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Not Dead Yet - Feminism, Passion and Women's Liberation (Paperback): Renate Klein, Susan Hawthorne Not Dead Yet - Feminism, Passion and Women's Liberation (Paperback)
Renate Klein, Susan Hawthorne
R359 Discovery Miles 3 590 Ships in 12 - 17 working days
Black Baseball Entrepreneurs, 1902-1931 - The Negro National and Eastern Colored Leagues (Paperback): Michael E. Lomax Black Baseball Entrepreneurs, 1902-1931 - The Negro National and Eastern Colored Leagues (Paperback)
Michael E. Lomax
R765 R634 Discovery Miles 6 340 Save R131 (17%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

As the companion volume to Black Baseball Entrepreneurs,1860-1901: Operating by Any Means Necessary, Lomax's new book continues to chronicle the history of black baseball in the United States. The first volume traced the development of baseball from an exercise in community building among African Americans in the pre-Civil War era into a commercialized amusement and a rare and lucrative opportunity for entrepreneurship within the black community. In this book, Lomax takes a closer look at the marketing and promotion of the Negro Leagues by black baseball magnates. He explores how race influenced black baseball's institutional development and how it shaped the business relationship with white clubs and managers. Lomax explains how the decisions that black baseball magnates made to insulate themselves from outside influences may have distorted their perceptions and ultimately led to the Negro Leagues' demise. The collapse of the Negro Leagues by 1931 was, Lomax argues, ""a dream deferred in the overall African American pursuit for freedom and self-determination.

We Are Jews Again - Jewish Activism in the Soviet Union (Paperback): Yuli Kosharovsky We Are Jews Again - Jewish Activism in the Soviet Union (Paperback)
Yuli Kosharovsky; Edited by Ann Komaromi; Translated by Stefani Hoffman
R964 Discovery Miles 9 640 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Kosharovsky's authoritative four-volume history of the Jewish movement in the Soviet Union is now available in a condensed and edited volume that makes this compelling insider's account of Soviet Jewish activism after Stalin available to a wider audience. Originally published in Russian from 2008 to 2012, ""We Are Jews Again"" chronicles the struggles of Jews who wanted nothing more than the freedom to learn Hebrew, the ability to provide a Jewish education for their children, and the right to immigrate to Israel. Through dozens of interviews with former refuseniks and famous activists, Kosharovsky provides a vivid and intimate view of the Jewish movement and a detailed account of the persecution many faced from Soviet authorities.

Social History Journal, Issue 21 - Red Lives (Paperback): Kevin Morgan Social History Journal, Issue 21 - Red Lives (Paperback)
Kevin Morgan
R215 Discovery Miles 2 150 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Presented here is an overview of the recent scholarship on the sub- and counter-culture aspects of the Communist movement. The articles cover Britain, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, and Finland, spanning the entire history of Communism, from the 1920s to the 1980s. Such issues as ethnic organizations, cadre formation, the Communist scouts movement, party families, and Communist fiction are explored. Themes discussed include gender, ethnicity, generation, local milieu, and the role of intellectuals.

Recent Education from Local Sources (Paperback): Malcolm Seaborne Recent Education from Local Sources (Paperback)
Malcolm Seaborne
R761 Discovery Miles 7 610 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Originally published in 1967, this book was intended to be of value to students of Education in two ways. Firstly, all such students were expected to know in broad outline the story of the development of our national education system in the previous 150 years. This book shows how these national events affected a number of schools in a particular locality. Their history was preserved in their physical structure, all too solid and long-lasting in many cases to be easily adapted to changing needs of the time; it was preserved also in minutes and log-books and other records that happen to survive. The second value of this book was that quite often students were asked to use these local records to re-create the story of a history of a school or group of schools. It was felt that we needed many more of these local investigations as a basis for a fuller and more vivid representation of this national development, and students' accounts, if done with proper care, could make a useful contribution. Mr Seaborne's book is a model and example of how this may have been done.

The Changing face of Colonial Education in Africa - Education, Science and Development (Paperback): Peter Kallaway The Changing face of Colonial Education in Africa - Education, Science and Development (Paperback)
Peter Kallaway
R1,006 Discovery Miles 10 060 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

The Changing Landscape of Colonial Education in Africa offers a detailed and nuanced perspective of colonial history, based on fifteen years of research, that throws fresh light on the complexities of African history and the colonial world of the first half of the twentieth century. It provides an analytical background to history of education in the colonial context by balancing contributions by missionary agencies, colonial government, humanitarian agencies, and scientific experts. The book offers a foundation for the analysis of modern educational policy for the post-colonial state. It attempts to move beyond cliches about colonial education to an understanding of the complexities of how educational policy was developed in different places at different times while giving credence to arguments which see schooling as a form of social control in the colonial environment. The book will be essential reading for academics, researchers and policy makers looking to better understand colonial education and contextualise modern developments related to the decolonising African education. It is intended to provide an essential background for policy makers by demonstrating the significance of a historical perspective for an understanding of contemporary educational challenges in Africa and elsewhere.

The Co-opting of Education by Extremist Factions - Professing Hate (Paperback): Sarah Gendron The Co-opting of Education by Extremist Factions - Professing Hate (Paperback)
Sarah Gendron
R995 Discovery Miles 9 950 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

The Co-opting of Education by Extremist Factions: Professing Hate is a study of the ways in which various extremist groups have appropriated education for social manipulation in order to gain political power, and, in some cases, to incite violence. It is a detailed exploration of case studies representing both a wide range of situational differences (time, place, and political orientation) and experiential similarities. To examine a broad scope of circumstances, this book explores various types of rule (from National Socialism to communism to capitalism) from around the world (Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America) and spans time periods from the mid-twentieth century to the beginning of the twenty-first century. With the purpose of allowing these diverse situations to dialogue with one another, this study explores each country in its own right as well as in relation to others, ultimately demonstrating the extent to which they influenced one another.

African Europeans - An Untold History (Hardcover): Olivette Otele African Europeans - An Untold History (Hardcover)
Olivette Otele
R639 R532 Discovery Miles 5 320 Save R107 (17%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
The True History of Chocolate (Paperback, Third edition): Sophie D. Coe, Michael D. Coe The True History of Chocolate (Paperback, Third edition)
Sophie D. Coe, Michael D. Coe
R307 R218 Discovery Miles 2 180 Save R89 (29%) Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Chocolate - 'the food of the Gods' - has had a long and eventful history. Its story is expertly told here by the doyen of Maya studies, Michael Coe, and his late wife, Sophie. The book begins 3,000 years ago in the Mexican jungles and goes on to draw on aspects of archaeology, botany and socio-economics. Used as currency and traded by the Aztecs, chocolate arrived in Europe via the conquistadors, and was soon a favourite drink with aristocrats. By the 19th century and industrialization, chocolate became a food for the masses - until its revival in our own time as a luxury item. Chocolate has also been giving up some of its secrets to modern neuroscientists, who have been investigating how flavour perception is mediated by the human brain. And, finally, the book closes with two contemporary accounts of how chocolate manufacturers have (or have not) been dealing with the ethical side of the industry.

The 1928 Bunion Derby - A Historical Tour and Driving Guide, Chicago to New York City (Paperback): James R. Powell The 1928 Bunion Derby - A Historical Tour and Driving Guide, Chicago to New York City (Paperback)
James R. Powell
R902 R761 Discovery Miles 7 610 Save R141 (16%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The historic 1928 ""Bunion Derby"" was a cross-country footrace from Los Angeles to New York City. In a supreme test of human endurance and fortitude, runners pounded the pavement for 84 straight days, covering more than 3,400 miles. Starting in Los Angeles, the competitors tracked the path of old Route 66 to Chicago. From there they followed a twisting 1,000-mile trail to New York City. That journey is the subject of this book. While previous books and articles have been written about the race, most have concentrated on the promoter, C. C. ""Cash and Carry"" Pyle, his runners, or the Route 66 portion of the race. In The 1928 Bunion Derby: A Historical Tour and Driving Guide, Chicago to New York City, author James R. Powell takes a more robust approach - including a turn-by-turn driving guide from Chicago to New York with historical background on the route and the racers. Powell not only portrays the runners and the intensity of such a race, but also explains important events that transpired in the years leading up to the Bunion Derby. His historical tour describes surviving sites along the route and offers stories reminiscent of American life in the late 1920s. More than 200 illustrations - including period photographs, postcard images, and maps - enliven the story of this landmark race. The 1928 Bunion Derby is highlighted by tales of the torturous path runners followed to reach each overnight stop. And reports from period newspapers add color and a sense of the moment to the historic images and stories, both harrowing and heartwarming. A glimpse back in time, with a look at the places along that historic route today and a description of how to get there, The 1928 Bunion Derby has something for everyone - from historians to runners and from road warriors to armchair travelers.

Holocaust Fighters - Boxers, Resisters, and Avengers (Hardcover): Jeffrey Sussman Holocaust Fighters - Boxers, Resisters, and Avengers (Hardcover)
Jeffrey Sussman
R701 Discovery Miles 7 010 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

A remarkable portrait of the heroic people who faced the threat of extermination by the Nazis and resisted by any means possible-whether through boxing, exposing the reality of death camps, armed guerrilla attacks, or deadly acts of vengeance. In Holocaust Fighters: Boxers, Resisters, and Avengers, Jeffrey Sussman shares the riveting stories of those who fought back against the Nazis. The lives of five boxers who were forced to fight for their lives while imprisoned in concentration camps are explored in depth, followed by the stories of those who managed to escape captivity and reveal the truth about the death camps. Sussman also depicts in fascinating detail the acts of the Avengers, a military unit that hunted down and killed Nazi war criminals. The final portraits are of the prosecutors who brought the Nazi leaders to justice, those same leaders who watched Jewish and Gypsy boxers beat each other for their own personal entertainment. Holocaust Fighters is an incredible account of the many ways people resisted Nazi rule, providing moving portrayals of the resilience of the human spirit even in the face of incredible horrors.

Guarded by Dragons - Encounters with Rare Books and Rare People (Hardcover): Rick Gekoski Guarded by Dragons - Encounters with Rare Books and Rare People (Hardcover)
Rick Gekoski
R493 R407 Discovery Miles 4 070 Save R86 (17%) Ships in 10 - 20 working days

'Rick Gekoski's encyclopaedic knowledge of rare books is matched only by the enthusiasm and brio with which he writes about them' Ian Rankin Rick Gekoski has been traversing the rocky terrain of the rare book trade for over fifty years. The treasure he seeks is scarce, carefully buried and often jealously guarded, knowledge of its hiding place shared through word of mouth like the myths of old. In Guarded by Dragons, Gekoski invites readers into this enchanted world as he reflects on the gems he has unearthed throughout his career. He takes us back to where his love of collecting began - perusing D.H. Lawrence first editions in a slightly suspect Birmingham carpark. What follows are dizzying encounters with literary giants as Gekoski publishes William Golding, plays ping-pong with Salman Rushdie and lunches with Graham Greene. A brilliant stroke of luck sees Sylvia Plath's personal copy of The Great Gatsby fall into Gekoski's lap, only for him to discover the perils of upsetting a Poet Laureate when Ted Hughes demands its return. Hunting for literary treasure is not without its battles and Gekoski boldly breaks the cardinal rule never to engage in a lawsuit with someone much richer than yourself, while also guarding his bookshop from the most unlikely of thieves. The result is an unparalleled insight into an almost mythical world where priceless first editions of Ulysses can vanish, and billionaires will spend as much gold as it takes to own the manuscript of J.K. Rowling's Tales of Beedle the Bard. Engaging, funny and shrewd, Guarded by Dragons is a fascinating discussion on value and worth. At the same time, Gekoski artfully reveals how a manuscript can tell a thousand stories.

Beyond SW19 - World Class Tennis in England since the 1880s (Hardcover): Kevin Jefferys Beyond SW19 - World Class Tennis in England since the 1880s (Hardcover)
Kevin Jefferys
R436 Discovery Miles 4 360 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Wimbledon has long stood at the pinnacle of British and world tennis. But, as Kevin Jefferys shows in this ground-breaking new study, Britain has a rich history of international standard play beyond SW19, in top-level tournaments and Davis Cup competitions at iconic venues such as Queen's Club, Eastbourne and Edgbaston. The book traces the fluctuating fortunes of a dozen or so tournaments that have brought the world's finest players to English shores during the 140-year history of lawn tennis. Taking a tour around different regions of the country, the author sheds fresh light on the best-known events and on largely forgotten but once high-profile tournaments held in Bristol, Torquay and Scarborough. Both a record and a celebration of England's tennis heritage, the book is packed with stories about memorable players and matches, full results for singles finals and anecdotes about quirky or controversial incidents, ranging from the courtside fire that halted a tournament final to the anti-apartheid protests that disrupted a Davis Cup tie.

The Planter of Modern Life - Louis Bromfield and the Seeds of a Food Revolution (Hardcover): Stephen Heyman The Planter of Modern Life - Louis Bromfield and the Seeds of a Food Revolution (Hardcover)
Stephen Heyman
R591 R498 Discovery Miles 4 980 Save R93 (16%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Louis Bromfield was a World War I ambulance driver, a Paris expat, and a Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist as famous in the 1920s as Hemingway or Fitzgerald. But he cashed in his literary success to finance a wild agrarian dream in his native Ohio. The ideas he planted at his utopian experimental farm, Malabar, would inspire America's first generation of organic farmers and popularize the tenets of environmentalism years before Rachel Carson's Silent Spring. A lanky Midwestern farm boy dressed up like a Left Bank bohemian, Bromfield stood out in literary Paris for his lavish hospitality and his green thumb. He built a magnificent garden outside the city where he entertained aristocrats, movie stars, flower breeders, and writers of all stripes. Gertrude Stein enjoyed his food, Edith Wharton admired his roses, Ernest Hemingway boiled with jealousy over his critical acclaim. Millions savored his novels, which were turned into Broadway plays and Hollywood blockbusters, yet Bromfield's greatest passion was the soil. In 1938, Bromfield returned to Ohio to transform 600 badly eroded acres into a thriving cooperative farm, which became a mecca for agricultural pioneers and a country retreat for celebrities like Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall (who were married there in 1945). This sweeping biography unearths a lost icon of American culture, a fascinating, hilarious and unclassifiable character who-between writing and plowing-also dabbled in global politics and high society. Through it all, he fought for an agriculture that would enrich the soil and protect the planet. While Bromfield's name has faded into obscurity, his mission seems more critical today than ever before.

Slavery and the University - Histories and Legacies (Paperback): Leslie M. Harris, James T. Campbell, Alfred Brophy Slavery and the University - Histories and Legacies (Paperback)
Leslie M. Harris, James T. Campbell, Alfred Brophy; Foreword by Ruth J. Simmons; Contributions by Craig Steven Wilder, …
R849 Discovery Miles 8 490 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Slavery and the University is the first edited collection of scholarly essays devoted solely to the histories and legacies of this subject on North American campuses and in their Atlantic contexts. Gathering together contributions from scholars, activists, and administrators, the volume combines two broad bodies of work: (1) historically based interdisciplinary research on the presence of slavery at higher education institutions in terms of the development of proslavery and antislavery thought and the use of slave labor; and (2) analysis on the ways in which the legacies of slavery in institutions of higher education continued in the post-Civil War era to the present day. The collection features broadly themed essays on issues of religion, economy, and the regional slave trade of the Caribbean. It also includes case studies of slavery's influence on specific institutions, such as Princeton University, Harvard University, Oberlin College, Emory University, and the University of Alabama. Though the roots of Slavery and the University stem from a 2011 conference at Emory University, the collection extends outward to incorporate recent findings. As such, it offers a roadmap to one of the most exciting developments in the field of U.S. slavery studies and to ways of thinking about racial diversity in the history and current practices of higher education.

Escape From Earth - A Secret History of the Space Rocket (Paperback): Fraser MacDonald Escape From Earth - A Secret History of the Space Rocket (Paperback)
Fraser MacDonald 1
R270 R227 Discovery Miles 2 270 Save R43 (16%) Ships in 10 - 20 working days

ESCAPE FROM EARTH is the untold story of the engineers, dreamers and rebels who started the American space programme. In particular, it is the story of Frank Malina, founder of what became Nasa's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the scientist who cracked the, as he called it, problem of escape from the Earth by rocket.

It's a wild ride. Jack Parsons, Malina's chemistry-expert research partner, was a bed-hopping occultist with delusions of grandeur. We get all the horrible details: drug parties and sex magic, cameos by Aleister Crowley and L Ron Hubbard, and an ill-fated attempt to start a mail-order religion.

Armed with hitherto unpublished letters, journals, and documents from the Malina family archives, Fraser MacDonald reveals what we didn't know. Jack Parsons betrayed Frank Malina to the FBI, cooperating fully in their investigation of Malina for un-American activities. The Jet Propulsion Lab's second director secretly denounced Frank as a Communist. Frank's research group had close ties to the spy network of the infamous Rosenbergs - the only Americans executed during the Red Scare. This is a story of soaring ideals entangled in the most human of complications: infidelity and divorce, betrayal and treason.

Metallica - The $24.95 Book (Paperback): Ben Apatoff Metallica - The $24.95 Book (Paperback)
Ben Apatoff
R481 R401 Discovery Miles 4 010 Save R80 (17%) Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Metallica: The $24.95 Book features an in-depth look at Metallica's cultural significance with chapters devoted to each member, each album, touring, fashion, books, film, influences, fandom, and more, exploring the band's politics and religion along the way. With over 125 million records sold worldwide, Metallica is the biggest metal band of all time. Four decades into their unparalleled career, Metallica is a massive cultural force who drastically changed the sound of popular music by creating their own rules. Yet for all their popularity, Metallica can seem impenetrable. They've built the unexpected into their music and career, raising more questions and inspiring more discourse as their mythos grows. Metallica questions run deeper than what people find on the internet. Metallica questions deserve a book. Metallica, by dedicated fan and music journalist Ben Apatoff (including a foreword by What Are You Doing Here? author Laina Dawes), is that book, honoring Metallica's history of fighting retail price gouging in the title. Metallica provides an in-depth look at the band and their music that both die-hard fans and Metallica beginners can enjoy.

The Cambridge History of Communism (Hardcover): Juliane Furst, Silvio Pons, Mark Selden The Cambridge History of Communism (Hardcover)
Juliane Furst, Silvio Pons, Mark Selden
R3,202 Discovery Miles 32 020 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

The third volume of The Cambridge History of Communism spans the period from the 1960s to the present, documenting the last two decades of the global Cold War and the collapse of Soviet socialism. An international team of scholars analyze the rise of China as a global power continuing to proclaim its Maoist allegiance, and the transformation of the geopolitics and political economy of Cold War conflict in an era of increasing economic interpenetration. Beneath the surface, profound political, social, economic and cultural changes were occurring in the socialist and former socialist countries, resulting in the collapse and transformations of the existing socialist order and the changing parameters of world Marxism. This volume draws on innovative research to bring together history from above and below, including social, cultural, gender, and transnational history to transcend the old separation between Communist studies and the broader field of contemporary history.

Eliza Lowe and the Founding of Woodard Schools for Girls HB (Hardcover): Penny Thompson Eliza Lowe and the Founding of Woodard Schools for Girls HB (Hardcover)
Penny Thompson
R1,490 R1,303 Discovery Miles 13 030 Save R187 (13%) Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Nathaniel Woodard founded an educational system 'firmly grounded in the Christian faith', and the establishment in 1874 of the first Woodard girls' school lies at the heart of his legacy. However, the role of one remarkable woman in securing this legacy has until now been obscured. Eliza Lowe and the Founding of Woodard Schools for Girls is her untold story. Drawing on scholarly articles, newspaper reports, letters from pupils, census records, and local and family archival material, Thompson describes life in Eliza Lowe's school, from swimming in the sea to politics at breakfast and competitions for an 'amiability' prize. While discussions of Nathaniel Woodard and 19th-century girls' education provide context, Eliza's own letters reveal a woman of wit, curiosity and humanitarian feeling. Her achievements will inspire students of women's history and girls' education, and encourage those who believe that religion enhances education, while her lasting legacy will interest both former pupils and those who continue in the Woodard tradition today.

Understanding Emergent Urbanism - The Case of Tirana, Albania (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2021): Sotir Dhamo Understanding Emergent Urbanism - The Case of Tirana, Albania (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2021)
Sotir Dhamo
R3,234 Discovery Miles 32 340 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The ideas presented in this book are a conceptual leverage to correct the rigidity of top-down practices and bring the real city, or the city of everyday life, closer to the city of conventional planning. Considering self-organization as the starting point at the base of complex systems, this book tries to understand how specific qualities emerge and evolve from this behavior. For this, the book discusses new ways of looking at and understanding cities by applying holistic methods and approaches based on the conceptual grounds of quantum, fractal, and complexity theories. The book highlights the fact that the information on how to transform and build a city is contained within the city itself. In this regard, some methodological steps to unpack complexities and translate the essential qualities of space into potential generators for city design and planning are provided. The book urges courageous experimentation and proposes a methodology where the computational nature of urban phenomena goes along with historic anthropological ideas, thus emphasizing the characteristics of a specific reality in a model. They do not exclude each other; in fact, they are part of the unbroken web of wholeness. Importantly, the proposed methodology supports gradual and natural coevolution process in the city through combining planned and unplanned actions and the involving multiplicity of actors, impacting on Urban Planning and Design Practice.

The Random History of Football - Accomplished Sweepers & Tricky Wingers (Hardcover): Aubrey Day, Justyn Barnes The Random History of Football - Accomplished Sweepers & Tricky Wingers (Hardcover)
Aubrey Day, Justyn Barnes; Illustrated by Tony Husband
R213 R154 Discovery Miles 1 540 Save R59 (28%) Ships in 12 - 17 working days

This is the story of football as it's never been told before. A cock-eyed compilation of match reports, correspondence, and reminiscences from pundits, commentators, players, officials and spectators who weren't there but should have been. The nutmegs, the tantrums, the penalty shoot-outs that have provided the ubiquitous topic of male conversation for generations, are entertainingly evoked. If The Random History of Football boasted the stories were in bite-sized chunks, Luis Suarez would buy every copy!

Everton Greatest Games - The Toffees' Fifty Finest Matches (Hardcover): Jim Keoghan Everton Greatest Games - The Toffees' Fifty Finest Matches (Hardcover)
Jim Keoghan
R488 R341 Discovery Miles 3 410 Save R147 (30%) Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Evertonians know what it is to experience greatness. Since the club first came to life in 1878 there have been titles won, European adventures and trips to Wembley. The fans have seen records broken, legends make their mark, matches of undeniable class. Every decade that Everton have been in existence has yielded moments of wonder, games that supporters at the time have cherished for their entire lives and which fans of subsequent generations have looked back on with undeniable pride. From the earliest days, when St Domingo's first morphed into something recognisable as a modern football club, the whole span of Everton's narrative is covered here. Those earliest title wins, those earliest finals, Dean, Lawton, Hickson, the Holy Trinity, Latchford, the glory of Kendall, the agony of Wimbledon, the joy of Royle and restoration under Moyes. Everton Greatest Games is more than just a selection of the moments that have stirred the soul of Blues. It is the story of Everton, the tale of how a church team grew into an English giant.

The UCL Institute of Education - From Training College to Global Institution (Paperback, 2nd edition): Richard Aldrich, Tom... The UCL Institute of Education - From Training College to Global Institution (Paperback, 2nd edition)
Richard Aldrich, Tom Woodin
R795 Discovery Miles 7 950 Ships in 10 - 20 working days
The Best of Peter Finney, Legendary New Orleans Sportswriter (Hardcover): Peter Finney The Best of Peter Finney, Legendary New Orleans Sportswriter (Hardcover)
Peter Finney; Contributions by Peter Finney Jr
R650 R542 Discovery Miles 5 420 Save R108 (17%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Five times each week over the past several decades, sports fans in New Orleans began their mornings by reading local sportswriter Peter Finney. Finney's newspaper columns -- entertaining, informative, and inspiring -- connected New Orleans readers to the world of sports, for nearly 70 years. From a career total of 15,000 articles, this book offers a prime selection of the very best of Finney's writing as well as an introduction from Peter Finney, Jr. Beginning his writing career as a college freshman at Loyola University, Finney added his distinctly poetic voice to the sports pages of the States-Item (1945--80) and the Times-Picayune (1980--2013). This impressive time span placed the reporter on the sidelines of the most iconic moments in Louisiana sports history. This collection includes Finney's account of Billy Cannon's 89-yard punt return against Ole Miss in 1959; Tom Dempsey's 1970 NFL-record 63-yard field goal; and the Saints' 31--17 victory over the Indianapolis Colts in the 2010 Super Bowl. His interviews and profiles covered nearly every major sports figure of his time: Ted Williams, Jesse Owens, Joe DiMaggio, Muhammad Ali, Joe Namath, Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer, Billy Cannon, Pete Maravich, Lee Trevino, Rusty Staub, Archie, Peyton, and Eli Manning, Eddie Robinson, Doug Williams, Dale Brown, Billy Martin, Brett Favre, Nick Saban, Shaquille O'Neal, Mike Ditka, Sean Payton, Drew Brees, Sugar Ray Leonard, Skip Bertman, Les Miles, and Tom Benson, among many others. The riveting moments and fascinating characters portrayed in this volume will delight both hardcore sports enthusiasts and casual fans, in stories told with Finney's characteristic grace, humility, and wit.

Game Changers - Dean Smith, Charlie Scott, and the Era That Transformed a Southern College Town (Paperback): Art Chansky Game Changers - Dean Smith, Charlie Scott, and the Era That Transformed a Southern College Town (Paperback)
Art Chansky
R427 R365 Discovery Miles 3 650 Save R62 (15%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Among many legendary episodes from the life and career of men's basketball coach Dean Smith, few loom as large as his recruitment of Charlie Scott, the first African American scholarship athlete at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Drawn together by college basketball in a time of momentous change, Smith and Scott helped transform a university, a community, and the racial landscape of sports in the South. But there is much more to this story than is commonly told. In Game Changers, Art Chansky reveals an intense saga of race, college sport, and small-town politics. At the center were two young men, Scott and Smith, both destined for greatness but struggling through challenges on and off the court, among them the storms of civil rights protest and the painfully slow integration of a Chapel Hill far less progressive than its reputation today might suggest. Drawing on extensive personal interviews and a variety of other sources, Chansky takes readers beyond the basketball court to highlight the community that supported Smith and Scott during these demanding years, from assistant basketball coach John Lotz to influential pastor the Reverend Robert Seymour to pioneering African American mayor Howard Lee. Dispelling many myths that surround this period, Chansky nevertheless offers an ultimately triumphant portrait of a student-athlete and coach who ensured the University of North Carolina would never be the same.

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