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Disability and the Media (Paperback): Katie Ellis, Gerard Goggin Disability and the Media (Paperback)
Katie Ellis, Gerard Goggin
R641 Discovery Miles 6 410 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This concise, integrated introduction to the complex relationship between disability and the media offers a roadmap to the key areas of participation, access and representation. Bringing together international theoretical work and research on disability, with analysis and examples across a diverse range of media forms - from radio, to news, popular television and new digital technologies - this unique text explores the potential for establishing a more diverse, rich and just media. Providing an approachable but critical introduction to the field, Katie Ellis and Gerard Goggin show how disability - like the closely connected areas of race and gender - is a pervasive issue in how the media represent society. Engaging and accessible, this is an invaluable resource for students of Media and Communication Studies, Cultural Studies and Disability Studies, as well as teachers, researchers, media professionals, policy makers, and anyone interested in the intersections of disability and media.

Creativity and Advertising - Affect, Events and Process (Hardcover, New): Andrew McStay Creativity and Advertising - Affect, Events and Process (Hardcover, New)
Andrew McStay
R3,080 Discovery Miles 30 800 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Creativity and Advertising develops novel ways to theorise advertising and creativity. Arguing that combinatory accounts of advertising based on representation, textualism and reductionism are of limited value, Andrew McStay suggests that advertising and creativity are better recognised in terms of the 'event'. Drawing on a diverse set of philosophical influences including Scotus, Spinoza, Vico, Kant, Schiller, James, Dewey, Schopenhauer, Whitehead, Bataille, Heidegger and Deleuze, the book posits a sensational, process-based, transgressive, lived and embodied approach to thinking about media, aesthetics, creativity and our interaction with advertising. Elaborating an affective account of creativity, McStay assesses creative advertising from Coke, Evian, Google, Sony, Uniqlo and Volkswagen among others, and articulates the ways in which award-winning creative advertising may increasingly be read in terms of co-production, playfulness, ecological conceptions of media, improvisation, and immersion in fields and processes of corporeal affect. Philosophically wide-ranging yet grounded in robust understanding of industry practices, the book will also be of use to scholars with an interest in aesthetics, art, design, media, performance, philosophy and those with a general interest in creativity. Andrew McStay lectures at Bangor University and is author of Digital Advertising, and The Mood of Information: A Critique of Online Behavioural Advertising and Deconstructing Privacy, the latter forthcoming in 2014.

Doctor Who: A British Alien? (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2018): Danny Nicol Doctor Who: A British Alien? (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2018)
Danny Nicol
R2,772 Discovery Miles 27 720 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This book argues that Doctor Who, the world's longest-running science fiction series often considered to be about distant planets and monsters, is in reality just as much about Britain and Britishness. Danny Nicol explores how the show, through science fiction allegory and metaphor, constructs national identity in an era in which identities are precarious, ambivalent, transient and elusive. It argues that Doctor Who's projection of Britishness is not merely descriptive but normative-putting forward a vision of what the British ought to be. The book interrogates the substance of Doctor Who's Britishness in terms of individualism, entrepreneurship, public service, class, gender, race and sexuality. It analyses the show's response to the pressures on British identity wrought by devolution and separatist currents in Scotland and Wales, globalisation, foreign policy adventures and the unrelenting rise of the transnational corporation.

Back to the Fifties - Nostalgia, Hollywood Film, and Popular Music of the Seventies and Eighties (Paperback): Michael D. Dwyer Back to the Fifties - Nostalgia, Hollywood Film, and Popular Music of the Seventies and Eighties (Paperback)
Michael D. Dwyer
R798 Discovery Miles 7 980 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, Hollywood studios and record companies churned out films, albums, music videos and promotional materials that sought to recapture, revise, and re-imagine the 1950s. Breaking from the dominant wisdom that casts the trend as wholly defined by Ronald Reagan's politics or the rise of postmodernism, Back to the Fifties reveals how Fifties nostalgia from 1973 to 1988 was utilized by a range of audiences for diverse and often competing agendas. Films from American Graffiti to Hairspray and popular music from Sha Na Na to Michael Jackson shaped-and was shaped by-the complex social, political and cultural conditions of the Reagan Era. By closely examining the ways that "the Fifties" were remade and recalled, Back to the Fifties explores how cultural memory is shaped for a generation of teenagers trained by popular culture to rewind, record, recycle and replay.

The International Encyclopedia of Media Literacy - 2 Volume Set (Hardcover): Renee Hobbs, Paul Mihailidis The International Encyclopedia of Media Literacy - 2 Volume Set (Hardcover)
Renee Hobbs, Paul Mihailidis
R7,419 Discovery Miles 74 190 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The definitive international reference on a topic of major and enduring importance Dynamic, multidisciplinary, and global in scope, media literacy is one of today's fastest growing fields of applied communications. Media literacy encompasses a truly vast range of issues, including participatory culture, digital learning, civic engagement, the impact of media on children, the sociocultural and political dimensions of literacy education, the role of media in shaping social identity, activism, digital teaching and learning, the role of media in shaping health behavior, the impact of news on society, and adolescent development, to name just a few. The first of its kind in ambition and scope, The International Encyclopedia of Media Literacy provides global coverage of this dynamic and swiftly moving topic. As wide ranging and inclusive as the subject it treats, this two-volume encyclopedia offers a perspective on the past, present and future of media literacy around the world. Defines the vocabulary and key concepts that engendered the field and have shaped its trajectory over the past half-century Co-edited by the foremost names in Media Literacy and features contributions from leading international scholars and practitioners in the field Organized around the major subject areas of media literacy history and theoretical foundations; community, democracy, and policy; identity and health; the news; media effects, children, family, and youth; literacy, technology, and education; digital media and learning Part of The Wiley Blackwell-ICA International Encyclopedias of Communication series, published in conjunction with the International Communication Association. Online version available at www.wileyicaencyclopedia.com The International Encyclopedia of Media Literacy is an indispensable reference for students, teachers, scholars and practitioners of media literacy from a wide range of backgrounds and life experiences. It will also be of value to people in a wide array of professions and academic disciplines, including sociology, media studies, cultural studies, journalism, social media, educational and developmental psychology, and more.

Radio and the Gendered Soundscape - Women and Broadcasting in Argentina and Uruguay, 1930-1950 (Hardcover): Christine Ehrick Radio and the Gendered Soundscape - Women and Broadcasting in Argentina and Uruguay, 1930-1950 (Hardcover)
Christine Ehrick
R1,965 R1,827 Discovery Miles 18 270 Save R138 (7%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This book is a history of women, radio, and the gendered constructions of voice and sound in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Montevideo, Uruguay. Through the stories of five women and one radio station, this study makes a substantial theoretical contribution to the study of gender, mass media, and political culture and expands our knowledge of these issues beyond the US and Western Europe. Included here is a study of the first all-women's radio station in the Western Hemisphere, an Argentine comedian known as 'Chaplin in Skirts', an author of titillating dramatic serials and, of course, Argentine First Lady 'Evita' Peron. Through the concept of the gendered soundscape, this study integrates sound studies and gender history in new ways, asking readers to consider both the female voice in history and the sonic dimensions of gender.

Storytelling for Interactive Digital Media and Video Games (Paperback): Nicholas B. Zeman Storytelling for Interactive Digital Media and Video Games (Paperback)
Nicholas B. Zeman
R1,154 Discovery Miles 11 540 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The evolution of story-telling is as old as the human race; from the beginning, when our ancestors first gathered around a campfire to share wondrous tales through oral traditions, to today, with information and stories being shared through waves and filling screens with words and images. Stories have always surrounded us, and united us in ways other disciplines can't. Storytelling for Interactive Digital Media and Video Games lays out the construct of the story, and how it can be manipulated by the storyteller through sound, video, lighting, graphics, and color. This book is the perfect guide to aspiring storytellers as it illustrates the different manner of how and why stories are told, and how to make them "interactive." Storytelling features heavy game development as a method of storytelling and delivery, and how to develop compelling plots, characters, settings, and actions inside a game. The concept of digital storytelling will be explored, and how this differs from previous incarnations of mediums for stories Key Features: Explores the necessary elements of a story (setting, character, events, sequence, and perspective) and how they affect the viewer of the story Discusses media and its role in storytelling, including images, art, sound, video, and animation Explores the effect of interactivity on the story, such as contest TV, web-based storytelling, kiosks, and games Shows the different types of story themes in gaming and how they are interwoven Describes how to make games engaging and rewarding intrinsically and extrinsically

Latin American Identity in Online Cultural Production (Hardcover, New): Claire Taylor, Thea Pitman Latin American Identity in Online Cultural Production (Hardcover, New)
Claire Taylor, Thea Pitman
R3,215 Discovery Miles 32 150 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This volume provides an innovative and timely approach to a fast growing, yet still under-studied field in Latin American cultural production: digital online culture. It focuses on the transformations or continuations that cultural products and practices such as hypermedia fictions, net.art and online performance art, as well as blogs, films, databases and other genre-defying web-based projects, perform with respect to Latin American(ist) discourses, as well as their often contestatory positioning with respect to Western hegemonic discourses as they circulate online. The intellectual rationale for the volume is located at the crossroads of two, equally important, theoretical strands: theories of digital culture, in their majority the product of the anglophone academy; and contemporary debates on Latin American identity and culture.

Poland and the Holocaust in the Polish-American Press, 1926-1945 (Paperback): Magdalena Kubow Poland and the Holocaust in the Polish-American Press, 1926-1945 (Paperback)
Magdalena Kubow
R1,501 Discovery Miles 15 010 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Contrary to the common notion that news regarding the genocide was unavailable or unreliable, news from Europe was often communicated to North American Poles through the Polish-language press. This work engages with the origins of this debate and demonstrates that the Polish-language press covered seminal issues during the inter-war years, the war, and the Holocaust extensively on their front and main story pages, and were extremely responsive, professional, and vocal in their journalism. From Polish-Jewish relations, to the cause of the Second World War and subsequently the development of genocide-related policy, North American Poles, had a different perspective from mainstream society on the "causes and effects" of what was happening. New research for this book examines attitudes toward Jews prior to and during the Holocaust, and how information on such attitudes was disseminated. It utilizes original research from selected Polish newspapers, predominantly the Republika-Gornik, as well as survivor testimony from 1926-1945.

Public Policies in Media and Information Literacy in Europe - Cross-Country Comparisons (Paperback): Divina Frau-Meigs, Irma... Public Policies in Media and Information Literacy in Europe - Cross-Country Comparisons (Paperback)
Divina Frau-Meigs, Irma Velez, Julieta Flores Michel
R956 Discovery Miles 9 560 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Public Policies in Media and Information Literacy in Europe explores the current tensions in European countries as they attempt to tackle the transition to the digital age, providing a comparative and cross-cultural analysis of Media and Information Literacy (MIL) across Europe. This book takes a long-term perspective over the development of media education in Europe, and includes an appraisal of media, information, computer and digital literacies as they coalesce and diverge in the public debate over twenty-first-century skills. The contributors assess the various definitions of media and information literacy as a composite notion whose evolution as a cross-cultural phenomenon reveals various trends and influences in Europe. Throughout, this volume offers an in-depth coverage of MIL with all the different dimensions of policy-making, from legal frameworks to training, funding, evaluation and good practices. The authors propose modeling current MIL governance trends in Europe and conclude with a call for alternative and collective frames of research that they hope will influence policy-makers and other stakeholders, especially in terms of MIL governance. This collection is ideal for students and researchers of MIL, as well as policy makers, educators and associations interested in MIL in the digital age.

Building Imaginary Worlds - The Theory and History of Subcreation (Hardcover): Mark J.P. Wolf Building Imaginary Worlds - The Theory and History of Subcreation (Hardcover)
Mark J.P. Wolf
R3,850 Discovery Miles 38 500 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Mark J.P. Wolf's study of imaginary worlds theorizes world-building within and across media, including literature, comics, film, radio, television, board games, video games, the Internet, and more. Building Imaginary Worlds departs from prior approaches to imaginary worlds that focused mainly on narrative, medium, or genre, and instead considers imaginary worlds as dynamic entities in and of themselves. Wolf argues that imaginary worlds-which are often transnarrative, transmedial, and transauthorial in nature-are compelling objects of inquiry for Media Studies. Chapters touch on: a theoretical analysis of how world-building extends beyond storytelling, the engagement of the audience, and the way worlds are conceptualized and experienced a history of imaginary worlds that follows their development over three millennia from the fictional islands of Homer's Odyssey to the present internarrative theory examining how narratives set in the same world can interact and relate to one another an examination of transmedial growth and adaptation, and what happens when worlds make the jump between media an analysis of the transauthorial nature of imaginary worlds, the resulting concentric circles of authorship, and related topics of canonicity, participatory worlds, and subcreation's relationship with divine Creation Building Imaginary Worlds also provides the scholar of imaginary worlds with a glossary of terms and a detailed timeline that spans three millennia and more than 1,400 imaginary worlds, listing their names, creators, and the works in which they first appeared.

Fake News! - Misinformation in the Media (Paperback): Josh Grimm, Robert Mann, Leonard Apcar, John Maxwell Hamilton, Heidi... Fake News! - Misinformation in the Media (Paperback)
Josh Grimm, Robert Mann, Leonard Apcar, John Maxwell Hamilton, Heidi Tworek, …
R920 Discovery Miles 9 200 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Whether used as a political tactic to discredit news stories and media outlets, or as a description of false information manufactured and circulated for profit, the term ""fake news"" holds a particularly caustic sway in twenty-first-century society. A frequent subject of cable news broadcasts, periodical coverage, and social media chatter, and a constant talking point for political pundits, its impact spans from shaping minor differences in partisanship to influencing elections. In Fake News! Josh Grimm gathers a range of critical approaches to provide an essential resource for readers, students, and teachers interested in understanding this ever-present feature of today's media and political landscape. The opening section surveys the long history of fake news, with examples ranging from seventeenth-century satires of early newspapers to propaganda efforts in Nazi Germany, and then traces the evolution of the term over time. The following section explores how exposure to fake news impacts individuals, with particular emphasis on changes in popular discourse and the ability to assess sources critically. Essays in this section also highlight approaches developed by newsrooms and other organisations, including Facebook and Google, to fight the widespread dissemination of fake news. The volume pairs original research with articles from prominent scholarly journals, offering a wide-ranging and accessible discussion of debates central to the current post-truth era, covering topics such as social media, the Onion, InfoWars, media literacy, and the radicalization of white men. By highlighting key components and practical methods for examining misinformation in the media, Fake News! presents in-depth analysis of a topic that remains more timely than ever.

Theorizing Digital Cultures (Paperback): Grant David Bollmer Theorizing Digital Cultures (Paperback)
Grant David Bollmer
R771 R675 Discovery Miles 6 750 Save R96 (12%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The rapid development of digital technologies continues to have far reaching effects on our daily lives. This book explains how digital media-in providing the material and infrastructure for a host of practices and interactions-affect identities, bodies, social relations, artistic practices, and the environment. Theorizing Digital Cultures: Shows students the importance of theory for understanding digital cultures and presents key theories in an easy-to-understand way Considers the key topics of cybernetics, online identities, aesthetics and ecologies Explores the power relations between individuals and groups that are produced by digital technologies Enhances understanding through applied examples, including YouTube personalities, Facebook's 'like' button and holographic performers Clearly structured and written in an accessible style, this is the book students need to get to grips with the key theoretical approaches in the field. It is essential reading for students and researchers of digital culture and digital society throughout the social sciences.

Media and the Portuguese Empire (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2017): Jose Luis Garcia, Chandrika Kaul, Filipa Subtil, Alexandra Santos Media and the Portuguese Empire (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2017)
Jose Luis Garcia, Chandrika Kaul, Filipa Subtil, Alexandra Santos
R3,212 Discovery Miles 32 120 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This volume offers a new understanding of the role of the media in the Portuguese Empire, shedding light on the interactions between communications, policy, economics, society, culture, and national identities. Based on an interdisciplinary approach, this book comprises studies in journalism, communication, history, literature, sociology, and anthropology, focusing on such diverse subjects as the expansion of the printing press, the development of newspapers and radio, state propaganda in the metropolitan Portugal and the colonies, censorship, and the uses of media by opposition groups. It encourages an understanding of the articulations and tensions between the different groups that participated, willingly or not, in the establishment, maintenance and overthrow of the Portuguese Empire in Angola, Mozambique, Sao Tome e Principe, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, India, and East Timor.

Mixed-Race Politics and Neoliberal Multiculturalism in South Korean Media (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2018): Ji-Hyun Ahn Mixed-Race Politics and Neoliberal Multiculturalism in South Korean Media (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2018)
Ji-Hyun Ahn
R2,082 Discovery Miles 20 820 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This book studies how the increase of visual representation of mixed-race Koreans formulates a particular racial project in contemporary South Korean media. It explores the moments of ruptures and disjuncture that biracial bodies bring to the formation of neoliberal multiculturalism, a South Korean national racial project that re-aligns racial lines under the nation's neoliberal transformation. Specifically, Ji-Hyun Ahn examines four televised racial moments that demonstrate particular aspects of neoliberal multiculturalism by demanding distinct ways of re-imagining what it means to be Korean in the contemporary era of globalization. Taking a critical media/cultural studies approach, Ahn engages with materials from archives, the popular press, policy documents, television commercials, and television programs as an inter-textual network that actively negotiates and formulates a new racialized national identity. In doing so, the book provides a rich analysis of the ongoing struggle over racial reconfiguration in South Korean popular media, advancing an emerging scholarly discussion on race as a leading factor of social change in South Korea.

Not Buying It (Paperback): Charlotte A. Henry Not Buying It (Paperback)
Charlotte A. Henry
R307 R222 Discovery Miles 2 220 Save R85 (28%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

We are living in the 'post-truth' era - a time of alternative facts, fake news, social media echo chambers, dodgy statistics and outright lies. Caught in the middle of a tsunami of information, we are arguably more politically engaged than ever; but when politicians and the media tell us the truth, we're just not buying it. How did it come to this? And what responsibility do citizens have to check sources, to educate ourselves, and to pay for news? How do we stay reliably informed in a world where truth is supposedly a thing of the past? In Not Buying It, Charlotte Henry looks at the facts behind fake news, talking to some of the major players and key thinkers in politics and media to provide context, explanation, and, crucially, solutions. It's time to take the truth back.

Eugeni Bonet (English, Catalan, Spanish, Paperback): Eugenie Bonet Eugeni Bonet (English, Catalan, Spanish, Paperback)
Eugenie Bonet
R689 R543 Discovery Miles 5 430 Save R146 (21%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Eugeni Bonet (Barcelona, 1954) is undoubtedly one of the main theoretical referents in the fields of cinema, video and digital media in Spain. For forty years his writings have shown the evolution of these disciplines, establishing genealogies, working methods and the links between four different generations of artists. At the same time, his audiovisual programmes introduced subjects and tendencies that were practically unknown at each successive moment, to the point where many of them became authentic and indispensable textbooks. Moreover, Bonet has also followed a notable trajectory as a curator of exhibitions and artist, with various videos and experimental and feature films to his name. This book, published specifically for this project, compiles Bonet's most important writings, many of which appeared in rare magazines and fanzines

Insect Media - An Archaeology of Animals and Technology (Paperback): Jussi Parikka Insect Media - An Archaeology of Animals and Technology (Paperback)
Jussi Parikka
R610 R497 Discovery Miles 4 970 Save R113 (19%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Since the early nineteenth century, when entomologists first popularized the unique biological and behavioral characteristics of insects, technological innovators and theorists have proposed insects as templates for a wide range of technologies. In "Insect Media," Jussi Parikka analyzes how insect forms of social organization-swarms, hives, webs, and distributed intelligence-have been used to structure modern media technologies and the network society, providing a radical new perspective on the interconnection of biology and technology.
Through close engagement with the pioneering work of insect ethologists, including Jakob von Uexkull and Karl von Frisch, posthumanist philosophers, media theorists, and contemporary filmmakers and artists, Parikka develops an insect theory of media, one that conceptualizes modern media as more than the products of individual human actors, social interests, or technological determinants. They are, rather, profoundly nonhuman phenomena that both draw on and mimic the alien lifeworlds of insects.
Deftly moving from the life sciences to digital technology, from popular culture to avant-garde art and architecture, and from philosophy to cybernetics and game theory, Parikka provides innovative conceptual tools for exploring the phenomena of network society and culture. Challenging anthropocentric approaches to contemporary science and culture, "Insect Media" reveals the possibilities that insects and other nonhuman animals offer for rethinking media, the conflation of biology and technology, and our understanding of, and interaction with, contemporary digital culture.

Digital Sociology (Paperback): Deborah Lupton Digital Sociology (Paperback)
Deborah Lupton
R1,049 Discovery Miles 10 490 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

We now live in a digital society. New digital technologies have had a profound influence on everyday life, social relations, government, commerce, the economy and the production and dissemination of knowledge. People s movements in space, their purchasing habits and their online communication with others are now monitored in detail by digital technologies. We are increasingly becoming digital data subjects, whether we like it or not, and whether we choose this or not.

The sub-discipline of digital sociology provides a means by which the impact, development and use of these technologies and their incorporation into social worlds, social institutions and concepts of selfhood and embodiment may be investigated, analysed and understood. This book introduces a range of interesting social, cultural and political dimensions of digital society and discusses some of the important debates occurring in research and scholarship on these aspects. It covers the new knowledge economy and big data, reconceptualising research in the digital era, the digitisation of higher education, the diversity of digital use, digital politics and citizen digital engagement, the politics of surveillance, privacy issues, the contribution of digital devices to embodiment and concepts of selfhood and many other topics.

"Digital Sociology" is essential reading not only for students and academics in sociology, anthropology, media and communication, digital cultures, digital humanities, internet studies, science and technology studies, cultural geography and social computing, but for other readers interested in the social impact of digital technologies. "

Fans, Bloggers, and Gamers - Exploring Participatory Culture (Paperback): Henry Jenkins Fans, Bloggers, and Gamers - Exploring Participatory Culture (Paperback)
Henry Jenkins
R611 R519 Discovery Miles 5 190 Save R92 (15%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

View the Table of Contents. Read the Introduction.

Henry Jenkins at [email protected] (video)

"Jenkins is one of us: a geek, a fan, a popcult packrat. He's also an incisive and unflinching critic. His affection for the subject and sharp eye for 'what it all means' are an unbeatable combination. This is fascinating, engrossing and enlightening reading."
--Cory Doctorow, author of "Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town" and co-editor of "Boing Boing"

Henry Jenkins's pioneering work in the early 1990s promoted the idea that fans are among the most active, creative, critically engaged, and socially connected consumers of popular culture and that they represent the vanguard of a new relationship with mass media. Though marginal and largely invisible to the general public at the time, today, media producers and advertisers, not to mention researchers and fans, take for granted the idea that the success of a media franchise depends on fan investments and participation.

Bringing together the highlights of a decade and a half of groundbreaking research into the cultural life of media consumers, Fans, Bloggers, and Gamers takes readers from Jenkins's progressive early work defending fan culture against those who would marginalize or stigmatize it, through to his more recent work, combating moral panic and defending Goths and gamers in the wake of the Columbine shootings. Starting with an interview on the current state of fan studies, this volume maps the core theoretical and methodological issues in Fan Studies. It goes on to chart the growth of participatory culture on the web, take up blogging as perhaps the most powerful illustration of how consumer participation impactsmainstream media, and debate the public policy implications surrounding participation and intellectual property.

Documentary Film: A Very Short Introduction (Paperback): Patricia Aufderheide Documentary Film: A Very Short Introduction (Paperback)
Patricia Aufderheide
R221 R178 Discovery Miles 1 780 Save R43 (19%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Documentary film can encompass anything from Robert Flaherty's pioneering ethnography Nanook of the North to Michael Moore's anti-Iraq War polemic Fahrenheit 9/11, from Dziga Vertov's artful Soviet propaganda piece Man with a Movie Camera to Luc Jacquet's heart-tugging wildlife epic March of the Penguins. In this concise, crisply written guide, Patricia Aufderheide takes readers along the diverse paths of documentary history and charts the lively, often fierce debates among filmmakers and scholars about the best ways to represent reality and to tell the truths worth telling. Beginning with an overview of the central issues of documentary filmmaking-its definitions and purposes, its forms and founders-Aufderheide focuses on several of its key subgenres, including public affairs films, government propaganda (particularly the works produced during World War II), historical documentaries, and nature films. Her thematic approach allows readers to enter the subject matter through the kinds of films that first attracted them to documentaries, and it permits her to make connections between eras, as well as revealing the ongoing nature of documentary's core controversies involving objectivity, advocacy, and bias. Interwoven throughout are discussions of the ethical and practical considerations that arise with every aspect of documentary production. A particularly useful feature of the book is an appended list of "100 great documentaries" that anyone with a serious interest in the genre should see. Drawing on the author's four decades of experience as a film scholar and critic, this book is the perfect introduction not just for teachers and students but also for all thoughtful filmgoers and for those who aspire to make documentaries themselves. ABOUT THE SERIES: The Very Short Introductions series from Oxford University Press contains hundreds of titles in almost every subject area. These pocket-sized books are the perfect way to get ahead in a new subject quickly. Our expert authors combine facts, analysis, perspective, new ideas, and enthusiasm to make interesting and challenging topics highly readable.

Arctic Summer College Yearbook - An Interdisciplinary Look into Arctic Sustainable Development (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2018): Max... Arctic Summer College Yearbook - An Interdisciplinary Look into Arctic Sustainable Development (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2018)
Max Gruenig, Arne Riedel, Brendan O'Donnell
R2,656 R2,411 Discovery Miles 24 110 Save R245 (9%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This book highlights both the diversity of perspectives and approaches to Arctic research and the inherent interdisciplinary nature of studying and understanding this incomparable region. The chapters are divided into four liberally-defined sections to provide space for dynamic interpretation and dialogue in search of sustainable solutions to the issues facing the Arctic. From governance to technology, scientific research to social systems, human health to economic development, the authors discuss fundamental questions while looking toward the Arctic's future. Whether the reader is well-versed in the history and complexity of Arctic policy or looking for an insightful introduction to the vast world of Arctic research, everyone will find answers that lead to new questions and even more discoveries in these pages, laying the foundation for tomorrow's discussion on the future of the Arctic. The Arctic's unique geographic and political characteristics pose questions for the international community, indigenous peoples, and economic interests not easily answered through traditional concepts. To that end, the Arctic Summer College has been engaging leading professionals, students, scholars, and policy makers from across the globe to exchange ideas and support further investigation into the Arctic. A joint venture between Ecologic Institute US and Ecologic Institute Berlin (Germany), the College participates at the annual Arctic Circle Assembly in Reykjavik, Iceland, and continues to be at the forefront of international collaboration in this critical area of economic, political, environmental, and humanitarian development.

The Speaker's Handbook, International Edition (Spiral bound, 10th edition): Douglas Stuart, Jo Sprague, David Bodary The Speaker's Handbook, International Edition (Spiral bound, 10th edition)
Douglas Stuart, Jo Sprague, David Bodary
R1,164 R983 Discovery Miles 9 830 Save R181 (16%) Ships in 15 - 25 working days

THE SPEAKER'S HANDBOOK, 10E, International Edition is an excellent textbook for students in a public speaking course, as well as a practical reference for the independent speaker. Its thorough coverage addresses the public speaking process, including planning, listening, and presentation aids, yet each topic can stand alone, giving readers a convenient reference even when they don't want to read the entire text. Forward-thinking new coauthor David Bodary joins Jo Sprague and Doug Stuart in THE SPEAKER'S HANDBOOK, 10E, International Edition to engage students in active learning beyond the classroom.

If...Then - Algorithmic Power and Politics (Paperback): Taina Bucher If...Then - Algorithmic Power and Politics (Paperback)
Taina Bucher
R524 Discovery Miles 5 240 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

We live in a world in which Google's search algorithms determine how we access information, Facebook's News Feed algorithms shape how we socialize, and Netflix collaborative filtering algorithms choose the media products we consume. As such, we live algorithmic lives. Life, however, is not blindly controlled or determined by algorithms. Nor are we simply victims of an ever-expanding artificial intelligence. Rather than looking at how technologies shape or are shaped by political institutions, this book is concerned with the ways in which informational infrastructure may be considered political in its capacity to shape social and cultural life. It looks specifically at the conditions of algorithmic life - how algorithms work, both materially and discursively, to create the conditions for sociality and connectivity. The book argues that the most important aspect of algorithms is not what they are in terms of their specific technical details but rather how they become part of social practices and how different people enlist them as powerful brokers of information, communication and society. If we truly want to engage with the promises of automation and predictive analytics entailed by the promises of "big data", we also need to understand the contours of algorithmic life that condition such practices. Setting out to explore both the specific uses of algorithms and the cultural forms they generate, this book offers a novel understanding of the power and politics of algorithmic life as grounded in case studies that explore the material-discursive dimensions of software.

Exits to the Posthuman Future (Paperback): Arthur Kroker Exits to the Posthuman Future (Paperback)
Arthur Kroker
R487 Discovery Miles 4 870 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Exits to the Posthuman Future is media theory for a global digital society which thrives, and sometimes perishes, at the intersection of technologies of speed, distant ethics and a pervasive cultural anxiety. Arthur Kroker s incisive and insightful text presents the emerging pattern of a posthuman future: life at the tip of technologies of acceleration, drift and crash. Kroker links key concepts such as Guardian Liberalism and Obama s vision of the Just War with a striking account of culture drift as the essence of real world technoculture. He argues that contemporary society displays growing uncertainty about the ultimate ends of technological innovation and the intelligibility of the digital future. The posthuman future is elusive: is it a gathering storm of cynical abandonment, inertia, disappearance and substitution? Or else the development of a new form of critical consciousness - the posthuman imagination - as a means of comprehending the full complexity of life? Depending on which exit to the posthuman future we choose or, perhaps, which exit chooses us, Kroker argues that a very different posthuman future will likely ensue.

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