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Ships to Remember - 1400 Years of Historic Ships (Hardcover): Rorke Bryan, Austin Dwyer Ships to Remember - 1400 Years of Historic Ships (Hardcover)
Rorke Bryan, Austin Dwyer 1
R691 R534 Discovery Miles 5 340 Save R157 (23%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Small, scruffy and stinking of seal oil and old blubber, the 458-ton Nimrod wasn't Ernest Shackleton's first choice of ship for his Antarctic Expedition. Similarly unassuming, the squat, two-masted HMS Beagle, more suited to routine naval tasks, didn't look much like a ship that was to help deliver one of the most groundbreaking theories of science ever. Ships to Remember, beautifully illustrated by the paintings of Austin Dwyer, is a collection of stories about remarkable ships, some of which went on to change the course of history. Many are now famous, but some, like the tugs Yelcho, Foundation Franklin and Turmoil are virtually unknown. Two boats in particular, the Bounty's longboat and the James Caird, completed two of the most extraordinary voyages in maritime history. Spanning 1,400 years, this fascinating book includes the catastrophic sinking and eventual recovery of the Vasa, Nelson's triumph at the Battle of Copenhagen, Darwin's epochal voyage on HMS Beagle and the pivotal Second World War relief of Malta by the tanker Ohio.

Captain of the Carpathia - The seafaring life of Titanic hero Sir Arthur Henry Rostron (Hardcover): Eric L Clements Captain of the Carpathia - The seafaring life of Titanic hero Sir Arthur Henry Rostron (Hardcover)
Eric L Clements 1
R538 R428 Discovery Miles 4 280 Save R110 (20%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Responding to Titanic's distress calls in the early hours of 15 April 1912, Captain Arthur Rostron raced the Cunard liner Carpathia to the scene of the sinking, rescued the seven hundred survivors of the world's most famous shipwreck and then carried them to safety at New York. After twenty-five years at sea, the competence and compassion Rostron displayed during the rescue made him a hero on two continents and presaged his subsequent achievements. During the First World War he participated in the invasion of Gallipoli and commanded Cunard's Mauretania as a hospital ship in the Mediterranean and a troop transport in the Atlantic. As her longest-serving master he commanded that legendary vessel in transatlantic passenger service through most of the 1920s. Rostron retired in 1931 as the most esteemed master mariner of his era, celebrated for the Titanic rescue, decorated for his war service, and knighted for his contributions to British seafaring. This account uses newspaper reports, company records, government documents, contemporary publications and memoirs to recount Rostron's seafaring life from his first voyage as an apprentice rounding Cape Horn in sail to his retirement forty-four years later as commodore of the Cunard Line. Set within the context of his times and featuring particulars of the ships in which he served and commanded, this is the first comprehensive biography of Arthur Rostron before, during and after his year as captain of the Carpathia.

Maritime Portsmouth (Paperback): Paul Brown Maritime Portsmouth (Paperback)
Paul Brown
R449 R353 Discovery Miles 3 530 Save R96 (21%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

For three centuries Portsmouth has been the leading base of the Royal Navy but the naval heritage of its port can be traced back to the Roman invasion of Britain. From the Roman walls of Portchester to the best-preserved Georgian dockyard in the world and the illustrious HMS Victory, Portsmouth is amongst the most important naval sites in the world. This fascinating book, in its new and fully revised edition, focuses on the history and present status of Portsmouth Historic Dockyard as well as the magnificent ships Victory, Warrior and Mary Rose that have been preserved and are now on display at Portsmouth. Drawing on impressive original research and illustrated by a host of colourful photographs, author Paul Brown has created a concise and helpful guide to the key maritime attractions in Portsmouth and Gosport, including the Submarine Museum, the sea forts, the Gunwharf and the commercial port.

Movement, Exchange and Identity in Europe in the 2nd and 1st Millennia BC - Beyond Frontiers (Hardcover): Anne Lehoerff, Marc... Movement, Exchange and Identity in Europe in the 2nd and 1st Millennia BC - Beyond Frontiers (Hardcover)
Anne Lehoerff, Marc Talon
R1,281 R1,071 Discovery Miles 10 710 Save R210 (16%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This collection of papers by an international cohort of contributors explores the nature of the maritime connections that appear to have existed in the Transmanche/English Channel Zone during later prehistory. Organised into three themes, 'Movement and Identity in the Transmanche Zone'; 'Travel and exchange'; 'Identity and Landscape', the papers seek to articulate notions of frontier, mobility and identity from the end of the 3rd to the beginning of the 1st millennium BC, a time when the archaeological evidence suggests that the sea facilitated connections between peoples on both sides of the Channel rather than acting as a barrier as it is so often perceived today. Recent decades have since a massive increase in large-scale excavation programmes on either side of the Channel in advance of major infra-structure and urban development, resulting in the acquisition of huge, complex new datasets enabling new insights into later prehistoric life in this crucially important region. Papers consider the role of several key archaeologists in transforming our appreciation of the connectivity of the sea in prehistory; consider the extent to which the Channel zone developed into a closely unified cultural zone during later Bronze Age in terms of communities that serviced the movement of artefacts across the Channel with both sides sharing widely in the same artefacts and social practices; examine funerary practices and settlement evidence and consider the relationship between communities in social, cultural and ideological terms; and consider mechanisms for the transmission of ideas and how they may be reflected in the archaeological record.

Who Pays the Ferryman? - The Great Scottish Ferries Swindle (Paperback): Roy Pedersen Who Pays the Ferryman? - The Great Scottish Ferries Swindle (Paperback)
Roy Pedersen
R262 R198 Discovery Miles 1 980 Save R64 (24%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Who Pays the Ferryman is an informative and critical analysis of Scotland's ferry services. It describes the 'glory days' of how, from modest beginnings, Scotland once led the world in maritime development. It contrasts the achievements of the past with the failures, waste and inadequacy of much of today's state-owned ferry provision. In addition to showing how a more equitable fares regime can be devised, Roy Pedersen also addresses sensitive issues such as CO2 and other emissions, state versus private ownership, the place of trade unions and, most importantly of all how, the lot of our island and peninsular communities can be bettered through provision of efficient cost effective ferry services. Drawing on best practice at home and overseas, it sets out how Scottish ferry services can be revolutionised to be, once again, among the best in the world.

Empire of the Winds - The Global Role of Asia's Great Archipelago (Hardcover): Philip Bowring Empire of the Winds - The Global Role of Asia's Great Archipelago (Hardcover)
Philip Bowring
R667 R518 Discovery Miles 5 180 Save R149 (22%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Winner of the Penang Book Prize 2019 Nusantaria - often referred to as 'Maritime Southeast Asia' - is the world's largest archipelago and has, for centuries, been a vital cultural and trading hub. Nusantara, a Sanskrit, then Malay, word referring to an island realm, is here adapted to become Nusantaria - denoting a slightly wider world but one with a single linguistic, cultural and trading base. Nusantaria encompasses the lands and shores created by the melting of the ice following the last Ice Age. These have long been primarily the domain of the Austronesian-speaking peoples and their seafaring traditions. The surrounding waters have always been uniquely important as a corridor connecting East Asia to India, the Middle East, Europe and Africa. In this book, Philip Bowring provides a history of the world's largest and most important archipelago and its adjacent coasts. He tells the story of the peoples and lands located at this crucial maritime and cultural crossroads, from its birth following the last Ice Age to today.

Sealed by Time - The Loss and Recovery of the Mary Rose (Paperback): Peter Marsden Sealed by Time - The Loss and Recovery of the Mary Rose (Paperback)
Peter Marsden
R424 R390 Discovery Miles 3 900 Save R34 (8%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Although the wreck of the Mary Rose was raised twenty years ago, the excavations and conservation work and indeed the ship itself have never been published in full. Now the Mary Rose Trust, with the Heritage Lottery Fund is publishing the complete history of the project and the research up to the present day in five highly illustrated volumes, revealing a wealth of information covering all aspects of the ship. Sealed by Time: The Loss and Recovery of the Mary Rose traces the history of the Mary Rose from great naval vessel to ruinous shipwreck to an outstanding museum display. The Mary Rose was an extraordinary ship. Built to a new design, she was one of the first great British warships. Her career spanned all but a few years of Henry VIII's reign and she took place in most of his wars. Combining for the first time all that is known from contemporary documents and the archaeological evidence, Peter Marsden and a team of specialists give a fascinating and detailed overview of her history. They set out details of the circumstances of her building, participation in three wars with France, repairs and rebuilds, and finally the tragic sinking with massive loss of life in Portsmouth Harbour in 1545 as she prepared to encounter the French fleet one more time. Also described are the place of the ship in naval and seafaring history, the novel aspects of her shape and construction, how she performed at sea, her structure, rigging and armoury. Bringing the story up-to-date, further chapters describe the epic project to excavate and salvage the ship that culminated in the raising of the hull in 1982, an event watched by millions on television, and subsequently how the museum and display of the massive hull were created. Beautifully illustrated with contemporary paintings and documents as well as photos of the excavations and some of the 26,000 objects recovered, this will be of great interest to everyone with an interest in maritime archaeology, conservation, and the history of the period.

Your Noblest Shippe - Anatomy of a Tudor Warship (Hardcover): Peter Marsden Your Noblest Shippe - Anatomy of a Tudor Warship (Hardcover)
Peter Marsden
R2,059 R1,368 Discovery Miles 13 680 Save R691 (34%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This volume is concerned primarily with a detailed description of the Mary Rose and how she operated as a functional warship. Commencing with a discussion of the place of the Mary Rose in the development of warships; her recovery and recording are described and the method by which she has been reconstructed on paper. Evidence is presented for how the ship was designed and built and how the timbers were fashioned. The structure of the ship and her rigging as she was in 1545 are described deck by deck and lavishly illustrated, including reconstructed deck plans. Operational aspects such as steering, mooring, anchoring, the ship's boats, navigation and the removal of water are discussed. A summary of the ship's armaments is provided and her fighting capabilities considered. Evidence for how the ship was altered during her use, and how she might be reconstructed as a whole, are examined and the nature of and reasons for her sinking reviewed. The volume concludes with a summary of some principal areas of research that remain to be addressed.

Great British Shipwrecks (Paperback, New): Rod Macdonald Great British Shipwrecks (Paperback, New)
Rod Macdonald
R504 R442 Discovery Miles 4 420 Save R62 (12%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

For more than 30 years, internationally acclaimed wreck diver and best-selling author, Rod Macdonald, has surveyed and researched shipwrecks around the world. His books such as Dive Scapa Flow and The Darkness Below are household names in the diving world. In Great British Shipwrecks Rod uses his encyclopaedic knowledge and an intimate understanding of shipwrecks, gleaned from a lifetime's diving, to provide a snapshot in time of some of the best known and most revered shipwrecks around the UK. For each of the 37 shipwrecks covered Rod provides a dramatic account of its time afloat and its eventual sinking - with each wreck being beautifully illustrated by renowned marine artist Rob Ward. Rod's journey around the UK starts with the classic recreational diving shipwrecks at Scapa Flow in the Orkney Islands from giants such as the German WWI battleships, Markgraf, Konig and Kronprinz Wilhelm, to the legendary WWI British cruiser HMS Hampshire on which Lord Kitchener perished on a voyage to Russia in 1916. Rod then travels to the English Channel where he covers such famous ships as the P&O liners Moldavia and Salsette which were lost during WWI with many others such as the SS Kyarra and the British submarine HMS/M M2 - the first submarine to carry a seaplane for reconnaissance. The reader is then taken to the North Channel of the Irish Sea where the famous technical diving wrecks of the White Star liner Justicia, HMS Audacious, the first British battleship lost during WWI, and the SS Empire Heritage, which was lost with its deck cargo of Sherman tanks on a voyage from New York during WWII, are beautifully illustrated. Returning to Scotland, the famous West Coast shipwrecks such as the Thesis, Hispania, Rondo and Shuna in the Sound of Mull grace the pages, in addition to the renowned wrecks of the SS Breda, lost near Oban, and the WWII minelayer HMS Port Napier off Skye. Lastly, Rod covers some major North Sea shipwrecks, revealing for the first time the haunting remains of HMS Pathfinder, the first Royal Navy warship to be sunk by U-boat torpedo during WWI. This is a beautifully illustrated and definitive guide to the greatest shipwrecks around the UK and will be an enlightening and unmissable book for many.

The Milne Papers - Volume II: The Royal Navy and the Outbreak of the American Civil War, 1860-1862 (Hardcover, New Ed): John... The Milne Papers - Volume II: The Royal Navy and the Outbreak of the American Civil War, 1860-1862 (Hardcover, New Ed)
John Beeler
R3,062 Discovery Miles 30 620 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Centred upon a man who never participated in combat operations during his sixty-year naval career, this volume depicts the routine peacetime operations of the mid-Victorian Royal Navy, operations that have received short shrift in naval histories, even though they have constituted the bulk of the service's mission during the past two centuries. Not surprisingly, the Navy operated in support of the liberal state and its agenda, as many of the documents in this collection make clear. Following the Monroe Doctrine in 1823, both Britain and the United States moved quickly to exploit new trade opportunities and for the next seventy years it was the Royal Navy that enforced the Doctrine, to the benefit of British commercial interests, but also to those of the United States and of any other country engaged in legitimate trade in the hemisphere. The service took the lead in combating piracy and the slave trade, and upheld the rule of law across global trade routes. The documents that comprise this volume therefore deal with topics of interest to scholars of international relations, Anglo-American affairs, the U.S. Civil War and the slave trade. Other aspects addressed include naval medicine, steam-era logistics and other elements of the Royal Navy's modernization pertaining to its materiel, personnel, and administration.

Trim, The Cartographer's Cat - The ship's cat who helped Flinders map Australia (Hardcover): Matthew Flinders,... Trim, The Cartographer's Cat - The ship's cat who helped Flinders map Australia (Hardcover)
Matthew Flinders, Gillian Dooley, Philippa Sandall
R342 R275 Discovery Miles 2 750 Save R67 (20%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Not many ships' cats have even one memorial statue, let alone six. But Trim does, including one outside Euston Station in London, proudly unveiled by Prince William on the bicentenary of Matthew Flinders's death - 19 July 2014. Trim was the ship's cat who accompanied Matthew Flinders on his voyages to circumnavigate and map the coastline of Australia from 1801 to 1803. He lived quite the adventurous life. As a small kitten he fell overboard while at sea but managed to swim back to the vessel and climb back on board by scaling a rope. This cemented his position as Flinders's beloved companion, and together they survived a voyage around the world, the circumnavigation of Australia and a shipwreck. When Flinders was imprisoned by the French in Mauritius in 1803 Trim shared his captivity until one day he mysteriously disappeared - which heartbreakingly Flinders attributed to his being stolen and eaten by a hungry slave. Trim, The Cartographer's Cat is an ode to this much-loved ship's cat, which will warm the heart of any cat lover. The first part of the book reproduces Flinders' own whimsical tribute to Trim, written while in captivity in the early 1800s, with added 'friendly footnotes' to provide some background to Flinders's numerous literary allusions and nautical terms. Next the book discusses where Flinders was when he wrote his tribute and why, and what his letters and journals from that time tell us about his 'sporting, affectionate and useful companion'. Finally, we learn what Trim's views on all of this might have been, in a fun and fanciful observation on his premature epitaph. Accompanying all of this are beautiful maps, historical artworks, quirky original illustrations by Ad Long and excerpts from Flinders' original script, showing his beautiful handwriting. This book will make a unique and treasured gift for Flinders fans, Trim fans and cat lovers around the world.

1421 - The Year China Discovered the World (Paperback, New Ed): Gavin Menzies 1421 - The Year China Discovered the World (Paperback, New Ed)
Gavin Menzies 2
R355 R268 Discovery Miles 2 680 Save R87 (25%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Compelling evidence that the Chinese were the first great maritime explorers -- not the Europeans. Rewrite the history books!

In 1421, the largest fleet the world had ever seen sailed from its base in China. The ships, huge junks nearly 500 feet long and built from the finest teak, were under the command of Emperor Zhu Di’s loyal eunuch admirals. Their mission was to proceed all the way to the end of the earth to collect tribute from the barbarians beyond the seas and unite the whole world in Confucian harmony. Their journey would last over two years and circle the globe.

When they returned, Zhu Di had lost power and China was beginning its long, self-imposed isolation from the world. The great ships rotted and the records of their journeys were destroyed. Lost was the knowledge that Chinese ships had reached America 70 years before Columbus and circumnavigated the globe a century before Magellan. They had also discovered Antarctica, reached Australia 350 years before Cook, and solved the problem of longitude 300 years before the Europeans.

In this fascinating historical detective story, Gavin Menzies shares the remarkable account of his discoveries and the incontrovertible evidence supporting them.

The British Sailor of the First World War (Paperback): Quintin Colville The British Sailor of the First World War (Paperback)
Quintin Colville
R209 R172 Discovery Miles 1 720 Save R37 (18%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In 1914 Great Britain's navy was the largest and most powerful the world had ever seen - but what was the everyday experience of those who served in it? This fully illustrated book looks at the British sailor's life during the First World War, from the Falkland Islands to the East African coast and the North Sea. Meals in the stokers' mess and the admiral's cabin; the claustrophobic terrors of the engine room or submarine; the long separations from loved ones that were the shared experience of all ranks; the perils faced by Royal Naval Air Service pilots - drawing on previously unpublished materials from the National Maritime Museum collections, this is an authoritative and vivid account of lives lived in quite extraordinary circumstances.

Sea Peoples of the Bronze Age Mediterranean c.1400 BC-1000 BC (Paperback): Raffaele Damato Sea Peoples of the Bronze Age Mediterranean c.1400 BC-1000 BC (Paperback)
Raffaele Damato; Illustrated by Giuseppe Rava; Andrea Salimbeti
R311 R269 Discovery Miles 2 690 Save R42 (14%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

"Sea Peoples of the Bronze Age and Mediterranean" features the latest historical and archaeological research into the mysterious and powerful confederations of raiders who troubled the Eastern Mediterranean in the last half of the Bronze Age. Research into the origins of the so-called Shardana, Shekelesh, Danuna, Lukka, Peleset and other peoples is a detective 'work in progress'. However, it is known that they both provided the Egyptian pharaohs with mercenaries, and were listed among Egypt's enemies and invaders. They contributed to the collapse of several civilizations through their dreaded piracy and raids, and their waves of attacks were followed by major migrations that changed the face of this region, from modern Libya and Cyprus to the Aegean, mainland Greece, Lebanon and Anatolian Turkey. Drawing on carved inscriptions and papyrus documents - mainly from Egypt - dating from the 15th-11th centuries BC, as well as carved reliefs of Medinet Habu, this title reconstructs the formidable appearance and even the tactics of the famous 'Sea Peoples'.

The Wager Disaster - Mayhem, Mutiny and Murder in the South Seas (Paperback): C.H. Layman The Wager Disaster - Mayhem, Mutiny and Murder in the South Seas (Paperback)
C.H. Layman 1
R556 R418 Discovery Miles 4 180 Save R138 (25%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This is the astounding story of HMS Wager, driven ashore in foul weather onto the inhospitable coast of Patagonian Chile in 1741

The Greek Armored Cruiser Georgios Averof 1911-1913 (Paperback): Tassos Katsikas The Greek Armored Cruiser Georgios Averof 1911-1913 (Paperback)
Tassos Katsikas
R712 R516 Discovery Miles 5 160 Save R196 (28%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days
The Maritime History of Cornwall (Hardcover, New): Philip Payton, Alston Kennerley, Helen Doe The Maritime History of Cornwall (Hardcover, New)
Philip Payton, Alston Kennerley, Helen Doe; Contributions by John C. Appleby, John Armstrong, …
R1,804 Discovery Miles 18 040 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Cornwall is quintessentially a maritime region. Almost an island, nowhere in it is further than 25 miles from the sea. Cornwall's often distinctive history has been moulded by this omnipresent maritime environment, while its strategic position at the western approaches-jutting out into the Atlantic-has given this history a global impact. It is perhaps surprising then, that, despite the central place of the sea in Cornwall's history, there has not yet been a full maritime history of Cornwall. The Maritime History of Cornwall sets out to fill this gap, exploring the rich and complex maritime inheritance of this unique peninsula. In a beautifully illustrated volume, individually commissioned contributions from distinguished historians elaborate on the importance of different periods, from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century. The Maritime History of Cornwall is a significant addition to the literature of international maritime history and is indispensable to those with an interest in Cornwall past and present. Winner of the Holyer an Gof Non-Fiction Award 2015.

Guiding Lights - The Extraordinary Lives of Lighthouse Women (Hardcover): Shona Riddell Guiding Lights - The Extraordinary Lives of Lighthouse Women (Hardcover)
Shona Riddell
R564 R450 Discovery Miles 4 500 Save R114 (20%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Women have a long history of keeping the lights burning, from tending ancient altar flames or bonfires to modern-day lighthouse keeping. Yet most of their stories are little-known. Guiding Lights includes true stories from around the world, chronicling the lives of the extraordinary women who mind the world's storm-battered towers. From Hannah Sutton and her partner Grant, the two caretakers living alone on Tasmania's wild Maatsuyker Island, to Karen Zacharuk, the keeper in charge of Cape Beale on Canada's Vancouver Island, where bears, cougars and wolves roam, the lives of lighthouse women are not for the faint of heart. Stunning photographs from throughout history accompany accounts of the dramatic torching of Puysegur Point, one of NZ's most inhospitable lighthouses; 'haunted' lighthouses in across the US and their tragic tales; lighthouse accidents and emergencies around the world; and two of the world's most legendary lighthouse women: Ida Lewis (US) and Grace Darling (UK), who risked their lives to save others. The book also explores our dual perception of lighthouses: are they comforting and romantic beacons symbolising hope and trust, or storm-lashed and forbidding towers with echoes of lonely, mad keepers? Whatever our perception, stories of women's courage and dedication in minding the lights - then and now - continue to capture our imagination and inspire.

The Logbooks (Hardcover): Anne Farrow The Logbooks (Hardcover)
Anne Farrow
R675 R476 Discovery Miles 4 760 Save R199 (29%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In 1757, a sailing ship owned by an affluent Connecticut merchant sailed from New London to the tiny island of Bence in Sierra Leone, West Africa, to take on fresh water and slaves. On board was the owner's son, on a training voyage to learn the trade. The Logbooks explores that voyage, and two others documented by that young man, to unearth new realities of Connecticut's slave trade and question how we could have forgotten this part of our past so completely.
When writer Anne Farrow discovered the significance of the logbooks for the Africa and two other ships in 2004, her mother had been recently diagnosed with dementia. As Farrow bore witness to the impact of memory loss on her mother's sense of self, she also began a journey into the world of the logbooks and the Atlantic slave trade, eventually retracing part of the Africa's long-ago voyage to Sierra Leone. As the narrative unfolds in The Logbooks, Farrow explores the idea that if our history is incomplete, then collectively we have forgotten who we are--a loss that is in some ways similar to what her mother experienced. Her meditations are well rounded with references to the work of writers, historians, and psychologists. Forthright, well researched, and warmly recounted, Farrow's writing is that of a novelist's, with an eye for detail. Using a wealth of primary sources, she paints a vivid picture of the eighteenth-century Connecticut slavers. The multiple narratives combine in surprising and effective ways to make this an intimate confrontation with the past, and a powerful meditation on how slavery still affects us.

Murder on the High Seas (Paperback): Martin Baggoley Murder on the High Seas (Paperback)
Martin Baggoley
R384 R300 Discovery Miles 3 000 Save R84 (22%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Great Britain has for many centuries been one of the world's great sea-faring nations. The Royal Navy has defended her territory and the merchant fleet has been instrumental in creating the nation's wealth. The courage, industry and exploits of many of her sailors and the names of the ships in which they served have become legendary. However, the sea has also provided the backdrop to great crimes and for Murder on the High Seas, the author has selected murders that have been committed in many parts of the globe on board different types of vessels, over a period of more than one hundred years. The motives behind these crimes have included revenge, lust, greed and survival. Nevertheless, they share one common feature as all of those accused of responsibility were brought back to Great Britain to stand trial. Among these fascinating accounts is a description of the trial of the survivors of a shipwreck who killed and fed on a shipmate. Also included is the murder by slavers of several Royal Navy seamen who were part of the West Africa Squadron, formed to put an end to the slave trade of the South Atlantic.

Swastikas in the Arctic - U-Boat Alley Through the Frozen Hell (Hardcover): Showell Jak P Mallmann Swastikas in the Arctic - U-Boat Alley Through the Frozen Hell (Hardcover)
Showell Jak P Mallmann
R545 R429 Discovery Miles 4 290 Save R116 (21%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

During the Second World War, the Arctic saw an unusually high intensity of action, adventure, excitement and tragedy, and Swastikas in the Arctic: U-boat Alley Through the Frozen Hell describes the German military activities in that harsh frozen hell. Based mainly on original logs, the bare facts have been fleshed out with help from veterans and researchers from the United States, Iceland, Britain, Norway, Germany and Russia. This has made it possible to describe some of the now forgotten battles, the secret U-boat activities, the German struggle to broadcast essential weather data to Berlin and the incredible surface ship activity that forced Britain to launch major offensives against heavy odds. The Arctic also saw intense British efforts to help with the cracking of the highly complicated Enigma radio code. Many studies of the Second World War give scant attention to activity in this ice-studded ocean. However, as becomes apparent reading this book, those who fought, suffered and died there were shot at and bombed more heavily than in any other theatre of war and the contribution they made influenced military actions far away in warmer regions.Gloriously illustrated with many unpublished photographs, Swastikas in the Arctic: U-boat Alley Through the Frozen Hell is a fitting tribute to the men who made the ultimate sacrifice against all the odds.

Pirate - The Buccaneer's (Unofficial) Manual (Hardcover): Stephen Turnbull Pirate - The Buccaneer's (Unofficial) Manual (Hardcover)
Stephen Turnbull 1
R349 R279 Discovery Miles 2 790 Save R70 (20%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Pirates have a well-earned bad reputation, and this book invites the reader to join their ranks. Here you will discover everything the aspiring pirate needs to know in order to join a crew and start - and possibly end - a life of adventure, plunder and glory. The hopeful initiate is educated on all manner of piratical concerns: the history of this dishonourable tradition stretching back to ancient Greece and Rome; essentials of language and dress; notably dastardly pirate role models from around the world, including Blackbeard and Captain Kidd, but also some less well known, such as Eustace the Monk and Anne Bonny and Mary Read; what to expect of life at sea; the best weapons to have; how to capture a prize on the high seas, and much more. Author Stephen Turnbull has studied the archives and travelled to pirate locations around the world in researching this fictionalized account, written as a pirate's training manual for a young recruit, but solidly grounded in fact, based on the year 1793, a golden age for piracy. His lively and engaging manual provides answers to all the questions you may have wondered about - did they really walk the plank (probably not); keep parrots; bury treasure and mark it with an X on the map? And you may be surprised to learn what their usual style of hat actually was. Illustrated throughout with contemporary artifacts, documents and prints, as well as modern reconstructions, this light-hearted but informative guide will captivate readers young and old, and covers with authority every aspect of what it was really like to be a pirate.

Sighted Sub, Sank Same - The United States Navy's Air Campaign Against the U-Boat (Hardcover): Alan Carey Sighted Sub, Sank Same - The United States Navy's Air Campaign Against the U-Boat (Hardcover)
Alan Carey
R707 R556 Discovery Miles 5 560 Save R151 (21%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Sighted Sub, Sank Same examines the United States Naval air campaign against German U-boats prowling for allied merchant shipping traversing the waters of the Atlantic, Caribbean, and Mediterranean; an economic war waged to cut the lifeline of food and armaments sailing across the Atlantic from North America. This battle of the Atlantic evolved into a far-ranging conflict beyond the North Atlantic and the eastern seaboard of the United States. It covered the frigid waters off Iceland down to the warm waters of Florida, through the Caribbean Sea, across the ocean to the Bay of Biscay, the Mediterranean Sea, down to Africa, and across the South Atlantic to Brazil's southern tip. Nazi Germany's efforts to deny supplies from reaching Europe came at a high price, losing 783 U-boats and approximately 30,000 men between 1939 and 1945 with land and carrier-based naval air units sinking 83 German submarines of the 159 sunk by American aircraft. German allies saw their submarines targeted as well in the Atlantic with Imperial Japanese submarine I-52 and the Italian Archimede falling victim to American naval aircraft armed with depth bombs or acoustic homing torpedoes. This story of the United States Navy's use of air power to hunt down and destroy German submarines unfolds in dramatic detail in Sighted Sub, Sank Same. The book contains over 200 colour and black and white photographs allowing for a visual imagery of the campaign while personal interviews, interrogation reports, personal correspondence, and after-action reports weave a fascinating history about the naval air campaign in the Atlantic, Caribbean, and Mediterranean Theaters during World War II.

Lighthouses of North America: Beacons from Coast to Coast (Hardcover, New): Sylke Jackson Lighthouses of North America: Beacons from Coast to Coast (Hardcover, New)
Sylke Jackson
R702 Discovery Miles 7 020 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Lighthouses of North America is a beautiful tribute to 71 lighthouses in the United States and Canada. The selection covers the full range of lighthouse architectural styles and represents all regions of the continent. The book opens with a brief but fascinating history of lighthouses, which traces their use from the Romans to the 'golden age' of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries when lighthouses became a strategic and commercial asset to seafarers. Readers will discover the fascinating details that give lighthouses their spirit, such as Portland Head Lighthouse, the favourite haunt of poet Henry Wadsworth, providing inspiration for his poem 'The Lighthouse'; how early rocket launches damaged the original Cape Canaveral Lighthouse; that a friendly ghost named Rue is said to wander the grounds of Oregon's Heceta Head Lighthouse; and how the Race Rocks Lighthouse in British Columbia guided vessels into port during the Fraser gold rush. Chapters focus on construction method and present each sentinel over a two- to six-page spread with a narrative description: Conical & Cylindrical Construction, such as the Fire Island Light off Long Island and the Three Sisters of Nauset in Massachusetts; Square Construction, such as the Holland Harbor Light in Michigan and the Presque Isle Light on Lake Erie; Hexagonal and Octagonal Construction, such as the Alcatraz Island Light in San Francisco Bay and the famous Peggy's Point Light in Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia; Skeletal Construction, such as the Sanibel Island Light on Florida's Gulf Coast and the Rawley Point Light in Wisconsin. Striking colour photographs show the lighthouse exteriors and interiors, and a facts box details location, tower height, focal plan, daymark, light characteristics, year established and current use. Thoughtful essays describe the architecture of the essential spiral staircase, lost lighthouses, how the lights work, the light-keepers, haunted lighthouses, the future of lighthouses and the most recognized and unusual of lighthouses, the Statue of Liberty. For the traveller, there is a list of North American Lights and useful resources. Lighthouse aficionados are many in number and all will enjoy this stunning book.

The British Sailor of the Second World War (Paperback): Angus Konstam The British Sailor of the Second World War (Paperback)
Angus Konstam 1
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This book tells the dramatic story of how the Royal Navy transformed ordinary citizens into first-rate sailors and navy personnel during the Second World War. It covers how they were recruited and trained and how they endured life at sea in hostile waters, protecting convoys in the Mediterranean, hunting submarines in the Atlantic, and standing up to relentless air attacks in the Pacific. Told through vivid first-hand accounts of life onboard, it reveals what it was like to be a sailor navigating, patrolling, and fighting in the largest theatre of the war - the vast oceans.

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