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From Caligari to Hitler - A Psychological History of the German Film (Paperback): Siegfried Kracauer From Caligari to Hitler - A Psychological History of the German Film (Paperback)
Siegfried Kracauer; Introduction by Leonardo Quaresima
R473 R347 Discovery Miles 3 470 Save R126 (27%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

An essential work of the cinematic history of the Weimar Republic by a leading figure of film criticism First published in 1947, From Caligari to Hitler remains an undisputed landmark study of the rich cinematic history of the Weimar Republic. Prominent film critic Siegfried Kracauer examines German society from 1921 to 1933, in light of such movies as The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, M, Metropolis, and The Blue Angel. He explores the connections among film aesthetics, the prevailing psychological state of Germans in the Weimar era, and the evolving social and political reality of the time. Kracauer makes a startling (and still controversial) claim: films as popular art provide insight into the unconscious motivations and fantasies of a nation. With a critical introduction by Leonardo Quaresima which provides context for Kracauer (TM)s scholarship and his contributions to film studies, this Princeton Classics edition makes an influential work available to new generations of cinema enthusiasts.

Using Technology, Building Democracy - Digital Campaigning and the Construction of Citizenship (Paperback): Jessica... Using Technology, Building Democracy - Digital Campaigning and the Construction of Citizenship (Paperback)
Jessica Baldwin-Philippi
R718 Discovery Miles 7 180 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

The days of "revolutionary" campaign strategies are gone. The extraordinary has become ordinary, and campaigns at all levels, from the federal to the municipal, have realized the necessity of incorporating digital media technologies into their communications strategies. Still, little is understood about how these practices have been taken up and routinized on a wide scale, or the ways in which the use of these technologies is tied to new norms and understandings of political participation and citizenship in the digital age. The vocabulary that we do possess for speaking about what counts as citizenship in a digital age is limited. Drawing on ethnographic fieldwork in a federal-level election, interviews with communications and digital media consultants, and textual analysis of campaign materials, this book traces the emergence and solidification of campaign strategies that reflect what it means to be a citizen in the digital era. It identifies shifting norms and emerging trends to build new theories of citizenship in contemporary democracy. Baldwin-Philippi argues that these campaign practices foster engaged and skeptical citizens. But, rather than assess the quality or level of participation and citizenship due to the use of technologies, this book delves into the way that digital strategies depict what "good" citizenship ought to be and the goals and values behind the tactics.

WJEC A2 Media Studies: Study and Revision Guide (Paperback, UK ed.): Christine Bell WJEC A2 Media Studies: Study and Revision Guide (Paperback, UK ed.)
Christine Bell; Edited by Barbara Connell 1
R543 Discovery Miles 5 430 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Endorsed by WJEC and written and edited by experienced senior examiners, this full-colour study guide precisely matches the WJEC A2 Media Studies course. It contains essential course notes, revision and coursework advice and support for every topic in the specification.

Performing Image (Hardcover): Isobel Harbison Performing Image (Hardcover)
Isobel Harbison
R734 R562 Discovery Miles 5 620 Save R172 (23%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

An examination of how artists have combined performance and moving image for decades, anticipating our changing relation to images in the internet era. In Performing Image, Isobel Harbison examines how artists have combined performance and moving image in their work since the 1960s, and how this work anticipates our changing relations to images since the advent of smart phones and the spread of online prosumerism. Over this period, artists have used a variety of DIY modes of self-imaging and circulation-from home video to social media-suggesting how and why Western subjects might seek alternative platforms for self-expression and self-representation. In the course of her argument, Harbison offers close analyses of works by such artists as Robert Rauschenberg, Yvonne Rainer, Mark Leckey, Wu Tsang, and Martine Syms. Harbison argues that while we produce images, images also produce us-those that we take and share, those that we see and assimilate through mass media and social media, those that we encounter in museums and galleries. Although all the artists she examines express their relation to images uniquely, they also offer a vantage point on today's productive-consumptive image circuits in which billions of us are caught. This unregulated, all-encompassing image performativity, Harbison writes, puts us to work, for free, in the service of global corporate expansion. Harbison offers a three-part interpretive framework for understanding this new proximity to images as it is negotiated by these artworks, a detailed outline of a set of connected practices-and a declaration of the value of art in an economy of attention and a crisis of representation.

NGOs as Newsmakers - The Changing Landscape of International News (Hardcover): Matthew Powers NGOs as Newsmakers - The Changing Landscape of International News (Hardcover)
Matthew Powers
R1,644 R1,213 Discovery Miles 12 130 Save R431 (26%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

As traditional news outlets' international coverage has waned, several prominent nongovernmental organizations have taken on a growing number of seemingly journalistic functions. Groups such as Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and M decins Sans Fronti res send reporters to gather information and provide analysis and assign photographers and videographers to boost the visibility of their work. Digital technologies and social media have increased the potential for NGOs to communicate directly with the public, bypassing traditional gatekeepers. But have these efforts changed and expanded traditional news practices and coverage--and are there consequences to blurring the lines between reporting and advocacy? In NGOs as Newsmakers, Matthew Powers analyzes the growing role NGOs play in shaping--and sometimes directly producing--international news. Drawing on interviews, observations, and content analysis, he charts the dramatic growth in NGO news-making efforts, examines whether these efforts increase the organizations' chances of garnering news coverage, and analyzes the effects of digital technologies on publicity strategies. Although the contemporary media environment offers NGOs greater opportunities to shape the news, Powers finds, it also subjects them to news-media norms. While advocacy groups can and do provide coverage of otherwise ignored places and topics, they are still dependent on traditional media and political elites and influenced by the expectations of donors, officials, journalists, and NGOs themselves. Through an unprecedented glimpse into NGOs' newsmaking efforts, Powers portrays the possibilities and limits of NGOs as newsmakers amid the transformations of international news, with important implications for the intersections of journalism and advocacy.

Contagious - How to Build Word of Mouth in the Digital Age (Paperback): Jonah Berger Contagious - How to Build Word of Mouth in the Digital Age (Paperback)
Jonah Berger 1
R230 R138 Discovery Miles 1 380 Save R92 (40%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Why are some products and ideas talked about more than others? Why do some articles make the most emailed list? Why do some YouTube videos go viral? Word-of-mouth. Whether through face-to-face conversations, emails from friends, or online product reviews, the information and opinions we get from others have a strong impact on our own behaviour. Indeed, word-of-mouth generates more than two times the sales of paid advertising and is the primary factor behind 20-50% of all purchasing decisions.It is between 8.5 and 30 times more effective than traditional media.But want to know the best thing about word-of-mouth? It's available to everyone.Whether you're a Fortune 500 company trying to increase sales, a corner restaurant trying to raise awareness, a non-profit trying to fight obesity, or a newbie politician running for city council, word-of-mouth can help you succeed. And you don't have to have millions of dollars to spend on an advertising budget. You just have to get people to talk.The challenge, though, is how to do that. This book will show you how.

What is Media Archaeology? (Hardcover): Jussi Parikka What is Media Archaeology? (Hardcover)
Jussi Parikka
R1,121 R1,016 Discovery Miles 10 160 Save R105 (9%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This cutting-edge text offers an introduction to the emerging field of media archaeology and analyses the innovative theoretical and artistic methodology used to excavate current media through its past.

Written with a steampunk attitude, "What is Media Archaeology? "examines the theoretical challenges of studying digital culture and memory and opens up the sedimented layers of contemporary media culture. The author contextualizes media archaeology in relation to other key media studies debates including software studies, German media theory, imaginary media research, new materialism and digital humanities.

"What is Media Archaeology?" advances an innovative theoretical position while also presenting an engaging and accessible overview for students of media, film and cultural studies. It will be essential reading for anyone interested in the interdisciplinary ties between art, technology and media.

Making is Connecting - The social power of creativity, from craft and knitting to digital everything (Paperback, 2nd Edition):... Making is Connecting - The social power of creativity, from craft and knitting to digital everything (Paperback, 2nd Edition)
David Gauntlett
R376 R311 Discovery Miles 3 110 Save R65 (17%) Shipped within 7 - 13 working days

SECOND UPDATED EDITION, WITH THREE ALL-NEW CHAPTERS The first edition of Making is Connecting struck a chord with crafters, YouTubers, makers, music producers, artists and coders alike. David Gauntlett argues that through making things, people engage with the world and create connections with each other. Online and offline, we see that people want to make their mark, and to make connections. This shift from a `sit-back-and-be-told culture' to a `making-and-doing culture' means that a vast array of people are exchanging their own ideas, videos, and other creative material online, as well as engaging in real-world crafts, music projects, and hands-on experiences. Drawing on evidence from psychology, politics, philosophy, and economics, Gauntlett shows that this everyday creative engagement is necessary and essential for the happiness and survival of modern societies. This fully revised second edition includes many new sections as well as three brand new chapters on creative processes, do-it-yourself strategies, and platforms for creativity.

Live Work Work Work Die - a journey into the savage heart of Silicon Valley (Paperback): Corey Pein Live Work Work Work Die - a journey into the savage heart of Silicon Valley (Paperback)
Corey Pein 1
R234 R180 Discovery Miles 1 800 Save R54 (23%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

`Under the latest iteration of the American Dream, if you aren't a billionaire yet, you haven't tried hard enough.' At the height of the startup boom, journalist Corey Pein sets out for Silicon Valley to make his millions. Plunging headfirst into entrepreneur culture, he joins the thousands of other - mostly white, male - nerds all hoping to become the next Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg. But as he moves from overpriced flat to overpriced tent, lines up at tech conferences where white supremacists spout hatred disguised as innovation, and watches desperate would-be entrepreneurs pay to pitch their ideas to billionaire investors, Pein discovers that the positive, feel-good self-image that the tech tycoons have crafted is a lie. Live Work Work Work Die is a scathing exploration of Silicon Valley tech culture, depicted from the inside. It vividly deconstructs the ultra-libertarian agendas of high-tech leaders and their urgers and acolytes, revealing their insidious visions for our future.

Instagran - When Old People and Technology Collide (Hardcover): Rosie Ryder Instagran - When Old People and Technology Collide (Hardcover)
Rosie Ryder 1
R193 R155 Discovery Miles 1 550 Save R38 (20%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

`What channel is Netflix on?' Modern technology can be daunting, especially if you're a silver surfer. How are you supposed to remember your wifi password when you can't even remember where you left your glasses? Whether you're struggling with social media or wrestling with your word processor, you'll find plenty to laugh about in the browser blunders and phone fails of Instagran.

Insect Media - An Archaeology of Animals and Technology (Paperback): Jussi Parikka Insect Media - An Archaeology of Animals and Technology (Paperback)
Jussi Parikka
R504 R435 Discovery Miles 4 350 Save R69 (14%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Since the early nineteenth century, when entomologists first popularized the unique biological and behavioral characteristics of insects, technological innovators and theorists have proposed insects as templates for a wide range of technologies. In "Insect Media," Jussi Parikka analyzes how insect forms of social organization-swarms, hives, webs, and distributed intelligence-have been used to structure modern media technologies and the network society, providing a radical new perspective on the interconnection of biology and technology.
Through close engagement with the pioneering work of insect ethologists, including Jakob von Uexkull and Karl von Frisch, posthumanist philosophers, media theorists, and contemporary filmmakers and artists, Parikka develops an insect theory of media, one that conceptualizes modern media as more than the products of individual human actors, social interests, or technological determinants. They are, rather, profoundly nonhuman phenomena that both draw on and mimic the alien lifeworlds of insects.
Deftly moving from the life sciences to digital technology, from popular culture to avant-garde art and architecture, and from philosophy to cybernetics and game theory, Parikka provides innovative conceptual tools for exploring the phenomena of network society and culture. Challenging anthropocentric approaches to contemporary science and culture, "Insect Media" reveals the possibilities that insects and other nonhuman animals offer for rethinking media, the conflation of biology and technology, and our understanding of, and interaction with, contemporary digital culture.

Communication, Cultural and Media Studies - The Key Concepts (Paperback, 5th New edition): John Hartley Communication, Cultural and Media Studies - The Key Concepts (Paperback, 5th New edition)
John Hartley
R581 Discovery Miles 5 810 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
Media Borders, Multimodality and Intermediality (Hardcover): Lars Ellestrom Media Borders, Multimodality and Intermediality (Hardcover)
Lars Ellestrom
R2,179 Discovery Miles 21 790 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

A groundbreaking collection of essays looking at the concepts of 'intermediality' and 'multimodality' - the relationship between various forms of art and new media - and including case studies ranging from music, film and architecture to medieval ballads, biopoetry and Lettrism.

Handbook of Digital Politics (Hardcover): Stephen Coleman, Deen Freelon Handbook of Digital Politics (Hardcover)
Stephen Coleman, Deen Freelon
R3,740 Discovery Miles 37 400 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Politics continues to evolve in the digital era, spurred in part by the accelerating pace of technological development. This cutting-edge Handbook includes the very latest research on the relationship between digital information, communication technologies and politics. Written by leading scholars in the field, the chapters explore in seven parts: theories of digital politics, government and policy, collective action and civic engagement, political talk, journalism, internet governance and new frontiers in digital politics research. The contributors focus on the politics behind the implementation of digital technologies in society today. All students in the fields of politics, media and communication studies, journalism, science and sociology will find this book to be a useful resource in their studies. Political practitioners seeking digital strategies, as well as web and other digital practitioners wanting to know more about political applications for their work will also find this book to be of interest.

Place and Postcolonial Ecofeminism - Pakistani Women's Literary and Cinematic Fictions (Paperback): Shazia Rahman Place and Postcolonial Ecofeminism - Pakistani Women's Literary and Cinematic Fictions (Paperback)
Shazia Rahman
R602 R487 Discovery Miles 4 870 Save R115 (19%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Place and Postcolonial Ecofeminism provides a nuanced analysis of Pakistani women's lives, particularly in terms of how they engage with the environment, through readings of their literary and cinematic fictions. Shazia Rahman demonstrates the ways in which these women explore alternative, environmental means of belonging, examines the vitality of place-based identities within Pakistani culture, and, as such, contributes to evolving understandings of Pakistani women-both in relation to their environment as well as to various discourses of nation and patriarchy. Deploying a postcolonial, ecofeminist approach, Place and Postcolonial Ecofeminism allows theories of space and place-based identities to supply a framework for exploring everyday practices represented within Pakistani women's film and literature-the material reality of how people live among each other, deal with their environment, and intuit their relationship with the spiritual. By analyzing the cinematic and literary fictions that portray Pakistani women's engagements with the more-than-human environment, Rahman explains how nationalist and religious identifications exist simultaneously with less visible narratives of belonging, thereby enriching the understanding of the ways Pakistani women explore alternative, environmental ways of inclusion in order to counter dominant discourses of religious nationalism and global Islam.

Keywords - A Vocabulary of Culture and Society (Paperback, New Ed): Raymond Williams Keywords - A Vocabulary of Culture and Society (Paperback, New Ed)
Raymond Williams
R233 R162 Discovery Miles 1 620 Save R71 (30%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Raymond Williams' seminal exploration of the history of meaning of some of the most important words in the English language. First published in 1976, and expanded in 1983, KEYWORDS reveals how the meanings of 131 words - including `art', `class', `family', `media', `sex' and `tradition' - were formed and subsequently altered and redefined as the historical contexts in which they were used changed. Neither a defining dictionary or glossary, KEYWORDS is rather a brilliant investigation into how the meanings of some of the most important words in the English language have shifted over time, and the forces that brought about those shifts.

The Colorblind Screen - Television in Post-Racial America (Paperback): Sarah E. Turner The Colorblind Screen - Television in Post-Racial America (Paperback)
Sarah E. Turner; Edited by Sarah Nilsen
R554 R476 Discovery Miles 4 760 Save R78 (14%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The election of President Barack Obama signaled for many therealization of a post-racial America, a nation in which racism was no longer adefining social, cultural, and political issue. While many Americans espouse a"colorblind" racial ideology and publicly endorse the broad goals ofintegration and equal treatment without regard to race, in actuality thisattitude serves to reify and legitimize racism and protects racial privilegesby denying and minimizing the effects of systematic and institutionalizedracism. In The Colorblind Screen, the contributors examinetelevision's role as the major discursive medium in the articulation andcontestation of racialized identities in the United States. While the dominantmode of televisual racialization has shifted to a "colorblind" ideology thatforegrounds racial differences in order to celebrate multiculturalassimilation, the volume investigates how this practice denies the significantsocial, economic, and political realities and inequalities that continue todefine race relations today. Focusing on such iconic figures as PresidentObama, LeBron James, and Oprah Winfrey, many chapters examine the ways in whichrace is read by television audiences and fans. Other essays focus on how visualconstructions of race in dramas like 24, Sleeper Cell, and The Wantedcontinue to conflate Arab and Muslim identities in post-9/11 television. Thevolume offers an important intervention in the study of the televisualrepresentation of race, engaging with multiple aspects of the mythologiesdeveloping around notions of a "post-racial" America and the duplicitousdiscursive rationale offered by the ideology of colorblindness.

Handbook on the Economics of the Media (Hardcover): Robert G. Picard, Steve S. Wildman Handbook on the Economics of the Media (Hardcover)
Robert G. Picard, Steve S. Wildman
R3,474 Discovery Miles 34 740 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Media industries and services present a complex set of challenges to economic analysis: challenges made more difficult by the technological changes that have been transforming the media sector. Research on the economics of media has made major advances in recent years and has contributed greatly to an increasingly sophisticated understanding of how media are shaped by economic forces, including those unleashed by new technologies. This Handbook examines the variety of contexts and infrastructures in which content is produced and distributed and how these influence the types of media products and services available, their pricing, their consumption and the public policies related to them. The original contributions provide a state-of-the-art guide to the most recent thinking and research findings on the broad range of media-related topics addressed by economics research. Written by leading scholars, this book should be informative and of practical value for advanced students, policy makers, industry professionals, economists, media economists, and other academics.

Advertising and Consumer Culture in China (Paperback): Hongmei Li Advertising and Consumer Culture in China (Paperback)
Hongmei Li
R364 Discovery Miles 3 640 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This book provides a comprehensive analysis of Chinese advertising as an industry, a discourse and profession in China's search for modernity and cultural globalization. It compares and contrasts the advertising practices of Chinese advertising agencies and foreign advertising agencies, and Chinese brands and foreign brands, with a particular focus on the newest digital advertising practices in the post WTO era. Based on extensive interviews, participant observation, and a critical analysis of secondary data, Li offers an engaging analysis of the transformation of Chinese advertising in the past three decades in Post-Mao China. Drawing upon theories of political economy, media, and cultural studies, her analysis offers most significant insights in advertising and consumer culture as well as the economic, social, political, and cultural transformations in China. The book is essential for students and scholars of communication, media, cultural studies and international business, and all those interested in cultural globalization and China.

The Qualified Self - Social Media and the Accounting of Everyday Life (Hardcover): Lee Humphreys The Qualified Self - Social Media and the Accounting of Everyday Life (Hardcover)
Lee Humphreys
R574 R445 Discovery Miles 4 450 Save R129 (22%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

How sharing the mundane details of daily life did not start with Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube but with pocket diaries, photo albums, and baby books. Social critiques argue that social media have made us narcissistic, that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube are all vehicles for me-promotion. In The Qualified Self, Lee Humphreys offers a different view. She shows that sharing the mundane details of our lives-what we ate for lunch, where we went on vacation, who dropped in for a visit-didn't begin with mobile devices and social media. People have used media to catalog and share their lives for several centuries. Pocket diaries, photo albums, and baby books are the predigital precursors of today's digital and mobile platforms for posting text and images. The ability to take selfies has not turned us into needy narcissists; it's part of a longer story about how people account for everyday life. Humphreys refers to diaries in which eighteenth-century daily life is documented with the brevity and precision of a tweet, and cites a nineteenth-century travel diary in which a young woman complains that her breakfast didn't agree with her. Diaries, Humphreys explains, were often written to be shared with family and friends. Pocket diaries were as mobile as smartphones, allowing the diarist to record life in real time. Humphreys calls this chronicling, in both digital and nondigital forms, media accounting. The sense of self that emerges from media accounting is not the purely statistics-driven "quantified self," but the more well-rounded qualified self. We come to understand ourselves in a new way through the representations of ourselves that we create to be consumed.

Create to Learn - Introduction to Digital Literacy (Paperback): Renee R. Hobbs Create to Learn - Introduction to Digital Literacy (Paperback)
Renee R. Hobbs
R665 R527 Discovery Miles 5 270 Save R138 (21%) Shipped within 7 - 13 working days

Want to learn something well? Make media to advance knowledge and gain new ideas. You don t have to be a communication professional to create to learn. Today, with free and low-cost digital tools, everyone can compose videos, blogs and websites, remixes, podcasts, screencasts, infographics, animation, remixes and more. By creating to learn, people internalize ideas and express information creatively in ways that may inspire others. Create to Learn is a ground-breaking book that helps learners create multimedia texts as they develop both critical thinking and communication skills. Written by Renee Hobbs, one of the foremost experts in media literacy, this book introduces a wide range of conceptual principles at the heart of multimedia composition and digital pedagogy. Its approach is useful for anyone who sees the profound educational value of creating multimedia projects in an increasingly digital and connected world. Students will become skilled multimedia communicators by learning how to gather information, generate ideas, and develop media projects using contemporary digital tools and platforms. Illustrative examples from a variety of student-produced multimedia projects along with helpful online materials offer support and boost confidence. Create to Learn will help anyone make informed and strategic communication decisions as they create media for any academic, personal or professional project.

Humor and Nonviolent Struggle in Serbia (Hardcover): Janjira Sombatpoonsiri Humor and Nonviolent Struggle in Serbia (Hardcover)
Janjira Sombatpoonsiri
R890 R812 Discovery Miles 8 120 Save R78 (9%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

If I had no sense of humour, I should long ago have committed suicide," wrote the late Mahatma Gandhi, expressing the potent power of humour to sustain and uplift. Less obvious is humour's ability to operate as a cunning weapon in nonviolent protest movements. Over the last few decades, activists are increasingly incorporating subversive laughter in their protest repertoires, realizing the ways in which it challenges the ruling elite's propaganda, defuses antagonism, and inspires both participants and the greater population. In this highly original and engaging work, Sombatpoonsiri explores the nexus between humour and nonviolent protest, aiming to enhance our understanding of the growing popularity of humour in protest movements around the world. Drawing on insights from the pioneering Otpor activists in Serbia, she provides a detailed account of the protesters' systematic use of humour to topple Slobadan Milosevi? in 2000. Interviews with activists, protest newsletters, and documentaries of the movement combine to illustrate how humour played a pivotal role by reflecting the absurdity of the regime's propaganda and, in turn, by delegitimizing its authority. Sombatpoonsiri highlights the Otpor activists' ability to internationalize their nonviolent crusade, influencing youth movements in the Ukraine, Georgia, Iran, and Egypt. Globally, Otpor's successful use of humour became an inspiration for a later generation of protest movements.

The Meaning of the Library - A Cultural History (Paperback): Alice Crawford The Meaning of the Library - A Cultural History (Paperback)
Alice Crawford
R400 R320 Discovery Miles 3 200 Save R80 (20%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

From Greek and Roman times to the digital era, the library has remained central to knowledge, scholarship, and the imagination. The Meaning of the Library is a generously illustrated examination of this key institution of Western culture. Tracing what the library has meant since its beginning, examining how its significance has shifted, and pondering its importance in the twenty-first century, notable contributors--including the Librarian of Congress and the former executive director of the HathiTrust--present a cultural history of the library. In an informative introduction, Alice Crawford sets out the book's purpose and scope, and an international array of scholars, librarians, writers, and critics offer vivid perspectives about the library through their chosen fields. The Meaning of the Library will appeal to all who are interested in this vital institution's heritage and ongoing legacy.

#Republic - Divided Democracy in the Age of Social Media (Paperback): Cass R. Sunstein #Republic - Divided Democracy in the Age of Social Media (Paperback)
Cass R. Sunstein; Afterword by Cass R. Sunstein
R397 R322 Discovery Miles 3 220 Save R75 (19%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

From the New York Times bestselling author of Nudge and The World According to Star Wars, a revealing account of how today's Internet threatens democracy--and what can be done about it As the Internet grows more sophisticated, it is creating new threats to democracy. Social media companies such as Facebook can sort us ever more efficiently into groups of the like-minded, creating echo chambers that amplify our views. It's no accident that on some occasions, people of different political views cannot even understand one another. It's also no surprise that terrorist groups have been able to exploit social media to deadly effect. Welcome to the age of #Republic. In this revealing book, New York Times bestselling author Cass Sunstein shows how today's Internet is driving political fragmentation, polarization, and even extremism--and what can be done about it. He proposes practical and legal changes to make the Internet friendlier to democratic deliberation, showing that #Republic need not be an ironic term. Rather, it can be a rallying cry for the kind of democracy that citizens of diverse societies need most.

Racism and Media (Paperback): Gavan Titley Racism and Media (Paperback)
Gavan Titley
R687 R528 Discovery Miles 5 280 Save R159 (23%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

New media have radically altered our understanding of racism, so that an issue that has too often been assumed to belong to the past has been thrust into the contemporary mainstream. In light of the clear impact of both traditional and new media on Brexit in the UK and the Trump Presidency in the US, it is imperative for students of media and public discourse to examine the role played by the media in the generation, circulation and contestation of racist ideas. In Racism and Media, Gavan Titley: Explains why racism is such a complex and contested concept Provides a set of theoretical and analytical tools with which to interrogate the empirical world of racism and media Demonstrates methods' application through a wide range of case studies, taking in examples from the UK, US, Europe and Australia Examines the rise and impact of online and social media racism Invites readers to confront tensions in their own experiences of racism and media This book is an essential companion for students of media, communications, sociology and cultural studies.

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