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Memory Ireland - Volume 3: The Famine and the Troubles (Hardcover, 3): Oona Frawley Memory Ireland - Volume 3: The Famine and the Troubles (Hardcover, 3)
Oona Frawley
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Cultural memory has in recent years been taken up with enthusiasm across the domain of area studies and the humanities generally. Ireland, with its trauma-filled history and huge global diaspora, presents an ideal subject for work in this vein. This series as a whole seeks to construct a landscape of cultural memory in Ireland, focusing in particular on how cognitive capacity for memory might influence the formation of cultural memory and how that cultural memory shifts over time. Volume 3 focuses on the impact of the Famine and the Troubles on the formation and study of Irish cultural memory. Topics considered include hunger strikes, monuments to the Famine, trauma and the politics of memory in the Irish peace process, and Ulster Loyalist battles in the twenty-first century. Gathering the work of leading scholars such as Margaret Kelleher, Joseph Lennon, David Lloyd, Joseph Valente, and Gerald Dawe, this collection is an essential contribution to the field of Irish studies.

Wayfinding - The Science and Mystery of How Humans Navigate the World (Hardcover): MR O'Connor Wayfinding - The Science and Mystery of How Humans Navigate the World (Hardcover)
MR O'Connor 1
R568 R443 Discovery Miles 4 430 Save R125 (22%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

At once far flung and intimate, a fascinating look at how finding our way make us human. In this compelling narrative, O'Connor seeks out neuroscientists, anthropologists and master navigators to understand how navigation ultimately gave us our humanity. Biologists have been trying to solve the mystery of how organisms have the ability to migrate and orient with such precision--especially since our own adventurous ancestors spread across the world without maps or instruments. O'Connor goes to the Arctic, the Australian bush and the South Pacific to talk to masters of their environment who seek to preserve their traditions at a time when anyone can use a GPS to navigate. O'Connor explores the neurological basis of spatial orientation within the hippocampus. Without it, people inhabit a dream state, becoming amnesiacs incapable of finding their way, recalling the past, or imagining the future. Studies have shown that the more we exercise our cognitive mapping skills, the greater the grey matter and health of our hippocampus. O'Connor talks to scientists studying how atrophy in the hippocampus is associated with afflictions such as impaired memory, dementia, Alzheimer's Disease, depression and PTSD. Wayfinding is a captivating book that charts how our species' profound capacity for exploration, memory and storytelling results in topophilia, the love of place. "O'Connor talked to just the right people in just the right places, and her narrative is a marvel of storytelling on its own merits, erudite but lightly worn. There are many reasons why people should make efforts to improve their geographical literacy, and O'Connor hits on many in this excellent book--devouring it makes for a good start." --Kirkus Reviews

Sociology of the Arts - Exploring Fine and Popular Forms (Paperback): Victoria D. Alexander Sociology of the Arts - Exploring Fine and Popular Forms (Paperback)
Victoria D. Alexander
R697 R553 Discovery Miles 5 530 Save R144 (21%) Shipped within 7 - 13 working days

"Sociology of the Arts" is a comprehensive overview of the sociology of art and an authoritative work of scholarship by a leading expert in the field. The book synthesizes the various theoretical models of art sociology, and provides empirical examples as well as stimulating exemplars of sociological work on the arts. Case studies of art works are from both ends of the cultural spectrum: fine arts (theatre, dance, symphony, opera) and popular arts (Hollywood movies, pop music, pulp fiction, TV drama, comedy and advertising). These studies, combined with the book's considerable theoretical breadth and insight, explore how art is created, distributed, received, consumed, and used by people who experience it. The book also discusses the newly emerging question of the art object itself, and the meaning of art works.

"Sociology of the Arts" is a clearly written, well-organized synthesis for students, and a unique contribution to the field. This international selection of perspectives, empirical research, and case studies makes this book essential for teaching and learning the sociology of art, and will be of great interest to scholars.

Forensics of Capital (Paperback): Michael Ralph Forensics of Capital (Paperback)
Michael Ralph
R432 R408 Discovery Miles 4 080 Save R24 (6%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

As one of Africa's few democracies, Senegal has long been thought of as a leader of moral, political, and economic development on the continent. We tend to assume that any such nation has achieved favorable international standing due to its own merits. In Forensics of Capital, Michael Ralph upends this kind of conventional thinking, showing how Senegal's diplomatic standing was strategically forged in the colonial and postcolonial eras at key periods of its history and is today entirely contingent on the consensus of wealthy and influential nations and international lending agencies. Ralph examines Senegal's crucial and pragmatic decisions related to its development and how they garnered international favor, decisions such as its opposition to Soviet involvement in African liberation - despite itself being a socialist state - or its support for the US-led war on terror - despite its population being predominately Muslim. He shows how such actions have given Senegal an inflated political and economic position and status as a highly creditworthy nation even as its domestic economy has faltered. Exploring these and many other aspects of Senegal's political economy and its interface with the international community, Ralph demonstrates that the international reputation of any nation-not just Senegal-is based on deep structural biases.

Caravan of Martyrs - Sacrifice and Suicide Bombing in Afghanistan (Hardcover): David B Edwards Caravan of Martyrs - Sacrifice and Suicide Bombing in Afghanistan (Hardcover)
David B Edwards
R557 R434 Discovery Miles 4 340 Save R123 (22%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

What compels a person to strap a vest loaded with explosives onto his body and blow himself up in a crowded street? Scholars have answered this question by focusing on the pathology of the "terrorist mind" or the "brainwashing" practices of terrorist organizations. In Caravan of Martyrs, David Edwards argues that we need to understand the rise of suicide bombing in relation to the cultural beliefs and ritual practices associated with sacrifice. Before the war in Afghanistan began, the sacrificial killing of a sheep demonstrated a tribe's desire for peace. After the Soviet invasion of 1979, as thousands of people were killed, sacrifice took on new meanings. The dead were venerated as martyrs, but this informal conferral of status on the casualties of war soon became the foundation for a cult of martyrs exploited by political leaders for their own advantage. This first repurposing of the machinery of sacrifice set in motion a process of mutation that would lead nineteen Arabs who had received their training in Afghanistan to hijack airplanes on September 11 and that would in time transform what began as a cult of martyrs created by a small group of Afghan jihadis into the transnational scattering of suicide bombers that haunts our world today. Drawing on years of research in the region, Edwards traces the transformation of sacrifice using a wide range of sources, including the early poetry of jihad, illustrated martyr magazines, school primers and legal handbooks, martyr hagiographies, videos produced by suicide bombers, the manual of ritual instructions used by the 9/11 hijackers, and Facebook posts through which contemporary "Talifans" promote the virtues of self-destruction.

Coping with Excess - How Organizations, Communities and Individuals Manage Overflows (Paperback): Barbara Czarniawska, Orvar... Coping with Excess - How Organizations, Communities and Individuals Manage Overflows (Paperback)
Barbara Czarniawska, Orvar Lofgren
R576 Discovery Miles 5 760 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

What does a stockbroker in Istanbul navigating the rush of incoming trading figures have in common with a mother in Stockholm trying to organize a growing pile of baby clothes? They are both coping with excess or overflow. This book explores the ways in which institutions, corporations and individuals define and manage situations of `too much' - too much information, too many choices, too many commodities or too many tasks. By analyzing a wide range of settings - from corporate firms and public administration to everyday domestic routines - the book offers an in-depth understanding of the complexities of overflow phenomena. It questions when, where and why overflow emerges and for whom this is a problem or a blessing. This broad introduction to a striking contemporary phenomenon will prove an enlightening read for a wide-ranging audience including academics and researchers in the disciplines of business and management, political science, economic history and sociology.

Cambridge Latin American Studies, Series Number 114 - The Mexican Mission: Indigenous Reconstruction and Mendicant Enterprise... Cambridge Latin American Studies, Series Number 114 - The Mexican Mission: Indigenous Reconstruction and Mendicant Enterprise in New Spain, 1521-1600 (Hardcover)
Ryan Dominic Crewe
R1,675 R1,549 Discovery Miles 15 490 Save R126 (8%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

In the sixty years following the Spanish conquest, indigenous communities in central Mexico suffered the equivalent of three Black Deaths, a demographic catastrophe that prompted them to rebuild under the aegis of Spanish missions. Where previous histories have framed this process as an epochal spiritual conversion, The Mexican Mission widens the lens to examine its political and economic history, revealing a worldly enterprise that both remade and colonized Mesoamerica. The mission exerted immense temporal power in struggles over indigenous jurisdictions, resources, and people. Competing communities adapted the mission to their own designs; most notably, they drafted labor to raise ostentatious monastery complexes in the midst of mass death. While the mission fostered indigenous recovery, it also grounded Spanish imperial authority in the legitimacy of local native rule. The Mexican mission became one of the most extensive in early modern history, with influences reverberating on Spanish frontiers from New Mexico to Mindanao.

Race, Ethnicity, Gender, and Class - The Sociology of Group Conflict and Change (Paperback, 8th ed.): Joseph F. Healey, Andi... Race, Ethnicity, Gender, and Class - The Sociology of Group Conflict and Change (Paperback, 8th ed.)
Joseph F. Healey, Andi Stepnick, Eileen O'Brien
R2,346 Discovery Miles 23 460 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
Global Latin America - Into the Twenty-First Century (Paperback): Matthew C. Gutmann, Jeffrey Lesser Global Latin America - Into the Twenty-First Century (Paperback)
Matthew C. Gutmann, Jeffrey Lesser
R666 R513 Discovery Miles 5 130 Save R153 (23%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Latin America is home to emerging global powers such as Brazil and Mexico and has important links to other titans including China, India, and Africa. Global Latin America examines a range of historical events and cultural forms in Latin America that continue to influence peoples' lives far outside the region. Its innovative essays, interviews, and stories focus on insights from public intellectuals, political leaders, artists, academics, and activists from the region, allowing students to gain an appreciation of the global relevance of Latin America in the twenty-first century.

Destination Anthropocene - Science and Tourism in The Bahamas (Paperback): Amelia Moore Destination Anthropocene - Science and Tourism in The Bahamas (Paperback)
Amelia Moore
R574 R445 Discovery Miles 4 450 Save R129 (22%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Destination Anthropocene documents the emergence of new travel imaginaries forged at the intersection of the natural sciences and the tourism industry in a Caribbean archipelago. Known to travelers as a paradise of sun, sand, and sea, The Bahamas is rebranding itself in response to the rising threat of global environmental change, including climate change. In her imaginative new book, Amelia Moore explores an experimental form of tourism developed in the name of sustainability, one that is slowly changing the way both tourists and Bahamians come to know themselves and relate to island worlds.

Electronic Iran - The Cultural Politics of an Online Evolution (Paperback): Niki Akhavan Electronic Iran - The Cultural Politics of an Online Evolution (Paperback)
Niki Akhavan
R617 Discovery Miles 6 170 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Electronic Iran introduces the concept of the Iranian Internet, a framework that captures interlinked, transnational networks of virtual and offline spaces. Taking her cues from early Internet ethnographies that stress the importance of treating the Internet as both a site and product of cultural production, accounts in media studies that highlight the continuities between old and new media, and a range of works that have made critical interventions in the field of Iranian studies, Niki Akhavan traces key developments and confronts conventional wisdom about digital media in general, and contemporary Iranian culture and politics in particular. Akhavan focuses largely on the years between 1998 and 2012 to reveal a diverse and combative virtual landscape where both geographically and ideologically dispersed individuals and groups deployed Internet technologies to variously construct, defend, and challenge narratives of Iranian national identity, society, and politics. While it tempers celebratory claims that have dominated assessments of the Iranian Internet, Electronic Iran is ultimately optimistic in its outlook. As it exposes and assesses overlooked aspects of the Iranian Internet, the book sketches a more complete map of its dynamic landscape, and suggests that the transformative powers of digital media can only be developed and understood if attention is paid to both the specificities of new technologies as well as the local and transnational contexts in which they appear.

Pioneers of the field - South Africa's women anthropologists (Paperback): Andrew Bank Pioneers of the field - South Africa's women anthropologists (Paperback)
Andrew Bank
R385 R303 Discovery Miles 3 030 Save R82 (21%) Shipped within 4 - 10 working days

Focusing on the crucial contributions of women researchers, Andrew Bank demonstrates that the modern school of social anthropology in South Africa was uniquely female-dominated. The book traces the personal and intellectual histories of six remarkable women through the use of a rich cocktail of new archival sources, including family photographs, private and professional correspondence, field-notes and fi eld diaries, published and other public writings and even love letters. The book also sheds new light on the close connections between their personal lives, their academic work and their antisegregationist and anti-apartheid politics. It will be welcomed by anthropologists, historians and students in African studies interested in the development of social anthropology in twentieth

Small Places, Large Issues - Fourth Edition - An Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology (Paperback, 4th Revised... Small Places, Large Issues - Fourth Edition - An Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology (Paperback, 4th Revised edition)
Thomas Hylland Eriksen
R510 R448 Discovery Miles 4 480 Save R62 (12%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This introduction to social and cultural anthropology has become a modern classic, revealing the rich global variation in social life and culture across the world. Presenting a clear overview of anthropology, it focuses on central topics such as kinship, ethnicity, ritual and political systems, offering a wealth of examples that demonstrate the enormous scope of anthropology and the importance of a comparative perspective. Unlike other texts on the subject, Small Places, Large Issues incorporates the anthropology of complex modern societies. Using reviews of key works to illustrate his argument, Thomas Hylland Eriksen's lucid and accessible overview remains an established introductory text in anthropology. This fourth edition is updated throughout and increases the emphasis on the interdependence of human worlds. It incorporates recent debates and controversies, ranging from globalisation and migration research to problems of cultural translation, and discusses the challenges of interdisciplinarity in a lucid way.

Jewish Families - Volume 4 (Hardcover, New): Jonathan Boyarin Jewish Families - Volume 4 (Hardcover, New)
Jonathan Boyarin
R2,497 Discovery Miles 24 970 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

From stories of biblical patriarchs and matriarchs and their children, through the Gospel's Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, and to modern Jewish families in fiction, film, and everyday life, the family has been considered key to transmitting Jewish identity. Current discussions about the Jewish family's supposed traditional character and its alleged contemporary crisis tend to assume that the dynamics of Jewish family life have remained constant from the days of Abraham and Sarah to those of Tevye and Golde in Fiddler on the Roof and on to Philip Roth's Portnoy's Complaint. Jonathan Boyarin explores a wide range of scholarship in Jewish studies to argue instead that Jewish family forms and ideologies have varied greatly throughout the times and places where Jewish families have found themselves. He considers a range of family configurations from biblical times to the twenty-first century, including strictly Orthodox communities and new forms of family, including same-sex parents. The book shows the vast canvas of history and culture as well as the social pressures and strategies that have helped shape Jewish families, and suggests productive ways to think about possible futures for Jewish family forms.

All in Your Head - Making Sense of Pediatric Pain (Paperback): Mara Buchbinder All in Your Head - Making Sense of Pediatric Pain (Paperback)
Mara Buchbinder
R656 R502 Discovery Miles 5 020 Save R154 (23%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Although pain is a universal human experience, many view the pain of others as private, resistant to language, and, therefore, essentially unknowable. And, yet, despite the obvious limits to comprehending another's internal state, language is all that we have to translate pain from the solitary and unknowable to a phenomenon richly described in literature, medicine, and everyday life. Without denying the private dimensions of pain, All in Your Head offers an entirely fresh perspective that considers how pain may be configured, managed, explained, and even experienced in deeply relational ways. Drawing on ethnographic fieldwork in a pediatric pain clinic in California, Mara Buchbinder explores how clinicians, adolescent patients, and their families make sense of puzzling symptoms and work to alleviate pain. Through careful attention to the language of pain - including narratives, conversations, models, and metaphors - and detailed analysis of how young pain sufferers make meaning through interactions with others, her book reveals that however private pain may be, making sense of it is profoundly social.

Advanced Introduction to Cultural Economics (Paperback): Ruth Towse Advanced Introduction to Cultural Economics (Paperback)
Ruth Towse
R372 Discovery Miles 3 720 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Elgar Advanced Introductions are stimulating and thoughtful introductions to major fields in the social sciences and law, expertly written by the world's leading scholars. Designed to be accessible yet rigorous, they offer concise and lucid surveys of the substantive and policy issues associated with discrete subject areas. (series description). Written by an internationally renowned expert in the field, Professor Ruth Towse, this book presents a comprehensive yet concise introduction to cultural economics. It covers a broad range of topics in the arts and cultural industries, using the tools of economics to explain their supply and demand, production and consumption. Starting from the 1960s concern about costs and public finance in the performing arts, the subject has developed over the last fifty years to include museums and built heritage, and lately, the wider creative industries and their issues with copyright. This book explains the theoretical underpinnings and reports on the main empirical research on the creative industries, cultural policy, performing arts, heritage, artists' labour markets, copyright, broadcasting, film and music, festivals, cities of culture, creative clusters and economic impact. Key features include: * a unique survey of the main developments in the field * written in straightforward language including explanations of all technical terms * each chapter offers guidance for further reading for those who wish to pursue the subject beyond an introductory level * accessible to anyone with an interest in what drives the creative economy and how the arts are financed. Composed in a succinct and engaging style, this commanding introduction will prove an essential resource for students of business economics and industrial organisation, particularly those with an interest in culture, the arts and the media.

Practicing Critical Oral History - Connecting School and Community (Paperback): Christine K. Lemley Practicing Critical Oral History - Connecting School and Community (Paperback)
Christine K. Lemley
R603 Discovery Miles 6 030 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Practicing Critical Oral History: Connecting School and Community provides ways and words for educators to use critical oral history in their classroom and communities in order to put their students and the voices of people from marginalized communities at the center of their curriculum to enact change. Clearly and concisely written, this book offers a thought-provoking overview of how to use stories from those who have been underrepresented by dominant systems to identify a critical topic, engage with critical processes, and enact critical transformative-justice outcomes. Critical oral history both writes and rights history, so that participants-both interviewers and narrators-in critical oral history projects aim to contextualize stories and make the voices and perspectives of those who have been historically marginalized heard and listened to. Supplemented throughout with sample activities, lesson-plan outlines, tables, and illustrative figures, Practicing Critical Oral History: Connecting School and Community is an essential resource for all those interested in integrating the techniques of critical oral history into an educational setting.

The Material Gene - Gender, Race, and Heredity after the Human Genome Project (Paperback): Kelly E. Happe The Material Gene - Gender, Race, and Heredity after the Human Genome Project (Paperback)
Kelly E. Happe
R506 R437 Discovery Miles 4 370 Save R69 (14%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Winner of the 2014 Diamond Anniversary Book Award Finalist for the 2014 National Communications Association Critical and Cultural Studies Division Book of the Year Award In 2000, the National Human Genome Research Institute announced the completion of a "draft" of the human genome, the sequence information of nearly all 3 billion base pairs of DNA. Since then, interest in the hereditary basis of disease has increased considerably. In The Material Gene, Kelly E. Happe considers the broad implications of this development by treating "heredity" as both a scientific and political concept. Beginning with the argument that eugenics was an ideological project that recast the problems of industrialization as pathologies of gender, race, and class, the book traces the legacy of this ideology in contemporary practices of genomics. Delving into the discrete and often obscure epistemologies and discursive practices of genomic scientists, Happe maps the ways in which the hereditarian body, one that is also normatively gendered and racialized, is the new site whereby economic injustice, environmental pollution, racism, and sexism are implicitly reinterpreted as pathologies of genes and by extension, the bodies they inhabit. Comparing genomic approaches to medicine and public health with discourses of epidemiology, social movements, and humanistic theories of the body and society, The Material Gene reworks our common assumption of what might count as effective, just, and socially transformative notions of health and disease.

Roger Sandall's Films and Contemporary Anthropology - Explorations in the Aesthetic, the Existential, and the Possible... Roger Sandall's Films and Contemporary Anthropology - Explorations in the Aesthetic, the Existential, and the Possible (Paperback)
Lorraine Mortimer
R774 R653 Discovery Miles 6 530 Save R121 (16%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

In Roger Sandall's Films and Contemporary Anthropology, Lorraine Mortimer argues that while social anthropology and documentary film share historic roots and goals, particularly on the continent of Australia, their trajectories have tended to remain separate. This book reunites film and anthropology through the works of Roger Sandall, a New Zealand-born filmmaker and Columbia University graduate, who was part of the vibrant avant-garde and social documentary film culture in New York in the 1960s. Mentored by Margaret Mead in anthropology and Cecile Starr in fine arts, Sandall was eventually hired as the one-man film unit at the newly formed Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies in 1965. In the 1970s, he became a lecturer in anthropology at the University of Sydney. Sandall won First Prize for Documentary at the Venice Film Festival in 1968, yet his films are scarcely known, even in Australia now. Mortimer demonstrates how Sandall's films continue to be relevant to contemporary discussions in the fields of anthropology and documentary studies. She ties exploration of the making and restriction of Sandall's aboriginal films and his nonrestricted films made in Mexico, Australia, and India to the radical history of anthropology and the resurgence today of an expanded, existential-phenomenological anthropology that encompasses the vital connections between humans, animals, things, and our environment.

On Trails - An Exploration (Paperback): Robert Moor On Trails - An Exploration (Paperback)
Robert Moor
R346 R223 Discovery Miles 2 230 Save R123 (36%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days
The Ends of the World (Paperback): Deborah Danowski The Ends of the World (Paperback)
Deborah Danowski; Translated by Rodrigo Guimaraes Nunes
R370 R305 Discovery Miles 3 050 Save R65 (18%) Shipped within 7 - 13 working days

The end of the world is a seemingly interminable topic D at least, of course, until it happens. Environmental catastrophe and planetary apocalypse are subjects of enduring fascination and, as ethnographic studies show, human cultures have approached them in very different ways. Indeed, in the face of the growing perception of the dire effects of global warming, some of these visions have been given a new lease on life. Information and analyses concerning the human causes and the catastrophic consequences of the planetary crisis have been accumulating at an ever-increasing rate, mobilising popular opinion as well as academic reflection. In this book, philosopher Deborah Danowski and anthropologist Eduardo Viveiros de Castro offer a bold overview and interpretation of these current discourses on the end of the world , reading them as thought experiments on the decline of the West s anthropological adventure D that is, as attempts, though not necessarily intentional ones, at inventing a mythology that is adequate to the present. This work has important implications for the future development of ecological practices and it will appeal to a broad audience interested in contemporary anthropology, philosophy, and environmentalism.

Stone Men - The Palestinians Who Built Israel (Hardcover): Andrew Ross Stone Men - The Palestinians Who Built Israel (Hardcover)
Andrew Ross 1
R405 R328 Discovery Miles 3 280 Save R77 (19%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The Story of Palestine's Stonemasons and the Building of Israel "They demolish our houses while we build theirs." This is how a Palestinian stonemason, in line at a checkpoint outside a Jerusalem suburb, described his life to Andrew Ross. Palestinian "stone men," utilizing some of the best quality dolomitic limestone deposits in the world and drawing on generations of artisanal knowledge, have built almost every state in the Middle East except their own. Today the business of quarrying, cutting, fabrication, and dressing is Palestine's largest employer and generator of revenue, supplying the construction industry in Israel, along with other Middle East countries and even more overseas. Drawing on hundreds of interviews in Palestine and Israel, Ross's engrossing, surprising, and gracefully written story of this fascinating, ancient trade shows how the stones of Palestine, and Palestinian labor, have been used to build out the state of Israel--in the process, constructing "facts on the ground"--even while the industry is central to Palestinians' own efforts to erect bulwarks against the Occupation. For decades, the hands that built Israel's houses, schools, offices, bridges, and even its separation barriers have been Palestinian. Looking at the Palestine-Israel conflict in a new light, this book asks how this record of achievement and labor can be recognized.

Dynamo Island - The Cultural History and Geography of a Utopia (Paperback): David Scott Dynamo Island - The Cultural History and Geography of a Utopia (Paperback)
David Scott
R227 Discovery Miles 2 270 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Dynamo Island is an account of a contemporary ideal world set in an Ireland-sized island in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. It expresses the possibility of a modern society living in harmonious ecological balance with its environment. The ethos of the place is built around the notion of the human being as a dynamo managing and self-regulating energy in a way that draws on without harming the natural world. One of the island's main features is that there are no cars, only bicycles along with a comprehensive public tram and electric train network.

Visions of Isobel Gowdie - Magic, Witchcraft and Dark Shamanism in Seventeenth-Century Scotland (Paperback, New ed): Emma Wilby Visions of Isobel Gowdie - Magic, Witchcraft and Dark Shamanism in Seventeenth-Century Scotland (Paperback, New ed)
Emma Wilby 1
R885 R702 Discovery Miles 7 020 Save R183 (21%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The confessions of Isobel Gowdie are widely recognised as the most extraordinary on record in Britain. Their descriptive power and vivid imagery have attracted considerable interest on both academic and popular levels. Among historians, the confessions are celebrated for providing a unique insight into the way fairy beliefs and witch beliefs interacted in the early modern mind; more controversially, they are also cited as evidence for the existence of Shamanistic visionary traditions, of pre-Christian origin, in Scotland in this period. On a popular level the confessions of Isobel Gowdie have, above any other British witch-trial records, influenced the formation of the ritual traditions of Wicca. The author's discovery of the original trial records (currently being authenticated by the National Archives of Scotland), deemed lost for nearly 200 years, provides a starting point for an interdisciplinary look at the confessions and the woman behind them. Using historical, psychological, comparative religious and anthropological perspectives this book sets out to separate the voice of Isobel Gowdie from that of her interrogators, and to determine the experiences and beliefs which may have generated her confessions. The book explores: How far did those accused of witchcraft self-consciously practice harmful magic? Did they really believe themselves to have made a Pact with an envisioned Devil? Did they ever participate in ecstatic cult rituals? The author argues that close analysis of Isobel's testimony supports the view that in seventeenth-century Britain popular spirituality was shaped by a deep interaction between Christian teachings and shamanistic visionary traditions, of pre-Christian origin. These findings confirm the value of witchcraft confessions as unique windows into the complexities of the early modern religious imagination.

A World of Babies - Imagined Childcare Guides for Eight Societies (Hardcover, Updated edition): Alma Gottlieb, Judy Deloache A World of Babies - Imagined Childcare Guides for Eight Societies (Hardcover, Updated edition)
Alma Gottlieb, Judy Deloache
R1,488 R1,400 Discovery Miles 14 000 Save R88 (6%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Should babies sleep alone in cribs, or in bed with parents? Is talking to babies useful, or a waste of time? A World of Babies provides different answers to these and countless other childrearing questions, precisely because diverse communities around the world hold drastically different beliefs about parenting. While celebrating that diversity, the book also explores the challenges that poverty, globalization and violence pose for parents. Fully updated for the twenty-first century, this edition features a new introduction and eight new or revised case studies that directly address contemporary parenting challenges, from China and Peru to Israel and the West Bank. Written as imagined advice manuals to parents, the creative format of this book brings alive a rich body of knowledge that highlights many models of baby-rearing - each shaped by deeply held values and widely varying cultural contexts. Parenthood may never again seem a matter of 'common sense'.

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