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Israeli Women's Studies - A Reader (Paperback): Esther Fuchs Israeli Women's Studies - A Reader (Paperback)
Esther Fuchs
R907 Discovery Miles 9 070 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

"A valuable resource for scholars and students of Judaic, Israel, Middle Eastern, and women's studies. There is no single volume currently available that represents such a broad range of historical, political, religious, and cultural approaches to Israeli women. This book will fill that gap for years to come "-Judith R. Baskin, editor of Jewish Women in Historical Perspective "Esther Fuchs is a superb scholar who has created a must-read for academics and the general public alike. Broad public interest in Israel and the Middle East will certainly make this collection of essays on Israeli women a widely-read and important volume."-Susannah Heschel, Eli Black Associate Professor of Jewish Studies, Dartmouth College Israeli women do not enjoy the equality, status, and power often attributed to them by the media and popular culture. Despite significant achievements and progress, as a whole they continue to earn less than their male counterparts, are less visible and influential in the political arena, do not share equal responsibilities or privileges in the military, have unequal rights and freedoms in family life and law, and are less influential in shaping the nation's self image and cultural orientation. Bringing together classic essays by leading scholars of Israeli culture, this reader exposes the hidden causes of ongoing discrimination and links the restrictions that Israeli women experience to deeply entrenched structures, including colonial legacies, religious traditions, capitalism, nationalism, and ongoing political conflict. In contrast, the essays also explore how women act creatively to affect social change and shape public discourse in less ostensible ways. Providing balanced perspectives from the social sciences and the humanities, this comprehensive reader reflects both an emerging consensus and exciting diversity in the field. It is the definitive text for courses in Israeli women's studies. Esther Fuchs is a professor in the department of Near Eastern and Judaic studies at the University of Arizona and the author of Israeli Mythogynies: Women in Contemporary Hebrew Fiction.

Crash Course - If You Want to Get Away with Murder Buy a Car (Paperback): Woodrow Phoenix Crash Course - If You Want to Get Away with Murder Buy a Car (Paperback)
Woodrow Phoenix
R407 R333 Discovery Miles 3 330 Save R74 (18%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Race, Racism & Science: Social Impact and Interaction (Paperback): Nadine M. Weidman Race, Racism & Science: Social Impact and Interaction (Paperback)
Nadine M. Weidman; Edited by John P., Jr. Jackson
R1,122 Discovery Miles 11 220 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Since the eighteenth century when natural historians created the idea of distinct racial categories, scientific findings on race have been a double-edged sword. For some antiracists, science holds the promise of one day providing indisputable evidence to help eradicate racism. On the other hand, science has been enlisted to promote racist beliefs ranging from a justification of slavery in the eighteenth century to the infamous twentieth-century book, The Bell Curve, whose authors argued that racial differences in intelligence resulted in lower test scores for African Americans. This well-organized, readable textbook takes the reader through a chronological account of how and why racial categories were created and how the study of "race" evolved in multiple academic disciplines, including genetics, psychology, sociology, and anthropology. In a bibliographic essay at the conclusion of each of the book's seven sections, the authors recommend primary texts that will further the reader's understanding of each topic. Heavily illustrated and enlivened with sidebar biographies, this text is ideal for classroom use. John P. Jackson, Jr., is an assistant professor in the department of communication at the University of Colorado, Boulder. He is the author of Social Scientists for Social Justice: Making the Case against Segregation and Science for Segregation: Race, Law, and the Case against Brown v. Board of Education. Nadine Weidman is a lecturer in history of science at the Harvard University Extension School and the author of Constructing Scientific Psychology: Karl Lashley's Mind-Brain Debates.

All the Way to the Tigers - A Memoir (Hardcover): Mary Morris All the Way to the Tigers - A Memoir (Hardcover)
Mary Morris
R625 R495 Discovery Miles 4 950 Save R130 (21%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Road Through Midnight - A Civil Rights Memorial (Hardcover): Jessica Ingram Road Through Midnight - A Civil Rights Memorial (Hardcover)
Jessica Ingram
R891 R712 Discovery Miles 7 120 Save R179 (20%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

At first glance, Jessica Ingram's landscape photographs could have been made nearly anywhere in the American South: a fenced-in backyard, a dirt road lined by overgrowth, a field grooved with muddy tire prints. These seemingly ordinary places, however, were the sites of pivotal events during the civil rights era, though often there is not a plaque with dates and names to mark their importance. Many of these places are where the bodies of African Americans-activists, mill workers, store owners, sharecroppers, children and teenagers-were murdered or found, victims of racist violence. These images are interspersed with oral histories from victims' families and investigative journalists, as well as pages from newspapers and FBI files and other ephemera. With Road Through Midnight, the result of nearly a decade of research and fieldwork, Ingram unlocks powerful and complex histories to reframe these commonplace landscapes as sites of both remembrance and resistance and transform the way we regard both what has happened and what's happening now-as the fight for civil rights goes on and memorialization has become the literal subject of contested cultural and societal ground.

This is Us - Black British Women and Girls (Paperback): Kafayat Okanlawon This is Us - Black British Women and Girls (Paperback)
Kafayat Okanlawon; Foreword by Marai Larasi
R279 R232 Discovery Miles 2 320 Save R47 (17%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This is Us is a collection of poetry and prose by Black British women and girls aged 4 to 86. With over 100 pieces, the book ties together the lives of women across generations to capture a lifetime of lived experience. Collected by Kafayat Okanlawon from strangers, acquaintances, friends and family, the stories here are more than words on paper; they are a representation of resistance, freedom and sisterhood.

The World's Fastest Man - The Extraordinary Life of Cyclist Major Taylor, America's First Black Sports Hero... The World's Fastest Man - The Extraordinary Life of Cyclist Major Taylor, America's First Black Sports Hero (Hardcover)
Michael Kranish
R542 R353 Discovery Miles 3 530 Save R189 (35%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In the tradition of The Boys in the Boat and Seabiscuit, a fascinating portrait of a groundbreaking but forgotten figure-the remarkable Major Taylor, the black man who broke racial barriers by becoming the world's fastest and most famous bicyclist at the height of the Jim Crow era. In the 1890s, the nation's promise of equality had failed spectacularly. While slavery had ended with the Civil War, the Jim Crow laws still separated blacks from whites, and the excesses of the Gilded Age created an elite upper class. Amidst this world arrived Major Taylor, a young black man who wanted to compete in the nation's most popular and mostly white man's sport, cycling. Birdie Munger, a white cyclist who once was the world's fastest man, declared that he could help turn the young black athlete into a champion. Twelve years before boxer Jack Johnson and fifty years before baseball player Jackie Robinson, Taylor faced racism at nearly every turn-especially by whites who feared he would disprove their stereotypes of blacks. In The World's Fastest Man, years in the writing, investigative journalist Michael Kranish reveals new information about Major Taylor based on a rare interview with his daughter and other never-before-uncovered details from Taylor's life. Kranish shows how Taylor indeed became a world champion, traveled the world, was the toast of Paris, and was one of the most chronicled black men of his day. From a moment in time just before the arrival of the automobile when bicycles were king, the populace was booming with immigrants, and enormous societal changes were about to take place, The World's Fastest Man shines a light on a dramatic moment in American history-the gateway to the twentieth century.

Aboriginal Secrets of Awakening - A Journey of Healing and Spirituality with a Remote Australian Tribe (Paperback): Robbie... Aboriginal Secrets of Awakening - A Journey of Healing and Spirituality with a Remote Australian Tribe (Paperback)
Robbie Holz, Christiann Howard
R391 R280 Discovery Miles 2 800 Save R111 (28%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Sharing her journey from bedridden patient to inspired healer, Robbie Holz recounts her recovery from hepatitis C, fibromyalgia and treatment-induced brain damage, as well as the blossoming of her own healing powers, through her work with her husband, the late healer, Gary Holz and her experiences with a remote tribe in the Outback of Australia. Robbie describes many of the miraculous healings she witnessed while working with Gary in his Aboriginal-inspired healing practice. She details the powers that Gary developed after his transformative time being healed by Aborigines, including telepathy, seeing the inner workings of his patients' bodies and channelling the healing energy of the universe. She discloses how Gary accessed the Dreamtime, the energy field that is the source of reality and reveals how her work with Gary led her to an invitation to participate in secret Aboriginal women's ceremonies in the harsh Outback desert, where her own healing powers blossomed. Through her story of healing and discovery, Robbie describes principles from the 60,000-year-old Aboriginal culture that can help create transformation in your life. She explains how she became aware of her team of spirit guides, who provide unwavering support and unconditional love through each of life's struggles. She shares the tenderness of her husband's final moments and how she worked past her grief to transform her relationship with him, enabling him to become an active, loving part of her spirit team and partner in her healing work.

The Receiving - Reclaiming Jewish Women's Wisdom (Paperback): Tirzah Firestone The Receiving - Reclaiming Jewish Women's Wisdom (Paperback)
Tirzah Firestone
R326 R305 Discovery Miles 3 050 Save R21 (6%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

A highly respected rabbi, therapist, and teacher restores women's spiritual lineage to Judaism and empowers women to reclaim their rightful connection to Jewish teachings, Kabbalah, and to their own spiritual wisdom.

The Hidden Life of Otto Frank (Paperback, Perennial ed.): Carol Ann Lee The Hidden Life of Otto Frank (Paperback, Perennial ed.)
Carol Ann Lee
R427 R399 Discovery Miles 3 990 Save R28 (7%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

In this definitive new biography, Carol Ann Lee provides the answer to one of the most heartbreaking questions of modern times: Who betrayed Anne Frank and her family to the Nazis? Probing this startling act of treachery, Lee brings to light never before documented information about Otto Frank and the individual who would claim responsibility -- revealing a terrifying relationship that lasted until the day Frank died. Based upon impeccable research into rare archives and filled with excerpts from the secret journal that Frank kept from the day of his liberation until his return to the Secret Annex in 1945, this landmark biography at last brings into focus the life of a little-understood man -- whose story illuminates some of the most harrowing and memorable events of the last century.

Opportunity Knocks - How Hard Work, Community, and Business Can Improve Lives and End Poverty (Hardcover): Tim Scott Opportunity Knocks - How Hard Work, Community, and Business Can Improve Lives and End Poverty (Hardcover)
Tim Scott
R658 R522 Discovery Miles 5 220 Save R136 (21%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Senator Tim Scott knows adversity. As the son of a single mother from North Charleston, South Carolina, he struggled to get through school and had his dreams of a college football career shattered by a car wreck. But thanks to his mother and a few mentors along the way, he learned that "failure isn't failure unless you quit." He also learned that it's hard work and perseverance, not a government handout, that will get you ahead in life. Today, Senator Scott is the only black Republican in the Senate, and he believes that investment and commerce are the best ways to rebuild our most impoverished communities. This is the idea behind his signature piece of legislation, the "opportunity zones" program, which President Trump has strongly endorsed. The program provides tax incentives for businesses that invest in low-income urban areas, seeking to replace things like welfare and government assistance. In Opportunity Knocks, Senator Scott will tell his life story with a focus on adversity and opportunity. He will teach readers about the principles of hard work and hope while addressing the dangers of veering too far toward socialist policies. The book will also not shy away from discussions of racism and racial inequality in the United States, and will recount some of Senator Scott's own brushes with racism as well as the many discussions he's had with people who want to help, including President Trump.

Boko Haram - The History of an African Jihadist Movement (Hardcover): Alexander Thurston Boko Haram - The History of an African Jihadist Movement (Hardcover)
Alexander Thurston
R772 R561 Discovery Miles 5 610 Save R211 (27%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

A comprehensive history of one of the world's deadliest jihadist groups Boko Haram is one of the world's deadliest jihadist groups. It has killed more than twenty thousand people and displaced more than two million in a campaign of terror that began in Nigeria but has since spread to Chad, Niger, and Cameroon as well. This is the first book to tell the full story of this West African affiliate of the Islamic State, from its beginnings in the early 2000s to its most infamous violence, including the 2014 kidnapping of 276 Nigerian schoolgirls. Drawing on sources in Arabic and Hausa, rare documents, propaganda videos, press reports, and interviews with experts in Nigeria, Cameroon, and Niger, Alexander Thurston sheds new light on Boko Haram's development. He shows that the group, far from being a simple or static terrorist organization, has evolved in its worldview and ideology in reaction to events. Chief among these has been Boko Haram's escalating war with the Nigerian state and civilian vigilantes. The book closely examines both the behavior and beliefs that are the keys to understanding Boko Haram. Putting the group's violence in the context of the complex religious and political environment of Nigeria and the Lake Chad region, the book examines how Boko Haram relates to states, politicians, Salafis, Sufis, Muslim civilians, and Christians. It also probes Boko Haram's international connections, including its loose former ties to al-Qaida and its 2015 pledge of allegiance to ISIS. An in-depth account of a group that is menacing Africa's most populous and richest country, the book also illuminates the dynamics of civil war in Africa and jihadist movements in other parts of the world.

Chief Daniel Bread and the Oneida Nation of Indians of Wisconsin (Hardcover): Laurence M. Hauptman, L.Gordon McLester Chief Daniel Bread and the Oneida Nation of Indians of Wisconsin (Hardcover)
Laurence M. Hauptman, L.Gordon McLester
R863 Discovery Miles 8 630 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Chief Daniel Bread (1800-1873) played a key role in establishing the Oneida Indians' presence in Wisconsin after their removal from New York, yet no monument commemorates his deeds as the community's founder. Laurence M. Hauptman and L. Gordon McLester, III, redress that historical oversight, connecting Bread's life story with the nineteenth-century history of the Oneida Nation.

Bread was often criticized for his support of acculturation and missionary schools as well as for his working relationship with Indian agents; however, when the Federal-Menominee treaties slashed Oneida lands, he fought back, taking his people's cause to Washington and confronting President Andrew Jackson. The authors challenge the long-held views about Eleazer Williams's leadership of the Oneidas and persuasively show that Bread's was the voice vigorously defending tribal interests.

Kaleidoscopic Ethnicity - International Migration and the Reconstruction of Community Identities in India (Hardcover): Prema... Kaleidoscopic Ethnicity - International Migration and the Reconstruction of Community Identities in India (Hardcover)
Prema Kurien
R1,650 Discovery Miles 16 500 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Based on ethnographic research in three communities (Ezhava Hindu, Mappila Muslim, and Syrian Christian) in Kerala, India, which sent large numbers of workers to the Middle East for temporary jobs, Kaleidoscopic Ethnicity explores the factors responsible for the striking differences in the groups' patterns of migration and migration-induced social change. Most broadly, Prema Kurien seeks to understand what ethnicity is and how it affects people's activities and decisions. She argues that, in each case, a community-specific nexus of religion, gender, and status shaped migration, and was, in turn, transformed by it.

The religious background of the three groups determined their social location within colonial and postcolonial Kerala. This social location in turn affected their occupational profiles, family structures, and social networks, as well as their conceptions of gender and honor, and thus was fundamental in shaping migration patterns. The rapid enrichment brought about by international migration resulted in a reinterpretation of religious identity and practice which was manifested by changes in patterns of gendered behavior and status in each of the three communities.

What makes this book unique is its focus on the sociocultural patterns of short-term international migration and its comparative ethnographic approach.

Six Weeks in the Sioux Tepees - A Narrative of Indian Captivity (Paperback, Annotated edition): Sarah F. Wakefield Six Weeks in the Sioux Tepees - A Narrative of Indian Captivity (Paperback, Annotated edition)
Sarah F. Wakefield; Edited by June Namias
R462 R374 Discovery Miles 3 740 Save R88 (19%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The Dakota War (1862) was a searing event in Minnesota history as well as a signal event in the lives of Dakota people. Sarah F. Wakefield was caught up in this revolt. A young doctor's wife and the mother of two small children, Wakefield published her unusual account of the war and her captivity shortly after the hanging of thirty-eight Dakotas accused of participation in the ""Sioux uprising."" Among those hanged were Chaska (We-Chank-Wash-ta-don-pee), a Mdewakanton Dakota who had protected her and her children during the upheaval. In a distinctive and compelling voice, Wakefield blames the government for the war and then relates her and her family's ordeal, as well as Chaska's and his family's help and ultimate sacrifice.This is the first fully annotated modern edition of Six Weeks in the Sioux Tepees. June Namias's extensive introduction and notes describe the historical and ethnographic background of Dakota-white relations in Minnesota and place Wakefield's narrative in the context of other captivity narratives.

Savannah, Georgia (Paperback, 1st ed): Charles Elmore Savannah, Georgia (Paperback, 1st ed)
Charles Elmore
R508 R408 Discovery Miles 4 080 Save R100 (20%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Pioneering African-American families, spanning generations from slavery to freedom, enrich Savannah's collective history. Men and women such as Andrew Bryan, founder of the nation's oldest continuous black Baptist church; the Rev. Ralph Mark Gilbert, who revitalized the NAACP in Savannah; and Rebecca Stiles Taylor, founder of the Federation of Colored Women Club, are among those lauded in this retrospective. Savannah's black residents have made immeasurable contributions to the city and are duly celebrated and remembered in this volume.

Silver Horn - Master Illustrator of the Kiowas (Hardcover): Candace S. Greene Silver Horn - Master Illustrator of the Kiowas (Hardcover)
Candace S. Greene
R842 Discovery Miles 8 420 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Plains Indians were artists as well as warriors, and Silver Horn (1860-1940), a Kiowa artist from the early reservation period, may well have been the most prolific Plains Indian artist of all time.

Known also as Haungooah, his Kiowa name, Silver Horn was a man of remarkable skill and talent. Working in graphite, colored pencil, crayon, pen and ink, and watercolor on hide, muslin, and paper, he produced more than one thousand illustrations between 1870 and 1920. Silver Horn created an unparalleled visual record of Kiowa culture, from traditional images of warfare and coup counting to sensitive depictions of the sun dance, early Peyote religion, and domestic daily life. At the turn of the century, he helped translate nearly the entire corpus of Kiowa shield designs into miniaturized forms on buckskin models for Smithsonian ethnologist James Mooney.

Born in 1860 when huge bison herds still roamed the southern plains, Silver Horn grew up in southwestern Oklahoma. Son of a chief and member of an artistically gifted family, he witnessed traumatic changes as his people went from a free-roaming, buffalo-hunting culture to reservation life and, ultimately, to forced assimilation into white society. Although perceived as a troublemaker in midlife because of his staunch resistance to the forces of civilization, Silver Horn became to many a romantic example of the "real old-time Indian."

In this presentation of Silver Horn's work, showcasing 43 color and 116 black-and-white illustrations, Candace S. Greene provides a thorough biographical portrait of the artist and, through his work, assesses the concepts and roles of artists in Kiowa culture.

Just Is in the Art of Samuel Bak (Hardcover): Gary A. Phillips Just Is in the Art of Samuel Bak (Hardcover)
Gary A. Phillips
R1,181 R910 Discovery Miles 9 100 Save R271 (23%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

In this series of paintings and drawings, Lady Just Is appears in varying conditions, poses, and garbs juxtaposed with familiar biblical and secular symbols of covenant in states of ruination: faded and cobbled rainbows, disintegrating Mosaic tablets of law, unblinking and stony eyes, sagging and unkempt blindfolds, defunct and imbalanced scales. Presiding over a landscape of devastation, these images are a graphic reminder of the precariousness of justice, and how justice loses its agency when it turns a blind eye to, or even becomes actively complicit in, the worst injustices. But they are also a hopeful contravention against the emotional and physical wreckage, a reminder that the restoration of the world, tikkun olam, is possible through the gathering and reassembly of the shards. Lady Just Is, shown to us through the hand of the artist, seeks to engage the viewer in a new moral law that stands squarely amid, not above or removed from, the destruction.

Sisters in Spirit - Iroquois Influences on Early Feminists (Paperback): Sally Roesch Wagner Sisters in Spirit - Iroquois Influences on Early Feminists (Paperback)
Sally Roesch Wagner
R301 R243 Discovery Miles 2 430 Save R58 (19%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The early American suffragettes and radical feminists of the late nineteenth century drew inspiration for their movement from Iroquois women. These women had always possessed rights beyond the wildest imagination of their European sisters: control of their own bodies, custody of the children they bore, the power to initiate divorce, choice in the type of work they did, and the enjoyment of a home life free of violence. Sally Roesch Wagner recounts the compelling history of women's struggle for freedom and equality in this country and documents the Iroquois influence on this broad social movement. The revolutionary changes unleashed by the Iroquois/feminist relationship continue to shape our lives.

Bold Words - A Century of Asian American Writing (Paperback): Rajini Srikanth Bold Words - A Century of Asian American Writing (Paperback)
Rajini Srikanth
R1,006 Discovery Miles 10 060 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

A century of Asian American writing has generated a forceful cascade of "bold words." This anthology covers writings by Asian Americans in all genres, from the early twentieth century to the present. Some sixty authors of Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, South Asian, and Southeast Asian American origin are represented, with an equal split between male and female writers. The collection is divided into four sections-memoir, fiction, poetry, and drama-prefaced by an introductory essay from a well-known practitioner of that genre: Meena Alexander on memoir, Gary Pak on fiction, Eileen Tabios on poetry, and Roberta Uno on drama. The selections depict the complex realities and wide range of experiences of Asians in the United States. They illuminate the writers' creative responses to issues as diverse as resistance, aesthetics, biculturalism, sexuality, gender relations, racism, war, diaspora, and family. Rajini Srikanth teaches at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. She is the coeditor of the award-winning anthology Contours of the Heart: South Asians Map North America and the collection A Part, Yet Apart: South Asians in Asian America. Esther Y. Iwanaga teaches Asian American literature and literature-based writing courses at Wellesley College and the University of Massachusetts, Boston.

Army Regulars on the Western Frontier (Hardcover): Durwood Ball Army Regulars on the Western Frontier (Hardcover)
Durwood Ball
R678 Discovery Miles 6 780 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Deployed to posts from the Missouri River to the Pacific in 1848, the United States Army undertook an old mission on frontiers new to the United States: occupying the western territories; suppressing American Indian resistance; keeping the peace among feuding Indians, Hispanics, and Anglos; and consolidating United States sovereignty in the region.

Resurrection Song - African American Spirituality (Paperback): Flora Wilson Bridges Resurrection Song - African American Spirituality (Paperback)
Flora Wilson Bridges
R557 R445 Discovery Miles 4 450 Save R112 (20%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The roots of African American spirituality arise from the African origins of the enslaved who were brought to the West in chains. Flora Wilson Bridges explores these "African retentions" from their manifestations in Africa, through their presence in the slave communities of the American South and in Black churches today. The unique spirituality that arose from these retentions influenced many prominent black leaders including Howard Thurman, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X. In a fascinating chapter, Bridges also shows how these African roots inform Black film, literature, and art.

Jewish Politics in Eastern Europe - The Bund at 100 (Hardcover): Jack Jacobs Jewish Politics in Eastern Europe - The Bund at 100 (Hardcover)
Jack Jacobs
R2,422 Discovery Miles 24 220 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

"This book is basic for any attempt to understand interwar Polish Jewry as well as the holocaust period and offers many new points of view."
--"Religious Studies Review"

The Bund was the first modern Jewish political party in Eastern Europe and, arguably, the strongest Jewish party in Poland on the eve of the Second World War. Though 100 years have passed since its inception, the Bund and its legacy continue to be of abiding interest.

Founded illegally and operated under the most adverse conditions, the Bund grew dramatically in the years immediately after its 1897 creation in Czarist Russia. It helped to organize the Russian Social Democratic Workers Party, it organized armed self-defense groups to fight against pogroms, and it played a significant role in the Russian Revolution of 1905. The Bundist became for many the symbol of the new Jew--enlightened, willing to fight for Jewish rights and needs, and unwilling to accept the status quo of Jewish communities dominated by the orthodox and the wealthy, and of a Russia oppressed by the Czar. Later, Bundist members were among those who contributed substantially to armed resistance in Nazi occupied Poland.

"Jewish Politics in Eastern Europe" makes use of previously unexamined source materials to offer a range of new perspectives on the significance of the Bund and its ideas. Its fresh and insightful approaches will be of interest to all those concerned with Eastern European Jewry, Russian, Polish, and Ukranian history, and the history of socialist and labor movements.

Health Disparities in the United States - Social Class, Race, Ethnicity, and Health (Paperback, second edition): Donald A. Barr Health Disparities in the United States - Social Class, Race, Ethnicity, and Health (Paperback, second edition)
Donald A. Barr
R1,109 R950 Discovery Miles 9 500 Save R159 (14%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Outstanding Academic Title, Choice magazine The health care system in the United States has been called the best in the world. Yet wide health disparities persist between different social groups, and many Americans suffer from poorer health than people in other developed countries. Donald A. Barr's Health Disparities in the United States explores how socioeconomic status, race, and ethnicity interact with socioeconomic inequality to create and perpetuate these health disparities. Examining the significance of this gulf for the medical community, cultural subsets, and society at large, Barr offers potential policy- and physician-based solutions for reducing health inequity in the long term. This popular course book, which has been fully updated, now incorporates significant new material, including a chapter on the profound effects of inequality on child development, behavioral choices, and adult health status. An essential text for courses in public health, health policy, and sociology, the second edition analyzes the complex web of social forces that influence health outcomes in the United States. This book is a vital teaching tool and a comprehensive reference for social science and medical professionals.

Blacks of the Land - Indian Slavery, Settler Society, and the Portuguese Colonial Enterprise in South America (Paperback):... Blacks of the Land - Indian Slavery, Settler Society, and the Portuguese Colonial Enterprise in South America (Paperback)
James Woodard, Barbara Weinstein; John M. Monteiro
R773 R610 Discovery Miles 6 100 Save R163 (21%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Originally published in Portuguese in 1994 as Negros da Terra, this field-defining work by the late historian John M. Monteiro has been translated into English by Professors Barbara Weinstein and James Woodard. Monteiro's work established ethnohistory as a field in colonial Brazilian studies and made indigenous history a vital part of how scholars understand Brazil's colonial past. Drawing on over two dozen collections on both sides of the Atlantic, Monteiro rescued Indians from invisibility, documenting their role as both objects and actors in Brazil's colonial past and, most importantly, providing the first history of Indian slavery in Brazil. Monteiro demonstrates how Indian enslavement, not exploration or the search for mineral wealth, was the driving force behind expansion out of Sao Paulo and through the South American backcountry. This book makes a groundbreaking contribution not only to Latin American history, but to the history of indigenous slavery in the Americas generally.

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