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Negro with a Hat - The Rise and Fall of Marcus Garvey (Paperback): Colin Grant Negro with a Hat - The Rise and Fall of Marcus Garvey (Paperback)
Colin Grant
R473 R412 Discovery Miles 4 120 Save R61 (13%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

New in paperback, this groundbreaking biography captures the full sweep and epic dimensions of Marcus Garvey's life, the dazzling triumphs and the dreary exile. As Grant shows, Garvey was a man of contradictions: a self-educated, poetry-writing aesthete and unabashed propagandist, an admirer of Lenin, and a dandy given to elaborate public displays. Above all, he was a shrewd promoter whose use of pageantry evoked a lost African civilization and fired the imagination of his followers. Negro With a Hat restores Garvey to his place as one of the founders of black nationalism and a key figure of the 20th century.
"A searching, vivid, and (as the title suggests) complex account of Garvey's short but consequential life."
--Steve Hahn, The New Republic
"The story of Marcus Garvey, the charismatic and tireless black leader who had a meteoric rise and fall in the late 1910s and early '20s, makes for enthralling reading, and Garvey has found an engaging and objective biographer in Colin Grant.... Grant's book is not all politics, ideology, money and lawsuits. It is also an engrossing social history.... Negro With a Hat is an achievement on a scale Garvey might have appreciated."
--New York Times Book Review
"Dazzling, definitive biography of the controversial activist who led the 1920s 'Back to Africa' movement.... Grant's learned passion for his subject shimmers on every page. A riveting and well-wrought volume that places Garvey solidly in the pantheon of important 20th-century black leaders."
--Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review)
"This splendid book is certain to become the definitive biography. Garvey was a dreamer and a doer; Grant captures the fascination of both."
--Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)
"Grant's strength lies in his ability to re-create political moods and offer compelling sketches of colorful individuals and their organizations.... An engaging and readable introduction to a complicated and contentious historical actor who, in his time, possessed a unique capacity to inspiredevotion and hatred, adulation and fear."
--Chicago Tribune
"A monumental, nuanced and broadly sympathetic portrait."
--Financial Times

Pauli Murray - A Personal and Political Life (Hardcover): Troy R. Saxby Pauli Murray - A Personal and Political Life (Hardcover)
Troy R. Saxby
R861 Discovery Miles 8 610 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The Rev. Dr. Anna Pauline "Pauli" Murray (1910-1985) was a trailblazing social activist, writer, lawyer, civil rights organizer, and campaigner for gender rights. In the 1930s and 1940s, she was active in radical left-wing political groups and helped innovate nonviolent protest strategies against segregation that would become iconic in later decades, and in the 1960s, she cofounded the National Organization for Women (NOW). In addition, Murray became the first African American to receive a Yale law doctorate and the first black woman to be ordained an Episcopal priest. Yet, behind her great public successes, Murray battled many personal demons, including bouts of poor physical and mental health, conflicts over her gender and sexual identities, family traumas, and financial difficulties. In this intimate biography, Troy Saxby provides the most comprehensive account of Murray's inner life to date, revealing her struggles in poignant detail and deepening our understanding and admiration of her numerous achievements in the face of pronounced racism, homophobia, transphobia, and political persecution. Saxby interweaves the personal and the political, showing how the two are always entwined, to tell the life story of one of twentieth-century America's most fascinating and inspirational figures.

Down Home - Jewish Life in North Carolina (Hardcover, New edition): Leonard Rogoff Down Home - Jewish Life in North Carolina (Hardcover, New edition)
Leonard Rogoff
R955 R790 Discovery Miles 7 900 Save R165 (17%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

This book tells North Carolina's 400-year-old Jewish story. A sweeping chronicle of Jewish life in the Tar Heel State from colonial times to the present, this beautifully illustrated volume incorporates oral histories, original historical documents, and profiles of fascinating individuals. The first comprehensive social history of its kind, ""Down Home"" demonstrates that the story of North Carolina Jews is attuned to the national story of immigrant acculturation but has a southern twist. Keeping in mind the larger southern, American, and Jewish contexts, Leonard Rogoff considers how the North Carolina Jewish experience differs from that of Jews in other southern states. He explores how Jews very often settled in North Carolina's small towns, rather than in its large cities, and he documents the reach and vitality of Jewish North Carolinians' participation in building the New South and the Sunbelt. Many North Carolina Jews were among those at the forefront of a changing South, Rogoff argues, and their experiences challenge stereotypes of a society that was agrarian and Protestant. More than 125 historic and contemporary photographs complement Rogoff's engaging epic, providing a visual panorama of Jewish social, cultural, economic, and religious life in North Carolina. This volume is a treasure to share and to keep. Published in association with the Jewish Heritage Foundation of North Carolina, ""Down Home"" is part of a larger documentary project of the same name that will include a film and a traveling museum exhibition, to be launched in June 2010.

Khomeini's Ghost - The Iranian Revolution and the Rise of Militant Islam (Paperback): Con Coughlin Khomeini's Ghost - The Iranian Revolution and the Rise of Militant Islam (Paperback)
Con Coughlin
R377 R358 Discovery Miles 3 580 Save R19 (5%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

From the bestselling author of Saddam comes the definitive biography of Ayatollah Khomeini's Islamic revolution and how his fundamentalist legacy has forever influenced the course of Iran's relationship with the West.

In February 1979, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini returned to Tehran after nearly fifteen years in exile and received a hero's welcome. Just as the new world order sought to purge the communist ideologies of the Cold War, the religious doctrine of Islamic fundamentalism emerged to pose an even greater threat to post-Iron Curtain stability--and Khomeini would mastermind it into a revolution.

Khomeini's Ghost is the account of how an impoverished young student from a remote area of southern Iran became the leader of one of the most dramatic upheavals of the modern age, and how his radical Islamic philosophy now lies at the heart of the modern-day conflict between Iran and the West. Con Coughlin draws on a wide variety of Iranian sources, including religious figures who knew and worked with Khomeini both in exile and in power.

Both compelling and timely, Khomeini's Ghost is essential reading for anyone wishing to understand what lies at the center of many of the world's most intractable conflicts.

Imagination without Borders - Feminist Artist Tomiyama Taeko and Social Responsibility (Paperback): Laura Hein, Rebecca Jennison Imagination without Borders - Feminist Artist Tomiyama Taeko and Social Responsibility (Paperback)
Laura Hein, Rebecca Jennison
R621 Discovery Miles 6 210 Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Mexicans in San Jose (Paperback): Nannette Regua, Arturo Villarreal Mexicans in San Jose (Paperback)
Nannette Regua, Arturo Villarreal; Foreword by Stephen Pitti
R470 R388 Discovery Miles 3 880 Save R82 (17%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Since the founding of California's El Pueblo de San JosAA(c) de Guadalupe in 1777, people of Mexican ancestry have contributed to make San JosAA(c) a rich cultural, political, and economic epicenter. Mexican miners who worked in the local mines helped San JosAA(c) become one of the top mercury producers in the world. In the 20th century, Mexicans labored in the "Valley of Heart's Delight," as the Santa Clara Valley region was called, picking, canning, drying, and packaging fruits and vegetables for America's dinner table. They paid homage to their cultural heritage as they formed ballet folklAA3rico groups, established mariachi bands, painted murals, and wrote literature. Through grassroots organizing and collective action, countless heroines and heroes, such as labor leader Cesar Chavez, dedicated their lives to improving conditions in their neighborhoods and communities. In 1999, the City of San JosAA(c) acknowledged the contributions of Mexicans with the grand opening of the Mexican Heritage Plaza, a cultural center for the performing arts.

Culture Warlords - My Journey Into the Dark Web of White Supremacy (Hardcover): Talia Lavin Culture Warlords - My Journey Into the Dark Web of White Supremacy (Hardcover)
Talia Lavin
R599 R490 Discovery Miles 4 900 Save R109 (18%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Racing Romance - Love, Power, and Desire Among Asian American/White Couples (Hardcover, New): Kumiko Nemoto Racing Romance - Love, Power, and Desire Among Asian American/White Couples (Hardcover, New)
Kumiko Nemoto
R2,708 Discovery Miles 27 080 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Despite being far from the norm, interracial relationships are more popular than ever. ""Racing Romance"" sheds special light on the bonds between whites and Asian Americans, an important topic that has not garnered well-deserved attention until now. Incorporating life-history narratives and interviews with those currently or previously involved with an interracial partner, Kumiko Nemoto addresses the contradictions and tensions - a result of race, class, and gender - that Asian Americans and whites experience. Similar to black/white relationships, stereotypes have long played crucial roles in Asian American/white encounters. Partners grapple with media representations of Asian women as submissive or hypersexual and Asian men are often portrayed as weak laborers or powerful martial artists. ""Racing Romance"" reveals how allegedly progressive interracial relationships remain firmly shaped by the logic of patriarchy and gender inherent to the ideal of marriage, family, and nation in America, even as this ideal is juxtaposed with discourses of multiculturalism and color blindness.

Clues to Lower Mississippi Valley Histories - Language, Archaeology, and Ethnography (Paperback): David V. Kaufman Clues to Lower Mississippi Valley Histories - Language, Archaeology, and Ethnography (Paperback)
David V. Kaufman
R616 Discovery Miles 6 160 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

2019 Choice Outstanding Academic Title In Clues to Lower Mississippi Valley Histories David V. Kaufman offers a stunning relational analysis of social, cultural, and linguistic change in the Lower Mississippi Valley from 500 to 1700. He charts how linguistic evidence aids the understanding of earlier cultural and social patterns, traces the diaspora of indigenous peoples, and uncovers instances of human migration. Historical linguistics establishes evidence of contact between indigenous peoples in the linguistic record where other disciplinary approaches have obscured these connections. The Mississippi Valley is the heartland of early North American civilizations, a rich and diversified center of transportation for every part of eastern North America and to Mesoamerica. The Lower Mississippi Valley region emerged as the home of the earliest mound-building societies in the Americas and was home to some of the most impressive kingdoms encountered by Spanish and French explorers. The languages of the region provide the key to the realities experienced by these indigenous peoples, their histories, and their relationships. Clues to Lower Mississippi Valley Histories focuses on relationships that constitute what linguists call a sprachbund (language union), or language area. Kaufman illuminates and articulates these linguistic relationships through a skillful examination of archaeological and ethnohistorical data. Clues to Lower Mississippi Valley Histories examines the relationship between linguistics and archaeology to elucidate the early history of the Lower Mississippi Valley.

Asian America - Forming New Communities, Expanding Boundaries (Hardcover): Huping Ling Asian America - Forming New Communities, Expanding Boundaries (Hardcover)
Huping Ling; Contributions by Haiming Liu, Huping Ling, Min Zhou, Ling Arenson, …
R2,728 Discovery Miles 27 280 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The last half century witnessed a dramatic change in the geographic, ethnographic, and socioeconomic structure of Asian American communities. While traditional enclaves were strengthened by waves of recent immigrants, native-born Asian Americans also created new urban and suburban areas.

Asian America is the first comprehensive look at post-1960s Asian American communities in the United States and Canada. From Chinese Americans in Chicagoland to Vietnamese Americans in Orange County, this multi-disciplinary collection spans a wide comparative and panoramic scope. Contributors from an array of academic fields focus on global views of Asian American communities as well as on territorial and cultural boundaries.

Presenting groundbreaking perspectives, Asian America revises worn assumptions and examines current challenges Asian American communities face in the twenty-first century.

Veiled Sentiments - Honor and Poetry in a Bedouin Society (Paperback, -30th Anniversary Ed.): Lila Abu-Lughod Veiled Sentiments - Honor and Poetry in a Bedouin Society (Paperback, -30th Anniversary Ed.)
Lila Abu-Lughod
R844 Discovery Miles 8 440 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

First published in 1986, Lila Abu-Lughod's Veiled Sentiments has become a classic ethnography in the field of anthropology. During the late 1970s and early 1980s, Abu-Lughod lived with a community of Bedouins in the Western Desert of Egypt for nearly two years, studying gender relations, morality, and the oral lyric poetry through which women and young men express personal feelings. The poems are haunting, the evocation of emotional life vivid. But Abu-Lughod's analysis also reveals how deeply implicated poetry and sentiment are in the play of power and the maintenance of social hierarchy. What begins as a puzzle about a single poetic genre becomes a reflection on the politics of sentiment and the complexity of culture. This thirtieth anniversary edition includes a new afterword that reflects on developments both in anthropology and in the lives of this community of Awlad 'Ali Bedouins, who find themselves increasingly enmeshed in national political and social formations. The afterword ends with a personal meditation on the meaning-for all involved-of the radical experience of anthropological fieldwork and the responsibilities it entails for ethnographers.

Developing Zapatista Autonomy - Conflict and NGO Involvement in Rebel Chiapas (Paperback, New): Niels Barmeyer Developing Zapatista Autonomy - Conflict and NGO Involvement in Rebel Chiapas (Paperback, New)
Niels Barmeyer
R787 Discovery Miles 7 870 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Since the 1994 Zapatista uprising in the southernmost Mexican state of Chiapas, the indigenous population has seen a lot of changes. These have been particularly salient with regard to nongovernmental (NGO) development projects that have provided marginalized communities with social and economic infrastructure that operate independently from the Mexican state. NGOs and solidarity groups continue to play an increasingly important role in helping these communities strengthen their autonomy in the regions controlled by the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN).
Niels Barmeyer devoted time in Chiapas in the mid-1990s as a human rights activist and later as an NGO volunteer and PhD researcher. Based on these experiences, he provides an in-depth analysis of the advances and limitations of the Zapatista autonomy project over the past fourteen years. Barmeyer's study includes personal histories of indigenous people and international activists from four rebel communities who are involved in NGO development projects. Their stories of clandestine organization, land occupation, raising money and support, and internal disagreements offer a range of perspectives.

Peyote vs. the State - Religious Freedom on Trial (Paperback): Garrett Epps Peyote vs. the State - Religious Freedom on Trial (Paperback)
Garrett Epps
R593 Discovery Miles 5 930 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

"The story of the constitutional showdown over Native Americans' religious use of peyote"

With the grace of a novel, this book chronicles the six-year duel between two remarkable men with different visions of religious freedom in America.

Neither sought the conflict. Al Smith, a substance-abuse counselor to Native Americans, wanted only to earn a living. Dave Frohnmayer, the attorney general of Oregon, was planning his gubernatorial campaign and seeking care for his desperately ill daughters. But before this constitutional confrontation was over, Frohnmayer and Smith twice asked the U.S. Supreme Court to decide whether the First Amendment protects the right of American Indians to seek and worship God through the use of peyote. The Court finally said no.

Garrett Epps tracks the landmark case from the humblest hearing room to the Supreme Court chamber--and beyond. This paperback edition includes a new epilogue by the author that explores a retreat from the ruling since it was handed down in 1990. Weaving fascinating legal narrative with personal drama, "Peyote vs. the State" offers a riveting look at how justice works--and sometimes doesn't--in America today.

Art from Fort Marion - The Silberman Collection (Paperback): Joyce M. Szabo Art from Fort Marion - The Silberman Collection (Paperback)
Joyce M. Szabo; Foreword by Steven L Grafe
R839 Discovery Miles 8 390 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Striking color images depict traditional lifeways and the pain of imprisonmentDuring the 1870s, Cheyenne and Kiowa prisoners of war at Fort Marion, Florida, graphically recorded their responses to incarceration in drawings that conveyed both the present reality of imprisonment and nostalgic memories of home. Now a leading authority on American Indian drawings and paintings examines an important collection of these drawings to reveal how art blossomed at Fort Marion. The Silberman Collection is an unusually complete group of images that illustrate the artists' fascination with the world outside the southern plains, their living conditions and survival strategies as prisoners, and their reminiscences of pre-reservation life. Joyce M. Szabo explains the significance of this preeminent collection, which focuses on seven of the prisoner-artists - most notably Zotom and Making Medicine. Through a selection of 120 striking color images, Szabo shows how each artist creatively recorded his experiences. Szabo compares the artists' various styles, examines repeated themes to show how each artist approached the same subjects, and considers the distinctiveness of these drawings as representing the emergent culture of Fort Marion. She also surveys how Fort Marion art has been collected since the late 1870s and describes Arthur and Shifra Silberman's approaches to collecting. Although other books have considered the Fort Marion artists, this is the first to examine their works in such analytical and comparative detail. Art from Fort Marion: The Silberman Collection captures a unique visual form of Native expression.

African American Visual Arts - From Slavery to the Present (Paperback, New edition): Celeste-Marie Bernier African American Visual Arts - From Slavery to the Present (Paperback, New edition)
Celeste-Marie Bernier
R918 Discovery Miles 9 180 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

In "African American Visual Arts" Celeste-Marie Bernier introduces readers to the sheer diversity, range, and experimental nature of African American art and artists and considers their relationship to key motifs within black culture and black experience in North America. The book traces the major developments in African American visual culture from its beginnings in the ceramics and textiles of slave artisans to later contributions in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries to the fine arts and abstract expressionism, sculpture, installation art, video art, and computer graphics.

Bernier analyzes the work of twenty-one artists, including Elizabeth Catlett, Jacob Lawrence, William Edmondson, Howardena Pindell, Charles Alston, Romare Bearden, Norman Lewis, Betye Saar, Horace Pippin, and Kara Walker. She highlights key but frequently neglected and little-discussed black artists, situating their works within their specific historical and political contexts. Bernier provides a new understanding of their relationship to fundamental themes of the black experience such as black stereotyping and caricature in mainstream discourse, poverty in the inner city, and the division between the rural and the urban.

Coming Down From Above - Prophecy, Resistance, and Renewal in Native American Religions (Hardcover): Lee Irwin Coming Down From Above - Prophecy, Resistance, and Renewal in Native American Religions (Hardcover)
Lee Irwin
R1,933 Discovery Miles 19 330 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

For longer than five centuries, Native Americans have struggled to adapt to colonialism, missionization, and government control policies. This first comprehensive survey of prophetic movements in Native North America tells how religious leaders blended indigenous beliefs with Christianity's prophetic traditions to respond to those challenges.

Lee Irwin gathers a scattered literature to provide a single-volume overview that depicts American Indians' creative synthesis of their own religious beliefs and practices with a variety of Christian theological ideas and moral teachings. He traces continuities in the prophetic tradition from eighteenth-century Delaware prophets to Western dream dance visionaries, showing that Native American prophecy was not merely borrowed from Christianity but emerged from an interweaving of Christian and ancient North American teachings integral to Native religions.

From the highly assimilated ideas of the Puget Sound Shakers to such resistance movements as that of the Shawnee Prophet, Irwin tells how the integration of non-Native beliefs with prophetic teachings gave rise to diverse ethnotheologies with unique features. He surveys the beliefs and practices of the nation to which each prophet belonged, then describes his or her life and teachings, the codification of those teachings, and the impact they had on both the community and the history of Native religions. Key hard-to-find primary texts are included in an appendix.

An introduction to an important strand within the rich tapestry of Native religions, "Coming Down from Above" shows the remarkable responsiveness of those beliefs to historical events. It is an unprecedented, encyclopedic sourcebook for anyone interested in the roots of Native theology.

Plains Apache Ethnobotany (Hardcover): Julia A. Jordan Plains Apache Ethnobotany (Hardcover)
Julia A. Jordan; Foreword by Paul E Minnis, Wayne J Elisens
R916 Discovery Miles 9 160 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

"One tribe's traditional knowledge of plants, presented for the first time"

Residents of the Great Plains since the early 1500s, the Apache people were well acquainted with the native flora of the region. In "Plains Apache Ethnobotany," Julia A. Jordan documents more than 110 plant species valued by the Plains Apache and preserves a wealth of detail concerning traditional Apache collection, preparation, and use of these plant species for food, medicine, ritual, and material culture.

The traditional Apache economy centered on hunting, gathering, and trading with other tribes. Throughout their long history the Apache lived in or traveled to many different parts of the plains, gaining an intimate knowledge of a wide variety of plant resources. Part of this traditional knowledge, especially that pertaining to plants of Oklahoma, has been captured here by Jordan's fieldwork, conducted with elders of the Apache Tribe of Oklahoma in the mid-1960s, a time when much traditional knowledge was being lost.

"Plains Apache Ethnobotany" is the most comprehensive ethnobotanical study of a southern plains tribe. Handsomely illustrated, this book is a valuable resource for ethnobotanists, anthropologists, historians, and anyone interested in American Indian use of native plants.

The New Complete International Jewish Cookbook (Hardcover): Evelyn Rose The New Complete International Jewish Cookbook (Hardcover)
Evelyn Rose 1
R992 R727 Discovery Miles 7 270 Save R265 (27%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Completely revised and updated by Evelyn's daughter and with color photos added, this truly encyclopedic classic is still the culinary bible of Jewish cuisine Packed with mouthwatering ideas for both family meals and those special occasions when cooks want to impress without spending hours in the kitchen, this definitive guide to kosher cooking contains more than 1,000 fail-safe recipes for which the author is justly celebrated. Ideal for novices and experienced cooks alike, the easy-to-follow recipes showcase the diversity of Jewish cooking which draws influences from Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean, and Middle East. From soups and starters to desserts, breads, and baking, the recipes provide inspiration for everyday cooking as well as step-by step features on entertaining through the seasons. Healthier versions of traditional Jewish dishes like Oven-Fried Chicken, plus superb vegetarian recipes like Pesto Lasagne, are found alongside classic recipes especially adapted for the Jewish kitchen. A guide to the major Jewish festivals, such as Passover, explains the whys and hows of much-loved symbolic dishes--such as Sufganiot (Israeli-style doughnuts) and Wine and Spice Lekach (festival cake)--as well as providing menu plans. Includes dual measurements.

7 Generations Iroquois Leadership - The Six Nations since 1800 (Paperback): Laurence Hauptman 7 Generations Iroquois Leadership - The Six Nations since 1800 (Paperback)
Laurence Hauptman
R632 Discovery Miles 6 320 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

In ""Seven Generations of Iroquois Leadership"", Laurence M. Hauptman traces the past 200 years of the Six Nations' history through the lens of the remarkable leaders who shaped it. Focusing on the distinct qualities of Iroquois leadership, Hauptman reveals how the Six Nations have survived in the face of overwhelming pressure. Employing a biographical approach and extensive research, the author explores how leaders use the past to enable cultural, economic, and political survival.Celebrated figures such as Governor Blacksnake, Cornelius Cusick, and Deskaheh are juxtaposed with less well-known but nonetheless influential champions of Haudenosaunee culture and sovereignty such as Dinah John. Hauptman's survey includes many female leaders including 35 contemporary women, highlighting the important role women have played in Iroquois survival throughout history to the present day.Including leaders from all six Iroquois nations and all regions of modern-day Iroquoia, the book offers both historical and contemporary portraits. Hauptman's lucid prose and unrivaled authority make this an accessible and indispensable volume.

African American Women Confront the West, 1600-2000 (Paperback): Shirley Ann Wilson Moore, Quintard Taylor African American Women Confront the West, 1600-2000 (Paperback)
Shirley Ann Wilson Moore, Quintard Taylor
R700 Discovery Miles 7 000 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

"Reconstructs the history of black women's participation in western settlement"

" "A stellar collection of essays by talented authors who explore fascinating topics."--Journal of American Ethnic History"

"African American Women Confront the West, 1600-2000" is the first major historical anthology on the topic. The editors argue that African American women in the West played active, though sometimes unacknowledged, roles in shaping the political, ideological, and social currents that have influenced the United States over the past three centuries.

Contributors to this volume explore African American women's life experiences in the West, their influences on the experiences of the region's diverse peoples, and their legacy in rural and urban communities from Montana to Texas and from California to Kansas. The essayists explore what it has meant to be an African American woman, from the era of Spanish colonial rule in eighteenth-century New Mexico to the black power era of the 1960s and 1970s.

Hidden History of the Boston Irish - Little-Known Stories from Ireland's "Next Parish Over" (Paperback): Peter F. Stevens Hidden History of the Boston Irish - Little-Known Stories from Ireland's "Next Parish Over" (Paperback)
Peter F. Stevens
R425 R350 Discovery Miles 3 500 Save R75 (18%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

When it comes to Irish America, certain names spring to mind Kennedy, O'Neill and Curley testify to the proverbial footsteps of the Gael in Boston. However, few people know of Sister Mary Anthony O'Connell, whose medical prowess carried her from the convent to the Civil War battlefields, earning her the nickname the Boston Irish Florence Nightingale, or of Barney McGinniskin, Boston's first Irish cop, who proudly roared at every roll call, McGinniskin from the bogs of Ireland present! Along with acclaim or notoriety, many forgotten Irish Americans garnered numerous historical firsts. In "Hidden History of the Boston Irish," Peter F. Stevens offers an entertaining and compelling portrait of the Irish immigrant saga and pays homage to the overlooked, yet significant, episodes of the Boston Irish experience.

The Crown and the Courts - Separation of Powers in the Early Jewish Imagination (Hardcover): David C Flatto The Crown and the Courts - Separation of Powers in the Early Jewish Imagination (Hardcover)
David C Flatto
R848 Discovery Miles 8 480 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

A scholar of law and religion uncovers a surprising origin story behind the idea of the separation of powers. The separation of powers is a bedrock of modern constitutionalism, but striking antecedents were developed centuries earlier, by Jewish scholars and rabbis of antiquity. Attending carefully to their seminal works and the historical milieu, David Flatto shows how a foundation of democratic rule was contemplated and justified long before liberal democracy was born. During the formative Second Temple and early rabbinic eras (the fourth century BCE to the third century CE), Jewish thinkers had to confront the nature of legal authority from the standpoint of the disempowered. Jews struggled against the idea that a legal authority stemming from God could reside in the hands of an imperious ruler (even a hypothetical Judaic monarch). Instead scholars and rabbis argued that such authority lay with independent courts and the law itself. Over time, they proposed various permutations of this ideal. Many of these envisioned distinct juridical and political powers, with a supreme law demarcating the respective jurisdictions of each sphere. Flatto explores key Second Temple and rabbinic writings-the Qumran scrolls; the philosophy and history of Philo and Josephus; the Mishnah, Tosefta, Midrash, and Talmud-to uncover these transformative notions of governance. The Crown and the Courts argues that by proclaiming the supremacy of law in the absence of power, postbiblical thinkers emphasized the centrality of law in the people's covenant with God, helping to revitalize Jewish life and establish allegiance to legal order. These scholars proved not only creative but also prescient. Their profound ideas about the autonomy of law reverberate to this day.

Lead from the Outside - How to Build Your Future and Make Real Change (Paperback): Stacey Abrams Lead from the Outside - How to Build Your Future and Make Real Change (Paperback)
Stacey Abrams
R360 R297 Discovery Miles 2 970 Save R63 (18%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Lessons in Integration - Realizing the Promise of Racial Diversity in American Schools (Paperback): Erica Frankenberg Lessons in Integration - Realizing the Promise of Racial Diversity in American Schools (Paperback)
Erica Frankenberg; Series edited by Paula D. McClain; Edited by Gary Orfield
R690 Discovery Miles 6 900 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Segregation is deepening in American schools as courts terminate desegregation plans, residential segregation spreads, the proportion of whites in the population falls, and successful efforts to use choice for desegregation, such as magnet schools, are replaced by choice plans with no civil rights requirements. Based on the fruits of a collaboration between the Civil Rights Project at Harvard University and the Southern Poverty Law Center, the essays presented in Lessons in Integration: Realizing the Promise of Racial Diversity in American Schools analyze five decades of experience with desegregation efforts in order to discover the factors accounting for successful educational experiences in an integrated setting. Starting where much political activity and litigation, as well as most previous scholarship, leaves off, this collection addresses the question of what to do--and to avoid doing--once classrooms are integrated, in order to maximize the educational benefits of diversity for students from a wide array of backgrounds.

Rooted in substantive evidence that desegregation is a positive educational and social force, that there were many successes as well as some failures in the desegregation movement, and that students in segregated schools, whether overwhelmingly minority or almost completely white, are disadvantaged on some important educational and social dimensions when compared to their peers in well-designed racially diverse schools, this collection builds on but also goes beyond previous research in taking account of increasing racial and ethnic diversity that distinguishes present-day American society from the one addressed by the Brown decision a half-century ago. In a society with more than 40 percent nonwhite students and thousands of suburban communities facing racial change, it is critical to learn the lessons of experience and research regarding the effective operation of racially diverse and inclusive schools. Lessons in Integration will make a significant contribution to knowledge about how to make integration work, and as such, it will have a positive effect on educational practice while providing much-needed assistance to increasingly beleaguered proponents of integrated public education.

Making Sense of the Alt-Right (Paperback): George Hawley Making Sense of the Alt-Right (Paperback)
George Hawley
R446 R338 Discovery Miles 3 380 Save R108 (24%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

During the 2016 election, a new term entered the mainstream American political lexicon: "alt-right," short for "alternative right." Despite the innocuous name, the alt-right is a white-nationalist movement. Yet it differs from earlier racist groups: it is youthful and tech savvy, obsessed with provocation and trolling, amorphous, predominantly online, and mostly anonymous. And it was energized by Donald Trump's presidential campaign. In Making Sense of the Alt-Right, George Hawley provides an accessible introduction and gives vital perspective on the emergence of a group whose overt racism has confounded expectations for a more tolerant America. Hawley explains the movement's origins, evolution, methods, and core belief in white-identity politics. The book explores how the alt-right differs from traditional white nationalism, libertarianism, and other online illiberal ideologies such as neoreaction, as well as from mainstream Republicans and even Donald Trump and Steve Bannon. The alt-right's use of offensive humor and its trolling-driven approach, based in animosity to so-called political correctness, can make it difficult to determine true motivations. Yet through exclusive interviews and a careful study of the alt-right's influential texts, Hawley is able to paint a full picture of a movement that not only disagrees with liberalism but also fundamentally rejects most of the tenets of American conservatism. Hawley points to the alt-right's growing influence and makes a case for coming to a precise understanding of its beliefs without sensationalism or downplaying the movement's radicalism.

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