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The Media and Sino-American Rapprochement, 1963-1972 - A Comparative Study (Hardcover): Guolin Yi The Media and Sino-American Rapprochement, 1963-1972 - A Comparative Study (Hardcover)
Guolin Yi
R1,248 Discovery Miles 12 480 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

An important new cultural study of the Cold War, Guolin Yi's The Media and Sino-American Rapprochement, 1963-1972 analyzes how the media in both countries shaped public perceptions of the changing relations between China and the United States in the decade prior to Richard Nixon's visit to Beijing. This book offers the first systematic study of Cankao Xiaoxi (Reference News), an internal Chinese newspaper that carried relatively objective stories the Xinhua News Agency translated from world news media for circulation among Communist cadres. As the main channel for the cadres to learn about the outside world, this newspaper provides a window into China's evolving foreign policy, including the reception of signals from the Nixon administration. Yi compares this internal communications channel with the public accounts contained in the more widely circulated newspaper People's Daily, a chief propaganda outlet of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) directed at its own people and China watchers all over the world. A third level of communication emerges in classified CCP instructions and government documents. By approaching the Chinese communication system on three levels - internal, public, and classified - Yi's analysis demonstrates how people at different positions in the political hierarchy accessed varying types of information, allowing him to chart the development of Beijing's approach to the U.S. government. In a corresponding analysis of the defining features of American reporting on China, Yi considers the impact of government-media relationships in the United States during the Cold War. Alongside prominent magazines and newspapers, particularly the New York Times and the Washington Post in their differing coverage of key events, Yi discusses television networks, which proved vital for promoting the success of Ping-Pong Diplomacy and the impact of Nixon's visit in 1972. With its comparative study of news outlets in the two countries, The Media and Sino-American Rapprochement, 1963-1972 presents a thorough and comprehensive perspective on the role of the media in influencing domestic Chinese and American public opinion during a critical decade.

Overwhelmed - Literature, Aesthetics, and the Nineteenth-Century Information Revolution (Hardcover): Maurice S. Lee Overwhelmed - Literature, Aesthetics, and the Nineteenth-Century Information Revolution (Hardcover)
Maurice S. Lee
R940 R729 Discovery Miles 7 290 Save R211 (22%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

An engaging look at how debates over the fate of literature in our digital age are powerfully conditioned by the nineteenth century's information revolution What happens to literature during an information revolution? How do readers and writers adapt to proliferating data and texts? These questions appear uniquely urgent today in a world of information overload, big data, and the digital humanities. But as Maurice Lee shows in Overwhelmed, these concerns are not new-they also mattered in the nineteenth century, as the rapid expansion of print created new relationships between literature and information. Exploring four key areas-reading, searching, counting, and testing-in which nineteenth-century British and American literary practices engaged developing information technologies, Overwhelmed delves into a diverse range of writings, from canonical works by Coleridge, Emerson, Charlotte Bronte, Hawthorne, and Dickens to lesser-known texts such as popular adventure novels, standardized literature tests, antiquarian journals, and early statistical literary criticism. In doing so, Lee presents a new argument: rather than being at odds, as generations of critics have viewed them, literature and information in the nineteenth century were entangled in surprisingly collaborative ways. An unexpected, historically grounded look at how a previous information age offers new ways to think about the anxieties and opportunities of our own, Overwhelmed illuminates today's debates about the digital humanities, the crisis in the humanities, and the future of literature.

Introducing Cultural and Media Studies - A Semiotic Approach (Paperback): Tony Thwaites, Lloyd Davis, Warwick Mules Introducing Cultural and Media Studies - A Semiotic Approach (Paperback)
Tony Thwaites, Lloyd Davis, Warwick Mules
R851 Discovery Miles 8 510 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This second edition of the popular introductory textbook Tools for Cultural Studies, has been thoroughly revised and updated for a new generation of students taking introductory courses in cultural studies and cultural analysis at a tertiary level. It provides a solid grounding in the key terms and theories necessary for the study of popular culture and media texts. Without underestimating the complexity of the social, this text encourages a critical and inventive attitude to cultural theory and, through its practical step-by-step approach, is very confidence-building.

The Politicization of Mumsnet (Paperback): Sarah Pedersen The Politicization of Mumsnet (Paperback)
Sarah Pedersen
R504 Discovery Miles 5 040 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This book investigates the growing politicization of Mumsnet and its use by politicians to influence middle-class women in the UK. The site's discussion topics go far beyond traditional 'mothering' subjects and encompass politics, feminism and current affairs. Understood as a safe space for gender-critical voices, the site has spawned real-life activism and continues to be both praised and attacked for its support of free speech on controversial subjects. Sarah Pedersen investigates how Mumsnet has become a central part of a resurgent women's rights movement in the UK. She argues that its openness to discussion around this subject has allowed the site to function as a subaltern counter-public - a space where gender-critical feminists have been able to share information and make plans for action and agitation.

Information Wars - How We Lost the Global Battle Against Disinformation and What We Can Do about It (Hardcover): Richard Stengel Information Wars - How We Lost the Global Battle Against Disinformation and What We Can Do about It (Hardcover)
Richard Stengel
R668 R532 Discovery Miles 5 320 Save R136 (20%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Disinformation is as old as humanity. When Satan told Eve nothing would happen if she bit the apple, that was disinformation. But the rise of social media has made disinformation even more pervasive and pernicious in our current era. In a disturbing turn of events, governments are increasingly using disinformation to create their own false narratives, and democracies are proving not to be very good at fighting it. During the final three years of the Obama administration, Richard Stengel, the former editor of Time and an Under Secretary of State, was on the front lines of this new global information war. At the time, he was the single person in government tasked with unpacking, disproving, and combating both ISIS's messaging and Russian disinformation. Then, in 2016, as the presidential election unfolded, Stengel watched as Donald Trump used disinformation himself, weaponizing the grievances of Americans who felt left out by modernism. In fact, Stengel quickly came to see how all three players had used the same playbook: ISIS sought to make Islam great again; Putin tried to make Russia great again; and we all know about Trump. In a narrative that is by turns dramatic and eye-opening, Information Wars walks readers through of this often frustrating battle. Stengel moves through Russia and Ukraine, Saudi Arabia and Iraq, and introduces characters from Putin to Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and Mohamed bin Salman to show how disinformation is impacting our global society. He illustrates how ISIS terrorized the world using social media, and how the Russians launched a tsunami of disinformation around the annexation of Crimea - a scheme that became the model for their interference with the 2016 presidential election. An urgent book for our times, Information Wars stresses that we must find a way to combat this ever growing threat to democracy.

A History of Journalism and Communication in China (Hardcover): Yunze Zhao, Ping Sun A History of Journalism and Communication in China (Hardcover)
Yunze Zhao, Ping Sun
R3,332 Discovery Miles 33 320 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

From a modern perspective, journalism is highly relevant to modern society, along with the emergence of mass printing system and professionalisation. This book, however, expands the meaning of journalism and views it as a social process. It will not only explore the roots and development of Chinese journalism and communication, but also demonstrate how Chinese journalism and communication interact and struggle with social culture and politics. Arranged in chronological order mainly, this book examines the initial development of Chinese journalism in ancient times in chapter 1, which from then manifested strong political attributes. After the Opium War in 1840, missionaries and businessmen from the West started to set up newspapers and periodicals in China, which brought about the birth of China's modern journalism industry. Then China's private newspapers and political party's press are studied, which are closely linked with political revolutions and have a far-reaching impact on modern Chinese society. What happened to Chinese journalism and communication after the founding of People's Republic of China in 1949? This book reviews the newspaper reforms, and studies the great negative impacts brought by "Cultural Revolution". Noteworthy news phenomena after the reform and opening-up are also covered. This book will appeal to scholars and students in journalism, communication and Chinese studies. Readers interested in Chinese society and modern Chinese history will also be attracted by it.

The Music Industry - Music in the Cloud (Paperback): Patrik Wikstroem The Music Industry - Music in the Cloud (Paperback)
Patrik Wikstroem
R578 Discovery Miles 5 780 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Since the first edition was published in 2009, Patrik Wikstroem's The Music Industry has become a go-to text for students and scholars. This thoroughly updated third edition provides an international overview of the music industry and its future prospects in the world of global entertainment. The music industry has experienced two turbulent decades of immense change brought about in part by the digital revolution. How has the industry been transformed by these economic and technological upheavals, and how is it likely to change in the future? What is the role of music in this digital age? Wikstroem illuminates the workings of the industry, deftly capturing the dynamics at work in the production of musical culture between the transnational media conglomerates, the independent music companies and the public. New to this third edition are expanded sections on the changing structure of the music industry, the impact of digitization on music listening practices, and the evolution of music streaming platforms. Engaging and comprehensive, The Music Industry is a must-read for students and scholars of media and communication studies, cultural studies, popular music, sociology and economics.

Baseball as Mediated Latinidad - Race, Masculinity, Nationalism, and Performances of Identity (Paperback): Jennifer Domino... Baseball as Mediated Latinidad - Race, Masculinity, Nationalism, and Performances of Identity (Paperback)
Jennifer Domino Rudolph
R938 Discovery Miles 9 380 Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Paparazzi - Media Practices and Celebrity Culture (Paperback): Kim McNamara Paparazzi - Media Practices and Celebrity Culture (Paperback)
Kim McNamara
R439 Discovery Miles 4 390 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Paparazzi photography has emerged as a key element in today s media landscape. This book charts the historical and cultural significance of the industry, profiles its protagonists and discusses how its imagery of celebrity have become a major part of media consumption. Kim McNamara examines the various ways in which the controversial paparazzi industry is structured, including its workforce practices, development of image markets, and how it has been reconfigured during the transition from analogue paper-based photography to digital platforms. It adds to the literature on celebrity studies, unraveling the importance of the paparazzi to celebrities, and the integral nature of images - both spontaneous and staged to public relations and marketing content. Based on interviews worldwide with key industry players, including agency managers, photo editors and photographers, from Los Angeles to London, the book argues that the paparazzi should be given central importance in any analysis of media culture.

Nightmares in the Dream Sanctuary - War and the Animated Film (Hardcover): Donna Kornhaber Nightmares in the Dream Sanctuary - War and the Animated Film (Hardcover)
Donna Kornhaber
R823 R643 Discovery Miles 6 430 Save R180 (22%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

In 2008, Waltz with Bashir shocked the world by presenting a bracing story of war in what seemed like the most unlikely of formats--an animated film. Yet as Donna Kornhaber shows in this pioneering new book, the relationship between animation and war is actually as old as film itself. The world's very first animated movie was made to solicit donations for the Second Boer War, and even Walt Disney sent his earliest creations off to fight on gruesome animated battlefields drawn from his First World War experience. As Kornhaber strikingly demonstrates, the tradition of wartime animation, long ignored by scholars and film buffs alike, is one of the world's richest archives of wartime memory and witness. Generation after generation, artists have turned to this most fantastical of mediums to capture real-life horrors they can express in no other way. From Chinese animators depicting the Japanese invasion of Shanghai to Bosnian animators portraying the siege of Sarajevo, from African animators documenting ethnic cleansing to South American animators reflecting on torture and civil war, from Vietnam-era protest films to the films of the French Resistance, from first-hand memories of Hiroshima to the haunting work of Holocaust survivors, the animated medium has for more than a century served as a visual repository for some of the darkest chapters in human history. It is a tradition that continues even to this day, in animated shorts made by Russian dissidents decrying the fighting in Ukraine, American soldiers returning from Iraq, or Middle Eastern artists commenting on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Arab Spring, or the ongoing crisis in Yemen. Nightmares in the Dream Sanctuary: War and the Animated Film vividly tells the story of these works and many others, covering the full history of animated film and spanning the entire globe. A rich, serious, and deeply felt work of groundbreaking media history, it is also an emotional testament to the power of art to capture the endurance of the human spirit in the face of atrocity.

Moscow Prime Time - How the Soviet Union Built the Media Empire that Lost the Cultural Cold War (Paperback): Kristin Roth-Ey Moscow Prime Time - How the Soviet Union Built the Media Empire that Lost the Cultural Cold War (Paperback)
Kristin Roth-Ey
R655 R552 Discovery Miles 5 520 Save R103 (16%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

When Nikita Khrushchev visited Hollywood in 1959 only to be scandalized by a group of scantily clad actresses, his message was blunt: Soviet culture would soon consign the mass culture of the West, epitomized by Hollywood, to the "dustbin of history." In Moscow Prime Time, a portrait of the Soviet broadcasting and film industries and of everyday Soviet consumers from the end of World War II through the 1970s, Kristin Roth-Ey shows us how and why Khrushchev's ambitious vision ultimately failed to materialize.

The USSR surged full force into the modern media age after World War II, building cultural infrastructures and audiences that were among the world's largest. Soviet people were enthusiastic radio listeners, TV watchers, and moviegoers, and the great bulk of what they were consuming was not the dissident culture that made headlines in the West, but orthodox, made-in-the-USSR content. This, then, was Soviet culture's real prime time and a major achievement for a regime that had long touted easy, everyday access to a socialist cultural experience as a birthright. Yet Soviet success also brought complex and unintended consequences.

Emphasizing such factors as the rise of the single-family household and of a more sophisticated consumer culture, the long reach and seductive influence of foreign media, and the workings of professional pride and raw ambition in the media industries, Roth-Ey shows a Soviet media empire transformed from within in the postwar era. The result, she finds, was something dynamic and volatile: a new Soviet culture, with its center of gravity shifted from the lecture hall to the living room, and a new brand of cultural experience, at once personal, immediate, and eclectic a new Soviet culture increasingly similar, in fact, to that of its self-defined enemy, the mass culture of the West. By the 1970s, the Soviet media empire, stretching far beyond its founders' wildest dreams, was busily undermining the very promise of a unique Soviet culture and visibly losing the cultural cold war. Moscow Prime Time is the first book to untangle the paradoxes of Soviet success and failure in the postwar media age."

The Digital Prism - Transparency and Managed Visibilities in a Datafied World (Paperback): Mikkel Flyverbom The Digital Prism - Transparency and Managed Visibilities in a Datafied World (Paperback)
Mikkel Flyverbom
R598 Discovery Miles 5 980 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

We live in times of transparency. Digital technologies expose everything we do, like, and search for, and it is difficult to remain private and out of sight. Meanwhile, many people are concerned about the unchecked powers of tech giants and the hidden operations of big data, artificial intelligence and algorithms and call for more openness and insight. How do we - as individuals, companies and societies - deal with these technological and social transformations? Seen through the prism of digital technologies and data, our lives take new shapes and we are forced to manage our visibilities carefully. This book challenges common ways of thinking about transparency, and argues that the management of visibilities is a crucial, but overlooked force that influences how people live, how organizations work, and how societies and politics operate in a digital, datafied world.

Technology and the Diva - Sopranos, Opera, and Media from Romanticism to the Digital Age (Hardcover): Karen Henson Technology and the Diva - Sopranos, Opera, and Media from Romanticism to the Digital Age (Hardcover)
Karen Henson
R1,925 R1,792 Discovery Miles 17 920 Save R133 (7%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In Technology and the Diva, Karen Henson brings together an interdisciplinary group of scholars to explore the neglected subject of opera and technology. Their essays focus on the operatic soprano and her relationships with technology from the heyday of Romanticism in the 1820s and 1830s to the twenty-first-century digital age. The authors pay particular attention to the soprano in her larger than life form, as the 'diva', and they consider how her voice and allure have been created by technologies and media including stagecraft and theatrical lighting, journalism, the telephone, sound recording, and visual media from the painted portrait to the high definition simulcast. In doing so, the authors experiment with new approaches to the female singer, to opera in the modern - and post-modern - eras, and to the often controversial subject of opera's involvement with technology and technological innovation.

Old Books, New Technologies - The Representation, Conservation and Transformation of Books since 1700 (Hardcover, New): David... Old Books, New Technologies - The Representation, Conservation and Transformation of Books since 1700 (Hardcover, New)
David McKitterick
R1,823 Discovery Miles 18 230 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

As we rely increasingly on digital resources, and libraries discard large parts of their older collections, what is our responsibility to preserve 'old books' for the future? David McKitterick's lively and wide-ranging study explores how old books have been represented and interpreted from the eighteenth century to the present day. Conservation of these texts has taken many forms, from early methods of counterfeiting, imitation and rebinding to modern practices of microfilming, digitisation and photography. Using a comprehensive range of examples, McKitterick reveals these practices and their effects to address wider questions surrounding the value of printed books, both in terms of their content and their status as historical objects. Creating a link between historical approaches and the emerging technologies of the future, this book furthers our understanding of old books and their significance in a world of emerging digital technology.

Political Participation in a Changing World - Conceptual and Empirical Challenges in the Study of Citizen Engagement... Political Participation in a Changing World - Conceptual and Empirical Challenges in the Study of Citizen Engagement (Hardcover)
Yannis Theocharis, Jan W. Van Deth
R1,195 Discovery Miles 11 950 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In the last decades, political participation expanded continuously. This expansion includes activities as diverse as voting, tweeting, signing petitions, changing your social media profile, demonstrating, boycotting products, joining flash mobs, attending meetings, throwing seedbombs, and donating money. But if political participation is so diverse, how do we recognize participation when we see it? Despite the growing interest in new forms of citizen engagement in politics, there is virtually no systematic research investigating what these new and emerging forms of engagement look like, how prevalent they are in various societies, and how they fit within the broader structure of well-known participatory acts conceptually and empirically. The rapid spread of internet-based activities especially underlines the urgency to deal with such challenges. In this book, Yannis Theocharis and Jan W. van Deth put forward a systematic and unified approach to explore political participation and offer new conceptual and empirical tools with which to study it. Political Participation in a Changing World will assist both scholars and students of political behaviour to systematically study new forms of political participation without losing track of more conventional political activities.

True or False - A CIA Analyst's Guide to Spotting Fake News (Hardcover): Cindy L Otis True or False - A CIA Analyst's Guide to Spotting Fake News (Hardcover)
Cindy L Otis
R465 R377 Discovery Miles 3 770 Save R88 (19%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

'Fake news' is a term you've probably heard a lot in the last few years, but it's not a new phenomenon. From the ancient Egyptians to the French Revolution to Jack the Ripper and the founding fathers, fake news has been around as long as human civilization. But that doesn't mean that we should just give up on the idea of finding the truth. In True or False, former CIA analyst Cindy Otis will take readers through the history and impact of misinformation over the centuries, sharing stories from the past and insights that readers today can gain from them. Then, she shares lessons learned in over a decade working for the CIA, including actionable tips on how to spot fake news, how to make sense of the information we receive each day, and, perhaps most importantly, how to understand and see past our own information biases, so that we can think critically about important issues and put events happening around us into context.

The Medium is the Massage - An Inventory of Effects (Paperback, New edition): Marshall McLuhan, Quentin Fiore, Jerome Agel The Medium is the Massage - An Inventory of Effects (Paperback, New edition)
Marshall McLuhan, Quentin Fiore, Jerome Agel
R323 R262 Discovery Miles 2 620 Save R61 (19%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

30 years after its publication Marshall McLuhan's The Medium is the Massage remains his most entertaining, provocative, and piquant book. With every technological and social "advance" McLuhan's proclamation that "the media work us over completely" becomes more evident and plain. In his words, Uso pervasive are they in their personal, political, economic, aesthetic, psychological, moral, ethical and social consequences that they leave no part of us untouched, unaffected, or unaltered'. McLuhan's remarkable observation that "societies have always been shaped more by the nature of the media by which men communicate than by the content of the communication" is undoubtedly more relevant today than ever before. With the rise of the internet and the explosion of the digital revolution there has never been a better time to revisit Marshall McLuhan.

Visual Storytelling: Infographic Design in News (Hardcover): Liu Yikun, Don G Zhao Visual Storytelling: Infographic Design in News (Hardcover)
Liu Yikun, Don G Zhao
R827 R656 Discovery Miles 6 560 Save R171 (21%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This book introduces the developmental history and characteristics of data journalism, describing its classification and the features of journalism published by world-renowned media. How do data journalism designers overcome information overload in today's fast-paced environment, and find simple and compelling methods to filter and convey news content? One of the most effective ways is to use dynamic infographics and data visualisations. The use of powerful graphics and illustrations will capture the viewer's attention and interest, and by burying boring data creatively, strong graphics will provide a clever and compelling visual story that's driven by accessible and clear communication. This book introduces the developmental history and characteristics of data journalism, describing its classification and the features of journalism published by world-renowned media. It focuses on the design and production of data journalism, explaining the basic elements of design, common design methods and includes showcase designs from the simple to the very complex. This volume helps show how and where to find opportunities to use creative graphics and illustrations, including hand-painted illustrations. This book is a must-have for professional designers and design students, or those readers who are interested in compelling visual storytelling through design. AUTHOR: Liuyi Kun, associate professor of Department of Journalism and Communication, Arts and Media Institute, China University of Geosciences(Wuhan), and visiting scholar of Chinese University of Hong Kong. He was a reporter of 'Metropolis Daily,' who is now engaged in the research of new media, data journalism, and news commentary. He has published more than 20 articles in 'Modern Communication, News Reporters' and other academic journals, and nearly three million words of news commentary in various media. Dong Zhao is a PhD at the University of California, San Diego. SELLING POINTS: - Data journalism design is a new form of visual communication that is refined from data visualisation and news design. It contains infographic characteristics, but it's quite compelling, and differs from conventional picture news design - The innovative visual graphics showcased here are created by renowned professional designers from across the United States, Britain, Italy, Brazil, and France. Their extraordinary designs are often featured in well-known international media outlets, newspapers and magazines 400 col.

Same-Sex Marriage and Social Media - How Online Networks Accelerated the Marriage Equality Movement (Paperback): Rhonda Gibson Same-Sex Marriage and Social Media - How Online Networks Accelerated the Marriage Equality Movement (Paperback)
Rhonda Gibson
R943 Discovery Miles 9 430 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

According to polls, from the early noughties to now, public support for same-sex marriage has increased dramatically. Same-Sex Marriage and Social Media asks how such a rate of attitude change came about and, more specifically, what role social media played. Digital platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have proved to be useful outlets for political expression, and Rhonda Gibson explores how this came to benefit the marriage equality movement. Drawing on a wealth of movement-related discourse, the book looks at: how marriage equality was framed by news companies online and in print; the digital strategies deployed by LGBT+ rights organizations and their opponents to gain support; the corporate response to the same-sex marriage debate; the effect of perceived public opinion and the concept of social identity on how the debate evolved online. This book seeks to demonstrate how the unique ability of social networks to share personal stories on a mass scale, connect like-minded individuals regardless of geography, and leverage the bandwagon effect of viral content contributed to a seismic shift in visibility and public opinion around the issue of marriage equality. Students and researchers will find this a timely and accessible introduction to the impact of online networks on LGBTQ rights.

Animation: A World History - Volume III: Contemporary Times (Paperback): Giannalberto Bendazzi Animation: A World History - Volume III: Contemporary Times (Paperback)
Giannalberto Bendazzi
R1,232 Discovery Miles 12 320 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

A continuation of 1994's groundbreaking Cartoons, Giannalberto Bendazzi's Animation: A World History is the largest, deepest, most comprehensive text of its kind, based on the idea that animation is an art form that deserves its own place in scholarship. Bendazzi delves beyond just Disney, offering readers glimpses into the animation of Russia, Africa, Latin America, and other often-neglected areas and introducing over fifty previously undiscovered artists. Full of first-hand, never before investigated, and elsewhere unavailable information, Animation: A World History encompasses the history of animation production on every continent over the span of three centuries. Volume III catches you up to speed on the state of animation from 1991 to present. Although characterized by such trends as economic globalization, the expansion of television series, emerging markets in countries like China and India, and the consolidation of elitist auteur animation, the story of contemporary animation is still open to interpretation. With an abundance of first-hand research and topics ranging from Nickelodeon and Pixar to modern Estonian animation, this book is the most complete record of modern animation on the market and is essential reading for all serious students of animation history. Key Features Over 200 high quality head shots and film stills to add visual reference to your research Detailed information on hundreds of never-before researched animators and films Coverage of animation from more than 90 countries and every major region of the world Chronological and geographical organization for quick access to the information you're looking for

Lifestyle Gurus - Constructing Authority and Influence Online (Paperback): Stephanie A. Baker, Chris Rojek Lifestyle Gurus - Constructing Authority and Influence Online (Paperback)
Stephanie A. Baker, Chris Rojek
R620 Discovery Miles 6 200 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The rise of blogs and social media provide a public platform for people to share information online. This trend has facilitated an industry of self-appointed 'lifestyle gurus' who have become instrumental in the management of intimacy and social relations. Advice on health, wealth creation, relationships and well-being is rising to challenge the authority of experts and professionals. Pitched as 'authentic', 'accessible' and 'outside of the system', this information has produced an unprecedented sense of empowerment and sharing. However, new problems have arisen in its wake. In Lifestyle Gurus, Baker and Rojek explore how authority and influence are achieved online. They trace the rise of lifestyle influencers in the digital age, relating this development to the erosion of trust in the expert-professional power bloc. The moral contradictions of lifestyle websites are richly explored, demonstrating how these technologies encourage a preoccupation with the very commercial and corporate hierarchies they seek to challenge. A timely account of how lifestyle issues are being packaged and transacted in a wired-up world, this book is important reading for students and scholars of media, communication, sociology and related disciplines.

Media and Digital Management (Paperback, 1st ed. 2018): Eli M. Noam Media and Digital Management (Paperback, 1st ed. 2018)
Eli M. Noam
R995 Discovery Miles 9 950 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Being a successful manager or entrepreneur in the media and digital sector requires creativity, innovation, and performance. It also requires an understanding of the principles and tools of management. Aimed at the college market, this book is a short, foundational volume on media management. It summarizes the major dimensions of a business school curriculum and applies them to the entire media, media-tech, and digital sector. Its chapters cover-in a jargonless, non-technical way-the major functions of management. First, creating a media product: the financing of projects, and the management of technology, HR, production operations, intellectual assets, and government relations. Second, harvesting the product created: market research, marketing, pricing, and distribution. And third, the control loop: media accounting and strategy planning. In the process, this book becomes an indispensable resource for those aiming for a career in the media and digital field, both in startups and established organizations. This book is designed to help those aiming to join the media and digital sector to become creative managers and managerial creatives. It aims to make them more knowledgeable, less blinded by hype, more effective, and more responsible.

A Journalist's Guide to Covering Federal Courts (Paperback): Lilliana Jones A Journalist's Guide to Covering Federal Courts (Paperback)
Lilliana Jones
R1,787 Discovery Miles 17 870 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Reporting about a federal trial court or appellate court is quite unlike reporting on the other two branches of government. Among the most notable differences are that some legal terms are hard to understand; there are many rules; and federal judges work largely alone. This book provides a guide for journalists on federal courts. It also provides an analytic overview of the professional experiences and qualifications of those individuals who are currently serving as active U.S. circuit court judges; provides a statistical analysis of the time from nomination to confirmation for U.S. circuit and district court nominees from Presidents Reagan to Obama; identifies possible consequences of a protracted confirmation process for circuit and district court nominees; and identifies policy options the Senate might consider to shorten the length of time from nomination to confirmation for lower federal court nominees.

Digital Detox - The Politics of Disconnecting (Paperback): Trine Syvertsen Digital Detox - The Politics of Disconnecting (Paperback)
Trine Syvertsen
R542 R493 Discovery Miles 4 930 Save R49 (9%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Social media and smartphones are criticised for being addictive, destroying personal relationships, undermining productivity, and invading privacy. In this book, Trine Syvertsen explores the phenomenon of digital detox: users taking a break from digital media or adopting measures to limit smartphone and social media use. Based on studies, documents, media texts and interviews with media users, Syvertsen discusses how media industries intensify the quest for attention, how companies and governments team up to get everybody online, and how the main responsibility for managing online risks and problems are placed on the users' shoulders. She provides a rich account of how users reduce their online engagement through time-limitations, restrictions on smartphone use, productivity apps, and use of analogue media. Syvertsen shows how digital detoxing has much in common with other forms of self-help such as mindfulness, decluttering and simple living and places digital detox within a culture of self-optimisation. But digital detox is also about sustaining face-to-face conversations, better work-life-balance, a deeper connection with nature and more meaningful interpersonal relationships. With a wealth of examples, analyses and stories, Digital Detox is a valuable guide to why digital detox and disconnection has become a topic, how it is practised, what it says about the state of media industries and how people express resistance in the 21st century.

Transmission Impossible - American Journalism as Cultural Diplomacy in Postwar Germany, 1945-1955 (Paperback): Jessica... Transmission Impossible - American Journalism as Cultural Diplomacy in Postwar Germany, 1945-1955 (Paperback)
Jessica Gienow-Hecht
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In this innovative study, Jessica C. E. Gienow-Hecht challenges long-standing analyses of the United States' ""cultural imperialism"" that emphasise the policy makers' determination to export U.S. culture in order to spread capitalism and gain access to overseas markets and raw materials. She also contests the claims by scholars of reception theory that foreign audiences deliberately condition the reception of U.S. culture abroad. Studying the example of the U.S. Army newspaper the Neue Zeitung, published for the German population from 1945 to 1955, she convincingly demonstrates that U.S. officials actually exerted very little direct influence on their cultural and information programs in postwar Germany, leaving the initiative to binational midlevel agents. Transmission Impossible reveals that the selection of agents who transmit political and cultural values to the foreign world is as crucial to the success of the enterprise as the package of values itself. The Neue Zeitung was run by German--speaking emigres, mostly of Jewish descent, who had fled the Third Reich in the 1930s and whose political history ranged from communism to fascism. Children of Weimar Kultur, but beneficiaries of Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal, these men and women possessed a unique understanding of how to present the American way of life to a German audience. They intertwined European concepts of culture and gender with U.S. politics, showing that democracy was reflected in values of high culture, such as artistic freedom, creativity, individualism, and tolerance. In the dawning Cold War, the paper's large circulation, extending even into the Soviet occupation zone, indicated the success of its approach and the editors' lasting political and cultural influence in postwar Germany. In retracing the history of the Neue Zeitung, Gienow-Hecht focuses on the editors' biographies and their conflicts with the U.S. War Department, charting the newspaper's political and philosophical changes over the course of a decade. She examines the publication's role in the larger context of occupation policy and psychological warfare, its significance in the unfolding Cold War, the growing Soviet resentment of the paper, the attempted shift of the Neue Zeitung from an information medium to a propaganda instrument, public and official reactions to this change of editorial policy, and the unsuccessful effort of U.S. officials to turn the paper into a mouthpiece of the U.S. military in Germany shortly before the ratification of the German Basic Law. Transmission Impossible addresses many lingering questions regarding the transmission of culture and the influence of images, core values, and ideas on a country's foreign relations. Containing a wealth of fresh information on the use of propaganda in the Cold War, the administrative structure of the U.S. occupation, Soviet-American conflicts, and Jewish biography, this book will be of interest to scholars of U.S. foreign relations, German history, occupation history, ethnicity, sociology, and culture. More than the history of one newspaper, Gienow-Hecht's groundbreaking work revolutionises our understanding of how culture instruments and cultural agents become important arbiters of political power.

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