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Say No to Waste - 101 Easy Ways to Create Less Waste (Paperback): Harriet Dyer Say No to Waste - 101 Easy Ways to Create Less Waste (Paperback)
Harriet Dyer 1
R206 R136 Discovery Miles 1 360 Save R70 (34%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The world is overflowing with waste. It's time to take action. You can make positive changes without radically altering your lifestyle. This practical book suggests ways to reduce waste, including how to cut unnecessary packaging, patch up or recycle old household items and drastically limit food waste. With 101 simple ways to create less waste, you'll find it easy to take the first step and make a difference.

Product Stewardship in Action - The Business Case for Life-cycle Thinking (Paperback): Helen Lewis Product Stewardship in Action - The Business Case for Life-cycle Thinking (Paperback)
Helen Lewis
R994 Discovery Miles 9 940 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Product Stewardship in Action describes how and why leading companies are taking responsibility for the environmental impact of their products and packaging. Product stewardship, often referred to as "extended producer responsibility" or EPR, is the idea that everyone that benefits commercially from a product, including manufacturers, distributors and retailers, has a shared responsibility to minimize its environmental impacts. Written primarily for a business audience, it draws on the knowledge and experience of industry practitioners and other experts to provide a structured approach to product responsibility within firms. This will help those new to the field, as well as more experienced practitioners, to develop an effective response to stakeholder concerns about the environmental impacts of their products and packaging. Unlike other resources on product stewardship and EPR, which tend to focus on the design or evaluation of public policy, this book highlights the business case for action. It argues that companies can achieve "shared value" - both public and commercial value - when they take a proactive and knowledge-based approach to the life-cycle management of their products. Product Stewardship in Action focuses on product stewardship as an effective business strategy rather than a philanthropic exercise. To be effective it needs to be based on a good understanding of product impacts and stakeholder concerns, and the risks and opportunities that these present to the business. The most effective responses will be those that address material issues in the product life-cycle while supporting the achievement of other corporate goals and priorities.

Slope Safety Preparedness for Impact of Climate Change (Hardcover): Ken Ho, Suzanne Lacasse, Luciano Picarelli Slope Safety Preparedness for Impact of Climate Change (Hardcover)
Ken Ho, Suzanne Lacasse, Luciano Picarelli
R3,866 Discovery Miles 38 660 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Many countries are increasingly threatened by major landslide disasters and fatalities due to extreme weather events which have major implications for public safety and the sustainability of infrastructure and the built environment. A further increase in such a trend could come from climate change. This book helps to fill in the gap due to the fact that landslide hazards are commonly not covered under the policy debate on climate change. The book highlights the importance of raising awareness to the challenges of landslide hazards due to climate impact. It provides a holistic frame for understanding the key issues and new tools that could be used to assess and manage the landslide risks. The book gathers contributions from 21 countries and regions in the form of national reports or summaries with respect to four key aspects: a) the methods used for evaluating changing weather and changing landslide patterns; b) the changing weather patterns; c) the changing landslide patterns and hazard scenarios; d) the applications to risk management and the formulation of adaptation measures. Recommendations are made for enhanced preparedness and resilience. Improved crisis management and areas for future work are suggested.

Justice for Future Generations - Climate Change and International Law (Hardcover): Peter Lawrence Justice for Future Generations - Climate Change and International Law (Hardcover)
Peter Lawrence
R2,345 Discovery Miles 23 450 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Justice for Future Generations breaks new ground by discussing what ethical obligations current generations have towards future generations in addressing the threat of climate change and how such obligations should be embodied in international law. Peter Lawrence uses an interdisciplinary approach, involving discourse theory, international relations theory, and philosophical concepts of ethics and justice to inform discussion of international law. Recent political science theories are used to show why the current global climate change treaties are so weak in addressing intergenerational justice concerns. The book draws on contemporary theories of justice to develop a number of principles used to critique the existing global climate change treaties. These principles are also used as a blueprint for suggestions on how to develop a much-needed global treaty on climate change. The approach is pragmatic in that the justice-ethics argument rests on widely shared values. Moreover, the book is informed by the author's extensive experience in the negotiation of global environmental treaties as an Australian diplomat. With its interdisciplinary approach and focus on intergenerational justice, this detailed study will be of particular interest to academics and policymakers in international environmental law and climate law, as well as to those in international law with an interest in ethics and justice issues.

Bad Buying - How Organisations Waste Billions Through Failures, Frauds And F*ck-ups (Paperback): Peter Smith Bad Buying - How Organisations Waste Billions Through Failures, Frauds And F*ck-ups (Paperback)
Peter Smith
R340 R245 Discovery Miles 2 450 Save R95 (28%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

Why is the Berlin Brandenburg Airport ten years behind schedule and nearly four billion euros over budget? And what possessed Kenya's government to spend a whopping $35 million on a chain link fence just six miles long?

In this hilarious, fascinating and insightful expose, industry insider Peter Smith reveals the massive blunders and dodgy dealings taking place around the world as private companies and public sector bodies buy goods and services. A recent report showed that over 90% of procurement projects fail. So, why are so many billions wasted on ineptitude, mismanagement and, in some cases, fraud?

By turns an entertaining account of some of the worst procurement scams in history and also a resounding lesson in how not to operate, Bad Buying offers clear and practical advice on how to avoid embarrassing mistakes, minimise needless waste and make sound, strategic procurement decisions on your next initiative.

Forgotten Agricultural Heritage - Reconnecting food systems and sustainable development (Paperback): Parviz Koohafkan, Miguel... Forgotten Agricultural Heritage - Reconnecting food systems and sustainable development (Paperback)
Parviz Koohafkan, Miguel A. Altieri
R1,087 Discovery Miles 10 870 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Contemporary agriculture is often criticized for its industrial scale, adverse effects on nutrition, rural employment and the environment, and its disconnectedness from nature and culture. Yet there are many examples of traditional smaller scale systems that have survived the test of time and provide more sustainable solutions while still maintaining food security in an era of climate change. This book provides a unique compilation of this forgotten agricultural heritage and is based on objective scientific evaluation and evidence of the value of these systems for present and future generations. The authors refer to many of these systems as Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS) and show how they are related to the concepts of heritage and the World Heritage Convention. They demonstrate how GIAHS based on family farms, traditional indigenous knowledge and agroecological principles can contribute to food and nutrition security and the maintenance of agro-biodiversity and environmental resilience, as well as sustain local cultures, economies and societies. Two substantial chapters are devoted to descriptions and assessments of some 50 examples of designated and potential GIAHS from around the world, including rice-fish culture in China, mountain terrace systems in Asia, coffee agroforestry in Latin America, irrigation systems and land and water management in Iran and India, pastoralism in East Africa, and the dehesa agrosilvopastoral system of Spain and Portugal. The book concludes by providing policy and technical solutions for sustainable agriculture and rural development through the enhancement of these systems.

Linking EU Climate and Energy Policies - Decision-making, Implementation and Reform (Paperback): Jon Birger Skjaerseth, Per Ove... Linking EU Climate and Energy Policies - Decision-making, Implementation and Reform (Paperback)
Jon Birger Skjaerseth, Per Ove Eikeland, Lars H. Gulbrandsen, Torbjorg Jevnaker
R705 Discovery Miles 7 050 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Based on an innovative theoretical framework combining theories of EU policymaking, negotiation and implementation, this comprehensive book examines EU climate and energy policies from the early 1990s until the adoption of new policies for 2030. The authors investigate how the linking of climate and energy concerns in policy packages has facilitated agreement among EU leaders with very different policy ambitions. Employing in-depth studies from a diverse range of energy-economic countries, the book also explores the impact of domestic policy implementation experiences on the 2030 climate and energy policy framework and the Energy Union initiative. Social scientists and researchers in EU climate and energy policies will find the new empirical data and theoretical approach useful to their work. Students of the social sciences and politics will also benefit from the accessible overview of EU climate and energy policy development. This book will also be of interest to private and public decision-makers looking for explanations for the causes and consequences of EU climate and energy policy development.

Protecting Forest and Marine Biodiversity - The Role of Law (Hardcover): Ed Couzens, Alexander Paterson, Sophie Riley, Yanti... Protecting Forest and Marine Biodiversity - The Role of Law (Hardcover)
Ed Couzens, Alexander Paterson, Sophie Riley, Yanti Fristikawati
R3,021 Discovery Miles 30 210 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This timely book considers appropriate legal practices to use to promote conservation, protection and sustainable use of biological diversity in forest and marine areas. The breadth of issues explored across these two themes is immense, and the book identifies both key differences, and striking commonalities between them. Law-makers, managers and users often have little understanding of either the complexity or the true value of biological diversity and of what is needed to preserve forest and marine ecosystems, and to keep inter-relationships between species within them healthy. Regulators face significant and practical challenges, requiring the adoption of legal frameworks in the context of scientific uncertainty. This book provides critical and comparative reflections on the role of law in both of these biodiversity contexts. Key issues not previously addressed through the law are considered - for example, the lack of international governance of peat; and the moral problem of labelling certain species as 'alien' or 'invasive'. Learned contributors draw valuable lessons for those seeking to protect biodiversity and understand its governance, from analysis of experiences gained forging international and national legal frameworks. With a blend of local and global perspectives, across a wide range of countries and policies, the book will appeal to academics and students in law, international, regional and domestic policymakers, lawmakers, NGOs and conservation agencies.

Vegetation Description and Data Analysis - A Practical Approach (Paperback, 2nd Edition): Martin Kent Vegetation Description and Data Analysis - A Practical Approach (Paperback, 2nd Edition)
Martin Kent
R1,214 R1,117 Discovery Miles 11 170 Save R97 (8%) In stock

"Vegetation Description and Data Analysis: A Practical Approach," Second Edition is a fully revised and up-dated edition of this key text. The book takes account of recent advances in the field whilst retaining the original reader-friendly approach to the coverage of vegetation description and multivariate analysis in the context of vegetation data and plant ecology.

Since the publication of the hugely popular first edition there have been significant developments in computer hardware and software, new key journals have been established in the field and scope and application of vegetation description and analysis has become a truly global field. This new edition includes full coverage of new developments and technologies.
This contemporary and comprehensive edition of this well-known and respected textbook will prove invaluable to undergraduate and graduate students in biological sciences, environmental science, geography, botany, agriculture, forestry and biological conservation.Fully international approachIncludes illustrative case studies throughoutNow with new material on: the nature of plant communities; transitional areas between plant communities; induction and deduction of plant ecology; diversity indices and dominance diversity curves; multivariate analysis in ecology.Accessible, reader-friendly styleNow with new and improved illustrations

International Dimensions of Sustainable Management - Latest Perspectives from Corporate Governance, Responsible Finance and CSR... International Dimensions of Sustainable Management - Latest Perspectives from Corporate Governance, Responsible Finance and CSR (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2019)
Rene Schmidpeter, Nicholas Capaldi, Samuel O. Idowu, Anika Sturenberg Herrera
R2,767 R2,263 Discovery Miles 22 630 Save R504 (18%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This book provides a rich collection of essays discussing and showcasing the transformation of businesses around the world towards sustainability and responsibility. Based on a framework of global theoretical approaches, it presents practical examples and cases from a variety of industries, regions and corporate functions. It also highlights the latest insights on how corporations consider sustainability in the governance of their respective organization. Furthermore, the book features a section dedicated to responsible finance, and outlines business and management-driven approaches that contradict the traditionally held belief that a trade-off exists between sustainability, social responsibility and profit.

Economics, the Environment and Our Common Wealth (Hardcover): James K. Boyce Economics, the Environment and Our Common Wealth (Hardcover)
James K. Boyce
R2,118 Discovery Miles 21 180 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This fascinating volume has at its heart a simple but powerful premise: that a clean and safe environment is not a commodity to be allocated on the basis of purchasing power, nor a privilege to be allocated through political power, but rather a basic human right. Building upon this premise, James K. Boyce explores the many ways in which economics can be refashioned into an instrument for advancing human well-being and environmental health. Comprising a decade's worth of essays written since the publication of the author's pathbreaking book, The Political Economy of the Environment (2002), this volume discusses a number of diverse environmental issues through an economist's lens. Topics covered include environmental justice, disaster response, globalization and the environment, industrial toxins and other pollutants, cap-and-dividend climate policies, and agricultural biodiversity. The first economics book to explore the idea that the environment belongs in equal measure to us all, this pioneering volume will hold great interest for students, professors and researchers of both economics and environmental studies.

Environmental Taxation and Climate Change - Achieving Environmental Sustainability through Fiscal Policy (Hardcover): Larry... Environmental Taxation and Climate Change - Achieving Environmental Sustainability through Fiscal Policy (Hardcover)
Larry Kreiser, Julsuchada Sirisom, Hope Ashiabor, Janet E. Milne
R2,612 Discovery Miles 26 120 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Containing an authoritative set of original essays, Environmental Taxation and Climate Change provides fresh insights and analysis on how environmental sustainability can be achieved through fiscal policy. Written by distinguished environmental taxation scholars from around the world, this timely volume covers a range of hotly debated subjects including carbon related taxation in OECD countries, implications of environmental tax reforms, innovative environmental taxation and behavioural strategies, as well as many other relevant topics. This up-to-date and well-informed book will appeal to policymakers in government as well as students, researchers and academics in environmental law and other academic disciplines.

Trace Metals in the Environment and Living Organisms - The British Isles as a Case Study (Hardcover): Philip S. Rainbow Trace Metals in the Environment and Living Organisms - The British Isles as a Case Study (Hardcover)
Philip S. Rainbow
R3,457 R3,186 Discovery Miles 31 860 Save R271 (8%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Trace metals play key roles in life - all are toxic above a threshold bioavailability, yet many are essential to metabolism at lower doses. It is important to appreciate the natural history of an organism in order to understand the interaction between its biology and trace metals. The countryside and indeed the natural history of the British Isles are littered with the effects of metals, mostly via historical mining and subsequent industrial development. This fascinating story encompasses history, economics, geography, geology, chemistry, biochemistry, physiology, ecology, ecotoxicology and above all natural history. Examples abound of interactions between organisms and metals in the terrestrial, freshwater, estuarine, coastal and oceanic environments in and around the British Isles. Many of these interactions have nothing to do with metal pollution. All organisms are affected from bacteria, plants and invertebrates to charismatic species such as seals, dolphins, whales and seabirds. All have a tale to tell.

The Western Range Revisited - Removing Livestock from Public Lands to Conserve Native Biodiversity (Paperback, New edition):... The Western Range Revisited - Removing Livestock from Public Lands to Conserve Native Biodiversity (Paperback, New edition)
Debra L. Donahue
R649 Discovery Miles 6 490 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The Western Range Revisited has ignited a firestorm of controversy since its original publication. Angry critics have called, not just for Debra L. Donahue's dismissal, but for the dissolution of the University of Wyoming College of Law, where she teaches. Citizens on all sides of the issue have voiced opinions through letters to the editor in Wyoming state newspapers.

Sparking this debate is Donahue's proposal to eliminate livestock grazing on large blocks of arid land administered by the Bureau of Land Management in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. Her arguments are two: First, the BLM grazing program produces only a tiny fraction of the nation's livestock products, and it costs far more to administer than it generates in revenues. Second, livestock grazing adversely affects all other uses of public land, causing potentially irreversible damage to native wildlife and vegetation. Donahue argues that eliminating livestock on arid public lands makes economic sense, is ecologically expedient, and can be achieved under existing law.

In response to those who view livestock grazing on federal lands as central to the history and culture of the West, Donahue debunks the cowboy myth along with traditional notions of the importance of public lands ranching to western society and economies.

The Western Range Revisited makes a persuasive case for a land-management strategy that until now has been "unthinkable". For anyone concerned about the landscape of the West, this book is essential reading.

Towns, Ecology, and the Land (Paperback): Richard T.T. Forman Towns, Ecology, and the Land (Paperback)
Richard T.T. Forman
R1,039 Discovery Miles 10 390 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Towns and villages are sometimes viewed as minor, even quaint, spots, whereas this book boldly reconceptualizes these places as important dynamic environmental 'hotspots'. Multitudes of towns and villages with nearly half the world's population characterize perhaps half the global land surface. The book's pages feature ecological patterns, processes, and change, as well as human dimensions, both within towns and in strong connections and effects on surrounding agricultural land, forest land, and arid land. Towns, small to large, and villages are examined with spatial and cultural lenses. Ecological dimensions - water, soil and air systems, together with habitats, plants, wildlife and biodiversity - are highlighted. A concluding section presents concepts for making better towns and better land. From a pioneer in both landscape ecology and urban ecology, this highly international town ecology book opens an important frontier for researchers, students, professors, and professionals including environmental, town, and conservation planners.

Plato's Pigs and Other Ruminations - Ancient Guides to Living with Nature (Hardcover): M.D. Usher Plato's Pigs and Other Ruminations - Ancient Guides to Living with Nature (Hardcover)
M.D. Usher
R848 Discovery Miles 8 480 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The Greeks and Romans have been charged with destroying the ecosystems within which they lived. In this book, however, M. D. Usher argues rather that we can find in their lives and thought the origin of modern ideas about systems and sustainability, important topics for humans today and in the future. With chapters running the gamut of Greek and Roman experience - from the Presocratics and Plato to Roman agronomy and the Benedictine Rule - Plato's Pigs brings together unlikely bedfellows, both ancient and modern, to reveal surprising connections. Lively prose and liberal use of anecdotal detail, including an afterword about the author's own experiments with sustainable living on his sheep farm in Vermont, add a strong authorial voice. In short, this is a unique, first-of-its-kind book that is sure to be of interest to anyone working in Classics, environmental studies, philosophy, ecology, or the history of ideas.

Principles of Regional Science (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2017): Zheng Wang Principles of Regional Science (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2017)
Zheng Wang
R3,095 R2,808 Discovery Miles 28 080 Save R287 (9%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This book summarizes the research findings in regarding a region as a rational and abstract concept and explores the principles of regional science. Focusing on location theory, spatial dynamics and regional evolution theory, it stresses that the region as a scientific concept is an essential abstract of an economic entity of a place. While it introduces a number of case studies, the content is general and universal rather than specific. Beginning with location theory - the basis of regional science - it explains how regions breed their own characteristics as economic entities against a background of place. For example, it discusses the location theory of the tourism industry and analyzes issues of facility location and R&D-industry location theory. The second part of the book addresses interactions with the spatial dynamics, including the dynamic mechanism of regions against a background of space. Spatial dynamics, which includes concepts from statistical physics, provides insights into the dynamic mechanism of aggregation, diffusion, and industrial clustering in regional science as well as in geography and economics. The book then describes regional dynamics as a development of spatial dynamics: REGION is completely independent as a research object and is no longer part of spatial dynamics. This book also discusses in detail regions as the dynamic characteristics of the economy or the basic characteristics of a certain place and examines the theory of regional evolution. It argues that regions are evolution and irreversible features of development with path dependence, which are the characteristics of a region that differ from general economic phenomena. This book by Professor Zheng Wang is outstanding. Its focus on Regional Science will open this area up to a wide variety of theoretical and applied researchers. I recommend the work without reservations. It covers critically important principles in the field and should be read and used by students, faculty and applied researchers doing policy analysis. I can see this as an important handbook and reference work as well as a textbook in the field. Kingsley Haynes

Farther Afield in the Study of Nature-oriented Literature (Paperback): Patrick D. Murphy Farther Afield in the Study of Nature-oriented Literature (Paperback)
Patrick D. Murphy
R603 Discovery Miles 6 030 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

In the 1990s, the emerging field of ecocriticism--nature-sensitive literary studies--began to establish and define itself. Arguing that the field has matured to the point where it requires a thorough critique and new theoretical underpinnings, Patrick D. Murphy suggests a variety of ways ecocriticism can become more inclusive in its objects of study and more sophisticated in its methodologies.

According to Murphy, ecocriticism in the United States has been too narrowly associated with the study of nonfiction. To broaden the field's purview, he proposes a new taxonomy that draws an important distinction between nature writing--a nonfiction essay form descended from Henry David Thoreau--nature literature, which includes fiction and poetry, and environmental literature, which is inspired by and concerned with a threatened natural world. He also urges ecocritics to expand their study to international literature, and he proceeds to survey nature-oriented prose from Central America, the Caribbean, southern Africa, Spain, and Japan.

On a theoretical level, Murphy addresses the relationship of ecofeminism to postmodernism and provides interpretations of contemporary American multicultural and women's literature, including works by Gary Snyder, Simon Ortiz, Jane Brox, Pat Mora, Lori Anderson, Nora Naranjo-Morse, Sallie Tisdale, and Terry Tempest Williams. Applying his theories of ecocritical analysis to underappreciated or unknown literature, especially fiction and poetry by American women writers of color, Murphy introduces his fellow critics to authors ripe for ecocritical analysis.

Murphy's wide-ranging book will no doubt serve as a watershed in the development of ecocriticism.

The Sixth Extinction - An Unnatural History (Paperback): Elizabeth Kolbert The Sixth Extinction - An Unnatural History (Paperback)
Elizabeth Kolbert 1
R342 R230 Discovery Miles 2 300 Save R112 (33%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Over the last half a billion years, there have been five mass extinctions of life on earth. Scientists around the world are currently monitoring the sixth, predicted to be the most devastating extinction event since the asteroid impact that wiped out the dinosaurs. Elizabeth Kolbert combines brilliant field reporting, the history of ideas and the work of geologists, botanists and marine biologists to tell the gripping stories of a dozen species - including the Panamanian golden frog and the Sumatran rhino - some already gone, others at the point of vanishing. The sixth extinction is likely to be mankind's most lasting legacy and Elizabeth Kolbert's book urgently compels us to rethink the fundamental question of what it means to be human.

Governance for Urban Sustainability and Resilience - Responding to Climate Change and the Relevance of the Built Environment... Governance for Urban Sustainability and Resilience - Responding to Climate Change and the Relevance of the Built Environment (Hardcover)
Jeroen Van der Heijden
R2,345 Discovery Miles 23 450 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Cities, and the built environment more broadly, are key in the global response to climate change. This groundbreaking book seeks to understand what governance tools are best suited for achieving cities that are less harmful to the natural environment, are less dependent on finite resources, and can better withstand human-made hazards and climate risks. In mapping, describing and evaluating nearly 70 traditional and highly innovative governance tools from Asia, Australia, Europe and North America, Jeroen van der Heijden uncovers the five most eminent contemporary trends in governance for urban sustainability and resilience. He also develops a series of 12 design principles that will help to develop better governance tools for improving the sustainability and resilience of today's cities and those of the future. The book is unique in drawing lessons from the theoretical literature on environmental and hazard governance into a broad empirical study. The book will be of great interest to scholars in the field of urban governance, urban planning, sustainable development and resilience, environmental and hazard governance, and climate risk adaptation and mitigation. It will also appeal to students, policymakers and organisations involved with environmental policy and governance.

Politics of climate justice - Paralysis above, movement below (Paperback, New): Patrick Bond Politics of climate justice - Paralysis above, movement below (Paperback, New)
Patrick Bond
R230 R190 Discovery Miles 1 900 Save R40 (17%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

This is an indispensable read for anyone who seeks to understand world leaders' responses to climate change through the United Nations' Conference of the Parties (COP).Patrick Bond provides vital background and theoretical context to what happened at the COPS of Kyoto, Copenhagen, Cancun and Durban. He explores the favoured strategies of key elites from the crisis-ridden global and national power blocs, including South Africa, and finds them incapable of reconciling the threat to the planet with their economies' addiction to fossil fuels. Finally, the book reveals sites of climate justice and interrogates the new movement's approach.

Environmental Taxation and the Law (Hardcover): Janet E. Milne Environmental Taxation and the Law (Hardcover)
Janet E. Milne
R15,607 Discovery Miles 156 070 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Economics shapes environmental pricing theory, but the law translates theory into reality. This two-volume collection brings together carefully selected classic and cutting edge articles from around the world that delve into the legal design features of environmental tax instruments, how governments define the legal authority to use environmental taxation, the legal conundrums of border tax adjustments under WTO law and the place of environmental taxation among other environmental regimes. Influential articles cover a wide range of environmental and legal issues that recur across continents, with carbon taxes and climate change taking centre stage as important case studies. Together with an original introduction by the editor, this timely compilation is an essential resource for those working in the field, whether they are trained in law, economics, political science, environmental science or public finance.

Sustainable Heavy Metal Remediation - Volume 2: Case studies (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2017): Eldon R. Rene, Erkan Sahinkaya, Alison... Sustainable Heavy Metal Remediation - Volume 2: Case studies (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2017)
Eldon R. Rene, Erkan Sahinkaya, Alison Lewis, Piet N. L. Lens
R4,119 R3,278 Discovery Miles 32 780 Save R841 (20%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This book presents an assortment of case-studies pertaining to the use of sustainable technologies for heavy metal removal and recovery from mining and metallurgical wastes, construction and demolition wastes, spent catalysts and electronic wastes. Wastewaters from diverse industrial and mining activities have caused pollution problems, but these sectors also serve as a hotspot for metal recovery. Several metal removal technologies based on physical, chemical and biological processes have been successfully implemented in full-scale operation, while metal recovery, which is beneficial for economic and environmental reasons, is still limited due to challenges arising from downstream processing. For instance, microbial recovery (bioleaching) of metals from their ores is an established technology with a number of full-scale applications. Bioleaching of electronic wastes to recover metals is also a highly promising technology with low environmental impact and high cost-effectiveness; yet, this technology is still at its infancy. As the individual chapters of this book focuses on the applications and limitations of different technologies, this book will serve as an excellent resource for chemical engineers, environmental engineers, mining engineers, biotechnologists, graduate students and researchers in these areas.

A Biogeoscience Approach to Ecosystems (Hardcover): Edward A. Johnson, Yvonne E Martin A Biogeoscience Approach to Ecosystems (Hardcover)
Edward A. Johnson, Yvonne E Martin
R1,685 Discovery Miles 16 850 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Biogeoscience is a rapidly growing interdisciplinary field that aims to bring together biological and geophysical processes. This book builds an enhanced understanding of ecosystems by focusing on the integrative connections between ecological processes and the geosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere. Each chapter provides studies by researchers who have contributed to the biogeoscience synthesis, presenting the latest research on the relationships between ecological processes, such as conservation laws and heat and transport processes, and geophysical processes, such as hillslope, fluvial and aeolian geomorphology, and hydrology. Highlighting the value of biogeoscience as an approach to understand ecosystems, this is an ideal resource for researchers and students in both ecology and the physical sciences.

Life in the Dark - Illuminating Biodiversity in the Shadowy Haunts of Planet Earth (Hardcover): Dante Fenolio Life in the Dark - Illuminating Biodiversity in the Shadowy Haunts of Planet Earth (Hardcover)
Dante Fenolio
R831 R737 Discovery Miles 7 370 Save R94 (11%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Deep inside caves, at the bottoms of oceans and lakes, beneath the ground: these concealed habitats are absent of sunlight. This strange and fascinating world of complete darkness is not a solitary place-it is inhabited by millions of life forms. Yet most humans-creatures of daylight-have never seen any of them. Until now. In this fascinating-sometimes eerie-book, extreme wildlife photographer and scientist Dante Fenolio brings the denizens of these shadowy haunts into focus. Life in the Dark shows us the many ways in which life forms have adapted to lightless environments, including refinements of senses, evolution of unique body parts, and illumination using "biological flashlights." With more than 200 mesmerizing color photographs, Life in the Dark unveils bizarre creatures like the firefly squid, the giant Amazonian catfish, the Chinese cavefish, and even the human bot fly, which lives in the darkness beneath its host's skin. Fenolio's rich and vibrant images shed new light on the world's fascinating creatures of darkness.

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