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Media, Geopolitics And Power - A View From The Global South (Paperback): Herman Wasserman Media, Geopolitics And Power - A View From The Global South (Paperback)
Herman Wasserman
R312 R275 Discovery Miles 2 750 Save R37 (12%) Ships in 4 - 8 working days

The end of apartheid brought South Africa into the global media environment. Outside companies invested in the nation's newspapers while South African conglomerates pursued lucrative tech ventures and communication markets around the world. Many observers viewed the rapid development of South African media as a roadmap from authoritarianism to global modernity.

Herman Wasserman analyses the debates surrounding South Africa's new media presence against the backdrop of rapidly changing geopolitics. His exploration reveals how South African disputes regarding access to, and representation in, the media reflect the domination and inequality in the global communication sphere. Optimists see post-apartheid media as providing a vital space that encourages exchanges of opinion in a young democracy. Critics argue that the public sphere mirrors South Africa's past divisions and privileges the viewpoints of the elite.

Wasserman delves into the ways these simplistic narratives obscure the country's internal tensions, conflicts and paradoxes even as he charts the diverse nature of South African entry into the global arena.

The Strategic Digital Media Entrepreneur (Paperback): Penelope M. Abernathy, JoAnn Sciarrino The Strategic Digital Media Entrepreneur (Paperback)
Penelope M. Abernathy, JoAnn Sciarrino
R723 Discovery Miles 7 230 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

A goldmine of strategic insights and practical business guidance covering all aspects of media entrepreneurship in the Digital Age The media industry is facing epic upheaval. Revolutionary new technologies compel those in businesses as diverse as broadcasting to book publishing to radically recreate their business models or be left in history's wake. At the same time, those with the next big idea are eager to acquire the business know-how needed to make it in today's brave new world of media. Written by a uniquely well-qualified author team, this book addresses the concerns of both audiences. Penelope Muse Abernathy and JoAnn Sciarrino provide timely lessons on everything from media financing to marketing, business strategy to leadership, innovation to business accounting. They use numerous case studies and real-world vignettes to reveal the success secrets of today's hottest media entrepreneurs, as well as the fatal flaws that leads many promising new ventures down the road to ruin. They begin with a primer on digital entrepreneurship basics, covering how to create a winning digital business model, obtain financing, do business accounting, identify strategic challenges, and more. From there they show you how to: Develop sustainable customer-focused strategies while overcoming the unique leadership challenges of the Digital Age Define your company's unique value proposition, prioritize investments in key assets, and form strategic partnerships and alliances Understand and prepare to exploit the vast potential inherent in the next generation of digital technologies, including artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and blockchain, among others The two companion websites feature a wealth of supplemental material, including updates, instructional videos, essays by media leaders, as well as PowerPoint presentations and study guides for instructors. Packed with practical insights and guidance on all aspects of the business of media in the Digital Age, The Strategic Digital Media Entrepreneur is a must-have resource for professionals and students alike in advertising, marketing, business strategy, entrepreneurship, finance, social media, and more.

Video Revolutions - On the History of a Medium (Paperback): Michael Z. Newman Video Revolutions - On the History of a Medium (Paperback)
Michael Z. Newman
R252 R212 Discovery Miles 2 120 Save R40 (16%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Since the days of early television, video has been an indispensable part of culture, society, and moving-image media industries. Over the decades, it has been an avant-garde artistic medium, a high-tech consumer gadget, a format for watching movies at home, a force for democracy, and the ultimate, ubiquitous means of documenting reality. In the twenty-first century, video is the name we give all kinds of moving images. We know it as an adaptable medium that bridges analog and digital, amateur and professional, broadcasting and recording, television and cinema, art and commercial culture, and old media and new digital networks. In this history, Michael Z. Newman casts video as a medium of shifting value and legitimacy in relation to other media and technologies, particularly film and television. Video has been imagined as more or less authentic or artistic than movies or television, as more or less democratic and participatory, as more or less capable of capturing the real.Techno-utopian rhetoric has repeatedly represented video as a revolutionary medium, promising to solve the problems of the past and the present -- often the very problems associated with television and the society shaped by it -- and to deliver a better future. Video has also been seen more negatively, particularly as a threat to movies and their culture. This study considers video as an object of these hopes and fears and builds an approach to thinking about the concept of the medium in terms of cultural status.

Winston Churchill - A Life in the News (Hardcover): Richard Toye Winston Churchill - A Life in the News (Hardcover)
Richard Toye 1
R706 R493 Discovery Miles 4 930 Save R213 (30%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Before Winston Churchill made history, he made news. To a great extent, the news made him too. If it was his own efforts that made him a hero, it was the media that made him a celebrity - and it has been considerably responsible for perpetuating his memory and shaping his reputation in the years since his death. Churchill first made his name via writing and journalism in the years before 1900, the money he earned helping to support his political career (at a time when MPs did not get salaries). Journalistic activities were also important to him later, as he struggled in the interwar years to find the wherewithal to run and maintain Chartwell, his country house in Kent. Moreover, not only was journalism an important aspect of Churchill's political persona, but he himself was a news-obsessive throughout his life. The story of Churchill and the news is, on one level, a tale of tight deadlines, off-the-record briefings and smoke-filled newsrooms, of wartime summits that were turned into stage-managed global media events, and of often tense interactions with journalists and powerful press proprietors, such as Lords Northcliffe, Rothermere, and Beaverbrook. Uncovering the symbiotic relationship between Churchill's political life and his media life, and the ways in which these were connected to his personal life, Richard Toye asks if there was a 'public Churchill' whose image was at odds with the behind-the-scenes reality, or whether, in fact, his private and public selves became seamlessly blended as he adjusted to living in the constant glare of the media spotlight. On a wider level, this is also the story of a rapidly evolving media and news culture in the first half of the twentieth century, and of what the contemporary reporting of Churchill's life (including by himself) can tell us about the development of this culture, over a period spanning from the Victorian era through to the space age.

After the Internet (Paperback): Ramesh Srinivasan, Adam Fish After the Internet (Paperback)
Ramesh Srinivasan, Adam Fish
R409 Discovery Miles 4 090 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In the wake of Edward Snowden's revelations, and concern that the internet has heightened rather than combatted various forms of political and social inequality, it is time we ask: What comes after a broken internet? Ramesh Srinivasan and Adam Fish reimagine the internet from the perspective of grassroots activists and citizens on the margins of political and economic power. They explore how the fragments of the existing internet are being utilised alongside a range of peoples, places, and laws to make change possible. From indigenous and non-western communities and activists in Tahrir Square, to imprisoned hackers and whistleblowers, this book illustrates how post-digital cultures are changing the internet as we know it - from a system which is increasingly centralized, commodified, and "personalized", into something more in line with its original spirit: autonomous, creative, subversive. Written by two highly respected scholars in the field, this compelling book is essential reading for anyone concerned with the quality and future of the internet.

American Folk Music as Tactical Media (Hardcover, 0): Henry Adam Svec American Folk Music as Tactical Media (Hardcover, 0)
Henry Adam Svec
R2,251 Discovery Miles 22 510 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Media archeology; American folk music; digital culture; tactical media; authenticity

Merchants of Truth - Inside the News Revolution (Paperback): Jill Abramson Merchants of Truth - Inside the News Revolution (Paperback)
Jill Abramson 1
R255 R204 Discovery Miles 2 040 Save R51 (20%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

The gripping and definitive in-the-room account of the revolution that has swept the news industry over the last decade and reshaped our world.

The last decade has seen the News industry face unprecedented change. The sometimes-century old institutions which were once the bastions of truth have had their dominance eroded by vast innovations in viral technology and, as millennial appetites force the industry to choose between principles of objectivity and impartiality, the survivors must confront the horrifying cost of their success: sexual scandal, fake news, the election of President Trump and the shaking of democracy.

Taking us behind the scenes at four media titans - BuzzFeed, VICE, The New York Times and The Washington Post - Abramson reveals the human drama behind this shift: one involving deal-making tycoons, thrusting reporters, hard-bitten editors, egomaniacs, bullshitters, provocateurs and bullies, with some surfing and others drowning in the breaking wave of change.

'A cracking, essential read… Abramson knows where most of the bodies are buried and is prepared to draw the reader a detailed map' Guardian

Radio in the Digital Age (Paperback): Andrew Dubber Radio in the Digital Age (Paperback)
Andrew Dubber
R436 Discovery Miles 4 360 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Radio s influence can be found in almost every corner of new media. Radio in the Digital Age assesses a medium that has not only survived the challenges of a new technological age but indeed has extended its reach. This is not a book about digital radio, but rather about the medium of radio in its many analogue and digital forms in an age characterised by digital technologies. The context of the digital age reveals new insights about the nature of radio. In this important addition to the world of radio scholarship, Dubber provides a theoretical framework for understanding the medium - allowing for complexity and contradiction, while avoiding essentialism and technological determinism. Introducing radio as a series of practices and phenomena that can be understood through a range of discursive categories, this book explores the relationships between radio, music, politics, storytelling and society in a new and thoughtful way. This book will make essential reading for students of media, communication, broadcasting and the digital industries. It offers a timely and comprehensive introduction for anyone who wishes to understand the role of radio in today s media landscape.

Gender and the Media (Paperback): Rosalind Gill Gender and the Media (Paperback)
Rosalind Gill
R537 R503 Discovery Miles 5 030 Save R34 (6%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Written in a clear and accessible style, with lots of examples from Anglo-American media, "Gender and the Media" offers a critical introduction to the study of gender in the media, and an up-to-date assessment of the key issues and debates.

Eschewing a straightforwardly positive or negative assessment the book explores the contradictory character of contemporary gender representations, where confident expressions of girl power sit alongside reports of epidemic levels of anorexia among young women, moral panics about the impact on men of idealized representations of the 'six-pack', but near silence about the pervasive re-sexualization of women's bodies, along with a growing use of irony and playfulness that render critique extremely difficult.

The book looks in depth at five areas of media - talk shows, magazines, news, advertising, and contemporary screen and paperback romances - to examine how representations of women and men are changing in the twenty-first century, partly in response to feminist, queer and anti-racist critique.

"Gender and the Media" is also concerned with the theoretical tools available for analysing representations. A range of approaches from semiotics to postcolonial theory are discussed, and Gill asks how useful notions such as objectification, backlash, and positive images are for making sense of gender in today's Western media. Finally, "Gender and the Media" also raises questions about cultural politics - namely, what forms of critique and intervention are effective at a moment when ironic quotation marks seem to protect much media content from criticism and when much media content - from Sex and the City to revenge adverts -can be labelled postfeminist.

This is a book that will be of particular interest to students and scholars in gender and media studies, as well as those in sociology and cultural studies more generally.

The Winchester Guide to Keywords and Concepts for International Students in Art, Media and Design (Paperback): Annie Makhoul,... The Winchester Guide to Keywords and Concepts for International Students in Art, Media and Design (Paperback)
Annie Makhoul, Simon Morley
R663 Discovery Miles 6 630 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This welcome new resource for international students in art, design, and media provides clear explanations of the terminology they must master in order to fulfill their academic potential and enrich their professional careers. * Offers a much-requested new resource that fills a gap in the academic market * Tailored specifically to the needs of international students in art, design, and media * Color-coded key words and phrases for quick reference * Includes sections on study skills, academic expectations in Western institutions, methodologies, and important theorists * An ideal handbook for curators and gallery staff everywhere for whom English is a non-native language

The Marvelous Clouds - Toward a Philosophy of Elemental Media (Paperback): John Durham Peters The Marvelous Clouds - Toward a Philosophy of Elemental Media (Paperback)
John Durham Peters
R505 R417 Discovery Miles 4 170 Save R88 (17%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

When we speak of clouds these days, it is as likely that we mean data clouds or network clouds as cumulus or stratus. In their sharing of the term, both kinds of clouds reveal an essential truth: that the natural world and the technological world are not so distinct. In The Marvelous Clouds, John Durham Peters argues that though we often think of media as environments, the reverse is just as true environments are media. Peters defines media expansively as elements that compose the human world. Drawing from ideas implicit in media philosophy, Peters argues that media are more than carriers of messages: they are the very infrastructures combining nature and culture that allow human life to thrive. Through an encyclopedic array of examples from the oceans to the skies, The Marvelous Clouds reveals the long prehistory of so-called new media. Digital media, Peters argues, are an extension of early practices tied to the establishment of civilization such as mastering fire, building calendars, reading the stars, creating language, and establishing religions. New media do not take us into uncharted waters, but rather confront us with the deepest and oldest questions of society and ecology: how to manage the relations people have with themselves, others, and the natural world. A wide-ranging meditation on the many means we have employed to cope with the struggles of existence from navigation to farming, meteorology to Google The Marvelous Clouds shows how media lie at the very heart of our interactions with the world around us. Peters's book will not only change how we think about media but provide a new appreciation for the day-to-day foundations of life on earth that we so often take for granted.

Digital Citizenship in a Datafied Society (Hardcover): Arne Hintz, Lina Dencik, Karin Wahl-Jorgensen Digital Citizenship in a Datafied Society (Hardcover)
Arne Hintz, Lina Dencik, Karin Wahl-Jorgensen
R1,350 R1,233 Discovery Miles 12 330 Save R117 (9%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Digitization has transformed the way we interact with our social, political and economic environments. While it has enhanced the potential for citizen agency, it has also enabled the collection and analysis of unprecedented amounts of personal data. This requires us to fundamentally rethink our understanding of digital citizenship, based on an awareness of the ways in which citizens are increasingly monitored, categorized, sorted and profiled. Drawing on extensive empirical research, Digital Citizenship in a Datafied Society offers a new understanding of citizenship in an age defined by data collection and processing. The book traces the social forces that shape digital citizenship by investigating regulatory frameworks, mediated public debate, citizens' knowledge and understanding, and possibilities for dissent and resistance.

German Television - Historical and Theoretical Perspectives (Hardcover): Larson Powell, Robert R. Shandley German Television - Historical and Theoretical Perspectives (Hardcover)
Larson Powell, Robert R. Shandley
R2,866 R2,557 Discovery Miles 25 570 Save R309 (11%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Long overlooked by scholars and critics, the history and aesthetics of German television have only recently begun to attract serious, sustained attention, and then largely within Germany. This ambitious volume, the first in English on the subject, provides a much-needed corrective in the form of penetrating essays on the distinctive theories, practices, and social-historical contexts that have defined television in Germany. Encompassing developments from the dawn of the medium through the Cold War and post-reunification, this is an essential introduction to a rich and varied media tradition.

Understanding the Internet - A Socio-Cultural Perspective (Paperback): Bridgette Wessels Understanding the Internet - A Socio-Cultural Perspective (Paperback)
Bridgette Wessels
R885 Discovery Miles 8 850 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The internet is an everyday part of our contemporary lives. This book explores how it is shaped and embedded within society, fostering new social worlds and ways of talking. Using a wide range of examples to examine economic, political and cultural issues, this book is crucial reading for all those studying society, media and technology.

Making Roots - A Nation Captivated (Hardcover): Matthew F. Delmont Making Roots - A Nation Captivated (Hardcover)
Matthew F. Delmont
R640 R511 Discovery Miles 5 110 Save R129 (20%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

When Alex Haley's book Roots was published by Doubleday in 1976, it became an immediate bestseller. The television series, broadcast by ABC in 1977, became the most popular miniseries of all time, captivating over a hundred million Americans. For the first time, Americans saw slavery as an integral part of the nation's history. With a remake of the series in 2016 by A&E Networks, Roots has again entered the national conversation. In Making "Roots," Matthew F. Delmont looks at the importance, contradictions, and limitations of mass culture and examines how Roots pushed the boundaries of history. Delmont investigates the decisions that led Alex Haley, Doubleday, and ABC to invest in the story of Kunta Kinte, uncovering how Haley's original, modest book proposal developed into an unprecedented cultural phenomenon.

Zucked - Waking Up to the Facebook Catastrophe (Paperback): Roger McNamee Zucked - Waking Up to the Facebook Catastrophe (Paperback)
Roger McNamee 1
R255 R204 Discovery Miles 2 040 Save R51 (20%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

This is the dramatic story of how a noted tech venture capitalist, an early mentor to Mark Zuckerberg and investor in his company, woke up to the serious damage Facebook was doing to our society and set out to try to stop it. If you had told Roger McNamee three years ago that he would soon be devoting himself to stopping Facebook from destroying democracy, he would have howled with laughter. He had mentored many tech leaders in his illustrious career as an investor, but few things had made him prouder, or been better for his fund's bottom line, than his early service to Mark Zuckerberg. Still a large shareholder in Facebook, he had every good reason to stay on the bright side. Until he simply couldn't. Zucked is McNamee's intimate reckoning with the catastrophic failure of the head of one of the world's most powerful companies to face up to the damage he is doing. It's a story that begins with a series of rude awakenings. First there is the author's dawning realization that the platform is being manipulated by some very bad actors. Then there is the even more unsettling realization that Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg are unable or unwilling to share his concerns, polite as they may be to his face. And then comes Brexit and the election of Donald Trump, and the emergence of one horrific piece of news after another about the malign ends to which the Facebook platform has been put. To McNamee's shock, Facebook's leaders still duck and dissemble, viewing the matter as a public relations problem. Now thoroughly alienated, McNamee digs into the issue, and fortuitously meets up with some fellow travellers who share his concerns, and help him sharpen its focus. Soon he and a dream team of Silicon Valley technologists are charging into the fray, to raise consciousness about the existential threat of Facebook, and the persuasion architecture of the attention economy more broadly - to our public health and to our political order. Zucked is both an enthralling personal narrative and a masterful explication of the forces that have conspired to place us all on the horns of this dilemma. This is the story of a company and its leadership, but it's also a larger tale of a business sector unmoored from normal constraints, at a moment of political and cultural crisis, the worst possible time to be given new tools for summoning the darker angels of our nature and whipping them into a frenzy. This is a wise, hard-hitting, and urgently necessary account that crystallizes the issue definitively for the rest of us.

The Cambridge Companion to International Theatre Festivals (Paperback): Ric Knowles The Cambridge Companion to International Theatre Festivals (Paperback)
Ric Knowles
R641 Discovery Miles 6 410 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The global rise of festival culture and experience has taken over that which used to merely be events. The Cambridge Companion to International Theatre Festivals provides an up-to-date, contextualized account of the worldwide reach and impact of the 'festivalization' of culture. It introduces new methodologies for the study of the global network of theatre production using digital humanities, raises questions about how alternative origin stories might impact the study of festivals, investigates the festivalized production of space in the world's 'Festival Cities', and re-examines the social role and cultural work of twenty-first-century theatre, performance, and multi-arts festivals. With chapters on festivals in Africa, Asia, Australia, the Arab world, the francophone world, Europe, North America, and Latin America it analyses festivals as sites of intercultural negotiation and exchange.

How Does Social Media Work? (Paperback): Nikole Brooks Bethea How Does Social Media Work? (Paperback)
Nikole Brooks Bethea
R162 Discovery Miles 1 620 Ships in 7 - 11 working days
German Film & Literature (Paperback): Eric Rentschler German Film & Literature (Paperback)
Eric Rentschler
R964 Discovery Miles 9 640 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

"A valuable contribution to understanding and interpreting a visually and philosophical ambitious and at the same time provocatively eccentric film maker."--"German Studies Review"

Republic of Spin - An Inside History of the American Presidency (Hardcover): David Greenberg Republic of Spin - An Inside History of the American Presidency (Hardcover)
David Greenberg
R809 R694 Discovery Miles 6 940 Save R115 (14%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In Republic of Spin, David Greenberg recounts the rise of the White House spin machine from Teddy Roosevelt to Barack Obama. His sweeping narrative takes us behind the scenes to see how the techniques of image making and message craft work. We meet Franklin Roosevelt huddling with his private pollsters, Ronald Reagan's aides crafting his nightly news sound bites, George W. Bush staging his extravagant photo-opportunities, and the backstage visionaries who pioneered new ways of gauging public opinion and mastering the media. Greenberg also examines the profound debates Americans have waged over the effect of spin on politics, looking at whether spin helps leaders manipulate the citizenry or whether it allows them to engage more fully in the democratic project.

Images from Paradise - The Visual Communication of the European Union's Federalist Utopia (Hardcover): Eszter Salgo Images from Paradise - The Visual Communication of the European Union's Federalist Utopia (Hardcover)
Eszter Salgo
R2,557 Discovery Miles 25 570 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Drawing upon the disciplines of politics, anthropology, psychoanalysis, aesthetics and cinema studies, Salgo presents a new way of looking at the "art of European unification" and to highlight the mythical sources of the federalist project. The visual narratives constitute the main object of inquiry - the iconography of the new "Europa" series of euro banknotes and the videos launched by the European Commission, the European Parliament and by the European Central Bank, through which the supranational elite seek to generate "collective effervescence," allow for a European carnival to take place, and prompt citizens to pledge allegiance to the sacred dogma of the "ever closer union," thereby strengthening the organization's legitimacy.

Indian Media (Paperback, New): Adrian Athique Indian Media (Paperback, New)
Adrian Athique
R460 Discovery Miles 4 600 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The very rapid growth in the Indian media industries and the vibrancy of India's popular culture are making a working understanding of the Indian scene a prerequisite for any serious study of media in the twenty-first century. As one of the largest and most influential emerging economies in the world today, India now plays a crucial role in any serious discussion of social and economic change taking place at the global level. As new commercial and political alignments take shape in the face of new global circumstances, thinkers and decision-makers are inexorably drawn towards the reality of a new India being forged in the technological and cultural flux of global media flows.

Taking an innovative interdisciplinary approach to the complex field of Indian media and society, this book combines a rich descriptive account with critical analysis designed to engender informed debate amongst students, academics and other researchers.

Bossa Mundo - Brazilian Music in Transnational Media Industries (Paperback): K.E. Goldschmitt Bossa Mundo - Brazilian Music in Transnational Media Industries (Paperback)
K.E. Goldschmitt
R572 Discovery Miles 5 720 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Brazilian music has been central to Brazil's national brand in the U.S. and U.K. since the early-1960s. From bossa nova in 1960s jazz and film, through the 1970s fusion and funk scenes, the world music boom of the late 1980s and the bossa nova remix revival at the turn of the millennium, and on to Brazilian musical distribution and branding in the streaming music era, Bossa Mundo: Brazilian Music in Transnational Media Industries focuses on watershed moments of musical breakthrough, exploring what the music may have represented in a particular historical moment alongside its deeper cultural impact. Through a discussion of the political meaning of mass-mediated music, author K. E. Goldschmitt argues for a shift in scholarly focus-from viewing music as simply a representation of Otherness to taking into account the broader media environment where listeners and intermediaries often have conflicting priorities. Goldschmitt demonstrates that the mediation of Brazilian music in an increasingly crowded transnational marketplace has lasting consequences for the creative output celebrated by Brazil. Like other culturally rich countries in Latin America-such as Cuba, Mexico, and Argentina-Brazil has captured the imagination of people in many parts of the world through its music, driving tourism and international financial investment, while increasing the country's prominence on the world stage Nevertheless, stereotypes of Brazilian music persist, especially those that valorize racial difference. Featuring interviews with key figures in the transnational circulation of Brazilian music, and in-depth discussions of well-known Brazilian musicians alongside artists who redefine what it means to be a Brazilian musician in the twenty-first century, Bossa Mundo shows the pernicious effects of branding racial diversity on musicians and audiences alike.

Transmedia Adaptation in the Nineteenth Century (Hardcover): Lissette Lopez Szwydky Transmedia Adaptation in the Nineteenth Century (Hardcover)
Lissette Lopez Szwydky
R1,830 Discovery Miles 18 300 Ships in 7 - 11 working days
The Play in the System - The Art of Parasitical Resistance (Paperback): Anna Watkins Fisher The Play in the System - The Art of Parasitical Resistance (Paperback)
Anna Watkins Fisher
R615 R577 Discovery Miles 5 770 Save R38 (6%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

What does artistic resistance look like in the twenty-first century, when disruption and dissent have been co-opted and commodified in ways that reinforce dominant systems? In The Play in the System Anna Watkins Fisher locates the possibility for resistance in artists who embrace parasitism-tactics of complicity that effect subversion from within hegemonic structures. Fisher tracks the ways in which artists on the margins-from hacker collectives like Ubermorgen to feminist writers and performers like Chris Kraus-have willfully abandoned the radical scripts of opposition and refusal long identified with anticapitalism and feminism. Space for resistance is found instead in the mutually, if unevenly, exploitative relations between dominant hosts giving only as much as required to appear generous and parasitical actors taking only as much as they can get away with. The irreverent and often troubling works that result raise necessary and difficult questions about the conditions for resistance and critique under neoliberalism today.

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