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Smart Grid Security - An End-to-End View of Security in the New Electrical Grid (Hardcover, New): Gilbert N. Sorebo, Michael C.... Smart Grid Security - An End-to-End View of Security in the New Electrical Grid (Hardcover, New)
Gilbert N. Sorebo, Michael C. Echols
R1,576 Discovery Miles 15 760 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The Smart Grid has the potential to revolutionize electricity delivery systems, and the security of its infrastructure is a vital concern not only for cyber-security practitioners, engineers, policy makers, and utility executives, but also for the media and consumers. Smart Grid Security: An End-to-End View of Security in the New Electrical Grid explores the important techniques, challenges, and forces that will shape how we achieve a secure twenty-first century electric grid. Includes a Foreword by Michael Assante, President and CEO, National Board of Information Security Examiners Following an overview of the components of the Smart Grid, the book delves into the evolution of security standards and regulations and examines ways in which the Smart Grid might be regulated. The authors discuss the technical details about how metering technology is being implemented and the likely threats and vulnerabilities that utilities will face. They address the home area network (HAN) and examine distribution and transmission-the foundation for the delivery of electricity, along with distributed generation, micro-grids, and operations. The book explores future concepts-such as energy storage and the use of plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs)-in addition to the concomitant risk for fraud and manipulation with stored energy. Consumer-related issues are discussed as they pertain to emerging ways of receiving and generating energy. The book examines dysfunctions ranging from inadvertent outages to cyber-attack and presents recommendations on how to respond to these incidents. It concludes with speculation of future cyber-security challenges and discusses new ways that the grid can be defended, such as better key management and protection. Written in a style rigorous enough for the practitioner yet accessible to a broad audience, this comprehensive volume covers a topic that is becoming more critical to industry and consumers everywhere.

Substation Automation Systems - Design and Implementation (Hardcover): Evelio Padilla Substation Automation Systems - Design and Implementation (Hardcover)
Evelio Padilla
R1,991 R1,408 Discovery Miles 14 080 Save R583 (29%) Shipped within 7 - 13 working days

Substation Automation Systems: Design and Implementation aims to close the gap created by fast changing technologies impacting on a series of legacy principles related to how substation secondary systems are conceived and implemented. It is intended to help those who have to define and implement SAS, whilst also conforming to the current industry best practice standards. Key features: * Project-oriented approach to all practical aspects of SAS design and project development. * Uniquely focusses on the rapidly changing control aspect of substation design, using novel communication technologies and IEDs (Intelligent Electronic Devices). * Covers the complete chain of SAS components and related equipment instead of purely concentrating on intelligent electronic devices and communication networks. * Discusses control and monitoring facilities for auxiliary power systems. * Contributes significantly to the understanding of the standard IEC 61850, which is viewed as a black box for a significant number of professionals around the world. * Explains standard IEC 61850 Communication networks and systems for power utility automation to support all new systems networked to perform control, monitoring, automation, metering and protection functions. Written for practical application, this book is a valuable resource for professionals operating within different SAS project stages including the: specification process; contracting process; design and engineering process; integration process; testing process and the operation and maintenance process.

PEM Fuel Cell Diagnostic Tools, Vol. 2 - PEM Fuel Cell Diagnostic Tools (Hardcover): Haijaing Wang, Hui Li, Xiao-Zi Yuan PEM Fuel Cell Diagnostic Tools, Vol. 2 - PEM Fuel Cell Diagnostic Tools (Hardcover)
Haijaing Wang, Hui Li, Xiao-Zi Yuan
R3,513 Discovery Miles 35 130 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

PEM Fuel Cell Diagnostic Tools presents various tools for diagnosing PEM fuel cells and stacks, including in situ and ex situ diagnostic tools, electrochemical techniques, and physical/chemical methods. The text outlines the principles, experimental implementation, data processing, and application of each technique, along with its capabilities and weaknesses. The book covers many diagnostics employed in the characterization and determination of fuel cell performance. It discusses commonly used conventional tools, such as cyclic voltammetry, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy, and transmission electron microscopy. It also examines special tools developed specifically for PEM fuel cells, including transparent cells, cathode discharge, and current mapping, as well as recent advanced tools for diagnosis, such as magnetic resonance imaging and atomic force microscopy. For clarity, the book splits these diagnostic methodologies into two parts-in situ and ex situ. To better understand the tools, PEM fuel cell testing is also discussed. Each self-contained chapter provides cross-references to other chapters. Written by international scientists active in PEM fuel cell research, this volume incorporates state-of-the-art technical advances in PEM fuel cell diagnosis. The diagnostic tools presented help readers to understand the physical and chemical phenomena involved in PEM fuel cells.

Advanced Control Engineering Methods in Electrical Engineering Systems (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2019): Mohammed Chadli, Sofiane... Advanced Control Engineering Methods in Electrical Engineering Systems (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2019)
Mohammed Chadli, Sofiane Bououden, Salim Ziani, Ivan Zelinka
R4,869 R4,322 Discovery Miles 43 220 Save R547 (11%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This book presents the proceedings of the Third International Conference on Electrical Engineering and Control (ICEECA2017). It covers new control system models and troubleshooting tips, and also addresses complex system requirements, such as increased speed, precision and remote capabilities, bridging the gap between the complex, math-heavy controls theory taught in formal courses, and the efficient implementation required in real-world industry settings. Further, it considers both the engineering aspects of signal processing and the practical issues in the broad field of information transmission and novel technologies for communication networks and modern antenna design. This book is intended for researchers, engineers, and advanced postgraduate students in control and electrical engineering, computer science, signal processing, as well as mechanical and chemical engineering.

Wind Power Based Isolated Energy Systems (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2019): Anindita Roy, Santanu Bandyopadhyay Wind Power Based Isolated Energy Systems (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2019)
Anindita Roy, Santanu Bandyopadhyay
R2,657 R2,184 Discovery Miles 21 840 Save R473 (18%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This book offers methods to improve energy access and support social and economic development through the appropriate and reliable design of isolated wind energy systems. The findings reported on wind based isolated power generation show that the proper match of turbine diameter and generator rating is vital, and is governed by the site wind resource and the load profile to be served. The methodology for sizing and selecting appropriate system parameters, taking into account the resource uncertainty, is demonstrated throughout the chapters of this monograph. Readers will discover information on the methodologies for modelling, design and optimization of the systems in terms of safety, functionality, longevity, and practicality. Details are provided on the design space of wind-battery systems, multiple wind generator systems, and wind-PV-battery hybrids to cover all the bases of isolated wind energy systems. This monograph aims to serve as a guide to system developers, manufacturers, and financing institutions on the design aspects of isolated wind energy systems.

DC Servos - Application and Design with MATLAB (R) (Hardcover, New): Stephen M Tobin DC Servos - Application and Design with MATLAB (R) (Hardcover, New)
Stephen M Tobin
R3,472 Discovery Miles 34 720 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Fundamental to the control of mechatronic devices, the servomechanism applies feedback from the device in question to regulate its position, velocity, or some other physical attribute. Successful mastery of servo control requires an understanding of a wide range of engineering disciplines, making it difficult and time-consuming to master it all-and even harder to find an all-encompassing guide that shows you how. DC Servos: Application and Design with MATLAB (R) is designed and written with this problem in mind. It breaks down the practical knowledge required from the various branches of applied science-electrical and mechanical engineering, analog electronics, mechanics, control theory, digital electronics, embedded computing, and firmware design-into a cohesive and usable framework. Today, DC servos are working around the world in countless applications-CD players, ink-jet printers, robots, machining centers, vending machines, eyeglass manufacturing machines, home appliances, and automotive seat positioners, just to name a few. This book balances coverage of theoretical and practical aspects of application and design of DC servomechanisms. It also provides detailed coverage of feedback transducers, particularly the application of optical encoders to real systems. It covers how to use the MATLAB (R) Control System Toolbox specifically for servo design, to make the design process faster and more interactive. It also presents two complete, bench-tested reference designs that can be duplicated using readily available parts, so you can build your own servo and see it in action. Author Stephen M. Tobin is an expert in motion control and electro-optical instrumentation and a respected consultant in the medical device and manufacturing automation communities. In order to instill confidence in the engineers, scientists, students, and hobbyists designing the ever more complex machines of the 21st century, Tobin guides the reader on a short journey through "servo school," imparting his lifelong passion for motion control along the way.

Wave Power - Moving Towards Commercial Viability (Hardcover): Pep (Professional Engineering Publishers Wave Power - Moving Towards Commercial Viability (Hardcover)
Pep (Professional Engineering Publishers
R3,230 R2,260 Discovery Miles 22 600 Save R970 (30%) Shipped within 7 - 13 working days

Energy capture from wind-driven waves As the push for alternative energy sources gathers momentum, wave power has generated interest as an unlimited -- and unlimitedly renewable -- energy supply. Researchers from around the world are investigating wave dynamics, energy of motion, and the capture of energy carried by waves. Wave Power: Moving Towards Commercial Viability presents an overview of the latest developments in the field and the remaining barriers to viability. Representing the work of industry and academic researchers on the forefront of the alternative energy challenge, this book provides researchers, engineers, and investors with useful insight for moving forward.

Signals and Systems Laboratory with MATLAB (Hardcover): Alex Palamides, Anastasia Veloni Signals and Systems Laboratory with MATLAB (Hardcover)
Alex Palamides, Anastasia Veloni
R1,605 Discovery Miles 16 050 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

With its exhaustive coverage of relevant theory, Signals and Systems Laboratory with MATLAB (R) is a powerful resource that provides simple, detailed instructions on how to apply computer methods to signals and systems analysis. Written for laboratory work in a course on signals and systems, this book presents a corresponding MATLAB implementation for each theoretical concept introduced, making it a powerful learning tool for engineers, scientists, and students alike. MATLAB code is used in problems and examples presented throughout the book. This code and other learning materials are available in a downloadable supplement. Due to the extensive-and truly unique-integration of MATLAB throughout this book, the authors provide a complete tutorial on use of the language for signals and systems analysis. With more than 5,000 lines of MATLAB code and more than 700 figures embedded in the text, the material teaches readers how to program in MATLAB and study signals and systems concepts at the same time, giving them the tools to harness the power of computers to quickly assess problems and then visualize their solutions. Among its many useful features, this book: Offers complete coverage of the signals and systems theory, starting with elementary signals and concluding with state-space modeling Contains more than 400 examples and chapter-end solved problems Executes commands one-by-one at the MATLAB command prompt, and results, along with comments, encouraging students to learn MATLAB on the fly Additional Pedagogical Features: A detailed MATLAB tutorial to introduce a beginner programmer to the language Laboratory exercises that give students hands-on experience and help professors organize a course laboratory component Presentation of continuous- and discrete-time in parallel fashion, effectively illustrating the similarities and differences between the two Step-by-step examples that present data in tabular format and usually offer several different solutions to each problem

High Voltage Measurement Techniques - Fundamentals, Measuring Instruments, and Measuring Methods (Hardcover, 2019 Ed.): Klaus... High Voltage Measurement Techniques - Fundamentals, Measuring Instruments, and Measuring Methods (Hardcover, 2019 Ed.)
Klaus Schon
R2,893 R2,580 Discovery Miles 25 800 Save R313 (11%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days
Code of Practice for In-service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment (Paperback, 4th edition): The Institution of... Code of Practice for In-service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment (Paperback, 4th edition)
The Institution of Engineering and Technology 1
R1,237 Discovery Miles 12 370 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This is the 4th edition of the IET's Code of Practice for Inservice Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment. The book has been revised to take account of the PAT aspects of Professor Lofstedt s report and the HSE view that promotes a proportionate riskbased approach when assessing the safety of electrical equipment and appliances. This will help users, those responsible for the equipment and testers of the equipment to maintain safety. HSE encourages the adoption of this approach and the changes will also be reflected in the City & Guilds 2377 course. The Code of Practice enables duty holders to understand the requirements placed on them in law to maintain electrical equipment, using correct documentation, that falls under their control and to understand what inspection and testing involves. It also gives guidance to those carrying out inservice inspection and testing of electrical equipment (PAT)."

Green Energy - Sustainable Electricity Supply with Low Environmental Impact (Hardcover): Eric Jeffs Green Energy - Sustainable Electricity Supply with Low Environmental Impact (Hardcover)
Eric Jeffs
R3,477 Discovery Miles 34 770 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Green Energy: Sustainable Electricity Supply with Low Environmental Impact defines the future of the world 's electricity supply system, exploring the key issues associated with global warming, and which energy systems are best suited to reducing it.

Electricity generation is a concentrated industry with a few sources of emissions, which can be controlled or legislated against. This book explains that a green sustainable electricity system is one whose construction, installation, and operation minimally affect the environment and produce power reliability at an affordable price. It addresses the question of how to build such an electricity supply system to meet the demands of a growing population without accelerating global warming or damaging the environment.

The green argument for conservation and renewable energies is a contradiction in terms. Although they produce no emissions, because renewable systems are composed of a large number of small units, a considerable amount of energy is required to produce, erect, and maintain them. This book is a response to that conundrum, answering key questions, such as:

  • How can renewables be exploited to contribute the greatest energy input?
  • Should coal be used for clean fuel and chemical production rather than for power generation?
  • How quickly can we start to build the Green Energy system?


The author has more than forty years of experience as an international journalist reporting on power-generating technologies and on energy policies around the world. Detailing the developmental history, and current state, of the global nuclear industry, he discusses the dire, immediate need for large quantities of clean, emission-free electric power, for both domestic and industrial uses. This book details how current technologies particularly nuclear, combined cycle, and hydro can be applied to satisfy safely the growing energy demands in the future.

Fundamental Research in Electrical Engineering - The Selected Papers of The First International Conference on Fundamental... Fundamental Research in Electrical Engineering - The Selected Papers of The First International Conference on Fundamental Research in Electrical Engineering (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2019)
Shahram Montaser Kouhsari
R6,658 R4,940 Discovery Miles 49 400 Save R1,718 (26%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This volume presents the selected papers of the First International Conference on Fundamental Research in Electrical Engineering, held at Khwarazmi University, Tehran, Iran in July, 2017. The selected papers cover the whole spectrum of the main four fields of Electrical Engineering (Electronic, Telecommunications, Control, and Power Engineering).

Numerical Distance Protection - Principles and Applications (Hardcover, 4th Edition): Gerhard Ziegler Numerical Distance Protection - Principles and Applications (Hardcover, 4th Edition)
Gerhard Ziegler
R1,279 R1,043 Discovery Miles 10 430 Save R236 (18%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Distance protection provides the basis for network protection in transmission systems and meshed distribution systems. This book covers the fundamentals of distance protection and the special features of numerical technology. The emphasis is placed on the application of numerical distance relays in distribution and transmission systems.
This book is aimed at students and engineers who wish to familiarise themselves with the subject of power system protection, as well as the experienced user, entering the area of numerical distance protection. Furthermore it serves as a reference guide for solving application problems.
For this fourth edition all contents, especially the descriptions of numerical protection devices and the very useful appendix have been revised and updated.

Permanent Magnet Synchronous and Brushless DC Motor Drives (Hardcover): Ramu Krishnan Permanent Magnet Synchronous and Brushless DC Motor Drives (Hardcover)
Ramu Krishnan
R3,507 Discovery Miles 35 070 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Despite two decades of massive strides in research and development on control strategies and their subsequent implementation, most books on permanent magnet motor drives still focus primarily on motor design, providing only elementary coverage of control and converters. Addressing that gap with information that has largely been disseminated only in journals and at conferences, Permanent Magnet Synchronous and Brushless DC Motor Drives is a long-awaited comprehensive overview of power electronic converters for permanent magnet synchronous machines and control strategies for variable-speed operation. It introduces machines, power devices, inverters, and control, and addresses modeling, implementation, control strategies, and flux weakening operations, as well as parameter sensitivity, and rotor position sensorless control. Suitable for both industrial and academic audiences, this book also covers the simulation, low cost inverter topologies, and commutation torque ripple of PM brushless DC motor drives. Simulation of the motor drives system is illustrated with MATLAB (R) codes in the text. This book is divided into three parts-fundamentals of PM synchronous and brushless dc machines, power devices, inverters; PM synchronous motor drives, and brushless dc motor drives. With regard to the power electronics associated with these drive systems, the author: Explores use of the standard three-phase bridge inverter for driving the machine, power factor correction, and inverter control Introduces space vector modulation step by step and contrasts with PWM Details dead time effects in the inverter, and its compensation Discusses new power converter topologies being considered for low-cost drive systems in PM brushless DC motor drives This reference is dedicated exclusively to PM ac machines, with a timely emphasis on control and standard, and low-cost converter topologies. Widely used for teaching at the doctoral level and for industrial audiences both in the U.S. and abroad, it will be a welcome addition to any engineer's library.

Permanent Magnet Motor Technology - Design and Applications, Third Edition (Hardcover, 3rd New edition): Jacek F. Gieras Permanent Magnet Motor Technology - Design and Applications, Third Edition (Hardcover, 3rd New edition)
Jacek F. Gieras
R4,337 Discovery Miles 43 370 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The importance of permanent magnet (PM) motor technology and its impact on electromechanical drives has grown exponentially since the publication of the bestselling second edition. The PM brushless motor market has grown considerably faster than the overall motion control market. This rapid growth makes it essential for electrical and electromechanical engineers and students to stay up-to-date on developments in modern electrical motors and drives, including their control, simulation, and CAD. Reflecting innovations in the development of PM motors for electromechanical drives, Permanent Magnet Motor Technology: Design and Applications, Third Edition demonstrates the construction of PM motor drives and supplies ready-to-implement solutions to common roadblocks along the way. This edition supplies fundamental equations and calculations for determining and evaluating system performance, efficiency, reliability, and cost. It explores modern computer-aided design of PM motors, including the finite element approach, and explains how to select PM motors to meet the specific requirements of electrical drives. The numerous examples, models, and diagrams provided in each chapter facilitate a lucid understanding of motor operations and characteristics. This 3rd edition of a bestselling reference has been thoroughly revised to include: Chapters on high speed motors and micromotors Advances in permanent magnet motor technology Additional numerical examples and illustrations An increased effort to bridge the gap between theory and industrial applications Modified research results The growing global trend toward energy conservation makes it quite possible that the era of the PM brushless motor drive is just around the corner. This reference book will give engineers, researchers, and graduate-level students the comprehensive understanding required to develop the breakthroughs that will push this exciting technology to the forefront.

Solar Energy Conversion - Chemical Aspects (Hardcover): Gertz I. Likhtenshtein Solar Energy Conversion - Chemical Aspects (Hardcover)
Gertz I. Likhtenshtein
R2,554 R2,280 Discovery Miles 22 800 Save R274 (11%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Finally filling a gap in the literature for a text that also adopts the chemist's view of this hot topic, Professor Likhtenshtein, an experienced author and internationally renowned scientist, considers different physical and engineering aspects in solar energy conversion. From theory to real-life systems, he shows exactly which chemical reactions take place when converting light energy, providing an overview of the chemical perspective from fundamentals to molecular harvesting systems and solar cells. This essential guide will thus help researchers in academia and industry better understand solar energy conversion, and so ultimately help this promising, multibillion dollar fi eld to expand. From the contents: * Electron Transfer Theories * Principle Stages of Photosynthetic Light Energy Conversion * Photochemical Systems of Light Energy Conversion * Redox Processes on Surface of Semiconductors and Metals * Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells * Photocatalytic Reduction and Oxidation of Water

Smart Grids - Advanced Technologies and Solutions, Second Edition (Hardcover, 2nd New edition): Stuart Borlase Smart Grids - Advanced Technologies and Solutions, Second Edition (Hardcover, 2nd New edition)
Stuart Borlase
R2,621 Discovery Miles 26 210 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The latest edition features a new chapter on implementation and operation of an integrated smart grid with updates to multiple chapters throughout the text. New sections on Internet of things, and how they relate to smart grids and smart cities, have also been added to the book. It describes the impetus for change in the electric utility industry and discusses the business drivers, benefits, and market outlook of the smart grid initiative. The book identifies the technical framework of enabling technologies and smart solutions and describes the role of technology developments and coordinated standards in smart grid, including various initiatives and organizations helping to drive the smart grid effort. With chapters written by leading experts in the field, the text explains how to plan, integrate, implement, and operate a smart grid.

Sustainable Electrical Power Resources through Energy Optimization and Future Engineering (Paperback, 1st ed. 2018): Shaharin... Sustainable Electrical Power Resources through Energy Optimization and Future Engineering (Paperback, 1st ed. 2018)
Shaharin Anwar Sulaiman, Ramani Kannan, Samsul Ariffin Abdul Karim, Nursyarizal Mohd Nor
R1,103 R998 Discovery Miles 9 980 Save R105 (10%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This book presents recent science and engineering research in the field of conventional and renewable energy, energy efficiency and optimization, discussing problems such as availability, peak load and reliability of sustainable supply for power to consumers. Such research is imperative since efficient and environmentally friendly solutions are critical in modern electricity production and transmission.

Electromechanical Systems and Devices (Hardcover): Sergey Edward Lyshevski Electromechanical Systems and Devices (Hardcover)
Sergey Edward Lyshevski
R2,049 Discovery Miles 20 490 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Students entering today's engineering fields will find an increased emphasis on practical analysis, design, and control. They must be able to translate their advanced programming abilities and sound theoretical backgrounds into superior problem-solving skills.

Electromechanical Systems and Devices facilitates the creation of critical problem-solving skills by demonstrating the application of cornerstone fundamentals in the analysis and design of electromechanical systems. The book encourages students to focus specifically on implementation issues related to high-performance electromechanical systems, which are used as electric drives and servosystems. Students are provided with a wealth of worked-out examples that not only illustrate how to solve common engineering problems but also demonstrate how to extrapolate from the results. The book also demonstrates how to use MATLAB to integrate advanced control algorithms, attain rapid prototyping, generate C codes, and visualize the results

Tomorrow's engineers will be charged with pioneering the future of electromechanical technologies. Electromechanical Systems and Devices provides them with the principles and instruction they need to think critically about design and implementation issues as well as understand both what calculations must be done and how to perform such operations.

IET Wiring Regulations: Electric Wiring for Domestic Installers, 16th ed (Paperback, 16th New edition): Brian Scaddan IET Wiring Regulations: Electric Wiring for Domestic Installers, 16th ed (Paperback, 16th New edition)
Brian Scaddan
R421 Discovery Miles 4 210 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This book is essential reading for anyone studying towards Domestic Installer status with an approval body such as NICEIC, NAPIT or ELECSA, in line with Part P of the Building Regulations, and also serves as a handy pocket guide to best practice for electricians. Although not intended as a DIY manual, non-qualified persons will also find it useful reading. The how-to guide for home wiring to professional standards. Now with more on LED lighting. Essential reading for serious DIY, electrical installation, basic plumbing, heating systems, TV and security alarm installation. Up to date with the 18th Edition of the IET Wiring Regulations.

Measurement and Safety - Volume I (Hardcover, 5th New edition): Bela G Liptak, Kriszta Venczel Measurement and Safety - Volume I (Hardcover, 5th New edition)
Bela G Liptak, Kriszta Venczel
R6,020 Discovery Miles 60 200 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The Instrument and Automation Engineers' Handbook (IAEH) is the #1 process automation handbook in the world. Volume one of the Fifth Edition, Measurement and Safety, covers safety sensors and the detectors of physical properties. Measurement and Safety is an invaluable resource that: * Describes the detectors used in the measurement of process variables * Offers application- and method-specific guidance for choosing the best measurement device * Provides tables of detector capabilities and other practical information at a glance * Contains detailed descriptions of domestic and overseas products, their features, capabilities, and suppliers, including suppliers' web addresses Complete with 163 alphabetized chapters and a thorough index for quick access to specific information, Measurement and Safety is a must-have reference for instrument and automation engineers working in the chemical, oil/gas, pharmaceutical, pollution, energy, plastics, paper, wastewater, food, etc. industries. About the eBook The most important new feature of the IAEH, Fifth Edition is its availability as an eBook. The eBook provides the same content as the print edition, with the addition of thousands of web addresses so that readers can reach suppliers or reference books and articles on the hundreds of topics covered in the handbook. This feature includes a complete bidders' list that allows readers to issue their specifications for competitive bids from any or all potential product suppliers.

Nano Devices and Circuit Techniques for Low-Energy Applications and Energy Harvesting (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2016): Chong-Min Kyung Nano Devices and Circuit Techniques for Low-Energy Applications and Energy Harvesting (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2016)
Chong-Min Kyung
R2,119 R1,879 Discovery Miles 18 790 Save R240 (11%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This book describes the development of core technologies to address two of the most challenging issues in research for future IT platform development, namely innovative device design and reduction of energy consumption. Three key devices, the FinFET, the TunnelFET, and the electromechanical nanoswitch are described with extensive details of use for practical applications. Energy issues are also covered in a tutorial fashion from material physics, through device technology, to innovative circuit design. The strength of this book lies in its holistic approach dealing with material trends, state-of-the-art of key devices, new examples of circuits and systems applications. This is the first of three books based on the Integrated Smart Sensors research project, which describe the development of innovative devices, circuits, and system-level enabling technologies. The aim of the project was to develop common platforms on which various devices and sensors can be loaded, and to create systems offering significant improvements in information processing speed, energy usage, and size. The book contains extensive reference lists and with over 200 figures introduces the reader to the general subject in a tutorial style, also addressing the state-of-the-art, allowing it to be used as a guide for starting researchers in these fields.

Numerical Analysis of Power System Transients and Dynamics (Hardcover): Akihiro   Ametani Numerical Analysis of Power System Transients and Dynamics (Hardcover)
Akihiro Ametani
R2,836 R2,419 Discovery Miles 24 190 Save R417 (15%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

This book describes the three major power system transients and dynamics simulation tools based on a circuit-theory approach that are widely used all over the world (EMTP-ATP, EMTP-RV and EMTDC/PSCAD), together with other powerful simulation tools such as XTAP. In the first part of the book, the basics of circuit-theory based simulation tools and of numerical electromagnetic analysis methods are explained, various simulation tools are introduced and the features, strengths and weaknesses are described together with some application examples. In the second part, various transient and dynamic phenomena in power systems are investigated and studied by applying the numerical analysis tools, including: transients in various components related to a renewable system; surges on wind farm and collection systems; protective devices such as fault locators and high-speed switchgear; overvoltages in a power system; dynamic phenomena in FACTS, especially STATCOM (Static Synchronous Compensator); the application of SVC to a cable system; and grounding systems. Combining underlying theory with real-world examples, this book will be of use to researchers involved in analysis of power systems for development and optimization, and professionals and advanced students working with power systems in general.

Power System Protection (Hardcover): Paul M. Anderson Power System Protection (Hardcover)
Paul M. Anderson
R4,771 R3,348 Discovery Miles 33 480 Save R1,423 (30%) Shipped within 7 - 13 working days

Electrical Engineering Power System Protection In a world of huge, interconnected networks that can be completely blacked out by disturbances, Power System Protection offers an improved understanding of the requirements necessary for prompt and accurate corrective action. P.M. Anderson, a noted expert on power systems, presents an analytical and technical approach to power system protection. His discussion shows how abnormal system behavior can be detected before damage occurs, and points to effective control action to limit system outages. Advance your knowledge of power system protection through a better understanding of:

  • Protective devices and controls
  • Protection concepts
  • Transmission protection
  • Apparatus protection
  • System aspects of protective systems
  • Reliability analysis of protective systems
Power System Protection is written for practicing engineers and advanced graduate-level student engineers, who need a comprehensive resource on the principles of power system behavior and methods of system analysis. This essential reference work provides new and advanced concepts for understanding systems performance.
Flexible Energy Conversion and Storage Devices (Hardcover): Chunyi Zhi, Liming Dai Flexible Energy Conversion and Storage Devices (Hardcover)
Chunyi Zhi, Liming Dai
R3,314 R2,690 Discovery Miles 26 900 Save R624 (19%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Provides in-depth knowledge of flexible energy conversion and storage devices-covering aspects from materials to technologies Written by leading experts on various critical issues in this emerging field, this book reviews the recent progresses on flexible energy conversion and storage devices, such as batteries, supercapacitors, solar cells, and fuel cells. It introduces not only the basic principles and strategies to make a device flexible, but also the applicable materials and technologies, such as polymers, carbon materials, nanotechnologies and textile technologies. It also discusses the perspectives for different devices. Flexible Energy Conversion and Storage Devices contains chapters, which are all written by top researchers who have been actively working in the field to deliver recent advances in areas from materials syntheses, through fundamental principles, to device applications. It covers flexible all-solid state supercapacitors; fiber/yarn based flexible supercapacitors; flexible lithium and sodium ion batteries; flexible diversified and zinc ion batteries; flexible Mg, alkaline, silver-zinc, and lithium sulfur batteries; flexible fuel cells; flexible nanodielectric materials with high permittivity for power energy storage; flexible dye sensitized solar cells; flexible perovskite solar cells; flexible organic solar cells; flexible quantum dot-sensitized solar cells; flexible triboelectric nanogenerators; flexible thermoelectric devices; and flexible electrodes for water-splitting. -Covers the timely and innovative field of flexible devices which are regarded as the next generation of electronic devices -Provides a highly application-oriented approach that covers various flexible devices used for energy conversion and storage -Fosters an understanding of the scientific basis of flexible energy devices, and extends this knowledge to the development, construction, and application of functional energy systems -Stimulates and advances the research and development of this intriguing field Flexible Energy Conversion and Storage Devices is an excellent book for scientists, electrochemists, solid state chemists, solid state physicists, polymer chemists, and electronics engineers.

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