential environments in elder care through an expansive range of topics (from government healthcare policies and programs to case studies, opinions, stories, and quotes that illustrate the diverse experiences of today's older adults), Aging in the Right Place also points out housing and care topics that need further research, reform, support, and public awareness. Written by a gerontologist with over 30 years in the field (and personal experience as a family caregiver) this cohesive text is essential for gerontology, long-term care, and healthcare professionals, practitioners, and academics.

Medication-Related Falls in Older People - Causative Factors and Management Strategies (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2016): Allen R... Medication-Related Falls in Older People - Causative Factors and Management Strategies (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2016)
Allen R Huang, Louise Mallet
R3,356 R2,749 Discovery Miles 27 490 Save R607 (18%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Comprising a single repository of knowledge and scientific evidence in the field, this book provides strategies to mitigate fall risk by providing information on the complex interactions between aging processes, co-morbid conditions and prescribed medications in older patients. Geriatric health is becoming a more prominent issue as the population ages, and balancing the beneficial effects of medication against the potential and real side-effects in these patients involves a deliberate and thoughtful task: physiologic aging, the accumulation of co-morbidities, and the use of drugs to manage various conditions and symptoms generates a unique set of problems for each patient. Falls are a dreaded event in older people. The event can affect a person in a physical, and psychological manner, resulting in soft tissue and bony injury, fear of falling, and depression. The identification of and reduction in fall risks in older people is a worldwide concern, and reducing the incidence of falls is a ubiquitous quality measure of health care delivery. Heterogeneity amongst older people precludes a single solution. However, physicians and others involved in the care of geriatric patients will benefit from the presented insights into how medication use can be modified to limit its impact as a contributing factor.

The Health Services Executive (HSE) - Tools for Leading Long-Term Care and Senior Living Organizations (Paperback): Keith R... The Health Services Executive (HSE) - Tools for Leading Long-Term Care and Senior Living Organizations (Paperback)
Keith R Knapp, Douglas M Olson
R1,658 Discovery Miles 16 580 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The Health Services Executive (HSE (TM)): Tools for Leading Long-Term Care and Senior Living Organizations serves as a contemporary and comprehensive resource that addresses each of the core professional domains of practice and leadership essentials for long-term care administration students and professionals. With sections dedicated to post-acute care settings, operations, leadership and management, this textbook covers information pertinent to the spectrum of senior living service lines - from inpatient rehab facilities, long term acute care hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living and residential care communities to home-and-community-based services. It is a practical reference for both undergraduate and graduate students preparing to enter the field of long-term care administration and leadership, for professionals transitioning to another line of post-acute service. The textbook begins with a thorough history of the field, including the development of senior services in the United States. Section I then describes the components of customer care, supports, and services before transitioning into Section II, which addresses operations, including the core practice domains of effectively managing human resources, finances, and the environment. Section III offers a framework for leadership, covering strategic thinking and innovation, marketing and public relations, critical thinking and operation practice, working with people throughout the long-term care team, customer service, and personal development. Case examples, discussion questions, leadership essentials, high-impact practices, key points, and NAB domain competencies conclude each chapter. Written by two highly experienced long-term care administrators, this textbook is intended for those preparing for the examinations administered by the National Association of Long-Term Care Administrator Boards (NAB) for the HSE (TM) qualification or licensure for individual lines of service, such as for Nursing Home Administration (NHA), Residential Care and Assisted Living (RC/AL) and Home-and-Community-based Services (HCBS). Key Features: Provides best practices for leadership and management across the continuum of long-term care and senior living services Covers all five NAB professional practice domains - Customer Care, Supports and Services, Human Resources, Finance, Environment, and Leadership and Management Includes case problems, discussion questions and more to foster critical thinking and decision-making skills Offers coverage of the most unique differences among service lines that are part of the HSE (TM) initiative Insightful quotes from industry leaders woven throughout chapters for practical tips and words of wisdom Comes with access to a fully downloadable eBook, as well as a full suite of instructor resources including PowerPoint slides and a test bank

Handbook on the Neuropsychology of Aging and Dementia (Hardcover, 2nd ed. 2019): Lisa D. Ravdin, Heather L. Katzen Handbook on the Neuropsychology of Aging and Dementia (Hardcover, 2nd ed. 2019)
Lisa D. Ravdin, Heather L. Katzen
R3,077 R2,619 Discovery Miles 26 190 Save R458 (15%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This comprehensive update offers practical advice for professionals working in neuropsychology with older adults. Focusing on fundamentals, common issues, special considerations, and late-life cognitive disorders, respected names in this critical specialty address a wide range of presenting problems and assessment, diagnostic, and treatment concerns. Th roughout, coverage pays keen attention to detail, bringing real-world nuance to large-scale concepts and breaking down complex processes into digestible steps. And like its predecessor, the new Handbook features recommendations for test batteries and ends each chapter by extracting its "clinical pearls." A sampling of the topics covered: * Assessment of depression and anxiety in older adults. * The assessment of change: serial assessments in dementia evaluations. * Elder abuse identifi cation in older adults. * Clinical assessment of postoperative cognitive decline. * Cognitive training and rehabilitation in aging and dementia. * Diff erentiating mild cognitive impairment and cognitive changes of normal aging. * Evaluating cognition in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. This Second Edition of the Handbook on the Neuropsychology of Aging and Dementia offers a wealth of expert knowledge and hands-on guidance for neuropsychologists, gerontologists, social workers, and other clinicians interested in aging. Th is can be a valuable reference for those studying for board certifi cation in neuropsychology as well as a resource for veteran practitioners brushing up on key concepts in neuropsychology of age related disorders.

Handbook of Rehabilitation in Older Adults (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2018): Robert J. Gatchel, Izabela Z. Schultz, Christopher T. Ray Handbook of Rehabilitation in Older Adults (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2018)
Robert J. Gatchel, Izabela Z. Schultz, Christopher T. Ray
R3,551 R3,293 Discovery Miles 32 930 Save R258 (7%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This book discusses the state of the research and cutting-edge practice with regard to chronic illnesses and rehabilitation in older adults. It emphasizes biopsychosocial and culturally appropriate rehabilitation approaches to reduce the degree of disability and maximize independence in the activities of daily living among the burgeoning aging population. Organized in four sections-Introduction and Overview, Major Illnesses and Problems in Aging Populations, Evaluation of Functional Rehabilitation Approaches for Aging Populations, and Future Clinical Research Needs-the book includes chapters on the "graying" of the West with implications for increased chronic illnesses and disabilities; a review of biopsychosocial rehabilitation approaches; important "aging" issues such as slips-and-falls, musculoskeletal pain, chronic disabling conditions such as cancer and cardiovascular disease, and work-related factors to maintain work engagement in older workers. The US Census Bureau projects that by the year 2030, about 20% of the U.S. population will be 65 or older, contributing to the increased concern about healthcare and rehabilitation issues among older adults. This work will be of interest to healthcare, rehabilitation, vocational, human resource and disability management professionals, policy makers as well as researchers in areas of aging, gerontology, chronic illness, disability, rehabilitation, social work, medicine and psychology.

Cardiac Rehabilitation, An Issue of Clinics in Geriatric Medicine, Volume 35-4 (Hardcover): Daniel E Forman Cardiac Rehabilitation, An Issue of Clinics in Geriatric Medicine, Volume 35-4 (Hardcover)
Daniel E Forman
R2,056 Discovery Miles 20 560 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This issue of Clinics in Geriatric Medicine, guest edited by Dr. Daniel E. Forman, is devoted to Cardiac Rehabilitation. Articles in this outstanding issue include: Cardiac Rehabilitation: No Such Thing As 'Too Old'; Evaluating and Treating Frailty in Cardiac Rehabilitation; Utility of Home-based Cardiac Rehabilitation for Older Adults; Benefits of Smart devices, Wearables, and Other Telehealth Options to Enhance Cardiac Rehab; Resistance Training in Cardiac Rehabilitation for Older Adults; High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) in Cardiac Rehabilitation for Older Adults; Pre-habilitation: The right medicine for older frail adults anticipating TAVR, CABG, and other cardiovascular care; Using Cardiac Rehabilitation to Adjust Medications in Older Adults: Aggressive Prevention and Deprescribing as 2 Sides of the Same Coin; Gender Disparities in Cardiac Rehabilitation Among Older Women: Key opportunities to improve care; Cardiac Rehabilitation for TAVR; Cardiac Rehabilitation for Heart Failure in Older Adults; Cardiac Rehabilitation for Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) in Older Adults; Cardiac Rehabilitation as Part of Management in Post-acute Care (PAC): Opportunities for improving care; and Tailoring Assessments in Cardiac Rehabilitation for Older Adults: The relevance of geriatric domains.

Encyclopedia of Geropsychology (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2017): Nancy A. Pachana Encyclopedia of Geropsychology (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2017)
Nancy A. Pachana
R37,485 R32,562 Discovery Miles 325 620 Save R4,923 (13%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This encyclopedia brings together key established and emerging research findings in geropsychology. It is a comprehensive coverage of the entire breadth of the field, giving readers access to all major subareas and illustrating their interconnections with other disciplines. Entries delve deep into key areas of geropsychology such as perception, cognition, clinical, organizational, health, social, experimental and neuropsychology. In addition to that, the encyclopedia covers related disciplines such as neuroscience, social science, population health, public policy issues pertaining to retirement, epidemiology and demography and medicine. Paying careful attention to research internationally, it cites English and non-English empirical literature from around the globe. This encyclopedia is relevant to a wide audience that include researchers, clinicians, students, policy makers and nongovernmental agencies.

Assessment and Treatment of Older Adults - A Guide for Mental Health Professionals (Paperback): Gregory A Hinrichsen Assessment and Treatment of Older Adults - A Guide for Mental Health Professionals (Paperback)
Gregory A Hinrichsen
R1,445 R1,273 Discovery Miles 12 730 Save R172 (12%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Every day ten thousand baby boomers turn 65, and by 2030 more than 20% of US residents will be 65 or older. Mental health professionals must become familiar with the unique needs of this growing population. Using the APA Guidelines for Psychological Practice With Older Adults and the Pikes Peak Model for Training in Professional Geropsychology, this book shows mental health providers how to expand their practice in order to treat older adults. Chapters describe tools and techniques for assessing and treating common conditions that practitioners encounter when working with older adults, including depression, anxiety, cognitive impairment, and prescription drug misuse. Clinical case examples demonstrate how to deliver interventions while avoiding common interactional pitfalls. Includes expert recommendations for assessment tools, additional readings, and online resources.

Skin Diseases in the Elderly - A Color Handbook (Paperback): Colby Craig Evans, Whitney A. High Skin Diseases in the Elderly - A Color Handbook (Paperback)
Colby Craig Evans, Whitney A. High
R1,057 Discovery Miles 10 570 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In this new color handbook, the authors deal systematically with those skin conditions that are particular to or more common in the elderly covering testing, diagnosis and treatment options. Given ageing populations the need for such a book is urgent.
More and more elderly patients will seek care for a variety of skin conditions, ranging from eczema and psoriasis to benign lesions and skin cancers. For environmental and physiological reasons, all such conditions become more prevalent in the elderly and the effects of treatment more problematic.
Following an initial chapter on how skin changes with age, the authors discuss in turn inflammatory, neoplastic, infectious and metabolic/nutritional diseases of the skin, plus skin signs of systemic disease in old age.
Skin Diseases of the Elderly is written in a concise structured style and illustrated by a wealth of top quality color photos. it is intended to help dermatologists in practice and training, geriatricians, primary care physicians, specialist nurses and senior medical students.

Ethnicity and the Dementias (Paperback, 3rd New edition): Gwen Yeo, Linda A. Gerdner, Dolores Gallagher-Thompson Ethnicity and the Dementias (Paperback, 3rd New edition)
Gwen Yeo, Linda A. Gerdner, Dolores Gallagher-Thompson
R1,247 Discovery Miles 12 470 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In recent years, the literature on the topic of ethnic and racial issues in Alzheimer's disease and other dementias has increased dramatically. At the same time, the need for cultural competence in all of geriatric care, including dementia care, is increasingly being acknowledged. Dementia is a large societal problem affecting all communities, regardless of race or ethnicity, and understanding dementia for specific groups is tremendously important for both clinical knowledge and for health planning as a nation. This third edition of Ethnicity and the Dementias offers invaluable background information in this area, while also examining how those suffering from dementia and their family members respond or adapt to the challenges that follow. Thoroughly updated and revised throughout, the book features contributions from leading clinicians and researchers in the field, with particular attention given to genetic and cultural factors related to dementia, effective prevention and treatment strategies, and issues in caregiving and family support. Chapters offer specific recommendations for dementia care in eleven ethnic/racial groups, as well as suggestions for working effectively with LGBTQ families. Providing a truly comprehensive resource on ethnicity and dementia, and including reflections on emerging trends and the future of caregiving, this new edition is ideal reading for clinicians, educators, researchers, policy makers, and families, in search of the most current ethnogeriatric findings.

Caring for People with Dementia - A Shared Approach (Hardcover): Christine Brown Wilson Caring for People with Dementia - A Shared Approach (Hardcover)
Christine Brown Wilson
R2,063 Discovery Miles 20 630 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Skills in caring for people with dementia are increasingly demanded of all health care practitioners as the numbers of diagnosed increase. Caring for People with Dementia presents Christine Brown Wilson's latest research into improving dementia care for both non-expert students and junior staff as well as more senior managers. The text first guides the reader through the underpinning theory behind the different approaches to person centred and relationship centred care and provides case scenarios with a range of practical strategies staff and students have developed and implemented. It then presents the different levels of the organisational change using practical strategies adopting a person centred and relationship centred approach involving the person with dementia and their families. This book will be indispensable reading for all nursing and healthcare students and practitioners who want to improve the quality of life for people with dementia. Christine Brown Wilson is Associate Professor at the University of Queensland, Australia.

Ethical Practice in Geropsychology (Hardcover): Shane S. Bush, Rebecca S Allen, Victor A. Molinari Ethical Practice in Geropsychology (Hardcover)
Shane S. Bush, Rebecca S Allen, Victor A. Molinari
R1,957 R1,759 Discovery Miles 17 590 Save R198 (10%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Working with older clients involves a number of unique ethical challenges, including those related to the array of health concerns that psychologists do not often encounter with younger clients, such as Alzheimer's disease. Perhaps the greatest challenge for geropsychologists is balancing the principles of respecting client autonomy and promoting client welfare, especially when a client's decision-making capacity is in question. Geropsychologists also must negotiate the competing interests and expectations of clients and their relatives, other healthcare professions, and the institutions in which many older adults are evaluated and treated. To help geropsychologists navigate these complex issues, this book introduces a structured decision-making process that draws heavily from principle-based and positive ethics and provides practical applications of the APA Ethics Code while also accounting for federal laws and regulations. Detailed case examples illustrate how to apply this process in a variety of treatment contexts, including hospitals, long-term care facilities, and hospice care. These vignettes review unique considerations for assessment, intervention, consultation, business practices, education and training, and advocating for clients' rights. This book will also help geropsychologists prepare for the ethics component of the board certification exam.

Atlas of Geriatric Dermatology (Hardcover, 2013 ed.): Robert A. Norman, Edward M. Young, Jr Atlas of Geriatric Dermatology (Hardcover, 2013 ed.)
Robert A. Norman, Edward M. Young, Jr
R4,538 R3,615 Discovery Miles 36 150 Save R923 (20%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This is a comprehensive, practical, densely illustrated diagnostic and therapeutic guide for all geriatric dermatology providers. The book comprises 50 chapters and over 600 color photographs on topics ranging from common conditions such as basal cell carcinoma, rosacea, and seborrheic dermatitis to unusual conditions such as angiosarcoma, dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans, and porphyria cutanea tarda. Sections include: - Inflammatory conditions (including contact dermatitis, alopecia, erythema multiforme, pemphigus, bullous pemphigoid, porphyria, pruritus, psoriasis, rosacea, seborrhea, urticaria, xerosis, and more) - Infections (fungus, herpes simplex and zoster, scabies, lice, and warts) - Skin signs in systemic disease (skin tags, cutaneous metastases, xanthomas) - Regional dermatoses (intertrigo, leg ulcers, pressure sores) - Benign tumors (chondrodermatitis, cysts, ganglion, fibrous papule, seborrheic keratoses, lentigines, and benign vascular lesions) - Pre-malignant and malignant tumors (actinic keratoses, angiosarcoma, basal cell carcinoma, dermatofibroma and dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans, intraepidermal neoplasia, Kaposi's sarcoma, keratoacanthoma, lentigo maligna, cutaneous lymphoma, Mycosis fiungoides, melanoma, nevi and moles, and squamous cell carcinoma)

The Whole-Body Micro Biome - How to Harness Microbes--Inside and out--for Lifelong Health (MP3 format, CD, Unabridged): B.... The Whole-Body Micro Biome - How to Harness Microbes--Inside and out--for Lifelong Health (MP3 format, CD, Unabridged)
B. Brett, Ph.D. Finlay, Jessica M., Ph.D. Finlay; Narrated by Julie McKay
R486 R445 Discovery Miles 4 450 Save R41 (8%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Perspectives on Elderly Crime and Victimization (Paperback, Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 2018): Peter C.... Perspectives on Elderly Crime and Victimization (Paperback, Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 2018)
Peter C. Kratcoski, Maximilian Edelbacher
R1,676 Discovery Miles 16 760 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

This textbook focuses on the criminality and victimization of the elderly population. It provides a global perspective on the extent of the elderly crime and victimization, with international comparisons for addressing the problem. It explores the extent and types of crimes committed by the elderly, the characteristics of older criminals, and the responses of the criminal justice system (including prisons and institutions) to elderly criminals, including: diversion programs, community-based treatment programs, and special programs including health & mental health care services for older prisoners. The second part of the book covers victimization of the elderly. Research findings show that certain crimes including fraud, theft, and certain types of financial crimes disproportionately affect older people, and these types of crimes are growing in prevalence. This work explores the characteristics of older victims and the types of crimes that affect them. Finally, the book presents comparative international research on approaches to crime prevention, education, and legislation to address the victimization of the elderly. This work will be of interest to students in criminology and criminal justice, as well as related fields such as sociology, and gerontology.

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Agostino Virdis Paperback R1,598 Discovery Miles 15 980
Preparing for a Better End - Expert…
Dan Morhaim Hardcover R565 R467 Discovery Miles 4 670
Rethinking Aging - Growing Old and…
Nortin M. Hadler Paperback R487 R405 Discovery Miles 4 050