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Books > History > European history > From 1900 > Second World War

Hitler, God, and the Bible (Hardcover): Ray Comfort Hitler, God, and the Bible (Hardcover)
Ray Comfort; Foreword by Tim LaHaye
R632 R576 Discovery Miles 5 760 Save R56 (9%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

In Hitler, God, and the Bible, international evangelist and best-selling author Ray Comfort exposes Adolf Hitler's theology and abuse of religion as a means to seize political power and ultimately instigate World War II and genocide. This fascinating study mines the depths of Hitler's beliefs and convincingly argues that without Hitler's misuse of Christianity the Third Reich would not have had its legendary rise, resulting in the deaths of more than six million Jews. Highlighting Hitler's youth, his influences, and his path to seducing a nation, Hitler, God, and the Bible is a fresh, stinging reminder of the power of the cross and how its misuse led to the Final Solution."

The Making of an SS Killer - The Life of Colonel Alfred Filbert, 1905-1990 (Hardcover): Alex J. Kay The Making of an SS Killer - The Life of Colonel Alfred Filbert, 1905-1990 (Hardcover)
Alex J. Kay
R1,574 R1,369 Discovery Miles 13 690 Save R205 (13%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In this pioneering biography of a frontline Holocaust perpetrator, Alex J. Kay uncovers the life of SS Lieutenant Colonel Alfred Filbert, responsible as the first head of SS-Einsatzkommando 9, a mobile killing squad, for the murder of more than 18,000 Soviet Jews - men, women and children - on the Eastern Front. He reveals how Filbert, following the political imprisonment of his older brother, set out to prove his own ideological allegiance by displaying particular radicalism in implementing the orders issued by Hitler, Himmler and Heydrich. He also examines Filbert's post-war experiences, first in hiding and then being captured, tried and sentenced to life imprisonment. Released early, Filbert went on to feature in a controversial film in the lead role of an SS mass murderer. The book provides compelling new insights into the mindset and motivations of the men, like Filbert, who rose through the ranks of the Nazi regime.

It Happened in Italy - Untold Stories of How the People of Italy Defied the Horrors of the Holocaust (Paperback): Elizabeth... It Happened in Italy - Untold Stories of How the People of Italy Defied the Horrors of the Holocaust (Paperback)
Elizabeth Bettina
R405 R381 Discovery Miles 3 810 Save R24 (6%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

One woman's discovery-and the incredible, unexpected journey it takes her on-of how her grandparent's small village of Campagna, Italy, helped save Jews during the Holocaust.

Take a journey with Elizabeth Bettina as she discovers-much to her surprise-that her grandparent's small village, nestled in the heart of southern Italy, housed an internment camp for Jews during the Holocaust, and that it was far from the only one. Follow her discovery of survivors and their stories of gratitude to Italy and its people. Explore the little known details of how members of the Catholic church assisted and helped shelter Jews in Italy during World War II.

The Holocaust's Jewish Calendars - Keeping Time Sacred, Making Time Holy (Paperback): Alan Rosen The Holocaust's Jewish Calendars - Keeping Time Sacred, Making Time Holy (Paperback)
Alan Rosen
R804 R675 Discovery Miles 6 750 Save R129 (16%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Calendars map time, shaping and delineating our experience of it. While the challenges to tracking Jewish conceptions of time during the Holocaust were substantial, Alan Rosen reveals that many took great risks to mark time within that vast upheaval. Rosen inventories and organizes Jewish calendars according to the wartime settings in which they were produced-from Jewish communities to ghettos and concentration camps. The calendars he considers reorient views of Jewish circumstances during the war and show how Jews were committed to fashioning traditional guides to daily life, even in the most extreme conditions. In a separate chapter, moreover, he elucidates how Holocaust-era diaries sometimes served as surrogate Jewish calendars. All in all, Rosen presents a revised idea of time, continuity, the sacred and the mundane, the ordinary and the extraordinary even when death and destruction were the order of the day. Rosen's focus on the Jewish calendar-the ultimate symbol of continuity, as weekday follows weekday and Sabbath follows Sabbath-sheds new light on how Jews maintained connections to their way of conceiving time even within the cauldron of the Holocaust.

Bearing Witness: Holocaust - How America and Its Jews Responded to the Holocaust (Paperback, New): Henry L. Feingold Bearing Witness: Holocaust - How America and Its Jews Responded to the Holocaust (Paperback, New)
Henry L. Feingold
R481 R393 Discovery Miles 3 930 Save R88 (18%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

This text focuses on the role of the Roosevelt administration and American reaction to the Holocaust in the domestic environment of the Depression to the international scene. The constraints of the American political system in the 1930s and 1940s is also included here.

We Dared to Live - A Tale of Courage & Survival (Paperback): Abrashe Szabrinski We Dared to Live - A Tale of Courage & Survival (Paperback)
Abrashe Szabrinski
R247 Discovery Miles 2 470 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

An engrossing saga that adds significantly to the body of Holocaust literature. Abraham H Foxman, National Director, Anti-Defamation League. Abrashe Szabrinski used the Yiddish typewriter given to him by his son Joe to record his unique story of survival and courage during the dark days of WWII. But it was only after his father's death that Joe found out the extent of Abrashe's exploits as a leader of the partisans who fought the Nazis in the forests of Lithuania. An officer in the Polish army, Abrashe fled ghettos and forced labor camps, joined the resistance in Vilna, and became not only a fighter, but also commander of partisan units serving under the Red Army. Alongside well-known figures such as Abba Kovner, he helped blow up bridges, railroad tracks, and munitions convoys, slowing down the Nazi war machine. An outspoken critic of those who headed the Judenrat as well as leaders of ideological movements, Abrashe speaks directly to us. His straightforward, unpretentious style makes his descriptions of heroic deeds his own and others all the more riveting. This remarkable memoir is enhanced with historical notes that help the reader follow Abrashe Szabrinski's journey and learn more about the people he encounters along the way. Like many Holocaust survivors, Abrashe did not divulge the entire story of his survival to his children. Dared to Live is his legacy to them, their children and grandchildren, and to us.

Ordinary Organisations - Why Normal Men Carried Out the Holocaust (Hardcover): Stefan Kuhl Ordinary Organisations - Why Normal Men Carried Out the Holocaust (Hardcover)
Stefan Kuhl
R1,499 R1,367 Discovery Miles 13 670 Save R132 (9%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

During the Holocaust, 99 percent of all Jewish killings were carried out by members of state organizations. In this groundbreaking book, Stefan Kuhl offers a new analysis of the integral role that membership in organizations played in facilitating the annihilation of European Jews under the Nazis. Drawing on the well-researched case of the mass killings of Jews by a Hamburg reserve police battalion, Kuhl shows how ordinary men from ordinary professions were induced to carry out massacres. It may have been that coercion, money, identification with the end goal, the enjoyment of brutality, or the expectations of their comrades impelled the members of the police battalion to join the police units and participate in ghetto liquidations, deportations, and mass shootings. But ultimately, argues Kuhl, the question of immediate motives, or indeed whether members carried out tasks with enthusiasm or reluctance, is of secondary importance. The crucial factor in explaining what they did was the integration of individuals into an organizational framework that prompted them to perform their roles. This book makes a major contribution to our understanding of the Holocaust by demonstrating the fundamental role played by organizations in persuading ordinary Germans to participate in the annihilation of the Jews. It will be an invaluable resource for students and scholars of organizations, violence, and modern German history, as well as for anyone interested in genocide and the Holocaust.

Film and the Shoah in France and Italy (Paperback): Giacomo Lichtner Film and the Shoah in France and Italy (Paperback)
Giacomo Lichtner
R538 Discovery Miles 5 380 Ships in 10 - 15 working days
A Place They Called Home - Reclaiming Citizenship. Stories of a New Jewish Return to Germany (Paperback): Donna Swarthout A Place They Called Home - Reclaiming Citizenship. Stories of a New Jewish Return to Germany (Paperback)
Donna Swarthout
R550 R450 Discovery Miles 4 500 Save R100 (18%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days
From Broken Glass - Finding Hope in Hitler's Death Camps to Inspire a New Generation (Paperback): Brian Wallace, Glenn... From Broken Glass - Finding Hope in Hitler's Death Camps to Inspire a New Generation (Paperback)
Brian Wallace, Glenn Frank, Steve Ross
R441 R292 Discovery Miles 2 920 Save R149 (34%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

From the survivor of ten Nazi concentration camps who went on to create the New England Holocaust Memorial, a "devastating...inspirational" memoir (The Today Show) about finding strength in the face of despair. On August 14, 2017, two days after a white-supremacist activist rammed his car into a group of anti-Fascist protestors, killing one and injuring nineteen, the New England Holocaust Memorial was vandalized for the second time in as many months. At the base of one of its fifty-four-foot glass towers lay a pile of shards. For Steve Ross, the image called to mind Kristallnacht, the Night of Broken Glass in which German authorities ransacked Jewish-owned buildings with sledgehammers. Ross was eight years old when the Nazis invaded his Polish village, forcing his family to flee. He spent his next six years in a day-to-day struggle to survive the notorious camps in which he was imprisoned, Auschwitz-Birkenau and Dachau among them. When he was finally liberated, he no longer knew how old he was, he was literally starving to death, and everyone in his family except for his brother had been killed. Ross learned in his darkest experiences--by observing and enduring inconceivable cruelty as well as by receiving compassion from caring fellow prisoners--the human capacity to rise above even the bleakest circumstances. He decided to devote himself to underprivileged youth, aiming to ensure that despite the obstacles in their lives they would never experience suffering like he had. Over the course of a nearly forty-year career as a psychologist working in the Boston city schools, that was exactly what he did. At the end of his career, he spearheaded the creation of the New England Holocaust Memorial, a site millions of people including young students visit every year. Equal parts heartrending, brutal, and inspiring, From Broken Glass is the story of how one man survived the unimaginable and helped lead a new generation to forge a more compassionate world.

Last Days of Theresienstadt (Hardcover): Eva Noack-Mosse Last Days of Theresienstadt (Hardcover)
Eva Noack-Mosse; Translated by Skye Doney, Birute Ciplijauskaite
R583 R465 Discovery Miles 4 650 Save R118 (20%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

In February of 1945, during the final months of the Third Reich, Eva Noack-Mosse was deported to the Nazi concentration camp of Theresienstadt. A trained journalist and expert typist, she was put to work in the Central Evidence office of the camp, compiling endless lists-inmates arriving, inmates deported, possessions confiscated from inmates, and all the obsessive details required by the SS. With access to camp records, she also recorded statistics and her own observations in a secret diary. Noack-Mosse's aim in documenting the horrors of daily life within Theresienstadt was to ensure that such a catastrophe could never be repeated. She also gathered from surviving inmates information about earlier events within the walled fortress, witnessed the defeat and departure of the Nazis, saw the arrival of the International Red Cross and the Soviet Army takeover of the camp and town, assisted in administration of the camp's closure, and aided displaced persons in discovering the fates of their family and friends. After the war ended, and she returned home, Noack-Mosse cross-referenced her data with that of others to provide evidence of Nazi crimes. At least 35,000 people died at Theresienstadt and another 90,000 were sent on to death camps.

Shores Beyond Shores - from Holocaust to Hope My True Story (Paperback, New edition): Irene Butter, John D. Bidwell, Kris... Shores Beyond Shores - from Holocaust to Hope My True Story (Paperback, New edition)
Irene Butter, John D. Bidwell, Kris Holloway; Edited by Tobias Steed; Contributions by Nicole Schroeder; Edited by (editors-in-chief) …
R479 R391 Discovery Miles 3 910 Save R88 (18%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Child Survivors of the Holocaust in Israel - Social Dynamics and Post-War Experiences, "Finding Their Voice" (Paperback, New):... Child Survivors of the Holocaust in Israel - Social Dynamics and Post-War Experiences, "Finding Their Voice" (Paperback, New)
Sharon Kangisser Cohen
R481 R410 Discovery Miles 4 100 Save R71 (15%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The life stories of child survivors who rebuilt their post-war lives in Israel have been largely left untold. This work is the first exploration into the experience of child survivors in Israel, focusing on the child survivors' experience in telling his/her past to a wider audience and in publicly identifying themselves as Holocaust survivors. Whilst psychological research focuses on the survivor's personal inhibitions and motivations in retelling his/her pasts, 'The Life Stories of Child Survivors in Israel' attempts to understand the impact that the post-war environment has had on the individual's relationship to it. Using a qualitative narrative approach, this study examines the dynamics of 'silence' and 'retelling' in the post-war experience of child survivors. This work demonstrates the ways in which social dynamics, as well as internal motivations, had an impact on the extent to which these people were likely to speak publicly about their war-time experience or whether they were more inclined to remain silent. The interviews with survivors are presented 'using their own voice', and can thereby be understood in their own unique context. disparate as history and psychology.

Hitler: Volume II - Downfall 1939-45 (Paperback): Volker Ullrich Hitler: Volume II - Downfall 1939-45 (Paperback)
Volker Ullrich 1
R465 R371 Discovery Miles 3 710 Save R94 (20%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

‘Meticulous… Probably the most disturbing portrait of Hitler I have ever read’ Dominic Sandbrook, Sunday Times

In the summer of 1939 Hitler was at the zenith of his power. The Nazis had consolidated their authority over the German people, and in a series of foreign-policy coups, the Führer had restored Germany to the status of a major Continental power. He now embarked on realising his lifelong ambition: to provide the German people with the living space and the resources they needed to flourish and exterminate those who were standing in the way – the Bolsheviks and the Jews.

Yet despite the initial German triumphs – the quick defeat of Poland, the successful Blitzkrieg in the west – the war set in motion Hitler’s downfall. With the attack on the Soviet Union in June 1941 and the entry of the United States into the war later that year, Nazi Germany’s fortunes began to turn: it soon became clear that the war could not be won.

As in the earlier volume, Volker Ullrich offers fascinating insight into the personality of the Führer, without which we fail to understand the course of the war and the development of the Holocaust. As Germany’s supreme military commander, he decided on strategy and planned operations with his generals, involving himself in even the smallest minutiae. And here the key traits – and flaws – of his personality quickly came to the fore. Hitler was a gambler who put everything on one card; deeply insecure, he was easily shaken by the slightest setback and quick to blame his subordinates for his own catastrophic mistakes; and when he realised that the war was lost, he embarked on the annihilation of Germany itself in punishment of the German people who had failed to hand him victory.

In September 1939, Hitler declared that he would wear a simple military tunic until the war was won – or otherwise, he would not be there to witness the end. On 30 April 1945, as Soviet troops closed in on his bunker in Berlin, Hitler committed suicide; seven days later, Germany surrendered. Hitler’s murderous ambitions had not just destroyed Germany: they had cost the lives of tens of millions of people throughout Europe.

End of a Berlin Diary (Standard format, CD): William L. Shirer End of a Berlin Diary (Standard format, CD)
William L. Shirer; Read by Grover Gardner
R898 R636 Discovery Miles 6 360 Save R262 (29%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Escape from the Nazis - The Incredible and Inspiring Saga of Two Young Jews on the Run in World War II Poland (Hardcover):... Escape from the Nazis - The Incredible and Inspiring Saga of Two Young Jews on the Run in World War II Poland (Hardcover)
Benjamin Mandelkern
R695 R510 Discovery Miles 5 100 Save R185 (27%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Ben Mandelkern was only 23 when the Nazis invaded his native Poland in September 1939. From then until the end of the war his one concern was survival. Like other Polish Jews, Ben and his young wife, Helena, came face to face with the evil of Nazism as their families and friends were murdered by the SS. Ben himself was captured, but in an incredible display of clear-headedness and courage he managed to escape from the train transporting him to Treblinka. Separated from Helena, he stayed one step ahead of their persecutors, participating in the Warsaw Ghetto uprising before finally being liberated by the Russians in 1945. Free at last, he struggled desperately to reunite with his beloved wife. Escape from the Nazis is Mandelkern's remarkable saga, a tale of terror and remarkable heroism, and a love story like no other. About the Author Benjamin Mandlekern was born in 1916. He came to Canada in 1950 and lived in Montreal until 1968, when he moved to Toronto. He wrote Escape from the Nazis to satisfy the curiosity of his children and grandchildren about his life story.

Hell Before Their Very Eyes - American Soldiers Liberate Concentration Camps in Germany, April 1945 (Paperback): John C. McManus Hell Before Their Very Eyes - American Soldiers Liberate Concentration Camps in Germany, April 1945 (Paperback)
John C. McManus
R418 R387 Discovery Miles 3 870 Save R31 (7%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

On April 4, 1945, United States Army units from the 89th Infantry Division and the 4th Armored Division seized Ohrdruf, the first of many Nazi concentration camps to be liberated in Germany. In the weeks that followed, as more camps were discovered, thousands of soldiers came face to face with the monstrous reality of Hitler's Germany. These men discovered the very depths of human - imposed cruelty and depravity: rail road cars stacked with emaciated, lifeless bodies; ovens full of incinerated human remains; warehouses filled with stolen shoes, clothes, luggage, and even eyeglasses; prison yards littered with implements of torture and dead bodies; and-perhaps most disturbing of all - the half-dead survivors of the camps. For the American soldiers of all ranks who witnessed such powerful evidence of Nazi crimes, the experience was life altering. Almost all were haunted for the rest of their lives by what they had seen, horrified that humans from ostensibly civilized societies were capable of such crimes. Military historian John C. McManus sheds new light on this often overlooked aspect of the Holocaust. Drawing on a rich blend of archival sources and thousands of first hand accounts-including unit journals, interviews, oral histories, memoirs, diaries, letters, and published recollections - Hell Before Their Very Eyes focuses on the experiences of the soldiers who liberated Ohrdruf, Buchenwald, and Dachau and their determination to bear witness to this horrific history.

Renia's Diary - A Girl's Life in the Shadow of the Holocaust (Paperback): Renia Spiegel Renia's Diary - A Girl's Life in the Shadow of the Holocaust (Paperback)
Renia Spiegel; Translated by Marta Dziurosz, Anna Blasiak 1
R492 R339 Discovery Miles 3 390 Save R153 (31%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Introduction by Deborah Lipstadt, author of Denial

July 15, 1942, Wednesday

Remember this day; remember it well. You will tell generations to come. Since 8 o’clock today we have been shut away in the ghetto. I live here now. The world is separated from me and I’m separated from the world.

Renia is a young girl who dreams of becoming a poet. But Renia is Jewish, she lives in Poland and the year is 1939. When Russia and Germany invade her country, Renia's world shatters. Separated from her mother, her life takes on a new urgency as she flees Przemysl to escape night bombing raids, observes the disappearances of other Jewish families and, finally, witnesses the creation of the ghetto.

But alongside the terror of war, there is also great beauty, as she begins to find her voice as a writer and falls in love for the first time. She and the boy she falls in love with, Zygmunt, share their first kiss a few hours before the Nazis reach her hometown. And it is Zygmunt who writes the final, heartbreaking entry in Renia’s diary.

Recently rediscovered after seventy years, Renia’s Diary is already being described as a classic of Holocaust literature. Written with a clarity and skill that is reminiscent of Anne Frank, it is an extraordinary testament to both the horrors of war, and to the life that can exist even in the darkest times.

Emil L. Fackenheim - A Jewish Philosopher's Response to the Holocaust (Paperback): David Patterson Emil L. Fackenheim - A Jewish Philosopher's Response to the Holocaust (Paperback)
David Patterson
R537 Discovery Miles 5 370 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Emil Fackenheim was the last in a long line of Jewish philosophers to emerge from Germany, the modern center of Western philosophy, following Moses Mendelssohn, Leo Baeck, and Martin Buber. In this revealing book, David Patterson explores Fackenheim's rigorous pursuit of a philosophical response to the tragedy of the Holocaust. Fackenheim's writing sheds light on the tensions between Jewish thinking and German philosophy, illustrating how elements of the latter were used by the Nazis to justify Jewish annihilation. In addition, he emphasizes the important implications of defining Jewish philosophy as its own entity, separate from the tenets of the Jewish cultural tradition.

Missing Pieces - My Life as a Child Survivor of the Holocaust (Paperback): Olga Verrall Missing Pieces - My Life as a Child Survivor of the Holocaust (Paperback)
Olga Verrall
R691 Discovery Miles 6 910 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Until age seven, Olga Barsony lived an idyllic life in Szarvas, a small town in Hungary, surrounded by her doting, observant Jewish family. In spring 1944. Olga and most of her family were interned in the Auspitz labor camp shortly after the Nazi occupation of Hungary. Eventually reunited after the war, the family moved back to Szarvas, only to face harsh repression at the hands of the Communists a few short years later. In 1957, the Barsonys immigrated to Winnipeg, where Olga met and married her husband Orland Verrall, the cantor at the local synagogue. Olga and Orland's love for each other, the birth of their two daughters, and the promise of a peaceful, contented life together helped to build the foundation of a new start in Canada--a seemingly happy ending to an otherwise traumatic number of years. Sadly for Olga Verral, she would have to endure many more tribulations as she undertook the painful process of re-living the horror of the Holocaust as a child, while at the same time wrestling with the ghosts that had been haunting her life ever since. Anger, sadness, and a deep sense of emptiness would be a recurring theme and source of frustration as Olga undertook rebuilding her life in the aftermath of such intensely excruciating events. After the death of her husband and subsequent emotional breakdown, doctors encouraged her to write her memoirs as a form of therapy. In this way Olga Verral takes her first steps on the long journey towards recovery and tries finally to write a genuinely triumphant ending to her life story. Missing Pieces makes a significant contribution to the growing genre of writing by child survivors of the Holocaust, and is the first Holocaust memoir to exposethe little-known Auspitz labor camp.

Walter Benjamin's Grave (Paperback, New edition): Michael Taussig Walter Benjamin's Grave (Paperback, New edition)
Michael Taussig
R633 Discovery Miles 6 330 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In September 1940, Walter Benjamin committed suicide in Port Bou on the Spanish-French border when it appeared that he and his travelling partners would be denied passage into Spain in their attempt to escape the Nazis. In 2002, one of anthropology's - and indeed today's - most distinctive writers, Michael Taussig, visited Benjamin's grave in Port Bou. The result is "Walter Benjamin's Grave," a moving essay about the cemetery, eyewitness accounts of Benjamin's border travails, and the circumstances of his demise. It is the most recent of eight revelatory essays collected in this volume of the same name. "Looking over these essays written over the past decade," writes Taussig, "I think what they share is a love of muted and defective storytelling as a form of analysis. Strange love indeed; love of the wound, love of the last gasp." Although thematically these essays run the gamut - covering the monument and graveyard at Port Bou, discussions of peasant poetry in Colombia, a pact with the devil, the peculiarities of a shaman's body, transgression, the disappearance of the sea, New York City cops, and the relationship between flowers and violence - each shares Taussig's highly individual brand of storytelling, one that depends on a deep appreciation of objects and things as a way to retrieve even deeper philosophical and anthropological meanings. Whether he finds himself in Australia, Colombia, Manhattan, or Spain, in the midst of a book or a beach, whether talking to friends or staring at a monument, Taussig makes clear through these marvelous essays that materialist knowledge offers a crucial alternative to the increasingly abstract, globalized, homogenized, and digitized world we inhabit. Pursuing an adventure that is part ethnography, part autobiography, and part cultural criticism refracted through the object that is Walter Benjamin's grave, Taussig, with this collection, provides his own literary memorial to the twentieth century's greatest cultural critic.

Auschwitz - True Tales From a Grotesque Land (Paperback, New edition): Sara Nomberg-Przytyk Auschwitz - True Tales From a Grotesque Land (Paperback, New edition)
Sara Nomberg-Przytyk; Translated by Roslyn Hirsch
R571 R453 Discovery Miles 4 530 Save R118 (21%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

"From the moment I got to Auschwitz I was completely detached. I disconnected my heart and intellect in an act of self-defense, despair, and hopelessness." With these words Sara Nomberg-Przytyk begins this painful and compelling account of her experiences while imprisoned for two years in the infamous death camp. Writing twenty years after her liberation, she recreates the events of a dark past which, in her own words, would have driven her mad had she tried to relive it sooner. But while she records unimaginable atrocities, she also richly describes the human compassion that stubbornly survived despite the backdrop of camp depersonalization and imminent extermination.
Commemorative in spirit and artistic in form, "Auschwitz" convincingly portrays the paradoxes of human nature in extreme circumstances. With consummate understatement Nomberg-Przytyk describes the behavior of concentration camp inmates as she relentlessly and pitilessly examines her own motives and feelings. In this world unmitigated cruelty coexisted with nobility, rapacity with self-sacrifice, indifference with selfless compassion. This book offers a chilling view of the human drama that existed in Auschwitz.
From her portraits of camp personalities, an extraordinary and horrifying profile emerges of Dr. Josef Mengele, whose medical experiments resulted in the slaughter of nearly half a million Jews. Nomberg-Przytyk's job as an attendant in Mengle's hospital allowed her to observe this Angel of Death firsthand and to provide us with the most complete description to date of his monstrous activities.
The original Polish manuscript was discovered by Eli Pfefferkorn in 1980 in the Yad Vashem Archive in Jerusalem. Not knowing the fate of the journal's author, Pfefferkorn spent two years searching and finally located Nomberg-Przytyk in Canada. Subsequent interviews revealed the history of the manuscript, the author's background, and brought the journal into perspective.

Philippine Sanctuary - A Holocaust Odyssey (Hardcover): Bonnie M Harris Philippine Sanctuary - A Holocaust Odyssey (Hardcover)
Bonnie M Harris
R2,177 Discovery Miles 21 770 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

During World War II, the United States government and many Western democracies limited or closed themselves off entirely to Jewish refugees. By contrast, a Pacific island nation decided to keep its doors open. Between 1938 and 1941, the Philippine Commonwealth provided safe asylum to more than 1,300 German Jews. In highlighting the efforts by Philippine president Manual Quezon and High Commissioner Paul V. McNutt, Bonnie M. Harris offers fuller implications for our understanding of the Roosevelt administration's response to the Holocaust. This untold history is brought to life by focusing on the incredible journey of synagogue cantor Joseph Cysner. Drawing from oral histories, memoirs, and personal papers, Harris documents Cysner's harrowing escape from the Nazis and his heroic rescue by the American-led Jewish community of the Philippines in 1939. Moving and rich in historical detail, Philippine Sanctuary reveals new insights for an overlooked period in our recent history, and emphasizes the continued importance of humanitarian efforts to aid those being persecuted.

East of the Storm - Outrunning the Holocaust in Russia (Paperback): Hanna Davidson Pankowsky East of the Storm - Outrunning the Holocaust in Russia (Paperback)
Hanna Davidson Pankowsky; Contributions by Mary Maddock
R516 R416 Discovery Miles 4 160 Save R100 (19%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

On September 27, 1939, after the Nazi invasion, Poland ceased to exist as a nation. Ten-year-old Hanna Davidson's father, Simon, and older brother, Kazik, had been drafted to defend Warsaw. Hanna and her mother, Sofia, found themselves subjected to Hitlers efforts to dehumanize Poland's Jewish population. There seemed no choice but to submit to a ruthless tyranny. Learning that Simon and Kazik were alive in the Soviet-occupied zone of Poland, Hanna and her mother decided to risk a harrowing escape from Nazi Poland into safer Soviet territory. With only the clothes on their backs, they fled their apartment to face a daunting crossing and the threat of persecution under Stalin's regime. As recounted by Hanna, the Davidson's journey into the Soviet interior makes for an extraordinary story. More than a memoir of survival, their story is clearly one of a family whose spirit could not be destroyed by persecution, war, famine, or political oppression.

Operation Swallow - American Soldiers' Remarkable Escape from Berga Concentration Camp (Hardcover): Mark Felton Operation Swallow - American Soldiers' Remarkable Escape from Berga Concentration Camp (Hardcover)
Mark Felton
R660 R524 Discovery Miles 5 240 Save R136 (21%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The true and heroic story of American POWs' daring escape from a Nazi concentration camp.

In this little-known story from World War II, a group of American POW camp leaders risk everything to save hundreds of fellow servicemen from a diabolical Nazi concentration camp. Their story begins in the dark forests of the Ardennes during Christmas 1944 and ends at the Buchenwald Concentration Camp in the spring of 1945. This appalling chapter of US military history and uplifting Holocaust story deserves to be widely known and understood.

Operation Swallow provides a historical, first person perspective of how American GIs stood up against their evil SS captors who were forcing them to work as slave laborers. A young GI is thrust into a leadership position and leads his fellow servicemen on a daring escape. It is a story filled with courage, sacrifice, torture, despair, and salvation. A compelling narrative-driven nonfiction book has not been written that takes the reader deep into the dark story of Operation 'Swallow' and Berga Concentration Camp--until now.

Written from personal testimonies and official documents, Operation Swallow is a tale replete with high adventure, compelling characters, human drama, tragedy, and eventual salvation, from the pen of a master of the modern military narrative.

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